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The iPeople's Journal
Local and Personal,
-July fourth will I o a great
day at Liberty.
--C. H1. Carpenter is announced
for the Senate this week.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in
Pickens July 8th and 9th.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Ragsdale on the 29th ult., a son.
-Mountain parties are being
arranged for trips of several days.
-The frlonds of Mrs. James
Hunnicutt will be glad to learn
that she is convalescing.
-I. I-I. McCalla, of Lowndos
ville, A bbeville county, anonn
cos for Congress this week.
-If you want to enter a bid for
the construction of the new jail,
road thc, advertisement herein and
file the bid in due season.
-The Summer term of Court
will convene at Pickens the second
Monday in July, the same being
the ,fourteenth.
" --Several young people were en
torta1ied1 at a most pleasant socia
ble, Friday night last, at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Richey.
-Dry winds during the past
four days are not so favorable to
vegetation. Some crops already
give evidence of need of more rain.
-Mr. and Mrs Walter W.White
and son, Valter, and Mr. and Mrs.
Ed. Sloan, of Anderson, are visi
ting at the home of Mrs. N. K
-Col. Henry T. Thompson and
Mr. - Lancaster, representing the
New York Life Insurance Compa
ny, were in Pickens a few days
last week.
-Miss Fannie Hagood after a
pleasant visit of two weeks at the
summer home of Miss Anita Am,
bler returned to her home at Green
wood Saturday.
--Pickens can accommodate a
goodly number of summer visitors.
Only let them let their wishes be
known and their wants will be
-Mrs. M. F. Hester is in Atlan
ta visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Gresham. Mr. Hester went down
to Atlanta also but returned after
a short stay.
-Mrs. G. W'. Earle who has
been quite sick for the past three
weeks is rapidly improving and
her friends hope to see her soon
fully restored to accustomed health
-The Liberty Township Singing
Association will meet with Enon
Blaptist church on next Sunday Ju
ly 6th. Everybody is invited to
come and bring their song books
and well-.filled baskets.
W. F. Evatt, Sec.
---We have received a communi
cation from fable Mountain to
which no name is signed, and can
therefore not publish same under
rules. We urge all correspondents
pl~ease to sign their names to arti
clos sent for publication.
--Miss Sallie Hester who has
been quite sick at the home of her
uncle, WV. A. Mauldin, at Easley is
reported much improved. Her
.parents, Mr. and Mrs: J. B. Hester
of Stoneburg, Tex. have arrived in
response to a telegram and are now
with her.
.-'1he good people, the good
democrats o.t Pickens, as elsewhere,
will be expected to take care of the
visiting candidates this ycar when
they come around on their tours of
the state. Citizens will be duely
approached on this subject and it
is exp,ected that entertainment be
provided for the candidates dur
ing their brief stay with us,
-Geo. R. Koester who was ap
pointed Oollector of Internal Rey
enue for South Carolina by the
Piresident but who failed of confir
mation announces that he will
make no further fight to retain his
office but will quietly step out at
the end of the fiscal year. This
appmutment appears to be one of
the mistakes made by Roosevelt
which he recognizes and regrets.
Micah Jenkins gets the job.
--The Pleasant Grove Debating
Society is on a boom. TIhey meet
every Saturday night at 7 :30. Trhe
subject for July 5th is Resolved:
"Whether England is Rising or
Falling.'" Affirmative: H. M.
Fortner, J. F. Rigdon, John Cox.
Negative: A. B. Fortner, S. J.
Looper, D. L. Barker. Any So
ciety that wan~ts to try us a pull
write to Secretary, A. B3. Fortner,
Mayfleld, S. C,
-Hon. Win, N. Graydon, of
Abbeville, was in Piokens during
the past week. Mr. Graydon is a
canidate for Congress from the
third district, as his announce
ment this week will show. For
the past four years he has ably rep
resented Abbeville county in the
State Senate where his ability was
r'ecognized, Hiefearlessly advocated
suoh measures aehe deemed for the
best interests of hIs people, and
has the condidences of his own peo.
ple and of people wherever he ii
M~re, Minervya SmuIh oDavleIl.
writest "Z had bron,hitis for twieen
[W.naver g.otreliy tl I itse~
is a nr
For the 4th of July at Liberty
Assemble in the grove near Cottor
Mill at 11 a. m. Addresses by
J. E. Boggs and T. J. Mauldin.
1 p. i.-Ba3u!beoued Dinner.
3 p. im.-Baso Ball.
5 p. m.-Foot-races, &c.
A New Firm Organized.
Dr. J. L. Bolt and Dr. E. B.
Webb have formed a partnership
for the purpose of continuing the
drug business at the Thornley
Pharmacy stand. Those gentlemen
have bought the entire stock of
drugs, toilet articles and many
other articles carried in a first
class drug storo, and will continue
to operate the business. The char
acter and reputation of Drs. Bolt
& Webb make a suflicient guaran
tee to the public that they will
carry oni a business worthy of the
patrongo and support of the gen
eral public.
On Wednesday evening, Juno
25th. at 9 :40 o'clock, Capt.. Ivy MA.
Mauldin, of Pickens, and Miss Ve
ra Eaton, of Central, were married
at the home of the bride's parents,
Rev. O. M. Ahney ofliciating in the
)resence of only a few relativea and
friends of the contracting par
ties. Mrs. Mauldin is the only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Ross
Eaton, of Central, an is a young
woman of accomplishments and
numbers her friends by the score.
Mr. Mauldin is a young lawyer,
practicing at the Pickens Bar, and
at present is one of the represen
tatives fron Pickens county in the
General Assembly. They will
make their home near Pickens.
The Sutimmer School.
The Summer School for Pickons
county has been in session since
Monday the 16th uit with Prof. H.
B. Dominick, of Easley, as princi
pal who teaches Arithmetic, Alge
bra and Geography and Prof. J.
K. Owens, as Assistant, who teach
es Grammar and Literature.
Tho Teacher-pupils aro doing
hard work having four recitations
per day with Round-table talks on)
Tuesday and Friday evenings.
These Teacher-pupils have no tir
for play, their hours are well o'
cupied and generally all seem i,
tensely interested in their wo,
Examinations are being talked a
already .
Following is a list of the Teach
er-pupils enrolled:
Misses Conyers Allen, Mamie
Ballentine, Cora L. Bowen, Mar
gory Bowie, Hannah Bright, Janie
Bright, Mary Chastain, Nita Clay
ton, Hester Cureton, Josie Earle,
Millhe A. Foster, Ada Gillespie,
Essie Gillespie, Lillhe Gilstrap,
Nora Gilstrap, Florence Hendricks
Ida Hendricks, Lenora Hendricks,
Em 0. Johnson, Mary Kirksey,
Nannie Kirksey, Mary Lesley,
Virginia Ligon, Iola Major, May
McClanahan, Olivia McHugh, Jen
nie M. McWVhorter, Corrinne E.
Newton, Olive Boggs Newton, May
Robinson, Nannie Roper, Happie
Welborn, Magaret Welborn, Hat
tie E. Wilson, Cecil Hester, Mrs.K.
L. Cureton, Mrs. S. T. McHugh,
and Mrs, Essie E. Hughes.
Messrs. WV. J. Berry, W. J.
Chastain, WV. T. Earle, J. M. En
triken, Elbert Fendley, John 0.
Field, B. F. Freeman, L. D. Gil
lespie, Christie Robinson, J. F.
Williams, and Rev. 0. L. McCain.
Observations of a Looker-On.
Something attractive must be at
Pickens now, out of the usual or
der as we have visitors that are sel
dhorn seen here. Perhaps it is the
Summer School.
Pickons county has some very
attractive teachers attending the
Summer School.
There are a good many interes
ting people to be seen about town,
and they (de not all bear the marks
of the pedagogue.
Dr. James 0. R~osemond of
Brushy Creek, Anderson county,
was in Pickens on the 28th nIt.
He was doubtless attracted to Pick
ens by' some pretty young lady,
sinco Pickens is out of his usual
The days are extremely warm
but the nights ar e pleasant enough.
I guess as some of our young men
speind halt the nights out of town
carrymng their ladies to preaching
and home again they get the pleas
ant part of the weather and are al
together getting the best of both
weather and the pleasures incident
to t.he Summer School.
Ivy, an infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. James Stansell, of Anybler,
died on the 14th inst and was bur
led tho following day at Oolenoy
Baptist ohurch . The obild was
aged 9 months.
CaIus hall, son of LXW, Hall, is
quito sick.
That long lo,od for shower
came along on the 12th inst and
was welcomed by all.
The Sunday School :at Oolenoy
is progressing. The older people
ought to be more interested for
this Is a work for all.
We were disappointed, through
the inoleiaency of the weather, in
our singing at Oolenoy,
Most otAhe people like to' travel
good roads, but they are being
diapomhted noW. ullies and
bhle la the plaoe, of good roadu
this waep~) g e 4IdsMs bwi it
is tre. J.D. q
I'hero is much siclkness in thi
Little J . Fr.+nlk I\itcholl, thl
infant son of M r. and Mrs. A
Mitchell, died at th homo of hi
mother oil the 17t hx inst., age
twelve years, eight months an
soventoonl days. God in His in(i
nito wisdom saw fit to call the lit
tile one home. It, is sad to par
with loved olnes. His IresoncO i
missed, his Saut, is vacant inl thei
hone. but his seat is not vacant if
the heavens abovo. 'Tho angel
saw lit to take him in their arism
Sweet littl(, darling, light of the
home, lo',kin,.g f'm sto 0110 bock.
oning (ala, bright as the sil
beam, pure as I wI-1', atxiolusly
lookIng Im"thk-r fo'u yu.
lie is ta,t lead hat asl-ep. 1[e
has gone to his hom1n(e inl glory
'here there is n' mur(ore s ekness,
n1o Ilore S(t r"<w, 110) 1tifoO (leath,
May God blcs7 his Im)other.
\Thilo I sit by t1uV window this
balmy afterpi(on; and look abroad
uo)n1 th lIi."hls1 ad1 see t be waving
corn and h(e.ar tih many yoices as
they echo over the hills, I know
there nr. inmy h;,arty thiat ti-rob
with taathnk fl a:es to the0 Great
Siver of all giIts on aCcoult of the
recent. rainls. and(l th', fair proapectst
for the fut ar' 01ropS.
'l'ho gela i- wheat. harvest was
very sho1rt.
It setrnls t hat evervthinlg has put
Oin new lif(' sinace the raints. At
every g'.an1e we a where nature
di>plays b':aut y anal grandeur. The
tall oaks, with theit wi(lo Spread.
in)g foliage, adoiis the hills like a
beautifaal crwn, (Iprtlierios waving
like balnnte'rs unfurled to tho
I)re'/fzn, the hitls an6wer baCk in
music to th4o los'ing tonos of na,
ture, all make min' feel happy,
giving uis joy aild promoting love
and gratitude to tho One who fa
shionod this gre .n earth, a gift of
fragrant flowsrs and vin('s as Ca
bloms of pea an( security. It
seems that na't lrr hlats done her
best to see i;, what dazzling beauty
,he (o,ul(d deek th. world.
\'.hy should not our earth be a
"ara(l.se wh.n tilled with such oh
'cts litted to enltertain and refresh
What a plaradise was hero tpon
.arth whoin toIomon reigned itn Je
rusalem and sang of the Rose of
Sharon, and what, a heaven will he
here when IIe that sitteth on the
throne shall appear, for in his day
shall the righteous flourish and
peace abound so long as the moon
eudureth. E.
After eight weeks of dry weath
er our hearts wore made glad by
the welcome rain which camne last
Sunday. Cortn had turned yellowv,
sotton had almost st)pp)ed growing
b)ut no0w everything looks promis
R. F. Lorhardt has the champion
3otton] in this section.
Mrs. B. D). L,enhard t hadC roast,
.ng ears on. tho 20thi inst., and
your scribe has been enjoying beets
and beans since June 10th.
Mr. Elbert Perry has bought a
new reaper. Mr. Perr'y is one of
>uir nmost successful farmers and
grows large quiantities of swveet
potatoes, bonn is and cab)bage which
bring ready cash. Hie also has
one of the finest fruit farms in
Pickens county, wvhere ho grows
Large quantities of peaches, pears,
apples, cherrtes andl quinees, It
is a!ways a litne. treat to visit his
beautiflul hom aOw here you can ab
ways find plenty of wolcomo and
something nice to eat andit goodi
elever peole to lhait with.
Wheat is lhar vaested and1( mostly
unfder shelter, bait wo would feel
better if we had only made a full
Miss Nannie Rloper will teach
the Lenhardt school again this
Mr. 01er Chapman, of Mica, vis
ited his brother Saturday and Sun
day, He says erops aro in fine con
dition in his community.
Our Suniday school1 is comuing on
nicely. We are talking of a big
picnic sometime later in the sum
mer about which we will tell you
more later .
The roller mill about which I
wrote somne time ago is going to
be a cotton mill. The work is
getting on nicely of getting out
rock. It is said that work will
commence about August 1st to
build the mill, thou we will be in
sight of three cotton mills within
four miles of cach other.
Claud, the 10 months old1 son of
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Chapman had
the misfortune to get has leg
broken on the 11ith inst., thie limlb
was set by Dvs. Wyatt and Russell.
He is getting On nicely at this writ.
ing. 5. 0. C.
June 21, 19)02.
A meeting of the Picke Coun
ty D)emocratic Executivo Commit.
tee will be held in the Court House
ou Monday, July 7th, at 12, o'clock
a. mn., to appoinit managers of eleo.
tion at the various precincts, and
to attend to other mattors that
Will prVoperly como before the
T. J. Mauldin
Chmn. County E4xecuitive Com.,
Foley's ICidrie.y Curo purfies the blood
bs trauiing ouit impurities and toues ut
aJi whola systeim, Cures kidney ant
)adder*i trQnhlna.g4olt & Webb Plakam~
s The fritids A. J. Wolborn hereby at
nounen 11nt as a candidato for Count
o (:onuiisitoner, t:ubject to tio action <
the denor ativ. voters of Pick ens coun
in the .t pylroacling primary.
The friends of D. It. Evans hereb'
:aunnon0,, hini ia e.mudidato for Count
Conunissioner Pickens county, subjec
- to the action of the Democratic party a
the al,proaching primary,
'The friends of A, B. Talloy heroby an
noune( h inm a candidate for the oii
r Conty C'c inmissioner sulbject to the no
tion of the I )emocratic party at the ap.
pnoaching primary.
Tho fi i'itls of W. M. (autt hereby
aniloun1e hii(Yuhm at catdidate for the ollice
of Con,n v ('umtlnio.nr. ickons coun.
ly Subtjo t to action of the ])omocratio
voters ttt the atppro:tching primary.
War Tax olf' This Week.
The reven ue repeal act, which
removes all that is left of the war
tax, goos into effect on the first of
Jltuly, th(: begiining of the fiscal
year. On that (late tho internal
revenutte laws will return to the
point at which they were at the
beginn i ig of the Spanish-Amreri
can war.
At the commencement of hostil
ities, congress, in the endeavor to
increase the rovonues of the gov"
ernmnent commt,enisurate withi the
imerensed exponsos caused by the
OIIOn!iioens out.lay in conducting the
War, raised tho tax on all things
already taxi(1 and taxed things
that had lbecn from tha( timo of the
removal of' the same aftor the
great civil war.
One y.str ago tho tax on boor was
roeuced frcom $2 ia Ibarrel, with a
(1iseouit of 1..2 per cent making
it XIl.85 potr bIarrel with no (is,
count. (n the first of July the
tax will be 1 a barrel.
''ho stamp tax on checks, bills
of lading, express receipts, tole
graph metsages and warehouse re
ceiptst w's repealed last year.
There was left a small fraction of
the stamp taxes on broker's con
tracts, drafts and bills of exchange
all theso are now wiped out.
Similar action has boen taken
in regard to cigars, wh ich are put
)ack substantially to the old rates.
On manufatctured tobacco the tax
will )e redulCcd from 9 6 10 to 0
.:t,tis per i>outni.-Dnily Mail.
J. A. Kelly relates an experience sim
ilar to that which hiias happened in al
most overy nteighbdorhood in the United
States and has been told and re-told by
thousands ot others. Io says: "Last
summer I had ant a'tack of dysontery
and perchased a bottle of Chamberlain '
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
which I used according to directions and
with entitely Fatisfactory result. The
trouble was controlled much quicker
t:n former attacks when I used other
remidies." Mr, Kelly is a well known
citizon of Henderson, N. C, For sale
by G. W. Earle Druggist.
Charleston, 5, C,
Founded in 1785. Strong Fac
ulty; woll equipped chemical, phys,~
ical, and biological laboratories;
Library of 14,000 volumes and the
finest Musoum of Natural History
in tile South. Elective courses
leading to thle degrees of B, A.. B.
S,, a:n t . A. Board with fur
n shed room in College Dormitory
can be obtained for $10 a month.
Tuition, MO0. One scholarship giv
ing free tuition is assigned toPick..
ens county, the holder to be ap
p)ointed by tho Probate Judge and
the County S uperin tendantL. Total
expenses for Scholarship students,
$112 to $130. All candidates for
admission are permitted to com
pete for vacant Boyce Scholarships
which pay $150 a year.
En]tranco Examinations willI be
held at Pickens 01n Friday, July 11,
19)02, next sossion begins Septem
bor 29. For catalogue, address.
Harrison Randolph.
"I am usin~g a box of Chamberlain's
Stomach & Liver Trablets and find themn
the best thing for my stomach I ever
used, says T. W. Robinson, Justice of
the Peace, Loomis, Mich. Th'ese Tab
lets not only correct disorders of the
stomach but regulate the liver and bow
els. They are easy to take and pleasant
iln effoot. Price 25 cents per box, For
sale by G1. WV. Earle Druggist,
Winthrop College Scholar
ship and Entrance Ex
aminati ons.
The examination for the award
of vaicant scholarships in Winth
rop College and for the admission
of new students will be held at the
County Court House on Friday,
July 11.th, at 9 A. M.
Applicants mfust not be less than
fifteen years of age.
When scholarships are vacated
after July 11th, they will be awar
ded to those making the highest
average at tiis examinationi.
The next session wvill open Sep.
tember 17, 1902.
For further information and a
catalogne address Pres. D, B.
,Johnson, Rock~ Hill, 5, 0,
The propmetors of Foley e tioney and
Tar do not advertise this as a sure cure
for consumption." They do not *laim
it will cure this dread complaint in ad
vanced cases, but do positively assert
that it willI oure in the aclIier' abge
and never fa6ls to give OOhaforb
and relief in the worst oases, Foley's
Honey and Tar is without doubt the
greatest throat and long remedy, Re.
fuse substitutes. Bolt and Webb Piok
ens Chapman and Callaban Liberty,
A Tn. WAInnLAWy,
-.- DENTIST -3
Will be in Piokens~ until 'further, no lep,
Oioe up stairs Iu the cJarey Mg
pY6 (90k1'q Q(999 $9ggi
All County oflicos, each, - - $5.00.
Magistrates, - " 2.50.
All other offices, " - 5.00.
The abovo prices are invariably I
I hereby announce myself a candidat
for Congress from this, the Third Soutl
Carolina District, subject to the actiol
of the domoeratic voters at the approach
ing primary olection.
I hereby announco myself ia candidatt
for t'ongresa to represent the Third, 8
C., )iitrict, subject to the action of 'the
deomocratic votors ili the approa1clinsg
primary. Win. J. Stribling.
I hereby announce mysolf a candidate
for Congress frot this, the third 1)is
triet, subject, to the action of tbe demo
Cratic voters at the a>proacing pritary
(eo. E. Pit INCE.
I hereby Innoutnce mlyself a colldilatt.
for Congress to represent tlhis, thie Third
Diitrict, tiubject to tlio action of the
Democratie votoers at the al lroachigul
primaruy election.
Wo are autliorized to annonceo W. N.
Graydon, of Abbevillo, Its ia caudidato
for Congress from the Third Coi gress
imna l)istict subject to the action of
the UIemocratic primattry.
We are authorized to annouaco Wyatt
Aiken, of Abbeville, ats a candidato for
Congress from the Third Congresa;iouial
District, subject to the action of the
o)muocratic: voters at tho approaching
primary election.
I hereby announco myself a candcidato
for Congress from the third South Car
[)inua )istrict, subject to the actio n of
the democratic voters at the approaching
primary election.
I. HI. McCalla.
The friends of Laban Mauldin hereby
Lllnounco him as a candidate for thegen
ttee, subject to the action of the Domo
1ratio voters of 1'ickous county at the ap
proaching primary.
The friends of Charles E. Robinson
Iereby announce hin 1s a candidate for
ie Senate, subject to the action of tji
lemocratic votors of Pickens county at
thio approaching priluary.
The friends of C. II. Carpenter hero
,)y atnnounce him as a candidato for the
Senate from Pickens county, subject to
the attion of the Democratic voters at
the approaching prinlary election.
I hereby announco my candidacy for
re-election to the 110uso of Representa.
tives from Pickens county, subject to
the Democratic primary.
Ivy M. MAUI,DNo.
The friends of J. Ashmore Hinton
hereby announco him as a candidate for
the House of Representative from Pick
ens county, subject to the aetion of the
demooratie. voters at the approaching
primary eleotion.
The friends of Fred Williams hereby
announces him as a candidate for the
House of Representatives from Pickens
county, subject to the action of the
Democratic voters at the approaching
primary election.
The friends of W. 0. Mauldin hereby
announce him a candidate for the House
of Rlepresentatives for Phckens county,
sulbject to the action of the Democ ratio
party at the approaching primary.
Tho friends of Mathow Hendricks
lerebly announce him as a candidate for
he House of Representatives of Piokens
:ounty, subject to the action of the de
niocratic voters at the approehiug prim
try election.
The frionds of N, A. Christ ophor re
spectfully announce him as a candidate
for the omieo of County Auditor for
P'ickens county, subject to the actioni of
the democratic voters at the approaching
primary election.
The friends of E. Foster Keith hero
by announce him as a candidate for the
amico of Auditor subject to the action of
the democratic party at the coming pri
nary election.
I hereby alnnounco myself a candidate
for tile omieo of County reasur-er, sub
ject to the acdion of the democratic vot
ers of Pickens coenty at tile approaching
primary election.
BI. Fletcher Lesley.
By the solicitation of my many friends,
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for ire-election to the o tleo of Trensurer
of Pickens county, subject to the action
of the demooratic.voters at the approach.
mug primary election.
The friends of Henry W. Farr hereby
anounce him a candidate for the ofieo of
Treasurer, subject to the action of the
democratie voters of Piokens county at
the ayproaching primary.
The friends of James M. Lawrence
respectfully announce him as candidate
for Treasurer for Pickens conty, sub
ject to the action of the democratic vo
ters at the coming primary.
I hlereby announce myself a condidate
for the offce of Treasurer for Pickens
county, subject to the aotion of tile de
mocrattic primary. 0. R. Hendricks.
Tiho many friends of L. D. Stephens
hereby announce hlim for reelection to
the offie of County Supervisor Subjeot
to the Democratio Irimary Election.
Many Friends.
For Probate Judge.
I hereby announce myself a onndidate
for re-election to the office of Probate
Judge of Piokens county, subject to the
action of the democratic voters at the ap
proaching primary election,
J. B. Newbery.
By the deseo of numnerous friends,
atinitiumy name ase a candidate for the
ooe of Probate Judge of Piokcens coun
ty subject to the action of the Demooratic
party. - . L, 0 THOMPsON.
At th~e request of friends, C hereba
announce myself a candidate for reelec
tion to the ofiloe of County Superinten
dent of Eduotion subject to the actiot
of the Demooratio party at the Primara
Onua nutoe.Aeaugh0mgous
If prices have anything to (
of Spring and Summer ClotI
well sifted, but we still have s<
We have a niec line of blue at
that just su'ts this hot weather.
- IIwhen in need of any Clothing
Goods. Our prices are always
nothing but the best clothing.
'l'he fruit crop is short this yc
more reason why you should
Buy your fruit jars and sugar, n
We are offering a big lot 0
pcrcales, dimities, etc., at first c
opportunity for It don't conic ev
Shoes for everybody, ol and
nothing but the best shoes for
11ardware of all kinds, stove4
saddles, bridles, buggias and wag
If you are thinking of bnying
our prices before buying. We I
shingle mill supplies, such as shi
kindls, emery wheels, heltina.., et
licited, Satisfaction guarantecd(.
FO GRSome Bargains to offer in I
'Soo tho coffeo wo aro cflering L(
New Spring
Arriving D
the largest and by far the prettiest
have lifted the yoke of high prices e
3 Miss Hughes has just returnedi f
where she purchased a large and Co
choiccst novelties. This dlepart mer
larger towns. We cordlialy invite
county to call and inspect this depai
rect styles at very low prices.
In each department you will final
you to call and see usl
- Yours truly
Heath- Bruce-IV
And Cardei
It is worth all it costs to have a ;
seeds, we have in stoci<
Carden and Far
Hloes, Rakes, Shoves, Spades,
Hooks, Mattocks, Plows and Plow
Tturners made, Wheel Barro'vs,
Machines, and Furniture of all kin
A Nice, New, Cles
New Goods Coming In and 4
Anything * and
About a Home
W9 * Invite all to come and
No trouble to show ti
SW. "I
g . .
with it. Our stock
ing has been pretty
nme bargains to offer.
id black Sergo coats
I) 'I ltail to see its
,r' Gent's. F1urlishin 4
right tnd we handle
ar,, butl thatt is all the
save whlut there is,
ow before tile prices
f cottOnade(s, lawns,
ost. l)ou't miss thi.,
cry (lay.
young. We handle
,ey tre alwts time
, t i n1 ware, linttess' ,
it Shingle tmill get
uaitl fill kinidis of
ngle ties, saws of all1
e. X111' trade so
)uggics and \Vagons.
I lbs to the (lollar.
enlville, S. C.
line we have showvn. WVe
nd they are in reach of
omn the Northern Markets,
mletC line of the season's
it is equal to any in the
all the Ladies in Pickens
-tmnent. You will find cor..
big values. It wvill pay
lorrow Co
1 Seeds
ood garden. Besides the
the necessary
'ming Tools!
Forks, Bush H-ooks, Briar
Stocks, Best Steel Beam
Iron King Stoves, Sewing
das, Pretty Styles.
en Stock of
loing out Everv Day.
* Everything.
or Farm,
look through our rooms,
trough our stock,
". MemAI p.

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