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The People's Journal.
T. J. MAUwIN, - - - Editor.
W. L)usmr, MATHENY, - Bus. Mgr.
Entered at the Post Office at Pickens as
second-clans matter.
4iuieriptimi. $1.00 t Year.
THUR D AY, MAY, 15, 1902.
Saturday. May 10th, set apart as
Memorial Day, was not generally
recognized in Pickens.
0 * *
If you have too much land place
some of it on the market. Let oth
er good people know about it, and
you will help to build up your
s ection,
Pickens county only needs a few
more people to take up and culti
vate some of the excellent surplus
lands we have, so that all may con
centrato their etforts to good ad
vantage on smaller areas.
Two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars turned loose in and around
Pickens in the construction of a t
cotton m3iill would do everybody
some good, individually, and hel r
the town and section 'beyond cal- t
Clemson College was built and
is operated for the bonefit of the
boys of South Carolina who need t
and want such advantago as it af
fords. The institution was not
founded to make good paying jobs
for poor professors. t
It has been decided by the Char
leston Exposition authorities tha t
the show will close ns originully
planned, the Ist of June. So don't
defer your trip. This is the time oj
to see the Exposition in all its u,
beauty. et
* * * p
It took something like the bite to
Sophomore class disturbance to jar
the Clemson authorities a little, CO
and it is bolieved the inivestiga- ki
tion of affairs will prove of posi- 11
tive benefit. The investigation W
seems to be thorough.
*~ *
With meat away up and very mn
little of it in the country, the se
cropper ought to learn a lesson co
that will serve him the balance of re
his days. There is no good reason ti,
why this country should be depen- of
dent on the west for this kind of pl1
Last week was a regular relig. ti
ions convention week. The Pres
by terian Synod was in session in
Charleston, 8. C., the Baptist Con -
Convention in Asheville, N. C., pt
and the Methodist General Confer -
ence in Dallas. In all these relig. tl1
tous business meetings things in-. a!
teresting were looked after. i
*0** p
We are living in a fast age, and h~
conditions are constantly changing b
but a principle never changes. It w
is only the necessity for the reu b
newed application of the principle al
that malres it seemi out of place to ti
apply it to conditions when they b
are sought to be used for the warp,. n
ing purpose. of time serving agita
The right kind of a "Fourth of t
July" celebration will do good to t
Pickens. To make it a succeSS, 5
every business man in town and f<
every man in the neighborhood ni
who feels an interest in the growth f<
of the town and cunty and regards r
the happiness and pleasure of the f
people ought to take active part in S
it. We believe the people will z
prove their broadness in this of
This country never looked more c
Inviting than now. The farmers
haveplanned wisely anid well, and
most of them are well up with
their work. There are unmistaka
ble evidences that the people are
Xroceeding with economy, in plain
Wlaw, and with reasonable seasons
tbI oopsu hsyear will measure
up to general eOppotatibis , Ta.
b4.n altogethe, thie prospoots are
0.Totthat kAhl 8ampo II
dead andl bairl d, tnoat otti . ,
.aer ae saa good things 1
about him, One good th'u In hisI
favor, and one that wl appae a
ooittherel people genuerally, Is the
fact that lhe could hot and would
bot knuddle to (ien. Miles. In
this he showed some broadness of
character that ought to be respeo..
ted by southern people, Schley is
still touring the cotantry making
hmself ridiculous. It does seem
that there was a great deal of uin"
It now appears that a creditabli
statuo to honor Wade Hampton
will be unveiled at an early day.
Prospects for good crops vero
never better. Farmers appear to
be genorally up with their work
md ejen wheat which promised so
little a fow weeks back now shows
up to a good advantage.
* * *
What a difference in the county
business is noticeablo since the
county is able to pay cash on all
contracts. This ine-ans a saving
to the taxpayelrs and a Con-ivenienc'.0
to overy one that does businoss
with the CommIIIissionlers.
The Pickens brick yard is last
buildiug up a reputation and1 do
ing a big business in the biick hine.
Several large contracts are now
being looked after by manaoger W.
E. Stevenson who knows his busi
less and is giving his patros the
'ery bcst quality of brick.
Senator McLau rin 1 appears to
inve developed decided fighting
endlencies. H1 is latest fisLicull' was
n a WashingtonI hotel where it is
oported lie dealt somo telling
lows on A. A. (ates, th0 (G reen,
illo hotel ian and ailoading South
'arolinia repulblian politician.
The inimjority oW opii1on froni
hose who have Seeln Texas, inei
lntally, while takin.; in the ro
11ion is that l'ickeins county,
soiuth t Carolina, is the Lest Ilace
o livo and be happy. Whilo oth
r- sections are goid, they (lit
Itia-sure UP up with ours.
Thfat -I n0rth 1.1 July" celebra
I Prs I I:is someth ing, not
)v f,r F&s town but for
r ' d nilu l in the adIjacent
nutry that is intorested in the
>ssile good of l]ping his follow
enijoy himself, The idea is to
1p make the undertakiing a sue
ss along the broad 'lines that
Ow 110 personal preferences in a
ittor in which the whole country
11 bo interested.
Those who have used shredding
Ichines in Pickens county are
lhng hay at good prices and can
1ut on their supply of hay for
idy money. Another thing no
sed is that in the neighborhood
a settlement shredder, the p)eo
s have more and better stock and
Itle and bettor lands as the re
it~s of attention to the produc
>nl of stock feed and to stock
~epi ng,
* * *
Good farming pays, and it ap
ars that this year 1.902 will show
me extraordinary exampilles of
e right kmnd of application
ong this lie. T1hie two success
e "hard years'' havo set our poo0
le to thinking and, thinking, they
wvo boen convinced and having
mon convinced, they have gone to
ork to do what they believe can
a done in the way of development
ong agricultural lines. Th is coun -
'y is making strides never kno wn
rforo, b)ut we have only comf
ienced to-do things.
From all accounts, tho Clemson
ollege trustees wenit to the bot
>m of the trouble in that institu
01), and the result is that the
>phomiores are allowed to apply
>r re-admission, and many resig
ations by Professors will no doubt
>lIow. Cadet Thornwell has been
ei nstated and the faculty CenIsuIred
er lax disciplino heretofore. It al
o appears that President Hart
og's resignation was handed ini
bout the timo of the trouble, and
general cloaning out is oxpectedl
y the time another _school year
There is reason in laying up for
rainy day, and the same reaso~s
*pplies with equal force for tihe
uright, sunny (days of crop making.
'he man who must buy meat
nd corn for the 1902 crop will
atch tho force of this. Corn is high,
mneat is high, flourjis high-everyh
hing that] can be grown in Pick
no county is high. This ought to
each a lasting lesson and help the
eople 80 to plan and to plant that
hey may not hencetorthi be at the
nercy of the variable~cotton mar
Cot. It is feasible and a~lost
recessary thatye proceeud forthwith
with the Idea that cotton shall be
regarded a surpluS money crop,
and, with that purpose, make that
eurplus orop on lands that will
produce twice the amount of cot'.
ton gownI on all the lands planted
in cotton. There is no qnestion
about It--this can be done.
Poley's llony .ae Tar
,ufgI aMWs. nan
A Politiclian Not a Sfatesmen..
In the long ago, it Was correct t
so speak of the saio manl as
statesillan or politicani, but it i
not correct now, for they are vor
A politician is a trickster a wir
puller, a cunning fellow, w,.ho wil
stoop or resort to ali most anythin
to cariiy his Point or got votes.
A statesman is very different
Hie is unselI fish, honorble, higi
toled. Hie Will nor resort to any,
thing low or to (Iustlona bl) met
hods to gain votis, and carry hit
I easu res. le thinks and aets I oi
the good of his country, and had
rather be right and do right, that
to hold Olice; and that is the roa
son wo have So few statosmon inl
oflice to day.
'Tis a well known fact that near
ly all our important oflifes are fil
led by politicans rather that states
men, We think, howovor, that
the people are beginning to tiI k
in the right direction, when tUhey
do, they will act right, and the
glorious days will collo again,
when statesani will bo relegated
to the rear.
Then the righteous will rulo,
anid the peoplo will rejoico. God's
word is trute and it. doclaros that
Awhen the wiektd rulo then the
people mourn; and when tho right
0ous rule the people rojoice. Read.
ler (10 you wonder that you havo|
nourned for the past few years?
You need not ; it is just a plain
ulilmen t of (od 's oternia I word.
leavei and earth is to pass away,
)ut God's word remains firm for
Just so long as professing chris
ins go ahead and vote for God
Sms politiciins, to fill our offices.
ust so long will our people mourn,
'When the vilest mnen are exalted,
ho wicked walk onl every side.''
-las not that truth been demon
trated during the past few yt ars
I rom-Weetninster Times, by ro
[ts Propagation-How to Make and
Set Cuttings.
A Florida correspondent of Farm,
Field and F. eside gives this method
[)f propagatin the mnmgo:
Take a cutting (terminal preferred)
of well ripened wood in a dormant
state from eight to twelve inches long.
The stock may he of equal size or hir
ger thai the cutting and should he hi a
growing condition. Alake an incision
on the side of the stock eliar the
ground from two to four inches long,
removing only a thin shaving of wood,
much as for in nrehing, but making at
the saeie time a tongue, as for side
grafting. Then make a like Incision,
with a corresniiln:- tongue, on the
side of the cutting, but it should he
made within about two Inche0s oif the
top of the cuttIng. Thenw ipress the codr
respondlig tongues fimly In placte and
wrap with strong cloth.
The exposed1 end oif the cutting, hav
ing becen firmly pressed0( into the so11,
should be thoroughly watered end the
soil drawnl around the whole so that
little if any of the wrapping Is expos
ed. It remains then only to water dnily
until the un-lion ia formed. A piartial
pr-otection from the wind and sun is
desirable but not abisolutely essential
in our cliimato. The top) of the stock
should lbe remiovedl as soon as the
union is formied and under certain cir'
eumstanaces pirobltliy at first.
A Five Row Corn Marker.
The cut shows a five rowv corn mark
or. The runners are 1% or 2 feet long,
o inches wvide and 2 inchtes thick. They
are phn-ed as far apart as you waent
your rows and two three inch b~oarde
(A) nialled on top. D) is a handle.
Th'e drtiver walks in the last marki
previously made and holds the~ hanudle
in one hand. There should lhe sneh
handle on each side of the marker
Use one borse anud attach at trope 01
wiro from each outside runner to tih,
traces. Tis marker isa(describled biy a
correspondent in tihe Ohio( Farmer.
Don't follow A dvice A fter
paying for It.
iTl a recenit article a proumnent ph'y
iianil says, "'It 's next to imphhossile fO
the piYiciani to get his p atienlts to earr'
(Jnt any1 prescribed course of hygiemne o
diet to the smallest extent; ho has bu
one resort left, namely, the drug treat
mont. When medicines are used to
chronic constipaution, the most mild am
g entle obtaitnable\ suoh as Chamberlain'
Stomachb& Liver Tabl ets, should be em
ploye 1. Their use Is not followed b:
constipation as they leave the bowels ih
a natural and healthy condition, Fo
sale by 0. W. Earle Druggist.
Peaches in Alabama.
As a short list including somte of th4
best market sorts of peaches for Ala
bama the following has been suggested
given in the order of ripening: Sneed
Triumph, Carmen, Mamlo Rloss, Moun
tain Rose, Chinese Clinig, Elberta
Mtumnp, Matthew's Beauty. For a Ion
ger list for homne use and local marke
take the above list and add to it Alex
anider, McKitney, Hale's Early, Earl:
Crawford, Grey, Pallas, Tabor, Impe
riat. Trho last four varIeties are suita
blo only for the southern half of tho
utate and coast region.
Mrs. Hamnmack, Ky. writes: "With
pleasure I reoommendi Rono's Divej
Pills and Tonic Pellers. I have usec
thbem myself for seyeral years, and oar
testify as to their efllOincy ini slek hand,
ache and other tronhles naanlia to om
Is lit \' 1 II T 1( ' l()
Crisp, m o'
Cl'I~j), 10\\ S II Sydll
Il il I it 1)tl (1
ClI)Illi I) h11d 11dof ibt<
of, \vhli< unIS - shlo)\'n il
.90011I 1111 <'*,1 \ ". d vcaho oisI
iCt rli'il to 111\' Sta);t in t'(t0 il
prl(cI 1 4)!1 mallS p<'1tll. of wt!Nk
J l'O\ i* I tO ) 111d;; 1 ' gr ' ( I < Cr s n11 t
hey an teil' 1111 )Oli ict . IVo
I g()()(1S andl( jricc--.s not' 110siis
A. K., I
W o.4 ~ ~ x 11.<.
i4rtolliv griS a l y 10(Alli were gr-OnII
ait thet North lPakota sttoito com-l
pare the ylchlL of green g rassand to
stoiy theilL relative value fo.r ha,13" tlon
sitterin;, their yield anid cheliicaIl COM
position. InI Ilve culttings' C1ling the .1
fieaso brtn gras II 1"" 1 !,'t-4 Y I('hld d 5,. -.? 1 1
POUntIS Of greenC1 Cra ' or ,CS.3puid
Of (1ry. ina1tter per, acre :11(1 timol(thly
4 0,G1G pounds ()f greeo:n forage or C
1,422.8 potundtiis of di1y i1ter. iT ro.
stilts wetredeeL*'t11N.'iiL OPo pii
suits~~~ wIdeie ll favor1 of bromo
grass o'for perimnnt pamstire. lromiie
hay coitalned ab10out twi( U a1much
Protein as t1i1othy and no iore fIber
thatl the average for thinothby grown In
different parts of the lltry. Owin
to its larger root system, hromeC giass 8
is consiered a ht tItr llinu1s producer
and soi il [prover thin timiothy. t
lirIet Mention.
Olahlnoma :<p eriients showv that
caution Is a good thing in feediig cot- C
toniseed eIlal to hogs.
"I would dViseI my fellow farmers
not to use kainit catile if' they wish to
nmke sir-ilp an1d good situp," says a
8oithirn Cilitivator' correspondellt.
Walnu1t, Imilberry and china herry
trecs are varioisly recommenm1dd by
souithern fiar'mters for ost i titber.
Tle use of the disk ims a gool effect
oil ItemuliIIdIa gv'rass inl looseniinp-g tile
Iatted growth.
.Ja11imn watitits are rIetcomtinlded by
the Ah.-tb1)una staifti 'or hotme idhtit
Topi working is sn.ested as tie
1inen ns of' unproin nia nmy pweanl "roves
,n Florida thiat nwru smnll land
:nferior nuts.
Sciatic Rheumatism cured
After Fourteen years of
S uffe riniig.
"I hiavo bee ('(i ll ietedt withI (: fcit the
ulmat isini for htteent'' years'."' says ,Ji sh
I tirietd ov'ry'tinig I toni I hoar of aonl a t
last wis. tolid to try'. ChIamuberlin's0 Patin
IBalm, wichi~ F ditd antl was immendi [ely
relieved andl ini ai Short Itimo enrotd, and II
amf ha1pp)y t) sayI it hats tnot sineni rturn-i
ed."' Whfy not 11se this linimntt anid et
well? It is for sa'e) by (G. W. Ear ie,
Aikent is to) have aI ii 00,000)( tour
ist hiofel before anot hier as~ton iip
ns it is to be0 butltl by Mlrs. HI. G.
iBockwith of Colorado,
Will cure consumption.
A. A. H errteit Ftinch, Ark. writos,
"'Foeys's Hony at' ii the I tt
troloht. I kniowu fht it has enredot con.
stump)tion ini the first st ages.'' You n1ev
er heard of any one usitng F~oley's II oney
anid Tar and nlot becing satisfied. Th'iorn
loy Phiarmlary B. K. 'iThorinley Prop),
Cotnviot Isaac J ohinsoni, color
oxi, has escapedi froni th~o ChleC
toni Counity chin ganhg with his en
tro prtisoni 0ou1fit, inclu d intg ball1,
chaitn and strlipe..
It' is easy to temport harihy check a congh
wiithI the otdinary opinfio congh enre ls,
but wh'ein it is to hio (ured, the root oif
English Syrtip, the old riablei d. .Just
think of it! at positivte euro of 25 cents.
By thle Catrig otf at seer~t ('xcavt
ationi Will P iekens, a negro, w'as
buri' ed underl~l siX feet of eatUlh mn
CJolumibia. He was dti5(ug out iln ani
hour alnd <liuickl Iy retv Ivd.1
No Loss of Time.
I hiavo sold ('hanbrlin i's ( hieit,
Cholera andh i.arrhi oe i Iee oztlv for yeairs
wtouhlt rat he r hie ott If to o'e'nd~ I ngar
thanit it. .I stdhl live btft les of it .ytster
dlay to thre'sherls f hat couild go no far
theri, andit they tare att wor~k agin this
Okldhoma. As wvilIl be seten bty the tabove
the thtreshiers were able to keep on wuifh
t heir work withu 1 losin00 g at siniglo days
I imei, Ytou shiontl keep1 a btto tof t his
Remedy ini your hm. For 'sale by 0,
W. Earlto Druiggist.
(your own selectiort) to every sub.
scrbrOly 50 cents a year.
dae eta, norlcan . la tetoy.
rrt' tting Paper Patterns,
A L00.
. ~~ita so-mwmvbww
re is birinlillim .lg, fu f )righit,
I d() 111y be1 st to get the nwlc'
, bu1t this s<-ason, I feel that I
s. .1) ionot believe in too
st'; vill 'i)(': ille ot in eVery
Ily (n of tlie priAest lilnes
( ;reenlville. Colored wash
m)d I()oo1s can be soldc . I am
1g4 t) all bulyers of' dry (goods
-e yars dcealing with me has
Ilns, that whatever I tell them
1( a showing-," is all I ask, and
factory, don't buy.
N~ A
We have still on hand a few bar.
ains inl the ChIpman Bros. stock,
"d cont inuied t o buy ne w goods
taple so-:k.
We are running or the cash prinl
fPle and can I hrefoire "ive you ben
uis you wouI not get by ilne Sales.
Ve sell at elo-e living price4.
We viil take p'casairo in showing (
'o throgh he s!ore.
flLrmiiers cani get what they need
eli. welkeel god goods, -id if 011
hon't see wh vont you at a;k for it.
Coffo at. 8, 9 and 10 polinds to
he dollar. GIranu lated Sugnlar 1Hi
0011u1n'k LI) the (olhar. A fe!%w 5 and
0 gallon ktg.i of Tenllesee soighutim
n1 and11( at 10 cents. C'ained goods
I all kinIs.
Some cothincg to go cheap.
As good Flonr as you canM find
n11yn\ here ill town.
Tobacco, candy, Crackers, matches, [
oap. stonewarelc, tinlware.
l lIre'es, garden eds. stationery,
)1. 6ncis, broomlis, thir-- : i the
everythig. Come to see us nid
>rSn us o your pr'odujej. I f we,(
n tuo what yout want, will pay
'111 cashI I for y lu chickens , eggs and
Mitter. R ctf 'y
~1)10GI.S & ifXAIl')N).
wvould be ia. good timo to buy some
Heavy Winter Shoes,
A lot of C]hiirens' Un i onits
lhe 250c kind, only I5e.
Lot of Al isses Unio. Suits, worth
35c to closs the lot a 20c.
A. lot of Ladies Union~ Suits eas-t
ily worth 50c to close at 3l8c.
Men's Heavy Fleecac Lined Un
derwoar. fleavy work shirts to
keep thle ciold out.
1L0ts of Loa:deid Shells, Shot,
P~owdor, &c., for the 13irid I Lunters.
Lots of goodl things to eat. Full
line of groceries a t all times.
Call to see~ th im ear ly and ofo
Pickens, S. O
ZEP''Homt) 'Phone No-. 24.
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
--A LL
and M~arkers
',ow ini Stock at
20 per cent
as than usual price. Wo' have
om11 e'x( eptional valutes. C
Groenivillo, S. C.
Nhat Is Foley's Kidney cure
Auswe'r: It 1i mado from a prescrip~tion
fa leading C2gieng.o p~hysicianL, cind one
i the most cinenut in the coc titry. The s(
zigredients are tho p~urest I hat money I,
ani buy13, and~ ii. are, iecally combl~inedf
o get thorlit nost value. Thornley LC
?haiirmany II. K. Tornley Prop. s
re the most fatal of all dis- tc
UEl 0 Guaranteed Remedy a
>r money refunded. Contains~
cmedies recognized by em. T
ient physicians as the irest for
Od~ney and Bladder troubles.
PN4W 9P96 n %.
Smith & Bristow's, Greenille, S, C.
Our stock was never in better condition, having dIisposedl
'f most of last season's goodls after the Fire, and we arc show
ig today tne newvest and clea gest stock in upper Sout Caro
na. Goods giaranteed as represented or money refunded.
tail orders receive ohpt attenti0o. Terms, CASH. One
rice to Everh body.
M\ai n Street, Greenville, S. C.
One Prioe Cash Store.
We have just. received 5o Barrels of Good Patent Flour
hat we will sell for $4 75 pr barrel. Don't fail to get a sup
>ly before it is all gone.
\Ve also have a few more barrels of a splendid straight
$leur for $4.25.
Green Coff, good enough for anybody, 10 lbs. for
0 bs. granulated sugar for $1
2lbs. nice brown sugar for $i .00.
1 2 lbs. keg~ sodla for 25 cents.
Don't fail to see us when you have anything to seff or
uy.Yours truly,
Agents for Made-to-Or'Ier Clothinig.
Biing and Seling More Dry
Smi ds than aniiy three
sto ores in the ity.
\Ve are exclusive agents for Strase & iro's I igh Art
lothimg , recognized as the best made, best ftting C ing a
mer1ca. WVe carry all grades. Men's Suits from 3.oo to
15.o; Boys three piece Suits 2.5() to $10.00; Childr n's two
eice Suits 50 cents to $6.oo. We guarantee to save you from
> to 25 per cent. on any suit you buy from us. ''
We carry more Shoes, andl sell more Shoes than al the
her merchants in Greenville. We guarantee everv hoe we
:1 from $i .25 up. More of our shoes are bein~g worn in
ckens c:otunty today than from any other store, but we want
s(:l every man, woman and c hild in Pickens county their
oes this year. We have
Bring the Madam and Children with you when you come~
Greenville. Make our store your home while here. Plenty
room for the children to play in, and the Mact.$ can n
ore PREITY D)RY GOODS to look at in our store than
~ywhere else in the city, and SAVE 15 to 25 per cent, on
ery article she buys.
Of Greenville, Si C,

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