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J2Ii )16os Journal
Y, JULY 10, 190-2.
Lo al and Personal.
-Pickens was extromoly qui(,,
on the Fourth.
--The Summer School close
Saturday next.
-John B, King. of Easley, wa
hero Monday.
--)r. W. M. Pondor was her
on busiucrs Monday.
Dr. 11, F. Austin will be il
Easley July 15 and 16.
-Mr. W. E, Dickon is hero fu
a short visit to his family.
-Court convenes at Pickew
Monday, 14th, Judge Ernest (ary
presid in g.
-The fourth of July was cole
brated with about the usual ntum
ber of accidents.
-Mrs. Julius E, Boggs has beer
fuite sick for the past week lttt i.
-Miss Gussio Curoton roturned
Saturday from a week's visit to
friends at Fort Hill.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bannister
of Cateechee, spent Sunday in
Pickens with relatives.
-John T. Lewis, of Anderson's
Mill, was among the people at
Pickens Monday on business.
--W. Nelson Bolding is an
nounced for the House of Repro
sontatives this week.
-Mrs. M. J. Harris ieturnod
Monday after a weeks visit to rol
ativoe in Greenvillo.
-Rev. 'T, H. Medd filled his ap
pointmente at Pickens Sunday,
preaching to good congregations.
-C. T. Miller, colored, has been
elected to teach Cold Springs
summer term of the public school.
-Wednesday, July 16th, is the
day appointed for the cadildates for
stato offices to address the peop!o
at Pickens.
-Col. J. E. Hagood and daugh
ter, Miss Fran,ces, and Mr. H. A.
Hagood and family are in Pickons
for the summer.
-Mrs. B. F. Robertson is at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. 'T. .Uowen, Collatta, for a short
-Children's Day was o served
on the 6th inst at Griflin Ebonezer
colored Baptist church, An i.ter
esting programme was rendered.
--Mess. Will Ligon and W. H.
Griflin, of Greenville, spent their
Fourth of July at Pickens with
-The Pickens colored ball team
pltayed Easloy on the latter's dia
mond July 4th, The scoro being 83
to 23 in favor of Pickens,
--There will be a picnic at
Birhes Ford on saturday July 1.2.
Everybody invited to come and
bring wvellI filed baskets, Good
time expected.
-Prof. WV. E. Dendy, P. E.
Alexander, J. R?. Ashmnore and L.
C. Thornley constituted a party
which enjoyed several days outiog
on Keowee last wesk.
--Misses Lucia and Maggie
flarksdale, charming young ladies
of Laurens, S. C., are visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.i M.
N'orris, of Cateechee,
--Rev. J. E. Foster's appoeint
mnent at Secona last Bunday wa
fillied by Rev. J. M. Stewart who
preached an able sermon on
"Faith." Mr. Foster wvas present
also and the Lord's supper admin.
-July Fourth ,was celebrated in
good style at Shady Grove. A
good crowd was present and a good
dlinner at which all feasted bounti,
fully was served. Mess. JT. L. 0.
Thompson and G. R1. Hendricki
addressed the audience. It was
Children's Day.
-The special committee of th<
Grand Jury composed of C. E
Hamilton, C. H. Carpenter and J1
D. Holder spent Wednosday last ii
attending to special work exam
ining the the books of' County oI1i
cer's. Mr. Hamilton was Chair
-The County Executive Coin
mnittee met, pursuant to call, Mon
day and flxt.A the assesmnents o:
candidates at ten cents on eiera
hundred dollars of the of1ice fo:
which each offers, and ap)pointe<
managers of election for the varioul
precincts. A full account is givoi
--Mess. McDaniel and Jonkin
have ordered and received a few c
the Mallard Improved Stock Fee<
Cutters anid will exhibit them amt
take orders during Court Week
This cutter has demonstrated it
apperiority and simplicity ovo
ma~ny such articles on the markel
See it during Court week.
--On Thursday afternoon last,
heavy wind and hail storm di'
considerable d amage along the roa<
between Pickens and Central, th
enter of the damage appearing t
be inl the vicinity of the farms c
Mess, E. A. Hoster and Wighi
O'Dell. Slight damage is reporte
from other iections aliso. On Fr
day afternoon,.a considerable win
and hai storm vietted the Caihou
saation. but the d1amage mn eithit
' The F, ut.rtlh was celelra tod it
appropriatto mlaa,nner at Libol ty,
. Thei m1an1agemtenit of the 121btl(i
Cotton I ills attd the people of th
progreesive town of L.iborty cain
togetheri in) dotterm)inedci ollort ti
t properly c lele)rato the birth -la yy ou
Ame.rIin indelpend(iee . A goict
c rowdl maost.ly of P'ickonas counltC
l)opie assembled on the groundi
near tho cotton mills where allI th(
B night befro MI\r. J. J. Wakolil
at aIl r, Jay Smith with tew assis.
taaIs, huad been it work )repl)aruinp
the barbected dinner that delight.
ed so many who wcro lonlgin)g for a
taste and fill of latt; tlts delic
iotsly iprepred. Onl the aa<
gaaouda(ls a stanad had ben erectet
for speakers with laaeats for the aiu
dien(e s() aranlgedl that the s1had
might be utilized.
At I 1 o'clock the pe)ple assmt
bled1 around tle stn and M Al r. .J
P. Smith, 'resident of tlie l,ihert
Cotton M illp, rapped ft,r order an
intrt"oduie'd Ih lioev. i. C. Ilad
dock of the IBaptist Chureh at I.i,
(erty who, ill tulciing and all)ro
priate prnyer, invoked o(1's ble-s
ings upon the p0oplo a ssobihied
and uapol all this country and ll)
on all people who have struggled
and are yet light Ing for liberty.
M11r. Smath in at short, intro<ldue
tory slech, bade all the people
wolcome stating that it \-as fur the
Pmrpose of inhpressing tho younger
peoplo as much as possible the sig
nificaace of tho day and to enablo
all to get togethleir inl a holiday <day
of pleasu ile that this progrim had
leen: arranged.
I t \ns a nal ('"r of genleral regret
that i l,in. .JtliansI l. 1;ggs, Oil ate.
COUtiI (f 1 lie illn1ss of MI- r. ],0ggs,
("oul(l not,I l pr1e'nt. Mr. T. .1.
atlalditl \as inltrodtuce1d and tl,o
NIr. l.aban MIaiublinl. Tie hatter
was not on thea1" pr,gramn for at
sp ech but, at the urilet re(luest of
iar. Smith, he delivered a most ap
propriato address, The speakers
w\"eru given close atttention.
''ho spealking over M',\r Sm ith
ig.it autdre,ssed hiicolt,f to aite
large crow'.,d v1aieh doulttle,s ap
proxinntd a thttsand peoplo anad
urlged ov\"ery on' to wa\'llk (own-I1 to
the tatbl ail p)artakec of the d1in,
aICa thalna waiting for them. It Vas
indk a Ieast, d11d so vel I a"rang(.l
was tli: featur1e of the day that. all
were l'entifu1v supphied withtat
colI' usion or (delay. 'I'oo much
cannot be said in praiso of the la
dies Who so kindly helped to make
the day a Success, indeed it ap
peared that they did about the
hardest work of all.
At 2 :30 in the afternoon, the
Libert.y and Central baseball teams
p)laSCed a gamae which resultedi in a
scorec of 22 to 3 ini fayor of Central.
It was a most orderly gatthering
aid everybody seemedi to appirteci
ate and eajoy the spir'it and p'ur
pose of the Cxercises tad wet t
away with one conclusion that Lib-.
erty had given ovidenco thereby of
the progr'esivonuess that has already
attrctedl attention from far ar.d
'.Xlihirj w0o very few. minaor ace'Oe
dents [, none 4i~ eriousa, wh ile the hos,
pitable treatmen0tt alccordehd every
one p)laces till under obligaitions to
President Smith and the entire
management of the Liberty Cotton
Mill an~d thec equailly hospitable
peop)le of Liber ty.
The Foiurthi Neair Six Mile.
I want to tell you Mr. Editor
something about a Fourth of July
aneeting 1t at teuded this year. I
had heard for some years that the
neighbors arountd and niear the Six
Mile secotion would have a lamily
and( nioighaborly reuniion every *.th
of' Jualv. I had been toldi of' the
good times and feasts of good
things they would have, fandI had
been invited once or twice to at
tend( but couild not until this year;
but let me say the half was~ 'ot told
Early last Friday mnorninig ini
company with Rev. B. E. G randy
I wendeCd any way to the foot of Sa.N
MilIo Mounitain to) thio homae of Mr'.
Mark liolding. When wo arrived
the hiill was ailive withi the merry
chmattor of muon, ladies and childroii
and they continued to come
until noon. The young people on
gag,ed themselves in singing andc
social enjoyament while tho oldet
,people were around under the Coo
shades in happy conversation.
After awh ile cool refresh ir.g leamon.
ado was served wvhich on)ly aug
mnented our desira to sit still.
little later dinner was an
anounced, and suach a dinner I nevY
or b)eforo saw served. Evory' th ing
I from tIhe very best prepatred vegetai
a bIes to the daiinty pies, custard an<
l cakes the tablo was loaded with
andl from the way they brough
, the good things from other placoa
f there must have been a store housa
full. The good things did no
seem to diminish at all, for I an
,told that a great many whlo wer'
, there partook atgatin at suppor0
e. T1here were one0 hundred and fiv
to eat dinner and several at suppe
and I expect twelve baskets ful
S In the afternoon the lemonad
was served again and then it wa
Sthat -you could see in the faces o
a the guests a sadness which beinj
o interpreted meant they Were sorr
I tat im had wings. After en
t joying ourselves awhile the crow
d assembled on the front porch an
-in. the ya'd and shott, a)>ropriat
addresses made by 'Rev. .0. See
) bortn. 1ev. T. 16. anay. P.,,. t
honie. Tllus ended onIO of the
1 mot pleisallt an( elijovable dtyE
I evur ,pent- Ma.y tho kind friends
of the Six "Mile secti lll live to seo
the return of many ioro liko it.
> .
\'e are 'ry tho' rail has been
plentiful the past week near by.
Mercury pulled up at 10.1 thu 5iti.
Cotton is well adva e(d but, verv
lousy and g isteits with ioney de%.
The gloriouts I cht was duly and
applrop,riattely celebrat,ed with at
barlecuo ar1il spaknig by the edi
tor of the Journal anil Labau Maul
din. M\r. \ 1auldin, gave I review
of the littory of Liberty and origmn
I thi lla) Ii, The name Liberty
was origi tally giveil to i spring
where at chure had been organized
I anile west of town. Ii 1776, in
the nMon th of A ugut, whilo a calp
tleet1itig was in progr,ss at this
sp ring, ti news of the teclaration
Inidki.en(tence reached hero, andl([
whii' reip <iing over this good neows I
Ilhe plhte was nmIlled ,iberty.
''h I t II wais a line lay, clear and
dlry un1ti1 noon when sole showors
gatthl-redl near by tilt[ light,ning
flashed ati tllinder roarte(l, but
the ba ribieice Wtas <lully S(rve( tJ
0ijoymtent of the vast crowd gath
ered to take part in this long to be
remleinhered occasion.
l..QTakoit alto!-ether, it was a glori
ous occasion lor old and young anld
for Iiberty . Everybo(1y seemed
in) a good hiImr on one (lay of
pb>aire. I here wais plenty to eat
mnd if anly onu di<l not. get plenty
it was hot the fatult of the coniit.
tee whu servaiI the crowd as they
I;aithfIully itnd lh. I IItily distributedI
tlt) foodl. i t too(,k hasto s4 eve'ry t.
body seminel in a iurrv,
News reached hore the 5(h int
0f the (-ati ot 1Mss Jcnniu \Vak,,
lin at the h1om1ie ol her sister in Ok
lahona where she had lately gone
on a visit. Her parents have tho
silcere sympathy of friends and
relatives in their bereavoment.
The 1ir t watermelon of the sea
son was brought in July 4th.
elulit, 7, C1
(ounty E xeeutie in(' m nit tee Meeth.
''h' County Fxlecutive Commit
tee Lmet ld1(1;y, pursuant to call.
It wus decidel in the matter of as
xsiientS for c: nlpaiLt<n eXpenses
that each candd1(1 ate pay an amount
o(uiyalent to 10 cents for evorv
h1un(red dollars income of the of
fico to which he aspires. On mo
tion decid(ed that all candidates be
required to pay their assessments
by the same day limited for the
filing of pledges to TV. J. Mauldin,
Tlreasuror .
Tlhe fol lowing managers at the
vaious boxes wvere oloeted:
Eas.ley-M. P. RIogers, E. B.
La:themil, C.'.J. Martin.
Easloy Cotton Mills-- Jesse
O'Dell, 1Rilov O'Dell, P. M. Taylor.
Pleasan t G rovo -J. W. Moody,.
J. Beinton Robinson, S. T. Mo
Ca teechee~--R. R. Ciild, A. J.
(riane, Stove WI. i .oward.
Peter's Crook-GeCorgo WV. GIrif'.
fin, WI. iN. Hughes, J. Silas WII
Lit 0 ty-S.Wigh t O'Dell, Frank
Crane, .James .E. Parsons I
Crosswoll1-T. C. Spencer, Acdol
phuts Williams, Wt. D). Garrison.
Central-William 01liver, Turn
er' Arnold1, .Joe lirock.
Six alihe-Allon Stewart, J. M,
Perry, John Hollis.
Eastatoe-A. Tr. Winchester, E.
Pumlpkintown-W.A1 E. Jos,
Holly Sprinigs-James M. Gil les
pie, Earley Moseley, B. C. LiAon
D)acusville-L. H. Philpot, S. T1.
Prior, Ira Ilogsed.
Prater-C. G. LeCwis, R. Mt.
Bolding, S. M. Ferguson.
Pickens-Judge M. Welborni, J.
M. Noeey, 11. C. Robinson.
Mlile Creek-J!. S. Brown, J. L.
Muirphtru, F". C. Parsons.
Ca lhoun-Thos.. L. Giant, W.
A. tlgg4, WV. N. Cochran.
Looper's Giin-Emory Jones, T1.
WV. .H1 ill, Jos. L. Looper.
Glap Hill-Chris Abercrombie,
B. D). Malutldin, Edlward Craig.
George L,athem, Grady Jones,
On motion tho County Chair
main was authorized to have blank
tickets printed and distributed,
and that two boxes should be pro
vidlod at each precinct, one a state
b)ox and one for the other offices to
be votO(d on.
On motion it was decided that
th(e comm iitteo recommend that the
canida1tos doi not praictice tihe eus.
tomn of treating heretofore more or
less generally p)racticedl. On mo
tion adljourned.
On Sunday morning, 63th inst, at
9) o'olock, Mr. Henry Hendricks
-was married to (Miss Nina Cran
shaw, Rov. MclDaniel officiating at
the hiomet of the bride's p)arenits.
On Bunday afternoon, 6th inst1
Mr. Thomas Sammons was married
to Miss Enla, daughter of Mr. Si~
l as Williams, Rev. S. A. Whitnir<
A large ', congregation attended
SOolenoy Sunday.
S A hail and wind storm passei
Jover a slli portion of Pumpkin'
u town township Sunday. Muel
,damage was done to orops; thost
~, autrmng most weore Mess. J. D. M
,Keith, P. B, Martin, R. L, -Jone
r and 5anipson Thurges
Ily the solioitatloll of imly mtany frieIf
I hurt'byV a1un ouc llnytstlt" a o.1nltidatl
for Ith ollitt of tlupelrvisor of Piokem
et tuy, sIljet. to the action of tho'dem.
ol"tatue '.t rs at .the approltchieg' pr;
mn.tly (lectti . .
O. A. LYxnh.
The nuiy frionds of L. ). Stopheny
heuolby :inuncnct him for reelection to
the ollicoe of Couinty Supervisor Subject
to the I )emoreitic: Primary Election.
lany Friends.
The fr"it"nds A. J. Welborn hereb1y anl.
nolnlet" -in as :a lailtlitalto for Coity
Commiifissioner, siibjt et to ho action of
the tlmo:enititie voters of PIice13k ne couny
in the .tpproac hing, priimary.
'Tlt" friis of 1). 1I. ;va,Ints horeby
a1n11ol'I'w him 1 c tolidhitet for County
coisn1ioi 'ner I'Icelwns Cotlly, subjcet
o tihe nat :on of the J)emoeratic party at
thte ap1 roaelhing prinary,
The friends of A. B. Talley hereby an
nounic1e him :1 t"andidatto for the oflice
(onty Commissimor subj.ct. to tlo no.
tionl o' tho Imot'llocentie party at tho ap
proalChing1 primallry.
1ho fritnis1 of W. M. (1nt. hereby
anniltnce him al entlitldato for tho oflice
of Colully (omilsioilnelr. 1'ikons colin.
ly Sutbjo,t to action of the IDemliocratil)
voters ut the app1roatching primary.
At (the rc<uest of friends, I horeby an
nolnnte nvself a1 ;anditldato for re-election
to tho oll10 Rof County Coimisioner
iil'jree to ie nI :tion of )noeratic vo
ters at tht approach ing primary.
Our coummlunity Wcas visited this
niltornloonl )v a very refreshing
shiower, which addel much to the
Ihentuty of lr promising Crops.
Quit a number (If )oth young
and old 1)eopilc) Of this vicinity att
tended the grand ('elobration held
at I'lzer on:the "'Tho Fourth. ''t
\Vhat harvesting was Lnot such
ta1,k this season, due to tho short
Crops and numerous machines.
We were very favorably impressed
with the announcement of our
friend and neighbor, Hon. C. H.
Carpenter for the Senate. We
wish for him every success.
Vinelatl School, formerly
taught by Prol. J. F. Folk, will
open tho 18th inst. ulnder tho su
ht'rVVlion of I'rof. lolland, of
51iglghs, S. C.
''he protract(ed meetinlg at
George's Creek will follow the third
Sunday in July. It. is to be hoped
that much interest will be manifes
ted and as a result much good be
There always seems to [.e some
thing to mar our anticipations.
Fartmers are iow complaining of
lice doing the cotton injury altho'
we hope it will not injure it so
riouisly. Shorty.
Foley's Kidney Cure purfies the blood
by )tralling Oat impjuriltes anId tones up
the wholo system. Cures kidney and
bladder' troubles. Bolt & WYobb Pickens~
and Chapman & Callahan Liberty.
J. A. Kelly relates ani experience sim
ilar to that whIich hiis hatppened in at
most ov'ery iieighiborhoeod in thle United
States and has been told and re-told by
thiotuands, of othitrs. He says: "'Last
summer .1 had an aitiack of dy'sentory
and perchase:id a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colit, Cholera and D)iarr'hoea Romedy,
which I used aCCording to directionls an l
with entirely satisfaictory result. The
troublo was conltrolled much quicker
tIn former attacks wihien I used other
remidies." Mr, Kelly is a well known
citizon of Helndorson, N. C, For sale
by G. W. Eirlo Druggist.
Charleston, 5. 0,
Founded in 1785. Strong Fac
uilty; we'llI equipped chemical, phys,
ia, anid biological laboratories;
Library of 14,000 vol unmes and the
finest Museum of Natural History
in the South. Eloctive coursos
heading to the dlegrees of BI, A.. R.
S,, a i . A. Board with fur
ni shied room in College Dormitory
can bo obt.ained for $10 a month.
Tuition, $10. One scholarship giv
ing free tuition is assigned toPick
ens cou nty', the holder to be ap
p)ointed by the Probatoe Judge and
thme County Suiperin tendant. Total
expenses for Scholarship students,
$112 to $130. All candidates for
admission are l)ormnitted to comn
p)ete for vacantt Boyce SchoIar'ships
which pay $150 a year.
Entrance Examinations will be
held at Pickens on Friday, July 11,
19 02, next session begins Septem.
bor 29. For catalogue, address.
Hlarrison Randolph.
"I am using a box of Chiamborlain's
Sitomaichi & Liver Tablets and find thom
the best thing for my stonoh I ever
used, says T1. WV. Roinson, Justice o;
the Peace, Loomis, M ichi. Tlheure Tab.
lets not only correct disorders of th4
stomach but regulite the liver anid bow
ols. They are einay to t:iko and pleasant
in effect. Price 25 cents per box. Fo:
sale by Q. W. Earle D)ruggist,
Six Mile D)emocratic Club.
The members of Six Mile Demo,
cratic Club met Saturday, Junt
28th, 1902, and reorgainzed ha
electing followmng officers. J. C
Garrett,Preident, A. R. Stewart
Vice Pres, W. P'. Dicksoni, Seoy
and( Tree., 8. M. Perry, Ex, Corn
WV. P. Dickson and W. L,. Pressle
and S. M\. Perry Comn,, on Regis
tration, Adjourned subject toca
of President.
(XW. P. Dichoson, Secy and Treas.
Will be in P'ickens until !turther nbotIo
01llcc up etgIrs Iu the are,y kWiI1
over .lkok Grooery Stre
AII ('oinity ollices, each, --..00
Al";istiates, - ' :.5)
A lI ther ttllit't , '' . :,.ll
Th,alv'pi(ces are invar"iatltiy
Al) ,A NCE.
1 h 'In) n me ti .t I I ys l' a id:
for (Coigi tss frnt IIhis,the I'i i I ,)
Caroli ii st i ut to :i' 1itjI cl lui l [t' teti
of the d'em na t t a t it ihr alrt t t
ing prituary) ele'ttion:.
J;. i'. ha l i T il
I crteby :l o11e,- mlli f1 at 1nItttlii
for t'ongrt:. t.t t '1i'1"titin- I ,
C'., I )istii, >-hllj<t to t i ' : t. 't i
don it' i u t 1 inl tho :IIp r, - hii
priinlylul. \\'t:1. J, Sltiblil;..
I hereby AItnill'- iNvt ei t tj.ai ii
for Congres s fitui li,' t ht e 1lr.ti I)
trict, sub jitft toth)je :- timn f' 1'i tleni
rie ti vutt l otr a tl,t the Iroc ing pt 1ma
(;eo. .. I ;lN I
I herebI y ann nn myst'ti tl' : .,,iili:
for C''g;rs ttt reprre.'Ilt tIi: h t( eThi
Distric t, suject to he ac("tio tl f 1i
Demcr voters t tho a rt"at Chii
primlary (letuIn.
I:. \t. 1% ' ' I I.:I;! .ir.
We ar aatoriizedt to alnin \\tt W.
tGra1ydlol, ofihlevilo, f i at lidal;l
for Co'm nss f 'j1iti ' 1'hii (' -re
ional IbstrI'c sut flsj ct to (It I .n it
the I)t-De ti'atio t rim .tu"N.
W e are authorii ed to mm11IuI -:II: i \\'v
Aikee , f .\ht -ville , 1; i t - i.it lt t
Conr'te frof the Thinr ('onts'i.
District, s ubjrt to it e atIn I Il
Democrati i voters ut. the tIpp,racit
primary el.utiont.
1 hereby :ui nt'ltnrc 1n S1 iI i e:ianlid
for Coni;re;s f iiiu a hu 1.lirtIdunt.h t':
oliua )it ri, t, sujet t tto th t elio u
the democratie voters at the aptproa)c hil
primary eleclion.
T'. .1. 'McCall e
F0 It TI'lE " S NN.t''i.
The frietds of Lab)au Miulit h trt
announco him as ca alidauto for then
ate, sujott to the ction of theoe .1ion
crati voters of 1-ickouis county at the
proaching primatry.
The friendstt of Chtrlts E. l;(b.imi
hereby ant ouutli!ts him as a e.lll,iitl:tl '
the -enato, subjt'ct 11, the nt:I ion 4o
deoo ratie vo(erS oft I'it h(ns; e t11 i '
tho ap or achitt pr imry .
The frinds of ( . I.(':rl t jr he
by aunnounce h ns a e.ndilulate fe-I' 1
Senato inm'Tt1 tit Pickens5: - s t
the ation o theiq ( l>m1en lie h-IX S
th ot tacnt , ,e'l1pr lanar1 I I ut in .
I ..-.. 1 Ol T l ! : Ilt)j',I. . - .
I herely amounce my asVa nd ii
roelrction tO the IluiMe of luy itr i
tives frot Pickens ctylie, :5jct,j
the Democratic primn. y.
.vyr M. 3La.msl.ic
The frienids of J. A'11h1or1 Iint
hereby announco hi s i candidate t'
the H"ouse of R{epresolntativo fromt P),
ensct cofuntr subject to fint"in] of
dlemotin voiter ~t ithli aoahiti
piay election:.
Iuuounce himnune a is ei a cadtiitii- ()
fous le oflii'o .1hpr ietiiv y flromst ick,
jcny ,et to the a cteio Iiodion 'f iV
emofraPicots on1at thle app)hroacihij
primaruiy eetion.
The frie oditfol of y Mainy htere
annoneyi aucendiat for i t liiou
ofPcoctt,subject to tho acinonh era
pat ttopocing primary.(lC(Oi
Thle friends of lathew lV bii' eielt'
aocano e him c andOorfiie lc
'cutr, subject to (ation ctih:1od
mtcrti voters at the iappocin. pi
Tuo friends of W~.q Neso .idiav
breb)ctly an tnounco hi caniat forj t:
HoruTcoif 1tepfresentaivos, Pikens ea
jty, sbto tolie action| Ith de'nriten
i' otr at he apilgprcingprmary
sp eruly annonhim as3'0 fai canid
for the oilice of Cou'ty Audior I.ic
Pcscounty, subject to ho action Ih
primarytieolectior. IR.I(dik
TeFrino o E tr h hudg
Iorby inno himse ndiRl fo etij
ofulce of Auditr sut ebjoet totio
Sto h democrryati t roin pt h
~ rah rmary election.
fortheollcef Cunt Tresurers
jec to the acsion of thereocratie v<
osi of Pren oaenJdeo kntyathaprah
primy elbjotoention o i ine
By the sliqct fnfofemysmany.fries
I hereb tyi4nnou c myielfa forudah
frrtion to the oi Cof'y easior
of Piens Icony subject to th ac
of the democratic voter at (ie aproa<
ing rimry lecion
W. D. Chapman.4
thOe pracing rimary.h O
res pullyanocims candid!o
'I T W\ IG I'l(O)'o)
w ' If, h will:' :n ; u imzn,r ('Ittlln
W ha. :II t t i l ii l' 11tf t' in l a
'' S I) t I'I\j ' : t hiht wl t 1In " t(hr
" \V,W :1'I' ill fin 1'I 1 :111\n ('1tli ii ttl' ,
Ilr (.' . , <l:. O U i'1'r tri s au re t Shvay ri
I+; q :. "!-lhin: I.tll thlt in-. t tllh ig.
SIII I i n i i; :-h4it this yt':It
I l l l' t : and s ug g1 , l t
: n flri a big 14 f
t lt' :ta es, d tliI i - tt ., ()t first o
tt rit-ltily 1:r it on't ((o)fne ('ye
hoest' Irl t'\trybtttly. old ndn y
rt ti t1 :nv hli 11:- bes"t sho.)ts for tit
Isc <'! 1 rda ,In .f all IcinLh:, slaves,'
hl , il bl -. h, -11'"t nod wag:I
I'rll' I Ie li it)nki 1 tf h y n II
"~ ~ ~ :t"1t 1ni: !uplil , :' Ich :1-; ,hinl
t 't IIit r . \ IIit .- 1 'I il . , t1
Itt. i'.i ry I lt'-eI ,! h .ltiln l, t"l1
11, I, 1
-Soml Iu-) ins I to oficr in l
Its2* 4 till! ("(f"TLb \V'':t( l e nl;i It
tll " l t .
llt' ;' I:in '1 inlS S
A niS IR
TH HS Cori0
1,-telar sT' n by Iarithe eis
A thae lute the5 yok of igh prict est a
ig IV Mi:s I Iiu. ha has)1 just returnT 11d fr
.*. whr :)he prch)ased aL large and co
ho choice;t novelties. This decpartmerl
l' argecr towns5. We' cordlialy invite
coun[1ty to call andC infspcCt this dlepal
-rect stiles at v ery low pr1ices.
IOIn each deatmn you wvillnC
ngYours truly
A nd~ Qardei
c;:e1ds, we hlave in stocl
zCarden and Fat
Iate I loes, Rakes, Shoves, Spades,
ant Hooks, Matr-ocks, lIows and Plov
tp, T1tu rners made, Wheel Barrowvs,
Machines, and Furniture of all kir
A Nice, New, Cle
.4 New Goods Coming in and
5? Anything * and
tion About a Home
s~ We invite all to come an<
Lt- No trouble to show
-(i it. Our stock
has been pretty
Ibalgains to offer.
black SergO Coats
Don't. fail to see us
Gent's Furnflihing
hlt an(t we handle
but that is all tl.
ive what there is,
v before the pI"les
(.oittolIlades, laIwIS,
;t. Don't, miss this
y (lay.
ung;. We handle
(y are always:ithe
tinw are, .harness,
zIingle mill get
nlle all kin<ds of
gic ties. saws of all1
- mnl tradle s0
tuggies and Wagons.
lb)s to the dollar.
niville, S. C.
ine we have shown. We.
id they are in reach of
>m the Northern Markets,
nlete: line of the season's ~
t is equal to any in the #
'ill the Ladies in Pickens
twnent. You will find cor
big values. It will pay
orrow Co
1 Seeds
;ood garden. Besides the
the necessary
ming Tools!
Forks, Bush Hooks, Briat
Stocks, Best Steel Beam~
Iron King Stoves, Sewing
Ids, Pretty Styles.
an Stock of
Going out Every Day.
* Everythin.
or Farm.
I look through our r.go
brough our stock,

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