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THE 11suBR0 w1n4
Thie Relionl at .P-01
agolti: TruAN A 111UNDRlEMl TI
Tihe 14th annu11al relunion of the
Uited Confiderate Veterals associa
tion begani at the ailitoriiil inl the
Fair Grolilds1 adjaceit to the city of
])allas, Texas, on the 22nd of April.
Tho grounds hiad been convertt'd ilmto
a caillp named after Albert Sydney
johnston, the dashing leader who fell
at Shiloh, and tle tents were crowded
to the limit on the first day.
The great mess shed, sealing 12,000,
was opened at 10 o'clock. An army
of cooks and waiters worked like
beavers, while the veterans, with a
hunger born of a night In the opeil,
did their best in an able manner to
keep the cooks busy. Tea, coffee
and milk by the barrels; beans, meat,
hard tack and accessories by the wa-on
load disappeared in iarvellous fashion.
" The boys is eatini' as if tly'd lvee
separated from the wagon train for
about three days," is tile way one
Louisianian pullt it.
The convention was icopll led to
open with General (;ordoui, tIle 'o111
mander inl chief, abset. GVeal ( or
don, accomlpnilieI by Ch iplain GenerA
,lones, was delayed,.
Amiong I hose on the l' %age wri.J ill -e
,John . ItcaSfan, tIhie (l. survi "i
Illember of the D avis cabinetl: W. I.
Cablol; G Ueneral Sieplihel 1). I'e, a
cousin of h'. I'- Iee IMT.i1i01' Ih-(0i'i,
of Louisiana: Mayor (ailt'viielte, ()I
New ()rleans: ('ololel Ie 'raindall,
whot was (onl "StonewallI" -lack -on's
staf;- Miss I1l(y f.ee I i if ('hicaero,
the spionsor in cliet of the '. V.
and Miss \'irgnii ll'' k, of I'oit
Vorth, Texas, the chiel maid of iour,
L.ouisville and New ( >riulia iie hit i'
Camdidates finr the net- reunion. AS
iouisville hall the runin iwl o ye\ars
ag(o it is expeted that tile hi r will
go to New Orleans.
\Vhen the cvi niCitin 41en1 i'd, the
veteralls, ilially ('I i1 i ni p ' muiiuil it-,
bounteous plenty of th fi breakfasts
wili the starvatiml Ihiy wire oltei
Cafled uponi to endufiire dlring Ihv Var,
were in lig.h goid hiiinno'r. Tli hi-ld.
ing, seating s,00 peopa-, was lill(d to
the tiioslll)t I lW -wfln afiteur tl ('4ein
venition was 4-a1 ued il 'nd by ineral
K. M. \-an, ionit1, prlo liden 4f thet
Texas re-uninii aw-iatin. P-'rom
pillarl andi lI$ost l l h billitinil' iad Ilig's
and pitue 46f (l ( nfedecrate chief
tamls. Eletr11ic iih inl profusionl
gave a perf'ect lilght :111- :11h4t.1 mnaterial
ly to the oraimenItaiInii 1f lie inteior.
The crowds wie C41i11p1Ir4 4nt alone
of veterans, bu1t 14 thlleir sns' al iWives
and daughters. :lai- t oIIIlor and
spouisrs, sime ntaly t Ise from
l.olislalni--in rass 1u111 and Co-ll
federate gr'ay, hl Ihe ni:ijmity inl cool
White -ltanl all. 41f (1 listinelltatioll to)
the seiie. No ;pplaiit- ias more ei
thimsiastic thaii tl irs, ;til li ) svinvlpal ly
in110'e 1ppif lf4 1ht , :ws the1 w r fiv o . ii itl
Ivith the hieroie sulrig's f the 41(1
F'ollowinog the l~ pin of th le mneet
ing by (mneli a.tidtf, ( 'hpliiii
liivocation l~l.
half of T1exas, th1e1 wvih Ilineda thei
v'isitor's tlin Li tat511. 4\ Ilirnor Say':'s
" Todiay thii' iiihlty ';athermgi4 after
so4 inaniy y'ears5, ti14in evii5 pat of the
phlasis the eii'ui ;iff ion 41 fior themi
amnlg the thmz. <>f 'I .hadl if mnay
By all thleir ('441i1 Iitty w io- lest '
Wheun prinlg, with dew)s Inugers, c'oht,
hettrrns to deck~ their b:lihlwed moulh,
She there sh~ai dress a weeter' sod
T'han fani'y ' fiet hav e 'ive r tro~d.
"'By faiiry hanls their knell is ruing,
By forms unseen their dir ge is suing;
TIe re hionor cin(4 4114 flihrrlim gray
I o bless the turf4 that w rans5 thelir elaty
Anid freedom shalil awhlie' repair'
T1o dwvellI a wveeping hermiiit therce.'"
. "Uiii inllilii hteyota4l~l all dlescrip-.
tion as5 was I I. ixhii t ion11 of Amier'i
(all geirnus, i i-tra ge ando st eadf'astnless
to dutty iln [fhis -:reait coul liet of' arms,
I he r'econliaj on t41 ifha us tafken place
betwee'n thei "'ttes, thfat had1( wm-r'ied so
fiercely aiif No Ilng, will give to) historly
a~ tfii'ie withI whiih to adonim its
brightest atli haiest luige5. To) its ac-~
c'omllishlient it is gzratifying" to recall
the i'x-p ri- identI of thie Confedferacy
CII i n 'iu- ii n m no small degi'ee, .lim
onle of hli" itest pubbelt utter'ances to~
the Pleili 4 f Ite Soth lie sid:
"'Men ini whose ha tiiis thle desti tny
of ouri ~ 'lutlaiil lbes, for love of her
brik m iy silence amu sf peak no ai WI
with its hoes al1al asp1iraitionsi. 144
lml beisee'h youi toi lay aside all rancor',
yourih place ill the ran1k of' those who
will biing ia consuilmmai~ion devoutly to
he Wishiedl-a re-uite peop I leI. ' '
Ii weeomning~ the ve(teransll Onl behalf
of1 the Conifederate v'eteran1s of' 'I'Cxas,
lion-. I . Gerab of Waco, paid a
t ribul to U the Conf'ed erate solierou, both
l4erialfisln amid opposed5l' the -doisoio oif
Conlfeder-ame v'eteranls t4o homesi~ l'r (In
ion schherids, tho loozl i sal ied 11(1n
ored Presuilentt M Kil ey for! his exn
i rossions uplon thliis subIijeef ,a :Ibing that11
le thought lie voi'ced thle sent iment'l
of (lie Soth whenl lhe sai that Mi.
.~ne' eahWits thle greateist ei'i
amity this hand ha knons ie(i
dcat h of I .mmcol n.' a onsic h
Mr. G etaalis welcomel to) the vete'.
r'ans was mi the folfowinig wormds
'Conmraides, I adi es andt y 51)'
An o1ld time' Gretek has salid lul
m1onuilmentIs of imperi'Iishable fiarlt
commflemiorte v'ictories over for'meiga
foes, bt only those oif d''eylgWu
to per'pettuafe thle menrie'ts of civil
strife.' P emhaps it wouldI have beencm
better hatd this Renltiment taken de'p
root in this landl of ourms, but it has miot
dlonc Ho, andi( the organizationm of thle
Grand Army of (lie Recpublic and its
Sons of Veterans naturally pr'odumedr
theConfedlerate Veterans anmd Soins and
lbaughters of thie Confedleracy. Th'le
men in blue light their aninual caimi
fires, tell the stories of the past, aid
rejoice in the victory Won, so, (lie men
as a Grent Success. acl
in gray moot annually to revive the ci
m1iemnories of the past, contribute to the frc
facts of history ; while they sing no bo
paeans of victory they proudly point to
a cause that went down in'the gloom of
of (lefelt without 0110 Stain of dishonour; - i,
Int for this reason, I am standing here bit
today III respoinse to the high compli- 01
ihnnt paid m11e by this association of Dal
we luoing in behalf of the Confederate ho:
soldiers of 'exas not only their. old miC
comrIIades who have como to join in the hl
celebration of the lost, but not forgot- ti
ten cause, but ill others, no matter so
from where they come, or whether poi
they) re& i je the victory of the blue Pr
01 inICoIi'II over the defeat of the giay. kii
I weleolic yoi in the name of the city Th
of allas to tih warm hearts and hos- no
piabli homes of iti noble men and ka
slnid woicil, who are but typical to
of ll he geierous qualitics found pri
:unohng tle peol)le of Texas, and I as- It(
sui re yot that, it is the wish of all the ro,
je!ojle of th1is most splendid of our rui
youni.4r cities, that you may, one and mi
l d kindred hearts and congenial ig
souIs, :iui he ale) to recall the (lays hi,
s1pnt. with us as among the most ye
lleasanit of your lives. In welcoming ho
the ohl comrades of our States, with fie
some1 Of whom for four long years we ist
shai red the toils of tile midnight march, 8e:
the (daigers of the morning fight, I can th
<do so with the assurance that the Con- hi
federate soldiers of Texas, both as citi. wl
zens of the St ate and of the great re- In
public, have not proved false to their of
iCO'rd inl the plast. to
1 'o the Sons and Daughters of the br
C'oifederacy, I extend to you at double ar
w/elcome, for you are bone of our bone rit
and lesh of our flesh, and to your hand a I
is committed the 1ask of helping to ov
vindicate the truth of history when we hit
are gione ; and I charge you today, Sons gr
id1 .Uiters, that you never grow of
weaV of the trust coimitted to your tio
keeping. Itemember how long it took po
1the world to learn for what William, pa
the Silent, fought, for what llorn, L';g- ic
1n mt and thousands of others died, and h
that there is surely seeping in the ha
w oih of t111 tlhe pen of some1 otrllt hf,
Mlotley which will (live through tih el
musty records of the past as it tells the
it'ie story of the rise and fall df the sic
Souitlerni Confederacy, and whei it is tom
told it, will live emhalhed ill story and
in song until the EIng lish language I'
lie s."
At 1.15 p. i. (ommander-in-Chief (
("or-donl arrived. The mannler of his I
entrance into the vast auiLtoriuim was ]
iiramatic. (eneral Van Zandt had an
niouiced that all hope of the presence .
of', (ieneral (ordoni had been abanldoned,
mimd til meeti ng 1 had bee ll turned ovelr
lo t ineral S. 1). Lee, comilander' of B
Lhe0 Army of the Teni1-ssee. of
(Genial Lee iO was inl the midst of his I).
peech, when a 11n1mer of voices and t
talilminir of' fee. were heiard from the l
r'eair of tihe hail. The r'oar grew 1->'i
ill (could he0 hieard the4 mag ie worid> ais
G oll n'! At tlmt 11an11- the v'eteranis
Oise to tliei r foet. 0
ral I.40 IVe lhen thie coinanderili~~ had1( as- 111
ended1CC to the plaut formI1. "Ourii belove OI'4
V ill lea'use you more10 than1 ths of1 any
"I. 1was no0 f'aul t of iine,'' said114
id subisided, "'that, I waIs twenity hour11s hlai
ate. Mayb y110~ ou boys can rememberlilh~~i ('1
L ime when C was niot hate."' f4,
(ioticial Gor'don 's lwecht' was asM fof- (Ci
ows :Fr
" overnor, MI r'. Mayor, G enlIemien e
>Il C'ommittees and1( My l.'ellow Coun-~ ter
r'yinen of Texas : llow shall I tell ne
y'ou what we think of' T1exas, of her01'
'reat. heartedpolhrbodpare aii
1114 still broader' hospitality '? I but
i)oorly expre'ss tihe thought, of tfi'-se
veteranlis w~heni I say that, whetheri we
ook at, her' geolgraphiical ly, hiistoi'icallyti
>ri sentimnentallly, Texas 1s about, the N
biggest, tingl we ever sawi. She4 cani 1e
'aise cattle eniouigh on heri w iki lands fl
Lo furn'iish aill the canne~td heef for' thle Ci
Lile Germilan emp1 Ille, and14 t fill have feir
ile lands enouigh left, if lanited ini tile ti
hecy staple to maike mxore hales (of whi
.otton thain are 1now1 pr oduced0( by in
America and1( Egypt, comb1ied ; or, if'
plantedl ini grain crops, to feed every ca1l
man11, womian and chil ill the Uinion.
"NWit such a territory--almuost equlth
Lo that of tile O riginal Tii l een States
which threw (In' the yoke oIf bondaige
and4 wrenceid freedom from tuhe great.
esjt of em1pires tis grea1t, comonli
wealth hoh)ls todaly within its border's
ai plaiitionl devoed to thlose same11
whIichl if tilthe ociC0Mon 81houhi4 come1,
wouhll walge ano(thleri sevenI years' Warl
ini defens o10(f tis inhlrite't repu'l~i C), 7
its flag, its laws and14 its r'eguilated4 lib
"'In the few miomeonts in whlichl pro
priety plermlits me to) spea1k, I dlare not1
t rust, imysel f to mlakte molre thlan the
briefest allusion to TIexas5 histor'y. I
(ann11 l sur5i1ve.y evenI tihe 4conities (If
that vast, field, mad141 s4) rich 1and4 so ill- ')
spii'ing by tile great, deeds (If her' mair. it
ial sons, Indulge tie just, long mn
enloughl to say that fr'om111 hbir'th, hul
throuigh all hier costly exp1oences as 11 i"
441eqet warts, the soins (of Tlexas,
whenever summhl~onedt to the sacrifice, or
hlave poured0( out their blood4 fr'eely on cu
I ibeirty's altais. lFrom Giohiad and eui
Sain Ja~tO, from hiuena11 Vistia and1 wl
Cer'ro G ordo, from Chicamlauga's hills '"
and14 tile shliveredl rocks of the Iloundl
T1op~s oIf Gottysbury, fromi the chiarge m;
of' iier' cowb~oys andI rough riders up
the wire girdledl steeops of Santiago, ao
fionm every battlefield made(1 mlemior'a- "
ble by American valor comles tile thrill- o
ing ans1wer of TIexas to freedoml's cali. ,
No wonder01 shle has inspired her' neih- li
hior beyonid the lRio Grand with such1 &
whlesomei resp~ect for her prowess. No Ci
wondiier that tihe Lone Star is so daz/- Li
zfing to Mexican eyes. You know
thait the Mexicanis ciliml they cou1(1ld ia
stand up fairly well against the whole x
of tile Umited States if it were not for ii
Texas. ri<
"' But not only is Texas groat is- 44a
torically and great, in hler geogra- a
hical100 exnanse, bult she ca ...ore
a small space than aniy other cculi
in the world. As proof, I point
I to little Spindle Top where a few
,es can pour out of the greasy
oats of boiling, thundering gtshers,
enough to light overy hamlet in the
d, and at the saie time, if govern
nt oxperiments are successful
>ugh oil to kill all the mosquitoes
m the Jersey shore to the Mexican
'Again, Texas has the biggest cities
their size in all the universe. Shall
lustrate by nanie one? The throb.
g heart of every veteran in this as
ably has already answered with the
no of Dallas-beautiful Dallas,
ding nov in her loving embrace
re people from the outside than she
; population inside. An( who are
isc men whom she so tenderly and
lovingly embraces? Why this out.
iring of her people? Is sonic
lice Henry, soRne potentate of
gly lineage passing in her streets?
ere are no Prince Ilenrys here
brother., nor other kin of the great
ser. But, there *ar men here, who
your thought are greater than
neE, grander than poientates.
re are men of the purest and most
ral lineage- onen in whose veins
is the blood of the founders of this
ghty republic whose mission it, is to
lit up for struggling humanity the
;hway to freedoi. Iere are the
Lrais of the proudest of armies
ary with age and ennobled by sacri
1, who by their own individu 1 hero
a in the bloodiest, of wars, by their
f-control and self-reliance through
3 long crucifixion which followed,
ve won file admiration of all men
to honor manliocd and love liberty.
a word, you, my felIw countriymen
Texas, believe, and you have a right
believe that every soldier who
ively fought in the c(onfederate
mly and remIiainled loyal to its memo
I, as well as loyal to tile reptablic, is
>ince in his own right and by his
'i achievement. You believe, and
ye a right, to believe, that every
:y cap that ever sheltered the lead
a faith ful ("oifederate private is it
bier crown thaii that worn by any
tentate oil earli. But I aln tres
,sing aid must, close with the aifec.
iiate greet ilgs of these sonldrs to
s great State and glorious city. (ur
ts are olf ,to both, and so long as
lasts we will hold you inl loving
1'hie aipplaise which met the conclu
n of (eneral (,'ordon1's IRecCII was
I E, SICCONl l) )A'S 1l9i HUN ION
'"- G1orion lRe-I l.eICtI A c ou.
iantle'r a( N wv (orlea ns Next
'inee of ~l C Meetig.
l'he Confedeia ta Vcterans' reimon
Dalhais tranlsacted unlportant., husi
1i oli the second day. (feln. ,Jolmu
Iordon was rte-clected comn lilalide r
tihe 1I. C. V. by acclamation amid
greatest enthuiasmi. ien. SI ephieni
I,1c was elected for the Ai iy of
Tenlicessee; (ien\V. I, Calil for
Tlras-M~ssissippi, ami tin. (.
'ine \IValker', ofI out h ( 'arolinia, to
eeedI the httc. Gen. \V'ade llampiltonl
comnimuarier of I le Armliy oIf N orthi
VI"irginia. New ( )rle:tu s was select.
as thle phiace for thle n ext rcunniion.
'he election of1 otlice rs t0ook Place
.xpectedly at. t~he close ofI the dlay's
shin, andl~ ini each~l case the choice was
unmllous by a rising' vote.
Vh lil ioen. ~ (odo calledi the noni
I liil to order in the moring ii, me
rial services were hield in honior of
latec ( len. \Vado l lampton. Chapij
S(enera J.1 1ones delivee theii nivo
ion,~ and1 ( inerl~ Stechen I). L~ee
6owedl with ani eulogy of the lamient
Southern warrio~r anid statesmani.
an ( leneral lamipt~on thle speaker
I recei ved his comi i on~; ls as a lhen
anm.. a lieutenaint colonel( and1( a colo
of art illery. II is associations with
faumious solier hadt been1 initunate
I there were tears ini his eyes as he
>ke of Iilmton 's recenit (death.
eneral ( 1)rdon1 spoke( bri .*ly of the
ud sohlier31. "WIVith i s de tath,"' said
general, '"a great l igh t went ou'it.
;(did I say the Ilight wenit (out. Thle
it oft such a life can nieverI Lgo out.
will b urn foreveri, a I ght to guidel
'tootateps to the hiigh est p~ inacle oIf
' Nearer, My God, toi Th'ee ," a
ni sunmg by thle andiien 1ce, fo ll ow ing
ich eulogistic resohtionis for ( Ieneral
myjtoni were ad(opted.
Yhieni the atfternhoon me'et inmg was
ed to ordecr Chiirman Ji.. Taylor
The Bullet
the aissaini may be mnore stulenc, but
is no(t tuore sure than the dire punmish..
nlt teted ont to the titani who ahnlses
stoiach. No timn is strotmuger thani
stoima~chi Wheni thle s tmuach is dis..
sd theit whlne biody is weakenled.
IDr. IPieree'su Goldeni Medical I iiscovery
res dliseases of thle stomiachi -and ot1huer
res diseases (If othler organis whien it
res~ thle diseas~es of the stonich,*i on
uieh the several organs~ depend for
tritioni ando vitality.
I wouldl say ins regardi to voir iediwicie
lies NI r. J . S. l , ofI IEteando. vast ltten cu.,
"I wsYI at (otte tin
teat h'ls door. Iiwast
fineitd to. tv htanse
a pait of theC Itie
ntly bed I had
en~ ganionis of iedi- --
e. hntt it onily fed
i i iscover v ' a a
in slmoutqr I ttt I
v'e been for twety
.Iamn now forty
-ee years old. nl a v' e
tenii lnial twient y-nn
tes (of ' oldenm Nfiedii cal
icovery.' besiaides t wi or
rce's Pelets, buit nowv. I
:c noi nteicllinie."
D)r. Pieree's Pleas
t Pellets cure con
to the acre at less cost, mneans
More Potash
in the( Cotton fertilizer- improves thle
soil ; increases yivtid-larger profits.
Semi fopr ouir lo-,ok (free) explainig how to
get these re-ults
,J3 Nasmu 't., New Ytork.
Stratton, Of thle resioluitions committee,
reported. Amng the resolutions
adopted waS 0r.e Withldra-1Wing thle sup1
por t of all C"onfederate Veterans from
G'rant, University, Tennessee, Onl ac
count, of an dilleged disparaging arti
cke conicerningt thle Southern Ivomlenl.
Which, it was st-itted, had been madt~e by
it professor of that university.
The resoluitions calledl forth an elo
fluent, tuibute to 'Southerl nWomanhood.
The report of the histotical commnit,
L~ee, headed by Genl. Lee, wasB adopted.
1I, recommends :
"1 1. TPhe compilation of nmaterial that
Will help the historian and the st~udent
to uinderstand the civil war, its causes
and its resmults.
"1 2. The preparation of a book for
collateoral use and reference inl schools
IInd libraries.
'' 3. The preparation of brief biogia
phic8 and school hist.ories that will do
justice to Sou1thern1 leatdersh1ip. Sou1th
crn character, soutt'hern en vir10 oment
and Soutdhcrn de-velopment."
The greater part of the report was
devoted to the consideration of these
rcM redations :
A proposition to change the Confect
erate AMemorial Day from May 2 to
.un tle:1, the birthday of .efferson )avis,
precipulated consider able discussion '.
The present plan, which was1 lixed
upon by Southerin women aind which
!gives the Stat- the right to set their
own St4ate. day, hiadl maniy supporters.
T tt o th e resolutions amended to fix
of - lle of, but to allow any State
deu ing a ihfl*rent date to take indi
vidual ctieii aI n th tiis formil were
The credlutions comlmitet reported
that 707 eanps had paid their per
caluta tax a d wer.- entitled to 2,25-2
votevs. Seven hiui1dred and forty-eight
cainps were reported inl arrears. The
repo t of the Davis inostnment commit
tee sloed slow peress. 1L showed
1ill t he t Ivre was :, I t hand
atd f-tt ,0 0 mI oe w a wedt it I -u.e
pttmenits reunadweeredt
The 2.orkh towpat seurng ofunds for
cller was aso reforee in b prho
gresing Uieoly ITheaotl repor happeailedit
t Souther schivlr hitoise that wiltis
monumcet souli becamei ap facth
CThe raetor, otertiomm 'titte iBt
'1e bb e ot'which tGen Clemont A.l
devotns to himi cosi ind thee
ofI~iii ththafrnon'sa sesion Iti feds
(dbat istorya of thy frnvMayn~toe
mornie v8hn, o.the ritdyo cIertsowed)ai
thap of t h( e tisipet ane iciss or th
treasu rn holas. hich na fxe
poneli otht~ tohin nidnt wof
isthe atas te rint to et .thdie
.lh Slat deaa, thei~ lasty survioreof
thf~e ivis, taiet wtr teiiVetranos.i
"n It may bet ht timow fory Sate
heahhii s aianiw ouelear
Gordonlas hen-sudotedt the fom..
er l'stmatr Generalwth form ar.
torie ('bie t!:tb od iit repeaedybtd
did nt 7speak.t adpultei e
Aepot of thnks )to~ Wton un [.i congiit,
tflinnbustherie was adopet)e. .\ar.
pliiusit hi onexpns , hawerec1to
wed cu n t o ohe Cotngfuda.
d1eali wore t uried at1 ('ollumbu itisfo
INielt aTilt)iale t i~po
l'Uhreit loseelOi~t. ha decidatd
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Admns ial Dewcyf ha bieen tinited to
tDenver' nas a oues of hoo ta aqe
whc te it leg nenti of itett Colf
r~ad Natnal iuar wilta Wivt to. Geg.
.ioia II Frede~iunt, te ont urvivor of
the deartm(abent, o therdo on eray 1,
th anvry of he haittli e fo naia
o To mse t, use byhi ar Iohn
heathrik fatith Nrtheo ridef yen are.
01o1d, an Alpi 9 n hasfs~)r been thpfrm
sentedbys hlis to grea thrandisibiri.
the only emi~ning membe'r of thhe
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diofse in sto freaknetprs
.ci h (cfineoxi, iof Si , ado ane., hasr
denauh, tat.13 o his w ise, hasmret
deady whear bie nve at a chlildnor
Fortth infutan tsvl and notildren,
T u i he paYtu yHarvt Al asegt
mratl etherasa r ibn
never crossed his doorstep on profes.
sonal business but once.
The recent visit to Washington of
former United States Senator William
A. Washburn brings to mind the fact
that his fam'ily is the only one that
ever had three brothers in Congress
at the same tine. They were Ellihu
B. Washburn, of Ilinois, Cadwallader
Colden Washburn, of Wisconsin, and
Israel Washbuttn, of Maine. Theyaro
all brothers of the former Senator
from Maine.
A Paris dispatch says that M. Cadel,
an oculist of Bordeaux, has been suc
cessful inl the treatment of catoract
without operations, by the application
of baths of salicylate of soda. Ie has
arrested the progress of the cataract in
numerous cases, and is sanguine of
success if the treatment is begun at
an early stage.
A new portrait of P'resident Buchan
an, pailited by William Chase, of Now
York, has just been hung in the Green
Room1 at the White llousc, and the
old portrait, which becane discolored',
has bceu removed at the request of
Mrs. Harriet Lane Johnison, President
Buchanan'b niece, who replaced it with
the new liker'e.s
Governor Frank White, of North
Dakota, has appointed Fr iday, May 9,
os Arbor Day for the State, and espe
cially recominids that (4 an elm tree
he lovingly planted and tenderly cared
for upon the ground of every school
and public institution of tie State ili
memory of our martyred President,
William McKinley."
In the Northein part of San lJose
Couity, California, and .ipping over
San Matt(o County, li s 'le so-called
I'i. lasin, a bit of the pi imitive for
est. The exact area of the It r tet. is
about 2,!00 acres. [t cnntnin( tlic
of the linest stretcels of woodland
which remains inl the State. The
characteristic tree is the great red.
Wood. It has beeni prolposed t > con
vert the basin into a forest pr, rve.
" For 25 years I have never
missed taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla
every spring. It cleanses my
blood, makes me feel strong, and
does me good in every way.
John P. Hodnette, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pure and rich blood
carries new life to every
part of the body. You
are invigorated, refreshed.
You feel anxious to be
active. You become strong,
steady,courageous. That's
what Ayer's Sarsaparilla
will do for you.
Sl.00 a bottle. Alt druggists.
satkr (otork wa tst letituiso sgyari
ol f., ii it 'lc:,o. F~ollow his advice and 4
J. c. AVER ('o., Lowell, Mass.
Women as Welt as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor y
and cheerfulness soon
~; *~disappear when the kId-a
neys are out of orderg
or diseased.
.Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
\~', that it is not uncommon
-~A for a child to be born
S afflicted with weak kid- "
neys. ifthe child urin
--- ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon It. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The rnild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root Is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dellar ';
sizes. You may havea a ii
sample bottle by mail U
free, also pamphlet tell- nomo of Bwamxp.nioot.
ing all about it, includinig many of the
thousands of testImonial letters received
from sufferers cured, in writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, gq. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
Why Not Save The
Middle-Man's Profit?
The Mcl'hail Piano or Kindergarten 5
Organ direct to the buyer from fae- f,
tory. Writo me if you wish to buy an
Organ or Piano, for I can save you
money. I travol South Carolina, and I
would ho pleased to call arad show you
my i anos and Organs. A postal card
wIll bring me to you. pi
[Laurons, - - South Carolina
BusIness OCtances.
i)() Y() i want lo make $i,000 btetweeni
low andI Miarch I, 190)3? if so, send tent
renc couponr for onr specialty and recei ve
reecouonwhich entiltIns yon to one
ins; capial prize $ l,000 tract of landt lo
m1ted inl Lauirens County, 80outh~ Carolhnas;
,anik references ivon. Address
TWIN-NlI[~Id Co., Jiauretns, S. C.
SOl unred in thirty osixy days
IIII'ITen days treatmient tF'ic i~
LJIU~O WoulId be glad to hi ave names
of all anul'ering with IDropsy
IN lt CO .,.'all 13 Liowndes linilding,
slanta, Ga.
At lorntey at Law, 1
I Wi CourIt~ St. UREENvILLE~I, S. C O
I ce t in all the couirts, 8ta te and
-777,- ___. For Wnants and Children.
STO RIAThe id You Have
AVegetable PreparationforAs A
similatiig theFood andile 'ula
ting (tie Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion.Cheerfui
ness and Rest.Contlains neiher
OpiumMorpltine nor Miral. of
'NOT -NAlic OTic *
1orIfa Seea
AAl..ways Bg h
I 1&Bears the
Fixc~imlc Signatureo
I.'-orlikv/-. IMULPUM
A t. viol g -%u Id
oSn - Use
Ape'feel Remei forConstti
ioSour~ Stoinach, Diarrhoca
ness and LOSS OF SI1EP. ar U
Fac Simite Stgnature of'
______ _____Thirty Years
Selling at Cost!
self mo Im ..,vinced
arniaes Sual rrml ey cs WB inrevs ac, Cut-n yo
onsait aiog thruske h e-, ons. a ndci ig fr Wagonsh
"d.bke a'iu nAt a l-nim Arolu te Sa.c~brTaice! Ca nog
art, prolir. or no4 pIr ouif
1121 season3 Io li.Muitles a11411 Ilorses5 is prEtl ty w.iell overI bult wef have a1 few'. hargalins
et, lIemebe r, P( we' paa: nIo house rent4 r vif er k 11ire., own11 ouIr own, 2 repository andU~
0 Oun' on-ww n' ~k. \\ wil se'l l yi hg weV4 haive for cash or good paper 1(-I. Polite
aol kin 114 ren:1 I ment I o all. When31 inl 4 ~Ir(4envill i c ai113 11 ee us.f \V, ar alOP 1ways
1114 fto -P Ih lin-ple(l whieI her Iher3 '' wilh to 31ny or not.
CorilI4r CourI t, River i and~ .Jaeksonm Streefs. ( ltI C'N ViI iE, S. 0.
VAI,'''-:it W,. Willi.:- WVII,1, E. WVIllTEI
kniown'' to t he( iradeI :uli emloy1 11(ne1 bot Iir.I-lchis kmoana
if ,11I44'1:,v liIilI - . l i'll'1 a1141 a'l ii our aOddre'ss will brinig a3 man13
-ices. SW'litoN ylkNrIi Ab I OI 'PNo Sl''rIi I- a gv telo.s
311urs fori Irade1,
W HITE & CO., Anderson, S. C.
. I I w H, C . 1. 111.n,8.soN r
.1'r1!-il s.cm'n . 1as. l423O rICK(ENS RiAILR~oAD
(1 IM E4I A Bl1IC No. 2.
A torey-a-Lw."SupersedIes TIimel Table31 No. 1. EV.
i'kenis C. Hf., - - South(1 Carolim 12 ctiv 1:: - A.M-- - It19
I 'rclt i43 in al11 (Jon rts. A 11.tm111 tol a No. I10. ST A T1l ()N S N .a U.
11n1ss piroIIIptly- Mi.\I' ' "' I'
I N~oi~ov LI 111.11 43 aI mi22. .. . Lv. Pi(kens Ar......2:55 p n~
IYM . M ULDJIN, 1O31112 r3
II aI 11...........A iil's.........2:25 p) m3
A thorney at~ I ,aw. Ii I "- ---..Aranin'sL.....2:20 p1m
Pickens. S. 0, t' s'iAiIN N o II
'ac tico) in all th e(o rO 13' i. 4:0 112. I~v. I 'lkens Ar.6:40 P
0 flico ovor En arlo 's D ruig SI1 II 1 1..2.FIIldI';o3". ..'..'.' 1 2
-1:20 p m. ...Ariail1's...6:10 p m
R. J. P. CA R Lis LE I ii121A 341y IA .0 Ip i
---- i NT! IST3i,Flagtl 111.
(1 r'oe vi ill, 8. () All traIins~ daily3 excep1t S133n .y
Office ovor Addisons Dru StoL No. .1 Connlectsf with SoutheI(rn3 Raliway
apl12- 19t f. No. 9 Conn'cts with Southern Rtailway
- No. 12.
- No. 12 C!onneccts w.itha SouthIern Ratilway
ANDERSON BABB, No.: 11. w~s vtl8o31c23la~a
)11 tl'd{01' aII(I Bllil(ler' N< .Fiior any In formation l~y to
Pikn. .e Gna nage'.

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