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he People's Journal.
T. J. M1Airh , - -- - Edlitor.
W. IA i l: }IAM'I:NI, - BUs. Ilgr.
1Cutoretl at. the Pos:t Ome1ro at Yickenr as
soe ntlid-cass matter.
-- - Stllb;:rittom. $1.0 t ea r.
'1' II'' R i 1) A Y, JILY 3, .1903.
A now jail is almost a necessity,
but the good POple need roads
about as bad as they neod jails.
Mr. Latimer and Mr. Evans aro
keeping the enipaign intercest on
the go. Somlething had to ho dono
and they undertook it.
The one loadiug topic of in tre't
is the condition of Edward VI1.
His case is one fully at variant,e
with that of any other English
Things a-re warming upj) in a po
litical way among the politicial):s,
but the people are too b usy attend
ing to aIfairs at home toattetd the
meetings inl large crowds.
'Tlie Fourth of July will ho a
big day in Liberty. Liberty peO
plc will prolit, We hope, by this
exercise of th1 proper,kind of pub
lie spirit.
If crops It eep growing a few more
weeks, there will be sone Tpi'
tuilty, for r"uadu wornkin!; hefore(
the eni of .11ulv. Ai lt the roads
c'rtailtY leed'( I it..
Ib'rtyv lltl g rownI 4i n111 h
late I hat 11 l J )idi lI,(a v r':us( I '
(o 1IIn.s 1h 1 evs. TIl is .vIr
thl('y an. giving e'Viden'lce(S oft pr1,t
gressi1' lnt'ss and ilt 1 lit I-Ill 1i;I
canlnot he' tli'coun1tId.
l'hle slilngll inul(IIstryl of th~ tt
tern secti<m of this coitlty (IS
lnt stw any apprelab leises Italiing r
nt, tugih th dio nyi th t yt a
pe1pe of that stuin hve thit
ferms.le cropc th, jstcrp
For in erllienot arin a ethott,
the questdn of griultr could
learn sool, g p lsons by talking
with mme o fite lckak county
farmers alld laoking over their
farms. AWe have the best crops
of Siutn Carohna, in Pickens coun
wAhsi fo raus,teud seera ncadi
dates for Govero are wilgtedo
thle forstal owng oad ngnd
kubic shs,e pestione n acnr
couinternalh improvemront. illess
pracuticalngfree i ta ionh dispoe
lusa hav by fi tot makeon ny
can'll e lcted waite ahrouary
somegoo m)ti e in o the rbest and
the laprprts are t the good ma
that wh ingt hat lliks anthugh
thromn whroge iesth rspeopleo
Allthhis chasctron ho gene
grtness oraths la fwilth gorothe
licn eei n outesmn
adThe omalt reingor nglan'
kingd hae been hadsthie ona.
tiont ofenhcaKiiedsoueniusalleis
And the kingldihsied aterius.ly
isnot loayefly or otry pbiestad
theas reortse tSothe effec
were tho oficiae inltied ocadon,
botovelrid vi loyta
Apure ths hah broe appto nh
sglendor pAfterlaidlfo the vorona-s
tion ofelfisnensdutls.mn
verts amembrg o the Cahontyl
an d to oyet preeta saddeta
wouldt hae heden had ot hona
hiour benaedou in e(all detail
and he ing dhied paterwahres Ite
hsm prmttes thes ipoe toho
taee to ciciateraioa thisaon
butigeno prierndovain glorangeat
sprd them aeahtor appear it
ser Ateat th nie womldi
- vesryaumeber or mdeouty
themoati xeu ftive Commnittees
fos ured topbepreent ot a mpeit.
cirmgtbe toetld inuthewur mouse
Stonre srmtyMonda in uly at the
peasdn tht ppor. t 'cahoroour
the mattery of imporectnce to be
antese allre maer shild bt
nem t t th teia eti comid
ylos arrangents were moadea
the lst metingof th com ite
fo.h4ponmeto pca
comite t tk schne mt
tesa a rs nhn.I p
This crop will bo raised on an
conomical plan. Why not uso
he samo plan every year'? If good
rops can be raised without unduo
x1nditure, poor crops whlicl d1o
lot bring so much returns iay he
nado, under the same plan, w%ith1
)ut so much cost and tihe planter
still bo bettor offl than he would if
io had not practiced tlie riig:6t
kind of economy.
'lho more ole trayels and looks
at the promising crops and drags
over thOe iiserab,lo execulsei for
rozads, tlh e more forcibly lie is ii,
pr~sed with the falso idea of econ
omiy that se: lls to obtain alonigst
'To market, to market,
('an,I never be said,
Till I he people torn out
For a good road bed."
The Atlanta Journal which cir
(ulate.; extensively inl this part of
South ('arolinia has given material
evidence of further entorprise in
issuing in addition t0 the r gular
daily, for six days in tho week, a
Sunday ditionl which is t.liorougII
ly up-to-dat.o both as 1" news and
illochilica l got 11p. It is otie of
the0 bust anid mto;t rolilblo dlluo
'ratic newsl)IleIs published inl the
l'nite'd 'States andi ea;sily at tll'
hal( iat >ng t t 1,11bl11 1 is n'd il
the Stimit li1'Il S(tata
I tiI 1i l i ' .i July.
Vr;(I;y, Ie .i(' 19 four ;1th "
iiu!t. ~I ,(il l b, i, mil gly (bs-E o(d
01ho 11b111t io thI C'arolin1m, 11 ld
+III,I:s, t hroughout''li the senthi-ru
-I: l . Tlis i.; as it sholi l(1 be. In
tl.- tinu' v w'b.ni Im il loi(-is) 1 weIe
! Iuling I+)r the rl!ih aain,4t thel
n-'itr i';i x etcs ' of 'ingland's
Im!th e:Ity, fIw sol utlieril states Wore
(rhlmost, in d1eimnaldinlg at just exe
iit ion (I' tilie laws and the firdt to
ai;+ 1 telh1ag protest against the
nreasonaile)1 ent croachinenIts o
rent Britian. They also sent
orth the most effective element of
ho army and furnished the most
m1)petent ald patriotic colmman
hers and soldiers.
Surely the people of tho south
:rn states should eel proud of the
lart they played in the revolution
mdl(l on in the (eveloplent of the
1oun1try because they have given to
the Uniou the best and highest
examuplos ofl A\merican genius and
statesmianship) and( patriotisml.
Pickens county never had bet
ter prospects for good crops and
u3er were thtey worked better nor
tave th1e peoplo over had better
>pportunities and advantages in
Ioing the wvork. It is an inspira
Gioni to all the people to see the
good results of their timely and
sonstant efforts to make crops this
year that will compensate for
some -of the failures of the past
bhree years. Our people have met
these three successive reverses, we
might call them, yet they began the
present year with hope and r'e
ne,wed determinations and the
p)reenut prospects stimulate th em
and nerve them to meet conditions
that, with poor prospeocts iat pres
ont, would havo been well nigh dis
Crops ;will soon1 be "laid by"
and the p)eople will hoegini to think
of traveling ab.ouit Home anld will
havo time to attend the state and
county catmpa1ign9 hal to v'isit
friends and ho on hand at thle vat
rious moet ings usually hold du ring
the season beOtween "'having by"
and1( 'harvest"' timesCi, Rut with
all t he good prospets ahead,
t here is one~ ovOr piesenit obstaeo
in the way of a satisfactory onjoy.
ment I of the pleasu res incidont to
the timne. TIhe roads throughout.
the country are in such condition
that it is a serious8 busi ness to trav
el. And wvhile the means availa
ble for a thorough working of the
roads are very limited, it appears
that the people with one accord are
looking out for and studying the
road problem seriously and are
going to agitate that question till
somethinug thaft will benefIt the
people permanently is accomn
plished. It is a hopeful sign that
this question is begInning to take
:m a broader agitation for every
yandidate for Congress and the
:andidates for the U. l8. Senate
are giving it discussion in their
ddresses. There is no bettor in
vestment than good 'oada-a'none
~hat brings quicker returng, and
iule8s the signs fall, oltr people
gill Continue to urge the proposi,
lion till we have thoroughly good
ravel ways.
QIO I IOl0y -n iTa,
una u.nf~e.. uN..m
Spartanburg's Candidate for
United States Senate.
Dacked by People of All Ofasses With
out Regard to Past Pactional Af.
fillations the ax-Governor l3n.
tcrs the Senatorial Raoe.
(From The Spartanburg Journal.)
Spartanburg's candidate for the
United States senate to succeed John
L. McLaurin is ex-Governor John Gary
iEvans. In a residenco of several years
he has establishOd himself in the es
teoni and good will of the people of this
county to suoh an extent that he Is ro- 1
gardod with no less affection and inter.
est that would be the case were he a
native born Spartan. His popularity
extends to all classes. Borne of his
closest political and personal friends
are to be found among those who wore
formerly his strongest opponents.
To know Governor ivans has been
to appreciate his flne qualities, his
sterling honesty and his eminent qua.
lileations as a statesman and citizen.
lie carried this county by large maj.nr
Ities for governor and senator, and he
will carry it this year by a much larg
er majority than over; indeed, it might
alRimost be said that ho will receive the
unarnious democratic vote of the
county, so great is the local interest in
his eandidacy. -iis personal popular.
ity extcriding from Spartanburg County
as a bausls, is radiated all over the
l'ledmo1'nt section of the state and in
e'-cry profession, trade and calling
Gvuernor I)vans is lookod upon as a
s ml/1'i type of a South Carolinian.
Hlo Strength is With All Classes,
Uls friendship and aid have ever
been extonded to the large agrioul.
trral interests of tho state, and out
large and growing industrial popul
Lion has come to regard him as a
,t' nch and sincere friend. At the
aa.ae time Governor Evans has qevet
been regarded as hostile to captal
and corporations in any sense, and
has many friends and supporters
among those who have large invest.
ments in cotton and other manufactur.
ing industries. While thero can hard
ly be said to be any logic in politics,
Governor 1Dvans is nevortholoess t G
logical candidate to succeed McLaurin,
by reason of the vigorous and won.
derfully prophetic fight he made on
the commercial statesman give years
ago. He then said McLaurin was a
republican, and that gentleman has
himself since proven the charge be
yond a doubt. Governor EDvans was
not the only prophet in that line, how.
ever, but he was the only man who
made a fight on McLaurin then who is
now a candidate before the people as
his successor. He evidently knows
a republican when he sees one, and
this is some assurance, If any were
needed, that his own democraoy Is
Has Been Faithful to Bvery Trust.
Governor JDvans' equipment and
qualinications for the senatorship are
undoubted, and his services to the peo.
plo of the state certainly give him a
claim upon their earnest consideration
of his candidacy. He has ever been
faithful to the trust reposed in him by
the democrats of South Carolina, and
retains to the utmost the respect and
condence of those who know himu.
The very fact that he has held the
support of those who were his political
associates in times when there were
sharp lines drawn between the faction.
al affliations of our people and has
since the effacement of those lines
drawn to himself the good will and
friendship of those who formerly oD*
posed him, shows him to be a man
who is steadfast in character and emi
nent in abitlity. Ho is strongest whore
ho is best known, and i. backed by
the support of the thickly populated
Piedmont counties and he is sure to
be a formIdable factor in the race.
Tillman Hands Off.
In view of numerous reports about
this man and that man being "Till
man's candidate" for the senate, a
statement made by Senator Tinmsan in
Washington recently may prove of in.
terest to those watching South Caro.
linra politics.
"There is really no reason why I
should mix up in this race." said Sen
ator Tillman, "nor do I intend to take
the slightest part in it one way or the
other. It is true that before IDyane
entered the race there was but one
candidate in the field, Representative
L.atimnor, who had not at on. tiune op.
posed me. F'or this reason, thinking
to hurt RepresontatlYe Latimer's
chances for election, the report hop
been circulated that I was backing
Latimrer It is untrue to sag that I
am backing any one of the oatididae.
Now that Mr. IDvans has definitely an,.
nounced his candidacy for the senate,
there will be two of my former SpL,
porters in the race. Another reason
why I ami not called upon to take a
"But it should be remesbered that
none of the candidats in the r1y are
running for the senate agains me,
They are after the $unior' senatorship,
and because In the past thie other cany
Henderson and Mr'. Johnstot-e.have
been political opponeonts of mine de
not seem to me to tfertih eIlter
excuse or a reason fz# ta aggWgMag
the same."
The bill for the relief of the
promoters of the Oharleston Ex.
position along with those of the
Bluffalo Exposition has passed and
Oharlestonl gets $190,000.00. This
is bad legislation andA legIslatioti
apparantly withoust Wataknt of att.
thority, except bad preendenit.
Sotnd( hidey #1$sf9$8d of itt1
~ake the kinnovseR1ealth*h fotey p
no ors. al & eb foigg .
We are now closing our
COST except the Palmetto sto
or the summer, now is your chi
iavc a lot of Misses and Ladies
n Ladis Shoes that we are ofTeri
t good many Dress Shirts.
II OSI ERY-\Ve have barg
tfford to miss. No doubt the i
)uying for your boys and girls h
Ind you have often paid I 5 to 2(
ood. We do not wish to exag
pie of Pickens county to know tl
interest as well as ours, for what
in stock 300 pairs of boys and n
large cities for i 5c a pair, but Wc
Come and get the bargain.
One Price C
P I C K E N S,
P lns and specifications for a county
nil at Pickoun . 0. can be seen at olice
>f the County Supervisor, i'ftor the 1(itl,
lay of Juno 1902, also at office of 11. 1).
Breeding architect, (Iroocvillo 4. C.
Bids will be received in part or in wholo
l(l will be opened at 12 o'clock, noon
July 15th 1902.
L. D). Stephens.
A. J. W\olblorn.
Rob. Stewart.
-- ------4 4 -._
"I was troubled with kidney complaint
for .'.bout tw, years," wri!es A. 11. Davis
,f M1t. Sterling, 1.., "but two bottlts
If Fo!ey's Kidney Cure etl'eeted a per
manent cure." Bolt & Webb Pickens &
Uhapman & Callahn Liberty.
The Commnissioners of Oconee and
l'okens counties will let to the lowest
responsible bidder, the building of a new
Bridge at Burches Ford on Keowet'
River on the 10 day July 1102, ut 10,.
)'clook a. in. The com)isiuo0rs reserve
die right to reject any and all bidls. IR
any bids is accepted, the bidder will be
required to give houd for twicc the
amount of said' bid to be approved by
the commissioners.
L. D. St 'phens
A. .1. Vlboru
RoUt St.v:art
June 16th, 1902, Comn.
When you are suffering from rheuma
tism, the kidneys must be tended to at
ouce no that they will elimninato the urio
'toid fromn the blood. Foley's Kidney
Cure in the most effectivo remedy for
'his purpose. R. T, 1l"pkins of Polar
Win., ain. '"A ft. r unsiucces.fully doc
toring throe years of rhin matismi with
the bt at doctors, I triidLFoley's Kidney
Cure andI it cured me. I c'annot speak
too highly of this great medlicine." Blolt
& Webb Piokens & Chapman & Cllaban
Notico is hereby giveni to all whom it
may concern thaut Mr's. S. F. Keiborn
has filed her petition in thisR office prc.g
ing for homestead exomp3ltion in the
estate of W. WV. Kolborn dleConsed.
The Petition will be heard in my of.
aco on Saturday the 20 (liy of July,
This 24 Juno 1092.
A. J. Bioggs (Seal)
Clerk of Court,
Take Foley's Kidney Cure. It has
en red whein overything haus d1isapoin ted.
Belt & Webb P'ickens Chapnmun & Cala
hahan Liberty.
A. R. Bass, of Morgautown, Ind., had
to get up ten or twelve times in the
imght and had severe backache and pain
in the kidneys, Was curedO( 1)y Foley's
Cure. Bolt, & Weobb and Chapman &
Callahan Liberty.
are the most fatal of all dis
S uaanteed Remnedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by eni-.
nent physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
P IE50. and $l.00.
A Professor on Rowina-.
A story la told about a well known
Oxford don who knew more about the
travels of Ulysses than about the boat
he saIled In. Hle went down to the
river, one day to watch the eIght prac'
tiekag. He gazed for awhIle In sIlence,
"Yes," he saId at last, "they look ver'y
nice-very nice Indeed, I may say-but
how extremely awkward It must be for
thern to learn to row backward."
Summer complant is usnally prevalent
imong children this season, A well do
reloped case in the writer's family wvas
lured Iast week by the timely itse of
)hamberlain's Oolio Oholora emdy
me of the best p,atent moklines mana. G
'aotory abd which is always kept on it
iand and at the name of y0 scribe, 'Ihis ri
5 niot intendBed aS a free puf:of the
ompaby1 Who do not advei-time with but
o b8nett little aufersaWho may not lhe 1n
PIthin saes of a physicIan, No Cl
smilys)kot be.wI hotit a bottle of ig
h4is aiin h ansn in .n..or r
stock of STAW HATS AT
ck, so if you need a nice hat
nce to get one cheap. We
Slippers and a few small Nos,
oig at a very low price. Also
ains in Hosery that you can't
oc. stockings you have been
ave failed to give satisfaction,
)c in order to get something
2rate, but wish to let the peo
iat we are working for their
helps you helps us. We have
,isses hose that often sell in
are offerin them for only boc.
Jash Store.
S. C.
We tmyhe still on hand a few bar
rains i the Chapman Bros. stock,
md contintued to buy new goods-a
;taple s!o-;k.
We are running or the cash prin
ile and can t lerefore give you ben
lits you would not get by time sakes.
W1e sell at close living pricee.
We will take pleasuro in showing
"ou through the store.
Farmers can get what they need
iere. welkeep good goods, and if you
1on't see %% h1-1t you want ask for It.
Coffee at 8, 9 and 10 pounds to
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poun-Is to the dollar. A few 5 and
10 gallon kegs of Tennessee sorghum
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Some clothing to go cheap.
As good Flour as you can find
anyw here in town.
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soap. st-,meware, tinware.
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Singlet tees, garden seeds, stationery,
ink, pencils, brooms, thread-a li tie
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bri1us your prouce. ITf wo
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you cash for your' chickens, eggs and
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If you need one don't wait
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Hoes, Plows, Sweeps and all
kinds of farnung tools.
Fruit Jars, Sugar, Spice.
for the fruit season.
Sow Cabbage seed from the 22
Lo 30 of May for late cabbage.
good fresh Virginia Seed now on
Pickens, S. C
IWe Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
--A LL
und M~arkers
low in Stock at-..
20 per cent
ass than usual price, We have
omie exception al values.
Greenville, S. 0 .
An ear thquake shook was felt in
~roenville on Saturday morning
1 t15 accompained by a heavy,
imbling sound.
0 this utadtk toDr. 0a W
nrleeaDrup Store and get a boR sa
Bbean tomiaoh and LIver Tea
te, The bestjnbyi, Thq alo s
at.disordere fti tma.Amn
Is now in store. The sto
crisp, new goods. Each seasor
est and prettiest goods possib
have surpassed all former seas
much talk about goods, but my
claim I make. I have undoubt
of white goods ever shown
goods in every new stye and c<
My prices are as low as g,
determined to my store interes
and notions this season. Twe
proven to many people of Pic
they can rely unpon it. "Give
f goods and prices are not sati
A. K.
West End..
Smith & Bristo
Our stock was never in bet
of most of last season's goods
ing today the newest and clean<
lina. Goods guaranteed as rep
Mail orders receive prompt att
Price to Everybody.
Main Street, G
Buyinug and Se1
Goods than
Stores in
We are exclusive agents f
Clothing, recognized as the bes
America. We carry all grades
$15-oo; B3oys' three piece Suits
piece Suits 50 cents to $6.oo. i
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We carry more Shoes, and
other merchants in Greenville.
sell from $1.25 up. More ol
Pickens county today than fron
to sell every man, woman and
shoes this year. We have
Bring the Madlam and Chil
to Greenville. Make our store
of room for the children to pla
anywhere else in the city, and
every article she b)uys.
Of Greems
7 pl to SOt pk-QUi
whoe pipe so ash ti
a gone. reminder 14 the
are rnild in Ibieft ).n, The p1
ProPor work, and4 the pelledu
1ao ne she la do.RnI
dAy*a*ogt, Vo ee
re is brimming full of bright,
i I do my best to get the new
e, but this season, I feel that I
)ns. I do not believe in too
stock will bear me out in every
edly one of the prettiest lines
in Greenville. Colored wash
od goods can be sold. I am
ing to all buyers of dry goods
ve years dealing with me has
cens, that whatever I tell them
me a showing," is all I ask, and
sfactory, don't buy.
m vi::NVL _J, . CJ
V's, Greenville, S, C.
ter condition, having disposed
after the fire, and we are show
st stock in upper South Caro
resented or money refunded.
ention. Terms, CASH. One
reenville, S. C.
ling More Dry
any three
the City.
or Strause & Bro's [High Art
t made, best fitting Clothing in
Men's Suits from $3.0o to
$2.5O to $ro.oo; Children's two
Ve guarantee to save you from
ou buy from us,
sell more Shoes than all the
We guarantee every shoe wve
our shoes are being worn in
any other store, but we want
:hildl in Pickens county their
dren with you when you come
your home while here. Plenty
y in, and the Madam can find
to look at in our store than
SAVE 15 to 25 per cent, on
ille, S. C.,

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