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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULDIN, - -- - Editor.
W. LEsr>s1 MATIHENY, - Bus. Mgr.
Rntered at the Post Offce at Pickona as
second-class matter.
Subscriptloi, $1.00 a Year.
T1HIUIRS ) A Y, JUNE 5, 1902.
How a good rain would help !
Fiold plaits are not sufforing so
much but gardens are almost gone.
* * *
The Clonmson Board of Trustees
met June fourth, and some inter
esting devolopments are expected.
* **
Political talk is beginning to
brighten up, and the prospects are
that the usual number of candi
dates will be in the liold.
* * *
If the wheat crop continues to
frazzle, and rains begins about.
harvest time, it will hardly bn,
worth the trouble of gathering.
* **
The Charlostin Exposition is
over and many availed (themnsohes
of the opportunity to see it to their
Tuesday June 3, was Jeffterson
Davis' birthday. Days liko this
one are not fixed in the minds of
the )oopio as securely as they
should be.
The Boer English war is over.
The Boers have fought- long and
stubbornly for their liIberty and the
war has cost EIgland an enor
mous outlay of treasure b.sides the
lives of many soldiers. Even as it
is, England's victory is not so
great a victory after all-they won
the light because of the overwhel
ming numbers and resources, but
the glory is with the floors.
Among the many recent eviden
ces of scientfiic advancement has
been the invention of a machine
for weighing thought. This in
strument while doubtless a com
plicated arrangement is so simpl e
in principal that it appears at once
to the mind us being the ultimate
results of logical reasoning along
scientific lines.
It is a physiological law that in
the human organism in a normal
condition of activity that part which
is most active has the greatest
amount of blood supplying it; so
that the tissue may go on with itE
functional metabolism, Eg. The
stomach in digestion, the brain ii
intellection etc, and it seems that
in proportion to an increase in th4
activity of a part there as an ap
proximate increase ini the amoun1
of the blood supplying the part.
Now this machine wvhich has
caused considerable talk amongf
scientific circles consists of
broad board the length of a mai
arranged on a fulcum so that eaci
side is in equilibrium.
A man is placed on the platforn
or board and stretched out an<
securely fastened so as to be im
movable and not to jar the mach
line. Tihe man is absolutely calr
and the scales are adjusted Il
When this condition is obtaine
light reading miatter is held befor
the person in the balance an
he is made to read. So soon I
the brain becomnes active the scal<
are Immediately tilted to the sii
on which the head is. It seenl
that in proportion to the increas
in intensity of the thought il
greater the tilt In the scales, f4
when the man is given a hal
mathematical p)roblem to work 0
in his head the lever is weight
still further down on the side <
which the brain is, being eviden
ly caused by the increase ini tl
amount of bood in that organ as
result of more intense thinking.
This instrument may never
of much practical value but irt
lustrates the fact that sciti
men are alive to the conditio
which surround thorn and th
they are diligent in their efforts
investigate the great truths pt
taining to the respective scienc
and that they are willing to ha
their thoughts weighed evi
through it be not done by
method so practical as that of
invented machine.
George Sobab a well known Germi
citisen of New Lebanon, Ohio, is a ao
seant reader of the DaytIon Voiks
tung. He knows that this piaper aims
advertise only the best in Its' column
and when he saw C'hamberlain's Pai
l3ulm advertised therein for lame b,aol
be3~ did not hesitate in buying a bottle
11 for bie wife, who for eight weeks ha~
suirered with the most terrible pains
her back and uould gtno relief, a
says: "After using i*ii ain Daim for
few days my wife wuai to ine, e.t feel
though born anew,' and before usin
the entire contents of the bottle the un
bra)epains had entirely Yanished an
#1d oolagain taike rp her househol
dies."' He is very thankful and hope
that all suffering likewise will hear c
- aa wonderful recovery, TIhis valuabi
.eent iefor sale by 0. W. Earl
It is repotd in the nlewspape
4s.atohes tbati Snator Tillma
~5loppose the oonarmationc
~toter HEti. of Qhatrlestoi
gVuotit bat be is a o rpI
Columbia, Tuesday, June 17.
Carnden, Wednesday, June 18.
Chosterfiold, Friday, Juno 20.
Bennettsville. Monday Jund 2
Bishopville, Tuesday, Juno 2<
Darlington, Wednesday, J'no 2G
Floronce, Thursday, June 26.
Maron, Friday. June 27.
Bonway. Monday, June .30.
Georgetown, Wednesday, July 2
Kingstree, Friday, July, 4.
Monak's Corner, Monday, Julj
Manning, Tuesday, July 8.
Sumpter, Wednesday, July 9.
Orangeburg, Thursday, July
Bamberg, Friday July 1.1.
George's, Satuday. July 12.
Charleston, Tuosday, July 12.
Charleston, Tuesday, 15.
Valterboro W1'od. , July 16.
Beaufort, Friday July. 18.
Hampton Saturday, July 19.
Barnwell, Tuesday, July 22.
Aiken, Wednesday, July 23.
Edgofield Thursday, July 24.
Saluda, Saturday, July. 26.
Loxington, Monday, July 28.
Newberry, 'uesdav, July 29.
l,iurens, Thursday, .July 31.
Grooe,ville, Friday, August 1.
Pickens, Satu rday, Aug. 2.
W1'alhall a, Monday, Aug. 1.
A u(lereon, 'I'Uesda.V-; Aug. 5.
A hbevil lo, Friday A ug. 8.
Grnwood, Saturday, Aug. 9.
1"1ion, Tuesday, Aug. 12.
Spartanbu1rg, WVed,, Aug. 141
C a tffney, Th a rsday, Aug. 15.
Yorkville, Saturday, August 16.
I,aneaster, Tuesday, Aug 19.
Chest'r, Wednesday, Aug. 20.
'Winnsboro; Thursday, Aug. 21.
s-rA'i :.,
Sumter, Tuesday, June 17.
Orangeburg, We.d., June 18.
Bamberg, Thursday, June 19.
Georges, Friday, June. 20.
Charleston, Saturday, Juno 21.
Walterhoro, Monday, June 23.
Beautort' Wednesday, June 25.
Iampton, Thursday, Juno 26.
Barnwtll, Saturday, Juue 28.
Aiken, Tuesday, July 1.
Edgefield, \Vednesday July 2.
Saluda, Friday, July 3.
Lexington, F'aturdoy, July 5.
Newberry, Fuesday, July 8.
Greenwood, Wedneaday, July 9
Abbeville, Thursday, July 10.
Anderson, Friday, July 11.
Walhalla, Monday, July 14
Pickens, Wednesday, July 16,
Greenville, Thursday July 17.
Laurens, Friday, July 18.
Union, Monday, July 21.
Spartanburg, Tuesday, July 2'
Gaffney, Wednesday, July, 21
Yorkville, Friday, July 25.
Chester, Saturday, July 26.
Winnsboro, Tuesday. July 29.
Lanchiester, Wednesday, July 3
Camden, Thursday, July, 81.
Chesterfield, Saturday, Aug.
Bennettaville, Tuesday, Aug.
.Bishopville, Wednesday Aug.
b Darlington, Thur'sday, Aug. 7.
Florence, Friday, Aug. 8.
Marion, Saturday, Aug. 9.
Conway, Tuesday, August 12.
Georgetown, Thursday, Aug.]
Kingstree, Saturday, Aug. 16.
Monck's Corner, Trues-, Aug.3
Manning, Wednesday, Aug.
Columbia, Thursday, Aug, 21.
European (Grapem In the South.
-Tihe United States Iiports ev~ery y<
a large quantities of Eiuropean grail
a which are sold mostly for table use.
was believed that some of these vi
dties could be grown in the south, i
to test the matter a number of pin
e ings were made there three years a
d These grapes fruited one year ago, :
L5 the inidicationls are that somte of tihe
as rieties will be f<fand valuatble for
le markets. ___
liwBref Mention.
Se It is estimated that there ar 25,1
lacres in olives In CalIfornin.
3r 11razil has demlonlstralted her enp91
rd ty, unlder favornile coniltions, to
i't ply the wvold( with eolYee.
3d Speed the 1)low and be surie to p1
)In plenty of corn1. Youi will need it
t-before' the0 year Is gone, remarks Sou
ern Cultivator.
a A M1%sissippinnl who has1 trIed c
savnf wlih greait success reomii
it hleartily. It alford1s abundantr
ebenpi food for swine, hlorses, shieepi
hO I'ennuits mlake anl excellent hay
nsB whenl planIted not1 exceeding eight ini
ait es apart Inl thle row tihe vines gr
to upright anzd ennl be readily cut witi
~r- mower.
es Aisiko clover is a plerennial, and
ve it will cover tile ground by tile ti
that red clever has lunl Its cour~se,
a -_ _
My little son had an attek of who<
mug ougih and( was thlreatened with pi
umonia; but for Oh"mberlaiu's Cou
Remedy we would have had a serk(
time of it. It also saved hhn from si
anl oral attaoks of oroup.-.-H. 3. Striokfi
fl- en, F'or Mal by 0. W. Earle.
s, The suggestion is tundo that
in the event of Senator MciLaurir
%, resignation Ooy. McSween
lwoulid appoint Col 3. A. Hoyt
d Groonville to 11l1 the vacancy,
noy Cure. Thorn~ a irmay I
e l4ow is the time to provide yourse
e and fatnily wikh a bottle of Chambi
lain's Colic, Cholera and D)iartho
Remedy. It is almost certain to be blee
t ed before the summer is over, and
ti procured now may save you a trip
4f town it) the night or In your busest so
uon,.LIt Is everywhiere adm4tted to I
t 9 netstitsoesteii.ne i use I
PrIneipfnl warletteN and Iteglonw to
Which They Are Adapted.
All n'acroni wvhents are extremely
sensitive to changes of soil and cli
mate. This will account for certain
* peeuliarlties in the (lualIty of the grain
that have already been noticed by
growers occneionally in this country.
Grains partially soft and white are
fromn crops grown either lnder danp.
er, cooler "on(litionlts or in pilaces where
- there is coinlratively little uitrogen
in the soil. The req(uisite conditions for
ft perfect gruin ar:t 3 blaclk prllirle solI
and short, hot~ d f)) Aumllers. On, the
whole changes of eCtnate appear to
have a greater effect than changes of
soil, but if the soil becomes almlost hle
reft of humus the graint shovs the of
feet plainly by becoming more opacine
and whlte becituse of the preponder
ance of starch. If In this case the cli
mate is at the same time arid. the
grain remains rather hard, but simply
because of its dryness. If the soIl is
black and rich anld the c"llmlate too
moist, there is consideraile discolora
tion, and black ends may show them
selves. Two or three good rains are
euillelent to mature t crop. Otherwise
the drier and hotter the better, while a
humid atmosphere can not he tolerniled.
From fifty to seven1ty-five so enlled
varieties of (urliut or nutcaroti whet ta
have been described by different writ
ers. There are proahly a hundred or
more varieties already knownit to be in
use under distinet. names. Though the
larger iiuiber of varieties are in pae
tical use of ininor importance, thert'
are a few having well marked charac
terlstics and whleth have attaiued a
high reputaIlon.
The variety whih is the basis of a
very large part of the macaroni w :eat
export from the Azov sea regin is the
Gharnovka. The wheat itself has a
mlediu1tm lonlg, Square, dense, yellowish
white head, while the beards are datrk
and very long. The grali is quite large,
light yellow inl color and rather trans
luceent intd vitreous. There are several
different strains even of the Gitarnov
ka recognized in the Don territory.
Probably the best of these is the Yel
low Ghnrnovka, which has a grain of a
deeper yellow than the others. Both
the Gharnovka and Yellow Gharnovka,
have recently been obtained and distrib
uted by the department of agriculture,
according to Cereallst M. A. Carleton,
front whose report on macaroni wheats
these facts are learned. This wheat is
admiaivy itadapted. to :iu disotrctao ias
Kansas, Nebraska, Oklthoma andceast
ern Colorado. It will probably prove to
be one of the best durum wheats for
the middle and southern great pldins
*as well as for New MexIco and Ariz(
na. Gharnovkn is being growvn ti
season by the New Mexico agriculturt
experiment statIon and so far give
promitse of excellettt results.
A, Arnoutka wheat is atpparetntly nct
grown to So) greatt fan extent as Ghta
9 novka, but it is neverlteless otte of th
0. est v'arieties (of soth 1ussIa. so fil
as the writer mtentilonted cant determini
whaiit is ptopietly entIled Aritautkta is
wheat hasvinag heads of a lightt red eo
or, with at bluisht bloom and very bit
ar reddhish beards. '.The gralans atre vet
es, large at11d long and when growvn utnd
It favorable cottditiotts are a clear yellov
le- extretmely hard atid vItreous. This an
nd Ghatnovka at-e thte two varieties whic
nt. have given Itussia its reputation , fi
go. macaroni wvheats, although one or~ tw
nd Rlussisan sorts are probably even betti
va. thtan thIese for miarketitng that produc
Ju ar. Carleton lifs so farm seent nothini
but thle gatin of thte vatriety tnow grow
cottslderab lly bty the farm-iers of Nort
atntd Soth 1)nkot a untder the nameo A
300 ntautka andl enanaot sny whtethietr it
thte siiate ats thaft descr-ibed above<
tel- ntot. VTis variety- Is well adaptited t<
upI. cultivation In Kansas, Colorado, Oklh
homaf andi( Texas.
in t
th. "E.try said I biad (cousump-~)tOtn,
writes Mrhis. A. MI. Shields, of Chir
as- hersbug, Pa.. "'I was so low atfter si
ids mtonthls of sevetre Sicknemss, enutsed b
nd 1liny l?ever atnd( Ai'thtma, thait fe'
tnd thtought I -oitbl gil iwell, hut I lear-ne
uof thle nmarvi lus tnearit of i)t. Ej(i
id New Disc-over-y for Coatsumt 1) ion, use
eh.i it, itnd was comapletely' mired."' Fotr dos
T.p.t]hoa n uig D)iseases iti
the sfestceuro in thie world, and isin
A lfections. (Guaranteed bottlea 50ci an
so $100 Trial bottles freo at rThornaleyI
me~ Pharmnacy.
"My Dear Appelt,"' is not goio,
p- to give up without an effort, an
M- has announcedi himself as a candi
gi date for re-election to the stat
av- senate.
. For biliousness use Chamberlain'
Stomachi & Liver Tablets, They elena
the stomnoh and regular the liver ani
in bowels, effecting a quokc and perman
Id8 ent cure. For selo by 0. W, E~arl
ey Druggist,
Thomas J. Adams, for 11nan:
years editor an)d propritor of th
ir. Edgefield Advertiser, died at hi
k. home ini Edgefleld on Friday age1
ae aged about fi fty-flve years,
liaulel Mat ol' (tterVille, Iowa
all writes, "I have had asthma for three o
k. fou' years and have titled about all thi
sa eouh tand asihnia cures in the marke
i- and hav0 received treatment from physi.
if cans in tiew torlt and other cities, but
to got very little benefit until I tried Fol
a- ey's Honey and Tar which gave me imn
is mediate relief and I will never be with
r put 41t inmy hottse. I sinre-ly retar
4rmod i to all." Thorule' harmacoy
~i. 1aa n QOhnma i'dllaIhmhf I,.ab
Hligh Grad
Write for
Catalovu all
;t cost.; noth
..!:iilAns of
Responsible Ab
in each town.
Please moenttion this paper when writi
Is now in store. The stor
crisp, new goods. Each season
est and prettiest goods possible
have surpassed all former scasoi
much talk about goods, but my s
claim I make. I have undoubte
of white goods ever shown it
goods in every new stye and col
My prices are as low as go<
determined to 11y store interesti
and notions this season. Twelb
proven to many people of Pick(
they can rely unpon it. "Give r
f goods and prices are not satis
A. K.
Noilce Applicants.
The regulir oxamination of applicanta
for Teachers certificatos will ie hold at
Pickens, S. C. on Friday Juno, 13th,
1902. The examirationa vill open at 9
a. in. and close at 4 p. in. Questions
furnishe d by Stalo Board.
Applicarts detiring State Certificates
will stand on first gr.do and oi ldition
al queistions, Sai-l State certilcate will
bo good for ten yours,
W. W. F. Bright.
Co. Supt. Ed.
P1.a and aptcifications for a county
jail at Pickens 6. C. can ho seen at oll:.e
of the County Supervisor, tifter the 16th,
day of June 1902, also at oflico of H. D.
Breeding architect, Glreel,ville H. C.
Bids will he receive in pait or in whole
and will ho opuo. a4 12 o'clock, noon
July 15th 190..
L, D. Stephens.
A. J. Wellorn.
11obb Stewart..
"We felt very h:;ppy," writes R. N.
Bovili, (Od Town, V., "t Bu ... ickl in's
,Arnica Salvo wholly enred our daughitei
of a had caso of scald head.'" It dehlghlts
all w io u.se it for Cuts, Coins, Buns
Bruises, Boils, UJloirs, Ernipu ous. In
fallible for Piles. Only 25ci at Thon
Iey's Pharmuacy,
I Ninety-Six isi planning for a
B quiarter' million dlollar coJtton mill.
'Sacred cows often defile Indian tem
0 los, hut worse yet is a bodly that's pol-1
r luted by conistipaition. D)on't permit it,
0 Oleanse your sy'stemu withi Dr. King's
a Now~ Life Pills and avoid unt,>ld misery.
I. They give lively l ivors, activo bowels,
g gooid d'gcstion, line apipetite. Only 25e
y at Thornleys Phlarmacy.
,A negr)> was lined $40 by the ro
d corder of Columbia on TIhursday
4~. for selling liquor to white boys.
There are more anfferers from consti
*r pation than from aniy other enemy of
our~ race; thiero 'sua lonig train of an noy
ingils a athratreanlt, and there i
inotminig so etfletive ini its treatmtient as
liamtoni's Liver Pills anud T1onic Pellots.
i25 ts., sample free.
s Anderson has awarded the con
r tract for puittmg in sewerage. The
r plan t is to cost the city $34,252.
Btartliug prioof of a wvondorful advanico
in medicino i< given by danggist (I. \V.
ilRoberts of Elizabetlh, \V. Va., An old
-man there had lour' suffered wvith wvhat
Sgood dctors prionunUced inc-u'able o mi
eer. Thei y believed his ease hiopeleas
till huo us.-d Eletic Bitters anid appl id
SIicklon's Aricau Salve, wvhich traent
menIClt 'omipletely cured him. \V/hon
l'%.etric Blitters are used to expel bil
:ous, kidney anid icrob'o possionis at the
s amoe time this salvo exorts it~s maitchless
-healing powver, blood dliseasos, skin er
uptions, uleers anid sores vanish. Bit
1 ers 500, Salvo 25c at Thoruloy's Phar-.
An earthiquake shock was felt in
Greenville on Saturday morning
at 1:15 accompained by a heavy,
.Frumbling soundl.
11, A. Gray, J. P. Oakvillo, Ind.,
3 writea, "For ton yeara I was contfined
I to my bed with disease' of my kidneys.
It was so aevere that I could not movo
l ato h imo, I consiulted the very
boat medicail skill available bnt coul
get no relief until Foley's I idney Cure
was recomended to mie. It has been a
SGodsend to me." Thorloy's P'harmnacy
Pickene and Chapimun & Callabam Lib.
are the most fatal of all dis
or money refunded, Contains
remedies recognlzed by ei.
pent physicians as the at fotI'
dWney and Bladdar teenal1
e Vehicles
our complete
d Price List.
ting, showing
cuts wauted
is brimming full of bright,
I do my best to get the new
, but this season, I feel that I
is. I do not believe in too
tock will bear me out in every
fly one of the prettiest lines
Greenville. Colored wash
)d goods can be sold, I am
ng to all buyers of dry goods
e years dealing with me has
ins, that whatever I tell them
,e a showing," is all I ask, and
factory, don't buy.
We have still on hand a lew bar
gain3 in the Chaptmau Bros. stock,
and continucd to buy new goods--a
staple s:o;k.
We are running oi the cash prin
ecple and can Ihereforc ,ive you ben
elits you would not get by time sales.
We sell at close living pt icee.
We will take pleasure in showing
you through t he store.
Farmers can get what they need
here. weikeep good goods, and it you
don't see a h,t you want ask IOr it.
Coffee at 8. ~0 and 10 pounds to
the dollar. iranulated Sugar 16
pounds to the dollar. A few 5 and
10 gallon kegs of Tennessee sorghum
on band at 40 cents. Cutinnil goods
of all kinds.
Some clothing to go cheap.
As good Flour as you can find
anywhere in town.
'l'obacc-, candy, crackers, matches,
soap. stoneware, tinware.
Farming imiplemeunts, p)lows, hoes,
Singlet rees, garden seed s. stationery,
ink. pencils, brooms, thread -a li tie
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bring us your p)roduIce. If wve
haiven't. got what you want, will pay
you cash for youar chickens, eggs and
butter. IRespectful'y,
If you need one don't wait
till they are all gone.
Hoes, Plows, Sweeps and all
kinds of farming tools.
Fruit Jars, Sugar, Spices
for the friIt s~eo.
Sow Cabbage seed fromi the 22
to 30 of May for late cabbo go.
goodI fresh V'irginia Sood now on
Pickens, S. 0
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Next 30 Days
and tiarkers
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ome exceptional values.
Greenville, S. 0.
No good health unless the kindneoy4
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teresting prices. Ve want you to understand our desire and
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i dozen quart fruit jars, 7 cents.
i dozenl half galun fruit jar, $I.10.
A host of bargains you can't afford to miss. It will pay
you to buy for cash.
One price, one way, and cash before delivery.
One Price Cash Store.
Smith & Bristow's, Greenville, S, C.
Our stock was never in better condition, having disposed
of most of last season's goods after the fire, and we are show
ing today the newest and cleanest stock in upper South Caro
lina. Goods guaranteed as represented or money refunded.
Mail orders receive prompt attention. Terms, CASH. One
Price to Everybody.
Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
Buing anid Selling More Dry
GoodIs than any three
Stores in the City.
WVe are exclusive agents for Strause & B3ro's [High Art
Clothing, recognized as the best made, best fitting Clothing in
America. WVe carry all grades. Men's Suits from $3.00 to
$15.oo; lloys' three piece Suits $2.50 to $ro.oo; Children's two
piece Suits 50 cents to $6.oo. WVe guarantee to save you'front
10 to 25 per cent, on any suit you buy from us.
WVe carry more Shoes, and sell more Shoes than all the
other merchants in Greenville. We guarantee every shoewe
sell from $1.25 up. M\ore of our shoes are being worn in
Pickens county today than from any other store, but we want
to sell every man, woman and child in Pickens county their
shoes this year. WVe have
Bring the M\'adam1 and Children with you when you come
to Greemville. Make our store your home while 'here. Plenty
of room for the child ren to play in, and the Maclam can find
more PRETTIY lDRV GOOD)S to look at in our store than
anywhere else mn the city, and SAVE 15 to 25 per cent, on
every article she buys.
Of Greenville, S. C.
p ale exswore, and ako p u rwgs* and data droge
whic grie ad rak th boels,whenalltheypoe

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