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eople's Journa
SDAY, MAY, 29, 1902.
. cal and Personal.
notice of election as
- ary at Central.
Dr. W. F. Austin, Dentist, wi
be-in Easley June 3rd and 41
--A notice of election of scho
,trustees Easley school district 19
18 to be held June 10th apppea
in this issue.
-J. J. Hemphill, of Cheste
candidate for the United Stat
Senate was in Pickens Mondt
and.Tuesday meeting the peop
-Editor J. L. 0. Thompso:
wife and little daughter left Moi
day to attend the State Press A
sociation at Georgetown.
-Dr. W. M. Norwood and wi
spent Sunday with the family
Capt John Ferguson.
-We acknowledge receipt of v
invatation to the Sixth Anniu
Commencement, Clemson Colleg
June 6 to 8.
Reports from various sections
. the county indicate that the cro
are quite promising, though rai
is generally needed,
-Executive committeemen froi
the various clubs are urged to I
at Pickens the first Monday i
June, pursuant to notice publisl
-H. A. Richey, Miss Ola Ricl
ey, Mrs. J. L. 0. Thompson an
daughter, Mrs. Amanda Freema
and Miss Eva Earle left Monda
for the exposition.
-Sloan Hagood, col, died at hi
home in Pickens last Tuesda
morning 27th inst, aged about 3
years, aud was buried the day foi
lowing at Cold Springs church.
-L. 0. Mauldin, who for th
past two months has ben takin
special work in a hospital o
Blackwell's Island, Now York
came hotne Monday for the holi
day season.
- -The Summer School for tencl
ere will opon at Pickens on Mot
day, June 16th. The exercises wi
probably be held 'n the scho<
house. Prof, Dominick of 1li
Easley Graded School will be ti
-The Pickens Railroad schedul
has been changed so that the laE
train arriving in Pickens durin
the day reaches Pickens at 7?15 1
m. instead of 6.40. This change i
made in order to conforn to chana
on the Southern .
-There will be a lawn party a
Liberty, on the school houis
- grounds Thursday evenmng May 21
beginning at 7 o'clock. The lad
ioee will make special effort to hav
an attractive eveming of entertain
ment and the public is cordiall
-A nice, orderly game of bas
ball was played on the Picken
diamond Friday afternoon, Ma
23rd, between the Central ani
Pickens teams, resulting in a seor
of 6 to 0 in favor of Central. Th
visiting team played good ball an'
io did the Pickens boys, but Cen
tral got in the lead from the begin
sing. It was a good game, wit
besed by an interested crowd.
Kauley Cotton Mill Annual meeting.
The annual meeting of the stook
holders of the Easley Cotton Mili
was held May 17th. All the oi
Acers were reelected and a send
i nual'divided of 3 per cent wa
declared. An issue of $10 ,00,0
additional stock was authorized.
*President Geer went north abot
the 20th Inst to buy the necessar'
m'achinery, and the mill, who
pompleted, will be a 25000 spindl
The President's annual repoi
W'au most satisfactory and til
earnings show that this milli ea
cole anything in the south all c
.which is gratifying to stockhio.
sra and peop~le generally an
Speaks well for the excellent mar
We are having a dry spel11. Ti
1tecords show rain as followe
~March 28-29, 2 inches, A pril 7t1
* inch-, April 17th i inch, May is
~ '*inch, May 16-17, *A inch. W~
fnd there has not been a thorong
season since March 29th. \M
have have had several light shov
e but they have soon dried up.
3. C. O'Dell, of Rome Ga., vis
ted hi. father. A. O'Dell, last wee
the latter is still confined to h
Mr. J. 1. Hendricks and M]
" ahoo, his son -in-law, of Texa
silted the exposition last wee.
the second trlip for Mr. Hendrick
Miss. Mary Ann. Hlallums di4
the 20th inst, and was buried tI
d'y following at the family buri
,Commencements are the ne;
~hag in oriler and are you goir
,te attend this or that commneno
letithe question passed aroun,
'The little of the roads that al
lett ere very dusty at present.
Zely, but not by any meal
least, su~d don't you forget it;
T~here will be a lawn party<
th school house grounds at Libe
lyThurvsday evening next, begil
is e7 o'lock, p. mn. Some
Seladies will serve ic ecrea!
hta is MaIt.ins
[ Mala.
Mrs Fude Underwood of Ga., is
visiting ber sistor Mrs. Art Rob
All day singing will be hold at
Golden creek 1st Sunday in June
to Every body come and bring well
filled baskets. C
II Mica.
h Mrs. Ellen Looper is very low
with pneumonia. Dr. Ponder is
doing all he can to gave her life.
11 He is a young, but 'good physician
0. and we wish him every success.
re Mrs. Joe Gillespie and two child
ren, accompanied by Lelon Gilles
r, pie visited relatives and friends V
3s here last wook. They returned
Y home Tuesday at East Fork, N. C. E
e. They don't come often and we on
1 joyed their visit very much.
A. Crops are looking very well thro'
3, this section at present.
Wild Roso.
Miss Leo Stephons and Mrs. J.
Cannon. of Atlanta, ar tiro Ouests
of Mr. A. W. Steph3ns.
ey Mrs. C. G. Rowland and family il
are visiting friends and relatives a
of in Newton, N. C. if
') Sam Warnock, of Greenville, c
was in town yesterday. p
B. F. Parsons, of Liberty, has h
n been agent here for th past week a
e in the absence of Mr. J. R. Falls. I
n Mr. John Wyatt who has been C
- quite ill for sone time is improv
ing. k
i- Mr. Walter Parrott is visiting S
d relatives in Pickens.
n Mr. E. Whittier and son were in sc
y town for a few hours yesterday. al
Mr. J. R. Falls spent last week n<
.8 in Greenwood. g(
Y Mr. H. C. Crawford, formerly "
o operator here has been promoted J
to Seneca. Mr. 1-. Boggs of Cal- '
hotin takes his place and Mr. A.
c Werner who has been stationed at is
Easley is night operator. ti
There were no services at the
4 Presbyterian church Sunday, the
pastor Rev. T. C. Potter being ao
quite ill at his homo in Greers,
Mr. H. C. Crawford of Seneca, I
spent a few hours in town Sunday. y
The Central Base Ball team fu
crossed hats with the Pickens team i
on the lattemrs diamond F'riday af- '-j
ternoon. The game resulted in a gr
score of 6 to 0 in favor of Central. fa
Oolenoy. su
g Crops aro lo3king well in this y(
' section. au
A Mrs. IJames Corbin who lives n
near Pumnpkintown is very ill. Dr. tb
t lolt is attending her .a
Mrs. M. Hendricks and dlauh, E
ter. Miss Lenora, returned fronm SC
'Texas last week. Pt
e Mr. Joe H . Keith, of Table ~
.Mountain, who joined the navy a
yfew months ago is now on his way n
to Manila.
e The potato bug is givir~g the
e people some trouble in this part. ar
With that exception gardlens are ti
j doing well and we hope to soon be is
e supplied with an abundance of veg- h<
a stables-.s
3 There seems tobe a pretty fair di
-crop of fruit in this part. ar
-fThe Sunday School at Oolenoy vc
is among the best in the county, to
The people are taking a great in th
terest in it. tn~
A Sunday school was organized lI
at Bethlehem school house last
a Sunday with Maj. G. M. Lyneci c
" as Superintendent, Maj. Lynch
-is also F'uperintendent of the Hiol
9lv Springs and will attendl one in
tIhe morning and the other in the
fteroos.H is a most ealrnesto
worerin hechurch andl Sund~ay t
Schools atnd no doubt much goodr
will be accomiplish ed at both pla
e ces under his care. 91
Some of the good peoplie in this
part ought to take summer hor1 rd,
eers. Now would he a good time t
Sto advertise as the people in the
lower part of the state are looking
out for a nice place to spend the
dhot months and we are suro the
'upper portion of Pickens county la
oan't be beat. S di
To the Churches for the Twelve Mile -
CRiver Association.
Dear Brethron: The Twelve '?
Mile River Association last year
had a missionary in the field, that ~
h worked in the nmountai n section of P
the association and from Is report ti
did good work in a needy field, so
much so they appointed an Cxecu
tive commifittee to cai ry on the
work this yeoar, consisting of G.M.
.k Lynch, S. H. Brown and Rev. B.'
SHolder. So far they have not re
ceived any funds for carrying oni
the work. Thoey apinfted Rev. j1
a. f,. M. Lyda to do one months
C, work at a very important station m
a. which he has done and got no pay' t
~d for it.
e WVill the churches scnd us up $20 is
1l to pay for this work, he writes he cr
has dine the work and is very et
ct needy.
We do not itend to appoint a'd
3. missionary on credit, so it the o
churches want the work done they ci
must send money in adtvance. n
Some think we do not need a
missionary and it is for lack of 2
knowledge of the field. There al- 0
ways has been a need of mission
in work in the Twelvo Mile River
r- Association and always will be.
ii- Brethren let us examine ourselves I
of anid se5e if this "knowledge of no 1
a1. missionaf'y need'' don't comte from
a Want Of missinnaety anWl~ o.. I
vord of God or 0le our works
vould be iquito diflerent. What
nan is there that is so unbusiness
iko that would not let his money
ut for a hundred fold and yet that
s just what God has promised,
one hundred fold more in this
vorld and in the world to come
ternal life." If we believed
hat, God's treasury would never
ie empty.
B. Holder.
A Visit Home. Crops and111 Things In
Mr. Editor: If you will allow
no space inl your valuablo paper I
vill ever recollect you, also try to
ivo you a few dots out of tow,,.
I have just returned from a
hort stay in the country and old
tome, iother and friends. Wel I
t was a del ightiul trip and overy
iody was pleasait smilej sloWinhg
hair well Pleased )rosl)octs for
le commg crop or crops, all in -
[ications )Ointing to a full crop
ield. Thoug h the farmers are
ieeding rain to mako the seeds
Om1o up on the red stiff ilnd,
otton) - J')oking the best (so old
irmers say) for the ine of year
l is for mllor tlhlan ten years past
t the same time. Corn that is up
i looking well and in a growing
ndition. Ther is more corn
lanted this year or season thanl
as been planted according to the
mount of acreage since freedom.
am speaking of the part of the
iuntry lying between Pickons
Id Slabtown ill Anderson county.
'heat is not as |good as I have
en tho' sei fields are better
an others. Wheat land should r
) .roken deep, fertilized well,
wed early and harrowed good t
id smootie, and then if it (os
> get up very high it will have a I
)od1 heat, well filled and can be ti
ved much better than if it was y
st half put in by just sowing s
id plowing in o1e way. h
Oats are a failure, though there
a good many sowed, caused by .
e dry weather and late sowing. r
I attended Ole Mt. Airy Debat- s
g Society last Saturday night g
id it was sure well worth going '
hear. Well they have a ton of '
n at their meetings som of tile
-hest jokes and hard boiled facts g
u ever heard of. They had a
11 house and running over Sat- r(
day night. Tie subject was:
Iosolved that the pen wioids a h1
eater inilueneo over the human e
mly than the sword.'' Tl ey
tndled it very well, yon would 0 t]
rprised Mr. Editor, I expect if
>u were to hear those old farmers
id sons of farmers talk, they are a
> the seedy old farmer of two or 11
ree generations ago, but they 14
'e woll posted in their cOuntry v.
issip (pertaining to tihe farm) al- a'
kope up very well on their news
pe rs.
Trhe country people are delight
[ with the naail delivery. They b
y it sayes so much time and that e
ey get their paper before the a
nys gets old. I
WVell, I supplose the candidates s
id the preaclhers will have at good lh
mue this summer for I think there 0
more young chickens and old ti
mns in the country than I ever
wv before and I believe candi- r,
Ltes and preachers get the best - e
id tile pick of the lot. Then y
>to for who they please and go c'
meeting when it &uits them anid 't
at is every dlay and night wheni s
ere is protracted meeting in the a
igh borhood.
The public road from the R. R. g,
Dossng on the Southern between t
ckens and Easley to tihe Ander- i
ni line has just completed by t
rk with convicts. The road has i
en widened and is in first class 0
'nditlon. I think Piclkens counl- (1
has tihe right men now on tihe
ad work. T1hie people will doL h,
ill to keep them in office as there f
eonlly a fiiw 11en1 that under. p
and~ worhing roadls,
Enough for the present and
tanking you for the space in your
dumnlis, 1 am 5
Bill. *
Cotice of' Elect ion or Schiool 'iTrustees. I
P.ursuant to a spcial act oIf the Legi- a
ture of South 1Car' huin, approved 1 9th
iy of February, 1900, thore willt be0
1ld anl election, in Easley School D)is
ict No 13, for threo (:g) 'Trustees to
'ive two yeare, said election to ho0bel
the towni of Easley the 10th day of
inc 1902, tho samot bieing the second
niesday ini Juno3.
J. M. Jamesoin, C. T. MaIirhin and WV.
'. Ford( illh act aIs Manaiigers of Electioni
oils will be openU from 8 o'clock a. im.
II 4 o'clock p. im.
J. E. Robinson.
C. N. Wyatt.
Wt.C. Smith
County of Pickons.
By J. B. Newbory Esquire Probate
WVherea, J. P, Smith made suit to C
e to grant him Letters of Admninistra t
mi of the E'state of' and effects of W. M. e
TIhoeso are therefore to cite anud admni.
hi nll iind singular the kindred and
edito s of tho said WV. M. Sn.ith decear.,
I, that they lie and appear hofore m1e,
the Court of Probate, to bo held at
ickens Court IHouse, 8. (O, on the 5
uy of June 1902, af ter publication hero
, at 11 o'clock in the foreL eon, to shliow
m150 if any they have, why the said Ad
inistration should not bo granted,
(liven under my hand and seal, this
) day of May 1902, in the 120 year (
four independonco,
J. B, NE~WBEld.
J. P, PC,
Trhe frionds of Chief Justice Mc
ver everywhere wIll be glad to
earn that there' has been no~ change
or the worse in his condition aince
tls rettrn fr~ont ISaltmerQ AomQ
yaaka ada
o or Three Yenr Ol1 liteenanmiend
eel to the Ordinanry l.'aruer.
In regatrd to tilo age l' apple trees
for pin iitinig, tlie horticuiturist of the
Caidianl Farm sa ys talit two or
three year. ()I trees ar, ts genra
rtile, t Ito liuvst sat ator y ki Id to
p)hltit, as 'whenl they are olerl thanI
briee years growth is ;S) ciC4e'k el and
he trees s, sttIIIuNh1 by tran splan liting
htt It 1i niot at IIlI deslirable to plant
It I
W0o- '.In - 0T T Al- 'ri-n:r: - YT . n - O I
'LI.:'Eriu::: MA i ,41W Low il A Al'
Folt 1'iCUNIN1.i n '1 i::. I
10em w* hen they are so obl. turt her
lore, tle reiight or expr. will Ile
ss on smialler If !''w nldict b
's aire desired, they inv . :;t 1-v lantedi
'len 011 yeari' ol, if th..o growh is
trong, and cuit bimek to the de'sired
eight, lealving only the h;:no tem
The ordinary arimer, 1 vver, w ho
mly not give hIs tree; riu !b atteti ii).
1qulri'es a tree two or thiv yinrs ()d, (
> that it may caslyv bie seen if le
rows other niwt in it, orchard. i
'rees should he iweured fromni ,'lin
le nlurserytnenl, as it Is in.1ruprant to
aive theirn true toA 1anw14 aInd wel i
Inped. It will ay to et the highest
rade of' tree.(s offe-red. .R-unted, unl
inpely tre: will never gIve the samie
'stilts as healyli, stratiilit ones.
The two or thiree year ole tr-is siotid
aive tie hes wll foiii irmd when re
)ived frolin the nurIIsorynlian. The best.
tend consists of' a centrti leader, wit i
irce or four side brancos rising al
ritely from the trunk. If the (I
ranches are opposIte, it roteh is form
J, an(] when the tree is Ieavily liiden
branch may ie easily broiken. It Is
ot always )Ossible to get a central
'ader', and the next beost top Is one
ith from three to five br'anches rising
Ltornately' from thie mini trunk, formI~
g a symmetrical head. f
Oatri na re)N.
Onts and1( Canlada field peas imake the
est gr'eeni crop to follow clov'er. Gen
'ally it Is advisable to matke tlhree
)wiings, the first asn eai'ly as possible
the spi'ing, Apil 2m to 25, uand the h
?conid and thli'd fiten toi thiruty (days
ter. One and one-hallf bushels each
the oats and( pens is thme uisual 1: uan
ty to the aere. They iLuny bioth he
iwn br'oadcaist at the samlo time after
te land Is plowed and thioroughly lhar
iwed in with a wheel barirow. Somer
>w the peas8 first, cove'rinig with a
heel harrow, then sow the Oats anid
>veri with an Acme or similni' biai'row,
his mIethlod, howeveir, is hiardly' nece's
try. Thei f1rst sowing w'ill lie reatdy
)ouit June 23, and1( cutting shiould be- y
in as soon1 as the oats show the head14. 1
he average yield from the first sowi'ng ej
Sten tons to the acre(. T1he yld from
o second andl~ thirid 'sowings is not
kely to be0 as heavy, as the crop man
ireCs mOre (quickly during the WVarmi
'eather. Outs and pens will remaIn
iconditloln to be cut Cot' tenl to twelve d
nys. TIhae av-erang cow 'lll consmne s
xty to eIghty pioundts datihy utili the
>Od becomest tougih 0One-thlird to one
air acre wil~l funni i ufliot foddei'r
yr teni cows fur twelve danys.-Haltchl
tation, Mass.___
A Favorlte Lefttue.
Nothing can lbe 'laIimedl ftr th Ile black
'eded TIennis Ril lettuce oii thle scor'e
novelty, but inuchi as i'ega rds mer'iit.
:ihas beenCi ai favoitoe'l i'ri'ty fr manyi ll
yars, is exteiniey gron forl mar 111iket
nid Is aliso one of thie best kinds for t
>rvt ardens Th'ongpat
eInAto form.~ Te heas iareL lag
driooter gthanelS thosie oI thge nhte
icded varti'et, a do ofe matre at C
wo weieslaer. Thoini alleaveths 4
arooth art frrely i iver shadverd ithl
rumple11( solCambd eri' tholied )
eholeraoanorm.rrhhe headmeyai'e laarsr
old raooser tha utllof cofte w itga
hane itietyold v btte ofitr abotr
ayvo treshlaer. tho leavld gof nofar
hret, nrd rhyare it ork saga ithis
Nori-H Lo. Pofps T lymuth
Ihavirser e r aiitlbl' toll kop o with
hi'drt hork wi'.hout lofsinge asngl suayr
lime, it. u sold keep botto -f yethis
timd iniu~ yourii hO 50( Ily (ah av
All Col i4y Oflices, eich, - $5.00.
.1.ag istra tes, -- "2.50.
AI I llier olliees, " - 5.00.
Tlle laov priecs aro invariably IN
MRf CONGill-:S.
Seey:m"111(,'0 INiyself a can11didate
"4'Zl nli i ' Ii . -si t I he Third, S.
'., io~m sbo Io teartion of the(
emlocr.:.1.- IIgo, 4pproacwhing"1
'runn.. J. Stribling.
Ii I I I n\'
I I I. I' vI 8v Iii I )eii
VC~ hou ~11~11 S c ~ 11ii 1i* i t ! ap
t'it' t.1 1i .i1i ': 11 i i : i lt t ft )' r
' b t I I I ' iin
hI Itt V v I - I V I i :111 I t
"iil i' fr -*: l 1: h n o
e Ina i , Pa: - II volll. tvi ,
le Ip rvl w hin !c- lit z y.
I I I1-: -I' I
i vherii 111). ite niy cam l, fol
i-t;' i 1 sih iltlus(e o ll Ir ' 111
Jn nl o flc'ciitici .l t .\ hiire iinton(j~
mi I on ul-i I II t al I i I I lik
r'' i . I I' I I rT li
A 1 1) 1a,111 .
1Teo fri d 1! t . \. ( N 1W lr r r
eI uhy o n) him :( i .. ii . .
Vel 1( 1)I~ V Iiii In I I I t
r ty hWNis . I
-k iniy i . eto e a F r
PI Itr v h - I IIs Iy i
T I ea to I I i \ n IIo
liB - 8 .\iZCu o .
'i int. v l u t - - ~l~i
ar1' y Ciiin o
nI ), S- C I
r ' re - v I -
n to our linc of
t u !1i s. A com--~
S s, 1-. iens, with
ne of lain and
Ce of linen
. :'1and out
C- Ti ';y3 (e
- i m' mn
1 a s: : il Fnd
)C to v .00
b orth oav
2e j~~k
.3..'-' -
1)-1. .
DMO I [11" h/t
DressGon:foweb n
) le Iin ( )Inc andes,
ancy \hit (;oods;. \,
hat we. carried mver fr-(.! A !.
Shimetscomingo inl every da,
hey .'. I1Wy the BATTILE. ANE;u
hc IM ...Se ouW CCIebad su
md 11i.a \,i rlowe ;.oo Shoe for wom,-)
Clothing! Clot
\\r .m v a .:o; d a lie of CiL)TI
nynV~h-re. .,uIits Irom 5y.m ol and (I
a ,i m . 01 i wh rIr
icil o mm a l fd
We iry to Carry Ev
( 1 u \n, th~
* d
tave lift':d [hJ: yoke of hii i l
M\Iiss I lahe has just returne'd Irom th
vhere she' purcha1~sedI a larg oj (Hom1 1:
arger(: townI . \\( ('PCIU c r il. in h V i
eitt styles at I r ry low pr 'a.
ou3 c to I a ll n seeus
\\ *. Vt
Ho; shos, Spde, mk
Hok,.lttes Plow an P lw tc
Mahins an auntur ofa kidr
A N ice, New, Clean Sto
Anythin g # and
Ablot a I tomel or; Far

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