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The People's Journal.
TI. J7. 3 w'.Pi, - - - itor. 01
WT. I'ma M: rv -Blus. Mgr. .
Eittei at the 1*ost O icot at Pickons as
wueonidelass mlo tt'er.
Sub11-cripio', n. $1.0)) a 'Year. h
'' 11 1 1 I) A Y , JUNE 1), 1902.
Cotton is bringing it good price, t
but the 19U2 crop hasn't been b
gatlired yet.
From this time on, thoro will be a
cainaigi news to talk about. I
'Tinngs are warming "p. r
* * * t
Those who save( forage crops
when they had the opportunity, i
now tool repaid for the trouble.
* **
It seems that President Wood
ward of the South Carolina Col
lege also has his troubles and has
gone through the ordeal of a res
Last week was given over to
commencements of the various
male and female colleges in towns
and cities where such inst itut ions
* **
It is authoritivoly stated that
the South Carolina Ilospital for
the Insane is in a very crowded
condition, and presents a most sEc
rious problem for solution.
The Greenville News and tel'
Greenville Mount.i l have bIeen)
saying some vary bad things about
each Gther none of which is credi
table to either of them.
It is expected that col:gro WV:
adjourn about July 13. M :.
of the coigrssincn in r. -
imipatient ad wanmt to ri't h1l:-. t
look after Ihoir camnpaigns fr r. -
Candidates for Congress in the
third district must cover a lot of
ground in order to meet a rttason
able proportion of the people, but
they appear to be covering that
ground pretty well.
Though it is summer, there is
evidence on every sido that Pick
ens is the distributing point for i
large and prosperous section of
country, .1 only takes a talk
with Pickons merchants Lo con
yince anlybody that Pickiens t radet
is gratifyingly on the increase.
Mrs. Virginia D. Younvg, editor
of the .Fairfax Eniterpise, a veCry
bright paper put lishotd at Fairfax,
S. C., Is endeav'oring to collrect
andi( edit series of papers on nWomi
(in of to-day mn SouthI Carolina.''
'Under her e'ficienit management,
this effort will prove an interes -
ting success.
Commissioner W~elborn) built
the approach from the the Pickens
side to the Saluda bridge on theI
road at a moderate cost, half of
which wias paid by Greenville coun
ty, yet with all its benefits, every
body doesn't seem pleased. The
real benefits of this improvement
havn't been seen yet; wait till the
floods come.
Sonme of the newspapers aro ma- i
king it out that Tillmnan has
(tubbed Josh Ashley his carriage ~
horse, because Tillman remembers I
an occasion when Mr'. Ashley acted c.
in the capacity in Anderson some
years ago. But Ashley is running
for the State Senate in Anderson
county now and says ho is going I
to drive himself.
There has never been problems a
so appalling and significant as
as those presented forcibly by late n
mine and railroad and other terri
b)ly fatal disasterf-all direct trib-- a
utes to the fast and husy and time
saving age in which we live. c<
Something ought to be done, and
that at once, to check the reckless.
ness of an age that makes life and a
human safety subservient to the ea
greed of capital and the growing bi
yearning for time and mnoney ,says et
lng devices, ti
After all that's bee said and CM
do, the nlew jail will be erecd thi
on the Court Hlouse square. This mI
will be eenvenient to the Court WI
house, but propertyr ownerg who
hoped the nlew jail would be built g*
out of range of their property and Di
where better sewerage facilities Ct
could be obtained are somewhat M
disappointed. In determining them
location of the jail, doubtless a rc
mnultitude of yexing questionis at
presented themselves to the COm.- 1.3
inissoners. Specifications for the B
tiew biding muy b, seeun at the
Si~myhiw'. j~q, t
'I'hore atro sovenl openl candidates h
the tivid offering to reprosent b
o third district in Congres, sub. g
t to the action of Democratica
ters at the primary.
F<rom all appoaracs, the lnin
'rmen who are making Pickens I
'adliuarters are making things Y
ove to tho mountains whence
t)y are drawing material for a
ig Industry.
a w *
''ho Senatorial and ('ongression
caml)aigns actually o!pimied at
onalds last Sat,urtlay w ben the
espective caniidatos showed t
heIsolves an1id gave S-1e ii(dica-i
ions of tho rutluliug speed thov'
ro likely to dlev lop.
X 'A
The good rains that have come
to many s1eetions of the conty are
elpfeul and make the woll worked
Ilops look promising, We trust
tho ttlimely showers w\ill c'ontinulo to
come till they visit every section
ll lit So days, rei Lna ions Sevll
to ho the donminantt, weapllons of
collego warfato. .1'lloy () roi:ne
good---t.ht i ,y ore inv OS t ig:at Ions
that. lo inivestigat m, ;n11< iln, a
ronse1111(Vut ''Straillhteniim-,ollt" of
I)r. Carlisle has reSIined as l'rrS
identt of W o11hird Co llega , aui 1 sui
gi st ionst a;t e ing mlad.- t o(:ov,rnl
ol' tl 1I e t'1wee 1' iilill1;: Or ('arl s "':
ap1)oilt mnl,' t 1 th1 u nexlire1
t e r m a o r ia l 'W i h w h c tA Ai l i
Mr. Welborn Explalt..
Replylug to somle references It,
fernlsCs recently Imtade in1 a comnu1111
uication to lho Pickens entinel
signed "Clod Knocker,'' I wish to
say, by way of explalnation, that
tho "trestlu" lately built on the
Iickens sidal On the air)1a)Ic1 to
tho Saluda, the E:isl.y hridg, road
was, so long as tho wet weatler
)revail1d, ahnost, a necessity for
the0 comfiort and1( safity ofil travel,
ani IniloreOVer thlis iii} tOviimllt
ineighi b)orhood-well nigh all1 of thiemi.
l3osltles. as tiis inatter comeI more
dircCti l uner myl suip.rv ision,
p)rsonia1lly calle1d upjon' Supervisor
Speogle of Greenville counlty and
lat:d1 theC matter before him l, and1( as
a. r sulIt h1a aigrieed lthat Greenlle~
county1 s hould ((1 h)i ialf ti he xpen.
ses of buLildIing tihe :alduda t restie
half theorof. Siice the erection of
thiis '1 restle' we0 hiave had( 1no floods
rhigh waters and1( thle value of
hIis imi)provemen011t has n1 1ot vet been1
lemansiit rated, yet I behelVe that
ifter h1ighl waters hav'e been1 expr
(encedl tile real hofidts of thli
'trestle" to Pickens county trav
er*s will be appreciated, esp)ecia lly
vhenI it is consRideredC that Green~
'ille county has borno hlalf the ex
>enses of an im1provecment made(0
Itogether on the PickenIs counIty
ide, Rlespect fuly. I
A. J. WYolborn.
Will Ereet A MonmalenIt .
Will imstonl,.Jun 112.-A meet
ng of a omiiIt.tee tdr th~e purpoise
f formulatinig planis to erect ai
hie memOry of (fist's Ilid.>s was<
i0ld inI tho par1k todayl), (omose r Of'l1
'I' the followving mlember&'s: .1. 1".,
lend iceks, Iaiberty: W\. I". Lee (
11( Miss Ev~a Strin1gr, Ilielton ii
I wias deterinedC( to erect a dulr
bio 1m10111mlinlt of m11rh|11 or gran.II
o to cost not les t han $1 ,000t withI
suitable inlscriptionto thle mlemi
ry of this gal lont comp anyl~ of
hIichl but a small remunanlIlt re
Tis is indeed at worthy objIect e
ad will 1me0t a hea rt.y re'Ppoiso,
011m eafch soin and( daughiter of
lose who sacrificed all for our
>untry.-Daliy Mail June 13th, h>
Another Fire at Central, a
The matrimonial fir', broko out
Central last Sunday at four o'
ook P. M., and burnod witl una, C
tted fury, notwithatandinig thle
eady rain that was falling at the '4
cne. The indications favor the i
mor, that there is no stop to this ~
nfagation until we shall loose
veral of out young Iadies. Itt e
o baoh'olors will charr antd riae
ainl. The contracting parties b,
th a Oampany of friends ai.d i
lativOs gathered at thn homie of
wv. T. H . Posey and Mr. Iran
Abbott of Central and Miss, i
IISY Ml 1arsonl of the country neOar
ntral were made man and wife
r. A bbott is a promising young ~
'n of fine qualities. He entered
eepoofthe Southern Rail- a
'dU.lesthan two years ago, or
id hlas been promoted very rap id- g
I he is now Foreman of tbe Iron *2
rige Gang. Mrs, Abbott is a very ~
toellent youn'g lady possessing i
tat Chrintian olno..-- e . .ba . .I
tving the intollectual ability to
. all that, could be expected of a
>od wVifo.
Mr. antd Mlrs. Abbott will spond
few days with l frionds and relatives
1 atl near Central, when they
ill go to I'artmtn:t Shoals where
I'. AIbot t is nowt building a
ridge. 'Thl" many friends of this
(Ingtt co'plle prodict Jor then a
rigiht. and 1a1)ppV futurO. ''he Will
iy t 1ith them tho congratula
; it.ei best wishes of the whole
uniulunity. P.
il'AD 1 I' IN 1118 NEWSPAPER.
(icorg' Sehab nIL well known (ierman
itizen of New I.el)loln, OIiio, is a con
tant reder of the D)ayton Volkszei
ung lie knlow14 that thi paper aims to
.ivertiS: only tIh bet, ill its cohimu*,
ml when he' Kaw ('hiiberlatin's Pain
iahtin adveitisedl there"it for line hack,
le dlid ntot hettitatt iln-uing at bottlo of
t. for his wife, who for (light weeks haed
willered with the mnost ter"riblo pamns in
hter back it c"ould get no) relief. I10
w.YK: "Afl"r using Ih0 Pain Ba-lm for a
fmy days mly wife Skiui to inti, 'I feel as
Ibought borlln aew.' 1and( hefote using
the entire c4)ntin1ht of the bottle the utn
tierille pains huad ('ntirely vanishetd and
she counld again t'Ike up) her' honsohiokd
(lnii 's." iI(1 is Vety ihankft and1tI hoe1)0
that all snfl.-ring likotwise will hear of
her wtntlerful recovery", This valuable
liinment is for salo by (. W. Earle
Notice' to Dlebtors and (reditors.
All persons 111ving cltims against the
1tate' f I)r. W . M. Silitii dclelseil,
will pIlaso iresent the Knamo legally at
teste<i to the inllrsigned ff 11ptyinwnt by
the Ist d1"'y of S. Itember, 190 2, and
th,se inilhtetl to said ostttare an, rteglnl\')
tu.! to panY the samlie to. .J. 1'. Smith
\\'AS \VASTIN(i AW.\Y.
T1'. fu:l 'wing letter from 1Rbtert 1I
W fs , S.1?em, MIo , istrue.tivl'. "I
' ..' be-::' tr le.'1h&'d 'lt! kidney dlisns -
f:- :..; St :ive year.. I I",st 11e:sh andI
:t we .nl doctored with leadling
S:d tr;id a. reodie s s1gzes
. ef 1 .na:y I tried Fol
K .'v L:::e a .1 es 1tat two bot
ete v Ui me a.1 I am now
: :'." Thore.v'- Pharmas('y
e::v.- X:. iii~u
: i: : idl- ir regular
tt-e : ~ft,.; e mc d y xe ive drolk
t (11o t.e i: ' c r: r e:+tt . A1ttei:d to th:e
kilt-.v' ,. i " by u-in. F uley's Kid
ny Co . 3.* *ruy's Pharm: cv Pick
ens ad] (C 1'L a:: a1alm Liberty.
Charleston, S. C.
Founded in 1785. Strong Fac
ul ty; we'll e(luipped chemicail, pliys,
IcUl, a una 1mo)gical laboratories;
Library of 1-1,000 volum1' s and the
tintst Mutiseum of Natural History
in th Sout.h. Elective coursos
1..ading to the degrees of , A.. B.
S,, and M. A. Board with fur
11al hed room in, College DorHli tory
enni ho olbtalined4. for t$10 a mon1 t.
Tulition1,. 810. Onte scholarship giv
ing free t ujiion is assigned toPick
ens counity, thei holdtr to be ap
poi nted t the Ptrobato Jud~ga and
t e (Xu a v 8 Superin tendantI. Tiotal
('x:'ns- for'1: * -tolarshi ip studten1ts,
SI12 :o $1830. All ctadidates for
adam.o. ar~e parmitted to comn
l'et e :c. l.c a n t Jioyfce SchlolarshI ips
whic.h paiy $150 ai year.
Eni ranc.e ExaminLations wvill be
held at Pickenis on F'riday. JulyV 11,
19)02. ntext session! begins Septemn
ber- 20. For cataloguto addreoss.
Hlarrison1 Rantdolph.
If yout have kiduoy or bladder trouble
md4. do) not use Foley's Kidney Cure,
rou wvili hive only yourself to blame for
esults, as its postively cures all formns
>f kidny and bladder diseases. Thorn.
oy'us Phlarmacy Pioktens and Chapman &
Jallabam Il Liberty.
Ninthrop College Scholar
ship and Entrance Ex
amninati one.
Tlhe exaiminaton f'or theo awaV1rd
>f vacanlit schtolaiips in Winth
o Ctllego andit for the admission
f now sttdents ill be hold at the
'ot1Iy Court Houso on1 Friday,
luly 11ith, at 9 A. MI.
A 1p0licantis mutL not be less than
lOie years o)f age.
Whon schiolarPships are v'acated
lter- J1uly 11ich, thewy wvill h.' awar
11d4 to thloso mallkinlg the highest
utvrngto at this exam ina11t.
Theb next sessioni will open1 Sep.
ember-i 17, 1902.
F"or futhetitr inuformnat ion andl a
ataloguo addross Pros. 1). BI.
lohnson, Rock lill, S. 0.
Ont the first iindication of kidney tron
Ie, stop it by taking Foley'sj Kiduey
lure. Thornlbes Pharmacy Pickens
ud Ch"pman & Callaham Liberty,
G.wernor MoSweeney has receiv
d for the first time an application
ra Pardon from a muicipal
aurt. He has referred the matter
o the attorney general for his op
IFor billitnsuois use Chamberlini's
tomnach & Liiver Tablets, They oluse
10 stomnopc~ and regular the livde and
aowls, efeting a Quok and 1ermt1anis
t cuure. For solo by d. W.1Earlo
D)aniel flanto ot dtterville, town,
rites, "i have had asti.ma for three or
ur years and have tried1 about all the
ing and at iha enres in the market
d haVe reoetted treM"ment frm physi.
as in New York and other cities, but
t ver-y little benefit until I tried 1o.
a Honey atnd Tair which gave mue im-.
edlate ireliet and I Wii never bu with. t
it it in my house, .I sincerely reoo. ]
end it to hl." Thri aPharmaoy t
okens and4 QIhanman A laamtm.
Ve are now closing our
COST except the Palmetto sto
tor the sumnier, now is your clu
have a lot of M isses and Ladies
in L.adis Shoes that we are offer
a good many 1)ress Shirts.
l IOSIE RY-We have barb
afford to miss. No doubt the i
buying for your boys and girls 1
and you have often paid 15 to
good. \Ve (lo not wish to exag
ple of Pickens county io know t
interest as well as ours, for what
in stock 300 pairs of boys and i
large cities for i 5c a pair, but wi
Come and get the bargain.
One Price (
P I C K E N S,
P1 1ns and sptcilications for a county
jail at l'iekeins S. C. can be seen at olilco
of the County Supervisor, ufter the 16th,
day of June 1902, also at office of U. D.
B3roediug architect, Greenville H. 0.
Bids will be receivod in art or in whole
and will be opened at 1' o'clock, noon
July 15th 1902.
L, D. Stephens.
?. J.Welorn.
.ob:. Stewart.
Cc :.Zisioiers,
"We felt vr. v wr:r;. R. N.
l3evi)t Old TL Y.-.ne .Iii:'s
Aruica Salre wboo, r:. anghter
of a boad case of se" . i L:.i.. . It ei:gbts
all who use it for B C:r arns
Bru;ises, Boi s, UcerF, I:npt:ras. In
fallible for P v. O:.: 2. at Thon
Iey'b Pharmacy.
Ninety-Six ie planning for a
quarter million dollar cotton mill.
Sacred cows often defile Indian tem
plus, but worse yet is a body that's pol
luted by constipation. Don't permit it.
Cleanse your system with Dr. King's
New Life Pills anil avoid untld misery.
They give l"rly livers, active bowels,
good digestion, -ine appetite. Only 25m
at Thlor,leys aPharmnacy.
A negr awas tined $40 by the ro,
cordler of Columbia on Thursday
for selling liquor to white boys,
There are more sufferers from consti
pationi than from any other enemy of
our race; there is a long train of annoy
ing illk as a dilrect result, and there is
not.hing bo effoetive in its treatment as
Ramon's Liver Pu,la and TJ.onio Pollets,
2i5 0ts., sample1( free,
Anderson has awaurdedl the con
tract for putting in sewerage. The
plant 18 to cost the city $34,252.
,Startling proof of a wonderful advance
in medicine is given by dnggist G. W.
Roberta of Elizaboth, WV. Vai., Au old
man there had long sutfered wvith what
good doctors pronounced iucurable can
cor. They believed his case hopeless
till he use d Electrio Bitters aind applid
B.uoklen's Arnica Salve, which traeat
ment completely cured him. When
Ekotria Bitters are used to expel bil
ious, kidney and microbe poisions at the
same time this salve exerts its matchless
healing power, blood diseases, skin er
uptions, ulcers and sores vanish. Bit
ters 50c, Salve 25c at Thornley's Phar
An earthquake shock was felt in
Groeenvil le on Saturday morning
at 1:1.5 accompained by a heavy,
rumbling sound.
Ri. A. Gr~ay, J. P. Oakville, Ind.,
wvrites, "For ten years I was conftinod
o my bed with disease of my kidneys.
[t was so severe that I could not move
>art of the time, I consulted the very
>Ost medical skill available, but could
set no relief until Foley's Kidnley Cure
vas reomIendecd to me. It has been a
Jotisenid to mue." Thornley's Pharmacy
P~ickonis and Chapman & Callahanm Lib
The Commisspioners of Oconce and
Pickens countios will let to the lowest
esponsible bidder, the building of a new
Bridge at Burohes Ford on KCeowe
R,iver on h~e 10 day July 1902, ut 10,
>'clock a, . The commxisioners reserve
~he right to reject any and all bids. Itf
my bids Is accepted, the bidder will be
required to give bond for twice the
imount of saI4 bid to be approved by I
he commissionera,
A. J.Welbor
Itobt Stewart
Juno 10th, 1902, ComI,
I Will let to lowest responsible biddet
n Tusesday utuly 1st1 at 10, o'olook a, m,
L'hie rebuilding of the Itobertaou bridge
ight o to ay a%nd bids.
Spedidd ilon ezhib tedl of let.
lng beror
4lcxade 8,t , bert o
June 10-1002.
t%eaI'ly overy Ohinamatl can
Cad, but 90 per Cent, of the wo., a
non are uneducated,.
My little ton had an attok of whoopp
og cough and was threatened with pne. t4
monial but for Oha.mberatit's Cough 84
temiedy we would have had a serlotI il
lie ot It. It also savo hIm from soy- b
rlatksof ou~fp,.-J e, Slokfae au
DP.Fo ae a, W i, n,
stock of STAW HATS AT
ck, so if you need a nice hat
Lnce to get one cheap. We
Slippers and a few small Nos,
ing at a very low price. Also
ains in Hosery that you can't
oc. stockings you have been
ave failed to give satisfaction,
>c. in order to get something
crate, but wish to let the peo
hat we are working for their
helps you helps us. We have
nisses hose that often sell in
are offerin them for only ioc.
ash Store.
-- S. C.
We have still on hand a few bar.
tains in the Chapman Bros. stock,
and continued to buy new goods--a
staple stock.
We are running or the cash prin.
,!ple and can therefore give you ben.
atis you would not get by time sales.
We ,ell at clnse living pricee.
We will take pleasure in showing
you through the store.
Farmers cnn get what they need
here. welkeep good goods, and if you
don't see what you want ask for it.
Coffee at 8, 9 and 10 pounds to
the dollar. Granulated Sugar. 16
poun-is to the dollar, A few 5 and
10 gallon kegs of Tennessee sorghum
on hand at 40 cents. Canned goods
of all kinds.
Some clothing to go cheap.
As good Flour as you can find
anywhere in town.
Tobacco, candy, crackers, matches,
soap. stoneware, tinwaro.
Farming implements, plows. hoes,
Singletrees, garden. seeds, stationery,
ink, pencils, brooms, thread-a 1i tie
of everything. Come to see us nd
bring us your produce. If we
haven't, got what you want, will pay
you cash for yoar' chickens, eggs and
butter. Respectfully,
If you need one donl't wait
till thoy are all gono,
Hoes, Plows, Sweeps and all
kinds of farming tools.
Fruit Jars, Sugar, Spices
for the fruit season.
Sow Cabbage seed from the 22
to 80 of May for late cabbage,
good frosh Virginia Seed now on
Pickens, S. C
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
--A LL
I onuments,
mnd M~arkers
sow in Stook at.-..
20 per cent'
asm than usual price, We have'
oms exceptonal values,.
Green2vhlle, 8. 0 .
Now is the time to provide yonaself
tid family with a bottIe of Ohnmber'.
in's Colic, Cholera and Disrrhoo
~eedy, It is almost certain to be a.e
I oe the summer is over, Atnd If
rocured now may save you a trip to
Iwn in the night or i your' busest 8.e
n. It is everywhere adm4ted to
to most succesafnl miedioing tene -
w1oomplrn a, botlh fg eohIdroucd
Is now in store. The store is 1
crisp, new goods. Each season I do
est and prettiest goods possible, but
have surpassed all former seasons.
much talk about goods, but my stock
claim I make. I have undoubtedly oi
of white goods ever shown in Gre
goods in every new stye and color.
My prices are as low as good g<
determined to my store interesting to
and notions this season. Twelve ye
proven to many people of Pickens, t
they can rely unpon it. "Give me a s
f goods and prices are not satisfactoi
A. K. P
Wyest End14. m-1.i.:1
Smith & Bristow's
Our stock was never in better ci
of most of last season's goods after t
ing today the newest and cleanest stc
lina. Goods guaranteed as represen
Mail orders receive prompt attentio:
Price to Everybody.
Main Street, Greenv
Buying and selling
Goods than ai
Stores in tlh<
We are exclusive agents for Sti
Clothing, recognized as the best ma<
America. We carry all grades. M<
$15.00; Boys' three piece Suits $2.50
piece Suits 50 cents to $6.oo. We gt
10 to 25 per cent, on any suit you bu
We carry more Shoes, and sell:
other merchants in Greenville. We
sell from $1.25 up. More of our
Pickens county today than from any
to sell every man, woman and child
shoes this year. We have
Bring the Madlam and Children
to Greenville. Make our store your
of room for the children to p)lay in, t
anywhere else in the city, andl SAVI
every article she buys.
Of Greenville, S
#l esen et, IIIsAORIpJ o P no,
I it elma*Wf ~914en
)rimling full of bright,
my best to get the new
this season, I feel that I
do not believe in too
will bear me out in every
le of the prettiest lines
enville. Colored wash
)ods can be sold. ,I am
all buyers of dry goods
:rs dealing with me has
lit whatever I tell them
howing," is all I ask, and
y, don't buy.
3S at
Greenville, S, C,
)ndition, having disposed
he fire, and we are show
ek in upper South Caro
ted or money refunded.
, Terms, CASH. One
lle, S. C.
; More Dry
hy three
3 City.
ause & l3ro's [High Art
le, best fitting Clothing in~
:n's Suits from $3.oo t(o
to $1o.oo; Children's two
aran tee to save you from
y from us.
niore Shoes than all the
guarantee every shoe we
shoes are being worn in
other store, but we want
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