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The People's Journal
...0l TPIayL.
EThere had been a long silence be
tween the man and girl in the car
riage. It suddenly struck him that she
had scarcely spoken save iml monosyl
bies stintl she acceptel his offer of
lie scanned her half-avetted face
more closely. )f course, the din of
the street was not favorable to con
versation, but why was she so exces
sively pale? Was it merely the cold
gleam of the electric lights? Again
he looked at her, and hesitated; and
then laid his hand gently on her arm.
't Mildredl- -"
A childish scream of terror from the
street broke in, followed by deeper
voices antI tlie vau ie rush of a gtall
erina; crowd. Mildied Allrtoti came
out of her ab stract ion with i a start.
- 'hat was that' What has hap
Hhaytd'n threw uip the windlow and
leanet out. 'lhe carriago had stopped.
Two or t hi pt 11e w.tc carrying
somethina: to the pavemtlt, something
teilple..s mid int t. iike a dead weight.
. \V hat's thi' miatt r?"' he asked.
"' You've runl oter a man,' some
body .aitl rtlug ly.
It w Iavn y faul t, 11r,' put in the
coac mau. " The itiih- -irl run rig;ht
; t-,t . - u a ' he atter tier. \ e
w erae'n ham t firt I could pull up.",
Miss Allert ttii eatheried her- irips
about her.
\\ i1 y'u (1t-u the dlot?" she
sail to her ctllpa:iIt ll
Syd \ar M:idrtdl.' hi protested,
' I do tl.luk that a' that s ne'eesary
'- Thaniks. I w oitd ratlic :o iny
elt." An Sl ait her I and oi the
.ct1; thal t h c w as ttiea t:ltil , he
uu1viiinit ilpei heir out. '1'he
crowd turnedt! tit tart" at he'r.
W;as iht :ittle 1:5 hirt, too? she
a-t;t tl.
No, mi,s. he ain't, ilV him. He
Ui d lht nht hutilt fIm unler the
hote' hoo1= atIre. the' hit him.
That'= lt:i over thlre withi the doetur
i . t ncl I bti -it teitdtl, then wntllt
(U. IaI i n f . w ll: in irritated si.
ie tc . A wh' it' Ih we r felt troin lie
drc , :oiil 'tinmtil as 00 1 11
touchitd the 1 'c filt'llt.
"( olt- away' said 1llYt'c, Stop
pil, >h,rt in atn_ry 1protest. " I tr'
fus ' 1 u nlutt ltie t thils foll\
*>c- haid t Ik ttetitl't, .ltit tlc"adv int1
toward the two lli'ures uncde' the elet
trC Kht. ote lying motioulesS-, lh
lt r kl,i."t ling besilde hin. As t4h
looki. Iow ii into the whitt' upturt"l
't. i _irewc a;n:tst a' ltale au
with at qu E hli ith bhie reLgatined lit
"I hop he is ta.t hadlhy hurtT' si.
"l li i-- ding -the br usqjue o
doctor chiecked hicuself . W omlen we
lable to screacu or faint. '1'That
utmess-'' lHe gatve her a quick a
p'raising look. lio you know him'
"Yes.' h-he camel c'loser. "' 1 W
inl the cacrriage. Andc I saiw -t
blood''-with a shudder.
" nya hittle cut,'" hiasily, int
posed the doctor, fear-ful of her tbrec
inig down. "' It's his head [l'm afr:
of. Nothing r''usee himii."
"I May I try' Slit kneclt d ownc
side him.
bulanice that hs '1 beeni -ui!iined.t
She laid her haind s.f ty o t.nhe maii
forehead and 'ookedi ntt his wi
pleadled. 4Oh, . aririek, don'it\
know m.e---dilcdred?'"
The doc'tor, watching, gave a sta
" believe he' dfoe know y oui,'
said, poi nting to a !!ieker of the rn
eyehids. "' Speack to himii again."
" .Mildred.'"' HI ayden ('cme hiurryic
up, too fipatien t ho wit longe'r.
the sight of the prostrate figure a lot
of hat red flashed from huis eyes.
"~ Midred,"' he said againm, impe;
aitinly , "' this is nio place for you."
"Leave her alone."' shiarply interu p
ed the doctor. " The mant's ii a d1eat
stupor, If she can rouste himu,let her.
Hayden scowled, but said rio mnort
The doctor turned his back an. lhen
over his patietnt again.
T1hose few secondcs haid wrought
wonderful change. The strained eyt
had grown soft as they gazedt tup I
the girl's face hovering above hcim hia
a visicon (out of a cloud of light! Tilf
time was not long puast when that fat
had meant heaven ppon earth to hin
Then it had become a torment, ti
very thought of which was agon
Now again it symnbolizted love and ho01
and happiness-all the sweet pa
bibilities of life. And now-lie wi
The bitterness of it pierced eve
through his dtull apathy. is hi:
moved. " Dying!" They could jt
guess att his meaning. T1hien his eye
"Young lady, excuse my bluntness,
said the old tdoctor, " but if you hav
once been lovers, lht himi fancy it i
so still. Speak to him I Rouse hinm
It's is one chance."
Shte leaned over himn agaim, lie
bands clasping his cliser.
"You are not dying," shet. cried
" you will live, C2arrick, for my Bakel
His eyes unclosed again acid a quiv
er almost like the ghost of a smil
passed over his lips.
" There's the anmbulancel" Thb
doctor sprang up) with a sharp breatl
of relief. Simuutaneously appeared
belated policeman who busied hImsel
with ordering back the crowd. Thb
dloctor turned to Mildred Allertoni. Il
spite of his familiarity with such crise.
he had been touched by this glimpa
of romance. Perhaps, too, her girli18l
grace and beauty had its. effet.
"I believe he hais a chance," h
said hurriedly, " thbaks to youa. If'
--he hesitated, "Al can be of an
Use, here is my add
There was another rattle of wheele
a shout from the policeman, and the
were gone.
Hayden stepped forward. lie di
not intend to rauke a scene in public
mnd only the hard lines of his moutl
betrayed his inward anger. " Atis
Allerton," he said, ceremoniously
" you will be chilled in that thin wrap
Let me take you to the carriage."
She turned and went back with hinl
through the staring crowd. Neithic
spoke till the carriage was reached.
" We shall be late for the opera," li
said coldly, as he helped her mn.
"I am not going to the opera,'' sh
" Not going to the operal" lie
spoke as if to an unreasonable child,
Shall we drive home, then?"
" I am going to the lospital. I wll
not trouble you to go," she said, icily
' To the hospital?" Ilis face grew
white. '" Surely you will not compro
mise yourself so"---A sudden passion
broke through his hard self-restraint.
lie leaned close to her. " Mildred, we
will forget tonight's folly. When you
are my wife"
" I shall never be,'' she interrupted
snatching away the hand he had taken.
" You knew I loved him, but you cane
between us, you slandered him an
turned my mother against me ---No, I
shall never be your wife, whether the
lives or dies''"--A quick sob caught he:
breath, but she fought it down an<
Went on as if imore to herself than to
hin. " The doctor said there wits a
claance-- lie said he would help muc -
am going to him now," She lifted uill
her head and looked Ilayden full ii
the face with returning composure
Will you give the order, or shall I ?'
11 ayden stoodt withi the dloor mi hii
hand, hastily considering the situation
lIe had been so sure of this girl. Only
tonight- --not half an hour ago--sh
had promised to marry him, and now
--lie set his teeth at the thought, bu
he would not allow his angry disap
pointment to lead him to make a falst
step. Ile loved her with sellish te
nacity and he had not the slightest in
tention of relaxing tlie hold he hat
gained through her mother's worldi
ness and his own machinations, but ht
saw that in her present mood persist
ence would be worse than useless.
" nder the circumstances, let it be
as you wish,'' he forced haniself to say.
" omorrow we will see."
She inade no reply. lie bowed and
walked away, controlling his inward
rage with new plans for the future.
The coach.la ..gith ei'd up his rein ,
atld the lrseei tashed forward. The
few curious loiterers still remainiu,
turned to watch the carriage out of sight
- and then drifted away. Nothing was lef
of the brief tlrania w lich had chanler.:c
the courst' of three Ilves but a crushlt1
t hite flower with Ihiootd-stained etge
glimmelt'rinig under the ele t it ht
At the opera that night two seat
I were conlspieuiotslv vacant in the bril
- lian t thr ion . As tate a6pplaut' ran
e Aot'est over the t diva's ,Irat aria,
e young girl stoutl b\ the dioor i a Idiii
t I ly li-btlel li.. 'tal wail, ; -m ii.' u
dI with hatlpy e, int' the Iact tha
i -nmiled batck at her.
a "'\ We've~ won' ' nedledthe dbel'
w~-illa an tXiilt;tut L!ta- Il tht' lbau
tI N A HUMOalHOUt. V'. N.
'' ir ,' said the inaidig ilant, ci ti /t'n
Kthe gas c'ompany's ottice , "' this bill
iane is. an infernal outrzage I I haven
as used that inuch gas in six inenth "
' '" Oh'.'' exclhaimeatl the obiseqijii
enshier, '* it muiBt he otar iistake,
'* dear 'iri. I 'ard"' n us~ and just delu
'N'- haavena't brioutlht auas'eae li.nic ti tI
II)- hir . Slai::ay: ".>-aurn' I hias
3 lvnt yo'u got alLy lrubh tor 'eni.'
ii Mra. olitaga': "<11 eoune u
Von told tue yot rd-ag bt'.ai a toni
I-of lobjsters for di naner.''
*u r. Slanay: " W\eu, thuat's thu
'a in the parlor. ''
rt. 1,n Sa, h, I'd like to ha
he thait S li ,au horr-ow~ed of rue thi
d( ianonths ago.
Short Sorryl, old inuat, buat I cutar
ig&ive It to you at the p)resent writing.
tI ,ong But you said you wani ted! it fu
a little while oanlv.
Short -W ~ell, I gave it to yuu
.straight. I didn 't keep it half an hiou
A young woana of twenty eigli
a uapon retnuning home after a lonta. ahi
sence was gretedu( by her old manuna
.with, "An so, Maiss ('arolinie, yvr aini'
t tuared yit?''
"No, mannaay, andt I've abiotut givel
a up all hope.''
a " Well, honiey, it's powverful coat
a fortin' when yeC (ease to struggle, hui
e it wi I be miit'hty <t sappo1'miitini' to ye
a. "' Now, lhe'rte as a shiowcase," sai'
e the dealer, poitting to a lpeliar look
~. inig spMeunen of hits wares, "' thati
e botund to becomie popular. It mnagnilie
-. everything litt in it to dublle ate niatu
us ral size."
" (Can't use at in amy business.'' re
n plied the p)rospective cuistomier. " W hia
a I want is a case that will seemningl
t reduce the actteal size of its contenit
B one-haif."
1" What is your line ?" asked th~
' diealer,
a " Ladies shoes."
.An Englishman went inato a restan
'rant in a New England town andh we
r served for his first course with a de
cacy unknown to him, so hie asked th
waiter what it was, and the waiter' r'
" It's bean soup), sir," whereupo
the Englishman, in high indignatie
" I don't care what it's boon; 1 war
to know what it is!".
a " There is only one place where a
a Anwerican 18 content to have anothe
t above him," .remarked Bleihngham t
a (ildersleeve."
1 " And where is that, I'd like I
a know?"
a " In the upper berth, of a sleepan
B An exchange tells of the pitiful cas
of two young men, one of whom "ha
v married a girl who can cook, ani
thinks she can nlay the piano," ...i,
, the other " has married a girl who can
y play the piano, and thinks she can
Senator Hoar received word that a
friend who was supposed to have ap.
penlicitis was really suffering from
acute inligestion. The New York Tri
bune says the Senator from Massachu
setts made this reply: "t That is good
news. I rejoice that the trouble lies
in the table of contents rather than in
the appendix.''
"It's quite coul for .lune, remarked
the Observant, Boarder.
" Yes," added the (ross-I'yed
lloarder; ' in the effort to get June.
days to the requisite degree of rare
ness, the weather man is almost cer
tain to hand out at few that are uinder
"t l'el nnylvaiia avenue at one time
had three trees down the center, I be
lieve,'' was the remark I made tot a
6eorgetown Inan 1 met in a trolley
car. It Yes," was the gentleman's
reply, "t and now you can tint presi
dential tituber on nearly every street
in Washington."
Senator K ittridge of South Dakota
saw two street urchins quarreling in
Washington and said to them, ''Come,
now, loys, try to get along without
lighting." "t We ain't ighting,'' said
one of the urchins, "t we're only play
ing Senators." Mr. Kittridge walked
away muttering, "t ('onfound Henl 'I'ill
mlan - --and Mel.auriin, too.''
Congressman ('owheld, of Mlissouri,
relates that he was making a campaign
speech last, fall w%hen he was annoyed
by the frequent interruptions of a
countryman who seemed hent on mak
ing trouble. " My friend," said the
speaker, determining to gpiielch the
disturber, " haven't, you heard the
story of how a braying ass put to flight
t he entire Syrian IayIl?"' tt Don't you
he ifr-aid of this audience," shouted
hack the object of this pointed rebuke,
there 11in'1 110 danger of it stamped
i11 . Yotu've done tested itl"
\liles: "' Isn't it queer that a main's
t.ers are placed in such a way that fie
can hear only the sounds in front of
Ciles: " Nothing queer about it at
all. A mericiful 1''ovidenlce never in
tendedl that at man shoubl hear what is
said behind Lis hack."
l.i W .ri i ' Surt"tt l Artiit'A. .
It is thought that the restoration of
peace In South .\frin and the opt n
ing up of the greatest gultl-producing
mlies il the worlb will he follbwed by
at great revival ot comnericial matters
on the D>ark ('ontinent. The U. S.
Tr'1easury I)elpartmlent has issued a
ono,'rhl)l ouil A frici colmmece,
which is stated to amnount to , ( 1s,tuli,
I annuully, of which I 1'.,(nIU,,0
1rep resetl impots. The great 1um1
her of iiloles anl tibes in Afric:a
whicl1 keet p no 'ecor,I. must make
t. a ! 'lllt er.rths of the
uni.rtl to A'fria lare throuih the
of' te I t'liiletit, the "'N taui beinllL
suaIgild by% caraanstt bll thle not tu
ern 14:r- whld1, at te s >nth tile im-i
114 r tre* hitirey Ii fr thet iinll C'ou1n.
try ;tid 11ail1 f''i* ill gotl I ait 'hiatuiilads.
TheI.'soe gio ns' uis' miachlinery, '' ninii1
),f Clks andll trliinke't. Th'ie trladle i'
5 mlinies lit N itub1erley', l,a4 lui les II r om
by i'tj'ap uTwni, furni--h *i per 't. f
eit 11he di 21 aids ill ti nnu1ereICt, a1 iliaM-e
inl the past thirty elars flurn:-hedc
n-It is ' "u pti houl hav tie been1 i iniea1ed
btm Imoruthe a fremenultso thownm
Vt - . bn i it to thel jir'isiluio 11 f1 Stuhe
world. Thel t'liii fprodut lofg te t
d e an exiert. ay hat lIj4th oitin~ M't"
ofthe prob1.abl amounts1 ( to :OX-o
m~ jhui, tin: trelsi ar te wthr mihesthn
t or sci eem probable tat 11 outh
)ib the31 ghi3ii tes kebiproduhcing''tt iction1
11ndepeo'ien:ice liumoilestedt . I tit the y
Swere t oo welak to k eep the grold
-tha:t '-iglandi wanlts iii has mover
hes53 itated toi 'sacr.ifIice human lhliIife to oh.
t hr. WVe N't '--~IA i-n.. Wm\\1. AlI
tio the aI' of hlOm-lSty inl polu ie'' told ii
story the other:1 daly of anl olhi governor
ti (o011onditioun t hat lhe 51houh. not, he
asked to miiake spee'chies. An occatsion
ar305e' hlowever, when tile regutIlar ora1
tors9 were abisent from a mleetintg, and11
I tihe crowd inisisted Onl hearlinlg froma the
-'i IandidateI I himst'ft. ie WitIked toi thec
t ront. a1314 bravely anI111nuned thfat lie
I Wasl no1 spea~ker', with consierabile rep-.
eti tion , a131 fter0i a Ii ttle hLa ltg pro
eceedl to' I alk for thiree q tarteras of an
hour. Whe thei m a ieetinIg Was over' tile
Ictlii,Male had cluaite (come to the con.
(I lsionl thait he was at speake:r after all,
I am114 espialIy (dild lie feel so when an
old f'artner camle nyp to im to say that,
u atlthouagh a life-hong I)('mocorat, he0 had
decided as a11I result of what lhe hwIti
heard, to vote thtis imie for the liepub.
hinn cambdaullte. Itefore the hitter, inl
his bhiashes, coub.l stammilier out a reU
eWse want 115 governlor is honeOSt men.
\ 'Ou3 are one- Youl said you were 310
spea31ker. You tol the trtuthi. I shatlh
vote for you.'"
linlgton, theo bealutril Virginlia
Sestate of' ltev. TPhomias D)ixon,.1. isr
at its heAt just nlow. K ing Powhiataai
lhved near thiere, 1111d, accordinlg to
a traditiont, it wits t.here thait l'ocahtontas
r saved the life of' Capt. ,10ohn Smith.
F or Inf'anto and Children.
The KIna You Have Always Dought
ea the
TElt.-A correspondent of the Char_
lotte Observer tells this story of a negro
named Butler, whom he describes as
the unique bell-boy of the Central IIo
tel in that city:
It was in the (lays of the late l:u
gene Dawson that Butler fared worst.
Mr. Dawson had a way of making life
miserable for hotel negroes and But
ler was one of his pets. One night a
decade or more ago a corpse was left
at the Central over night. It came
from South Carolina and was depos
ited in room 70, where it remained, all
alone, behind locked doors. Butler
was night bell-boy as lie is now. Mr.
IDawson had a room in the neighbor
hood of the dead body. lie purloinedl
a key to the rooi and about 2 o'clock
in the morning when all was still and
at peace about the town and hotel Mr.
Ilawson slipped into the room of the
corpse and rang the bell twice----for
ice water. Bintler left his easy chair
in the back part of the ollice and
walked to thle'board to see what room
wanted ice water. When his eyes
dropped on "( 70 " his courage left him
and his limbs quaked. IIis eyes spread
and his inouth dropped open. Ile was
paralyzed from head to foot but when
he saw the shadow of a gown on the
wall at the head of the stairs and
heard a feeble voice say: "Ain't ye
goin' to fetch no water to seventy?'
all his strength came back ani carried
him out the front door----half the door
going with hiin- -and to his home in
B'rooklyn. It was a week before he
could be persuaded to return to the
hotel. lie argued that would starve
bafore lie wonld work where dead lem
rung for ice water.
In an address delivered in Atlanta a
few days ago Air. It. 11. ldnunds
editor of the Manufaet,urers' Riecord
wnade a strong plea for manual ant
technical education for Southern boys,
and in the interest of the South itself.
lie declared that unless the South de.
velops its now limited facilities for the
many white boys who would gladly
avail thens, Ives of the opportunity,
" its great natural advantages will no
more enable them to win in competi
tion with the technical experts of other
sections that, would a naturally strong
position enable an army equipped with
the old mluzz.le-loader guns to with
stand an assault from one holding a
positi, n naturally weakt r, but equipped
with the repeating ritle and the breach
loading cannon."
Tw(tty. ive thiousatl Ametican far
miers have uigiated to lanitoba this
spring, and the Canadians are gettin
a lit;ke uneasy lest these pioneers
ma.y sometime start a movement for
the annexation of I he province to the
'nited States. The homestead law
has resulted in the taking up of all the
availahle arable land in the United
States and Maanitoba is the " last
cbance.'' It is a great cattle country
as well as a good place for raising
splrii wheat. It will soonhe settled
lp at the rate people are rushing in
thee this yeair. Most of the ignai.
.:ranmts are fr otn thle prairie States.
ThaI Gold Spoon.
Therte are sonic tuent whlo seert to be
favo rites oif fortunte. They' are indus
tni us. ch2eerful workers, full to over
flow inug 'f the' .in-r VV 4f s)leiIlidl health,
ian.1 sin er.s ~,tus i farlt to diroip itot
their : ndsg~ . It i. of suci as these that
the less hiardlv
\\\~ asil less snecesS
ful muan savs
eni v i oui v.
N ~"Tha;t iellow) ~
was bornl with a
goi~ spoon2 ini
his inou lthi."
An 111vet 02n
antalysi's it will
be- found that
lIr. P'ieree's Favorite Prescription gives
cures niervoutsn2ess. ilaulsa anid sleepless
ness. It rna:kes the body crfral n
t 211 niind Contenut. Itgve1hyia
vigor and' initisculatr elasticity so that the
baby's advent is practically 'painIless.
"Iwill 4ileavor to tell von2 of1 the 24nany2
14)in-1its I have4 derived frorni t':4king~ Jr. 2'i trer.
Fivoite42 I'.e.e iptio.", witest .\f r%. ni F* 2<ohert
1442. ..f .\fedicinj 1. 2'dIe4 14:42her Co . Kiani. "'In
22441h2 r :422d suflere 44 terril Iy w'ith p:lins in 4224
h:24k 4f heC ,2:4 in4 (:4et I a2cher1* all oiver. Suffere'
wahi ini (14 4: beaingdown4' pa4ins; I wasi' 2122eat
4144-1 for wee'k s wit h 22nisha1p. A ly friend24
told4 Sne to, 2se 2)r. ieree's 24in iines. Shet h:iii
ta.ken th2 and' fel4 ht like ita4' new ' woman2. I blegan2
usng 22 he 214 Faivorite I.ert ion24 ' anud toouk f'onr
bo4 th-2 before4.1 iny hah 4:1y c'an .* 4424 2n two) a4fer
w.nds(I. I 54uffered almost45 death11 with 222y othe2r
tw chiiren,, 1b22 hiarly 2eaized4'4 that1 I wVas
"2k whleni this baby)'((i wa boIrn and24 she2 weighedt
twlv and2 one-<inarter 224212 40>onnds. She is now
tIleven m224422 1 ld and4 ha21 :s never kn w 224'n422
hour'22 5 wknes at45 present.542 slht weigh14 tirity
1.V(e4 . pounds.14 1 owe it a412 to Dr. Purce.s
" Favo)rite Prescription " muakes weak
womlenl stronig, andi sick womieni well.
Acepjt no( snbst itut f2 or the snledicine
whhi works wond4ers for weak womten.
IDr. P'ierre.'s Pleasant Pellets are the
miost desirabile laxative for delicate
- lE. llooos. P reslidenmit.
Tl' ME TlAlli11 No,. A.
4!'vySlIpe(rsedeIis Tliin T44 able(11 No . 1.E
('ttive 12nl A. Ml.. F'eb. 1st, 1901.
Itead4 D owna. l(eadl l1p.
No. 10. 'T'A'lTIONS. No. 9.
In:4n) a mi. . ...t,v. P ickenus Ar....2:5 I' mi
l1:45 a11m.....*rgson's...:45 1p1m
10:55 a Inl........*rso's......:30) Ip m
i 1(10 a mi........iil's........:25 p mn
II h05 at m......*Manlli'........ 214 i
11:15 a m....r Easley L v.....2112p2m
SAll_X4I STlAT 'IONS. No. 11.
4:0 p"I m.... v. Pi'kens A0l p%in
4:0)5 11m.......r*ersi o's....... (10 p mi
'I:154 p m......*Prson'i... ...15 pI m2
'1:2(0 ~ mi............il'..........6:10 p m~
41:"a jlm.......+Milin's...:05 pI ml
-1.10 11m.....A r Easley iLv.....1:00 p mi
*Flag Stationa.........
All traIs diily except Bunday.
N. 2 t'onnlets with Southern Itallway
N. 11 ( Connc(ts wvithi Southern Itallway
N- 1C(onnects wIth Southern Rtailway
3(TFrany InformatIon apply to
J. T. TAYLOlt,
General Manager.
An observing farmersays: " There
arc somne curious things about corn,
and one of them is, whore do the rod
and speckled oars come from when
you do not plant any but white corn?
Anti another is, why can't we find an
ear with a1n odd l ntmber of rows on it?
You can limi a four-leaf clover, but
you never savW an odd row on an car
of corn yet. It is always fourteen,
sixteen, twenty or some other even
number, and we would like to know
about, its Iatlematics and what ob
jection nature has in these instances
to odhd numbers."
For the first time since women were
admitted to Wesleyan Jniversity at
M\fiddleton, Conn., in 187d, the girls
who are member of the graduating
class will not sit on class day with the
young men. The m)1en) have voted tc
do away entirely with the platform and
return to the old custom of sitting on
the ground, cross-legged, 1ndian Iash
ion. 'I'hey will buil<l the anlphitheatre
for the guests around the lnclosure
where they sit. The moti have inviteal
the young women to sit with the othei
guests, as, of eourse, they coulI not in
expectedt t,o sit on1 tihe ground.
''he consumption of meat all ovoi
the universe is increasing. It is now
estimated that in one year the total
atnount of Meat consumed ove1
the entire world (not including nis
sionaries aed aiventurers) amounts tc
,-O,'J00 tons, or Hixteenl t)illion, eight
hundred and l'orty million pounds,
This includes the three classes of hu
man meat loot-beef, mutton and pork,
Diversified far-ming is the 11)O1
profitable system of nanaging a farin
in the corn and wheat grow~ lug States,
The fertility of the soil can in this way
be maliintained and even increased in.
der continuous cultivation by rotati.on
of crops and careful saving anl appli
cations of manures.
Dark Hair
" I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor
for a great many years, and al
though I am past eighty years of
age, yet I have not a gray hair in
my head."
Geo. Yellott, Towson, Md.
We mean all that rich,
dark color your hair used
to have. If it's gray now,
no matter; for Ayer's
Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray hair.
Sometimes it makes the
hair grow very heavy and
long; and it stops falling
of the hair, too.
$1.00 a boule. All druggists.
If your druggist Cannot si1Ipply you,
send us on.. dollar and we i express
you a ,ot t. lne suro annul i:'.u in-h namno
of your nearcat expjress otilwe. Address,
J. C. AN VER CO., Lowell, Mass.
Greatest Southern System
(I n e ffect A ay 25th, 1902.)
Trains leave Greenville, A & C liepmt :
I :5, a m, 3 o ::,, (daily) I'nited Slates las
NI ail. Fo'r Atlanta, Birmninghan
MemOflphis..\Lantgomerv, New (rleatn'
( hnatltanooga, M ainn.~ec. Thnron-I
Pullmiian Sleepners for A (lantLa, liir
mniinghnam, Montgomery, Miobile, aim
New Orleans, connecting at ALlamnt
wit,h thirough Pt.Ilmnan sleepers fin
'iingo, Chattanooga, Cinmciinnat
ainndi Kansas ('ity.
5' 4i a mn, No 30; (daily') V'nited States l'as
Mall, for ( harlotte, Rlicifhmnl
Washingon, New Ynork, and thn
ikast. Thiroughn Pullman sleepers L'
lichmiomi,W Washington, italtimnorn
Phiiladelphiia, and New York. lii
liig nars.
7 00n a m,i No.(N~ (except Suniday), mnixrid i
cal train for H- odges, arriving 11 of
ges 2 li p m.
9 iti a mn, No 12 (daily3), for('oluminbia, Chnai
leston, andi i ntermnediate points.
ii 10 a m. No 39 (daily). A tlanta and Ne'
Y ork E xprese, for A tian ta, Ni acom
irin nghami, etc . (lose connectjin
at A (laintIa for all points Sonutin an
West. l'inllman sileper to A tlanta
A iso, eachn Tuiesd av, Thuinrsdaiy an
Satn rday tinrnough ~PullImain Tonuri
car tio San Fra ncisco wi tinout chiang(
via Atlamnta, Montgomery and Ne1
12 i30 n im, No 37, (daily) Wasinntonn '
Sunthwestern Laimited. Sol Pu'li
man Iraiin of finest eqipment. Coin
ntect ions at A tianta for all pomIst
i broughn sleepers for M acorn, Mont
gomery, Mobile, New Orleamns, liir
mnin iamn, Mtem pinis. Iiniing cars
2 35, p m,N o 12 (daily), ineal ICxpress hi
Spartanhullrg, Chnarlotto. )arnvilIle
Itichnmoind atnd itermedliate pnoints
4 :30 p mn. No 11 (daily), Local lCx press fi
Atlanta. witin close conlnections a
A tlanta for all points South ainc
West: ; Chattanooga, etc.
5 20 p im. No 3s (daily). Wasinmgton &
Sountihwestenrn 11iiitoil. Boinind PuinI
main train to 1W ashington, ltimoron
Phlilaidelphlia aind Newv York.
'Throughn P'ullman sleepers to New
) ork via Darnvilile, l,ynch brng, Wash
inglomn, etc. D iing cl ars.
7 It) p mn, No -I(0 (daily), A lanta and New
York KiCxress, for (Charlonttle, l)an
vylle, Norfolk, itichmiond, Washing
tion andi thne East. Th'irough Pu I
man sleepnere, Arenville to Wash
(6 20 p mn, No 16 (daily), Tine IExposition
Flyer, for (Iohambia, (Charleston, etc
TIhroungh P'unlman sieeping ears,
(Grenville to Chnarleston.
TRlAINN ARiIv.i iaEEv.nnLa (A & C j}epot)
l"Frm New York, Wasinngton, Iichn
mol)ndl, D)aille, Charlotte. Spnartanblurg,
etc. No 35, fast mail, daily, 1 20) a mn; No
d9, ex press, daily, 11t05 a m; No 8 7, limited,
d aily, 12 25 p mn; No 11, loceal, daily, 4 251 im
F'romn Atlanta and poinnts Pounth and
WVest, No :it, fast mall, dlaily. 5i 35 a m ; No.
I1, local, daily, 2 4(0 nm, No 38, limited,
daily, r5 15 p mn ; N o 40, ex press, d aIly, 5, 5(
p mn.
Flronm (Charlesfon, (Columinl, etc. No
15, Expostion Flyer, daily, 11 20 a mn; No
11, local. daily, 4 25 pm .
F0romn fildge s, 8BG, mixed, e xt opt Sun
dav, 300 ,pm.
'flirong i sleeper to Chiarleston, Bummer
tourist tickets on salen after ,June lst to all
tourist ,inlts at reduced rates.
For f arthler information apnply to ,1 D
McGlee Passeinger and Tricket Agent, 205 b.
Main 3t, (Greenyille, B U; Frank 8 (an
rnon, 3rd V P & (1M, Waslnin ton, D) 0; B
H Ha~rdwick,G PI1 A, Washington, ) (1
Rtobt W Iftunt D)lv Pass Agt, lialeston'
0: W H- Tray joe, A O P A ,A'tlanta, Os.
Ol . w s s (Ju red in th irty to s x y d ay s
UIUIDIJIWould be glad to have nlames
VJ of all suffeng with Dros
CIN10 CO., 312-18 Lowndee Building,
Aslanta, Ga.
The Kind You Have Always Bougi
in use for ovor 30 years, has 1
and has be
2 sonal Stpe:
Allow no o1
All Coutnter'eits, Inltations an(d
Ixperiltents tiltl trifle with and
Infauts a11(1 CUillren1---EIxpe'iene
What is CA!
Cstoria is a hurInless substitut
g1;(rie, Drops andtcl Soothing Syrn
c n(tainS neithler Opin11n, IIorphti
11)Sbta11Ce. Its age is itS gnlrant
an(1 allays Feverishness. It enr<
Oolic. ILt re-lieveS 'Teething 'I'ron11
and F'latenl1c:y. It assi1nilate(S 1
ttonuach11 ndlowmvelS, giving lie:
'l'he (;Ihildreu's l'anacea-The71" 111(
Bears the Sigr
The Kind You Have
In Use For Over
Lime and Cement (,ompahy,
';i .at, Bay, Cha.t lc,lon, S. C.
lln<inarters for Liine. (c nent, 1l 'Iater,
.1'aint, Oils atn,l \'arnishles.
I )ealers in l1ai r, e'I rral ( '411a l'i pp,
Rool ing, Shthi.ltIIg 'apers, and all clau4e;
of Iiuilcling Materiatl.
Seling a
Owinig to -4111ne prIoposed (bnIg4 inl
Cariags,Surreys, Bus
At an Absolute t
Untf i lIr R nElkAiN redu1ed.a I)Ion't. Ilk 4our wo
a rnes of=(I allP ii s t'ot.W-ce
l1 Now iovthe best se-o forS sellin eicleii Wf all
I'et. li*memberl, we a a no4 hJ~ouseren o eI.i ck
1o Alr own work We Iil S l ayhnwem
:V Vkitetmn o 0 IinJ? 4ieni
We lgunlle a i'Wlli
If you11 need( an.h1' in g inl El r line154 a I 3414en
with des41'igns 111 a lprues o voor home V 1)11, We''4 bu I
glr1ies- S"IJtON IC'4NIIN(I ANSi ('oI'INU
Attornoy at Law. -1
Pickens. S. 0,
Practico in all theCourta.
Oflici over Earlo's DrugStore --
Altorny' at, T,aw,
113 WVest Court St- GREENVIrLE, S. C 01g1
i'ractice ln all the, courts, State and
derd,. api
it, and l whieli lns leen
orne t1e signnatur of
ent ntn(e mider his per
ViSionl Since its iitaney.
10 to (eei V4 youl ill this.
"JilSt-lS-goodI" tre blut;
e(ainmtger tme health of
jtngninst Experiment.
In for Castor Oil, Pare
P)5. 1t is Pleasant.. 1t
nc) nor other .Narcotio
.e. It destroys Vorins
I)Diarrhiit asypl WVind
Iles, iires (-,onstipaation
1ie Pt uid, re"gilaites the
tihy t( nttral sleep.
t her's Friend.
iature of
Always Bought
30 Years.
~tons and Wagons
ri fr il, hui, t e I nI4f 114 SEe for *yoIII
y theI Jt:,iook , ('onurt.I:uil, Tyson4l (i,
., asliet, liih (b-:ule W~aIgoIn, thei
k igi<l-, :a 1g n '. a re goin g I.) 84ell (JIr
*h*ire,'4 1own allr ownI~4af1, re Igos il.oryan
le' cona -:j ni :1 ee us4P . WV. are~ aI~lays
fU;JI KNV'i1,E, S. C.
I wil.hI III 1nr: 1bireSs wvil bringv al man1
3 ('O., A nidc'orso, S. C.
trakctor' and( Bulildler
Groenvilie, S. C.
ce over Add isons Drug Store.

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