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The People's Journal.
TIIURSDAY, JUNE, 19, 1902.
Local and Personal.
-It looks like Central CAN
play ball.
-Don't come to the "Deestrick
Skulo" Friday, if you can't laugh.
-J. R. Ross from near the Keo
wee was in Pickens Friday.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Ho
veoNealey on the 11th inst a son.
-Miss. Millie Foster, of Olga,
is visting relatives and friends in
Pickens this week.
-Threshers will soon be on their
rounds cleaning up the wheat and
oat crop.
-J. Sam Wilson and Kirk
Mauldin from the Liberty section
were in Pickens on businss Friday
-Engineer Jeanes will soon
have completed ono of the prettiest
cottages in Pierens, It is the
work of B. E. Grandy.
-It matters not how dull other
business may become, the office of
County Superintendent of Educa
tion is always a busy place.
-Win. J. Stribling, of Walhalla,
candidate for congress, spent Fri
day in Pickens. Mr. Strib
ling also spent some time, while
on this side, traveling through the
-Heavy rains at the sources of
Town and Wolfe Creeks made
those streams raging floods down
their courses Thursday night, tho'
scarcely any rain had lallen in this
--We are requested to announce
that Mr. Jesse McCord will con
duct prayer meeting service at old
Pickens Presbyterian Church on
the first Sunday in July at 11 o'
clock a. m. instead of the 4th,
Sunday in this month as previous
ly announced.
-It is said that a man in the
Weather 3ureau at Washington
has invented an apparatus for cool
ing the atmosphere in dwellings.
lie ought to invent some scheme
to conserve this heat to bo turned
loose as occasion might demand in
cold weather, then his invention
would be complete.
-1-n T. McDaniel and family
came up from ColumbialastThurs
day where they have made their
home for the past year, and are
now at the home of Sheriff J. H.
G. McDaniel for the summer. Miss
Ballio who has been with her broth
er in Columbia, for several weeks,
Caime up with them,
--It is estimated that the by
producets from the cotton seed pro
duced in the Southern states, sold
ats meal and oil, bring returns
antounting to $113,000,000,00.
This enormons addition to the cot
ton crop revenue is the result of
discoveries and inventions of com
paratively recent development and
represents what was formerly con
aidered absolutely worthless and
was not saved.
--For all-round good crops
ila a good neighborhood
one cannot find anything to beat
the Bethlehem Ridge section where
Messrs L. R. Durham, M. W. New
ton, H. Nealey and J. M, Nealey
and others have crops that prom
ise something that keeps the hopes
alive. These people have set the
best of exam plea in bringing t heir
landa up to a paying state of culti
vation, and these men look well af
ter their home interests.
-It is said that la.st year Texas
produced 4.780,000 pounds of hon
ey, South Carolina has opportuni
ties for this industry equnally as
good, yet a comparison of the
amounts produced in these two
sta tes woulId seem red iculous. That
is one thi' g the matter with us; we
are negleting the little things
which count u.) suprisingly and
giving our chief attentions to
things which seem larger and more
promising of returns, but which
usually absorb the profits in the
-Another venture in the Maga
zine line has been made in the
Southern States-this time it is to
be an historical magazine in Mont
gomery, Alabama. This effort is
but a response to the natural antie
ty felt in the southern states that
unless the southern people under
take to write southern history
while it may .yet be obtained
with correotnese. we will at last
be misrepresented and that when
all hope of correction is gone. The
southern historical magaslne is a
good one, and no better time for
its support and endo,rsement could
be found than now.
--[n Tsading the speeches of
coll geraduates and some sup.
posly ig unsinvited as o'jm,
tnenoement orators, of which the
daly papers have been full the
*a~t week, the bulk of evidence is
1mt favor of the college gradua tes
for merib and genuine iuterest.
Pu'blio men'makce mistake in ac.
~spting invitation on commence.
tiwent oocasions when they neglect
bmake proper preparations
hlerefor, For commonplace utter.
%[email protected], the average comimenoement
oratot, be he congressman
'or other man of note, is, as a gener.
lthing, a bore that iust be en~
date-heis chosen 90o ofte#l oli
'0ount of his polIoa p osltion
Dr, W. F. Austin will be in
Easley June 24th and 25th.
-Fairbanks Glycerine tar soap,
Fairy Soap and a full line of toilet
soap at Mrs. Curotons.
"Deestrick Skule" Friday night in
which 33 Pickens people perform.
-The Misses Hagood, of Green
wood, S. G., are guests of Miss
Anita Ambler, Ambler, S. C.
-A. R. Craig and little daugh
t9r, from near Old Pickens on the
Keowee, were in Picke,,s Thurs
day with friends.
-The young men of tho town
are making preparations and wi.l
issue invitations to-morrow to a
dance they will give next Monday
night at their Club rooms.
-Miss Sue Lanchester of Gains
ville, Fla. Who has been attend
ing the Agnes Scott Institute at
Decatur, Ga, is visiting at the
home of Mrs. M, A. Hollingsworth
in town.
-Tho County Treasurer can't
refund any money to School Trus
tees nor to those who have paid
$2.00 commutation road tax untill
the next legislature meets and pas.
ses an act for that purpose.
-Friends of L. 1). Gillespie grat
ified at the high stand he conti.
ues to take at the South Carolina
College, in the Department of law.
The recent examinations declared
for him a most excellent record, in
that his standing is recorded "high
ly distinguised."
-J. B. Newbery, for Probate
Judge and W. W. F. Bright, for
Superintendent of Education, both
for re-election, are announcements
we failed to mention last week.
'ihese announcements will be read
with pleasure by the numerous
friends of the respective candi
-The Summer School for the
teachers of Piokens county opened
Monday morning in Graded School
building, Prof. H. B. Dominick,
principal, and Prof. J. K. Owens
of Rock Hill, assistant. The at
tendance was 16 but this number
will no doubt increase consider
ably in the next few days.
-That American whose iogenu
ity induced him to bottle genuine
Jordan water and sell itto church
es has opened the wa,y for more
fraud than any other scheme we
know of makes possible, though we
haye heard of "bra .ch water" be.
ing sold in this country for good
prices in the place of the genuine
-Prof. John G. Olinkscales, of
Wofford College will lecture at
the Methodist church in Pickens
Saturday night before the 5th
Sunday also at Porter's Chapel on
the fifth Sunday at 10 :30 and at
Mt. Bethel in the afternoon at
3;80. Prof. Clinkscales is a very
interesting talker and no doubt
you will be highly entertained.
-At a meeting of trustees of
Pickenes Graded School, recently
held, Prof. W. E. Dendy was re
elected Supermntendant, Miss Mary
E. Swann head of the primary de
partment and Miss. Marie Folger
head of the mntermediate depart
ment. Prof. R. K. Moon was re
elected to take charge of the color.
Ad department, with Mrs. R. K.
Moon, as assistant.
Pickens and Central crossed bats
on the latter's diamond last Thurs
day. It was a pretty game of ball
with the exception of the 1st ining
-to use very expressive ball par
lance the first inning was "rotten"
with that exception, the game was
a splendid demonstration of Am
erica's national sport. {Score 9 to
3 in favor of Central. The best of
leeling prevailed. Central's young
men did the handsome thing in
looking after the comfort and
pleasure of the Pickens team.
Pickens team was entertained at
the Hotel and refreshments, con
sisting of ice cream and cake, were
served after the ball game. Umn
pire Goff won the respect and con
fidence of both teams which is say
ing a great deal for an umpire.
Both teams were strong-the
trial proved which was the strong
er. The only thing Piokens lack
ed was a little more practice. No
doubt Central had that article in
abundance daily.
At the conclusion of the game
Thursday, the ball fever was at its
highest pitch both teams decided
to try conclusions on Friday result
ing in another yictory for Central,
score 17 to 6.
Mallard's Stock Feed Cutter.
J. H. G. MoDaniel and W. L.
Jenkins have purchased the county
right for Pickens county, entitling
them to sell Mallard's Im proved
Stock Feed Cutter anid Corn Shuck
er, patented May, 2nd, 1002, and
will proceed at once to solicit sub.
scriptions. It is a simple device,
and one of its chief charmse is the
cheap ne anid ease with which it
can be operat3d, Its use has
demonstrated that stook
feed prepared by its aid
adds to the value of the feed an d
that it is besides a good food saver.
As for a corn shucker it excels any
thing we have ever seen, as one
man can shuck as much corn as
Ave can by hand. It is a good
food saver as II6 wakes the stalk
and rauch that Is wasted in the or
din ary way of feeding available as
good food, Zt is good artIdl e and
these getltem6h Wil)l .-have it on
i e la sh otly sb*Ing ready
to elift', tI tb # a ish
"The Deestrick Skule.')
The "Deestrick Skule'' will b
presented for the first time to r
Pickens audience Friday night
June, 20th in the Court House.
Doors open at 8 o'clock. Perform.
aco will begin at 8:30.
Master-B. Lewis.
J. L. O. Thompson--Spokoiana
Osseo Mauldin-Deacon Jones,
W. T. McFall-Pres. of Board,
A. J. Bogge-Secy. of Board.
Visitor: Mrs. Honeysuckle
Mrs. L. C. Thornley.
Smart Aleck-Capt. J. T. Taylor.
Huckleberry Finn-Prof. Dendy.
Timothy Tugnutton-)r. Bolt.
John Bull- Eugene Alexander.
Jonathan Pottibone-Jim Craig,
Betzy Biobbit t, (giggling girl)
Miss 1laude Ashmore.
)orathy Dolittle-Miss Jenie
Elvira Sunflower- Mrs. Zade
Jay Kilpatrick-Brandon Taylor
Jerusha Spriggins, (crying girl)
--Miss Marie Folger,
Marthy Ann Jones-Miss Nannie
Peggy Lightfoot-Miss Millie
Mike O'Flynn-Earlo Lewis.
Buck Honeysuckle- Lo Roi
Ezekiel Jedediah-Ernost Fol
John Turnipseed--Hamp Craig.
Jeptha H1oldtight-Helen Boggs.
John Honeysuckle--Rufus Ash
Teddy Tomlinson-. James T.
Mark Hanna-Douglas Jenkins,
Beanstalk Honeysuokle-Vernon
Rebec,a Brown--Miss Essie
Elihu Elderberry--Edgar Mor
Tinoy Honeysuckle-Miss Beas
Mehitobel Hawkins-Miss Olga
Susanna Hartshorn-Mrs, Essie
Selina Delany-Miss Lucia Vol
Above we give cast of charac
ters which at a glance is sufflicint
guarantee of a high class entertain
ment, undoubtedly the most amus
ing presentation imagitable I Ad
mission, adults 15, children 10.
Commencement at Easley.
Commencement of Easley Gra..
dod School occurred on the night
of the 13th, H. B. Dominick, prin
cipal and Iula McBeth Jones assia
tants. Seven graduates.
Miss Essie Ford-Valedictory.
Mr. Olin Pickens-Balutatory,
Mary Hamilton -New South.
Alma Glazen-Idmagination.
Ruth King--"What is worth
Lillian Smith-A great man Lee.
Music by the String Band from
Spartanburg. Address by J. J.
McSwain, of Greenville, subject t
''Education", excellent, up--to-date
and full of merit.
3. Resamond Martin, of the
Drug store of Dr. R. F. Smith, E~as
ley, has recently graduated from
Cincinnati College of Pharmacy
with the degree of Ph. B. For
thirty years this college has been
recognized as among the best in
America and it is with pride that
we learn our friend, Dr. Martin,
won the medal in Pharmacy and
stood second in Chemistry in a
largo gand ambitious class. Hsi
will remain with Dr. Smith with
whom lie acquired his early train
The Central High School has
just closed its term under the man
agemient of Prof. R. L. Goff.
Miss Nettie Rochester is with
relatives in Gastonia, N. 0.
Mr. J. D. Aiken left Saturday
for Mississippi.
Mr. A. D, Hlardin is visiting Mr,
T. J. Werner's foamily.
Mr. H . J. Alfred, of Greenville,
was in -town a few hours Saturday.
Miss Lila Folger is visiting
friends in Anderson this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Zachary,
of Toccoa, Ga. are guests of Mrs.
J. T. Gassa way.
B. F. Martin, of Anderson, was
in town Saturday.
Miss Iva Gaines haa returned
home after a visit to her sister in
Atlanta .
Mr. H. C. Orawford, of Seneca,
was in town this week.
Mdlis Sadie Strickland, of Ander.
son, is spending a few days with
her father, Dsr. A. C. Striokland at
the Central Hotel.
Mr. McClellan, whose leg was
broken by a fall from a scaffold a
few days ago will soon be able to
be removed to his home.
Miss Parson., of Cateeohee, and
Mr. Norinanl Abbott, of this town,
were married yesterdIay afternoon,
Rev. T. C. Pomey, officiating.
The Southern Raiiway Company
tg having the hotel re-.plastered.
--.Nableco, A.rrow toot, Soolsli
tea, Butter thin, Raspherty nev.
tou, Vanilla creat.Fano iniaed
Everything quiet in this vicinity
Fine rains have fallen and the ove
two months drouth is broken
Farmers are re.oicing Wheat i
about all harvested. It is vor,
short straw, thii on the land bi
the grain is fine, Spring oats ar<
well filled but so short they will b,
diflicult to save unless cut by I
mowing machine and raked liki
hay, fruit is small and inferior
dropping oil, owing partly to th
drouth. Potato bugs are still very
much in evidenco in spite of Ce.
dar top ton and Paris Green. II
scoms they fatten on such things
The county convicts have dont
some good work on some of the
streets and roods in and around
town and have mov-.d on the Pick
ens road.
Mr. Jas. Griffy, who lives on the
1)r. Hollingworth place lost hi
wife and child last Saturday. His
wife had consumption, and had
boen sick for some time. They
were buried at Slabtown Sunday,
J. T. Willis baby died last Wed
nesday and was buried at Liberty
cemetery Thursday,the funeral ser
vices being conducted by Rev. H.
C. Haddock, Mrs, Willis has been
quite sick, but is convalescing.
Win. Smith had the misfortune
to loose a good horse last week.
F. F. Boggs, of Charlotto, is vis
iting his old home and relatives.
Mrs. M. H. Boggs, has returned
from an extended visit among rel
atives in Cherokee County,
Childrens day will be observed
at the Presbyterian church next
Sunday Preaching at 11 a. im. by
Rev. J. 0. Shire. Address by Rev.
W. L. LaBoon, of Greenville, in
the afternoon.
Old man King was badly hurt
yesterday by a mule dragging him
some distance by his foot being en
tanged in the gears on the mule.
Hauel 11ippeuilngs.
The farmers have been battling
with Generu. 'reen and have
about gained i victory. They
are all very rr ever the second
time. Cotto. ,mall but corn is
looking well. it will average
waist high. We have been need
ing rain very much until a few
days ago, we had a good shower
that made everything liven up
The farmers are waking up on
the interest of pea planting in this
There is a lively and interestinf
Sunday School being carried on at
Holly Springs under the super
vision of Major G. M. Lynch. ThE
Major knows just how to con duct
a Bunday School to matke it lively
and interesting. May the good
work go on, As the Major has
been a County Commissioner here.
tofore, we would be glad to see his
name before the people again.
Mr. Leland Boggi visited ble
grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Alexan
der last week.
Major G. M. Lytnch and wife vie
ited the Major's nephew,
Plato Gillespie and wife last Sun
Mr. W. WV. tewart, while chop,.
ping one day last week, a limb
lodged in a tree and shortly fell
and struck him on the right side
of the head on the seam a little
below the mole of the head. He
has been unconscious part of the
time since the fatal accident and
it is feared he will never recover.
He is attended by Drs. Bolt &
Mr. i\niel Winchester has built
two sets of steps to Antioch Bap
tist church which adds very much
to the looks and convenience of the
church. Good for Mr. Winchester.
A. T. Winchester has been ap
pointed Notary Public by the Gov
ernor. Any one desiring his ser,
vices will find him at his residence
two miles east of Hazel P. 0.
Mr. J. W. Gilstrap killed a rat
tie snake some time ago that meas,.
ured 3 feet and 8 inches and had
10 rattles and a button.
Mrs. A. T. Winchester is ahead
in our section on gardening. She
had a mess of green beans for din
ner last Sunday and she said that
she would have had plenty of them
if it had not been for the dry
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Gravely
visited the latter's brother, R. L.
Gilstrap and family at Riohland,
Oconee county last Saturday
and Sunday.
The ordination of M. C. Win
chester as a minister of the gospel
took place at Shady Grove Baptist
churoch last Saturday 14th at 3J
Rev. John T. Lewis pieached
two very instructive SermOnIs to
his c'>ngregation last Satuiday and
Easel Nut.
"Every said I had consumptIon,'
writes Mrs. A. M. Shields, of Chamn.
bersbug, Pa,. "I was so low siter six
months of severe sickness, causedh by
Hay Fever and Asthma, that few
thought I could get well, but I learned
of the marvelous merit of Dr. King'i
N4ew Discovery for Oonsumption, used
it,andwasompeteycured. ' For des
i,te Bhro and pLang4 Diseases it I,
the safest cute in the world, and is i
faillible for (Joug C,oldu end Eton
Ateotions. Guara bottles 000 anu
81.0, risbottles free at Thornleyi
--.1ne good people, tino goo(
dumocrats of Pickons, as olsewhero,
rI will ho expected to take care of thu
visiting candidatos this year when
s they cono around on their tours of
the state. Citizons will be duoly
t al)proachod on this subject and it
IS oxi,cted that entertainiment be
provided for the candidates dur
ing their brief stay with us,
All County offices, e:rh, - - 85.00.
Mlagistrates, - ' " 65
All other olices, - 5.00.
''ho above, prie aro iivariably IN
I heroby nttouno tyself ia raudidatc
for Congress from this, lthe T iIid Mn in h
Carolina )istrict, sIbject to tlee actioen
of the dotrocratic voters at the appro:rth
ing primatry election.
1B. F".\i.lllTI.
I hereby annottnco mnyself at ttndidate
for Congress to represent, the 'Third, S.
C., I)istrict, subject to th. ation of the
donocratic voters inl [h a)pproaelting
prinary. Win. J. Striblig.
F0I11IH4 SE:NAT1i-:.
The friends of Ltaban M1antIlin Iheroby
tnnouncM himt as ai canttdidate for thSon
ate, subjoet to the nrtion of lt I )omo.
cratio voters of Pickeus county at the ap
proaching primary.
The friends of Charles E. Robinson
hOreby tnnottunc himt as i candidate for
tho Son:ato, subject to the action of the
democratic voters of Pickons county at I
the approaching priiar;y.
F-Olt THl11 IOU1-.
I hereby attnounco tty eatndidany for
re-election to the House of Ropresotita
tivoa from Pickens county, :jubject to
the Democratic primary.
Ivr M. MAULwI\.
Tho friends of J. Ashnoro Hinton
hereby annouceo him as a candidate fir
the Ilouso of ltepresontative from Pick
ens county, subject to [ho action of tho
democratie' voters at tih approaching
primary election.
The friends of Frtd W1'illi:ms hereby
announes him as a eaudidato for the
Houso of Ropresotntatives from 1'ickens
conity, subiect to the action of the
Democratic votors tit the approaching
primary election.
The friends of N, A. Christ ophor ro
spcutfully announce him as a candidate
for tho oflice of County Auditor for
Piokens county, subject to th action of
the democratic voters at the approaching
primary election,
The friends of E1. Foster Keith here.
by announce him its a candidate for the
oilice of Auditor subject to the action of
the democratic party at the coining pri"
mary olection.
I hereby annhiounico myself a candidate
for the ofice of County T'reasurer, sub.
ject to theo aciion of tho democratic vot.
era of Iclkens coentty at, tlhe approacingJ
primary election.
B3. Fletcher Lesley.
B3y the solioitation of my manny friends,
I hereby announioo myself a canidtio
for re-election to tho ofice of Treatsurer
of Pickens county, subject to [he action
of the demooratia voters at the approach
S. D. Chtapmnn
The friends of Honry WV. Farr hereby
anlounce him a candidate for the ofiloo of
1Treasturer, subject to [lie action of tihe
democratic voters of Pickons county at
the ayproaching primary,
The friends of James M, Lawrence
respectfully announee him as candidato
for Treasurer for Piokens county, sub
ject to the action of the democrattie vo
tere at the comning primary.
I hereby announco myself a condidate
for [lie office of Treasurer for Plokens
county, subject to [to action of the do
mnoratic primary. 0. R, Hendricks.
The many friends of L. D). Stopphons
heoreby atnnounco him for reelection to
[te office of County Supervisor Subject
to [te Domoeratic Primary Election.
Many Friends.
The friotids A. J. Wolborn htereby an
nounce htim as a catndidato for Counity
Comraissioner, subject to the action of
the democratic voters of Pickons coun y
in the &pproachinig ptimary.
Tfhe friends of D. Rt. Evans hereby
announico him a outididate for County
Commissioner Pickonts counttty, subljet
to te actiotn of the Democratic part,y at
the approaching primary,
Tho friends of A, B. TValley hereby an
nounce him a cantdidato for the ofico
County Comint ssioner sutbjoot to the aw
[ion of thie i)emocratic parly at thie apj
proachiing primary.
For Probate Judge.
I hereby announce mIys(lf a candidate
for re-election to the office of Probate
Judge of Pickons county, sub1jct to (ho
notion of [lhe democratic voters at the ap
proaching primary election,
J. B3. Nowbory.
At tihe request of friends, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for reelec.
tion to tile Office of County Superinten
dent of Eduction subject to the action
of [the Democratio party at [lie Primary
WV. W, F". Bright.
Lot our lady friends read this expres.
Bion of appreclationi from Mrs. Lula
Frady, of Uree, N. 0.: "I am void of
words to adequately Fxpress my a ppro.
elation of Ramon's Liver Pills and Toniq
PellIets, I was a great sufferer whoa I
beganthe use of this Treatment: 'They
have oomtAetely changed my life from
one of suffering to heathiful enjoyment."
The p roperty netm Hlodgenville,
R;y., whore Abraham Lincoln was8
born has been advertised at sheriff
isale for taoN,
?Iy8 IlQflQy nd Tar
NI qW BNyAr4V0poI4aeslo
We have paid (spci:.I atte
Dress Goods, for we beIi("V" ini
pletc line Organdies, 1 '.vu, I
Silks and Trimmings to m1a h.
Fancy White Goods. \\ ;r(
that we carried ovcr Ifrm i :t st
Shipments colling in every
hey go. Il'uy the I I l A
he IlIT. tSIee out cclehratc
tndl 1 iJula \Iarlowe s;.oo Shoe o
Clothing !
\We carry as g00 a line of
mnyw\here. Suits IroIm : years ol
nan in the county. I'ri'e":; ;ntl\"w
f you need a Suit com,e to se - u
vill not )e the fault of the goods
We Try to Carr
Call for what y(,.t do)ni see.
ng is worth asking for, and r:emc
ight. Yours truly,
?)Somne Barg,tins t ri
h the y o h N
th argest n byfte rdi i
'ae lted ath yer ofi pric
outcall l ne s
[iss orthe lliots uto haet ;e
seeds, ws e pt hava are i t
~Hoes, Raelis, Slhvs, Slpad<
Hooks, Mtock,l w and Pkcttisd
Te trnes adery lWee arosv
Mn acheadrnitur yo will k
Newt cl Gad SComn inan
[1i~s Woriit all ot to coe
Noeeroube to shnowt
ntion this spring) to our line of
)leasingr the lalics. A com
)inities, Percals, Linens, with
\ beautiful line of Plain and
li:rin<; every piece of linen.
: r ou r 'it first cost.S
day. In they come and out
N1i' and you will aways get
I S,lz ,.,o Shoe for men,
r Wotmmen.
'I.O'l'H ING as you will find
dl and up)--can lit the largest
i ere from ,o cents to $18.00.
If we miss selling you it
nor the prices.
v Everything!
.\nything; that is worth hav
tmber our pricf"s are always
1hu' )(9ies and Wagons.
a fd Sewed
he Shoa ne.lown
.2st linle we have shown. lyVo
as andl they are in reach of
I fromJl the N orthiern Marikets,
comNplet(e line of the Cseason's
nent is~ e<qual to any in the
e all thle 1,adies in Pickens
partmecnt. You will find cor-,
Indi big values. It wvill pay
Morrow Co.
)(t arden(, BesidcS the
Lrrning Tools!
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1 Going out Every Day.
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