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The People's Jourual.
Thie tove Stor-v ol'*
Ketutral .\llen,
Kl..Urah A.l. -u ;at out utbdr the
grapevu)e arbol knittitw. It wiva o1nly
nine~ e' lkin the tulorninl!- anl tin
'..'I)lLst.A1 ho.1ur to knit, asM llost bis)
hou~swvives, woutld have said, and which
KeturahO- her'Self wnwegdinl MhV
dets of her Ltonely, chti u iet ed hear1
--but w 01ht miuhlte do? Sittee thI
COnqlIuC eu Ihe had0 no rTsourT
tg t nI , extc e t kru t ting aid ilus
sinr ork 1nd eve her C charI . 1y1
lovings hear-t cOuM , o dIk" n1,1d 11te shadthiv
of anl exculse tot. matpoor-Valls ti:
p'lace, al sin.kce the ' adi es' I iss ion o
airy Soiety a nditl the Childreni's M.\issin
lHaind had bveen or'an1i/ed, Ow htw o0r
three poor famuilies had found it a sin
eeure to keep) their poverh ty befn.Orlt
pubh le. E vell thc Itiost 111 l-r
wvork lovers were. forced1 Wo woI
their proteges were herolining z
more shiftless .11111
Ketiura loveb
hated kringllj, 1ro111w
si usv. -
f -t -
her - - - I
t" I I t; rt 13
1.I - 0 w t I' Ie
* '~ r ?'3h'(a:1 theI. (-on
mtt. ci ! rh.:- --
- . I . t t t ob , r I - -1 .
w a - teil in
bn l ik-tA af--r wthe
wa,%(, - u e i-oer -ite was
ha eretie a d so tonlz
t. pa. h dlid all
b-i o ke'll a Ielr Ite
p:. 1d ll nary1 rciety nd
li turah3I :'oh1nred herki
u en ike he inareue
but1 Inomehowi ii ~ eveni' from
- 2 Iof' unio:i spe1ctator,
h31: to hep ih the work :uIC
1. ih: .ow3 h';:p wa a: bo155ithe M
out - 3a .1. r ,n . . dhe ii lan e t
31k.1 the r . 1l r i to with
l2'n . '3 1331 n I - , '1bl s iht n-t
Aud ih'j w . he hig lo
NI' '13nI th- In - : i In -t of 'l the 31-1
dreann b woub(1 br1M3in..
113 113 ta ih - h hil XI ig h she~.
hiht h1, 13'' -it.I'I'31 1 i ght of.1I~i
"131 -laMl w henl hr t('heI
'ee Oh heeyuite-is eua
I'velookd fo yo naVturhe,3 hand
dlowne bh .nqul(I" siger,no
tilllint te i'hi 3111lA l he t orlieof a
r(1 th flw n th e a ~. r N-theral andr
thatce wa -ihtc-i Vy v~i0f.
wit heelf n adedn to thensh
- N r herlrexpreare.
''Oh II ll Kttrll hae yot hea
coul ge brath a~Te, b1e.idea
iladen misio a to :apa, m il
i1 to Ma iob \11 In is rtoernir
lethre aatio0 the Conr onqerye
un heu 'da ay'u:*d 4 -ad
week, and is coming here to stay.
What do you think of that? (oing to 4
4tav here with us a whole week."
Keturah rose quickly and then sat
down and began to ply her teedles 1
with desperate energy. She did not i
evenii notice that she was knitting back t
over the same needle.
What do you mean, child?" she
aspe.'d in a voice that she intended to
t'c (alm. " 0How do you know?"
'' by, what -I womnal you are,
-d'ed tle girl. 1 Otne canti't e'vell
ni'~;3ionic missiollary wotrk, hbut y<>t:o
caff into the tidgets. Catch iet, over et'
ting so struck ol charity as talit. Iut
it's true. Yo' brotier-' was at thie st a
tion whett he got off the train , tis
mot iig, atd hle Invited hliml here.
was inl your lrthle's store ti:L d an
hi m, it.. h S just s ilii t " i
aste~lly " Ix :%til Ilugh .n ni , n
earlies h1imsll kt a rtan.': s -he:
Yo ,ur i bother toll ,t to be':ato
aitu let you all khaaa k as n
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . Ia Wo iaarw~' I~ ' -*
li1 a s it s i l h all- I I wI aI
tl f th I a 1 wa e)G
itA 1u i 4 hin. g
--( t a td I etull- .'
u:-. th ' nzht per
:~ni ~your
* our brother asked i
- L Lt . and has a
- . .an1d dIt) oa his work.
S I.mu-t Xook sharp, foIr il ,
tehi there ever was i
11 C sawful rich. even if he ,
n . na y.'he. wa, silent agaiin *.
m1n1 1nt'. tapja1ping her foot S
1.; aet.y aama.Hu!t the rustic work cl
!,t . Thei, site looked at
. :3ah with sulden ittere-t.
SL. aal he t-cl to ive hare when
hwas aI ycun.: tIanI. Did you know
!!mIlm, Mi K etaurah'.' You must be old A
ii u.:hto :emember most every- ii
thinZ.' " 10
. H velit to sclool with brother by
an)d me ," sail Netm ali quietly. Ile be
uie l to live in that heouse across the "1
-treet. I l'lieve he was co1n;sidered a ill
verv iice yungttl maln tien."
": I should tliniik 'o,' scornfully. en
At; anly rate le's tle file.t maln I Im
-var saw. lBut there tle cai. now." Ica
Anil si- huitrried away as Iwo me ci
turned inl the zate anI came leisurely '
up the _,raveI walk toward the house.
" Keturai?'' anal .i e ropse calmly
ainl gaav)e hil li r haii
I. I am lall to 'e y u, (\ hares, , TI
-I): iit it's been a long time since '
vIMi wer'v here."
aY-, a lanl ftimn--- ' Then ,
l:rai-ae btih--d itto thie arbt ad til
boore! hii off to look aM. the 1i 1we i'a r
Thle next ftew dlays Ke-turalh saw
very littie of him. -lorlience haIl him it
it ltage mo0t Of tite time, imakin as
pooreals, andering" ablout thle liebils,
,I on the lalax/at ebtatting iof the deligItts
(of travel anl missionary work. BIut o i
thei tifth day Floirencte was ibhiged to mt
sz a;ue the licv. ChIarles liardien
foundtit is5 way acroitss it lawn to thie
knitting. Shiea.r.e trll imi <iuietly,
ari ituale roomalt for htirn ont the seat
bets i le hert'.a
"a 1 ihavenlt seeni ast much oif y'ou as 1 1)
hopedal,"' he began graveCly, as lie sat a
" es; I ittie beent tryingt to get a
ihtmneet to spleak wit you(1 alotie, but1
thi~ s il y first opporiatunity. I )o you
remem ciiber' (ulr h astI(Oi convesatio -ibe- ~
lore I left?''"
Site ihid no01t answer, butt hter neediesh
began to cliick more11 rapidly.it
"' IItS as i his very') arborii, you r'e
meberti, twety-'.live years ago, I
askeid you to g~o awiay wit h tie, a nl t
you said( thalt yourti faithert was growing
olid nil ieei yOU, and1( thtat it woul et
nt be r'ight to l eavet himt. 1Keturaht
wi y'ou go bacik w~ tih meI no0w? Y'ouror
fathier' is dieadl andi your br iothter'S is'o
vieled lor. NoC oii needs yout liere."
The knitting fell to the grountidun
into her' face. u
" ut I tim 'tt~ing to be atn ohti wo
for'ty'liv and11( yOl ai'e forty- t iree' j list s
lhe samte <ihi feirence betweeni us as
titere ast twenity-live years ago. Will
you go back witht mte'?''"i
liut, still hter coniscience madute her
\\ Wudld not a yountger womtan do
" Viwant you, Ke:rlturtah," Lite
grave VOice gr'owingl rnt' adtedr
"I anltted yout Iw~ently-livye yearst' ago.
I wan'ult you now, I shtall wint you ali
waays. Will yiou go bactk w,,'tith me?"'
". Y*es."*i
AtL the di itner' tabile~ tht eventing the '
li'ev . Char'lets l~irdIeti looked iacrosa
at. ihis hitst.p
" ielieve I bauveni't toldl you, .lohnii,
thatt N eturahl is going back with mie,"'
lie said ctonmpo setdly. 's
" I suffered terribly and was ex- la
tremely weak 'or 12 years. The is
doctors satd my blood was t.il
turning to water. At last I tried ti
Ayer's Sarsaparilia, and was soonI w
feeling all righlt agamn."
Mrs. J1. w. Fiaha, H-adlyme., Ct.
No matter how long you
have been ill, nor how
poorly you may be today,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the
best medicine you can
take for purifying and en
richi ngthecblood
DIon't doubt it, put your
whole trust in it, throw
i away everything else.
C S1.00 a bottle. All drugtits.
A-si a ni'ticar what hie tinksic of Ayor's
old feaar t iy e lt t aniHa abha.ti grand
,o 01 fanIy b e tn. Follow his advico and
'Save the Child!"
That 1is the heattfelt cry of Imnly a
tother Who sees her beloved child wast
.g and fading ldity hy day. SonletileI it's
o late for medical aid to help the child.
It it So weak. so
lacking In staniina
that there Is nto
vantage grotunid of
Otte of the t'esults
of the use of 13,
-- l'iet(t'' Favont
- 1'10801i plion p 2
-. eceditig mat~4e2nity
I Clt v
.'! .... P r
- 1110,h rs t stf
* II A III ,I I t k
'11CI 2:
to tiitr < t<tt
CL1 1 2 ( . I t here- . w lte -2 .
N.i. I hYvu
,Y h t a iid 2. hav t e 1 a 1h
11, vdtl di -. a -)i; which wa.- fa k in nt wa
tt stregth ' .
Free. fir. l'irev' Coiiuton Setse Med
-il A dv r i r s seit free (,n tecteipt of
impsj tll pay* expen,,e ()f maI, ilinig "PiI
'id ! . oelt.- ient St:a: s for the hook in
.11 I'li :I I 21 1l l-- t-IISt A MtI),ll f ,t
Ter cove t ed. Add r es Dr. R. V. l'ie ce
iffalo, N. Y.
No? You don't meatn it'' and John
len looked from one to the other in
:redulous amazemnent. Then lie
se hastily aid shook each of thei
the hand. "I don't suppose it will
any use to object," he said. jocosely,
eturah is of a.;e and knows her own
And from her side of the table ilor
Ce looked across at l\etiur1ah, 11141
id a grimace, aid then Went ol
Imly with her mneal.
lfil i W~iFCli ANID
l<Itt-IN C (.)I1I'I, E-' , .
le Island Of St. Vincelit Mav
Sil< lu1t(I the- SeaW.
A corresjiondent of the Associated
es. hIas Im ade a visit oi horseback to
l dvastat ed listlIct of the islainu Of
,'ineent, during which he traveled
I.y miles an(d 1lnetrated to within
e uiles of .-lufriere crater, and writes
follows of the sitalition
The ash-covered area )f St. Vincent
uveds that of .\ln I iniqup1eI which I he
rrespaidellt has alho explored. The
rpst conservative estiinte (l til- death
te he no(w plaices at I1,7iiH). Abott
inn hjoilies haive2 already1 been1 ini
TI'- en IItire n orthernli parit (If the is
10i is covered with aishies to an aver
e depthI of I s ilnc hes, varyingI fromu
Lthiln layer at I.ingstownl to two feet
mot'e11 at. ( ieorgetown. Tile crops
(e ruill (ed, thiti;g greeni(fl an beC Iee,
I! streets of ( ieorgetownIiI CrheImbe11r
difts, and ashes rest so he iav ily onl
( loofs that in several caIses they
vI cause5(5 thiemi to I)all iii.
There wyill soon1 lbe 5,1 0)0 dest itu te
rsons. II in eedI of assistance fromi thle
vernmilent whiche is already doin lg
CrythIIing possible to rehI eve the siuf
re rs. Tihere areC a h1111ndredI injutred
ople2 ill the hosp11tall ait ( Corgetown~l.
mlgs of men1 l' areaiCr chg for the(
ad or rapidly burllying thleml in
I der the ci rcumsI)tancest is beinhg ac
WVhile thle (oulCtbea of tile volcano
the ilantd of MIartiniique killed miore
opIle oultright, mlore2 teri tory has
enI rulined ini St. V inlcenlt, and11 h1n1ce
ere is g'reater (desti ttion. Tile in
red people were horI iblly burned by
C hot grit which wvas driven a long
it h tremlelllous velocity. TJwenlty
x persons~ who soulghlt refuge ill a
Gil teni feet by) 1 we!lve were all killed.
12 perIson was bratirI-d with Ia hugie
rmle nine10 miles from the (crater.
Rougholinsti areI1 being madt~e to re
ive tihe reminis -, f theC victimils. The
napital I is lied with (dyin~g peopile.
fty inljurit II persons11 are lying oin the
or of' thait bulilin lg, as there areC no
ds for t heir aIccommoda0lltioni, thloughl
t5 arc beinlg ralpidhly conlstruicted of
ards(1. Tlhis and1 siila tr work has1
enI mi pr~ogress sin1ce U11( imeiateiy
ter tile (disaster. TIwo days3 e'lapsedC,
>wever, before thecre were aniy butrIahls,
lie nieg roes refulsed to1 i g thle ncesC
r'y treiiches, thloughl they were of
red~ three timles thle uisual wages by
(e local atthorities. Theil nursesC emi.
oyed atre inicompeitenit, buit, they lare
iin g to leairn in ar1 e h~ working hard.
[Ie negroes are iniff erentl to all that
tranIspirinlg and1( to wihat hals taikeh8
ace. Th~ey e2xpctf to recei ve govern
11n1t raltionls, but1. there halve been Il
meesC whorei ( they haive refused2( to
Iry' their ownl relaiti ves.
It, is est imiatedi that, the( sea 1ha1 enI
0(achedt from ten71 feet to two miiiles5
iang thle Coaist, near ( Ceorgetown, and1(
lit 1a section 011 thet norithl of tfie is.
appa)(rentifly certified b~y tile repor01t oIf
e Fi encth cablheslup P oulyer Quartier,
at souinigs no0w show sevCen flithomns
iem" before the otutbreaik there was
fatthloms of walter.
I Aieutenanit IHenljamllill McI.~ormic (k,
The.Woh i ., Greatest
i ure for Blaiaria A
tA'r all formb of Malarl noion-~
Tons A taint of M alarIal pio
%.g 11 ye ar blood mleanR ii nery and
faulure. Blod'" melic inoiscan'l Icura
Malarial polnoning. The antidlote3
for lts inJOH N4SON'S TONIC.3
Rests jao tst if Catjj.|
tale , resuilt [fe01m lilt Of
("C /M JvmCC''llcI
II iII n I 11 I t tI I t !-if " . 0 14"e . q I I I p I
I (It too II, I". V 1 : 1 h - " , o- 111I
her fooIe It t -I W
presst-d tLar .A
was lio 111 l:t 1A It '.( t t .e
l'otoInac car:.ed '.hes
tle isladil of st. L m'.I
Tho inhabitant Iimamn ihe whie
popil ation as a . 1t-) ain rv -at all
xiouns to know % h cther the Iteos t
the Volcano is permna ntii or wiletlit'
it is tie lhi, whicb IIsua.lly prectle,
a greater parox -stua activity. Sot it
peCople, ant(i iatg t hat Itere is (1ange1c'
of further voeaine cruptitons, are tlav
iug the outlyingZ towis for 1~in-ton.
The negroes wlioe have Iinaieel o)l
the estates are haIf-taived, and t
Carib survivors arc h-avim!: the cavev
andit pillaging ahealicline ciwelijimL
hOuises and shops. A lit ii her i' of al
rests have heen maiI' lit this contiec
tion. Mmn(h o iportanct is attachedl
locally to tle less which the tolony ha
stitained in the injiny to the pt'asant i
property, a ichcie foer the develop.
mtteilt of which was lately inauutirate
by the imp rial gveri'ent.
Advices" reCei Vttl 11r11m ForIt de v
Franie iay\ t ha:t ;1 i ml 1ie c -4 roberyc'
are (ill li' t itere st' at St. j'ierr ;it j
elsewhere. I.cal ineitical tiuarrels at
St. Pi'erre ar' iutrf'-riii with pr-tcti
cal harm miius action. Th.:re al e
;,e ric oe'e- at .1 ct el-rancte and
riotin! is tc.itedc there. IBiwiess at
.St. l'erre ha- ecn Stopped adi money
is se'arIce1.
As tle Coleocial hospital Was foundcel
inaderiuate ti. ac cimi tilledlate thC sutf.
ferers, large arty tetnts have beer
crected for tile use of tie patients whr
are 1bein constatly brenut fron
ct her towns on the i' l und, but ever
these at c-X hiospjitals are c 'ereowdl
eel. 'Te Icecal tdectLois have 1'. re'ini 'e
forced hey a dcctor whoi at iivedl here
from thie islande of G reniaela, one of' thi
I ritishi windw ~~ ard i slande s. Ile br ioug ht
with himit a numbiier'i tel pcat-aLe's oef
mheial supp jl i cs. Thite deathl ratt
among thie Ipeople ini the ihospcitals it
still very high . Onlj all sides ar'e hleare
gra c ful appreciation of the prlompt ale
fiiurnishedI by thie 'nit ed State's, it
.9etuhngli the P otomac with provisueom
ande othler' thIiings for th'le dlest itucte peo3
ple of St. \'ihncent.
Th'le r'eort that thie volcaie t lake
which oCced~eje the I >c eel the mouin
lain has disappeared , apepears to be
contfi rmied. A sea (Cf lauva, em itt in.
suilphiurous fumcies, notw aptpar'ent ly oc
cuiesiC its pelace andc severial inew craterC
have been foermiedl. Th'le last l imto th<
volcano showedc activity, thie cr'aters
olhi and nCw , and( CI numron P fcistt1sunres it
(lie miotinitain sicdes , edischiargedI lic
vapor, <leep sutier'raticani murmuhring'
were heard, (lie grotiund tr'emblled a
t imeIs from thie 'entiierl of the volcano
huige vol cith o f steami arCCse towadi'l
(lie sky and1 a d enise, cimIarren smoitke
mingled with (lie steam, sutetd fr'ort
the new atie active c ra tir, Ior min1)g at
in im ense pall oCveri (lie inrther n hiills
lo weriin g intbo (lie valleys antd theri
rising and spreachntg until it enveclopem
tile wyheh- islaech in! a )e.liar, gra)
mnist. Si mul taiieous aticlon upo c~l (
partlt of t het voCltltcnes oef Alart in iepe
inde Domtinicia antd else where seems t<
dlenote a volteamieI ctnvuilsioni hbetweer
these islatinla at app:ilearls t) verify the
alssumt~ion of' the volcanaic origint o.
the moun itaini chiai 15ns i rig parall e
with (lie Seeufiere in (lie \'i icnI war de iis
It. is excessively hot here, anid th<~
Inorlthlern lills retaini lieir fog'gy ape
pelaace*. The suilphturic vapeors, whIiicl
still exhale all over' the islandl, are in.
creasing thie sic kntess and mortal il
iamoneig the surviving inhlaaiants an
are cusinig sulerittg iamiong (lie newi
arrcivals. Th'le hlospital staff ar'e givmup
way to overwoV: k andultare with <bliciult
beairing upe.
TIhe stenchl in (lie ;ctllictede dhistruictc
is Iterriblle beyond dlesciiptionu. N early,
all (lie huts left statuelintg ar'e fidhec
wvithc ded10( boies. li In Io cases <hs
inifectan ts, ande thie usual Imneanls of edis,
posing (of (lie dead are useless atnl
cremaitiont has becen resoed teo. Whern
i(,is potssible, thec blodies arie dra'i'ggetJ
with ropes to (lie treches and airc
there hastily cover'ed upl, quick Ilime
beeing used witenl a vilable. Many eo
thie dleadh oedies were sC ceeve eed wilth
clust that they wer'e niol dIiscoverl'l
until alkedl on by vi'4itoers ori by the
r'el ieving~ eflieris or1 thieirI assist ants.
Th'le scentes wi tnesseed wvere un pr~Ii, ce
denitedh in (lie hisPtory of tIs ccoloriy.
Another' scheme sillmihiri tel the
"c (Cherr'y Tree"CC a'ff air hats cce e
gr'ief in th~e Sltei eof J'oanI lv.1iia
Tiwoe men~ under thie firmit l-iml eof \'ani
K irk & I ?obblinis st artecd abt C tw->
'nlonths age), what, they called thie
C l'indlless C;haini I 1etterI."' Thel po1(st
(lice edepiartmient sent, a splecIal agent
to \\ilkeshar~re (.0 intvestigate the mat
(cer, antd af.cr (lie ageut made his re.
letters sent to lie dlead letter ofhico andc
gave orders thant the business muirt
cease, over 7(,000 letters wor() Bont
to \\'ashington ande tey contained
over' t810,000 in checks. This con
cern was doIng business all over the
I 1 O,1A 1) (4)i l NI RIO1)N 1it
\ \l\ I 1 41 % tw n 1p l ' nriittI
1t zen of : v t - i n 14 1 1 1% il m
Aeern I ItIlw II .\ hn ( l fAl I Jim4,
:1111 n t , .- el% i ll it he will it (, inl
1114e'tA t 4, 01 ':11 d14 Ctmlinl-ionI er.
iis lIt k2i:i ub it 11n lhiti )ite
11 t 'a *a t n mIi :C. In \\eIra
I 4 i iovv lllt ' ,, 1 fit 4. :lIl It' \tit tte
NIl : A t'In li' ( t'll l it . I
111:11 1 3 I A V%11 '<' :1 a it I <' T4 t h1 t vn
ii''t2 1''<': isv, i~2,t m :412. 2 e xa i tuet
014 1 drra t 'l Ia I rnmenlt, v:. 111 c'; m to v 14
av '. i nil a ha f 11f ( 1 tIbli
s ' lle 'ice nyol. 14 4 ':1 M , I
I nc M r. ; litI ) on* ha h, i a1, c it v
( v! 1 I I, I I I *t ! s - Im 12C ('(it , \:1 I I v
"fwe !1.Ici 1..12"hi , n1 1 N. m 14,111v
- . I q ?? i i I III, I ~ t 1111c
of l't'ne he has to a hot of
I rat s I'11 men .N jiy e . Ill'r tn
ltiev nv 1it 1,9..
his lon , lractical exper-in! : in riOI
rtatI work, lie is regardeil as aln
wVho is pitrtenl IarlyI well litte44l f. r the
lpositioni anil as one whotWil~ o it ~ii.a
rs. Sa G(sillbe r f , who d itieeent
ly at iehtield , Inlind had lived I
thre'e tenuries, eing hrn Nove Nbr
I I, 101. icr a1e is toe ngbly aul
tlentiented, as her faily wals proii
ie't in the town. 11er son, an alder
1na r, presented to ihi 1.1 the hou e
in whiieb Dr. San e te maoh 1 ion was
"It's a bad time
to swap horses when
you are crossing a
hat was Lincoln's famous reply to
tnose who urged him to make a change
gentrals at a critical period of the
Civil war.
LN icolni's salyiIg is worth remembtiier
lig, cspeially when you are asked to
iswtp " Dr. Pierce's Goblen Medical
-Discovery for a b)ootless bargain, de
scribed as " just as good," at the critical
timte when health is at stake.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery is a medicine which has a record of
ninety-eight per cent, of cures. It is an
absolutely reliable family inedicine, non1
alcoholic and nlon-nlarcotic. It always
helps ; It almnost always cures. Why
should any one who is seeking a Cure
for sickness, and is persuaded that the
iscoer" will cure hitn, " swap " the
substance for the shadow at the risk of
health ?
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov'
ery cures diseases of the stomach and
other organs of dligestion and nutrition.
Whant is popularly termed "w ~eak " stoni
gich is the cominon cause of various formus
of physical weakness,--such as "weak "
heart, " weak " lungs, "weak " or slug
gish liver, "4weak" nerves, etc. The
eiitire body andl its several organs are
Idependent for strength upon the food
prep~ared in the stomnach. The "1weak "
stomacth catnnot provide the food
strength for the various organs, which
in their turn becorne " weak " and unable
to accomuphli the work for which they
were dlesignted. "~Golden Medical Dis
Covery' " cuires through the stomiach dis
eases which have their cause in a dis
eased cond~itionl of the stomnach and the
allied organs of digestion ando nutrition,
It enlabtles the p~erfect digestioni ando
assituulation of food by wvhiich the body
is butilt up into a condlitioni of soundl
health. It purifies the blood, driving
out the poisons5 which breed and~ feed
Pre ferred to Die.
"hanve taken D~r. Pierce's (Golden Medical Dis
covery and1( it did mue more good than anything I
cottid gel," writes Mrs. Jttlla A. Wilcox, of Cygnet,
Wood co., Ohtio. Jnx 25. "I doctored with three
differenit doctors for weak hecart, but they didh
1ue no( good. I was so tired and4( dliscouragedl If I
hadl hadi' my choice to live or die I woytiId have
prefer ed to die. My htusbantd hteard of '(Golden
Medvical D iscovery ' and he bought mue a bottle.
I took I bat and41 the first half seemted to help mue.
I too4k six bottles before I stopp~ed. I amt per
fectly well andl am3 cooking for boarders (I havc
six), antd autn taking in washilng besides. I will
truly say I think your toedicine will do all It Is
recoiinionede to do, -id tmore. It has been a
Ciod-sendl to mie. I will be wIlling to answer
an~y letters of imptiry that anly one wIshes mec to.
If yo? u tik this w il be tile means of helpIng
any3 poo4r suff1erinlg womian to obtaIn relief~ you
tualy ptrint it and make any hounest use of it
you wvishi to."'
Was Bedfast.
"I1 had been sick for mnore than n year with
kIdney trouble," writes Mrs. ~Lucy liay ter, of
J acksb oro, Jack Co., Texas. "Several clifferent
octorts treattedl mel, but nlone did( mle any goodl.
One dhoctor snidl I niever could bte cured, thatt I
hiad lBrighit's Disease. I sulffered nleatly dhenth
nt thnes; hlad sptells the doctor called spasmns.
W4.as bed fast mlost of the. timle for sIx tuonths.
My mother begged IIue to try IDr. Pilerce's Golden
Medhicatl Discovery. WithI but little hope I wrote
to IDr iIerce and he said lhe cold cure mne. I
beg~an to take is 'Golden MedIcal DIscovery'
ail lthloulgh I had givenl upj to die, I begani to
impllrovet fronm tile start, amnt bytI the time I had
tiaken twentty-two blotties I was enitirely culred.
I than11k God for the 'Golden Medical DIscovery.'
I welghl mlore thanit ever before in my life, and
believe I am enltirely well."
Dr. Pierce's Cornmon sense Medical
Adviser, containing :oo8 pages, andt over
700 illustrations, Is sent free on receipt
of stallups to defray expense of nmailing
only. Senud 21 one-cenlt stamps for tile
book ill paper cover or 3I cents for the
book inl cloth hinding. Address Dr.
nA V. Pier. n..al, N. V.
' R'i 1 Kl6d Vote 3iive Alvsiyx lIotaglit, and wlhIch as been.
it% u,No 4pf4v :90 yeuars, lors borne to signatturo of
41 111ur 1'en insulo u1ader 14 14 per
nosI4naicarvisi4otn litICo~ itH infancy.
A 6o1w m me to qleni(v'( yoa In thin.
Al11 4 '40'1114 4114 4 n11 14 11 mi $1S ".1 6nst.-Is--gKood stu'm but
n ~''II'nI 4 ii 4hn. 41risto~43 wi nnel 4'uidaisiger the htlittio
113111114 1111411 4'1lh4 s ~ I4I4I44 tiui4; 3 xue' ieit
n'n'*1 qin.i 14 1l I'n u4111 milanilI l'e64 or A(4tNtor Oil, Pare
ft-ll Wb 14 111' . 114 1 4 1 l its. Ne I -is it yrs t. I3, i I4'-4'a4tr1Vit.. ' 1L
li l '- t1 1. ' ' i i f Itfenrat e . . vo . s i estroy" W orV.m s
', h' 1 .'14%,<f '1414h1111i 'I'r nl4144 , en e )111111o-1 k ii patiou
i l 1.4't 414T 4 It In fil TS-40111 4114' 4.1 s, re4g t11a.e tihm
VTI 4hib14III' l'4 is' 1'1t4 1114% 140'041 i4ts3' I''rI111i.
Boars tho Sigunturo of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
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and Oils. Agents for Jno. W. Masury's F N
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Railroad Colors.
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on the Maricet. ." ,**Cold Water Paint Is
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Phaetons and Wagons
At an Absolute Sacrifice!
Uniitil onlr 8 ockis n-eud2(.1. I 100't t~take our1 wordl for it, bu41t eoine and~ see for' your.
HIa rneOss of a1 kiil at1221. cost. We caurry I Ie Babhoek , (Courtlanid, ''yon &
Joes :nil vari ng oI.heir Iinakes4 of IlInggie4, &c. a1s stricE lii (i rde Wa2*4*~fgons*, the
Studebatker a14I n~4I I eher;a. eben. peri grade he .it Jven-*4m- 'I'.V.~ 211( ( u ait.oog
Now 1*s the' bes:t see('4on1 fo r *4ellintg veIhielos o f aHI kind nel 1'14 m-e go!lg to II! out.
part'1, profit or1 no prolit,.
*4Th sea 3 fori Mtte a4'* l I1111Iorses* is4 preltty well over bu we have' a few bvlargali n
*yet. Rlemmber, we' paa1lno hionIse renit or clerk hire, own on1 r owni repos~itory aind
do onr' own w~*wk. We will self6 athin iig we have for (ensh1 or1 good1 paper. PolIte
amiil kii treat21 mlentl to tal. When~i ini Green11viIe comie and14 see iis. W.a are alwvays
gid to *44ee the1 people14 whetheiir I heyI, wi*4h 6.4 .my or' not4..
C'o1rr Court, l iiie andiE .I:ack21Ioni4' Str .s (1 IE EN VI LiL, S. C.
WiH-i ETP & C O.,
We44 hin1 ll kinds111* of
to411 li h thel wor'k.
If y,4*m 1)4ed MnyIi1ig in o ar line' a ji'tail (1ard willh (411r addr6ess wvill brigf lll
withl designs and11 pIcIe4s to voorli hlome, We'613 bnY i 1(m- 1 1111 ' -1 g i n ah lmast
p1wi0's. 4-it)N F'EN6 ING A Ni) 4 OP)IIN(J HMI' . IA Il~ a gieth ows
YouriIs for 4Ir:14le,
WVII JIT E & CO)., A H dersNOn, 8. 0.
0011tr'actor alld ililer'Atre tL
PPickens, S. 0.
WM. P. (JAIblIOUN._____________
Atl oriney a16 I :1w,
1.13 West fotrt Mt. G Iu::varj,~*' rnooer G'CIVII. .
Pracice ii 111 I,~ 04111,1 SOalicod dovor are' Drug Store

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