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The People's Journal.
T. J. MAULDIN, - - - Editor.
W. LEs8r,s MATHRNY, - Bus. Igr.
JCuterod at the Post Office at Piokens as
second-lasa matter.
Suhscriptiloll. $1.00 a Year.
TIURS DA Y, JULY 10, 1902.
It has boen a matter of wonder
to many how the runners in a
Fourth of July foot-race found
enough good roads in Pickens coun
ty to make the contest.
Where the state and senatorial
candidates go this year, they are
generally being taken in and cared
for during their stay by the good
people. Do Pickens people want
to show the samie hospitality?
After the general Fourth of Ju,
ly holiday rest and feasting, it
was a little hard to settle down to
business and feel the same interest
in work. The impression is easy
to come that the division between
work and play is not evenly made.
"There is not necessarily any
antagonism between religion and
politics," but the impression pro
vails that those who do not carry
their religion into politics for the
influence thereof usually leave the
religion at home with their fami;
*9 **
s and many sections in the
d south-west have sutlered
from the "long, dry, hot
weather. The damage is beyond
calculation. People living in thie
good country ought to be thankful
for the many advantages wA en
Candidate Kinard from Green
wood Is the only candidate for
Railroad Commissioner from thii
Congressional district or from thiE
section of the state and besides hI
la a comnpetent mainand one well ut
on information necessary to th
successful prosecution of the J!' '
of the oflice. . - -
Greenvill his making great prei
araA:a to receive and entertai
'f the Confederats veterans and via
.6" tors during the annual state et
campment to be held in that cit
August 6, 7 and 8. The railroad.
are offering inducements in U1
way of reduced rates and the prol
pets are that Greenville will hav
this year, one of the best re-umlor
ever hold.
It takes some money and goc
backing to farm successfully, jul
as with any other calling, but witi
Out the strictest economy and bt
iness methods, arming fails i
Burely as any other business cor
ducted with slack methods. Ye
the freest and most satisfactory
all callings is that in which the ii
telligent man gets into close con
mumlon with nature and partake
of the freedom of the soil, and en
joys the results of his labor. un
* d by the worries that at
i o-called "polite p)rofea
t.rt and Jinm TI'llmnii anmon!
o the candidates for (Governor arc
about the only candidates to clash
with any force. Tolbert tells his
jokes and Tlhlman says they are
* old--so very old that Shemi
knocked IIam in the head with a
* piece of scantling for telling some
of those same jokes while Noah
was building the Ark. On the
senatorial rounds Latimier and
& ~ Evans are constantly firing at each
other or rather, Evans is firing at
Latimer and Latimer is explaining
and justifying. The other candi.
dates meanwhile get in theit
speeches and a good deal of good
electioneermng incidentally.
IL remained for a South CYaroli
na man-one who had acquired his
knowledge of organization #nd mill
management in South Carolina
to go to Kansas City and organize
the largest cotton mill in the world.
-W. B. 8. Whaley, of Columabis, 8.
0., is the moving spirit and will be
president, of a ten million dollar
mill to be located at Kansas City.
This ill property will represent
at. Investment hard to approolate
tiunless one considers the rapid
strides ~rmue by the southeta states
- . away ot cotton mann.
All this means some.
I, ,~; t 5 outh anid has a mfa..
O ng onuthe development
wf the whole United States,
Viokano Gounty is growing. II
## wly takes a hulrried suirvey of the
be:bookW to ouni'incs une of this
~ act, Bse is growing in property
b4 gt'QWIg i population, OuW
HON. I. -I.
Candidate for Congress
of South
ISAAC 1H. McCALLA was horn near
his fastlher was Captain Georgo I. M11c(
Lion of the State. He wstH at ll of t welv
attended the public schools of the unoigh
Vas sixteen, whien h e entered 111)011 his e
For more tinn thirty years he has devots
his energy, and good jndgient, have. bee
one of the t:st f..rners in the upp)er parl
his IbeOn ilen)t)itir-d with all thn movamel
mers and their interestts, and fer the gen
State. He was an artlent follower of He
and did valiant and effeotive service for I
interost in public affairs, he ls represei
siuoe 1880.
Havin g stood with Senator Tillmmn
1888, he became a. leader of the Reform
purt. le was a deleg.ate from the Third
National Convention of 1892, and also to
was was solcoted by the dolegation to roi
of Mr. Bryau, in 14fw York, in 1893. 11
for four years, serving his connty with 11
Constitutional Convention,receiving the
her of the delegation.
In 1898 when the Unitnd ev en
liihn was1ca0l1 upon0 for ~:i;ute,,rs, lu
own expense to aid eal assit in the pro
soldiers of.t.he ikilt. retrimentt, for niliu
Om Jiart and welfare of the) young sldie
, ocuntry, anl Compan.y A pasHd m)oxt e
s for his valuable servico a nd assistan e.
Being a life long )omoorat he sni
tera of the Third l)istrict, and will pros
from time to time as the car paign prof
ods into their busineSs and keopin,
abreast of tho times in the way c
information. 'They aro inprovi
their lands and bmillding beOtte
Shomes, using better stock and gi's
ing more attention to the vit
subject of education anid their ow
LB general upliting with advantag
they have forged fr om the ver
soil. Statistics would doubtlei
d show that Pickous county has in
it proved as much and perhaps mor
than any county in the Piedmoa
1-section in p)roportion to the oppo01
B tunities of the people. What Picd
one county is the p)eople havo maud
1, It, and they aro just beginning t
af get in the way of doing things.
yiQHT1'IG IN TIlE S4liNATi5h.
Senator Bailey, demrocratof Te>
as, and Senator Bleveridge of Ind
ania were fortunate in having the.
fight so near the close lof the sce
sion of Congress so as to say
themselves from an uinusal amiounl
of altten)tion1. Buit~ fight ing is no0
such a novelty ini tho Sonaito asi
used to be. 1Fromi the newspapei
reports, it appears that becaust
Boveridge said Bailey had made
"ani unwarranted attaadk" 0on a gov
ornmen t oficial, ile Iy considlered
himself slanidered and went for the
Indiana seni ator without ceromony.
The affair adlded to that othor dis
graceful episod1e, several monthus
ago, and to the long andl usoloss
harangues from some of the sona
tors and the time killing policy of
that body all through tho late ses
sion does not"add vory much to
the prestige of the United States
Information A bout Schools,
Office of Oounty Supt. Ed. Pick
ens, S. C.
To Trustees:
The County Board of Education
orders all county schools|'to open1
the second bionday in July or as
soon as possible thereafter--the
condition of the crops taken ini
consideration-on accout of the
enrollment which is the basIs of
money for next year, and to oon
tin the same until the pupils art
needed for securing crops. Pro
vided, 'tbey do not exceed the
funds apportioned to their district
Further, The County Superin
tendent shall keep his office operi
for the sale of books one week be'
fore the 14th day of July and for
one week thereafter in compliance~
With act of 1900'
The following frotn act of-1000 he
furnished for goidance I "A noli
teacher-hallbbe n oyed,
distriot Who is telated to a 0ate .
bUr of the Boaf4 b onsangi y
at Einis within, t * .uA ..
From the Third Districts
L.owndesville, H. (' . in Ahho,ville e-inlnt;'v.
i, ene (if the larg,;(-, farilots inl th:tt ewo
e years at the closn of the Uivil 'Var, and
b,orhloodl n which I is fatther hlvcd untiil htc
htosent orcunpation for fife, that of fulrmling;.
di himself to agrieniitur,tl turSntits, andl
t crownecd with H11Ccess. He i:tconsidleredi
of the State, and for at numtt -r of ycat.s
ts Ioc l:ng to tho Ilvat. comlent1 of hcc far.
oral good of his c:"lmmunity, e,,muty unid
myhton iu tho miemonibll,Intupatigu <-f"1 1876
hle redomptiont of h1is Statto. 'JTaking an
tted his county in the Stato Convetitious
in h1iq fight in tho Stato Conventi'?n in
muoveent, giving i' his most netive suny
(,ongrestsional D)ihtrtct to theo Demlocraltic
the convention of 189G and 1900, and
ro-wit South (',trir uu at the tnotiliention
1 N1: 1 hie w%:t 41lech11 to tht, oit:te 'monate
b ility. Ile was tal,o 'lc tedtc :t <hdogm; o to
largest numbner oif V.te; of an1y tlhrmu: m
bIred warl against 8lp-till, and Sth COro
'amnc t"o (the froni, wtt;1 to (',Imbulialt ;Iis
per c:<lintmt. of Cml) 110, A, ttn:l (tho
y sorvte -. IH- t ook great in tor,:ct in tilhe
r.s who w%cer, 0.d4 11 unt 11 o ilg t fir thw r
omptlimtontar"y reolutions, thanking him
nits him etandidatcy to the Demnocrattic vo
mnt his views ont leuling national qunentions
resseq.--Press & Banner of Abbeville, S.G.
of tho Board of Education of the
fcountty, n1:)r unless at majo rity of
,theparents orguardians of the
ehde todngtesho.o
whic suc tecN s poe
riet. mlynn nwiig
isfacUV5uttinco of truee ofil\ii any
sch'Iooil d ~ii t htan l>atron ofhi
.dI novert,y to pu'eil ra thei xu necessary.)
itbooiks tor the uso of heist or le r
ied i chilre,tti in tau(~ichi
d iistrichtma in the ir dirton vnIimi
ieisuch pils, avnd fuii h othte sme
Cong'sinliiA' to suhpuis n e u rguta
litC O iona t-be 8'J trustees may resciba:
Providt. T11 hee sun sed shaaty'll 'nt
fnhrd Andut is Sunhe, aSnt book ( o
pur his edsall to th o prcnopertcyeof
schoois istr ling andimust bjelrio
re.-rel to kanrd of Truseies St.C.
r of eahl toerm," Euajo~of
. he ta te o Suer.inendfnthin
foirn atuodtiu the wl sood for
teawIchersc reitecrs as soon asl ho
-g' est h em pinten Teacihrswil
1 have toi uloiab!t to kep shoo
recnordsain ctanrb whener it
. isftio ar tre i I otl( ~iL
T~~~rustees wilke Tuos n
Rschorldiutict talt bank patyo ofr
ratscoo are und--e son rthon of
ont asCIL o reIIcved. iuesar
chihi or .hi W.re . Iiah,
PI weas troubcdh kidnssay c)omplainr
of Mt. Sperhlg, 1a., "uti to boath
ofFlys thdey t.isuro~ em-ete a) psCI..
funent nd ltLhr &hWebbokns &o
- iChano & alln behropr. o
Congreo adjuric ned ins hio t'o
Lalo tet Sen)at'o r andRepeso n
ta tie tge homei or tJul Fut h,
after apprpriCtating abot ai billio
SummeJtr' complantis ually01 pvalent
vloes caen the riter's11 010' famiwa
cue last ek b t he1( aPio timely uo ol
rCmortac in's Colc Ciho ura 'l Rd
factory and whi3ch,is away keto
RhanInda thed noml of1yo oribe. Th'is1
isano intendsed-asb fei puff o the
oompany Alo dnot adverwilze tu
' l'u.ii s hld withokiui a(btle f
fth' illt.t medomoii theli houe in summer-'i
ti1me. For') sal, by. Wbu. Ear) le, hi
CTnhes il(or thed reiefIi o te
aplowother of ther Ca drepron
poiti o along 113wth thos Fourth,
ifse hapeisli'aton au and legiltion
Iuioi tys. ilien Sthi OiOi of Dull, dol
*'0hl)(iesO . th bronite foril wn'
cue atiweker gtrlnif ntil IR ofe
factor andawidhi Tal wihs kep sur
torbeef Wttebbfr whoes may$notan
The bill for tho eifo h
We want you to como and exani
intes&., be4orloe v(11 buy a14 it will Ce
have I1(keni great painls inl selecting t1
Htty thatt c,ur priCos on tho albove goodi
t1t1 I he alver;lg.
\'e o,er the Iarg(ost. sla te for 5e v
10xH ilehlos, P'enell 'l'ahl(4s from .1c,
writing p1per for Ie. Sehool rayons
I)o1't fail to se(, l1: whel you wit
pinls of' all do.-riptionis.
Wo) atro constantly a(ldinlg to our'
call and see what valu(ts we have for v
There is nothing, moro plulasing t<.
nrl'o. We I ttv(' i few mll(,d.diolIs tladt
(lopickiug holne bi', ailitntal lifte wat(
jects. 'To mO,st romarkaL,b(; tlemdalio
We have .jsit receoived a now 1h
please' sO 1)many custoomiers. Th pIlri<
One Price C
1 I C K E N S,
)o you like coll'e? Well if you
of th 1best rOaSted1 c"lfo at ib)S for
green cftfee ont the market.
It' you ('Vitr il(llgP in atltoking e:
ly 5.ts. And it you want, a cheaper c
1'1,1t11;1r4 yOll o:,m('o away from homn
CMOurs.(' yoti't. waint to drive homo 1
lile- + Ot (( it jor v((11 Call got aiuythiln
The ls. Ilotir 4ln tio m11arkot for tl
fellow under:ell ui on flotr,
Plenty o' knives f'or the boys, and
Wto havo no,ilo Ibargaills in Shoes al
Hl igihest )rice paid for all Countr
' )(DGE NoIC(:.
Thei( ( Ol,'4noimi,er of Oconueo and
P -'o (uuuS Ili) J 0 .)o 111Iicklen; c,unt i(5 w ill I, t, to tho lowest
respb,nMible hi.td('r, the bmilding of at new
Iirigo at I0lich 'es Foid on Keowee ja
Rivr oni tho 10 a11y Jutily 1902, :t 10, of
o 11wock i. im. 'h'ie commiilsion)o, s reserve (1I
(lie right to rej at any and all bids. If B
any bids is accepted, the bid ler will be 13
required to givo bond for twice the Ia1
imouut of sail bid to be approved by ,J
the colmnissioners.
L. D). Stepheus
A. .1. Welboru
1obt Stowart
Juno 161h, 1902, Com.
Whien you aro suiffering from rhioumna
ttim, theo kid'ieys must bo teude'd to ut
onco so thatt they will elimiunto tho urie
aeid frnm the blood. Foley's Kiduoy
Cure is the imost effetitvo remedy for
this purpose. IR. T. Ho"pkinis of Poiar
Wi.a., siys, "'Afth r unsuRiccessfully doc
toring0 thire years (f rhoumait,iisml with
the bi st doctors, 1 tried Fley' Kiduey
Cure antd it eured meit. I c'anniot apealtk
too highly of I bi:x great mediciue," .13olt
& Webb P,cken~s &'. Chaun& laa
Liberty, Ohaa
Notico is here'by given to ill whom it
may conLcernI th it Mrs. S. F. Kolborn
hias filed heri peO ion ii this office pros
ing for homeslQtead eixemfption in the
estaito Of W. W. ](elhorn deceased. t
The Petition will be heard in my of..
fice on Saturday the 20 day of July,
This 24 Juno 1092,
A. J. Ihoggs (Seal)
Clork of Couirt,
Tak(o Foly'a Kiduey Cure. It has
ilolt .t W~ebb P.ickeus Chapumn kV Cal
tahani Liberty.(
A. Rt. Unass, of M~organitowvn, Ind., had
to get up fen or twolve times ini tile
Lighit anid had sovere backache and pain
mi the kidneys, WVan cured by Foley's
Di'ure. Bolt & Webb anid ChaipmanIl &
JallIahian Liberty.
.'. - r-1
Uncle Sam's
Mail Service
requires physical and miental
ability of a high degree to
withstand its hard labors. The
high tension to which the
nervous system is constantly
subjected, has a depressing qf
feet, and soon headache, back.
ache, neuralgia, rheumatism, go
sctatica, Ctc,, develop ina severe (lb
formn. Such was the case of letb
Mail Carrier S. F. Sweinhart, re
of Huntsville, Ala,, he sas 00e*2
A'n attack of pneumonIa ne
wi muscular rhoum m hmp.che~
tme, I wvas scara~ 'leoto inove Tat
about a month eidd to gio for
a.,Pedn Pill a
anud Ner,v, ?1asters a trtd la In *1 thi
daa Ras in y toute atiT au
ne our line of tablets, paper,
rtainly be to your interest. We
is line and lieiove wo Can safely
niro 20 to 30 por cent cheaper
e have ever soon for tho money
to 'Ic each 12 sheets splendod
Se Box or 2 for 15c.
nt any pins, noodles combs, hair
I0c counter and ask that you
lth eye than a eautiful piet.
from actual photograph scenes
r scc,nes, and other beautifutl subll
[I over oil'ered for 10c.
pment of Ifolly flour that has
e is still $4.25 a barrel.
Iash Store.
do, coll a1 l.'L uls sell you som<
9l.00. The hot " and 1011
til and gt the Empro Cigar-on.
igar call for|W'er Eagle or Old
0 and forgt your dinnor. Of
ithout your dinner. And you
g in the cunned goods lino.
te money. \ Wo wont let the other
prices to suit them.
id Dry Goods.
y PI'roduco.
2/ L7TLO7Ld.
Pl is and specificaiiouw for i county
it at. Pickens 8. C. can bo soeen at offio
the County Supervisor, ufter the 16th,
y of Juno 1902, also at of10o6 of H. D,
reediug architect, Groenville S. C.
ids will be received in part or in whole
id will be oponed at 12 o'clock, neo
xly 15th 1902.
L. D. Stephens.
A. J. Welborn.
Robt, Stewart.
If you need one don't wail
till they are all gone.
[oes, Plows, Sweeps and all
Inds of' farming tools,
Fruit Jars, Sugar, Splcee
for the fruit season,
Sow Cabbage seed from the 2~
30 of May for latte catbbage,
good fresh Virginia Seed now ou
Pickena, 8. 0
iLARK BROS. & Co.,
IWe Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
--A LL
nid Mlarkers
win Stock at
20 per cent
s than usual price. We have
ne exceptional values.
Greenville, S. 0.
ut this out and take It to Dr. 0. we
he's Drug Store and get a box of
m~berlain's Stomach and Liver Tab.
.'Ihe best physio. They also or.
disorders o bhe stomacb. PrioI
ts at G. W. Earle Drutgglst.
'he prop.tetore of Foley a tieney and
do not advertise thiis as a sure Outo
consumption.' They do not otaim
till cure this dtread complaint in ad.
od oases, bt~ do pos tively suhdt6
b it wIll Gore in the eavliot Stages
never fails to giVe ooarote
t relief in jh. worst oae. Fi'
ns4T is Withopt dloutblt
at troat and 4Anog virame. a
Is now in store. The stor<
crisp, new goods. Each season
est and prettiest goods possible
have !u rpassed all former seasoi
much talk about goods, but my s
claim I make. I have undoubte<
of white goods ever shown in
goods in every new stye and col(
My prices are as low as goc
determined to my store ikterestir
and notions this season. Twelv
proven to many people of Picke
they can rely unpon it. "Give m
f goods and prices are not satisi
A. K.I
Smith & Bristov
Our stock was never in bettc
of most of last season's goods al
ing today the newest and cleanes
lina. Goods guaranteed as repr
Mail orders receive prompt atte
Price to Every body.
Main Street, Gr<
Butyinig and Sell
Goods than
Stores in 1
We are exclusive agents fo
Clothing, recognized as the best
America. We carry all grades,
$.15.00; Boys' three piece Suits $
piece Suits 50 cents to $6.oo. W
10 to 25 per cent, on any suit yo
We carry more Shoes, and a
other merchants in Greenville.
sell from $12 up. More of
Pickens county today than from
to sell every man, wvoman and d~
shoes this year. We have
B3ring the Madam and Child
to Greenville. Make our store a"
of room for the children to play
anywhere else in the city, and S
every article she buys.
Of Greenvi)
c Dyspep
are made overy day by tb
He.0. Cute that Osse of Co,
become. chronie
the oult remedle. which asit Nat
way. Powerfu purgativ.e gripe,
drug.talter,, Ramon's Itemedies
system independent of drage. 1
Yiar druggis W# tunih a a
Brown Ml
New Ye
and Orn
is brimming full of bright,
I do my best to get the new
but this season, I feel that I
s. I do not believe in too
tock will bear me out in every
Ily one of the prettiest lines
Greenville. Colored wash
>d goods can be sold. I am
g to all buyers of dry goods
e years dealing with me has
ns, that whatever I tell them
ie a showing," is all I ask, and
actory, don't buy.
NGS at
v's, Greenville, S, C.
r condition, having disposed
ter the fire, and we are show
t stock in upper South Caro
?sented or money refunded.
ntion. Terms, CASH. One
enville, S. C.
ing More Dry
aniy three
lhe City.
r Strause & B3ro's [High Art
made, best fitting Clothing in
Men's Sdits from $3.00 to
2.50 to $io.co; Children's two
e guarantee to save you from
ui buy from us,
eli more hoes than all the
We guard ntee every shoe we
our shoe,s are being; worn in
any other store, but we want
iild in Ickens county their
ren with you wvhen you come
'our home wvhile here. Plenty
in, and the Madam can find
to look at in our store than
AVE 15 to 25 per cent. on
le, S.C.
sir own careteus.
istipation before to
ar. and do not get in het
pain sow Einke oonftrmed
meo gntly and leave the .
4et ale by a)) dealere,
g. Co.

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