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The People's Journal.
'1'lIURSDAY, JUNI, 12, 1902.
Local nd Personal.
-The oat crop is almost a fail
uro .
-This yoar low bottoms have a
chanco to do something.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in
Easley Juno 17th, and 18th.
-Oardens are not generally
what they ought to be; the dry
season has in jured them.
-Farmers have never made bet
tor time forestalling the grass, and
tho result is crops are in good con
Andrew Bramlett who has been i
in charge of the Ieverett High
Schlool, Leverett, Greergia, is at
homo for the summer vacation.
-Though good rains have fallen
in many sections of the county
there ar, yet somo sections suffer
ing from long drought which is
beginning to bo serious.
-There will be an all day sing- I
ing at Bethlehem Church, 5th,
Sunday in this month. Every I
t ody iivitf+d to come and bring I
wlI filled baskets. Proiinent t
singers have been ini ited.
-We acknowledge receipt of a
most ologantly gotten up invita
tion to attend the c-nommencement
exercises of Whithrop College .June
'15 to 18, in the College Auditor
ium, Rock Hill, S. C.
-Wo publish this wok, for in
formation, a town ordianco late
ly enacted respecting the solicit- t
ing of patronage by hotel and
boarding house keepers and em
ployers at the railroad station.
Arrangements have been por
fected whereby I'ickens .l3ase Ball
team will play the Central teanon
the latters diamond next Thurs
day afternoon June 12. An inter..
esting game is anticipated, as both
teams are iii splended shape, and
each will try to do the very best.
-"Th: Deestrick Skule" is get
ting on famously now. Rehearsals
are being held in the Court House
overy afternoon this week. A rich
entertainment is in store for Pick
ens and community. In our next
issue we will announce (late and
cast of characters. Thlle entire
town is well r'epresented in thes pre
-Ed Young (Col) confined in r
jail awaiting trial at the next
termi of court, made a daring and
successful attempt at jail break
ing Sunday night. He managed 1
to tear a hole through the ceiling (
o1 the cell in which he wvas con- a
fined, and by the use of t:>n blan
kets uundertook to let himself down I
from the top of the building, E
When only a short distance from si
the top, going down, his improvis
ed rope broke and lie got a fall of E
about twenty feet. The noise of C
this fall awoke some of the atten- a
dants who proceeded toan examina, f
tion and found that Will Austin 3
confined in the same c311 was also
attempting to escape The latter
was caught before effecting his
purpose. Ed Young seems to have
gone at once to the home of his
brother, Pleasant Young, who
brought him back to jail and turn- I
ed him over to authorities.
Our health generally is good.
Crops look well considering the
dry weaathmer. Gener'al Greenm can 't
wi~ni withiout more rain in this see,
Miss Unity Nimmions will teach
the Summer term of school at the
A m bler school.
Small grain will soon be ready
for harvest ini this section. Wat,
er'melons, peafches~, aples, and
blackberie sand candidates wil' bei
p)lentiful, yet we believe a man (
cain't tell whether ho can swim or
not till he gets in deep water. So
c>me right along, candidates, andi
don't get scarend for some one will
win. J. D. S.
Maynard D)ebating Society.
The old members of tihe Maynard
Debating Club met oin Friday
night, Juiie 6th, and decided to
seorganiz~e the club.
The following was slated for
Saturday night, June 14; Declamia
tion, "Life," Lemn Freeman; Essay,
"Popular Society vs. Morality,"
Earl Miller; Reading: Selection,
by Andrew Williams; Regular de
bate; Resolved, that children un
-der twelve years of age should be
allowed to work mn cotton mills.
Affirmative; John Fendley and R.
R. Hill:'NTegative; J. N. Williams
and Arthur Jones.
The p blio is cordially invited
to attendl, and other young men
or ladies desiring to tqake part~ in
the exercises would be welcomed.
We ought to have at least twelve
members in the society who would
take an active part and thus ligh
ten the labors of the old members.
Remember, Maynard School
house, June 14th,
R. ED. M,
The following letter fromi Boberb 1t.
Watt., of Salemi, Mo., istrtidbive. 64I
have been troubled with k(ane diase
ortelast fiVe y'et. I los h and
nevheo r fte n doctoedl wiIadig
wihu relief. 3Fmrslly I trie 1Q.
(1O arE, mand les than t* - 6*.
lion. J. E. Boggs at The Press Assoclai
We clip the follcwing from the
report of the proceedings at the
the late meeting of the State Pros
Association in Georgetown:
When the hour for the annual
address came a line audience was
present. President Aull was most
happy in his ii.troduction of the
Hon, Julius E. Boggs, who had
consentod to deliver the annual or.
ation. Mr- Boggs is a strong type
of the man fitted for ontertaining
an audience. His montal gifts are
well balancjd. His style is versa
tile, avitty always clear and strong.
Graceful in his argument, well
poised and thoroughly interesting
in what he has to say, he holds his
iudience with the gift of his own
power. His subject to night was
'Loyalty," the subject in itself
which stamps the character of the
nan who offered it. Mr. Boggs
ipoke on this subject with the fan
larity of one who had no stilted
hrasn, but with the naturalness of
mne who instictively had kowledge
vhereof ho spoke. lIe touched
ipon the delicato meaning of his
subject, ho brought fort its power
Lnd he recalled to his attentive
iearors the highest spirit of man
iness as a growth of loyalty. In
,he home, in the family circle, out
nto the wider sphere of patriotism
mid truth, the speaker brought the
rue meaning of his subject."
Miss Lila Henry, of Groenville,
s on a yisit to our town as the
;uost of Niles Floy Folger.
Miss Mattio May Morgan has re
urned home from Columbia Fe
nale College for vacation.
Miss Ploy Folger has ieturned
owe from Nashville, Tenn.
Mies Bessie Ashmore, of Pickens,
s spending a few (lays with Mrs.
. T. Gassaway.
Miss Florence Rowen, of Pick
4ne, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J.
4. Morgan for a few days.
Mr. Walter Daniel is here for a
risit to his sister Mrs. W. R. Wy
G. W. Browning, of Greenville,
was in town Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom lowlaud, of
)harlotte, aru guests of Mrs. C. G,
Eugene Young, of Grcenville,
v,- in town Friday.
Misses D)ence and Janie Clayton
vere in towvn for a few hours Wed
Misses O'Dell and McDaniel and
fIessrs. O'D)ell and McDaniel, of
~ickens, passed thro' town on Sat
rday on their way to attendl the
om mnencement exercises at Cleim
on College
The Misses Folger entertained a
ow of their friends last Friday
vening compllimentary to their
:uest, Miss Henry.
The people of Central are much
nthused over the prospects for a
otton mill as a canvass for sub
cription to stook has resulted so
avorably as to insure success be
'ond all doubt.
The health of this community is
ot so good at present.
Mrs. S. A. Wyatt has been on
he sick list for several days. Dr.
3olt is attending her.
Louise, the little daugh ter of
!r. and1 Mrs, S. M. Cox, is very
Mr. B. 0, Jones visited (relatives
~nd friends through this section
ecently, after which he retuned
o Oartereville, Ga., where his
vork is now located.
Misses Maggie and Lida Chap
nan spent last Saturday and Sun
lay with Miss Eula Williame, of
. Miss Bettie Hendricles, ot Field,
risited her daughter, Mrs. Lula
jox this week.
Miss Fannie Looper, accompa
)id by Mr. Edward Hendricks
vent to a lawn party down in the
31reenville section last Saturday.
L'hey report a very enjoyable time.
Misses Nora and Olive Hen-.
iricks and Mr. Edward Looper
ipant Sunday with Miss Nora
fones, of Dacusville.
Aunt Peggy Looper has been
n very poor health for some time.
Crops are looking fine in this
;ection especially cotton. We
need rain bad.
Wild Rose.
The Hope of the South.
The hope of the South is not in
the coming lawyer, dootor or
preacher or politican, but in the
boy who is not afraid of work, and
who will pull off his coat, pull up
his sleeves and pitch in to accom.
plish the task before him, The
farm ma.nager and owner of the fu-.
ture requires brains in the manage
mont of the plow as well as the
professional or business man in
the commercial world or in the
weilding of the pen,.
The agrioultural and textile
sohools should turn out these boys
whose aim In life should be to
make the worn out land, to rebloomn
with boontiful harvests, .inorease
the prodnotion of her fertile . vale.
loye, start the~ fywheel of manu.
factories to reyolving all over the
State-put the'whod State on a
maroh of yreOss and 'dovelop
Dthis, bys, atid the d,the
Many hearts were made to fell
sad on the afternoon of June 2nd
when the news was spread that
Jas. 11. Ilughey had departed this
life. Though it was not a surprise
as he had been in bad health for
some time, caused by a cancgr of
the face and throat. He was an
old Limo honored citizen, a God
fearing man, and tried to lead
those with whom he came in con
tact in the paths of rectitude and
right, always putting his case be
fore God in all things and inquir
ing of him who doeth all things
well the way of salvation. He
served 4 years as a soldier in the
Civil war always discharging the
duties putl upon him to the
best of his abilty. And the life
our brother has led in the past
ought to be a criterion for every
one. le was the fathor of i; chil
dren of which the monster death
has snatched 5 leaving only one
son, John A. IHughey and his wife
to survive him. The bereaved
ones have the sympathy of a host
of friends in this their time of af
Iliction. The decoased was seven
ty-two years old at his death.
Just a fiw d1y s before his death
he expresbed linsel f as being ready
to meet God any time he should
call him away and requested his
companion aiid 01hers not to
glive but to follow the master
unl meet hin where there would
bo no parting.
h'lio interment took pla te the
day following at the George's
"reek cemetery, Rev. D W. Hiott
,onducting the funeral services.
Sheriff News.
Vo are still needing rain, crops
ire looking very well, but gardens
ire drying u1p.
Mrs. Mary Orr returned last
veok from a visit to the exposition
rieudx in Columbia and Greenville,
Miss Veda Childress and broth
3r were the guests of the Misses
\Welborn lost Saturday sand Sun
day. We are always glad to see
Miss Veda for she is such a lively
Prof. John F. Lesley and his
class will go to Enon next Sunday
morning for the purposa of intro
ducing a nnw song book , ''Wm
dows of 1Heaven" which contains
some of Prof. Vaughn's sweetest
songs out. Everybody go, for we
know you wi]l want one of the
new books when you hear those
sweet songs.
Children's Day was quite a suc
ees W~e had the very best of
order and good things to eat in
Tbundance. Mr. Editor, you ought
Lo have been there, the candidates
were there and a general "hand
shakle" was carried on also.
Trhe program was as follows:
Song-All hail the power of
Tesus name.
"Jun~e' '-A recitation by Henry
Lee Sheriff.
Golden Text-By little Mary
Lesley and Era Sheriff.
Treasures-By a class of little
Song, Little children can do
Two Princes-By 3 little boys.
Rock of Ages--Miss Lidia Les
"It must be settled right"-By
Jimmie Ba;lenitine.
My one Talent-By Miss T. Can
''Was it You ,"-By several little
"Sin of Omission "-By Misses
Nannie WVelborn and Lidia Lesley.
Recitation---By Mr. Willie Bal
ontLine .
Song-God shall wipe away all
''Guilty or Not Ghuilty"-By
Eunice Wyatt.
"Last Hlymn''-By Miss Nannie
"Christ and the Little Ones."'
By Miss Mildred Orr.
Song-The Sweetest Story ever
Talk from Rev. W. E. Wiggins
on collection.
Our Work-By a class of Boys
and girls,
Song-Gathering the Golden
In the afternoon Dr . Smith and
Hon. J. E. Boggs made two nice
addresses f or whichw ie thank them
very much.
Chatter Box.
An OrdInance.
RegLulating the Soliciting of Pat..
ronage by Hotel and Boarding
House keepers and employee at
the Railroad Station in the town
of Pickons and to Prevent obstrue
tion to Passengers.
Be it Ordained by the Inten
dant and Wardens of the Town of
Pickons in Concil Assembled:
First. That from and after thei
passage of this ordAnianoe, it shall
be unlawful for the owner pro prie
tor or keeper of any hotel or boar
ding house in the town of Plokens
or for any agent or employe of any
hotel or boarding house or any
other person or persons, to .ob.
struot the passage way to or from
the passanger oar or oars, at the
station in the tovwn of Piotens, of,
any passenger or pasentgers comn
ing from said car or.care by pas
sing nearer said car' or cars than
the otiter or uouth rai of the side.
traok of the jfallroed, said side
tihdl lying south of the main track
fftrte ppoBs of sblioting patfan-'
ful for any' such solicitor of any
hotel or boarding lgouso or keepe.r
thereof to so licit the patronage of
any passangor or )asbagger on any
train by approaching tho irtin
from any ,q(1 except from the
south side thereof.
Third. That any violation of this
ordinance or any section thoroof
shall be a nisdoineanlor, and any
person convictod thoreof shall be
punished by a fine of liot less than
Ono (1) dollar nor norethani Ten
(10) dollars or imprisoned at hard
labor on the public works not less
than throo (3) dlays nor more than
thirty (30) days either or both in
tho dierrstion of the Intend nt.
Fourth. 'Tlat this ordinancef
shall take ell'e.t immediatuly upon
its ratificatior.
Dlono and Rateli,,d inl Council
this 7 d iy of June, 1903.
Ilomler A. Richey.
Clerk of Council.
W. T. McFall, iltenhint.
HOW TO A\VOI 1) TRtU l1,I. c
Now is the tine to provide yourselfl
and fatmily w~'ith at bottl~ of (Chainber
lain's Colic, Cholera and .1) i;rrioe. Ii
Itonedy. It is almost cmrtaint (.) he noe;d tl
ed before the sumnmer i.i over, and i' i
procured now may save you ai trip to til
town in the night or in your bu,it'-4 sea
son. It is ovrywhere admttit,tied to ho
t.he most successful imediciino inl nIt for
bowel complainis, Io'It fcr children an rt
adults. No family canl alYord to he with- Ii
out it. For sale by (i. W. .arle. ti
Perfeetton Currant, Which 'Won the c'l
Harry Meditl For Special 3merlt. d'
1e cut, froi American Agricultur- P
lst, shows the new Perfection curralt,
whleh obtained the iBatry gold medal it
from the Western New York liorticul- I1
turall society for at new fruit of special c
merit. Professor 1
S. A. Beach of
New York is
credited w I t h1
the following de
scription of It: yj. ri
"ln form of- -
bush, health and
vigor of foliage ti
the Perfection is
intermediate be
tween its parents b)
Fay and h'liite 0
Grape. The fruit
is borne along
the old wood,
much like that
of the White
Grape. On the
average the size -
of cluster and
both exceed that
of the Fay and1(,
so far as I
know, equal that
of ainy variety
which has yet
beent disseminat- THE PEnFECTION OUR
ed. Thue fruit Is IiAT'
usually uniformly large to the tip of
the cluster.' Its largest bei'ries are ful
ly equal to thme largest of thme Comnet.
While on the average its fruit Is not
quite so large as that of the Comet, its
Clusters average longer. The pulp is
less seedy and considerably better in
quality. The stem of the cluster is free r
from berries near Its attachment to the'
plant, thtus making It easy to plek. The
color is a good red, somewhat lighter
than the Fay. In flavor and quality I
consider it distinctly better than Fay I'
or Cherry. In fact, I do not know of C
any other large currant in cultivation -
that is its equal int this respect. It
ripens about with Fay and Cherry."
Tillage In Peach Orchards.
Other things being equal, that tillage I t
is considered best for Maryland peach
orchards which begins as early in the|.
spring as the land can be .worked and
continues until midseason, being re
peated frequently enough to maintain
the surface of time soil in -a light,"loose n
condition. Keep the surface mulcht in tl
good repair. Many of' the Maryland
orchards can be given such tiliage
without difficulty so far ns thte char
acter of the laind is concernted, ailhough |a
in the western p)art of the state, es, C
i)ecially' in the mioutntaitn orchards, there t<
are conditions which render thorough 11t
tiliage difficult.
My little son had an attek of whoop
ing cough and was threatened with pno~- C
umonia; but for Ohamborlain's Cough ti
Remedy we would have had a serious 1
time of it. It also saved him frotn sev
eral attacks of croup.-H. J. Strickfad
on. For sale by 0. WV. Earle.
Over one hundred valcancies in f
the grade of Second Lieutenant in J
the regular army are now open to a
enlisted meni and civilians.
George Sohab a wall known German
citizen of New Lebanon, Ohio, is a con- a
staint reador- of tite Dayton Volkaz.ei
tung Hie knowvs that this paper aims to i
advertise only the best in ita columns, c
and whben he saw Chamberlain's Pain ]
Balm advertised therein for lamo bacek,
he did not hesitate in buying a bottle ci
it for his wvife, who for eight woeks had
anfered with the most terrible paius in
her back and could get no relief. He
says: "After using the Pain Baltm for a
few days my wife said to nw, 'I feel as
though born anew,' and before using
the entire contents of the bottle the uin
bearable pains had entirely vanished and
she could again take up her household
duties." Helis very thankful and hopes
that all aluffering likewise, will hear of
her wopderful recovery, 'lhis valuable
lines#nt is for sale by 0. . E~arle
Zaggist, ..
Nearly levery Ohtnanian I cant
read, but.l0 per centf of the .won
men are uneducatd
'Every said I had consumption,"
writes Mrs, A. M. 8hlelds, of O064n.
bersbug, Pa., "I was so low after six
:nonths of severe sickness, oaueed by
Hay F'eyer and Asthma, that few
thlogt I could get well, but I legined
pfthu tveone nugrt of Dr. King's
New iscovery fot oisuingtion use'd
it, and was domnpletely ourdl, For de.
po.tite lUhroat abd Luing Diseasen it is
All County ofices, each, $5.00.
Magistratos, - " 2.50.
All other offices, " - 5.00.
The above prices are invariably IN
I hereby announeo myself a candidate
or Congress from this, the Third South
Jarolina District, subject to the action
if the democratic voters at the approach
ng primary election.
I hercby announce myself a candidate
or t'ongress to represent the Third, W,
., I)istrict, subject, to the action of the
oemocratio voters in the approaching
rimuary. WnI. J. Stribling.
The friids of Laban Mauldia hereby
unolnce hin as a candlidate for the Ben
te, subje t. to thi, action of the D)eto.
ratio voters of 1-iekouw county at the ap
roaching pritmary.
Tie friends of Charles E. Robinson
erebly aInnollunC himi as a candidate for
1c henate, s'ubject to the action of fho
13muocr"atie vutors of Pickens dounty at
Lu approaching primary.
I hereb,y announce my candidacy fpr
icleution to the liouse of Iepresonta
ves from Pickens cout'ty, subject to
ie .Demtocratic pril3ry.
'hc friends of J. Ashmore Hlinton
zreby announce him ats i candidate for
o House of Representative from Pick
is county, subject to the nction of the
nmocratif% voters at the approaching
:imary election.
The friends of Frid Williams hereby
mnouncos him as a candidate for the
Ouse of Representatives from Pickens
Iamty, subject to the action of the
emocratic voters at the approaching
imary election.
The friends of N, A. Christ ophor re
>ectfully announco him as a candilato
1r the eflicu of County Auditor for
icheIns countyV, subject to the action of
ie eletdoeratic voters at the approaehing
rin'1Iary eCtion.
The friends of E. Foster Keith hero
y aninouneo him ats a candidato for the
tliea of Auditor subject to the action of
10 democratic party at the coming pri
mY elecetiou.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
or the olice of County Treasurer, sub
tct to the action of the democratic vot
rs of Piekons county at the approaching
ima):ry electionl.
B. Fletcher Lesley.
By the solicitation of my many friends,
hercby announce myself a candidate
or re-election to the oclico of Treiasurer
f Pickens county, subject to the ation
if tbe democratic vottr at the approach.
ng primary election.
S. D. Chapman.
The friends of Henry WV. Farr hereby
nounco him a candidate for the office of
'rcasurer, subject to tile action of the
emocratic voters of Pickens county at
lio ayproaching primary.
The friends of yames M. Lawrence
aspeotfually announce him as candidate
yr Treasurer for Pickens county, sub.
tet to the action of the demcratic yo.
tre at tihe coming primary.
I hereby announce myself a condidate
>r tihe vOice of Treasurer for Pickens
unt.y, subject to tbe action of the de
aocra:tic p)rimalry. 0. R. Hendricks.
The many friends of L. D. Stephens
arceby announce him for reelection to
:e oflilce of County Supervisor Subject
tile Democratic Primary E~lection.
Many Friends.
Tile friends A. J. Welborn hereby an
uncc him as a candidate for County
ommnissioner, subject to the action of
:o democratic voters of Pickens couni y
a the aproaching primary.
Tbc friends of D. Rt. Evans bloreby
mnounco iml a canldidate for County
ommissioner Pickens county, subject
i the action of the Democratic p)arty at
10 app)roachling primary,
Tile friends of A, B. Talley hereby an
ounce him a candidate for the oflce
ounty Commissioner subject to the ac
on of the Demooratic party at the ap
roaching primary.
-For Probate Judge.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
r re-election to the office of Probate
udge of Pickens county, subject to the
otion of the democratic voters at thle ap
reaching primary election.
J. B. Newbery.
At tile request of friends, I he.reby
unounce myself a candidate for reetec
on to the ofice of County Superinten
enIt of Eduction subject to the action
f the Denmocratie party at the Primary
W, W. F. Bright.
Lot our lady friends read this expres
ionl of appreciation from Mrs. Lul a
~rad1y, of U ree, N. 0.: "I am void of
lords to adecquately express my appre.
at ion of Ramon's Liver Pills and Tonic
'ciliets. I was a great sufferer when I
ieganthe use of this Treatment: They
inve completely changed my life from
>ne of suffering to heatbful enjoyment."
The property near Hodgenville,
Ky,, where Abraham Lincoln was
orn has beeni advertised at sheriff
tale for taxos,
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~he suggstionm is wHads that ini
We have paid especial atten
Dress Goods, for we believe in p
plete line Organdies, Lawns, 1)
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New Sprin
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ITing every piece of linen
in r at flrst cost.
lay. In they come and out
1H and you will aways get
Selz $3.50 Shoe for Men,
:1 I'IIING as you will find
I an'.l u -can fit the largest
1re from 50 cents to $I8.00.
If we miss selling you it
nor the prices.
Anything that is worth hav
nber our prices are always
Dve hoes.
E Eve, $3.50.
Hand Sewed
reenville, S. C.
g Coods
;t line we have shown. We
and they are in reach of
from the Northern Markets,
:omp1jlete line of the season's
(:nt is equal to any in the
all the Ladies in Pickens
artment. You will find cor
nid big values. It wvill pay
orrow Co.
n Seeds
good garden. Besides the
:k the necessary
rming Tools!
;, Forks, Bush Hooks, Briar
w Stocks, Best Steel Beam
Iron King Stoves -Sewing
nds, Pretty Styles.
ean 'Stock of
tGoing out Every Day.
e or Farms ,*.*1
d look thIrough oni joom ~ *.~"
throucgh ouir atock~

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