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The People's rJoirnal.
TIIURSuAY, JUNE, 2i, 1902.
Local and Personal.
--Dr, W. F. Austin Dontist will
bo in Easley July 1st, and 2nd.
-George E. Prince of Audorson
anuouncos for Congr(>ss this weok.
-J. L. 0. Thompson is alnnoun
cod this week for Probate Judgo.
--Mathew Hendricks is annloun
ced this week for louso of Repre
--Dr. A. B. Wardlaw will with
in a (ay or two move his ollice to
the second story of Mr. J. P. Carey
old oflico building.
Roadjtotico of meeting Six Mile
Democratic Club to be held at Six
Milo church Saturday, June 28th
at 2 o'clock, p. in.
-We acknlowledge recei:pt of a
cotton .loom plucke(1 from the
lield of Butler Ulaspio near Libor
ty on the morning of . une 21st.
--Prof. Jones Fluller of Hendix
College, Con way A rk., ji(nvd Mis.
Fuller hero and they w ill be in
Pickens some days. Prof. Fuller
was accompaiuod by his mother.
-Mrs. J. A. HIunuicut, near
Rodmond, has been very sick for
the past week and more but is hot
tor and hopes are entortained of
her speedy recovory, She is attend
ed by Dr. Eairlo.
-Jas, Clements, son of our
townsman Jrro Clements Wath inl
tow,n to see the old folks la"'t Sut.
day and \lonlday. .Jim -is with
i. F.Le.)hardl at his mill runnmg
tho machinery.
-Edwarl, the thirte n mths
old Laby of Mr. anid A1ts. 1E, F.
)ePriest, diod of dy .Intay at I'1(d
mlolt on the 1 th inst, an d carried
to Friendship in this (ut'ty for
b urial. They havO the synputhy
of many friends inl their bereave
101n t.
-The Pickens Club gavea danco
in the club ball Micnd(ay night
complimentary to visiting young
ladies which was it comlplet0 suc
cess, and onjoyed by a good numi1
her who caine especially from a
distanco to participate.
--Married on Sunday, t he 22n,
inst by B. ). ("ar-vin, Not arv :'ub
Plulic, at his rosidonce, Miss Lula
IHtilgons, to Mr. \alk(cr .Jameys
both of Cateecheo. The happy
couple have the congratubhtions of
many friends for a happy and
prosperous life.
-Uncle Jere Looper says that it
will never do to build the new jail
on the (Court House square. It
makes no difference if it will be a
neV jail, it will be a iail all the
same, and people don't havye much
liking to build in the vicinity of
one0. Uncle .Jere says there wvill be
more trouble ahead for somebody.
-The "Old Maids Conventtion"
is now holding its annual meeting
with one of its prominent muem
ber's, M iss St.ellai Newbery, Thoso
attending are Misses Alma Smith
Lydo Folger and Tfirzah1 IHughes.
The meetings add youth and hap.
piness to these mu3mbers, and any
other's who desire to cast their lot
With them. A pply at on1ce.
- We have received buallet ins
Nos 68, 70 and 71 from the S,outh
Carotina Agricultural Experiment
station, Clemson College, S. C., on
following subject: New Method
of Preserving Sweat Potutoos, An
alysis of Commercial For'ti I zors
and a chemical stud(y of H'ea Jbland
Cotton Seed(. Thes, bullotorus are
sent free to all citizons of' South
Car'olina r'equestinig them. Ad-.
dress r'equiests to the South Cairo
hino Experiment Station, Cle;n]son
College, S. C.
-Ed Stephens, son of Super-vis
or L, D. Stephens, met with a pamn
fual accident last Friday while
threshing grain at tihe homeo of W.
B. AlIlgood. Some belting had run
off a grooved pull1ey aind Mir Step-,
bens was tr'ymg to relaeA the belt-'
inig while the machinery was goin)g.
His left hand wvas caught and ear'
ried between the belt anid pullIey
causing conisidleral b'rises anid
cutis. Mr'. Allgood briought hiin to
P?ickens where I ih) wound was
promptly dressed by D)rA Bolt and
Webb. lie will lose no lingers.
-The many friends of' Mr. Chas.
M. BoweVtn will be glad to ireadl the
f>llowving clipped from the Atlanta
Journal. Mr'. Bowon hats boen
wi th the Paxton-.Davidsonu-Stokes
(.>. for the past yeair and has won
many friends during his stay thero.
'-Mr. C. M. Boweni and Miss Eva
Traylor were mnarried Wednesday
evening, the 1.8th at the Methodlist
.Par'souage at WVest End.
Miss Pearl Heath and Mr. Mc
Dowvthit were the only atteindants.
A number of intimate friends wit
nesgod the ceremony."
Mr. Bowenm has thec best wishes of
his many Pickens fi'ienids.
Six file Club Meetlig.
The mombors of' Six Mile Demno
cratlo Club are requested to meet
Ut Six Mile church on Saturday
June 28th, 190O2, at 2 o'clock p. im.
f or theo pur'poso of reorganiziing, A
f tull attndanlce is de0s~i(d.
W,A P. D)ickson,
Secy and reats,
To the people of Easley and
* ouniding country you are all cor
dially Invi ed to attend and tako
part in a tracted meeting to be
gm in the laptist church on Thur's
dav dht 2tUh iat Wa do1iien
-The ")istrict Skule" was pre.
:ionted inl the Court Ilouso last Fri.
(lay evening to a full house. 133
sides tho local poople and the visi
ting teachers aftonding the Sum
Imor School, several parties from
Easley and other places generaly
patronized the entertainment. It
was well givon, each character do.
ing the part assigned with effect.
nusic interspersed at intervails
kept the time from dragging and at
the clos of the porformance re
relreshments were served by mem
bors of the Ladies Aid Society to
whose ef'orts the success of the en
tertatlment is due, and to which
orianizattion tlhe proceeds go. A
niit"o sumn was clearod and the audi
(-e genl r"ally s)omedotl to enjoy the
fun. WIilie we haven't space So
give a full delinoation of charact
ers, B. Lowis as teclor was excel-"
bItt., stemeing prfectly atl home.
IIc wielhled the rod wiith severity
and ell'et antd hia app)ariance and
uumatlnner were decidedly "vigrous."
Among the very naughty boys may
b men t ioned ECrnost Folger, Capt,
Tiayf,>r, I"ugeno Alexanldtr, Prof.
I)endy ancd )r. Bolt. Mrs, L. C.
Thoriley as l rs. ionoy Suckle,
the visiting old lady was one of
tl hebsL hit's of the evening, Miss
i\lande Ashl:nore was a real giggler
w hilo iario Folger, the crying girl
wi so Sad.
The Conlmit.t tmen coneisting of
J.. . . Thompl)son, Ossie Mauldin,
A. J. iioggs and W. T. McFall
woIrt" rxce3llent dlelineations. W, T'.
Mc l"all's rig was among the best
if not lie I)'st on tha stage when it
comems to rigs, though the entire
ttfr;-1 goal ion was ip to date no
d'ohit 501) years ago. Craig broth,
('1r' Were excell,:ti. At play time
wl.mii the bo's Ib'gail to play lea).
'"';att rice" and thm gils to
wwhi tldies and to play Little
allly Walter (lie scontO was very
rvali'tic. The eating of dinners
\Vw quite natural, tiin buc1ketsanld
bottles of milk being very much in
The slchool 0ndled with the song
"Aul1 .anig ie, " and ,his closed
one, of lie host. ontortainmnentsson1
in Pickens for many a long day.
As advertised, Children's day
Waso-bsq'rved at the Iresbyterian
churcht Sunday. Missiot,nary ser
11on1 wat pren+htd by Rev. J. C.
Shi ire an1d the Sunday School ad
dres wa:; delivered by W. L. Boggs
of l"r.envillo. The seating capa
city of the church was overtaxed.
The exercisos wore a succ.ss, and
instructive as well as interesting,
A fund of $22.00 was raised for
ill ussons.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bogge of Mor
ganton, N. C. visited his father last
Msse Sallie and Ella Smith
of Spartanburg visitod old friends
mn town last week.
Miss Emma Smith of Texas is
visiting Mrs. Haul.
W. R, and T. W. Parsons, Tele
graph1ers of Rome, Ga, are visiting
their father, W. S. Parsons. and
ot her visitors too numerous to men
t ion are her..
TIhe cop)ious showers the past
week have mad) wonderful im
priov'om)on t in thie crops. g
Cott-.>n blooms too numerous to
muentioni, some rep)orted last woek;
enan't tell who was first this time.
Rtainl and an electric storm pass
cd over Saturday evoming and
John Stigall 1had a flue cow killed
by lightning. Two other cows were
struck near a wiro fence just over
thie line in Anderson county, but
they recovered aifter a few min
It is proposed to celebrate tho
fourth of Ju ily with a gentuineo bar
becue gotton up by Liberty fac
The~ ranIks of tihe excursion to
Atlanta wore recruited here some
J. M. Gantt has boen sick the past
weok with fever biut is thought to
be convalesouing.
Crops on the~ Oolonoy valley are
the mo.st promising wo have had
for y'ears, If the seasons continue
faivoral)l thoro will be no scarciat
of corn here next year.
The0 recent rains camne just in
tlime to save our gardens and every
body has vegetables enough and a
little to spare. We hope Pickens
will have a factory or two in a
short timo so we can get sale for
tihe prod ucts of our truck gardens.
It is too far to carry a small
amount from this section to the
large towns and mills but we could
go to Pickens and back in a half
a (liy and) realizo miuch from our
fruit vogotabllos and dairy products
Sovoral of our teachers are at
tondling the summer school tie
Mr'. Joe H. Koith is on a vessel
that v/'ent to Maritinique soon af,
ter' the first v'olcaniceruption there.
In a letter to his palren)ts he desu
cribos an eruptioni that he witness
ed while on the island.
'We see in the candidatos col
u the namne of atnother one of
Pickens counties good citizens that
of Mr. A. B. Talley of Wataooo,
for County Oommissioner, Mr.
Talloy is competent to fill this of
floe most acceptably if elected.
Mr. W. 1B. Jones will run a~
steam molasses will this fall,
No good.heoalth ntless the klndneys
ar'o somud, Foley's Kiudevs Care
maikes tn in vlant l.m..l-.'.
Children's Day at Shady Greve.
-There will be childrens day at
Shady Grove on the fourth day of
July. Everybody is invited to
come. Prominent speakers are
expected. Come Brethren, one
and all let us celebrate the glorious
fourth in grand style.
T. II. Stewart
P. F. Herd,
Thnlgs Around Cedar Reek.
While I am wating for the grass
to come up again I will tell the
good people what a timely rain we
had last week and how much it has
helped our little stunted crop. We
were getting somewhat disheartened
and had not the good book told is
that it rained on the just and the un
just alike,we would have thought it
a punishment for our shortcomings.
Grain harvesting is paot and the
farmers are discouraged with their
returns--whoat, especially, seems
to be far behind its usual averages
Fruit of all kinds promises a
fairly good yield this summer. Our
canning establishment at Easley
should be at work now while the
canning season is on.
We noted with pleasure the ad
vortisement of a bridgeletting at
Rices ford in the near future. That
is a step in the right direction, and
one that will be appreciated by the
people in and near the Keowee sec
tion. The building of this bridge is
crowning act of the present county
board's administration. I beleive
the bridge would have been built
during Mr. Looper's term had Oco
nee helped us.
The organization of a Baptist
church at the Williams cemetery
may bo counted an established
fact. More than twenty members
of Baptist churches have already
agreed to go into the organization,
The Cedar Rock school will be
in charge of Miss Ola Majors this
One our Rockians is the proud
prosessor of a new wheel, Evident
ly lie intends to spend his vacation
n the road, but if he don't mind
out it will be in a gully.
The Maynard debators are hav
ing a lively time these Saturday
nights. This society was organiz
ad about four years ago, when all
of its members were in the public
ichools or graded schools of this
.ounty; now one is a graduate of
a medical college, one is a studient
at Furman ; one at South Carolina
College and two at Clemson. May
be debating soceties don't enthuse
their members with a desire for
higher education.
Well, I believe that grass needs
scaring again, so I hurriedly close.
R. E. M.
Mr. R. A. Beverly returned last
week from his home in VTa., where'
he had been for a few days.
Mr. Tyler Moore went down to see
biis son-in-law Mr . y. N. Gantt
m Sunday morning,
_Mr. A. L1. Horne has gone to
Newvberry to visit relatives and
'riend.s for a few days,
Mr. Clark McWhorter was down
m a visit to friends Sunday.
Quite a crowd from Beyerly at
ended preaching at Enon Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Gantt have
~one to their home at Liberty for
few days. Mr. Gantt has been
Luite sick but hopes to be able to
esume his work real soon,
Mr. Harrison Couch made a fly
ng visit to Easley Saturday.
Miss Vida Bridges, of Blacks
>urg is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A.
D. Woody.
Mr. R. A. Dixion the time keep..
r: at the Quarry, spent Saturday
uight and Sunday with his family
Lt Greenville.
WeT see the Thresher gomng a
ound now, but there is not much
a' be done as the wheat crop is
hbort in this section of the coun
Mr, B3ill Swangum and family of
2ear Liberty spent Sunday with
W. B. Couch.
Miss Addie Kennemore of Eas~ley
5pent Sunday with her grand
nothier, Mrs. Nancy Kennemore.
WVe have had several good show..
3rs lately and the crops are grow
ng very fast and looking fine,we'll
2ave to keep working or the grass
vill over take us. Marion.
A meeting of the Pickens Coun
~y Democratic Executive Commit.
ee will be held in the Court House
)nMonday, July 7th, at 12, o'clock
i. n., to appoint managers of elec.
ion at the various precincts, and
.o attend to other matters that
vill proporhy come before the
T. 3. Mauldin
Ohm. County Executive Comn.
----. .
The next meeting of the Oolored
r'eachers .Association WIll be held
it the Court House Julj 8th first
saturday. Hope to hive a full
attendance. It will1 be well for
ill the teachers who expect to be
imployed during the sumnier Ses
lion to be with us on that day, al
io, the parents of schools who have
muot yet procured a teaoher tor, their
schools come out and hea; our
teachers discuss the various meth
ads of teaching and procur. you a
The old programn is expeoted to
be carried out in full
The friends A. J. Wolborn horeby au
nounco him as a Candidate for Count,
Commissioner, subject to the action (i
the democratic voters of Pickons coun
in the approaching primary.
The friends of I), It. Evans horob
announce bun a candidato for Count.
Commissioner Pickons county, subjeC
to the notion of the Democratic party a
the approaching primary,
The friends of A, It. Talley hereby an
nounce him a candidate for the of1ic1
County Commissiouor subject to tho ae.
tion of the Domocratic party at tho np
proachiug primary.
The friends of W. M. Gnutt herei
announce him a candidate for the oflic(
of County Con misioner. 1ickens ecotn
ly subject to action of the Donioeitit
voters at the approachieg primairy.
An Ant For a Pet.
One of th queerest little t)is ever
seen is the tame ant belonging to a well
known scientist. This wan keeps tribes
of ants in nests which he has made
himself and feeds them with honey or
sugar through a tube that conneels
with the nests. One day he saw that
one of the ants kept coming into the
tube to eat up the honey in the glass
bulb at the end. When he took out the
cork that closed the bulb, the insect
came to look for the food, and he offer
ed it some honey on the point of a
needle, says the New York Tribune.
The ant shrank back at first, then
drew nearer, feeling about with its an
tonns, until it reached the needle.
Soon it learned to take the honey oft
its keeper's Linger, although ants are
among the most timid of living thiugs,
and a new odor or the least novemit
outside their nests usually drives these
little insects away.
This ant is now so tame that it quits
the bulb as soon as the cork is removed
and goes to find the honey on the srI
entist's finger. When its meal is over,
it does not try to hurry away, >ut
wAits till its master lifts it on a brile
and carries it back to its nest.
A Rattlesnake Story.
In "Life and Sport on the Pacific
Coast," Horace A. Vachell relates one
of his narrow escapes from a friend's
bullet: "My cousin and I had been
camping and hunting for several days
in a sort of paradise valley. One day,
during a long ride on horseback, we
had seen a great many rattlesnakes
and killed a few, an exceptional ex
perience. That night my cousin wo<e
up and saw, by the light of the moon, a
big rattler crawling across my chest.
He lay for a moment fascinated, hor
ror struck, watching the sinuous curves
of the reptile.
"Then he quietly reached for his six
shooter, but he could not see the rep
tile's head, and he moved nearer, noise
lessly, yet quickly, dreading some
movement on my part that should pre
cipitate the very thing he dreaded, and
then he saw that it was not a snake at
all-only the black and yellow stripe of
my blanket, which gently rose and fell
as I breathed. Had he fired-well, it
might have been bad for me, for he
confessed that his hand shook."
Negve Uuperstiton.
Many of the negro superstitions in
Kentucky ar, quite interesting. An
old philosopher told me with great
gravity: "If you want peppahs to grow,
you must git mad. My old 'oman an
me had a spat, an I went right out
an planted my peppahs, an they come
right up." Still another saying is that
peppers to prosper must be p)lanted
by a redheaded or by a high tempered
The negro also says that one niever
sees a jaybird on Friday, for the bird
visits his sa.tanic majesty to "pack kin.
dling" on that day. The three signs
In which negroes place implicit trust
are the well known ones of the ground
bog's appearing above ground on the
Bd of February, that a hoe must not be
carried through a house or a death will
follow and that potatoes must be plant
ed in the dark of the moon as well as
all vegetables that ripen In the ground
sand that corn must be planted in the
light of the moon,
"Every said I had cousumption,"
writes Mrs. A. M4, Shields, of Cham
borsbug, Pa.. "I was so low after six
months of severe sickness, caused by
Hay Fever and Asthima, that few
thought I could get well, but I learned
of the marvelous merit of D)r. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, used
it, and was completely cured." For des
pe.ute Rhroat and Lung Diseases it is
the sfest cure in the world, and is in
faillible for Coughs, Colds and [Bron.
Affections. Guaranteed bottles 500 and
$1.00. Trial bottles free at Thornley's
Lot our lady friends read this expros
in of appreciation from Mrs. Lula
Frady, of Uree, N. C.: "I a'm void of
words to adequately express my appre
olation of Ramon's Liver Pills and' Tonio
Pellet. I was a great sufferer whoa 1
beganthe use of this Treatment: They
have completely changed my life from
one of suffering to heathful enjoyment."
Earth has nothing more tender than
a pious woman's heart-Luther.
Remember, woman is most perfect
when most womanly.-Glladstone.
Lovely woman that caused our cares
ran every care beguile.-Bleresford.
He that would have fine guests let
him have a fine woman.-Ben Jonson.
A woman's strength Is most potent
when robed in gentleness.-Lamartine.
Disguise our bondage as we will, 'tie
woman, woman, rules us still.-Moore.
Ol1 and water, woman and a secret,
ire hostile properties.-Bulwer Lytton.
Women need not look at those dear
to them to know theig moods,-Uow.
RIndness in woman, not thelir beaute.
sua tooks; .hafl win my' loie,n-Bhake.
Itaptured man quite each dostagl
sage, 0 woman, tor? thy lovelier' pae
Noe Is a tool who thinks by force or
skill to turn the current ot a woman's
WillL-Bamuel Tuke.
the most beautiful objeot itt the
World, It wilt be allowed, Is a beauti.
N)t womagn,-.Maalag,
It the beset of a mith is deprossed
W'Ith wAe. the st is dispelled when
The good people, the good
(l- locrats of Pickenls, as elsewhere
will bi 0xp,ecte)d to take care of the
visiting canldidates this year wher
they como0 aroun( on their tours 01
the state. Citiuus will be duely
a)protolod on0 this subl)ject and it
Is uxI'ected that ontertainnont be
providtd for the candidates dur
ing their brief stay with us,
All County ollcea, eaclh, - - $5.00.
higtrate, - "2.50.
All other oillies, " - 5.00.
I'ho :thbovc prices aro inivaritbly IN
I hereby annouce lyself it cttndidate
for Contgress from this, the Third South
Carolina )istriot, itubjeot to tho action
of the delocratie voters at tho approach
ing primary eletion.
I hereby annonuco mnyself it ctudidate
for l'oIntgress to represent the Third, S.
C., 1)isl riel, subject to the atieo of the
dt,tnoertit voters in tile approttehing
primnary'. Win. J. Stribling.
I hereby anilnoUn1Ce mllysolf it candidate
for Congress from this, tho third )is.
tr"iet, subject to tho action of tho demo
crtttic voters at the approici..ng primary
(eo. E. PRINCE.
T hereby liniounce mlyself it codidate
fir Congress to represent this, the Third
I iStr'ict, subject to thn action of the
1)4 inetatie voters at the lpproachltng
p>rilniry electilon.
Flot 'TilE SENATE.
h'1 tt friedts of Laban Mauldin heroby
annonce hit ai a candidate for thelen
ate, subjoect to tlhe Action of the )emo
cratie voters of Iickeus county at the ap
p>roacllung priuary.
The friends of Charles E. Robinson
hereby Ilinoute. him its i candidate for
the Senate, subject to the action of the
denlocratil voters of Piktions county at
the6 approatchint; primary.
Folt TlE 'OUSE.
1 herchy annnco my candidacy for
re-ele.ioll to tie Houso of Ropresonta
tivos fron Pickens CJluntly, tibjcct to
the I)enoeratttic primry.
The friends of J. Ashmluoro linton
hereby :lnttoueile him as a candidate for
the Ilouse of liepresettative from Pick
ois c(lountly, subject to tie action of the
deitocrtiti. votors at te( approaching
primary election.
The friends of Frtd Williins hereby
aUtliiu)siii i)iiin its a cianl..dida:te for the
House of Representatives from Pickens
county, subject to the action of the
Democratic voters at the approaching
primary election.
The friends of W. 0. Mauldin hereby
tinnounce him a candidate for the House
of Represeitatives for Pickens county,
subject to. the action of the Democratic
party at tho approaching primary.
The friends of Mathewv Hendrick.
hereby announce him as a candidate for
thm House of Representatives of Piekena
clounity, subject to the action of the de
miocratic voters att the appr'oching prim
ary election.
The friends of N, A. Christ opher re
apec ifully annlIounce him as at candidaite
for the oflio of County Auditor for
Pickens county, subject to the action of
the democrtii voters at tile approaching
primary olect ion.
The friends of E. Foster Keith hero.
by anntounco him ats It candidato for the
office of Auditor subhject to the action of
the democra~ttic p)arty at the coming pri
muary eIlctionl.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the omieo of County Treasurer, sub
ject to the actien of the democratic vot
ers of Pickiens coenty at the approaching
prima~ry election,
13. Fletcher Lesley,
By the soljitiation of my many friends,
I hereby anniouncoe myself at candidate
for re-elec'tion to the ofice of TIreasurer
of Pickenis county, subject to the action
of tbe dlemocrattic.voters at the ap)proach
img p)rimatry election.
8. 1). Chapmatn.
The frienids of IIenry WV. Farr hereby
anoltnco htim a canldidilte for the ofIce of
T1rearner, sub1ject to the action of the
democratic votters of Pickens county at
the iyproachmig primary.
The frientds of James Mi. Lawrence
respect fully an noluco ImI as candidate
for Treasurer for Piokens county, sub
ject to the actiont of the democratic vo
tore at the coming p)rimnary.
I hereby announce myself a condida
for thto office of Treasurer for Pickens
count.y, subject to the action of the do
mooratic primry. G. . endricks.
VTe many friends of L. D. Stephens
hereby atnnounc him for recleotion to
the offlee of County Supervisor Subjeot
to the Deomocratic Primary Election.
Many Friends.
For Probate Judge.
I hereby anniounce myself a candidate
for re-election to thte oflice of Probate
Judge of Pien~s conuty, subject to the
aotiont of the democratic voters at the ap
proaohing primary election.
J. B. Newbery.
By the deshte of numerous friends, I
submnit my namte as a candidate for the
oficee of Probatte Jutdge of Piekens coun-*
ty stubject to the action of the Democratic
party. J. L, 0. THIOMPSON,
At the request of friends, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for reetec.
tion to the office of County Superinton.
dent of E~duotion subject to the action
of the Democratic party at the Primary
W. W., F. Bright,
Notice is hereby given to all whomr it
may concern thIt Mrs. 8. F. Eolborn
has filed her petition in this office pros
ing for homestead exemption in the
estate of WV. W. J(elboru deceased.
The Petition will be heard in my of.
nc. Staturday the 2Q day of Jglg
' f02.. dT.. n
We have paid especial attenti
Dress Goods, for we believe in ple
plete line Organdies, Lawns, Din
Silks and Trimmings to match. P
Fancy White Goods. We are off
that we carried over from last sum
Shipments coming in every d:
they go. Buy the BATTLE AX
the BEST. See our celebrated
and Julia Marlowe $3.00 Shoe for i
Clothing! C
We carry as good a line of Cl
anywhere. Suits from 5 years old
man in the county. Prices anywhc
If you need a suit come to see us.
will not be the fault of the goods n,
We Try to Carry
Call for what you don't see. I
ing is worth asking for, and rememi
right. Yours truly,
L E Some Bargains to offer in I
..Walk (
Ladies' I
Are the Nice
in th
New Spring
Arriving D
the largest and by far the prettiest
have lifted the yoke of high prices a
g Miss Hughes has just returned fr
where she purchased a large and co
choicest novel ties.flThis departmer
larger towns. We cordialy invite
county to call and inspect this depa
rect styles at very low prices.
In each department you will flnc
you to call and see us1
Yours truly
Heath- Bruce- IV
And Carder
It is worth all it costs to have a ?
seeds, we have in stock
Carden and Far
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spades,
Hooks, Mattocks, Plows a nd Plow
Tturners made, Wheel Barrowvs:
Machines, and Furniture of all ki'n<
A Nice, Now, Clea
NwGoods Com~ingIn and (
Anything * and i
Abouat #~ Home <
~a We iqvite all to come and
No tNuble to show th
Dn this spring to our line of
asing the ladies. A com
lities, Percals, Linens, with
beautiful line of Plain and
ering every piece of linen
mer at first cost.
iy. In they come and out
E and you will aways get
Selz $3.50 Shoe for men,
.OTI-IING as you will find
and up-can fit the largest
re from 50 cents to i8.00.
If we miss selling you it
Dr the prices.
Everything y
nything that is worth hav
er our prices are always
3Uggics and Wagons.
)ver Shoe..
lEN, $3.50.
Hand Sewed
F; Edge Oxfords
st we have ever shown.
11 Everything
e Shoe Line.
enville, S. C.
ine we have shown. We
nd they are in reach of
om the Northern Mar-kets,
mplete line of the season's
it is equal to any in the
all the Ladies in Pickens
-tment. YOU will find cor
[ big values. It will pay
lorrow Co.
1 Seeds
ood garden. Besides the
the necessary
ming Tools!
F~orks, Bush Hlooks, Briar
Stocks, Best Steel Bleaa
ron King Stoves, Sewing
Is, Pretty Styles.
rn Stock of
soing out Every Day.
K- Everything,
>r F'arm.
look through our roomsI
rough our stock,

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