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The People's Journal.
- A hi
THURSDAY, MAY, 15, 1902'
- ilJ
Local and Personal. h(
-Henry W. Farr announces for a
-Dr. W. F. Austin, Dentist will
ho in Easley May 20th and 21st,
-S. D. Chapman announces for in
as treasurer this 'Week- Mi
B. Wardlaw will re<
b - is for one week from m<
ti CU
a Dean of Waco, Texas N.
is e family of his uncle, y,
Ca -rgusou. en
'iller, late cadet in tri
C( ege, has been engaged pr
to teach senool for the summer.
-Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Carter of
I hapoville, Ga., are in Pickens with
V. H. Ashmore and family. m(
-Sunday was a good day for the
gathering at Re-Union church th
when a good crowd met and en
joyed the day in singing. en
-Town Council is having some we
good work done on the streets most pi
needing it. They hope to improve of
tlio sidewalks also. is
-Miss Eva Holcombe, a charm. fi
ing young lady of the Dacnsville gr(
section, spont Saturday and Sun- it
day visiting the Misses Richey. s
-Maj. J. J. Lewis left for the da
Exposition Monday. le stated ov'
that tho length of his visit depen- loe
dod up)m "how the fish bite." we
--J. J. Chandler, the up-to-date Bol
miller in charg.l of E. S. Griflin's Ra
mill is reported to have caught a atn
(iat) on the promises weighing 8 pc
pounds. vid
-There will h a school enter.
tainment at Vineland school on
the evor.ing of May 23. Prof J. F. the
Folk is in charge of this school.
All patrons and those interested to
aro invited to be present. te
- Pensioners will confer a favor ma
by coming or sonding promptly for il I
their money. In the event the sor
ponsioner cannot see the clerk in Us
)erson, ho should sond a written sio1
order, properly made out, author- rec
- izing Clerk Boggs to pay over the it v
money to a specially deaignated en
paye. This is necessary before the hir
moiny can be paid. the
--Robert 1, Powell, against the
whom #3ealed sentence has been the
lying over, was brought in Satur- ree
day by deputy McKinney, having an(
been captured in Rocky Bottom. tin
Powell was lodged in jail to await ha
the opening of the sentence. He lay
was convicted about three years wit
ago for violation of the Internal Re- tro
venue law, coui
-Mr. J. Frank Gambrel, of fl8
Hlonea Path, has a new plan for
killing potato bugs, according to
the Anderson Daily Mail. He says
"take cedar twigs and boil them J.
into a strong tea, then pour the enl1
tea int) a bucket and sprinkle it Hs
over the pa.tchl with a common Mc
straw broom." He says it will yet
kill the' bugs dea-ler than the late for
Jimn Tillman,--Ex. coi
School Pienic, of
Pickens Graded School will do
close its pleasant and profitable sum
BCession, Friday May 10 with a pic-. rer
nic in the beautiful grove at the car
Hllingworth place about 2 miles thi
from town. bei
Patrons friends and former pupil br<
of the School are cordially invited thi
to go out and spend a restful day bei
under the shade of tihe trees. Don't rec
forget tile proverbial "well filed ter
basket." to
TaxExecutlto s* tis
Treasurer Chapman has deliv- T.
ered1 to Sheriff McDaniel 483 de- sem
linquont taxc executions, the great- ye,
est number in the history of Pick". ch
ens county. andI this notwithstand
ing the fact that the time for pay
ment of taxes was extended till :
March, 31st, showing that indul- di:
gonce in this rospect works a die- Pr
ndvantage to taxpayers and gives ev
thme officers additional trouble, at
Very few wore benefitted by tile ex- fo:
tension, yet sonme were. toi
Th'le Liberty T1ownshilp Sluginag Asse- g
cmeationi. 8:
This association was held with tih
ReUnion Baptist Church on Sun-.
day 11Ith inst. -v
After Devotional exercises conl- WC
ducted b'y the prosidlent, S. J. Rob
inison, the music was 1led in the TI
forenoon by Professors W. WV.Nor
ris, W. M. Murphree, W. A. Por- la
tor, M. 0. Looper, P. T. Nelson and gi
J1. D. Londerman. Then we had lii
aln intermission of one hour thi
and a half for refreshments. After lii
refreshments were bountifully ed
served by the good ladies of the 8,
church and community, we return- th
od to the house and the conveni- m
tion listened to a short talk from et
the writer, after which the music di
was led by Professors J. D. Len- at
dermnan, P. T. Nelson, W.W. Nor- w
ris, David W. Rogers and W. M. hi
Missos Gracy Nelson anid Edine T
Smith presided very efficiently at Ii
the organ'.t
Thie day was beoautiful and lovely
-all that could ba hoped for, The ol
einging was very good, inspiring h
and uplifting,
Thus onded one of the best sing- hi
ings the Association has ever held. dl
After prayer by Rev. A, A. 0
Field, the Aesociation' adjourned a
to meset with Enuon laptist church
W ~Q Al's6 Minay in~ July. 12
~En aln
Dr. Walter M. Smith Dead.
Dr. Walter. M. -Smith died at
s home, in Liberty, Tuesday
orning about 8 o'clock, after an
ness of about two weeks with
art trouble. He was about 85
are of age and leaves surviving
Nidow and one child.
George D. Cureton Married.
-Mmny friends of George Cure
a in Pickens will be interested
the news of his marriage to
iss Dicie Smith which event occur
I Tuesday May 6th at the Com
)rioial Hotel Gaffney, S. C. Mrs.
reton was a resident of Beltniont,
C., and is an accomplished
ug woman. Mr. Cureton is an
argetic, and rising young phar
cist, and we join their many
mde in wishing them happy and
)sperous lives.
Sunday at Six Mile.
Sunday was a day long to be re -
imbered by Six Milo church peo.
and by all who had the fortune
be present on that day and hen r
)gospel preached by the faith
pastor, Rev. W. C. Seaborn, and
joy the spirited music of the
11 trained voices and meet peo.
and renew the acquaintances
people from every quarter. It
?stimated that from twelve to
:een hundred people were on the
aunds, yet, be it said to the crod
)f our people that good order
vailod and nothing occurred to
iously mar the evenness of the
r. The afternoon was given
ir to song servico in which the
,dors taking prominent' part
ce Mess. E. M1. Bolding, R. M.
ding, J: C. Garrett and Arthur
mpey. By the thoughtfulness
I hospitality of the Six Mile
'ple this goodly crowd was pro
ed for and everybodywas fed.
Pension Money Received.
ilerk A. J. Boggs has received
pension money tor Pickens
Inty veterans which amounts
6310.35 and is ready to distrib
the same. This will make
ny glad hearts and bring help
iome cases where it is no doubt
ely needed. Mr. Boggs requests
to state that in easeswheropen.
iers cannot attend in person to
eive and receipt for their money
rill be necessary for them to
d written authority ditecting
a to pay it to a payee named in
writing and also authorizing
payee to receipt therefor in
name of the pensioner so di.
Ling. So, take notice of this,
I there will be no delIay in get
4 the money. The old soldiers
'e waited patiently but the de
was not causedt by any error
h1 our county officials. The
ubie was on account of some
nties not having their rolls and
essary papers mn proper shape.
Wililamn B. Ligen.
Vil-liam B, Liigon died at Sheriff
El. G. McDaniel's home in Pick
Saturday, May 10, 4:30 p. m
d' he lived till the following
nday, he would have been 01
rs of age. Mr. Ligon had suf
ed long but patiently with dread
sumption, and all that loving
e and the tender watchfulness
Mir. McDaniel and family could
for him was done. He leaves
viving a widow and seven child
Sn far off Texas. When it be
ne evident, about two years ago,
Lt he could never recover his
Llth, Mr. McDaniel had him
>ught to Pickens in the hope
Lt a change might work to his
sefit, and all this time he had
tived the best and kindest at.
Ltlins. His remains were laid
rest Sunday afternoon in Secona
netery, in the presence of rela
es and several friends, Capt. J.
Traylor conducting the funeral
vices, Hie had been, for several
ira a member of the Baptist
Liberty Locals.
F'ollowing in the Liberty church
'e.story for the present:
eaching at the Baptist church
try first and third Sabbath days
11 a. m. and the Saturday be
re. Preaching at the Presby
'ian church every second and
rth Pabbath at 11 a.* m. and
15 p. in. Methodist services on
a fourth Sabbath at 8: 15 p. mn.
Quito a number of Llbertyites
atted the City by the sea last
ek with more to go this wveek.
The fare is $4,10 Tuesdays and
Thle Liberty delogation to Dal.
a, Texas, is returning in small
cup and report agraiid trip).Some
:e Texas but not the water; some
Ink It better than South Caro
ia; others looked aind invostigat
c losely and found many of the
G. Texans doing no better than
ey did here, while some have
ado somfe headway, and after
mm ing uptheoy find the same cau
tions that exist at home, some
e progressing here also and those
ho are progressive in Texas might
bve been bad they remained here.
t any rate there are many In
exas who would not be If they
id their old possessions with
sir present experience,
Miss E1lla, Workmlan's school is
at and she has returned to her
amei In Virginia.,
A large delegation went fromn
are to Six Mile (or Second P~ara-.
ise) yesterday and iieveral of the
;hers went to the allday singitg
i lution
hinas @e me's endia9'
Col W. E. Welborn.
A uotable figure has passed f'o
the stage of action. In the deal
of Col. W. E. Welborn a romarl
ablo man, in many respects, in r
moved from our midst. On Thur
day morning May 8th, about
o'clock, Col. Wolborn breathed I
last at the home of his daughto
Mrs. W. W. McW horter, about tv
miles east of Pickens.
Col. \Velborn had lived an a
tive life, full of usefulness atl
when lie died his people who lit
known him for his worth and t i
sturdy charactor lie had develop)
felt that, in this man, some of 11
highest and best traits of characi
er had boon exemplified. T
following respecting him is clippe
fron tho Greenville News of ill
9th inst:
"The deconsed was a native c
Anderson couinty and was rearo
near Pulzor. On Dcomber 28t:
1857, lie moved to Pickens an
lived there until November, 188.1
when hlie moved to his lato0 homn
in Oconee county oii the 'Ilgalo
river. He was born July 8, 1817
and thoreforev liked two months o
being 85 years old,
lr. Welborn waS opposed t<
secession and advocu ted his i belio
before the breaking out of the war
lHe was opposed to fighting th
North with arms. but favored ro
Inaining in the IUlnioni and fighting
the North on indiustrial grounds b
blilding up the mantufactories an
natural resources. However, whlo
secession went into effict and th,
war began Mr. Welborn was on
)f the first to voluniter hisservies
is a soldier. lo served in th.
Donfederate army forl' four ye-ars
luring which tinie he held the pos,
itions of adjutant, colonel and ma
jor respectively.
lie also took ai activo part ir
,he militia before and after thi
war and was well posted on miii -
tary tactics. After reviowing Col
)>nel lWelhor-in's troo ) s oI o ce
.asion, Governor Alston is (1uot
d as saying "Col, Welborn is thei
icst colonIl in th State."
Mr. Welborn was one of tih<
nost prominent farumors of Ocone
youn ty. During the recent yearn
>f his life, however, lie spent most
uis time in visiting his children
[ie leaves five daughters and fiv<
ions who are as follows: Mrs
Strickland and Mrs. Elrod of Pel
6er; Mrs. Ferguson of Texas; Mrs
Huglhies, Martin J. Welborn
Themas Welborn, Mrs. W. W. Mc
Whorter and Judge M. Welboni
af Pickens; Adam C. Welborn o
3reenville; John Welb-rn of To
acoa, Ga."
His remains were laid to rest a
Enion on the 9th in the presen~ce o
L large concourse of relatives aui
rriends: Revs. Hiott and Seabori
aond1uctin)g the funeral services.
The Revival at Easley.
Rev. W.E. Wiggins pastor o
the Methodist church has jus
alosed a meeting of decided inter
ist. Rev. Sam M. Jones, the Jew
from Townville, S. C. preachec
twice each day for almost a wvel
and lie certainly preached earnes
plain, practical sermons. Bro. J3
H. Renney of the Westmninisto,
Times came over and added to th<
interest [andj enjoymient of the
meeting by his sweet songs and
earnest prayers. When Bro. Jone
would preach one would be com
pelled to think that the old tims
gospel was not quite forgotten an<
that it is not entirely obsolete yet
Hie preached what the Bible sayi
and not wvhat men think. Chris
tians were revived-those who at
tended-and sinners inquired th,
way of life,
We believe that much go->d ha
been accomphlshed by the meetihj
and we trust that t he good imi
pressionis madoe will deepen an<
wviden as the day s go by.
I could not help but thinuk abou
other days and other people dur i ina
the meeting. Some have passa
over the river andt are now restinL
under the shade of the trees
Rove. .James K. Mendenhall, W.T B
Singleton, G4. WV. Singleton, J. W
Hutchins, S. A. Gary, Dr. Elwel
andl others wvith whom we hay
wvorshipped in this towvn, The
have fought the battles of life an
are now reaping their rowardi
Only a little while and we will l
called into the presence of thm
Judge to hear what lie has to sa
to each of us. ''So every one<
us shall give an account ol hiimse
to) God." The choir did goodi sinf
Ing during the meeting. Br,
Wiggins did his part well, It wi
not surprise the friends of Bro. V
to see him fill some of the very bei
appointments in the Conference I
the very near future.
D. W. Ht.
Cediar Rock.
Mr. J. T1. Cr'aig died March 1t:
19)02 after a priotraicted ill nes
Though he had the best treatmom
ho couhld not with standi~ hiis afili,
tion. Hie was a consistet mfeli
her of Central Baptist church k
several years. We extend ou
sympathy to the widow ati
* We are having the nicest kih
of farming weather, and crop ai
promising in) this section.
Our exccellent school at this pla
has closed for tt season for wo:
Flowers are blooming, the 1:
meet ings are onl and young peoj
aro having a eplond(id time.
hirs, Craig vidted Central, Ii
form~er homue~ a few days ago,
Qa go ogdg whogt i4 sorry,
All Coiuntyl lie's, each, - -
L 31gitratle,4 - '' -.>.50.
All ot her Ili'.i, " 5.(0.
The above privc s ait vaiaby, N
1) )VA NU c- .
f:'O)l CON(tid-.:SS.,
I lir'eby aii1 mii44 ' 11 a i;i4h{,;t&'
for ('ongre's.4 'epre-w I 14 ThIn4i, S.
C., I)istrit , suibjilt 11) 1.1. 1t4 tion )Io the
democrattie. volers int tia'ap rochn
Ifu r vn 111(1 4 01 1IN, 4 II 4 4*I : I wt-N 4411
Ilieh (?'e, I cI11-1.4'v 41. I
pi.4'() tly.:~ \\411 4W . ,j. ': '..Id 144
for Ta'':ism rl'f' I. ' Ii !:. 'i .:. . I'414
foct to t lie . l Il l.- , WI.. 1:" )-.
toun lit su e4 t-m o . n h.
11'1inoat ic ' pr 4i :,r . I ;.~1 h, , ---
F0 ) I 1111 '1 1;
The frind, ;. 1f n. .:
for14( Tren)1r1 444411r' l' '''n
The4 frie.l.i 44, 1: 4 -'4 ' 4'
by aItlliol t' . b;Ill :t . - : . i I
office of AuId itr m b. IJ :! " -f
th141 ei en ti 1;;,' 0art t -
F()M' CO'INTY (" I 111
'The frieik: . . 44 . \ b
Il44' t'44l y .1 ,; ;t 0.414''' i _: i'
Co ln ll) ssit4 ller', I!,:,I i
('444 d ie1n1 ti v . - ( P 4
34(1 I ori v1:4 4- 44 I 4 k I)I ' I~ I4~
(nno nI eeI 1 hin :,;4:1 a l t bJ,
Me, slbject to t:h41 . >.4 1 1 1
enitice voter; 4f 1
prieaching prin 11 * Vy.
-ON T II i \
T 't. frieids oif C( "11 ' . 4'4 1
Iervily 1111111.1144 c. 1 :4 4 '
the Senate, sui1;j t l
democrat' Vie -'r:; (4
the appoa~chin:- pr
for th ()li.- ( '0 m n4 '11:ir I, b
ject to the t0141n1 o)f tl, - m r . w'
eri o)f 4i 4wn c wnt I lit, :p; 1 r' 44 ..h
prinary iellion,
1'. l H u-he Ie h lv.
FM I'll i 0
I herev tn I u c I a
re-cleo n tI te I4.
I ives; frni t I I.
the 1 m 4nt .l- pra11 , , 4 4
At tesb~aine
forl r-e-ele t,.In tot'll ~ l
o)f l'ickens euuntII , N ub I
(f the deuin ral :.h
F~li T11|-:. 111.
danonneh in) it i:gua4lbl' .to bir :h44 ai.. .3
nThe10 i onin enIe no~i a ..rino. Nil..
for O e i d t s i:4 l 1' ny'' a .I' i '1'
vesity andie Greenv.144il .1 1:i o.
legio wl eeca by ll \' 144:1v.4. J.4 J4.1
A onn01 ii ai t seene uilh4 'J1(
hi distells how14s47c'(4 b>4 pIl-I (I .J
dan'~igelscl:es in; fronI'l'iI4 h. S)(
sa y: 1 il Our three 41:dr4 took v4 hA I p
Ing coeugh last4441 tilIn-r, ojr 4 al 444 i)'444
41ellig(1' Ibl 114(40 la 4g4 4: 4" :1b 4 ; ~ 4* '44444
(to11ur givin theln41 Claunh4I4 . n' (' 1''nI23
ness44 4a444 cant4e o'4t4. i 4no 4 bou r4 in-a14h
not4 use1 t4'hi t ene. ()to- 'h 1 4:44
gir'l w ul call'44i~ lu1 il [\ r 44 n4 m4 ruv p
Spin vll e, 4)4 Aht.' Thi. lin1d4i
sale byI4 V, \\' 'le 44 . ie 4',
tion of4 1).ish ~ in :i1he lil > i \'er
CelltryanneiTis opin
telsorenisaneo.h ue 0
OIfl o wil i.im natoir uil be ap
rtvhin itou yo1u how ;ntny . 410;m Ito
kidneyo bhuldera toubl in on lorinj or
anth er. I h a eti o .y n
medica id, FolIe's Kid.- ('ie4il
hure Iy neveril d4ppne, 1e'
NOTie~ I~l T~4I )I>. i 11i : .\ I44 '44
0 Cir':o ~ (' lx 1 0 ,, l'. 4' i.S
rI pese t re n i: <4.... to i 'o
Ualhoun Not es.
m It hia beon <quite, awhile sinc
,I we havo seen anything in your va:
i. uablo colunmis from our histori
3- littLie town of Calhoun and we wil
i- just tako up the old maxim, "If n
3 one will blow your horn, blow i
Is yoursolf."
r, Callhoun , though in its infaunc,
10 is beautifully situlated onl thi
Soutirn Railway about I j milei
from Clemson College, hence wo
d are suro to havo inl tho future :
Svery prominent town, if iot a city,
T here is just oiitsido our limits,
I near tho .junction of tho Twolvt
' il ile aid Koowoo Iivors in courst
of construction a very large furni.
0 tiro f'etory, at this point a boom
d will b pltaced for bringing in thC
e mouintaiin timbers. Wo learn that
Messrs. Love and lionedict, Presi
dnts of the abovo named enter
prises are going t-> placo a large
stock oflgoods in the Doylo build
ing. \erily capital brings success.
Mis. John Smith has moved inl
U to the) 11ines house, opposite A. J.
Boggs store. When inl Calhoun
stop with her for dinner.
The demand for houses is far
more than canl bo supplied by uts
jutist now. Difleront dwellings be
ing occupied by two faililes.
Th're are still several vacant
lots in Calhoun all of which are
lovely building locations. Not,
anything to keep you ouit of th,
rin g if you have tho Specie 01 your
Alt prsent Clemson can claim
olo(ven brides. andI we understand
that May will bring No. 12.
Miss Lillian Sholar, who has
1en (luite sick, wo are glad to say
is conl valeseig.
trs. R. C. Cochran, who has
beci vry ill for suveral we-ks,
improves slowly.
Mr. Frank Green died on Tues
day, Apr. 22nd. of pneumonia.
l is I fiIily III the SymlpaIthIy of the
0utiri'o commnu1iiity ill the s1Sad 0
Iising Fawn,
Q)uartorly meeting was hold
at Fair-view Friday the 9th and
continied through Sunday.
Mrs. lola Parrot, of Catecehee,
visit I d her aunt Miss Carolino
Clayton last Sunday.
CroDs are looking fine in this
section. Cotton is l) and will
soon be rhady to bo wvorked.
-As Mr. Z. C. Smith, wife and
four childrel were crossing t1ho
(assaway bridge soveral days ago
the mule backed off the bridge and
t they were all thirown off' of the abut
. mient1. T1hey3 were bruised consid
l erably, but nobody was seriously
MrIi. Benson Smith has moved1
his saw mill hack to Anderson af-.
Icr a three months stay in this sec
Aflor my return fr'om the Lone
Star State, I thought I would give
yua few dots.
We started to the re-union on
the 18th of April and reached Dal
last on the 20th. Ihad quite a nice
trip and found lots of pieople there
and( many more camne. Dallas is a
beautiful city and she opened her
doors to the "O0d Vets"' and made
them welcome. I have been to
several (of thle re-unions, but no city
sh8lowed mere welcome or kindness
thani Dallas. They seemed to
want Us to enjoy ourselves, which
we did. I made several visits to
- otber counties while there and saw
3 one of the finest farming countries
im the U 'nioni. The crops wore very
m fiino. Corn was getting its second
; working, cotton its first working,
- wheat a1pd( 0n118 were the finest
I Somno of tho boys were almost mar
r'iedI to T1e~uas, but I ami) back hicre
U where I reckon I wvill spend the
b Ialanice of' my days.
I Well, we had a big railn last
night which has revived all the
-vegetationl. Our crops amre up to
,a goodl standl and( we are wor'kinig
-theml out. Th'le wvheat prosp~ect is
I bad--very near non11.
" May, 9. o. ii.
Death of' Good Mani.
I The fl)lowing from thle G roon
villo News of t he 13th inst, will bc
e of' interest to many Pickens peO'
S Col umia, May, 1:2.- Rev. T1. C
chairg of thi ospol Tabernacle ir
- Colnnbia, (lied bore to'-day. I(
was editor~ of the ''Way of Faith.'
The Rev. Alr. Ligon was a nativ<
It of Lexinigton county. ie was a
Swork Saturday end die~d from ai
attack of peritonitis.
Card of TIhanmks.
I take this method of tha~nkiing friend
1, for their kind minuistraitions and assis
s, tanco to my brotheor-in-lawv, the late Wmn
B 1. i.goni, and to) mysrlf and family, diir
ing his long continuled illness. TIhoi
kiindness is dIeoply appre1ciated,
>r' J. H. U. MoDANImra.
(1 -The1 Summer School for teach
( ra will open at Pickens on Mon
Iday, Junie 16th. The exercises wil
e~ probabl~y be held in the schoo
house. Prof, D~ominick of th
Eaisley Graded School will be th
1 wiU ht to the lowest responsibleobk
.gder on Wednesday June 4thl 1932 at 1
Ie o'oh;ek a. mn. the repauirinig of the Lay
ireube biridgi' on IKeowee lRivor and( 1*e
er serve' th n''. ihi to~ reject any andl all hid
-Spc-ealtnuo~5.'us aibited at the lds
Oil(luy O )tii4,r Robert 8tewart,
- Oonnte Com.. Bkn a:
[n this spring to our line of
asmlg" the ladies. .A cgm.
lities, Percals, Linens, with
beautiful line of Plain and
every piece of linen
nur.. attirst cost.
I\. In they come and out
;1nd you Vill aways get
; $3-50 Shoe for men,
OTHING as you will find
n.I up-can fit the largest
e .f rom 50 cents to $18.oo.
If we miss selling you it
ir te prices.
Everything I
nything that is worth hav
(r our prices are always
ver11hoe S.
EX m 3.50.
ld Sewed
E1oge Oxfords
. we have ever shown.
Shoe Line.
nville, S. C.
line we have shown. WAe
mid they are in reach of
'11n the Northern Markets,
)nllte line of' the season's
it 8is eCloal to ;any in the
all t he Lad'ies mi Pickens
rtm<-t. Y'ou will find cor
I Lui valuevs. It wilpay
tero Co.
1~ deeds
:9)Ad gardlen. Besides the
the necessary
rnin~g Tools!
Forks, Bush Hooks, Briar
Stocks, Best Steel Beam
Iron King .Stoves, Sewing
ds, Pretty Styles.
mn Stock of
.zoing out EJvery Day.
N( Everything.
or Farm,
look through ons'
We have paid especial attenti
Dress Goods, for we bclieve in pI(e
plete line ( )rgandics, I .awns, 1)inl
Silks an d Trimmings to match. A
lk'incy W\h\ite ( ;oods. We ar. ofl
that we carricd OvCr from-1 bst soil
Shipints com1ing1r in very <b
thec '. uy thc BA'I\TI'IJ ANE
h :.S our celebrated
lad 1: 1rh\we .00X Sihoc for y
Clothing! C
lf \ n as .na a linc of C1,
myubc s iro 1y1.s oldz
VI :') i -mb-m)l(Io s ni
W T y to Cavry
We Sell
~n thE
all. , ji ic ;
where t.sheIt Jl purhasedI at large( mil o:
cho)icestI)(: L1 n h is i.This ; (lpm-t
larer towns a. \\c lordal Iim
you to see C' aI
It is wo4rth I .e
Hooks, Mm s. ....:d lo
Tturners: m e \\jin (l 1 arro)vs,
lachlinvs, and1( 1Furniture( of all kin
A Nice, New, Clet
eN . ( ods Comling~ in and 4
Anything # and
me." .NU miQea to oe and

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