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The People's Joumna
61 c'.;111 c01m11
In rural Teinlesec, tho boy wilh
has required the rCputationi of " hal
wit" mu8t spnd nearly all the rest o
his life inl living it down. Childrei
are taught to be shy of him and oh
womlell have been known to forbid hml
the premises, lest by iis mere presenc
he miglit addle all hI le goose eggs an
our all the milk. It makes no differ
eine what the boy ny 11 say; learlilg
from his mouth10 takes the sound of
idiotiC jlr"Igon, anlid 13' inltell(ctuaR
quality on his part is attributed to 1
triek of the evil one. There, for in
galice, Was Sam Tiucke'. III the log
school house he had ieve b eei a
eased of being d1111. Ile had mastered
his arithmlet ie aind -uccessfully' thunihed
his Caesar, ad studied he English
poets till le reciled themtU il in ls slep
but the blight ftell upon1 1im. 1m 11
ulia ire wa.s d retily 11il11 illvettive
To himt thet- souind of thet sleevt fallin,:
o11 11144 dry lemel4t4 Was Litti weetv"4 id
m1 usic. (ie lighlt he awoke and
leard the "leet rattling :i&gainrisl tile
win(ow. (it ll lie t lh illi 'll, '11141
dressin' himself ill lus broiwi je-an'
welt to (he woodis near the hiose aidi
siat iowi lipo it log. hort 3' aftv't
ward his motiller fing to his 2ooil to,
Lise that lie ltd,14 coiVer t'l4111 , dis o'Ver'
ed that lhe, aII!t n-1111 t he 1 5 iii
alari. The old mnil l l b outi aellt
sioilluil tile niallif Of -l-S M Ilv1
time (liere (1lile it .ta i 14e T l' i
()ld mIt11 Wenlt inw)t il l d n
:-' l ,iii m thc log
f.o4'ii 4i4 41 111 sit t ing n4 i .
Wh ,what on val-rh Iti \M 101g
aiete tils tl ' ill ht' )h 't1 at
a t t' t w 14 1114 li' til hte oliet'
of, the si 44t, I w i to he ' th
the le l, fa ll tillt till b 'tl t to tilt
flollse ml Y;)11,1 li'all <n t il'l that
II)*4 Ilo solindl th. tio h'ilteli, hil it will
bc it Io41141 14q14le.
Tihet next it" , inl the p n of a
n ; l t -..eer d to the I I Act that her
s4o1( had goi l i ti o 4:4 tilhe dar to 11
tht sleet ill. 111 tilw- ll iwent
hIne1 and ,a lid that it hi t1ih en d141 i( -
cvered that T'I icker wa a hl
Wit. 111hen e whila had hap
pe)111 ll ll ' er lilt l e- ; I 11 it r
ws n d bt t11' ()I it. The 'e ' 1pre
alld it wa t l 14f2 r . ii toui ld
t i Vt ' i el idel l t 11 till ill ti ht- noad.
11i4Iw old w lut'411, i 't ' d ten 1
w hicll all w' -- 1al 121i1i ) t i e *'t)i .54'
reoe rbo backe'd i~ os
the 'st1i hel 4' lg " The 1114' 14iste, ;414
L'o iI 114' flt! ', wh1.4i' 12ilid 4y 1ut2141 1 his1
wily1 14 t l 1114 the ht 14 ik ith (I 114 1l,
blt111'it'I ute tIlb'1 ttellty 1' here4 w141 1421
I-or a "4une1 1o':n l fa tr wa's ifurn 1u '
b. 4)adu22 l he ' began, to: behet. that1
Itere was thlethm wrng ith1
NIy . I ain st it V 11114d 1yei a14 )i
convition :,u ill. "114'nalv make1
ad tel ae V.1r1 d. T e l ys a d -
t'ul tiel lddn'4t1 11141 gh4 al4 4'4 . n'oi
lit ewl aintate ret e 1tv:itoi.'o
11n 4' 1.)111301 i i n lette d fn.,''lof
to reuet 414he41 tieltat t11 . boyiii m'oi
ho11u: yloked1orwrdto?'.a
w \\l he', li'4h, leave 494 1(4t a ve p lth
d'4221. i teult f behi1 :1(1a' bitt. th ie dattl
he' was Clat'."ewthhsbokhvn
A 114 h"i Ili gpuet howo-e l8itt
the1'l reot, weal- t the hou to~ har
luother a unut, rt ~r14aieg
h ei' , 41 t(. le 141 11 grhe'jj , . h
ate a'1 whle."C411te et.we i
heu was tdenot 1ens of2 n ed
tered the rilt oom m lil .41,bitLl
if hoo ( y0o4 am ll lg 11144' thte'sa
curiou a ltowtihe1 h e af Il c~ 0n
"h tu s I~about~l~ grea kinentionr. ''
"aturall iade The od mue n dit
ran alkdthing bushaing hoos11.41a
" lt ao yut ue tan when82 altio
"e wa dint gin o u't rad cit
"pt Whyyudi'me. ohaes
yormi Can you count ?"wta teltt
"'N I'esgo I caip ont."1n
er wa clear. rr. s io
woud when ithe girl waeen ham gsh
saidthaot toi youbWn't cn yu (
bor thn. I avnt any ind
ahmellre.wt" cbppeta
"Don't you recollect what peop
e say to you?" she asked as she walki
along with him.
"No, not a word."
"Then I'm going to tell you son
thing because you won't repeat it-b
cause you can never think of
again. I was awfully in love with yo
and when 1 heard that you had ho
your mind I went to bed and cried mn
self to asleep."
" Then you don't love me now?"
" Yes, but you don't know it, yc
see. If you did I wouldn't tell yo
But I am going to keep ol loving yoi
pretending that you are in your rig!
mind and I never intend to marry- -
will just dream all the time that I III
your wife."
And after that the rascal let her tal
love to him, sometimes at his hiomn1
and once out in the woods, sittngr o
a log at night when the sleet was fal
in " Oh," she said, nestling close t
hinm, " I wish you did know. It i
sweet to play, but how much sweeter t
be in earnest. J)o you think you coul,
ever learn to count again?"
"I don't know," answered th
rascal with his arm about her.
" I wish you could. Pap says a
long as a man can count lie's gc
some sense anyhow, and I think if yo
could count up to ten he'd let Im
inarry you, and I would take sue
care of you too and we would sit out il
t' woods this way aid love eac]
o liter always. What about that ilal
who came today? Didn't lie come t,
take you to the asylum?"
No, to buy iy invention."
Your invention? Why, what aIl
you invent?"
" Something to increaec the speed o
railroad trains. It has been tried an
fOunIid successful, anad the man cam
to buly it.''
Illid lie give you money for it?'
" es, a liiindred thousand dollars.,
( )h, doin't you wish you could coin
ia liind red thousand-I wish it wa
" It is, little heroine. I dreame<
oit the invention here in the sleet, am
you were in my heart as you are nov
inl my armas --and you shall be reward
ed. When you thought you wer4
dream aing your married life, when yo
belheved that I could not carry you
sweet worls away with 111, I store(
then in my heart to glory in the
aloie. The dreama was so beautifu
ata I could not dispel it, and I walke
alboutl as an atheist who had fouln
I ) ' she cried, struggling to fret
lerself, "1 you ain't crazy anld I hiavt
inade Ilnyself foolish.'
" No, not foolish, but beautiful il
your clildish play. And now it shal
be earnest. Tomorrow the papersiN will
talk about me, the editor of' he coUa.
try sheet. that. thouaIht I was a fool
:111 of tleui, 1unid you you, lily darling
'hall be the happiest of woieni if lovt
will avail."
She put her arms about his neck,
ua i hey heard thie Muasic of the sleet,
Tle good old minister married then
in the log chuiirchl, anl the sclool teach
'a s.aid lie knew that the young fellow
wasi a geiu hs, but dlidni't want to lose
his job, atudalan old woman wept ini joy
treal ize that lier stories (of him i were
no t rue, ian I the b rided autic b'ridegroomi
waed downI~l ~i the haie, toward homne.
Th ae salni wasx anize andl lie said, kiss
in..i' ertie anid agiain, "' the suan is
''ut :ai I inn acoaunt flfteen.''
('ONi lel;88lON AI L IOL01.
Thea \\~it "f' ihe Great Statecsnieni
"i~ ,.n a i usf moi l.'rtel v.
Niilt :,aui i A tlIantia .l'iurnal,
II utaor, that jpotenitial eleineneit ofI
.Aniericai ijvilizanon1)1, Iinuds ia iii~lre
pi iiitiacou 'xwelcomeia ini th is coun try*
thiati thait whwh greets its apearancaae
iin the gre'at <h-bbeicaativ: b~ody', the
A aneriana Con.igia-". .\d nowht)Vlere in
thle 'relat nlatin ci'liis laiaior, bubbihle
I ia r wta dw RIaster than ini this
santiie deli berat ive bod''y.
Ihatily a Ia'.V paa>. ini e'aress
thaaat does noit brina, firth sinel new
articli, or :at leaot s'nia- 'bii axamlaple
",ewly dlerk'd ;'.! :cl-itly applied.
iii ne subjec't inal -r dlionaasao dloes aot
iotrotal tia etaacter of thet r'emarks
*andl a'ven the mo "iliaprotial ;and tin.
r'omaniiit clii'a farmsah occami~oli for
thi dlisphray of taai ki'ine~t wviL andi the
ilhlext inlunair. Thet ileomargraritne
bill, thet l'haailiim- tarilf and even the
areverii nttill i er' v ice has affoirdead
(le saiar onecs oppo urtuna it y to get oft
thae brag hatext thisheasc of thle seasoti, .It
braksai~ ouat xiutilenzly and~ is therefore
the mo1)1e initaensel y aeIl ihed. O.ne of
the sights of the capitol is the spectacle
of1 the a!hgillediI lntedI ittS Senate,
g rav ely listeninlg to a xeidantillk- ana
learinedl llhseourse', instanitly Ltransforma
cal into a~ bisterouls an iiilarious as
semably of lauaginlg, ro~ heikinig idivi
als conavl Iedf by ai ana of'h lurnr in
th ehlui of1 ia fuestion~i hua-ira! aros
The h eray,!.
t .r ilueasun of in vestigatiniig the
I )aimih Wuext lie is brciler x-uala
- nel. erannonaaa, a fanaak ftcepubl i
can from Illhnois, heih the flioor. lIe was
in a Lowerling rage aL thle liemlaoe*raue
haints of ltepubllicani bribe-takiing. Thea
p~urp)ose of his remalrks wias to sa',
that, neilther lie nor his parity knle yv
anything about thea claui'vrs aa h
othber side lad! better go slo'w ini calla
for an inivestigaioni. IIlis faorni sho
with ire. lie closed hais layeci lite
his clenacheda hiandls highl abaove his
had anal shouted:
"' I ado not, ki'o w that the 20,0
was usead. 1 dlo not, know anythaina
about, it, and until I do kniow mion
, than the gentlemiani from Teninesse5(
;seeks to know I will not, ise in mui
a place and seek
'9 " T1o know!" interjected a baut
.1 Demlocratic voice as the aigry Itepubli
5 cnn flaounideredl for a term.
e l'ven " l;iiele " .Joe forgot his wratl
d for the mom~ient, fad joinedl in thi
at whoop of laughter that followed tha
Cea<hg at itepublican blir adness when cor
rtiuptioni is c'harged. When he recover
us ed lie wont on to say lie wouald iiot seed
to cast, dishonor eon any man connecte<
with the government,, but the D~emo
ar cratic shaft, stuck in his arguamenit anm
it ruined it,.
Wheni the dliscuission on the revenu
t cutter service was on ini the hlousea
Representative Richarson , of Aa
lo bama, took occasion to say the revenue
)d cutters never fought except in times of
war. " Pete " Hepburn, of Iowa, in
reply, said this:
- " My friend from Tennessee, from
0- his home by the side of that manifl
it cent spring in Ihuntsville, so Wonder
J, fully adapted to nautical pursuits-1,
at " I do not want to lose nly identity
r- entirely," interrupted Mr. Richardson
" the gentleman ought to know I am
from Alabama."
it " I intended to comipliment the gen
t. Clenian first," retorte(l Hepburn, " but
i, now since my attention is called to it I
it Will comlplimeut the State of Alabama
I by making the correction."
n The House applaude(I the neat parry
and then went into roars of laughter
k as Hepburn proceedcl:
"1 The gentleman from that beautiful
i spring so adapted to nautical pursuits
- has said the rev mnue cutters light only
3 in time of war, and the gentleman from
a Pike's Peak, perched ploasantly upon
r) the summit of that, vast, mountain, tak
.1 ing in the comprehensive view which
from that point discloses the naval and
e mnilitary establishimeit of the United
States, does not hesitate to join him.
8 My God, my friends, when would you
t have them to lightl? )o you want them
A so 'jrgaized as is my frieni Mann from
D Illinois, who is ready to light at all
tillies and overything? When I have
1 observed that peculhiarity on the part
i of my friend front Illinois I have
I thought that if the theory of transimi
> gration of souls be true and lie here
after appeared as a later incarnation,
lie would come as an anirnal witth four
I legs instead of two an1(t le would paw
with his front legs and kick with his
f hind legs Il
1 Then lRepresentative Mainna got in
soine humor of a broal brand. lie
'My renenibrance is that. the theory
of the transitgration of souls, is one
L held by the II li(loos. lite get-lettnai
i having compared me to a Ilindoo, I
my say I feel very mnuch klie the II in
I doo; the poor, benighted ll adoo, who
I does the best. lie kiido. lie sticks to
caste from first, to 1asL aIni for clies
lie makes his skin do!"
I The liveliest half hou r the Seniate
has experierced in years was that
I which Senator Bailey enliveiiene last
week by his (lever retorts u1pon1 Sena
I tors Depew and Spooner. In his
I speech tihe Texas Senator had drawn a
colparisoi hetweell a vonilg girl color
ing her cheeks and aI a riculturist
coloring oleomar'gariine.
" The 8unator from Texas shocks
ile," Depew replied. "hon he con
pared tihe color of' oleoniargerine to the
art by which a young girl wins the
heart of her lover, I felt that the Am
erican girl had been pit in a wrong
position before the Aiericaii people.'
Bailey retort.ed: "1 I forgot for the
momentit a recent ocenrreice it the life
of the Senator from New Yoelk or I
should not have said it."
Said Depew then: "1 And but for
that occurrence I shouhi have left it to
a younger mtian to come to the rescue
of the Atmeicaii girl. It wasthe Texas.
Senator 's youth anid beauty whicht as
tblmshied me whion he made that re
mark. Anid hec neveri iught I, so) soon
afteri the Amtiericant girl app~eatredI so en.
tranici ng in her Esaster hat tand g~own in
the chuirelies and otn the avenu tes of
Washington, t~o have gone back otn her'
today by sayimg she is a fraudulenl
specitieti of livinig oleomargatrine!.
W~~ri all her Iinet ry uandt flowers and
ribboins atnd colors she . was still the~ in
co4 mparable A merican gir I'!
liepresen tattive Talbert,, of SouthI
Carol inai, !4ot off a good one atI lie ~
lawyers receittly. It, was durimg a de
bate oni the penision bill. liepresenita--~
t.ive Vs'iidivetr, of Alissouri, was taking c
except..Onis to somtethting Mm'. TIalbert ..
had stid ont the floor.
"' Now if my friend was a latwyer,"' 1
said Vandi ver, "' he would understamnd I~
these thintgs.'
Tatlbert sprang to his f'eet andt inF
tones of mock indigntation cried:u
"But I am not a lawyer. I am ani~
honest mtan. Therefore I cannot. under- I
stand these petnsiont things.''"
The plo0w is certainly the eldest and
probably the simpjlest, of agriculturalL
impllementas, being rept'esenited among
the hieroglyphics on the ancient tombs N
of ligypt, dating back more thban four N
thousand years. As early as the year,
1000 ii. C. the, plow waus describied by 9
a ( reek hiistoriatn as conisisting of a
beatm, a share anid handles.
Perfect Health
Is within the reach of almtost every d
womian. The weakniess, nomrvoutsness
uitd irritability frotn which so many t
woment sutffer is in general due to dia- Sit
eaise' of thei delicate wonmattly organism. at
When~i the disease Is cured thte geineral mi
health is ro-estalishted-.s
D octor P'ierce 's l'avori te Prescript Ion ne
tuakes weak wvomen strong and sick
woitint well. It plromtotes regularity f
.Itisdagre~eable. and enifebliing dlrains,4
heals iuflauntioni atid ulceration amd ts
cures femunale weakness. WVhent these ri<
tsanare cured, hteadIaele, backache, th
n uns atil weakntess are curedI also. thI
mes Wi y wu.Ik n.id nervous when, I com1- it
ten a lD r. iierce's Favor ite~ tPrescriup- 4
year si a oi,, .~etl eie'ni Di scovery,' nhout a 8
oxfod Sre v ti ru. M. 1( 11veretts. of 89 i
ahuffering for1 'evO Stock, Ont. "I hnd been
rudiitevefront mont ha and h ad takeji i
scentedpt yiaake all the thne, bht it
stnacht wake n fad t rnuch worse, My
nIy tireswr tle mydcto told me, d ar
start atthe least na h felte Itat I oud
tie;wsnot able to to.n ot ira bl atw u
hard o keta, ni the Jun m
greautly discouragedi i one nOw. I was,
- OUr 1Oedcines, en I comtience~d ton
scri t. l wook ve bot~ t e' te e-t
alsrp~o, twoal Dr. 0OI e eicl tniscoveaj'
. I canhthty recV w.,; tiwePlesat. Pel ni.
I lhan I now entjoy,'Alit 1ver bad better health
Pierce'. medicinea.,, taa owhiag to D~r.
Dr. Pierce's CotintionSts eia
Adviser, In paper coves is sttt freeica
receipt Of' 21 Onte-cent stait nst a
' exp~ense of anaiht; only. A$re.' Dr.
removes from the soil
large quantities of
The fertilizer ap
- ad plied, must furnis h
enough Potash, Or the
land will lo)se its pr
ducing power.
Read carefully our b ooks
on crops-sent rses.
4 9 Nassau SI., New Voik.
Tle Growth Diuoring the l'.st
Venrl-The Dispensary S. mool
The Columbia correspondelt of the I
ews and( Courier says it, miay surprise I
iOnlo people, but not those Nwho have I
Jeci Watching the trend of tlie pen- I
ion feeling in tlhis Stah, that the
-tate pension rolls have increased
1,185 over what they were last year.
in 1901 the pension rolls showed that
;,5013 Confederate soldiers or their
widows were getting pensions because
)f service in the Confederate army,
Inld although a large 11111ber of those
who received pensionis last year have
lied the pension rolls show 7,688 for
,hie present payment, a not increase of
LS per cent.
Inl Oconee and Cliesterfield counn
ies the lists have increased more than
o per cent. in a ingle year, while inl
>ther counties, York, for instance, the
sounty boards have held the inerease
lown to 1 and 2 per cent.
The General Assembly and the State
Woard of 1)en.iOll COliinllsi8oner have
lone every thing that they could to
iold the pision list within legitiinate
)ouinds an(l to see that al1l who are on
,he lists alu entitled to the sliall al
owaice, but the fear is that there is
0o ilnch carelessiless ihout tile grant
ng of pensm15ion. Of course the State
>oail has to accept the work of the
ouLty boards, and iL has 1 facilities
or knowing the merits of the individu
I cases, ainl, as a matter of faet, the
ounty boards cannot know every ap
licant or whetdher fraud has been
racticed, as lwas done ill one case
vhere a man drew a pension as a Coi
ederate soldier from this State and
iso at pension from the government as
Federal soldier.
Th'ie following statemenit, which has
uat ben comlpletedi, but wich is lia
lec to be increatsedl to a small extent
hiows te number)01 0f Jmensioniers in
aich counlty andt the percenitage or in
rease for tihe year:
age in- (
Coungty. 1901. 1902. crease.
.bbevill.......137 140 2.1
.ken.... ....192 221) 19's
.nderson......:78 44. 17;
ambherg.......i 51 55 8
arniwell....... ut) 121 21
caufort. ......28 :li :10
erkeley .......88 l11i 22
harleston . . . . 52 107 3t1
herokec...171 197 13
hester ........95 115 312
hes.ter-field . .. 134 204 52
iarendon . . .. 12.1 1:35 11
olleton .......291 332 1:1
'arlington.. 197 227 its 5
Orchester . . .. 111 76 1t)
dgefield......97 103 (1
airiieldl........110 124 13
bonce...... 131 172 31
Corgetown ... 38 412 10
reenvilie... . 33 138 10
reenwood . . .. 120 133: 10
amnpton ..121 l,, 40
orry .... .. ...156 207 :17 9
ershaw.. .. . . Ii 1 37 25
ancaster . . ... 222 254I IS
aurens ........1 2410 8
exin~gton . . 143 11i7 17
arion ........19 2:12 20
ariboro ..... 117 1:19 22
ewberry...1.146 152 41
conICe........ 1 263 59
rangeburg ...1:12 1581 20
ickens ........244 248 2
ichland...... 100 190 m
iluda ........ 140 152 9)
)artanburg .... 528 655 24
uinter .. ..... .74 199 1414
illiamlsburg.. 119 I #9 :35
ork .........87 292i
Total...,5031 7,1183 18
it is th1ou!ht that the amount of the 2
masionl that, will go to the largest class
penisionlers, C. 2 and '4, will be
iout 820. C:lass A will get. $90, 4~
ass5 I $72, Class C, 1 and( 3 s-48.
1)isl-J..AjiV st 11001. FIJND).
TIhie Comptroller G eneral is no0W at,
irk apportioning the first instal..
out of dlispenlsary priofi ts iln some
1ne that have been paid for dlistribtu
mi to the school fund. Thle <hispen..
ry a shlort timne ago palid over $25,000
dI undter tihe law the first. t hing is to r, F
tke tip the "dteliciency,"' so that each1
bool in the various counities shall re..
ive at least $75 for the year and~ run~i
at least three mioniths. TJhe
lounlts thiat are indicated are what
necessary for every school ill tihe va- 0 2
11us couieis to get att ieasl 875 for
e yetar. It is imnifestly necessar'y
it ai school should1( get at least $75, but, Tlii
is eqully as5 important, that schools
riuld not be mullltipliedI simply to get etc
is 875, or that tihis should be0 largely :i9,
ide up by tile State. dhai
The followmng are the amounts that
Ilecessary to give each county .$75 it,
r~ school : dat
Abbeville----.-.......... 163 (0) "1
Aiken--....... ........90 72 15,
Aniderson-----....... ....thing >
Babr-.--'......... ....11059
Baurnwl. -.. . .... .......14 00 <la.'
iBerkoey..'..'''''''......48 00 slot
Oberokee.---.-..........otin gred
Uh1e -r-le-l.-...........othing Mc
Ultirendon.----.......... 43281 no
(Colleton. ''---.... .1,8 34. 20 HI
Darlingtoi'-.-.-.-..........50 02 Jtoi
-----....... ... .....thing a c
Dorchester ... .......... 68
Edgeleld ................ 789 00
Failrfield ............... tin
Florence...... .......... 205 75
Georgetown ...... ......Nothing
Greenville. .... ....... 0
Greenwood .............. 0
Hampton ................ 752 75
lorry........ .2907 73
Kershaw............ .... 10 98
Lancaster.... ...... .... .678 30
Laurens...... ...... .... . 7 00
Lexington.......... .... .300 20
Marion .................. 727 59
Marlboro....188 04
Newberry..... . .11 41
Orangeburg ............ 3 f;
Richand.... ..... 45 80
Baluda..... .......otn
Bpartax burg.............)I
Bumter..................112 23
Union...... ...Nothing
Williamsburg...........'9 50
York......... ........ 1:15 I'1
Total................$17,763 24
After the dleficenclly fund is distrib.
Ited tile remaining dispensary fund re.
XlvetI (ltring tile present year will be
livided pro rata, based upon thle num11
cr of childreni enrolled in thle schools
A the vArious counties.
.J0111 Quincy Adlams Butts has justl
.oinjpleted a half-century of service its
,own clerk of Canaan, Mainle, and his
rieils8 there claim that In fifty yearti
ic has3 not iniasd attending the anl
mkd .tl Ild sIecial towII meeCtin~g, and
hiat 110 han2 but his has recorded the
)roceedliugs in the official records.
A firm of oysters; dealers at liapport,
I., have recently receive'd an order
or 175 barrels of Blue P'oint~ oysters to
ie used~ at King lEXdwaidi'.4 coronation.
L'he oysters will be sent ly fist sLeati
:l for Liverpool next, week.
Tired Out
11I was very poorly and could
hardly get about [ie house. I was
tired out all the time. Then I tried
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and it only4
took two bottles to make me feel
perfectly wvell." --Mrs. N. S. Swin
ney, Princeton, Mo.
Tired when you go to
bed, tired when you get
up tired all the time.
WhYour blood is im
pure, that's the reason.
Y ou are living on the
border line of nerve ex
haustion. Take Ayer's
Sarsaparilla and be
quickly cured. 'Ali~ouais::
Ask your doctor what lie thinks of Ayer's
S.r.-aparllla. lie knows all iauitthis grasul
o ld faintlyinedicine. Follow his advice atkd
we wil be saisfie0
J. C AYM CO, Loell M 75
SouthernRa,9w0y 73
iiR~i.ROh'TR IS A OiK~vx~67.8. 30 I~
(In fiec J nuar Tht,710
Trais leve IreevilI, 30& 6 20eot
2~ia i, N 3J, (ail) U~te 7tte 5at9 1
NewOrlans C~lilctnot tinta
withthrugl Pulin Nothings oril
*lAfter N 3he daleienc und itts Fsti.
Washrinn diNensaory, fnd rhe
hvided phrouata baeuln slepr num
>rifcildre, hn enrolled Bltihscores
>fnt cariu nis. W
oiple a malf-(ecet urdy, ofmrie lo
riend thr li htin foHdgsariftly years
e stntmse all tedie phenan
ua0 amNo3 (pecily) tanmeting andw
haYorhan bux p lhsresorAta t ed Macoe
Bireeinghain tc. oiia rcordts.
aAtlantaofotrs allerolls aot alIor.
W t.v recemnleeier tAantarde
or175 areh ofeday, T'oirtdoytr ato
heoStra throgh Penllm ant Tostm
car edoSa raicohutne
vi Atlasnta, potory and Newl
hardl get bout7 (daly hous.io wa
tiedoutaleste tim e. Thenid tried
Ayect's rapthar fo all it only
togtw botles for maol Mont-e
noery. Mobiceto, Mo. rlasBr
bemingamremwhis. Ao getc
uday.redeall ahe tiday
pullma comatmeta theong.l
Yolutoar. lving ona the
bode lo1(dIly) oca neres for
Slartapugarlott.and v le,
quicmly curd. neredate s.
sAtpalaa wit ose allnuttis at i
tlfantay foricanl.FllwIts aothc and
West; C Attnoga c. oel as
Southern 3 (aiy) asiwayi &
reathester Soutern System.11
mallntaiEo RAIshintoGEnIaltimr, ,c
Pilaelptauard Nowh 1902.)
Trnsleav Pullmnileeer toU eot:
Y5am or via (avily), Lyncteates Was- -fo
illnt. FouAlana.mpringham, St
ca t ewisMoYorkem eNeworen- N
(laanognay. Maonn ecr. Thrughpa
3pllm 10a lypr)fo Atlaanta Ner
minkgxpre, MotgCmerlobe, 1and
Ni w Icorflan, itclonct asing- tlan t
wmhahouhlrlla sleepers, ril~let fos-r'I
iago, Chatteaonorfa, k ndnt n
aihnd.ss iy gia
4) a mn, No 16i (daily) nthed Sits Fas
Mailr for Charlote, harl hondc
Ilirout. Througha Plmsleepecrs, t I
RichmNw or, Wasin io, Baliche,
NoPhilastali, aily, 12w aok ni;N
expras, daily 68 2e xcemp uNo d3ay, lmiedo
y12 pm No 11iy, loal dalym, har-~
rm lnta and trmeite ohidn.
30sat, No 39 t(ldal. A 36ana an; No.
lYork Exprese; o4, exres Atlaf, Macon_
imighaso, ecColoia cnetctions
oal. Alanta, fo all poi Sothan
Wo les. Pulmixed seet Atln-a
Arylo raesChrlestoy, Through an0
aetura hrsough Pulnman Tourist
car 1 i l to Faciscouritoits agt
vihAo t, MonngralTiktgent, adNe
Lontren.lB rnk8Gn
30r plm, No P37,(diy Washington &C;
IT1hough lleepers foAon, Mrlsont
Wo New OryleAnP, vaAtlanta and
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been male under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counter'eits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are buti
Exierimieunts that trifle with and en1(angerV the health of
Int'ants and Childrei--Experience against Experinent.
Castor'ia is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
gorie, 1)ro)s 111(t Soothinlg Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
conmiitainis nieitlier O)pilmli, Morphine nor other Narcotio
stibstatnee. Its age is its gmarantee. It destroys Worms
amd allays Feverisiness. It emres Diarrolumand Win1
Colle. It relieves Teething Trouables, ctres Constipation
and Flat1tlemcy. 1t assinilates tlhe Food, regulates the
St-Oiiunela an11(1 Bowels, givinlg hiealtiy altt natural sleep.
'The Claildrein's Panacea-The MAtier's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
3eII"ng at Cost!
Every thing-.
")~I"X II)'S"""i' i)IirOpse 1 en ies.~ inl one buiiie's, we wvinl p11
arriages, Surreys, Buggies,
Phaetons and Wagons
At an Absolute Sacrifice!
IOil our1 S onkili reiliieeil. lIon't tk. our1 wooIl for it, hmt ('ome0 a1311 see for' y '.
$4elf :tuul bep cim1uil.
H arnuess of all kinil- al. P4ost We'i '.tii-lev I',;ihoi-K, ( oirl.anhAl TIyi &
me:-, and11 vanousii othler aake Io (f Hu ggli'-, A'., ais 1tic l~ ii gh (ieli W~agonis, te
1(libaker aii Webier; a-i, in-apeir --nie fli 'i lro.h - 'T~oi :i. (ho iu ioogi
w'VI i h im'~-t 'Ier'un for eling vihieos oif all1 kimils, :in w4 are go4ingu to 0e1Was
TheII $e4 o f2t o rit NIiale ant 11 1 lor54se is pretty wiI ell hie but WE' have'u a fi w hugiii
liuciember, weimaiIInoi huse rent. r1 ('lerk hire, (own our owni repoiarIy aid
own wor. W4*~ wdl -ell anyt hinig we havi~e for1 enIsd 0 o i hood )ppe. Polte
I ini I reait 0114.t Ii oial. When'i II in G eenivjl'ille come as1 sep is. We arei aliways
orner~i 4 .4n-t~, iver41 111 !4 nia hel Io Mtre't. ( GR I 1%NV Li 4, S. C.
Url'Iit W. WvillIn' W ivir E. WYHI TJ'E
WHEITIE & 00.,
Wo E hall ll k11 iiils of
If yo~u nle'4d anyi thliig ini oir Iiie a1 piostal card withi our add4ress45 wili bring~ a man11
I 41is'Mi nnd111 piie's v or home1 Iiii~ , We' huyi ini ear 1110tlot and 1en give' thle lowest
ourlS for I role~t,
SWhIIT E & 0., A nderon, S. C.
Irevl)4 l e . 5 S. C. .14
hrue44worth,PIarker & Rbinlson, ' N {i, -~.'N.2
AE~oruais-uii-~i~w,'eetive 12:(01 A. Al., Feb. 1st, '1901.
41n) 0. 1 ., - - South Caro i lna Iowi.
ittti in all (Couirts. Atteinli LI) a No. 10. 8'T'AT'ION 8. N.
Moneyv to loan1. Md .- . Aixed.
- 10:40 a m0. . . . I 'ickeni A r.2:55 pI in
'( M. MAULDIN,1~ |":5; "11-1. ltr)SOn '.2 0 )I'I"
LTL~U.iIJ.L1 II:Ou a m..........A roul~i's......2:25 p mi
A ttonoy t Law M :0 ij .A1ilanli'5.....2:20 p
A to~ny U ft . 1:1I m11...A r 'uasley Lv...2:1 5 p) m
Pickens. S. 0, N".i'. STIATIIONs. No. 11
r.tico ini all th:ort. 50 pm..iiv.i ili's A.6:0 p iii
Oflico Oor Earlho's Drug Stor 'I Spi.. >roo'.6: 5j2l
--- - ~-:'0 p mi......Ariai l's. 6:1)p
I. J. P. CAR LIs LE 1-P "iliA'"""" i""e"" IJ.6:4)4) p m
D-lENIST-- . Ii m ~io. - sie _ ____
(Groeniviillo, S. C. All trinsii doily eXIeIeLL Bnday.
['0 vr ~dsn Du tr .N 10) Connects with Moutherin Railway
>l2-19tf. No.9 (Connets with Souitherni Rallway
ANDRSO BAE aNo. l2 Connects wvius Southern hallway
. No. 11 Conncts~ with Southern Railway
riiato'al( Wiili Nt~ or any information aplyto
PIIckens e C. J.nT. T aAr

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