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The People's Journal.
THURSDAY, MAY, 8, 1902.
Local and Personal.
-The horse-trader was in ovi
donice Monday,
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be n
Pickens May 13 & 14.
-Several candidates make their
annoullencemts this week.
-Rev. T. 11. lodd filled his
appointuent at Pickens Sunday.
-Sunday, I Ith of May is service
day at Six Mile and many people I
are expeocting to go.
-Ex Governor John Gary Evans
has been in Pickens on business as
Presiden t of the Pickens Railroad.
-That was a goodly gathering
at Oolenoy Sunday, it being tho
regular servico day at that church.
-Clemson College boys are
pretty luch ill ovideneo since the i
general walk out, April 29.
-'The Pickons (Grided School
children will pieni soon. All
looK forward to a ploasant day.
-Col. J. E. Hagood and daugh- I
ter Miss Frances, caine up from I
Charleston last week, returning i
-Rev. J. E. Foster filled his
regular appointment at Secona
Sunday, preachiig to large con
-Couity Conmissioners did
soime hard work lmonday ai(
Tuesday looking after matters in
their office.
-Saleday and the Convention c
brought a good crowd to town -
Monday, and everybody seemed in
good spirits aud hop-ful.
At this season the beniefits of a
good gardei are realized, and uu
foraunato is the family that has
not one.
-Monday was a big day for c
Pickeus. Between siialeday and
County Convention (lay the people r
had something to do.
-Gentle rain~s have helped the C
farmers. Their timely coming
helps the planted seed to germi
nato in due season and good stands 8
of cotton are almost assured. t
-Sidewalks are intended for
for peodstrians. Some of the I
thoughtless bicycle enthusiasts C
seem to think they were especially j
constructed for bicycle courses. A 3
hint to the wise is sufficient.
-It's a good tim.) to clean up 1
around your premises. Don't wait t
for the fever germs to begin to o
mul tiply. TIht peculiar odar you
smell occasionally even nowv, may r
not be the scent of sprigig fbwvers. t
--Miss Martha Cureton left last C
Wedneday for Seneca where she is
taking lessons in dress-making un
der Mrs. Cochran an accomplishedr
designer and milliner of that1
-In the Bolding settlenvant, to t
the west of Pickens, since crop iu
planting closed, the neighbors li
have by concerted effort sneceeded t
mn killhng 1.8 hawks andl about the 'I
same number of crows. Trhe deathi
of this many hawks and crows 1
means something for a settlement. s
--A heavy haiu storm passed ~
over the Crow Creek section last
week (Wednesday) but the extent
of damage has not yet been learned, ~
though it is feared that some inju- I
ry was done to fruit and other ~
crops. I
-AlIarried on Wednesday eve, .
ning A pril 30th, 1.002 at the resi
dence of the bride's father, Mr. 0.
P. Williams, Mr. Hampton Field i
to Miss Pearl Williams. W. C. 1
Seaborn onhiciatedi. All of Pickens
--H attison .Jenkins (col) who,t
it will be0 rememb~ered, was Con, u
victed at the last terin of court on c
charge of' laggravated assault and c
battery, prosecuted by Will Curtis c
(col) and senteonced for 90 days,f
has received notice of pardon.<
This is gratifying to the peole oft
Piucken s who generally regard .Jen- r
kmts as an exceptionally good dar, I
key whose act in this case was the
result of seus provocatiOn). WVe
think the Governor (1idl the righit<
thing in this Case.
--Sales of the county lots have
been consumated. T1he bids1 ro
corded Mondlay have been raised
to the requiredl conditions by pri-1
vale arrangements, as permitted l
tjnder the. terms and authority of
sale. Col. J. .E. Hagood gets the
Main streqt dlispensary' lot at
$500.00. WV. H. (Bunk) Crane
takes the other property at $1500.
This meets the requirements of
the terms of sale.
The James property was bought
by II. A. Richey at $540.00. Tis~i
is all valuable property and viill
appreciate in value,
Misses Ida and Mina Suther
land, Miss M~bary~hlastainl and Hen
ry Autherland left Thursday for
Messrs Robb, Willie antd Wade
Chastaiu went down Thursday,theoy
will all SPendt several days at the
Mrs, E, E. Martin andi granid
datighter, Mary MAcHugh are visit.,
ing mn Charlotte N. 0.
Visited T, M. JToio at Pulpklo..
sown on1 the 3rdl inst1
ManI Rrd inn
Miss Molonee 111ho iley youngp
ust daughter of Mrs N. E. Thorn
of Pickens and Mr Will E. Whit
of Anderson woro married at ih
liomo'of the brido's mnothor in Pick
3n, Vednosday aftornoon, Ap
JO 3,30, only mombers of tho faim
ily and a few friends being pre
iont. The couple left on the 'I p. m
Lraiu for Charleston where, aftor i
orief visit they will make thei
4oine in Anderson. Mrs White i
In acecol)plishod young womali
vhOse many iriends in Il'ickons wil
*egrot to loso her. Mr. Whito is I
>rtgrossive and sicceCssful younII
>ualiness man of Anderson who ii
.0 bo congratulated on winning F,
:harming a young woman.
Death of a Mood Wo11man
Mrs Malinda Williams, rolict ()I
he late Josoph Williams, died slid
lonly at her home in the )acus
rille section Thursday, May ist.
igod about 55 yoars, and was hm
ed the following day at Oolenoy
tov J. E Foster, her pastor com.
lucting the fulleral servic.4 ill the
>resence of a large galiering u
'clatives and friends, M rs WiI,
iams leaves serviving soveralchild.
'011 to m11ourn her loss. 11 had
>oen for many years a consistent
neiber of Mt Tablor (Bapti-t.)
:hurch, and her good influen' len
ias long ben felt in the co iImi-i.
y ill which she maoved.
Cont y Con veit ion. -
The convention was calldd to or
[er at 12 o'clock Monday. \W. ,
)'Doll was elected temporary chai r
nan anl T. J . Mauldm, tempor
ry Soc. On notion a committe on
r-edentialis was appointe d whlich
etirod and report-!d as soon as
heir work could be completed
'here wore no contests. 1\1r. a.
an Mauldin presentdi a peiti'n
rom\ Ward 3, Easloy, asking that
ecognition of a club to be now'n
s Eafsley Cotton M ills Democra tie
'Iub bo givon. On motion the
!ub was enroll-d. On motion,
lie temporary organization was
l"ado permianlenit.
Tihe chairman thon declared th
onv Cltiondllyorga n1i z d anidire'lly
or business and stated that the
usiness was to elect dele
atos to the state convention aiv
E elect a state committeeman.
The followiing woro elected (1el.,
ates [to the state convention:
,aban Mauldin, C, .L.
'ureton, W. W, F; Bright, 13. J.
ohnson, J. E. Boggs and T. J.
W. T. O'Dell wNas ekcted m1jo-..
er of the state executivo coiimiit.
e and T. J. Mauldm chairman
f the county exe3cutivo committee.
The following resolutions wereo
ad an d adopted :"Resol ved
hat we favor the pledginig, of all
andidates for oflice to support the
latform of the democratic p)arty,
tate and national, during their
arms of office". The followving
3solution wvas read. "Resolved,
et by the democrats of Pickons
ounty, ini conven)tion alssemledC,
fiat condrmn the act of the leg..
ilature of 1902 by which tho pro
ts of the Pickens dispensary are
sken from the public school. 2nd
'hat we require our representatives
a the legislature, at its session in
903, to restore the distribution of
aid profits to the public schools
ccordance with the termns of the
ct of the legislature of 1894." Ivy
1. Mauldin and C. E, R'obinson
.ddressed the convention in ex
dlanationi and justification of their
cts in the matter of Iato amend.,
lent to the lawV by which the pro.
ts of the Pickens Dispensary are(
,ivided as in other ~ineties. On
n otion) the pri1vilege of the Iloor
'as extenided to Seni. howeni. IIe
1as nlot present . Mr Fred \Viil
iamis add(1ressed the Cdinvention oin
he r'esoluitions and1( also Drz. \V. T.
i'ield1. H. L. Clay till moived to I a
Ie the resoluti ions, (Carri.'d. lle
olutions endorsing thle candidaey
f R,. F. Smith 1and( coinuendiing his
alndidacy to the democratic voters
'f the. third district in the race
or congress read. W. N. Roldiig
lftered anl amnendnent pu rportig
o enidor's' all the candidlatea. Th is
m1endmilent was withdrlawn. A I'
or somne dliscussioni as to the ad
isabili ty of th e resolu ti onsM i he
'ot~o was taken and the resolution
eclared unian inously adopted.
CjosIdleramble iiit erest u,' as5 llm i -
s t d thr1Ooghou(lIt t he pr ceed (ing
f the convention and it. was with-.
.11 inte redstinog con ventIion ; thle
Iubs t hrouglh thle;r de h-gatIion s
oemning dif posed to priomo)to lhar
nony in the party,~
Liberty Locals,
Several of our citizecns Icavo for
lharleston tomorrow.
Dr . Walter Smith has lbeem very
zick thle past wook of heart troubile
)lt is thought to be better at this
,v riting.
WX. S, Parsonls and lanii ly and
JI. E. Paisons havo just~ returned
roim Texas; WV. M, Smith, L. (G.
lioggs and others re'turnedc( last
8. D. Stewvart and wife, Mm's. E.
B. Richardson and~ M1rs. M. H., and
Miss Corrie Boggs visi ted Chariles
ton last week. Mrs,; iharidme i
and Mrs. B1oggs reminednc with
relatives on their way back.
The usual quiet poaco and digii
ty of our town was disturbed by
two of Our citizens having a lit tic
altercation in which ai hicl'ory clul
*tMs itSed and brokeun ovcr tlu
ienm beads Pt4d (the club wa
aItChA in idkenae, hlt Stutrda
P4O9QhI,0n Thau jVQm .(n
ted but have hoard of no apologios
being made.
Liberty was woll represented at
e at the County Convention at Pick
Sens Mondiay. Who was it said
- McLaurin ? Where oh, whore is
the honey boy who Haid it? What
is general and what is class legis
lition anywayY If the dispen
Hary comes under the general
I clauso inl the constitution, it is
claps legislation, perhap, as thero
is not a lispensairy il overy c(opo
I rat town , blut inl Somej, yet thereo
ire fomo Ieatulires4 (OnnIected With
the iiallagoiellmt of said dispoli.. t
salry unconistituitionmal, provided C
youI do not favor the iispnlsary %
11awv, don't you know, Oh yes (on 't 1
y )I[ 8ee. Bult iothing ulcon-stitu-- H
0iona.l aboit, at town coming for-- n
ward and saying-y(.s We will have
a disPnsr pend hero. Oh n
ye', w'l1 t-ake and koop) on1-half t
the profits for our owln use and (
give the other iiif to the general 'i
County fulnd. Yes thit's proper (.1
an1d thia's toter straiinng on the a
(cons8tittitioll, hut so long as the
di -peis ary law dei n3ot lunler. the h
-genral clalue of the cCnstitutill.
(of COrIIs, it's c('jSti ttionl ,Il ,sp:e- t
ially for the d1>pm: ar7 towns. I
I)oih youl, undl'e-Itra Ifing1Ih b?
O0tr commnty i 1c- : InIlln th:. t
abseneo310i ofv (.ra I o>f 4) r , :)'-a
ple who arl', 3 i ate hi i ve u'pr,
ther 1bu13on1 at 1).alla.. Amt~ong
thone inl attendant: are C1. R. IE. '
S -w.i anl(ad dItIghter. Miss I-sie, t
llijott Williantt,1 Cap1t. J. I. Bowen b
andl( T. A. Williamn-.
Work with th farmeii 1.9rs isomo
what oli the stand for a few (as
a s oIs', t of the plaltj g is (101o
111( we will giv the corn a fe w
days to gnow bfI JOoro we comme flelcj,
wvo.kin3g it. Small grain i3 lok- n
i)ng nicly consi.ring the relapse
it has unidetrgoI:.. n
MIes'-. Robert Jones and l 'Mar
Vinl Pe1'ry Visitet d friends at Chick's U
SpIr1ngs hist Sinday afternoon the ti
2ith iIst. They report a nice '
ti me. t
Oiur- School at \Vinl1and will vive
an1 en&trrtainment at the sciool '
house 01 the night of the 23rd of w
May. it promises to he one of Of
the best we have ever had there, U
am1 ItI that is sIyinhg a goodf deal be- is
Caulse' she has a reputation along
this line.
\Ve feel somewhat sorry we can't
Write upl) any marriages from this
S ct ion. It s this way Your C(
sCrtbo isn't old enough. Li
It Was our pleasure to listen to a B
very forCef ul sermou last Sunday ct
at Georg's Creek, delivered by
our p)astor, Rov. D. WV. Hiott-.a
1T1he in~fant of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. S8
Perry died 1last Thursday and was se
buried the day following in w
Gieorge's C)reek eemetery. fr
Miss Bettin Childross's health is
very bad. We understand that gi
she has lost her mind in a degree, d(
duo to spinal affection.
Apr. 25.-Shorty.
Eighteen Mil1e. cC
R~ev. J, C. Shive, of Westminiia.
ter is preaching at Carmel this 01
year. Thoie will be preaching ev- wi
ory fourthl Sunday afternoon at P~
3:30 o'clock. gc
The farme rs have been making ty
use of this fino weather and have al
about linished planting.
The0 measles have been raging in in
in this section for quite awhile. of
Mr. Julius Mc\Vhorter and sev
eral others havec been to the Ex- I
posih ion and report a fine trip and 1
welI worth tilo t ime an3d expense to
visit tile IExpositLion and see the h
M\1r. J1. A. Hin Iton took advan - I
tage 0f tile exculrsion rates aind at
we'nt to D~alius Texos to viait rela
Mr. W\. F. Elleniburg and broth
or', aIro ke(eping '"bachelor hallI''
this year. This has the appearance re
of cooks being scarce in this com-lro
munllity, Pu
--Lost Boy. r
Lenhardi'ct Sect ion.
Ou r genial friend Mr. James A.13
Couch,~i represoutein ig thle East Ten.lT.
11essee NuIrsery wh'lo has heen sta
lijoned 1i n nion and Ooonee coun- S1
ties hals begun to wVork up Pickons
county in p1lICe of' Mr'. Alex .John3
son who hasl re3 s iCigned0(. Mr. Conch
has met. withi much01 suICCess and is ui
reprel'sent inhg at reliable compIanly. of
Cotton planting is being r'ushed
to a ianish now ona account of tile
few days sunshine most all the far
mer's are about donio planting corn
and canie. There will be a large
Crop) of cane p~lnted this year,
.Miss Ida H~int on of Tomasvillo,
v'iited her brother, Mr. Marion
I Iiintonl last wveek,.b
Sunday school wvas reorganized h
at Lonharuidt School1 House last
Sunday with Capt, Hudgins of
Eaisley, as superintendent. The
publlic Is invited to come out and
ta1ke an~ interest in the work.
Come l)1aents anld bring your child
ren. R1ev. 1D. WV. Hiott will preach
thero tihe third Sunday in May at
4 o'clock.
Mi's 13. D., and Miss L.enhardt
expect te visit thle Charleston Ex.a
position iioxt week,
TJheo Pickcens County Executive Com- I
mittee is hore b ' called to mieet at the
Court H10n1o, I lokeus, on Monday June1 C
2nd, nlt 11 o'clock ai. mD., foil purpoao of g
nuthnadig to Suhl mfatters as may~ pro
Ierly coIne( before that bodiy. A [nll at
t nnce Is urigpd, Let ever'y apmmi~t. t9
A Letto r Fromk Texias.
Mr. Editor In your issue of
A pr i 17th under the head of an..
110ti.':ou neits, I noticed the namo
)f G R. Hendricks for the otlice
>f Comzrty Treasurer for Pickons
'Oiinity. To ime, this was very grat.
fying, a v I know that he will make
L clear Pacdie, and if lected will
nake a rt.c)rd that will b aun hon.
> to the e o'iuntf'
I have k. sowji Mr. Hendricks for
bouL 1evenij years and iave noted
is muoy p ialitios of a truo gon.
leniii. I -net him first in the
rowded cor ridor of a hotel. le
vas then .mteriig collego where
1I kind of methiods woro used to
iOuro new memberti for the Liter- f
ry Societis. C
11o hais siomething in his ian,
or and bearingt that demonstrates
liat ho is a inman who weighs all
iestions caroful'ly before acting. r
his quality hedped hin to offer f
fiaice to all who would makr '
iy effort to overpursuale him. ~
His teacliors have told me that
o showed the same noble (jualh
.s and traits in a l his work and b
at he was a areinful business like o
adeit anl a lin. cholar. Such tI
alltis are wiot found in all young "
L.:11 if ,tur t:r -:- .
2,r. Hendricks 1 a man who
k,:4 a grcat pride in hi, County
r.d tate: and l1 th'it will promote c
elr mnterests- t
Jn 1K', when !d 'oKked as if the in
rs:rnot we gomi to be forced ~
'iraft men in '.rder to> save the
,,r o'7 the ta>. h. gladly lay
)wn the walks of p-ac and did at,
I he could to Sustam the good er
mre of South Caroliua. It was pr
)t hecause' ho desirl? I to be in the ~
my, that heO joined, but because
was unwi ling to see the ban
,r of h is state trail in the (lust. th
That he is qualtied for the oflice de
one can questin. th
If he is elected ho will givo the
uZty a businesslike administra
n; and will be kind and courte, a
is to all who are thrown in con
et with him. pr
I feel sure that Mr. Hendricks,
well as the other candidates,
11 make a nico clean race for the
lice, and that the people will have
cause to regret the choice that ti
made at the polls. t.
A Subscribor.
Silverton, Tex.
Major. pr
Health in this - mmunity is ox- je
ptionally good with di
te exception of Mr. P. L. te
3ggs, ho is recovering from a bad
so of measles and pneumonia.
Our Sunday school is doing well f,
id it seems to take now life as p
>ring opens. We have never
en a better working school and er
s are looking for great things ce
amu the Lord.
Mr. J. S. Wilson has bis mill wv
'inding on each Saturday and th
>es good work.- tb
What is. the matter with our
'liticiansi We want to see their on
Lfoes in the paper. They are to
mning out too slowly. mi
The singing association met with h(
ir church recently and the place 1
is alive with people from all fe
rts. We had a splendid time, p~
odl singing, good order and plen- ac
to eat, and I hope it did goo:l to
1 our churches, of
This organization is trying to or
pr)ove church music; that part
worship, when properly render- st
is soul-stiri'ing and inspiring.,v
'ave read of the death of our be- ac
vedl commander, Wade Hampton. M
loved him and dlon't bolive wve
Led a better man in the state. I l'
i remembnler his kindness to his cl
3gion, andl I dlon't beulieve the n
ate had a better friend . tl(
Attention is c'alled to the act of
,ngress appIroved A pril 12, 19)00, ce
titled ''An Act to repeal war- a'
venue taxation, and for ether to
rposes." T1his act, as far as it
lates to internal-rovenue, takes
'oct July 1, 1902.
The1f followmng changes are made
tihe law now in force: thi
AFTER JI1'LY 1, 1902.
>eela~l taxes of- he1
hankers ; to
D ealeris in grain, secu rities, etc., 2
idlor paragr aph 8, section 8. act no
March 2, 1901 (brokers, class gi,
2); bo
Pawnbrokers ; Si
Custom-house brokers; sa
Proprietors of theaters, ote;
Proprietors of circuses;
Proprietors of public exhibitions et
shows for money; er
Proprietors of bowoing alleys Or ti
Hiard rooms;
Dealers in leaf tobacco; ti
Dealers in tobacco;
Man ufacturers of tobacco;
Manufacturers of cigars-.r
(See section 2 and 5 of the act).:ki
amp taxes on-- an
Intruments, papers, or den, m
ente; Issues, deliveries or trans.
are of stock, and sales and agree- a
monts or documents to sell le
ocks., products, or merchandise.
iehedulo A..)
Winos. (Schedule 13.)
aats inl parlor or palace cars, anid
arths in sleeping cars. ' i
Excise taxes on persons, Armns, 2
>mp~aints, and corporations en. o
aiged in refining petroleumi and e
r. M)~s otl legacieP anud die.
'U iutin shares0 of peraonal pro-.
eity. t4J
10 We have paid especial attention this spring to our line of
Dress Goods, for we believe in pleasing the ladies. A com
plete line Organdies, Lavns, Dimities, Percals, Linens, with
Silks and Trimmings to match. A beautiful line of Plain and
OFancy White Goods. We are offring, every piece of linen
that we carried over from hst summer at lirst cost.
Shipments coming in every day. In they come and out
they go. Buy the BATTLE ANE and you will aways get
the BEST. See our celebrated Selz 3-50 Shoe for men,
and Julia Marlowe $3.00 Shoe for Vomuen.
Clothing! Clothing!
We carry as good a line of CLOTHING as you will find
anywhere. Suits from 5 years old and up-can fit the largest
man in the county. Prices anywhere from 50 cents to $i8.oo.
If you need a suit come to see is. I weI miss selling you it
will not be the fault of the goods nor the prices.
We Try to Carry Everything!
Call lor- what you don't see. Anything that is worth hav
mng is worth asking for, and rehmmber our I prices are always
right. Yours tru ly,
Som( Bargains to om-r in n .s ad .
.. alk v Shoes..
FOR 6 $3.50.
Ladies' Hand Sewed
Extension Edge Oxfords
Are the Nicest we hl ever shown.
We Sell Everything
in the Shoe Line.
Grenville, S. C.
New Spring Goods
Arriving Daily.,
the largest and by far the pre(tti( st III we have shown. We
have liftedl the yoke of high princes an theiy arne in reach of
Miss I Iughes has just retur i om tha e N orthern Markets,
where she puLrchasedl a large and cominplete line of the season's
choicest novelties. 'I his depairimun nt is equ: al to any in the
larger towns. Wve cordialy' in vite al th2 Ladies in Pickens
county to call and inspect this depami.* you will find cor
rect styles at very low prices.
In each department you wil! Il nd Ii values. It will~pay
you to call and see us.
Yours truly
Heath-Bruce-Mo w o
And Qarden 'S eeds
It is wvorth all it costs to h'ave a good garden, Besides the
seeds, we hav e in stock the2 necessary
Garden and Farming Tools!
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spades, Forks, Bush Hooks, Briar
SHooks, Mattocks, Plows and Plow Stocks, Best Steel Bea
ITturncrs made, WVheel lBarro'vs, Iron King Stoves, Sewing
Machines, and Furniture of all kinds, Pretty Styles.
A Nice, New, Clean Stock of
New Qoods Coming in and Going out Everv Day,
:Anything * and * Everything.
y ~About a Home or Farmi
Mii We Invite alto come adoo ruhour o
No trouble to show throu; ou. Mak
All County ofilcos, each, $5.00.
Magistratos, - i 2.50.
All other olices, "4 5.00.
Tho itbovo prices are invariably ]
I hereby annonnee myself a caudida
or Congress to represent the Third,
District, Sulbjeet to tho action of tI
nl(ocrttie voteors in the approachii
lrilnary. Win. J. Stribling.
FOR Tlit.:AsUllREit.
I ierebv an1n1 li l n1ygolf i condidil
or tho of Treasirer for Pickem
onty, subjoet to tie action of the di
aocr itie prinuiry. (g. 11. llendricks.
FORt ITtE:.SUitRi-t.
The frirnis of Jamnos mt. LIawronc
r Troa-rr for l'ickons county, Huh
?et to the action of tihe deiocritio V(
re it the 4omning primary.
F(l. AUDITOlt.
The frici(s of E. Foster Keith hen
vannounce him ats a can-mdidate for thl
he, of Auditor subjeet to tll action 0
4- dammcritic party it time coming pri
ary election.
The friends A. J. Welborn horeby an
miioc him as a candidato for Count'
)Illissionier, sibjict to tle iction o
e3 (mliOCi'fltic voters of Pickens comtii
tho .pproachling primary.
The frietids of Labin Mauldin htereb3
nouICO imii .ums at cniidate for the son
I, Hubjet to tll- i n ti o if the I)omo
itic voters of Ficken coimunty it the ap
saching primary.
lhe friends of Charls E,. lohinmsoti
roby ainiouncte him is a cididate for
! Stnato, sibject to tho action of thl
mocratic voters of Pickonmis county al
approaching primary.
I hereby announce myself it candidate
tho olice of County Treasiturer, ub
't to the aclion of tho democratic vot
of Pickons county it tho ipprolalLhing
imary clection.
13. Fletcher Lesley.
1. hereby arm11ounice miy can11didaicy for
election to Cli lIlouo of Itepresonita
en from Pickens cointy, oubject to
Democratic prinary.
The estates of all persons dying
ior to July 1, 1902, will be sub
at to thu legacy tax, even if the
stribution in not made until af
r that date. (Sotion 8.)
Fermented hquors.-The tax or
rmnented liquors is reduced to $1
,r barrel. (Section .1.)
Snuff and tobacco.-The tax on
nuff and tobacco is reduced to (
nts per p)ounjd. (Lection 8.)
Oigaretts.--T'he tax on cigarettt
3ighing more than 3 1)ounds por
ousand in reduced to $8 pei
ousand. (Suction 8.)
A drawback or rebate is allowed
all orginal and unmbroken fac.
ry packages of smoking amnd
inufactured tobacco and(1 U snfl
Id by manufactura or dealers on
ly 1., 1902, to thu amount of dif
tence between the highcr rate
id and the tax imposed by this
t. (Section 4.)
No discount in allowed on sale
stamp~s for fermented liquors
for tobacco or snuff- (Suction
SThe discount oni thu sale of
tmps for fermented liquors which
is allowed by the war-revenue
t was repealed by the act ol
arch 2, 1901.
Theli provisi on of the p)rosentI law
lativei to mnixedl lour, remin uin
aniged, except a slight change n
ado inlLi th deftinitilon of inixed~
ur. (Section 9, ameonding soc.
)In 35 of t he war-rvonnue act, at
Righits aLccruod or liabilities mn
rod pirior to the repeal ar inot0
rected. (Section 13 of tho Uni
I Sthates Rovised Statutes.)
Comm ixmissioner .
A. womian who ihad explorience wvit~t
8 dtisease, tells how to p~reven t an3
ngerous consequences from it. Sh<
ys: Our threo childlreni took whoop.
y cough Iast summer, our baby bo3
mag oni ly the mtonths old, iinld owing
our givimg theim Chambhorbin'is Cougli
medy, they host nonelt of their plump.
ss and caime onat iin muchi be0tter heaitl
ii other childreni whoso parentn diii
t use t his remedly. Our oldest littl<
I would call lustily for cough syru1
teen whIoo)s.-Jessio P.inkey Hall
rinigvilhe, Ala. This Rnumedy is foi
o by U, WV. Earle Pickons.
Pannturen of tihe Gulf staten.
In the black praIrlo distrIct of MIs
tasippIicn Alabiama good pasturem
n bo made wIth but little trouble b3
e use of Bermnuda, iespedeza ani
elilotus, wIth red top and alsike foi
o wet soils.
A Revelation.
If you will mike inquiry it will be
volation to you hiow many suoouimb t
rlneyor bladder troubles in omie form c
other. If the patient is not beyou
edical aid, Foley's Kidney Cure wi
.ro. It never disappoints. F~oley
onoy and Tuir contains no opiates a
n safely be given to children. Thorm
fsn Pharmany 13, K. Thornley Prop,
All persons having claimis ngainst (I
tate of W. W. Kilburn, decased a:
quested to present the same to the uii
iraigned for pay ment by the 1st d<t
July next, Those indebted to ti
ad estato please make payment to
CI# $$067end Tad
eMb Iian Naust

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