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The People's Journal,
THURSDAY, JUNE, 5, 1902.
Looal and Personal.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in
Pickens, June, 10 and I.
-Magistrate Jenkins is kept
busy in his court these days.
.--Rev. B. Holder will preach at
Mile Crook on the 5th Sunday
-Mr. Z. T. Cannon from the In
dian Territory, Chactow Nation, is
in t,ais c:untry on a short visit.
-Miss Lidie Folger of Easley
visited relatives in Pickens tho
latter part of last week.
-Read notice of citizens of Con
tral respecting meeting looking to
the. building of a cotton mill.
-Mrs. I. H. Watts, of near Por
ters, who has been sick for sever
al months is still reported as unim
-George Cooper was boforo
Magistrate Jenkins Tuesday
charged with violation of contract.
The case case was dismissed.
-Married, Sunday, Juno lst, at
the bride's home near Glasy Moun
tain, Garfield Breckenridge to Rox
le Blair, both colored. (G. R. lien
dricks, N. P. officiating.
-The County Commissioners
have decided to build the new jail
on the Court House square in rear
of the Court House. Advertise
ment for bids appears in this is
Mr. Willie Looper, and hIs two
sisters, Mises Orphrey and Lurlino,
all of Lynchburg, Va. are visting
at the home of their grandfather
Mr, Jerremiah Looper and other
relatives in this county.
-We call attention to the an
nouncements this week of Dr, R.
Frank Smith for Congress, Fred
Williams for the House of Repre
sentatives and D. R. Evans and A.
B. Tally for County Commission
-The highly interesting and
amusing entertainment entitled
"The Deestriok Skule'' is in course
of preparation by about 30 Pick
ensitee, and will soon be presented
to a Pickens audience. Details
-Thd -ase of Lon D, Lowe
against John E. Ellenburg, suit for
recoverfT of personal property was
heard before Magistrate W. L,
Jenkins Tuesday, and was dis
inissed. The plaintiff was repre
sented by Boggs & Jenkins and the
defendant by WV. F, Blasuingame.
-mCommencement Exercises of
tlemnson College will begin on
Friday June 6 and close with the
boccalaureate sermon on Sunday.
TIhis will be a fine time to take ad
%antage of the occasion and visit
onie of the greatest institutions of
learning in South Carolina. A
well arranged programme has been
---..G. Lawrence Walker, for sev
at years Chief (Aerk in the office of
Comptroller General, and now
candidate for the office in chief,
wan in Pickens Tuesday and WVed
nesday meeting his old friends and
making many nlew ones. Mr.
Walker is man well qualified by
experience a nd natural abihty for
the office he seeks and will poll a
good vote in this section.
-Gideon Ellis returned Mon
day from an extended trip through
Georgia, Tennessee and in to Ala
bema. He was gone about one
month and took occusion to visit
several of his relatives and friends.
Mr. EIIis,aftr making a thorough
survey of all the country through
which he traveled, conclu 1bs that
our own section of South Carolina
excels any of the sections he visi
ted in many respects, tho' he saw
some very fine farming lands.
-W. D. Jones, of Briggs, is re
ported to have the banner whoat
of his section. He has a one acre
patch of bearded wheat and anoth
er of two acres of bald wheat
which, to all present appearances,
will make most excellent yields.
It has been pronounced very flue.
This is due to excellent preparau
tion and p roper fertilization. It
is probable that Mr. Jones will
make as much en these three
acres as many will make this year
on ten-all on.account of the pre
-Rev J. E. Foster has brought
to this oftloe a limb from a mul
berry tree on his place which was
planted by him about nine years
ago. Shortly after It was planted
all of the tree above the surface
was killed to ibe ground during a
heavy February snow which lay
on the grotud for several weaks.
Senee th en the tree has sprouted
from the roots and though not very
tall has aptoad until the limbs now
oover:an r of 120 feet in ciroum
ference.E Is tree is of the Rus.
mian variety and is now laden with~
f ollowing'leter from Bobert is
#w%* well O and dootore with leading
IiS~ at antrie t aj4I reRe4ies sgee
*iIelief- Fmally I tried Fol.
* t ud an d less than tea bot
On the evening of May 28th at 6
o'clock quite a number of friendt
and relatives assembled at the
home of Mr. Jocca Alexander, of
Salem, Oconee County to witnese
the marringo of his daughter Miss
Abbie to Mr. J. B. Burgess. When
the groom entered the room with
his brido on his arm, the Rev. B,
F. Murhree stepped forward and
in happy, graceful manner spike
the solenin words that united athe
young couple for lifo. After the
ceremony all retired to the din
ing room where an elegant suppi
was served.
Mrs. Burgess is the daughter of
one of our most industtrious fi mors
and will ho greatly missed on that
side. Mr. Burgess is a prosporous
young farmer of Jocosseo Valley,
and is respected by all who know
They will locate oil the Barton
farm in this County and we are
glad to welcome them to this sido.
The young couple are vory popu.
lar and will carry with them the'
best wishes of a host of frieondg.
Gu est.
The merchants of Liberty will
close their stores at 7 o'clock, p.
n., except on Saturdays and pay
days at the cottoin mill, beginning
June, 2nd and ending Aug. 30th
Gardens are drying u) badly.
Field crops need rain. Corn is
getting yellow. It is getting dry
as at powder house.
Crops are generally clear of
grass. Wheat is turning, 'tis
short straw, short heads and ex
ceodingly short on the land.
Spring oats will be short without
rain in a few days.
L. A. G.antt reports cotton
squ.ares the 27th of May; they aie
plentiful now.
Mrs. E. B. Richardson returned
home last week from Blackville,
S. C , where she visited her daugh
ter the past month.
S. C. Stewart has returned home
from Clemson; he was in thegrad
uating class thi{ year. Giles
Templeton, a class mate is with
him on a visit.
Many other visitors were in
town last week, among them, Mrs.
0. L. Hollingsworth, of Pickens,
who visited her sister Mrs. J. J.
Mr. John Robinson was taken
suddenly ill yoaterday with heart
The county chain-gang is ap
proaching town from Easley side
working out the Black Snake road
parts of which were |bare-y passa
ble last winter.
Berry Gary moved into his new
house last week.
The clouds began to roll up
threatening rain Saturday after*
noon and the farmers began to
think rain was sure to come but it
only sprinkled-and the clouds
rolled away,
A negro baggage man on the
train cursed the railroad agent's
assistant tne other day and the
'policeman was on hand to receive
him and take a contribution from
him which was duly paid over on
his return trip.
June, 3, 1902, -0.
Mr. Eugene Zachary and Miss
Lola Gaines, daughter of Mr. Jas.
HI. Gaines were married Thurs
day afternoon at jfour o'clock at
Methodist parsonage at Pendleton.
The ceremony was performed by
Rev. J. E. Beard. Mrs. Zachary
or Miss Gaines won many strong
friends by her lovely and cordial
manners who will deeply regret
her marriage which will take her
from Central. Mr. Zachary holds
the record of being one of the pop
ular conductors on the Southern
Railway ond is a native of North
Carolina. lie is an excellent young
man and has scores of friends in
Central and other places where he
is known.
Mr. Walter Gassaway, of Green
ville, was ini town Trsdiay for
the Gaines-Zachary wedding.
A little child of Mr. James Har
vey died at his home in Greenville
and was brought hero for burial
Mr'. James Young, of Greenville,
was here for a fewv hours Wednes
Dr. E. F. Wyatt returned to
Athens, Ga. after a visit of two
weeks with his parents, Mr, and
Mrs. J. N. Wyatt.
News has been received of the
critical illness of Mrs. Esatelle
(.aines in Atlanta. She was for
merly of this place and her many
friends are sorry to learn of her
ill ness,
Mr. W. D. Fricks, of Atlanta, Is
spending several days with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. 0. F"ricks.
Miss Sue Gaines returned home
from Greenville after spending
some time with her brother, Mr.
(7. HI. Gaines.
Miss Lila Folger, who recently
graduated from Ohicera 0ollegxe, in
Greenvilleo, has returned home,
Mr. John H, Daly, of Atlan ta,
was in town F'riday,
A meeting will be held at the
Academy, Thusday, Jurne 5th, to
organise a cottona mill at this
0in ihn rs Atimaaou me .Jjn. t..m.
After so mu(h hard Work oil th
part, of the teachor and pupil8 t1
school at this pia'_o eli iid and th<(
happy evit came, "'l"was the En -
tntrtainmlnt." Friday the 23rd
was spent in )rlaet iChi " and Illiik
ing reparat i)ls for tho long
looked for oen':i0n. A t S :30
o'clock the curtain was drawn and
tho music rang out in s,ul stirring
striius whilo preparitions woro
being made for the first" perform
aceo which was a song ontitled
"May' Bung by t11o ont ire school.
Next was a "Iilower Drill" by
twelve little girls under tho man
afg'mient of Miss Mat tie \VillimtllS,
assis;tant teacher here . Ea e"01It
ti girl wearilig the Sallme kl ild 4f
Costiiiue whcfI e,d.ixtvtl (,a wllite
dress, b)lue (ap noid sh. Thew-,
girls werre each plro; i<lel with a
Crown mnade of llower t aI1n1:1mareberd
ill griolps r11' Six :; 11 Ir wt ;i.i :It 1 he
timo sot forth by th, I ad.r I h..y
imirc'he(1 faci1i' o1n ( I foth r nt it
wit.hin i (ow steP of t .I' ;, ( L ot .r
uhonie one groupll l.'.c'I , thr"ir
knleez, the thl r 1. V' "'i*' th.1i
thire at th1 I,r4p1 r r . t ; t v ri
inl" the oppI ),t. 'I cres. , ;"r
in; It certin In 1 -:
the lostrul :l c;rr1- ', tI ' r
l ine( ini dIi! .r i1
wthouit matkinr 1:i ' n ; l-1
ing time to t11 - r;
"' jiixie" antd th -i : . ;I 1
r(10 it s lig lt all - . -il
'hi is worIII
was to1 all the
t.ttr( of1I he . , 11: ;t "., 1 :
As we ,havt't ti.
all the p)lays al t.t
OIl(e who tl) -or .:
Itraisr,. O -lr p
to act or recit. '
hadl (X)erienr-.. .
lnml)arrass tlhemn.
We next list'*: l t ia oup!- of
recitbtions by .I . f:rs Charl cv
Kay and I,. F. \W;l'am:n which was
deliyered in a 4u:y way, A play
thn of wlhich ,. ;.e mew1.ntion,
"Vice Vero1sa" S. . ito intercost
the crowd very ::: 'lhe male
(liaracters Were riglt cconic in
their attempts at dluinlg their com
panlons work and th f'emle char
actors werc) no mlt o)4 exp)'riencf(1
thus affording a jolly g:od laugh.
"T'rainl to Maur-)", a Sceno a rail
way station play;'d by Mr. Ulvss
es Hughey acting ticket agent Mr.
Bright. Miss Mi1n;ie 1,,y, acting
Mrs. Buttermnil!, n agcd lady pre
paring to take a jnurncey by rail
'1nd tier 1on Ro>.t !; m"r:n actilg
Johnny Bu1ttormi : yve the pe-,
P10 cau-se to sht he.ir +1."1 s in a
hea rty laugh. "V Dt1wn 1)-tEast)"
a play by two mlal- and three fo
miale characters was inideed a suc
A rAcita(tion entitld 'C(ontest
for truth'" wars ably dlivered by
Mr, Otis F'reemani.
TLhe old Confederates enjoyed
listenmng to the old1 war song, "Bon
nie Blue Flag" which was sung by
the school.
Wecmust not fail to remiember
the boys for tho good manner in
wicih the.y 1,laved thto '"Nigi,or
Nigl't School," thIis being ably done
by imessrs Grover Williams~ acting
teacher and Furman Massingale,
Robt. B3owen, U.lyses Hughey and
Benton Robinson, puipils, while
Oscar Jonas acted Aunt Deoborha
White, a female spe -tator,
"HI-ow she made him propose5"
a play wvhich made the boys laugh
out and the girls laugh in thoir
hands, was gotten off icioly by
Roblert Jones and( MIiss Williams.
Then camne oar "V\acatioun Song'"
which was sung to the music
-'WVork fo.r the nlight is comning."
At tihe coclusjin ofithiis song we
were made to feel sad indeedl at
having to say to 0o11 beloved
teacher' good-bye, he0 hiaving made(l
knownu SOmeI 1t3ime ago that1 lhe could
niot be with uts any1 loniger'. Such
meni as Prof . J1. 1. Folk will al
wayVs find a very warmti spot in 0our
he~arls, and1( wo wi,h that the south
was filled up with such men who
love the causo of education and
who take the future of every child
to heart and 1i's to br'ing t hiem
iul inl a genltlenmal'4y anid ladylike
mnner. Again lit us .say that
wVo are sorr1y to lIso the serv'ices
of such a goodl andl lu'w'ned man,
but we hope that he ma~y locate in
a field of educatio wherelci the peo
ple are more able thani w e to un
loose their purso strings in paymng
him a salary wor'thy of his labor.
We would now remember his lov
ing companion, Mrs. Folk, and lit
tle daughter Gladys, who by their
natural accomipl ish men ts have
won the loyo and esteem of every
one who, by good luck have met
thoem. Trusteos! we would not
forget you. This has been a pleas
ant as well as profitable year in
the school r'oom) and( wo realbze
that we owoe yon ai dleb.t that we
can ncyor pay save by the use of
kind wordsi. W' wish to thank
Mr'. William Sp'2ncer' and1 daugh
tor for the OXeCOIIent uic furnish
Ad us on the nrighit of tihe enter,
tainment, An admission of ton
cents waus chazrgedi thiose who at
tended, theo sum realized being
24. 70, This N~ to bo useod in
paintinlg tho school house. We
hope to do oveni bettet~ by you next
if you haveo kidne.y or bladder trouble
andiq do not use i"oley's JK.idney Cure.
yon will have onl1y yonmself to bl1aime for
resulta, as its p)ostively 01nres1 all forms
of kidney and bjl'dder disares. 'i or'u
ly Pharmacy IPiolan.q otu 04I9 A
County Ex. ('ommittee Metlitg.
1h) P?ickens county oxeoutiv
comminltteo met Monday mlornin,
at .11 o'clock, pulrsuant to call, 'J
J. Mauldin inl il chair.
A p)rinary votIn g procincti we
establishod at Pleasant Grove.
'T'Io following camrlptaign schodul(
was agreed. u1pen. .. .
For EnLa4y1 'pTownship),''Easley
August, I 5.
For Liberty 'I'otvnshi) Libort:
August If;.
Fo: Central Township Contra
August iIS.
Fo'r Eas1tot.o)o Toi nshir) Antioch
August 20.
I'umpk1,;intrownr 'ITow ,sip Pup-lll)
kcinto wnt A.1 ntr 21.
11+ u-nlle ToAI''ndhip l)acusville
Aiir;:, t 22.
lI rric tln'o 'ownshi1) Milo Crook
P 'kow zishii p IPickens. Au
;;lst 2..
Ir. (; . 1-: lI bins n tendered his
I Eaigna i,i n as (.weuc: tive crnimllittee.
imi from I'ick("rs club and Mr.
I) . A 1 I s ,Ieted in his
TI. Tip( Ch a :tmlln was author.
:tp,l),,irt a s11,-c onmmittee of
Shi. hirn1s:r cbha:rm,nn, to deter.
:1ae -,-Smnrt of cit,didates.
Liittle will bo duely
(., p:,- f.int Notice.
T t -' a:.ulal Canipmleeting
t( r'lina Couforen,co
-1,\ldcist connec
of America will
I,'. . t tlen<lale Park,
x. . partail burg. S. C.
.> 'ithe Southern,
i .; l er at Converse or
, i,r'. a!l go out to the
. :. th:- 'b-etr car line. The
Ar rf the Conference and
+ -cially invited will be en.
t rt;ined free of charge. A first
lan resturant will be on the
in charge 'of the electric
railway company. "All' are ex,
I)etd to bring blankets, sheets,
pillows and such articles as they
may need to sleep thomselves.
T'he pavilionl will seat fifteen hun.
:lrecd pcople and is beautifully
light:d by electricity. A large
tent will also bo on the grounds
wvhero visiting ladies, furnishing
heir own odding can sleep. Gen
loman and ladies water closet and
iressin,g rooms convenient' The
water supply is abundant and near
by. ilinistors of all denominations
and the public generally are invit.
id to attend. Our motto is "Holi
ness Unto the Lord.,, The speoial
feat urc of t ho camp will be the
colversioin of Sinners and the entire
satisaction of Bulievers. All (ex
cept those especialy inited to take
loading parts in the services) are
expected to como prepared to take
caro of themselves. The park is
not situated near' any one's house,
so you see the absolute necessity
of comning p)repared with both cash
and1( bedding. The committee in
vite fervent prayer for the suOCes
of the meeting from all those inter
ested in the spread of "Scriptural
IIollinees over tho lands?'
L. M. Johnson.
0. B. Smith.
L. G. Clayton.
comn iittees.
We arc needing rain badly now.
Thme Couniity Chain-Gang is wvork
ing tho road between Easley and
Mrs. Ben Boggs has been sB
n'ously ill and her many friends
hopa for her speedcy recovery,.
B3oru unto Mr. and Mrs. M. F.
Daty on the 23rd inst an heir.
The Reunion Sunday School is
in a flourishing condition :with S.
RI. Day as Supt. and and Rev. WV.
J. Sheriff assistant Supt. The
time of meeting is Sunday after
noon at 3 o'clock.
Some of the farmers are not
done thinning cotton yet and oth
ers havec started to hoe their crops
tho third time.
Mr. J. A. StU gall has the finest
cotton we have been in this section,
All lpersons interested in building a
Coltoon mill at Central 8. 0. are request
('. to miect at the school house (in Cen
tral at *1 p. im. Thursday June 5&h 1902.
Not lee of' Elect Ion of' School Trustees.
P'ursuant to a special not of thme Legie.
Iatuare of South Carolina, approved 19th
dlay of February, 1900, there will be
held ain election, in Easley School Die
triot No 13, for three (3) Trustees to
serve two years, said election to be held
in thec town of Easley the 10th day of
June 1902, tho same being the second
Tuesday in Juno.
J. M. Ji'moson, C. T. Martin and W.
W. F"ord will act as Managers of Election
Polls will be open from 8 o'olook a. m,
till .1 o'clock p. im,
J'. E. Robinson.
C. N. Wyatt,
W.0. Smith
County of P'iokous.
Bly J. B. Newbery Esquiro lF botE
WheImroas, J. P Smith mzadeo suit tc
me to grant him Ietters of Admiistra
thon of theo Estate of and effects of W,KI
Smith, dleceased.
T.hmeso are therefore to cite aud tdmnon
lab alt and singolar the kigdregd gDE
oreditors of the said W.M. $miith d0g
ed, that they be and appear before tge
in the Court of Probate to be he?4 a
Piokens Court House, S. O, o# th~e I
day of Jrune 1002, after publication here
of, at 11 o'cloak ini the forenon, to skew
cause if any they have, why the said Ad
ministration should not be g;ted,
Given under my hand and seal tid
20 day of May 1000, in the 124 y
of o ,....ed..
e All County ofilcos, each, - - $5.00
Magistrates, - " 2.50
All other oflices. " 6.00.
''ho above prices are invariably I
1 hereby announce myself a candidt
for Congross from this, the Third Sou
Carolina District, subject to the actil
of the dtemocratic voters at the approao
lug primary election.
R. F. SMITf.
I hereby announce myself a candida
for C'ongress to represent the Third,
U., District, subject to the action of ti
democratic voters in the approachin
primary. Win. J. Stribling.
FOIt 'T'II1, SENAE''l:.
''ho friends of Laban Maubili lareb
announce him as a candidate for the Set
ate, subject to tite action of IIto l)eu
cratic voters of 1iekous county at tho al
proaching pritmary.
The friends of Charles E. Robinso
hereby announce him as at c itdidute fo
the Senate, subhject to th action of tih
democratie voters of L'ickons county a
the approaching primary.
I hereby alnnoulnco my candidacy fo
re-election to the Hiouso of tepreonta
tives from P'ickens eunty, subject t<
the Democratic primah.ry.
IvY M. Mauw,m.
v.The friends of J. Ashmoro liintoi
hereby announce hit as a candidato fot
the llouso of iRepresentative from Pick
ons county, suI)ject to the action of thl
demoocratie voters at tho approachiny
primary election.
The friends of Fred Williauus loreh3
annonnues him as a candidato for th<
Hotuse of Representatives from Pickeni
county, subject to the action of thc
Democratic voters it the approachinj
primary election.
The friends of N, A. Christ opher re
speotfully announce him as a candidat<
for the office of County Auditor foi
Pickons county, subject to the action o
the democratio voters at the approachinE
primary election.
The friends of E. Foster Keith) hmA
by announce him is a candidate for thi
ofilvo of Auditor subject to the action of
the democratic party at the coming pri
mary election.
I hereby announce myself a oan.didat<
for the office of County Treasurer, sub
ject to the action of the democratic vot
ers of Pickens coenty at the approachint
primary election.
B. Fletcher Lesley.
By the solicitation of my many friend
I hereby announce myself a candidat
for re-eloction to the oice of Treasurc
of Pickens county, subject to the actio
of the democratic vottre at the approao]
ing primary election.
S. D. Chapmani.
The friends of Henry W. Farr herel:
anonnce him a candiduate for the ofl1on
Treasurer, subjeot to the action of t
democratic voters of Pickens county
the ayproaching primary.
The friends of James M. Lawren
respectfully announce him as candida
for Treasurer for Pickens county, sul
ject to the action of the democratic y
tore at the coming primary.
I hereby announce myself a condida
for the office of Treasurer for Pickey
county, subject to the action of the di
mocratic primary. G. R, Hendricks.
TJhe many friends of LE. D. Step het
hereby announce himi for reelection
the office of County Supervisor Subje<
.to the Democratic Primary E'lection.
Many Friend,.
The frienids A. J. Welborn hereby al
iiounco him as5 a candidate for Count
Commissioner, subject to the action
the democratic voters of Piokens coun
in the approaching primary.
The friends of D. RL. Evans herol
announce him a cantdidate for Coun
Commissioner Pickens county, subje
to the action of the Democratic party
the approaching primary.
The friends of A, 11. Talley hereby ai
nounce him a candidate for the offic
County Commissioner subject to the as
tion of the Democratic party at the aj
proaching primary.
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anywhere. Suits from 5 years old ar
r man in the coun ty. I >rices an 3 wh erc
If you neel a Suit come to See us. I
will not be the fiult of the goods nor
We Try to Carry I
Call for what you don't see. An
ing is worth asking for, and remembe
right. Yours truly,
1 L Some Bargains to offer in Bu!
..Walk O1
'Ladies' H
Extension I
Are the Nicest)
We Sell
~ in the
it ~ jGree
New Spring
Arriving D;
.the largest and by far* the prettiest I
have lifted the yoke of high prices am
u. all.
M Viss I lughes has just retuirnedi fr<
twhere she purchased a large and cot
achoicest novelties. This departmnen
larger townis. We cordlialy invite a
county to call and inspect this depari
rect styles at very low prices.
In each department you will find
you to call and see us.
Yours truly
And Carden
It is worth all it costs to have a gc
seeds, we have in stock 1
Carden and Farr
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spades, F
Hooks, Mattocks, Plows and Plow!
STturners madec, Wheel B3arrowvs, Jr
., Machines, and Furniture of all kinde
of A Nice, New, Clean
New Goods Coming in and G<
,Anything * and 4
About La Home~ oi
nad 11 We invite all to com~e and 11
No trouble to sho~w thr
this spring to our line of
;ing the ladies. A com
:ies, Percals, Linens, with
:)eautiful line of Plain and
ing every piece of linen
er at first cost.
In they come and out
and you will aways get .
lz $3.50 Shoe for men,
)THING as you will find
d up--can fit the largest
from 50 cents to $1 S.oo.
we miss selling you it
the prices.
verything I
ything that is worth hav
r our prices are always
gies and \Vagons.
ver Shoes..
N, $3.50.
and Sewed
Edge Oxfords
ve have ever shown,
Shoe Line.
ville, S. C,
ne we have shown. WVe
d they are in reach of
mr the Northern Markets,
niplete line of the season's
:is equal to any in the
II the Ladies in Pickens
ment. You will find cor
big values. It willCpay 4
orrow Co.
od garden. Besides the
he necessary.
nling Tools!
urks, Bush Hooks, Briar
Stocks, B3est Steel Beam
on King Stoves, Sowing
,Pretty Styles.
Stock of
iing out Every Day.
- arms
yok through our rooms, -*~, .
ough our' stock,, . ,

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