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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULIN, - - - Editor.
W. jEsl1:i IATH ENY, - Bus. Mgr
Eoutered at the Post oflice at Pickens at
second-class mnatter.
Sub11scrip14n1. $1.00 i year.
TI HUR S 1) A Y, MAY, 8, 1902.
A pull right away and a pull
altogether would insure tho build
ing of a cotton mill at Pickens
help the town and country won
* * *
If you haven't been to the Ex
position, go 110W. The mouth o
May is Charleston's own holid,
period, And besidos, the exposi
tion is at its best.
July "Fourth" will bo Friday
a most aceoptablo (ay to ho sel
apart for the festivities of our peo
ple who will thol havo abou
reached a point, in the season's work
when they will feel liko taking
some rolaxaction aid enjoying the
novel pleasures such at) occasionl
nnlight be made to bring to all.
0 * v
It is just about this season overy
year-the tillm when niearly a!l
tihe cr'ops need vorking-that
planters realize ti hey hayogenorally
overcroppod their forces, and cn
1nt (10 full j ustico in sason to II
their many duties. But the old
saying that a Crop well )laitod is
half made hol d prettQy generally
t rile.
*) * *
h'llo promotion of small iidlus
tries inans growth in trade, tIe
advertiseliit of a plaeo and leads
to the estaliislimnuit of larger coi
cerns lltiinately. It takes iuiited
ef fort to acconmlisli nyt i ing great
and good, and never is thorI room,
nor nef-d ther be excuso in any
town, for huindranrcos in the form
of small persoial dIifourences and
bi ekerinI)gs,
Without conust ant watch fulness,
this lazy season will bring ho'me to
vou the same tundancios you so
much loatho to see in some others.
So keep .u1) a constant watchful
noss and don't blame too severely
your neighbor who gives you occa
sional fidgets because he doesn't
always move at a pace to suit youm
own impatient inclinations. WC
say you may also, sometime, in
plain English, get lazy yourself,
After all that's said and done
the Pickens Railroad is goin~
ahead, serving the people, building
up the country and p)rovin~g itsel
one of the factors ini the positivt
growth of this sectioil, anid more
over a convenience that could no
he dispensed with, not -only b2
pe~ople in~ the town of Pickeins bu
by the prosperous country whicl
llupports it and nnos.'e mnterestsi
su bserves.
To~ sone xtent the road prob
lemn has been solved. Since th
rain let up the roads have im
proved b~ut the ruts and holes ar
still there. The County Commbl
Bioners have about the biggest jo
on their hands, that ever COmnmii
sioners had and, in their own bei
ways, they are workmg all th~
timeo to bring about theo reliefs th
public dlemand has suggested l
most pressing. Tfhe ofliceoOf ti:
Commissioner of Public Roads
not an easy place te fill and ti
opinion is growing that those of
core are about the hardest work,
and the p~oorest paid in the cou
Supp)oso somle of thme bnsine
men of Pickons call a meeting f
the plurposo of organizing an
bringing to a successful end a gel
uine ''Fourth of July'' celebrati(
-one that will mean somlethir
for every visitor and participanm
and such an affair as will mOe
something for Piokens. This wi
take a little money, some organiz
tion and a great deal of work L
someobody. The beet plan is to 01
Kanise for the undertaking an
having effected an organisatio
wisely, let the coemmittees intrus
Led with the various featureg c
the Program get earnestly to worki
1Mfforts like the one suggested here
in bring good results, if Properi'
ananaged. They brn happinee
wd solid enjoyment to nearl
everybody and they show a pabli
spirit uzi the peoplo endorsing an
promoting them that is quite onm
tinendable. Let's have the oelebrau
tion and let it be *ne Worthy c
fPickens county and one in whi
all the people will will fool an IL
terett and so feelixg help to mnp
it.what it QPeIn tO ta
Along about now is the time
the dollar begins to look the size
of the moon-and almost as
When Pickois county completes
a nOw jail she will have done some
thing to her credit in the opinion
of coisiderato people.
Now that the convention has I
been held, politics may be expect- i
ed to take definite shape, and the L
candidates get on the hustle.
A few dolars invested in real e
estate in Pickons county have t
been known to prove good invest- a
menuts. T1hore was nover a botter a
time than now to mako imonoy af- t
ter this imlothod.a
Of all the really enjoyable gath
erings iothing excels tho meetings
in May whon tho 1)eoplo, under
the inspiration of deoiit pirposes,
assemble for sincero worship and
mix and mingle in perfoot conifrot
to experience what philosophitic
writers have agreed to call sym
pathetic campani->nship.
The heavy hail reported from
the westeri section of Pickens c
county no doubt brought discour
agemeit to somo of the people who p
sullered most from its effects, but a
little time will show the recupora
Live qualityof the injured crops and 1)
probably the had effects will not t
be apparent a fow veeks hence. d
COtton factories are foctors in
the development of the south and
the wholo Union looks this way for
great things with expectancy. e
E"I'ery good town in tho south can
have a mill provided the people go I
to work to got it in the proper
spi rit. In this matter, Pickens
town ought not to b3 laggard or
indifTerent. If there are not sufli- I
Cient funds available at home, I
there is capital offering from
abroad . And a cotton mill in
Pickens would ieatin growth assur
Every subscriber to "Ths Jour
nal" should feel at liberty to offor
suggestions and to contribute such
articles as are calculated to be of
benefit to the reading public. We
only regret we have is that limited
space does not alwvays allow a
prompt and full presentations of
all the worthy contributions we
would like to give. But better
facilities will be at our disposal
shortly by which it shall ho our
purpose to make this newspaper a
better and more acceptable medium
for publishing the knews and~ the
interchange of ideas calculated to
help the people. And in this
movemrent for the general good,I
we wvant the support of every cor
Srespondent along with the always
appreciated assistance of every
Sthoughtful reader who appreciates
the special effort.
'It is evident that ClemsonCollege
a needs some kind of overhauliog.
*Whather the boys, constituting the
e late sophomore class in that in
Sstitution, are altogether right or
b not, one cannot readl the story of
Sthe late trouble at Clemson with
it out being impressed with the idea
e tha something it radically wrong
e with the Clemson faculty. Tio
e some extent, andl perhaps entirely,
0 the boys are justifible ini their ui
'8 ted action,but it cannot be said~ that
ze their action was wholly for their
-~ own 1,est interest or that, without
dl qua~lification, theih course was en~
ni- tirely free from all blame. There
is something wrong in this instit
ution wvhen, with all the d1iscipline
orary goverinont can provide, a
aclass of about seventy stud1ents
with practical unanmmity march
m" out in open defiance of supposed
iauthority, yet with perfect order
tand with no demonstrations cal
'oulated to mark then as a mob
turned loose, exhibiting only tbat
Sdetermination which ha. shown
Ythat their purposes wore to act so
as to vindicate the stanid they had
taken and that a reasonably just
'stand. It is altogether an uin
fortunate ocurrence, and slack dis
ciphnue seems to have brought this
unexpected result, but as to this
the Clemson authorities have had
~ample warnings from former exper
ieeu. The boys cannot be expect.
ed to stand just any kmnd of treati
ment. Theoy deserve to be treated
as g entlemen.~
-Wheni the vast timber interests
'in Piocens county are developed
a and more lands are opened up for
Clltaio anid move poople come
county will be about the boet coun
ty in upper South Carolina. Tho
only reason more people (01),t
comq righ t now is bec .110 thy
are ignorant of the truth as to the
-onditions that oibta in and th ho p,
portunitica that atbound here. Our
people ought to advertiae the coun.
-y and do it judiciously and per
"istently. They ought, to got about
t at once and all tile timo they aie
Ldvertising coutinueut to work ahoad
n tho way of liolping themselves
tnd advancing the general inter
St. There is not to be found, for
ho homoeseekor, taken altogother,
better section in the southern
tates then right through tho nor
horn section of South Carolina,
nd having once lived in the south
rho could be induce I to move
orth? And having onco seen and
nown Pickens county with its
chievoments under difliculties and
'S steady move forward toward C
'lost endurir.g and return-giving 0
rnprovemonts, what else could ie
pected than that more doterinned
forts b made henceforth.
Creamery Notes. a
Creameries make prosporous agri- p
altural communities. ti
It is the rule that the mlost. pros
erous agricultural sections in thu
iddle and eastern states todayaro
ho dairy sections.
No other product of tle soil
Iys Onl the average as w01l as bit.
r and chenso, and no other pro.
uct brinugs in tlie Steady ci.ash in
oime every month in the year.
Advana~Ns of' a creamery-.
It will ielievo Your Nwives and r
imnilies of nearly one-hilf of their
oiusehlold lbors by taking the care
f the milk and the drudgery of t
utter making entirely out of the F
It brings cash every month, sup- 1
dying the farmer with ready
nioney for his immediato wants,
:eeping him11 on a tlpay-as-you.go'
iasis, teaching him the true road
,o il(lpondoice and ifillueice, an1
>esides the ready money, It) has
)roduce(d his own fortilizer, tile
jest for his land, and is growing
:ich inl a two-fold way.
Take the butter products of fifty
liiferent farins and you will have
nearly as many variations in te
gress of salting and packing. 1he
advantage of having uniform col
or, salting and packing, as can be
guiarantood of the creamery pro
duct is obvious.
It gets the famer into dairying
which practically takes no fertility
fronm the~ farm, but will always im
prove it.
If your cows give rich milk the
Babcock test gives you the benefit
you are entitled to.
Formerly a little work on the
farm brought a large prof t, but
with large and fer-tilo we.sterni
farms, and improved means1) of
tranlsportation the farmer is find
ong out the fact that lie must think
more anid work in muscles less
That time has come whenm farming
mnust be lifted out of 'the ruts in
which it has so long been cotliiied
into tihe track of scientific kniowi
ledge along~ which the more com
monly called professions halve been
Dahirying 50oems miore complete
ly to fill the present needs than
any other branch of farming.
It has been thoroughly demon
strated that the creamery furnish
es the moat profi table and1( practical
way in which dir ying enn be' car.
riode oni, and throughi its agoney
prosp~ocrit~y has been before going
into this line of busisnuess could
hardly save a dollar from thoir
farm from yecar to ye'ar, and who
not only did not but could not own
a herd of cows.
As the century opens dlairyingt
is rising titt oil the uih)Aurit y oi
yeairs and offering to the o farmer
not only a way to buil inl his
farm, but a con venit nt anud proiit-.
ahle way to disp se of his milk,
thus bringing to him ouit of the
manny changes t' the past, pros
perity ando happinuess for the fi..
Don't follow Adyice After
paying for it.
.hu In recent iartiolo ia proinenlilt phy-.
sitimni says, "'It is next to impossille for
the physimian to got hisot patienits to or'riy
onit any presoruibdo (Jourso of hiygioiio ori
dliet to lio smaillest extent; lhe has but
one r-esort left, namely, the dlrug treat
meiont. Whou miedicinmos ar1e used for
ohronieoconstipation, the moest mild and)0
gentle obtainable1 such as Chamberlaiu's
Stomach & Liver Tablets, should be em
ployed, Their use is not followed by
constipation as they leave tihe bowels in
a natural ando hiealthy condition. For
sale by 0. W, Earle Druggist,
Cassava in southern States,
DJr. Stockbridge of Florida is credit
ed with the statement that to his per.
sonal knowledge eassaca thrives as far
north as Maeon, Ga., and might be
grown to advantage on a large part of
the Carolinas, Georgia, Mississippi,
Louisiana and Texas; but, being senui
tive to trost as much as the tomato
plant is, cassava will get its full devel
opament in sections where the spring
frost ceases with the middle of Marcb
and killing frost does not occur until
atter the mniddle of October.
Mrs, Hlammack, Ky. writes, "With
pleasre I ecommnI Bmon's Diver
Pil n Toi eles Z have ue
them m~yself for several years,ancn
tetiftly ase to their effilenoy ini siek heed
scheo and ether troubles peculIar to our
s, " The entiro Treatment for only 25o,
During bu
A vompil
oils, liepat
dered. PI
plies oll h
Box 9
Is now in store. The stor<
risp, n(v goods. Each season
st and prettiest goods possible
ave surpassed all former seasot
imch talk about goods, but my s
laim I make. I have undoubte<
f white groods ever shown in
oods in every new stye and colt
My prices are as low as gor
etermined to my store interestit
d notions this season. Twclv
roven to many people of Pickc
icy can rely unpon it. "Give n
goods and prices are not satisi
A. K.
Prncetea1 Seed Teutlng.
The miethod of testing seeds between
lates and layers of iolstened flannel,
hie whole being kept. III i wiri place,
i familiar to nearly every one. A. S.
litelhcock says in Gardening as to the
lie required for seeds to germinate:
,otnc seeds will conilnenee to gernil
ato by the third thay. EIlah day an ex
inination should be made, and those
eeds -which have gel-ind lllit1 Shonld
W r'e('ded a( renoved.
Gr-ass seeds re-cluire as mnuch as three
veeks, and se(Is of sonic trees still
onger time. Utpvt halls contain from
lree to sevenl seeds. With very siall
eed It Imay he I rsay to provide for I
he ciren Ilat ion of ai by placing small
)('es of wood between the layers of
loti ullon .g thm seeds. With most va
"Ieties of garden pl1aIlts the majority
)f seeds shoul( germinnate withitil a
few days after the first. sprout appears.
If the perlod of' geriniation extendIs
over a longer ti, it shows that the
vitality of the seed Is low. Seeds of the
carrot faily aud soine mnelon seeds
m1ay not show 1; high results in the
gerinitating dish s as they do in the
Sciatic Rheumatism cured|
After Fourteen years of
"'I have been1 afflicted with soitio rho-.
amatisin for fourteen years," saysl Josh
1s0dgar, of Germantown, Cal. "I was
ablo It o earound hut constanly suffered.|
I tried overything I could hear of and at
last wais told to ti y Chatbelain's Pain
Balm, whicoh I did andl was imnmediastely'
relieved and ini a short timo curod, and~ I
am happy to say it 1has niot since returni
ed." Whiy not1 us0 tis liniment aind get
well? It is for sa'o by U. W. Enei,
Profi In Sugar.
An e'xI2hanlge fIgures out the profit~s in
sugar thu s: 1t1(cost.- consider-aly more
to plan11t anl acre of' sugari cane thuan an
acre of rice, but one) plnting of cane
does from three to five years. The yield
is twenty to thirty tons per acre, ne
cording to the season1 and1( fertilIty of
the land. If irrigated1, it requIres only3
one-third as much water as rIce. Cane
is worth $3.5S0 to $4I per toll. A yield of
twenity tonls per acre at $3.50 gives a
gross returu of STO) per acre. It made
into strup1 0on theO plantation, a net prof
it (of $50 per'I ae caln he0 ('ounted on ev
ery' year. This is 10 per cenit 0on1a value
of $500 per nero...
Will cure consumption.
A. A. 1 [erren, Finch, Ark., writos,
''"('il"y's . boy and1 Tar is the best
pepajration fo r co)n1ghs, colds anud inn~g
tronlo. T know that1 it 1has enral'd 00on.
er' hl~nrd of anly 0one in~ g iyoley's I icy
:11d( I' ar andiu not be"inIg satisfIed. Thorn
ley Phlarmary U. K. T1hornley Pr'op,
of I-aly has~ mi:,l ont ha h-s (In
til -Ie acrel(s. 1ud1 is 11n aI 14ood large
hiih. iie'~ sindided is sil and11( ferti
It is easy to) templorarily chIeek a cough
with1 the) oridina~lry opito cough cnres,
bult when it is to be~ enrodes tile root of
t he (11 r onbl otsed (oneII111 mustiveRI:nnon 's
l'nglIish Syruinp, the old rel iale. Junst
thlink of ii' a positive euro of 25 cents.
F'Iine Treen F'or thet Ifog Lot.
For' a hog iot there is nothing like the
mulberruy tree, accord~ig to a writer in
an exchange. Plant your lot full of
the best trees you can find, choosing
them'. both for fornm and fruit. Hlave
a lot of the ever bearing among them,
and when feed ie scarce you have the I
veory best for' your hogs andc 1)oultry,
They will boar buushels to the tree and I
wvill be growing in value every year as
tImber. The timber is equal to catalpa
in value and gr'ows' as ralpidly. It is
flne for posts and shows beautiful1
graining in lumber.
No Loss of Time.
I have sold Chamaber)ini's Chollo,
Dholera and Diarrhoonu IRemedy for years
wvould rat her bo out of 'off'oo and1( sugar
hafn it. 'I sold five bottles of it y'ester.
lay to thureshers that could go no far.
her, and they aire at work again this
)klahoma. As will be seen by tihe above
he threshers were able to koor on with
heir work without losing a augle days
ime, You should keep a botte of this
*somedy in your homo. For sale by G, 0
V, ~arlo Druggit,0
Poley's HIon0ena Tar '
MifM 80eA Dpaatea anpeu~mnia
in1less hours I aim it your seryice to figuro
the lowest prices on]
tte HIe of Sewing Machines, Needles,
ir's. &c., always on 11111( or promptly or
ion1iograIlI.s and (11 raphophlones 1111d Fup
Id md for sale at the companies' retli
, delivered.
work skillfully done. All work guaian
John T. Boggs,
Liberty, S. C.
is brimming full of bright,
I do my best to get the new
but this season, I feel that I
is. I do not believ'e in too
tock will bear mc out in every
Ily one of the prettiest lines
Greenville. Colored wash
Ad goods can be sold. I am
ig to all buyers of dry goods
e years dealing with me has
ns, that wvhatever I tell them
e a showing," is all I ask, and
actory, don't buy.
WC have still oin hand a few bar
ains inl the Chapinian Bros. stock,
d con tinued to buy new goods-a
aple 'k.
We are running or the cash prin
pI' ad can therefore gi'e you bell
hits you would nlot get, by time sales.
1 sell at close living prie.
WXe will take pleasuro in showing
'ou through the store.
Farmers cn get what they need
were. wekeep good goods, and itf you
ll't ,ec whWat you want ask for it.
Coffee at 8. 9 and 10 pou(lds to
he dollar. Gi'anulated Sugar 16
)ounds to the dollar. A few 5 and
t0galion kegs of Tennessee sorghum
)n hand at -10 cents. Canned goods
> all kinds.
Some clothing to go cheap.
As good Flour as you can find
Anywhere in town.
Tobaco, candy, crackers, matches,
soa p. st' owatre, ti(: ware.
F'arminig imlemnit s, plows, hoes,
singlett ices, garden seeds. stationery,
nk. pencils, 11r'oms, thread--a ii tl(
f everythinzg. Come to sec us nid
Inrig us your p)rodunce. It we
maven't. got what you wanit, will pay
you1 cash for y'our chickens, eggs and
bvould beC a goodl time to b)uy some
Heavy Winter Shoes,
A lot of Childrenoms' Uion Suits,
.hc 25c kind, only 15c.
Lot of M isses Union Suits, worth
35c to cioss the lot a 20o.
A lot of Ladies Union Suilts eas
Lly worth 50c to close at 38c.
Men's Heavy Fleece Lined Un
lorwear. Heavy work shirts to
keel) thme cold out.
Lots of Loadoed Shells, Shot,
IPowder, &c., for tho Bird Ilunters.
[lots of good things to eat. Full
ine of grocerios ait all timos.
Call to see th ?an ear ly and ofe n
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
It nnents,
kud EMarkers
low in Stock at
20 per cent
ass thani usual priecC, We have
omne exceptional values.
Greenville, 8, 0.,
Vhat Is Foley's kldney cure
Auswe~r, It is made from a prescription
a leading Cgienmgo phiysician, anid oneo
the most omninet, fnth country. Trht
grodlents~ at'o thme purest that money
zt buy, timd inre acientiflally comblIned
hiarmaniv D. .~ Thornulev Prmp
or comnpleto treatment, Twentyqfive Dogco, Zgc.
F~ ORc
Smith & Bristow's, Greeniville, S, C.
Our stock wvas never in better condittion, having dlisposed
of most of last season's goods after the fire, and we are show
ng10- todaybthe newvest and cleanest stock in upper South Caro
lina. Goods guaranteed ais repre(se ntedc or money refunded.
Mail or ders r eceiv~e pr1ompt attenti ion. Term is, CASH. One
Price to Every body.
M\ain Street, Greenville, S. C.
One Price Cash Store.
W~ h.ave just received 50 Barrels of Good Patent Flour
that we wll sell wor $4 75 per barrel. Don't fail to gct a sup
ply before it is all gone.
WVe also have a few more barrels of a splendid straight
Fleur for $4.25.
Green Colle, good enough for anybody, ko lbs. for $.
17 lbs. granulated sugar for $1.
20 lbs. nice brown sugar for $1.0o,
1 2 lbs. keg soda for 25 cents.
b-I~on't fail to see us when you have anything to sell or
buy. Yours truily,
Ant or M~ade-to-order Clothing.
Buying and( Selling Mere Dry
Goodsthan an three
\Ve are excluIsive agents for Strauise & Bro's Illigh Art
Clothing, recog.n izedl as the best malde, best fitting Clothing in
America. WVe carr~y all grades. Men's Suits from $3.oo to
$.15.00; Boys' three piece Suits $2.50 to $10.00; Children's two
piece Suits 50 cents to $6.00. We gura1,ntee~ to save you from
10 to 25 per cent, on any suit you buy from us.
We carry more Shoes, and sell more Shoes than all the
other merchants in Greenville. \We guarantee every shoe we
sell from $i,.25 tip. M ore of our shoes arie being worn in
Pickens county today than from any other store, but we want
to sell every man, woman and child in Pickens county theitr
shoes this year. We have
Bring the Madam and Children with you when you com~e
to Greenville, Ma~ke otur store your home while here. Plenty
of room for the children to play in, and the Maclam can find
more PRETTY DR)Y GOODS to look at in otur store than
anywhere else in the city, and SAVE 15 to 25 per. cenlts On
every article she buys,

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