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The People's Journal
T J. MALDIN, - - - Editor.
IT. LrsrI MA TImNY, - Bus. Mgr.
Erntered at the Post Oilleo at Pickens as
second-class matter.
Siibecriploll, $41.00 i Year.
T 11 U R S 1) A Y, MAY, 22, 1902.
Days like the latter days of last
wcok made fire feel good.
This may be a very good timo to
revive tho "Pickens Band " move
Tho whoat crop did look a while
liko it intended to do something,
but home raised bus(uits aro not
now so promisimg.
* * *
If meat goes higher, as it doubt.
loss will do, thore will be soie
hard times in the country. The
man who has a full supply of tit
necessary article is tiortunate.
The campaign in Georgia is in
full blast and if every candidate
in that state is as bad as the news.
papors make him, Georgia mu hoe
a] hot old statC.
people in the I adjacelt, sect ions
of Barnwell ond .Iiamtupton Coun -
ties are moving for the establisi
ment of a now couty to be valled
Gentle showers have fallin to
the delight of the farimiers h0t th
continuieid, Cold east wNind was n4t
agrooablo eithor to farmers or to
the people generally.
The Unite(l Statos Congiress ap
propriates W.100,00000( fo'r the
army and $115,0 , 000 for the na
vy, So they keep i) h war in
the PhiI ippiIes to keep ia way open((I)
to spend this money.
** *
After Attorney General Knox
filed his bill against, the " l-h
trust", it is said that bef n ent up
immediately to the (eXtoI t of 91. o
a hundred pounds.
Don't forgot that the E position
closes Juno tho fiiSt. ThIe t imi is
short in which to make up y) ou 'Lr
mind to s3 tiho best and ii must -,)m
plete exposit ion ever lheld( ini the
souitherni states,
it has been~ for some t imai state I
that ai lin of steameors is sooni to
bo established on thme Conigarco
and Santee rivers, conmnecting Col
umubia and~o Georg''towni. This is
good1 for Columinda and will give
her meorchant: compeut itLive rates.
* * *1
Six thousand anmd moure dlollars
turneid over to Conf ederato volter
ans in P'ickens 'unty this year
are a timely helpi to th'ji, but
nothing more than they de serve
no-not as much as they deserve.
They are passing rapidly away
andl the pity is that tho state is
not rich enough to give them twice
this amount,
A commission has been issued tc
several enlterp~risinug citizons of An
dorsoni for the organization of r
new~ *4000,000.00 mill to be knowi
als tho lBrogan mill, the namefl be.
compilosed of the flest part o:
Blrock and the last part of Ligon,
Mr. J. A. Brock and Mr. R. 1s
Ligon wore the originatOrs of thi
now mill, and the name is so givei
to the mill in their honor.
Thursday, May 22, has bleen) se
apart by the expositioni anmthmiitie
as Wagenior Day. This is in de
served recognition of tho self-sac
rificing labors of Capt. Wagene
who has perhaps dono more by lii
work and the aid of his moan,
towards umaking the Oxp)osi tioni thi
success it has pro ved, and( this dIa
will therefore be one of the greates
dlays of the show.
Col, Andrew Pickens Butlor, 0:
Aiken county, died at uis home
in Aiken county on the morning oi
the 14ith inet, aged 70 years. Ho
was a member of the E~dgefield
Butler family and served his couu
try both in war and in times of
peace. He was at one time a
inember of the State Benate anid
for several years State Commis-.
sloner of Agriculture in which
place. he did most .excellent ser
A Talk About liigh Provisiohs--The Ia,
dependence of the JPeople,
WhtL about the high beef
Erlends who have been to the ex
hibit tell me that steak was 20 t<
27 cents per pound there, and
would not stick on Lhe stomaci
well either, I have believed thii
thing was coming and quit liin
m tfrmrket nealy a0 yeari
Tho If. S. reporte put the do
creasu in cattl, for the aist ter
years. 1,000,000 por year-10,000,
000-sheep tho same, hogs 7,000,.
000, making 27,000,000 of the foot
anliiale, whilo the people have in)
(1c0reased 12,000,000. You seo how
a little stinginess iII buying meat
will put us i) at hole. We will
never soe cattl back to the rela
tivo number With that, of Ithe pe.
p80, so it will bo (lear meat; or- we
will ease to eat. This may hap
pen to bread if the 0ixodus to town
doesi nott Stop.
Bettor imnprovo the Roil ratlier
than build tho town. Too many
coilot live inl th Lido, and one
Ishaled lonig 111ak0s81a Sorry hantd
ii tle sulm ald in 11(1 of tlie fitrmi
ilei 5'en i eO aiii . lolls to grow rich
hist mlid 4.asY, 1'1 ti\Fng s lle
tii s as lt' ov Say "hite oi
to~~~~m Ci ti inIt' how) I t
I1 1 1812 il 'i 1 i e1 1 P10w , lit'
gltl giotie., haei s eni co l i
camiot pi(Illt prfices for, food,
lier i :1 'listllg r)o d will go) lt'ii(
to(). Thln the w(' ill I til (-)
awful to) do. Had we no 11itl,
go to r lig4 .ili In tof II ii
?_ t_1 Il~
o Contract, the stOmach? Qtlit
iultt liig a 1 shippili 111 4is al'ticole
Thero is a mu1tual d.ij ) (eIthlin-e
hetwoe l ti lot et)I itlIrv 111 .41 toI 1') 1t
I (d , lif e ,) liId lItt' I I't to'r it * iV I .
keep t ho p11 op p l or ti .1 a i(
-' r w t ;I I o -
1)le'il'8 t tile')t-rilild( ri , flmen
.lill i 11111l i e I l t \ t'i.
Ory t bila - iie o lime1 .ig
Wu Ii~i i i( .11 (1) rii i 118 P "
t I Id 1t1iif~i1('lo' IIC W '
(ll Neet, ccisionIkl 1 oi 01 lolial
Mall,C o itl
l'i';I lit.
\o l"'joucsa th1,1 ;,1ii jt~ )'
( i ll, lyiil r, A a Ii) te i the
11ke glle I 11011 , Il ll I ..
.\ t itiW .. rai.ist Wla e bl it de1(
co of t hn til igh, ina t h i ' h
Ithed Bf t wlacill ith \lol i m fr
Afto C l-: . , . iCMa 7, iof)
ha e oty.- S ..) (' 1 11,11 h.' iii t . ill
8 l i\tllll 1 ill 1) IV titt al d o' s ~ ' I I 'll.11 (
Ilt'e i l l s 11:t-l so fit 1 litt eii
ho1 t'h:lll lilli: lif lit'h't j11lU wiooil
;I o1 A foVI : t 1) ; l lwis' ahtt '
y h \Tipy t til C1 \is t C e intle
to n of t a ll (til iiel it hi ('.
you wrltas t -th:is ime sart
poren of '.d1n, tof h1ir thr wodIt
ehythmeharonyh ander noing
alltheplghsir stoeil iterl~
musat fe the lapsoo th SIofI ablou
there e, whin rs, cao into i
th orldo Yourit clon orsot
lesslier wauht ahe toea do thor-ol
htoodo ma81n-kinud the dtesen
hod awndrous icexamipl ntin
tife of th Mmnt. alc."W
so. him mSog nthonlyt
the l the linel ald to blid
bu to to~l' the soili teos an
tesre of t rhe ofhilen Staten .t~
(pehl 2im ao, the holrriag) tat
Can in GOttC~0alle, when the9sup
p lofth wiole ovter, an bing
intto 0ction hismrCuolorusowel
toure Soft men. o ~ucti~t~o
Wosfcryjie that this spirt oft soi
soial iteiours sthlm prevailstt in h
still the riglt to r' I., to renew 11
Cor1tifieato uli Itsn8 it. is assurod ol
tho rorsieesof the teachor.
T Ito County Bloard of soveral
boards of' TiuItst 's ought, to appro.
prhtto funlds s-pecifienlly to aidI theo
tea cers ini ait ft 11dil ig 1t' he lttn1)erC
4. LocealLvi.
inIg tlhis andl next, m you yot
sholtiid tIl-rgou t'I lrtstes to :twg.
tito for xIIta levies il their leSpeIc
t zi. tittric . Lot this bia inota. bleN.
frhe incea nube o shols
in your count.Vvinganexr
tatx to pr1%long tho term11 and ill
creause the salar. of tf t Iiehr
Verv triuly yours"',
.John .J. \'il l l
State Siipt Ed.
alt!ve tt:fl 1111 1 i f %all I ilatgf i (J
Ilow'l tof' ' w'it tightly Ntig
a tl r a ll t I-' rtit ilt'r spo ll l- ills.
tratc's ai waiy of fittilljii wir. tiioops fil
:illis 41111 t (if' w ire Hi at hli i has
(1,11nd bv experivill-o works per-fectly:
T"I'll ru; I line 11hc hv-1eth 01 of h hoop
d: illa 0i1 t. i1 1 il t illt i1114 iinoe i esir
ao it l. I ho in' Il', Il l;m Iii's t tilt' tie
11IM: I - f ' staIves. V-or ex ig , 10
1''I S by -1. wo :i 4to) i size of iW
ino;):lu stave's timles :":, cspial 31
feet a ilic-it's. Titwul be. the Size
i, h Sw ti'i s4i t ves lra n t
it 11 11 i -, i.ii't . Iso th It length of
t -pwhen dlrawn igtytogether
: 1 111,1l4r 1,ull prevssure.
''1\. to in1.1ke .1 hoo(11 1 first d1rnw a1
Sline alon11g :1 leve syne of gratui
e, s o n inl the14 at (t(.he nttotu;"
..\ I k :11 . pieve qt' -1 by -1 scttulling14
the- willith (1' the hoop 41iesired to) bv
1-,hs :1111 spnev it off as shotwn onl the
C'nln ,(, inl the (.11t; nevxt phicce the
-' 11:11- (illr o nas showit inl the cut
:1111 ho' inrticular11 (c) get. t1he seanltling1
-it ri::ht aughos withl the 4-ha:1k linev;
in4.x t drive st alkws (h1 ). T: a.%ke. tape)
flne and Inensure1*4 froin A to A. Inl
4lil" -rl" vIhv on
b b
4PuiNC YTIli ii Hii>P Fol TilE StLO.
tha t phit'ing ily Iwo stnlitin ogs (W', C')
one' fot lt'ss ini lenigthiIf~ tha the' nituali
Size ttf thet stavesc' irii'iti t' silo givtes
all the priessiir' htif fit ' thr''als oin
thiti. liihal luting the w ire ten fto ft'
fit tI, ft l t' 'iit a til cori 'iiiinte ini
iver ths n ot l'' chiiitn attt .\, plflitg as.j
ftth'flt thira unsali' iittliftn tiro
t ie ls rttti inti like n tw w ii en wirt
you w'ish'k ttpt Aon, ' bigl'enreful i
dra li: a (t h onw r 'iw ln is h'i'p nunh
in itis:ic'ner,'ii whettut ol tiFei
ins chrun i'ii .utt'ver w2\'tlie I willii
nui i. veaa convi'rinlel tht te spityI
lirt flt'toio il is t f t high to 'hoo tl':
fit's it, as 'it'uill gtie wheth Is i
V theI lio 18 l e 'il-'oy i ui'iN t'1 ner, t
t h fir e' tistw tin ~th oen' it
. i usi(Mouiut cont' , N J.) arcet cusuatl
flit 'Iht' urk ie Iwi tyt. , A f i'w flitersit'
tthir f ha o t~il l'at'si it p amli tn
fIndt fit' satistoi ryfi ii'5 t inihv s ioi. i
v3't'e'on li euary, or h I iurth lofi tt pen
- V'1. iit T hi. 1 t.'iibown ' at o .\'pril peri
oft 't fnnlilyw folliwe Aftr
f b-l ay \ing \for it rett o
ts e ryl~8i'u iib Nel. 's ltelsiitr t) Cain;'
I'uout ii1'p'Osi''iletilseof wrine pe1
buit ist e th Ig 1 xentl ; lo it)l h ni~
011are nst i freilely pata o the itret
iiest. v h'eis Thieitter is proedncti
f ertliroae no iit tdd' tikt'h for (2ilel iarie
ties. Tteim ge&a ititession is hm
OJt-rini)Itilefni s n tr'i ley r ~'
e uainerti w fdhethruy icoporitioI
FVll., i he1'01oi P'or~. 1.ra hNe Yorkei
te.af .a ~r ellendof ntli I ~ er.
atoInit otl-trnosblers t)clha toper)1n1
the tin wi two enbl fee r seey ~
p A K I
Is now ifn store. The s
crisp, flew goods. I .fltll scas
est and prettiest gooth pass
have :fJpassed .all f)Ial-r[ Se"
much talk al(out goo<is, but II
claim I amke. I havc. uncln
<>f white g-o(s ever shown
gootds in) every ne w stye anlI
My prices are as low ' as
<~termiie( Ito Imy Store Interc
and( notions this season. Tw
pI)vel to Ially ieopIc of 1'il
they can rely un)pol it. "Giv<
" goo(is anI pricCs a re not sa
Fortge naid (11k Seillaig Vege
tatIlen--tne (ootd Secd.
Wa*iaa t shlu1 - we platil Thris1, Is
(uestioll of the llghest Imitortanec, fo
the great hw 'jf nature, that wo shal
r'ap what Nwe sow, Is still inl full fore
11ud efIet. I w NVe yhtaIit wVrong, we cn
eVIr vectidy I he iist ak'. If we a!
to plant, we Ialust suti'r the il ss. lIigh
p 'ltlillig is on1e of tle "ecr'is of' su
iZssfl framig. We wish to (em1ph:1
size the itilupaia'rzuIce of pinting plet,
of' cornt. No el.ger of get iitg too 11114
of your faI'tti ill corn. You will live,
all you lel grow.
l'Iant harge crops of every liid c
forsi ge ani a good crd(op of hogs an
vattle to eat it. With good leef SeIlitt
att G cents grioss alitI bogs bijugiaig
e'tit gross you catll maie imoney If yo
li1t111 early Irish potat(es. lIt
eant aloupes. I'lant those crops whie
yol enn usea aidn s (hlIthe <iuickest. L,414)
aftter tle v'et potato bed. I''ee( tIh
chielets ani get. eggs for tle earl
'I'l'e opportunity to miake inoney is a
arournd yott. Will youl 41pen yourt ey<
11i1t see? Will you 1hinak at10 act? Wi
you gather In the crop of iluoney lyin
tll arIo und yolt lustenl (it' gruinblin
about. tihe ia1 hard athes and tlts ielpii
to iake the tilms hitler?
1ie sure you plant omo staed. T
sau110 1r111 and the sain work wi
make a , ufood crop i' you tlant the Igl
,estl :s It will ake to ila e at "t-I
crop with sorry sced.
The one horse farnlerl ennl qui. losir
m1(oeiy ju1st as easy as tle fori ior:
faitinter canl. If you ann11ot do the wot
y\-oil wvalt to do witlh one hiaorse, the
huty u1lolhle. IIolhe n :ot .ay yo r'11e n,
ah1iet. 'fthe iloley yol irl . ig to Il
in lal u will biuy hii: ai! thln ya
lihor if' yiol luire a1 goodi team and t1
aigt. kinid of aitainerya.-Suithaerna ('t:
Sciatic Rheumatism cure
After Fourteen years of
"I hafvl) been'1 il i(tedt with1 scialtic rhi
unmtiiti mi for' four t eti years.' " i,.v Jo
la-'.d tar, of ( l-rnutaown , ( 'al. '"I w
atble to li bei around taut conatstay an HIth're
I I ied l vtlhinlg I coul hear' of andt
huit wvas total to try CIahaberlain's P'a
l ilan, whlielh I dii ititl wats immaediate
rieahveui antd in a shaort time1 enried, uandi
am hiappy to say it huas niot sine roturli
A ik on is to hayve a %80,000) t ou
id hoitil be~foire mitu- hi enens'~ ci
l'ns. It is to bie 1hult, by Mr Is. Hi. 4
llockwithi of Colorad1o,
Will cure consumption.
1 A. A. Ilirren, Finchl, Ark., write
r "Fly's5 Hloney andt 'lTar is the b<
q prep'ara~itioin for' Conghs, coa'ds aind lit
S tirotihie. I knoitw fliat it h1. as ere ce
1sltailltlion iln the firs! stages."' Youi er
er h' uad of' ;any onia uisinag I'ohay's Ilou
aalnilTur ant d i'rn bigN satitd.'lel,
ley Illi harmar I . K.lI1iI3 Thr Ie Pr'op,
('15o5(ivieIt~ ho .lohnson coh>
tol,'f ha itpe 'ltirolus~ t e Charle('
I irt pri-on u IlII' 'l, . l 'ig a l
c~li' hla'd 'lti al i'1111,lteil~aa
I huiii whnt :a stibe cred th2ecot<
(i. W'. Earic.
. By tll he i Caig .f at se'wer exent
-'!ato \\ill I'ji ken ,~a a negr~Io, w
hulted't un'illr Six lfet of eairthi I
No Loss of Time.
I hav'e .-ul ChlamblI ain's ( holi,
( IhoIlra andIi baiurrhoae I IRemaedv fo vi'e'Oi
wOttldt ratherli be out ' f coffe~e nan iiEugr
thanil it. .I isold five bottles of it yestec
day to Itreshier that could go Uo fin
thiera, and1( thy r a ork again t h
O)kuhoma. As will be soon1 by the ab,>'v
the thr'.oshos wer lO 1111 kIleep 01n wit]
heir work wiiout losing n sitngle day
time, Xot i houald keep a botto of ti
Rlomledy inl3O y io ha -, or sal1o by (O
WV. Earle Drug'ast,
The Best in Current Literature
$2.50 PIRYEAnl 28 ors, A COPY
~oIBV" fnney ..... T4m
tore is brimming full of bright,
on I do my best to get the new
ble, but this season, I feel that I
sonls. I do not believe in too
y stock will bear me out in every
)tedly oie of the prettiest lines
in Gri'eenville. Colore(-d Wash
*OOd gOOtis can be sold. I am
sting to all uyers of' dry goods
Alve years callingr with me has
:kens, that whate'eir I tell theni
me a slowing," is all I ask, andl
L sfactory, (on't buy.
'We have still en hand a few bar.
1 gain inl the Chapimaill Bros. stock,
2 and continued to buy new goods--a
i Stap!e s:o-k.
CWe are ruiing 0rthe cash pi
c e Ile and can i iherefjre ive you bel.
- eli out woud not get by I ine sales.
- e sc'l Iat b I livinr pri(ece.
\We wiili take pieasnir in showino
you thriugh inh store.
Far Imers can get what they need
Shere. wveikeep gok d goods, ai jil you
don'tL Fee %%hat you)i want, ask Iiir it.
C(Iffee at 8,9and 10 poundl(s to
a the dollar (1 lated SIgar I
II p 1 .1i)s t he d('ar. A few 5 aiid
I)galloi kegs o' Teniessee sorg hum
Io i anl at I-10 cents. Cannedi goods of
Ih of all kinis.
-,ome clothilnig to go cheap.
As go 1'our as you Can fiid lit
aniywhiere ini town. \
Tobacco, caImIly, Crackers, matches, R
soap. st~oneware, tinware1.1.
S Farming imlemnts, plows, hoes,
Sigeres, ga ,rdenl seedls. Stationery,
g ink. pencils, 1:rooms, thread-a ii tlc
9 of evervt hin1g. (om. to see us- nd
bing y us your produce. If we
I haven't got wlat you want, will pny
you cash for yi)r chickels, eggs anid
butter, Ils. ectfully,
lioil W & AI l.U N1).
ui If yon needi one don'lt wait
till t h'y are all gone.
Hfoes, Plows, Sweeps and( all
d: k inds of' tarinung tools.
- tl
e- Frtuit Jaris, S-ugari, Spices P
c or the fruit se-ason.p
it ow C'abbaige S'eed fromin thet~ 2'
to 84) of May for1 late cabbiigo.
Sg(ood fr'esh Virigiia Seedc now o1n
et sale.
1Pickens, 8S. U
e ~Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
No i Stock. at
1 ~li20 per cent
om ece~tonal vlu s.( ~ hv
'I CLAR( BR3JTHER3 & 0O., ~c
.'Geenvile, S. C.
What is Foley's Kidney cure
S Au08cer: It is madek friomn a proscription
I of ai leaing Cgicago phlysiianti, andl one ot
,of the mao.'t eauinent in the connitry. The
inigredienits are the purelst that money se
canl buy, ;a ic re ietifical ly comiibinedi j
to got their ultmo.'t v'ain. Thouiley
Pharmnany ii. K. Thoruiley Prop. to
are the mnost fatal of all dis- t
EY of.
FOLEY'SatSid REmedy a
or money refunded. Contains L
remedies recognized by m*i
pent phiysiis as the best fot j
Kidney and Bladder tranhfas.
Smith & Bristow's, Greenille, S, C.
OuXir stock wvas never ini bett(er condition, having~ disposed
most of la st season's goods a fter th[e fire( , ainl d ar show
g today tne newest and cleanest stock in upper South Caro
in. oods gailteed s represen te or money r-efmttided.
uil orders receive p arompt attention. Terms, CAS. One
nice to Every body.
lnePrice iCsh Store.
W l te js received 50 Barrels of Good Patent Flour
eat we will sell ot $4 75 per barrel. )on't fail to gt a sup
y before It IS all g~one.
W\e also havec a few more barrels of a splendid straight
leur for $425
rSen C moff. ood1 enough for anybody, 10 lbs. (or $
17 lbs. granu ila ted suigar for $i
20 lbs. nice brown suga rfor $j.00.
2 lbs. keg soda for 25 cents.
Io)on't fail to see uss'hen you have anything to se or
B). Yours truly,
.lat O3 W T (YEW V \TT
Agents for Made-to-Oruder Clothing.
luyin g and Nellinig 3Iire liry
Goodsr thian any three
WVe are exclusive ag en ts for St rause & I ro's [I lip /\ rt
othin reconIN NHT
othing, reome as the best male, best fit ting~ Clotim in
neric. Wecarry all grades. Men's Suits from $3.0o to
5.00; Boys' three piece Suits $2.50 to $10.00; Child ren's two
2ce Smits 50 cents to $6.00. We guarantee to save you from
to 25 per cent, on any suit you buy from us.
We carry more Shoes;, and. sell more .Shoes than all the
ier merchants mn Greenville. \\c guarantee every shoe we
I from k $1.25 p. More of tou siho are being wvorn in
:kens county today than from any other store, but we want
sell every man, woman amd Stcild in pickens county their
>ci this yersr. We have
Bring the Madam and Children with you when you como
rieenvlle.( Make our' store your home while herC. Plenty
roomn for the children to play in, anid the Madam can fmnd
V1R E'I " Y DRY GOODS to look at in our store than
y'where else in the city, and SAVE 1 5 to 25 per1 centl, on
iry aticIe she buys,
Of Greev1Je1 C

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