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The People's Journa
T. J. MAULDIr, - - - Editor.
W. LRsLIr. 1ATIIENY, - Bng. J,[A
JCutered at the Fost Office at Pickens
second-claim matter.
Subs1ceripti, $1.00 a Year.
'11lUtSDAY, JUNE 12, 1902.
This is whoat harvest week, an
people are making double time.
The peach crop don't promise s+
much this year, but the little tha
does materialize will be apprecia
Crops are reported most promis
ing throughout the southern state,
In this Eection the ontlook is
If a few more candidates for the
United States Senate and for Con
gross take the ield. each campaign
program will ho an all day affair.
The stato compaign in Georgia
closed with the election last
Thursday which resulted in the
choice of 1lon. Joseph M. Torrell,
formerly Attorney General, for
The State Press Association was
held in Georgetown this year where
the editors were splendidly enter
tained. The most distinctive
number on the program, so far as
we have read, was an address by
lon. J. E. Loggs of Pickons, on
the subject of "Loyalty'," which he
handled suberbly.
" R R
Now that the South African war
is over and Krugers's prediction
that it would be such a war as
would "stagger humanity," all the
world is praising England fur her
inagnanimity in the peace conclu
sions. The fact is England was
only to glad too quit.
R ?*
Good rains from nearly every
section of Pickens county are en
couraging. All the crops were be
ginning to need rain, and the long
spell of favorable weather was so
well used by the croppers in clear.
ing their crops of grass that noth
ing remains but for the crops to
After a review of the Clemson
College matters by the Board of
Trustees, it has been announced
that no serious wrong has been
found with the administration of
President Hartzog and he was ac
cordingly requested to withdraw
his resignation which ho did at
once. So Mr. Hartzog will be re
tainied as President, and it is to be
hoped that things will immediate
ly settle dlown to business ways at
Clemson and that there will be no
more heard of the late unpleasant
All the world rejoices at the con
olusion of war in South Africa,
and all the world is forced to ad
mire and applaud the stubborn and
determaind fight the Beers made for
their Libeity. It has long been
felt that thle defeat of the Boers
was inevitable and that England,
with almost unlimited resorces and
credit, would eventually carry her
point but the Boers were fighting
for a principle and such a deter
mined and telling resistance did
they make that England found il
no easy job to over come them
Yet, with all this, the terms o
peace are quite favorable to th<
Boers and they may now roturn ti
their homes and forms, subjects o
Great Britain, to build up and dev
elop a very' rich country as a do
pendency of England.
Concealed Weapon Law.
Th following is the law, refer
once concealed weapons, passed ali
the last sessjin of the legislature:
"That from and after the firsi
day of July, 1902 It shall be un
lainfi for any one to oarry aboni
th,epuaon, wheth'er oonoealed 03
ot n.plstol less than 20 inchen
loight.and there pounds i
ftor any Person, firm or corporatior
to manufature, sell or offer foi
sale, or transport for sale or u
nato this state, any pistol of Is.
length and weight. Any niliIo
af th is mSotIonshall be Punihe b
a An8 of not more than a hnr
dollars/or iunprisoninezn for at
* *120re than thirty days, and in oai
* of a sale by a person, arm 0r 001
poration the esm of one hundra
* dollar, shall also be forfited
and for the tse of the School fut
of the county wherein the v5ol
tion takes place, td be reoovered
othe goes and fo'rfeltures.
(BVDED, This act shall n
pace ofBocers in the at
goof their diatres, ot
40 ,pngo it
AA. ng sse
Clemson and its Commencement as so(
By An Alumanus.
After a lapse of a few years or
. naturally feels a pride and a pleae
ure In attending the Commence
ment exercises of an institutiot
- from which he has graduated, es
pecially when so successfully car
riod out as has been characteristi<
of the graduating exercises of Nine
teen Hundred and Two.
In visiting the old familiar
scenes and the many familiar
friends, pleasant memories' of the
past naturally loom up, especially
t do they here on these historic
grounds where history, song, ro
mance, nature and industry all
blend with such harmony. Yes,
it does ones soul good to look once
more upon the campus, to near
the countersign, "All right Sentt
nel" in barracks, to see the comr
pany formation for mess, to visit
the machine shops and to hear
the hum of machinery, to visit tho
Laboratories and to note the ad
ded improvements in all, to revel
amid the beauties of the horticul
tural grounds, and even to wonder
off to old Seneca's shady banks
and list to the poaceful muirmur of
her watere as they more onward
to the sea, and above all to renew
old ocquaintances and to make
new ones-all these conspire to
bring up our dearest memories and
to make this an occasion long to
be remembered as one of pleasure
which is commensurate with the
importance assigned to it.
On Friday the 6th inst, Senator
Money, of Mississippi delivered
the atinual addross to the Litererv
sOcieties. ) fis bulject waS, 'tChar
acter Building.'' HIe said many
good things and impressed them
quite forcibly. When he finished
some of the students were heard
to say they wanted more Money.
Friday night the annual address
to the Alumni Association was do
livered before a large audience as
setmbiled in the Chapel by Mr- F
G. Tompkns, of Columbia, a mem
ber of the class of 1896. H-) spoke
on "Character and Ideals." Mr.
Tompkins is now a rising young
lawyer. le handled his sul,ject
in a forcible and characteristic
On Saturday morning the grad
uating exercises proper took place.
The orators of the day were Mr.
W, G. Templeton, of Abheville
and Mr. M. E. Zeigler, of Orange.
11r, Templeton spoke on "Indus
trial Education and its Relation
to the South." He spoke forcibly
and enthusiastically and his speech
was well taken.
M r. Zeigler's subject was,''Clem
son's position in the the Educa,.
tional System of South Carolina."
His speech was interesting and his
argument clearly p)resented.
After these speeches 1Hon. M. L.
Donaldson, of Greenville, made a
short, talk in which he emphasized
the mission of college graduates
and then presented the diplomas.
This class is noted for being the
largest that has ever graduated
from a male college in South Car
olhna, being composed of sixty
Biefore the audience was dis
miesed Prof. C. M. Furman came
forward and in some characteris
tic wit and humor delivered sever.
al medals as follows: One to Mr.
R. E. Miller, of Pickens who had
written the best poem during the
past year to Clemson College
Chronicle, one to Mr. G, F. Norris
of Orangeburg for writmng the best
essay during the past year to the
same Journal, one to Mr. HI. C,
Tillmnan, of Edgefleld for writing
the best essay for the Calhoun
Literary Society, aiso one known
as the President medal for writing
the best essay on a subject named
by the President, and one to Mr.
D. H. Sally, of Aiken, for writing
the best story for the "Chronicle,"
and a prize was awvainded to W. E.
G. Black, of Spar-tanburg, for em-i
ciency in College work.
On Saturday night we witnessed
the Glee Club entertainment in
3 which the music was grand and in
> Spiring and the jokes interspersed
r were such as to make you hurt
yourself laughing.
The Baccalaureate sermon was
delivered Sunday mornin)g at 11
*)'clock by Rev. Walter Daniel,
pastor of Trinty Church in Charles
ton. His text was as follows:
"All Saints salute you, chiefly
,those that are of Caesar's House
hold." Dr. Daniel strongly enm
phasized the truth that a man can
live a Christian life mn one occu.
pation as well as in another. He
spoke eloquently, profoundly. pre
senting his thoughts in a convinc.
ing man ner,
The Commencement Hop given
Monday night which was attended
and enjoyed by fair maidens and
gallanityoung men of SeUth Oaro
link was the closing act of the
i great scene, In this act was die.
played Bottle of the true beauty,
i' the virtue and wealth of &he Pal.
metto State in which was still
i seen many striking examples of
is the old time chivalry as are perpOt.
nalited in the young mV.nhood- and
id womanhoodi of the Twentieth een.~
to tutry,
ad ehangin the trend of, this
thoghtI wish~ to say that it s ale
5ways a source of Pleasure to me to
Skeep tformed on the doinlgs which
otInfuence the work at my MAlfi
'* Matpr and for' that reason ha~vS
otied to keep in touch with the
* toiaon of eaIssh,,eeatWa
,n lish the perfection as an institutioN
of learning which her merits just
ly entitle her.
e I have road with pride the bril
. liant record and achievements of
. honor on the held of athletics. I
have read tiim! and time llgaiii of
the work going on here at t he in
stitution and could picture to my.
self the honest tolling of the Clem
son student in his efforts to broad
oil his ideas, to heighten his aims,
to act nobler and in short, to ole
vate himself in all the ways in
which maln can be raised .
I have road of th:receint troubles
which have occured and am glad to
believe that the matter has been
I firmly believe that the sti
dents have acted right and proper
in their method of appeal to the
powers that be for a redr-ss of the
grievances which were in evidence
here, for it must he an admitted
fact that if there be members of
the faculty or of the student body
who for suflicient reasons have
made themselves the object of dis
gust, who have proven themselves
detrimental to the good working
of an institution fraught with such
high aims and noble purposes as
this, such should be made known
and the proper measure taken to
weed out those men who are reflec
ting dircredit u1poln the school and
proving themselves to be freaks in
the presence of a free people who
have generously turned their ef
forts to the support of the college.
Now that tho Sophomore class and
the studen t body have shown their
intentions to be right, that they
have been actuated by motives
which look to the preservation of
the fair name of Clemson College
and that they were willing to sac
rifice their chances of a Collage ed
ucat ion (which means a great dt-al )
in order that right might rule, and
now that a condition of peace and
unity has been establised as a ro
suilt of their diligent efforts they
should be commnended for their
general manliness and encouraged
to lay a aside their, carps, enj. y
their vacation, forget their pre.
judices, should they have any, and
come back next session with a re
new ed energy for study and with
a still higher conception of duty.
Clems:m can well be calle.l tho
pride of South Carolina because
she is winning victories and gain
ing honors wherever she stamps h. r
i npress,becau e her fame isextein 4
ing to every part of this country
and be.:ause she offers the young
mii of this state a useful training
and a college education which
could not have been obtained had
there not been a Clemson.
Yes, Clemson is marching on in
her highest mission of teaching the
youth of this state the great truths
essential f,o' the development of our
unlimited resources, and if Thlie.,
(I. Clemson could come back to
Fort Hill to-day the highest con
ception of his immortal thought
would be realized in an institution
which overshadows the old home-'
stead and through the teach ings of
which truth. inspiration and know
ledge are instiiled into hundreds of
South Carolina boys.
Clemson College, S. 0. June, .10
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Druggist. .
Thomas J. Adams, for many
years editor and propritor of the
ECdgefleld Advertiser. died atbhig
home in Edgefiold on Friday aged
aged about fifty-five years.
Dlanlel B3ante of Otterville, Iowa.
writes, "I have had asthma for three or
four y'ers and have triled about all the
cougha and astha cures in the market
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ey iaereifandI which.gave me im.
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F goods and prices are not sati
A. K.
Westt End.
Notice Applienuts.
'rho regular examiunation of applicants
for Teacher, certificates will be hold at
Pielcus, S. C. on Friday June, 13th,
1902. The exauitiations will open at 9
a. in. and close at 4 p. in. Questions
furnish d by State Board.
Applicarts desiri:g State Certificates
will stan'l on first grado and on addition
al (uestione, t3ri:l Stato certificate will
be good for ten yors,
W. W. F. Bright.
Co. Supt. Ed.
PI ins and spc cifications for a county
jail at Pickens S. C. can be seen at office
of the County Supervisor, rrfter the 16th,
day of Juno 1902, also at oflice of H. D.
Breeding architect, Greenville 11. C.
Bids will be received in pst or in whole
and will be opeuoi at 12 o'clock, -oou
July 15th 1901.
L 1). Stephens.
A. J. Welborn.
-Bobt, Stewvart.
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