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The People's Journal. a
THURSDAY, MAY, 22, 1902.
Local and Personal.
-The nicest line of"5c toilet
soap to bo found inl town at Mis.
Curetons. Also Laundry Soaps, 0'
-A. Brandon Taylor enjoys the u
iique distinction of being the first f
graduate from The Pickens Graded
-After May 20th you will have G
to do your trading before 6:30
o'clock as the stores will be closed
at that hour.
-Miss S. Jones Stanself, aunt of c
Squire W. L. Jenkins, is visiting
his family for some days. She is 'Y
J rom Greonville county. T
Mrs. Cureton will in a few days er
receive a fie lot of bananas and ot
pine-apples from Now York. Fruit .
always on hand. Fresh bread and
cakesm every few days. 0(
-On Sunday afternoon, June, so
Ist, at 41 o'clock, the monument ot
ructed to Sov. W. W. Bowen at 81
George's Crook church, will be un- to
veiled under the auspices of tho Tj
Woodmen of the World. J. A, al
mcCullough, of Greenville, will ti
deliver thw oration. Sc
-We the undersigned merchants sit
of Pickons do agree to close our
OIues at 0:30 o'clock, beginning T
20hiy b, an(d lasting until Sept,
1.,4. (Saturdays and Salodays ex
cOpt ed ) 11. A. Richey, T. D. Har
ris, John F. IHarris, A. M. Morris,
Crmg Bios., Bridges & Hammond, la
l'olger & Thornley, W. T. McFall, <1d
and lleath -Bruce-Morrow Co., All t.
thio stores will be closed at tho tit
abovo mentioned hour. We hope wi
all will bear this in mind.
-Mrs. Harriett Jones died at fir
her home near Liberty on the 14th thi
inst. This lady was a full pen. ra]
mioner under the law, and certain- On
ly i'eedod the money. Death came 8l1'
however before the pension money
was ready for distribution. Her
relatives, no doubt, are in more or
l'ess straigh toned circumstances go
alko, but under the law, they can- f
uot receive the pension money set
a part for Mir Jones, even for bur,
ial expenses. Had the pension 80
money been forwarded for distri
ltlion in due season, she would st
iavo received it and doubtless ahi
ion- benefited by it. tir
'hiere will be a ball game on the pa
l ''1k,,ns diamond next Friday eve- wc
i 230rd between the Central and Wi
Iteens teams. Each team has ha
g .d material and a lively game is t h
('Ngoet~ed. The game will be0 called ye
ab t 8 :30 o'clock. Let every sP
I oly comle and see a good gamo of tra
liall, w
--- of
Thie School Picuie.
'. ho Graded School p)icnic was a so
g.reat success. Though the weath., th
ewas not ideal for a picnic the in
in~is moade, for the children were the
carried out in detail, The Sceono th
was decidedly jolly as they passed th<
lthrough town in wagons for the ou
liciiic grounds. The Hollings- in
worth place is an ideal place for a pa
pienic, and1 the school is under
nun iy obligations to Mr. and Mrs .
aeafle for their kindness during
t he day. When the school arrived cu
un the picnic grounds teachers and m
pupils jomned in various games dear gr
to tho heart of young and old. Si
When the longed for dinner hour wi
arriived, a comnmittee of ladies ar
raniged a most delightful and ofi
abun :d ant spread-a real picnic F(
<hnne10r under the majestic oaks, Ni
anid the p~eoplo both great and Al
small were satisfied.
A fter' dinne1r they all proceededlt
to the spinig where a brief pr'o
*erami was rendered by the school.
'Tie e'xercis(,R began with Itohe
opemn Hong, "My Coun try 'Tis
of TVhe-i."' Brandon Traylor then of
mounted a big rock and dleliveredl M
'in 0 e!loulent manner, . "Te M
Judi~gment, Day of Nations" This
wi WIlowed by the conicludi ng th
w)ng, ''America". During tile lh
r ,aidering of this b)rief program it|
beain to rain and hurried the pic- ti
nieers hiomie. It did not rain F<
enough however, to seriously mar
the pleasure of the occasion and all E
ini all ths (lay provedl a delightful C
Mrs. WV. D. Fricks, of A tlanta
is v'isitoig Mr. and Mrs . 0. 0.
Mrs. A. D. IHardin, of Blacks
burg, is speonding a few days with
her' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ji. Tr.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Norris, of
Catecco were in town Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Worsham, of
(bastonia, are the guests of Mrs. R.(
C. Rochesteor.
Mrs. WVill Werner, o1 Greenville, ~
4.9 visiting h er mother Mr s. Gar- c
Mir. Robert Stewaft passed thro'
bore Saturday fromn Charloston on
his way to his home neoar Pendle
Miss Sue Gaines has returned
firomn Greenvillo. t
Mr. H. J. Alford, of Greenville,'
spent a few hours here Saturday.
Mrs. R, Lawrence and Miss
Maggie Lawrence Were in towni I
this week,
I). A. Keolly, of Atlanta, *Jpett a
QoW hionra here ou businl964 hiday.
ppointment at tho Baptist
unday morning.
Thero is soino talk of' a
kill being erected hero in 1
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Mor
id Mrs. W. R. Wyatt, I
[rs, J. P. Woreham ; M iss
itor, Brown and Wyatt a
tewart and Gaines return
rday after a weeks visit
harloston Exposition.
irs. Zackary, of Brevar<
visiting her daughter, M
Miss Mary Ann Hall
'itically ill.
Soveral of our citizens, il
c scribe' visited the "'(
4c Sea" last week, also to
an1 a passinig glanlco) at i1
itorprising city ol SpalI
Dpping at the Nlagnolit
lOro wo (njoyed th hostI
( best nighits rest of or
m1rt was in seSion a1 1
veral old acquiantancos al
hors that wore p l
iartanburg is a net work
ii factories bling connee
'Olley, Tolophone and P.
I around. We iay have
ing to say of tho "City I
a'" (the only city) anld th
ion &c anoll.
Tho un bleached A me i<
r town have lhecome a Im
ey had a tussle on the
o Saturday ilight.
One practiced a base ba II
Or another's lead a w hi
d hiin in tho shade for
ys. They fiell into th(e h
3 town Fathers ill the co
no and will (oujtles rea
,rd, or pay one.
Another racket Ihtet ni gi
e3 arins-Roepult: oin negro i
) arm; several shots were
?id succession it appoa!
9 has becn apprlienided f
)Oti 11g.
The health of tihis commt
iorally good, excupt soic
measles are roported noe
Fine showers have yisit
Ation lately.
Farmers all seem to hav
inds of cot ton and tie gra
1o looks fine, biu t , nue
ao for Gen. Green to w
:ners must look out.
The roads have not al
tched up yet, let alono,
1rked out. This don 't
d for Pickerns (onty111.
s boen tihl least work dI
a roads for the hist two 0:
ars over known ill thle
neeC of time, in1co thle
ivelod the trail north ant
.st of Pielhens and1( ill othe
the county.
Somfe say that tile COnlvic
m work the roads. ]tI
at there aro' 2300) miles o)
the county andI $GCO00
tm with whiich is not .&
3 mile, and it will at lear
convicts 20 years to wor
t. So it wont do to depe:
ich on them and3( that $8.
tch up the holes. J,
Rev. J. E Foster inl his
stom del iveredl an excellec
on to a large and1( attenitiv
egiitionl at Peter's Croo
abbath, and the Lord's
Ls administered.
Married at the rceiec
ster on MI~ay iIiit , M~Ir.
mmllons and M'diss l'ni ty I
I of Pickens ("ounty)'
Mr, Thomas Ilynitt an;d
r, Miss Jonntie, of Ambslr~s
sited tihe family .l .1. H
at weaik.
M\rs. Dowxl in and1( thr l ei
the MN'onoghan M'dill, arle
rs. Dewlin's parenCts, M
rs. l es Singleton, this
Mr. and Mms. Irinj Mi
0 EniOn section visited
re Saturday an~d Sanday.
Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Ponic
e guests of Mr. and Mrs.
ster last Sabbath.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Robi1)1
isley, worshipped at
rooek, last Sr hat Ih.
Th'le heaijlh of the comlanii
ary goodl wVith the oxcepIti<
w cases of meansles:)
Mdesars. F. B. Ponder, of
It, andlc Rupiert 'Thomas, o
sville, visitedl friends h(
TheIi young pe(ople of tI
ion aro looking forwvard
icnic at Wa3gner Shoal s
aluda river, f3aturdayt3' 1 i
onfedelraIte Sohliers Re Lle NA
Yesterday a Jharter was
romf the secretairy ot stat'
or the Indigent Confiedert
ers of South Carolmna,
'anization is to ho knohWi
Lou th Carolina Con feditra
rer' Relief association,
leadquarters will be at C
.8 set fourth ini tho ap~
he purpose of tihe assoc
'to provide means of relio
ligent Condfederato sold
o distributo the same ani
nemorate the livos of tU
ioroes of the~ war. bt
etates." The gen1eral pu
,he olrg-miz/ationl taty, ho,
nore' fully alted~3~. Em
cliicl cies to be used for tie bonofit of
needy Confedorate soldiors in the
cotton south. Thero aro soveral such
he neiar funds at presClt about to be dis.
tributod. 'lho idea is to got as
tan, 1 much of sucli funds as )ossiblo for
an1, Mir. South, Catrolinla anld suo0 that theo
dir. aid money is distributed whoro it will
os Roch- do the-,most good to tho groatest
ld Mess. numbor.-Sunday State May 1.1.
-d Sat
to the Elglteeni Mile.
All the )uople l havo returned
I, N. 0. from their trip to Texas and re
rs. J, T. l)urt that everybody is doing well
and crops are fino anid they had a
jolly good old time.
Mr. 4J. A. linton of this sectioti
iims is has tho finost piece of corn wo
hive ever sion and his cotton is
cluding not at all Iohuindl. Mr. 1iinton
ity By is a fino farmer and knows his
)k more business whien it comnes to farm
o clean wori.
Bugll Black is the cebamp~in ha wvk
Il otel ad crow kill1r in th is Section. Ile
mijoyed hits killed throe h awks, one me4s.
r tri). tring four feet and six ilchos from
11 mt tip to tip and ho has killed forty,
id niade nine crows. This does woll for
Unsait . Oill soilsot.
1f cot, ''he farmers are abolit to get tilp
ted by w ith t(e'ir work now, but, General I
! . hines Greeni has been ot01 with a1till his
,Sot," forces for the last few days but we (
iy Hl I have him fast now if le don 't run I
U OXpO- too 111g.
allMor Mr. amd Mrs. S. C. 'McWhorter
bilt M. attended the birthday dinier giv.
enbyMrs.,Jerry Williamsl inl honl- r
StreetO l li ; .111Y~1ili t11 t iu
or o0f their daighter Alims Artio t
meMay, wlio is niow Ipst sweet six..
S 1teol. t
0o and
a few We have a flourishing Sunday
[11d(1S of school it Cv'armol nlow and hoeo 0
I tree of the .'o1ng( ieo)le Will tIkC hiold
a ro- ad kefq) it oi the mnove.
lr-. M. R. .1loo(, of' Piedmont, r,
f with ha4 bought him a nico little farm I
41t; and moved up1) into our section.
Ired_ il Lost 1 - oy.
the Tiere is nothing unusual in our
quiet burg. We have boeut busy t
i. p here and the fanmers are out i
with their hoes this misty morning t
. . and I niovol saw people I more i.l
mity is dtstrious tan our Firiers Ihave
caSes been this spring, and the weather C
ltere. has been very favorable, conse- r
d th is quently good crops are evidetnt. I
AlI have good stands of cotton and I
good coi geerIa lly. Tho soil is in fie t
in Cro) fix and reasonabl.y clear of gnass
is the and weeds.
11 and The wheat and ryo 'rops in this t
imli a irite Vicinity ar) a failure.
I been Oats spring sown ordudinary .
being Fraink Towns is thli, clihampion
speak ictton plantor. lie run a double
There gear1e, d m aich ine-a w11, harrow,
ant1o (on 11 : lplanlter comnbinied, requiring
-three two'( nin on1 the same row after
samen one imuile. He hats thle finest staflid e
.r,dians of c'ottoni I have ever' seeni on as
nothl- roungh land~ as his. "W. P. Baker is
panrts ahead en corn so far', he brtoke his C
land twvice using a one horse turn
s will llow on first breaking cross break
is sid ing with a narriow' plow. The
f' roads land is an~ old tough brier'y b~ttom- c
o work II. M. Lutsk has wvorked our pub- I,
.00 to lic road( and1 if lhe had money
I. titke enough to lire tihe necessar'y labor 's
k them I b)elieve he wouldl keep it in) good ii
1(1 too fix. t
)(0 wout ()n the first Sunday in this t
D. S. mon~th .y out' scribe wended is waty ti
over' into tihe Eastatoe valley and d
uulattended religions worship at thE A
usaliastatoe School Houtse and wit. 51
it sr- nessed3( an 01(1 time foot washing by e
o con- the Baptist chur'ch of Eastatoo, t
k last Rev. W. C. Boren, pastor. 1
suppert Rustic. a
of the V'inelandtt.
,J.F . Most of our farme~rs are thinning a
Washi cot tont and1( wor'king out their c.orn.
Sigdin, 1oCth of which are look intg nlicely,.
WVe hear' a good (deal (of complaint
d aungh-- iht rghthe colutms ixof your' paper
mn ('o.iabou t, smatilI grain) looking so sorrty,'
Foste but W)1, \. D. Joties hasi someh wheat a
whIichi is verWy mu ichl to the c ontr'ary, t
1bi ien Mr'. Forest Kecithi and~ Miss Hat- E"
isitintg -tite Hais vlS~isited the famnil y of WN.
vek daiy. )Ve htope to have them wtth e
leir, of us aganti.
frtienids Mr'. G. IT. 110end1ricks and M. b.
Jonie have just r'eturned fromlf the
or w1ore (har'leston l'xposition. Mr. Jones
R. M says lhe was on tho water' so much1 'I
''while there, that when walkinlg
now hec totters as a drntk man11.
15son, of.
Petor's~ Vinoland anid RosedaleI crossed
baits on the formners (diamonetd Sat-'
i. urday the .10th. At the close of
mity is the 18th innling the score stood .18
mi of a t~o 11. in favor of Rtosedlale. For
Rosodale, Whittaker, Aiken and
Clem-. 8nmith made fine plys while for
Thom-1 Vi no]lan~d, Jotnes antd Williams did
r'o last geoud wor'k. The game proved ^an
in teresti ng one thr'oughout. There
13 se, wer quite a number of ladios
to the prosont to look on and watch the
Oh thle game wveil played. Wc might say
h. oveorythinug was qitthough some
non,1 were i'ighit handy with their ''lip'
hut it amlounited to very little as
sociat Ion. ther.e was no one to fight.
secured3( Cand idaltos should visit us this~
tor' mit suimmertt a1s I think we will have
in) imuch phenty (if fruit if niothinig happens,
to sold- antd a lot oif chickens if the hawks
'lTe tr- don't catch themi anid the water,.
1 i as tne mela n vines are looking nice no0W
(e 841- showing all signs now of something
anud its~ to eat. Shorty,
iation is Woe are' needing rain very badly
for in Jt has ben several weeks since we
eora andl had a good season. Farmi work
to comn- is progrecssing nicely.
a fellow ColmmAionor A. J. WVolborn,
voenl the wyife and littie Franeik visited the
rpose of Charleston exp( sitionl last week.
Vover ho They had a linc time and saw goflne
a 9t of Plokene oogaty exlibits, Such
it IIATI>3 1"of.Z AXXNN 0 FO ENT FO'
( All (bounIII. ty140t'H, cmet'l, $.0
All igixt LA LS, go2*0
All othi fi01c4'i of - b.0
lo 'I'h' pric ~ iC.' 44 i 441'rittl~y 11N
0A I)VA N ('IX
I Iiteby liu444014410t' nuy.901( it ('cllidilt
for' a '044g4'4'.-ti 1:' vp l'4.'8t'44t I iv' Th'irdi, 8
1)r 1.1: 1-Y . W :. . . i-t ribi i aig.
11)4' tll 'III Z' I) -~'. k I- L ' I I I I Z. kt4
I 4 liit'e ,1Ij'' N 4) tiillt illesIllf it 4- ltle ti
Iluoct I ic pIA :i 1Wv. (.It, I Icldrie4'ks.
e H fiti'id I (o 4 1'.: ti 444s . . alW'4t4
Vt';'8 tI) ' ll I4 I v .41111 1 44l'' him its et': hllt
LI lil' 14litNd, (4 V_ i: . A s1'' tili 1141'4'
I ) .i :111mil444'e1 111111 :is it v.144di41141e I'm- I It(
tollic' ofI .\.ithh]ilib' e 84 I')1 tll.' 4'ti (J4 )
-1'the ) '':41 14:141l\ it the t04414 prin
A.11' lteo . 1.W li i i-c it
till ! : , it 44ti[I 11)' ('44uitlt'
(44:4 ~ hv w:tvre (1 Pil' :ot-44 1
'lit' frie1 (If so LIbL~ml A1li4Il 11444)1)3
4' 114) 41 4()4 Iilil w,' ;I t'1l41'I ithl4v fill' th t' li
- :4'' 84 14j''I It) til, :itil41i 41' tIf l It 'n
fr' il'Is 41f ( '11.11441s I . 1 Itot 41448444
(he 'iwlIE, 8141 '*jl4'I I.; tihl Iciol of)1 t h I i
F( )4 I:1 z In %,' I "A St, X,1-:'y it
I 01144'~ :1111,' e 44! ( )4444 ' 1':1 144't'', 8441
f' Ii 1 ' :4~' (0 ill IO . 411su ev sii 144144I l t 14
I ' I'0 J 1 41444wl4444 1'' 1 ('lppjlct l ill"' . 4
)',!4'I('t'1o 144 ) 14Ihlit I i044. 441' lti4l'i 11
-I live': 14)iiI IP44l44iv 4'4144)Ifv, .4iihjt'et I
f Il, )'l. t I is it R .' il j 1'444'V
Iv M)3. 3l.-i'm.i
V l'i' sV liekii'.' 444 of 4 411 11,11 t':44ti1lt 4
1for re4't'181l1) ' 114 441144 441iv () I I mmi141't
(f1 14 i)I l 41 4litli.414)je 11 ) te ile) 4)1
()f 114 t V()' I'icitt Iji.j. 1) ".1 4 144)4
V e have paid especial attention this spring to our line of
Dress Goods, for we believe in pfleasing the ladies. A com
plete line Organdies, Lawns, DIimeties, Percals, Linens, with
Silks and Trimmings to match. A beautiful line of Plain and
Fancy Vhite Goods. We are olierintg evcry piece of linen
that we carried over from last summert t ti st'L cost.
Shipments coming in every day. In they come and out
ithey go. Buy the BATTILE AXE and you wvill aways get
the 1il--Si. See our celebrated Sclz $3-50 Shoe for mien,
and Julia Marlowe $3.00 Shoe for women.
Clothing! Clothing!
\We carry as good a line of CL OTHING as you will find
anywhere. Suits from 5 years old an uip--can fit the largest
unan in the county. Prices an) wh , -re from 50 cents to $18.oo.
11. you need a Suit coime to see us. If1 we miss selling you it
Will not be tlh fault of the g)oods nor the prices.
We Try to Carry Everything!
Call for what you don't see. ;nything that is worth hav
ing is wortli asking for, and rIm lMber (utr p rices are always
right. Yours truly,
1%L~S)ome IBargains to olr in llo i \\ as
.Walk O'ver 'hoes..
FOR MEN9 $3.50.
Ladies' Hand Sewed
Extension Edge Oxfords
We Sell Everything
New Spring Qoods
Arriving Dailv.
the largest andl by far the pr ettiest line we have shown, we
have lifted the yoke of high prices and they are in reach of
MIiss IlIugphes has just return red fromil the Northern Markets,
wh<. re she pitrchasedI a large and1( comiplet( line of the season's
choicest novelties. This dlepartmnen t is eq uatl to anyl) in the
larger townts. WVe cordialy in vite all the L adies in Pickens
county to call and inspect this depatrtiment. You will find cor
rect styles at very low prices.
In eah deprtmfent you will lnd big values. It will pay
Yous truly
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
And Carden Seeds
It is wvorth all it costs to have a good I arden. Besides the
seeds, we have in stock the neces;sary
Qarden and Farrning Tools!
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spades, Forks, Bush .looks, Briar
Hook, Mttocksows and Plow Stock, Best Steel Beam
Iturersmad, WeelHaroiv, Ion ingStoves, Sewing
Machines, and Furniture of all kinds, Pretty Styles.
A Nice, New, Clean Stock of
New Goods Coming in and Going out Every Day.
Anything * and * Everything.
About a Home or Farm,
(1 P We invite all to come and look throuigh our rooms,
No trouble to show throughl our stock,
Childreas, Iast sumnner at the N(
mal school at Easley.
Children's Day will be celebata
at Zion church the 2nd Sunday .
Juue. The public cordially inv
ted to come and bring well-fill
Som1o of our yoIllg po)phl t->0
in the May moting at. ,iix |Mi
last Sunday. Among the .iumb,
were Mr. Roscoo Lesley aird E
gene Welbori of Easley.
Clatter Box.
The followiing from the acts of, 1902
priintedi for inforinatinh:
An Act to Provide tor the p,
pair of Artificial Liihs ol (orti
l'itizonas of hIlis State \\ 'io \i
Solders iI The War 'w ' h
States, An(1 To I y ('rtain
Such Citizens Mloniey in ilieu ther,
Sectionl 1. He it enacted by th
lo r.e'al Asseibly of tho Sta toi
3outh Carolina: That lie su
)f (2,000) wo thousand d l;II.
f So much be ne 11ecessarybe, 111d i
i -reby appropriated to defrray I I
xpenUses of the repair of artilicit
iibs heretoforo donated to citizen
f this Stato who lost a leg or a
31rin, or who b~ecomoi pormail
titly disabled in I Itag or an aru
luring military service ill th wia
)etwoon tle( States
See. 2. That. tile Colptrofll
leneral bo, andl i hereby, atulhor1
eed and required to draw his wart
ont on the State Treasureri', ain
ho State Treastirer to pay th
amio, for a sum not to excesi
wonty-five dollIar4-, ill favor of, an;
itizen of this State, u onl( the lire
itation to hii by, or1 on beha1
F, such citizoni, of a certi ficnt
n(er seal of tile Clerk of Court, (I
his County whereii such cit izet.
esides, that such citizens,; lost.
g or an nriim, or was pei m:nenit
y disabled ill a log or inl an1 arm
"hile in military service of tlhi
tato, or of the CoinI fevd 1rate Stat,'
i the wvar between tihe Sates, :in
hat such cit'iz -nit relc(eived inl iII- i
cial Ifilb under tho Act f 4- .
lie Act of' 1881, or the nnend men
hereof, and that the said irtiticia
hiim necds repiairv, and tHa 8it m
itizons is not ol the St ate pvnl'iI
oil, and also aln estiliate of th
IrObablo cost olfsuch repair, c,'rti
ed to by a reputnble phys:cian
be County wheroin such citit I-(,
ides: Provided, Th,11t11 such cit iz
V1ho is receiving a pension fron
he State, shall inot Ih en titled u
oceive anything uider this appri
>riation : Pro)vided, I hn a. t 1h
m1ount so appropriated :hall b.
Lt)propriated out of the1 emia
Pide~~ld, furthert. VTa t in cas
any~ citizens r'ec'jeie monov i04 inV
ted of an ari'ti ici al limbii, as 11 idid
d uinder the Act of' I187, tilt Ae
f 1881, or thle amiendmnonts thter,.
f, that such person shall be allow
d thle sum11 of twenity-fiveO dollar
pon1 the pre'senitat ion of ~a corilfi
ate, under seal of thle Clerk of' th
bourt of tihe County wher'eini sntel
itizens re~side~s, that lie was ent it
ad to rceiv such camn sal~~t ii
:lstead( of' the artifical 11unb1 as pro
ided in said Acts: Prlovidd
I rtheor, That all persons dIesiring
Ie benefits of this~ Act shiallI ibl
ieir claim as her'oin provided wit!
ie Comp. Geneiral within nlineta
11ys after the approval of tis Act
nd if the Coim)ptr'oller'( Gener'a
1all find that the amount of th<
aims filed and approved exceed
ae said sum of two thlousanld dol
>rs, thou he shall prloraite theC sun
mong the claims ajpproved it
A pproved the 20th day of Fe'bru'
ry, A. D, 1902.
Counity of' Iickents.
ify .1. B. Ne'wbery Ehqim~it l'robot
'Whiereas, ,J. P. Smijth ma-lo su it
1o to grantI hm Lott ('r of' A fihn inl ist n
on of the Esttle of anud etlrects of'i W.'
Thlese aro'l ther'leforeO to cite and mhtnor
ih aill tand sintgtlar' the kindredl an1
redito: 8 of thle said WV. M. Son ich1 deem
1, that they ho and1( appearII bforoit me
the Coutit of Proba11te, to bo0 held
'ickens Court House, S. C, Onl t hle
ny of' ,J u1n 190)2, aftor'111) pbiea'itn hm 10
f, att 11 o'clock intII tihret ooni, to slhm
atuso if any they hlavo , why the said Ad
.iiinitratjin should ntot be gran ted.
Given under01 my hand and seal, ti
0 day of Maiy 1902, in th~e 126 yei
i our Indopenidence.
,J. 1. P. C'.
-Tfhe Summler School for tea''h
ir will 01p01 at P'ickens oni Mom
lay, June 16tth. The exercises wi
robably ho held in the schi'
lOUSe. Prof, Doinieik (If
~aley Gradedl School w'ill be il
I wvill let to tihe lowest re0sponsile bi
1or on Wednesday Junec 4th 1992 at I
>'olock a. im. the repairing of tho ]I
'ence Bridge on Koowee livor andt
ioerve the right to reject any and1( all hi
--Speifications exhibited at the Brid
>nl day of letting.
Countyv Comn., Pickone Co,,
All poisons having claims eg".i!..t I]
estate of W, WV. iKilbur', decenotel a
requested1 to pretsentt the oano to the ut
dle'si gned for payment by thlo tst <hi
of July next, 'I'hoso indebtid to tl
said estato pilease miakc p~aymentU to
I). J. JOIINST1ON, Adior.
Executor Sale
I will sell to the highest bidd
Onl Saleday ini June at thei utsu
hour, as the executor of the esta
of W. E~ Welbor.ulicea ": 01
Blgak Mare1 baggy and~t hiar'u
Terma un

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