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The People's Journal
. I'tti1.ISn1I W) RNK"III,Y.
T. J1. M1A.m., - - - ]aitor.
W.V. i.:sr.ti.: 'I .A I: NY, - uns. Mgr,
Iotered at the Post Otice at. Pickonl a:
secontt-clasM mnatter.
sul . il)i lu , 31.0h) al Year.,
T11UIRh 1)A Y, Jt'LY 17, 102.
\Vhenl the new mills now being
l,ui;t aire coml1etod ,Andersonl coun
tv will have in1 o)uilation 301,500
\When we bwgn to pay bet.tOrsal
art1es w mtay ':: p 'tt lttor roads,
tll ao rnc menit) l i the ostIl
;tppiroriratte st,p t') lIihl' th10' ret
f"rmls w1', n1,ed a-e m l.v l" as
the rt+adl a111 ,tl,n t d .
Jlv\' i it h Iarke. I the one hiin
dred anl forty-s'veiti tlnniversary
of tlie defeuat of the IEniglish Gener
al, l;raddock, by the French and
Indlia s w1t'il \\'31hingt0n (Is
played that rare mihitary geniis
which mad.' hlttn the logicall leader
of the Amt,rican forces in the war
for Ameri ca Indepondentco.
\Wo hope the canditlatos for Gov"
rnor have seon enough if, til-) Pick
oins colllty 'tnds to impress thom
with t ht. ser'i0:1- )oposition that
con)Ilfrolnts I us, :nnt (hat the winning
mani will not forget his improssionl;
when he wV rites his Iessage to thr
legislatute ant otherwise urgo"
neasures ftr the general public
Revise Your Club Rolls.
We respectfully call the atten.
tion of all committees on, registra
tion for the democratie clubs of"tht
county to the necessity of a thor,
ough revision of their roespectiv
('lub rolls. All representation i
based on these rolls and it is on
OI the most important duties in th
whole s+ysten of th4e( dmauLO(rati
primary p)lati. l.et cve'(ry commli
c .-; lme tog thter1 ;lnd iiake a con
pote revision and see to it. th,
every young man of sufliciit fig
i ' properly enrt'll(1 and that (ever
nIow resident coming iit
the couini lity is loocke
a for 80 that there will b..o ies ....
,oon about hiis right to v'oto wvhi'
I hie time cRoes. This~ is a dtl
which cannot be tuo thoroughl
Mrore Baunks.
A now bank has boeni organize
at WValhalla with a capital stock<
i00;,000.00. J1. D) . Verner, WV. I
Verner', C. WV. Pitchford, RC. I
JLucasl, C. WV. liaukmigh t, D). Oe
kors, RI. TII. Jaiynes and WV. TI.pStor
daird arc corlpor'atorst.
Tho organtizationi of this ne
banking concern shows that the
is an inicreasing demand in Ocon.
county for the accominmod at i
anid convenlienics such insti tutio
afford and is an ;evidence of t
steady growth of that county.
This is all in keeping with t
progress of thu upper section
tore a doz<
iot one, al
gh to jus8ti
- hero suchi e
terp)rises. The operat ion of bani11
in resp)onse to the demnanid thier
for means that tho (ountriy
growinIg and it also met.ans th
they are here to help the count
An Opportunity to Improve Public Schoc
The i>rivilege on fertilizer is
source of considerable revenue
the state all of which now goos
Clemson College. The Trustees
Anderson county have been man
ing some decided efforts of late
stir more interest in the matter<
public schools as the follownt
clipping from the Anderson Dai:
Mail of July 8th will show.
"There was a public meeting <
the school trustees of the count
in Supt. Nicholson's office yestel
day for the purpose of discussin
matters pertain in gto pubic school
The meeting was well attendes
every section of the county bein
* - represented.
The following resolutions wor
Resolved, That It is the sense c
the trustees assembled .that a conm
Xnittee of three be appointed t
~nemorial ige the legislature to adop
such legislation as is nlecessat y t<
take the privilege tax now givei
t lemuson College and give it ti
the common free school fund il
"' S'.tc a manner that the money wil
~ back to the oounty from whenO'
sol4tved aso That the proiti
he ngdipenlSary be8 ap
oi% th Aoolfnd fth
the trustees of schools in Anders"n
are doing it will be made an isSuc
in this Camapaign. There scehems to
be justico in, the plan proposed.
A Raise in Property Assessmlnts.
The Stato Board of Equaliziltioll
which has lately been inl session inl
Columbia }has ma111do a decided step
forward in the matter of assesllonts
of property both 1 real a.d p)ersonal.
Mtill properties throughout the
state are raised an(1 so have been
fertilizer anld oil mill p)latnts and1 m
the) matter of real estate and per
sonlal pro)perty generally a raise to
75 por coit of actual market value
is made, and it is made the dulty of
the Auditor and county chairmanl
of each county to furnish the Coinp
trolle' Genera before tho next
meeting of tho board a sworn
statement a% to the market 'aut,
of properties returned in their re
spectivo counlties.
'The following rosl ution was
passed at the last meeting of the
State Board
"Resolved that all prol)elty sub
"ject to euiualization by this board
b.e put on a basis of seventy-fiive
percent of its market value and
that the county audit,r and coun
ty chairman of each 0ounty ho re
quilred to firnishi tle compt'oller
general bofor) the next ietling of
this hoard, a sworn statement, ac
cording to their best knowledge
and belief, showing what per cent
of its market value property was
assessed in, their county.
Provided, That when this in
formation ails he ob t tain il that
th, hoard may lower this percent
age to such a figure as will equal
ize the taxes, and at the salo tiue
provide u fliciont amount to )eet
tlie neti11o'('11le1ts of the Various
Another EVi ience of 1'riog res on Pea
The location of a mill on the
farm of Mr. J. C. a(Iarrett near
Meet Post Oflice, in the \Western
section of the county, is an othm
instaincu of tho gradual but stealy
Laind p)ormanhiiOut delopmen)flit lof
that sect ion of' Pickons County and
of the whole county. Th'lire is nc
hetter place for home seokors than
in that portion of this count
known as Pea Ridge and no pa'
_of the ('ounty is ',progressing mior<(
Srapidly inl the way of farm imin
provement, and in the otheci wayi
that show the tirue evidence
01r substantial growth and bottor
m eint.
Pickensi conty isver'y wvell adlapI
dted to wheat andl genleral smal11
Sgrain growing and1( hb1eral at,ltentioi
to these kinds of crops niaturally
works benefits to landls andio imaike
-themi mforeO pr1odluct li whni uise
for other crops, and the instittiom
and operation of Roller Mills is al
vincentive to larger plantings <
ewheat. Pea Ridge is progrcsshii
ealong with the balance of Pickeit
118 county.
ns5 No Favortismn Wanted,
lie lie Sunmmer Schosil is Over an<l
from tho testimony of the toachei
he p)upils, we j udge sonme very eff'ec
oftive work has beeui (lone under th
tydirect.ion of Mess. Domninieic an1
1Owens, wIhi will aiicrue to tihe at(
v( ~antage of school childr ien t hrough
fy out the county. As far as w'
kn ~iow, there is no complaint madl
sas to efiieicy and1( thorough nos
o if the work dlono. But the Sumn
mler School0 at P'ickens is l suppose
to ho run in the inte(rest of I 'ik eni
0oun)t y andii its eAx /Ohlsos a)o pai
(lit of funds proi'atedl aimonig
Cou tiies of this aate. TJhiis beingi
tirue., wo'( d1a not see tile conlsistcd
a in tho act of theO Statoe S.pointlen.
to dent of I'Xducation in goinug (outsid
to of Pickens (ounty to emloy
of teacher or loadolr or conduc,tor (a1
k- lie mafy he ('alleda) of such a sch oo
to when there were anid are withlii
>f the county instructors equally al
ig competot as the gentleman sen
ly hero to assist and( (doubtless mor01
ini sympathy with the welfareo
>f the Pickens county school childro
Y and teachers thau lie.
We have no personal objectioi
to Mr. Owen neither have we an'
criticisms to offer as to his qualifi.
g cations or hi. work as an instruct,
or, but we do not hesitate b: say
0 that we believe that in Prof. Den
g dy and in other good teachers ix
.Pickens county there was plenta
o of material from which to seleco
i without going to York or any oth
er county for a conductor in the
Summer School for Pickens county,
It looks like discrimination ox
I favoritismn or anything one may
a like to call it.
It may be that Mr. McMvahan,
the State Superintendenit, ha.
drawn the line on somne of the PIik.
iin. oot#uty tesobe because they
4i10 wt tend4 the 0tt BQ#mmer
!~q Behoo in 191 Nao. thip i an
b.t:ary ' ruling anid makes thly 1 mat
tir wo Itro tlLing about, 811iack
still more of favori t ism;.;
We thil.k Mlr. McM\,hItan ha is
not consunltod the wisesli of Pick
OIlS colulnty I),)le sutii-ient lv and
has mllad)( I mistak! which It he po)
ple generally recoginiz', anild whi!o
his 1ll'ot i IIaV be diretoil towards
the pronotion of tho 1 bst inte;rests
of the educational department ot
tho state govkornnmlnt, lie (an, by
ignol in g tho' wishos of U co ulnllui
ly, injure himself an.1 the cautso ho
Sumnliner (ompn1111n is u1sually 1>rovlt
amllonlg tohiilrn thi4 5 ison. A well do
velop(d tas in tIe writer's faniily was
eulrr.l last. Wet'1k bi y tho timely uso of
hai:nl trhain's Colic ('h(olera litindy
one" Of tho best. paetl Iinkiine4 nrlna-|
f":ctory and w thinh is alwayr( kopt. onl
h :lnd aIndl al tho nol,e of yc scribe). Th'Iis
is n't intontlo.l I5 1 ie. 1)1)11' 'of 1.h'
('oml11payIV, tIlo (lo n(ot Ittvert:.z with tL
10 Iin1itlt. little s-llrs wlio in y not he
within IL easy :Oecs of it physician. No
f.tunily shoul be withlout a bottle of
this iluetliCile in the holus ill aSummor'Cl
timl'. For sale by (1. W . al et O rie.
''h? third anial Campimeotiog
of the South Carolina ('onf)renlco
of the Wesleyan M('thodlist colne.
tion (or churb) of A merica will
bo hold (1). V.) at I icidato Park,
SIX miles frolal Spartailb1ur1, S. C.
Parties m('oliiig on the Suthern,
(':11 s01) rl ite' at Converso or
1p (':taiil r1''~ and to oilt to ',hle
1.ark ( n thio clh.trito car line. T1'he
1 r'acht'l of t ho (-,(nfterenc'o and
th('s, ("sp1(cia!ly invited will bie un
t,r ained froe of c(harg' '. A firist
class rEsturanlt will 1;bl on the
gr"oln&id i a(charge Of the 'lnettic
railwy i)yll. 'Al'' are tx
1.cct('d to iulg bhillkes, sheets,
pilllows and such arices as the
mlay' needLI tot -e themse--lves.
1let li wil l e il a it liitt loni l n .
dre.I.l p1ep1)Ir nd(1 itl beatitifully
ligl:ttd by el"ctrieity. A hiuge
ttInt will also be ll the grounhd.
where visit ing ladies, fnrnishmynr
their own bediding canl sleep. (oil
Iionman and lldieos water clos)t and!
drassing roomns convenient. Tht
water up'illply is abutlndanan I1d 1 eal
Iiv. Ministers of all dononililllltoil]
111d the public genorally a1r' invit
id to attend. Our molto is "H1I(li
lels Unto the Lord.,, Tl,) specia
felure of the cam)1p will be thl
conlversion of Sinntrs a nd I ho ('ntir.
sanctification of heli0vel's. All(tx
copt those 4pesecial iv nited to talo
leading parts in the services) ar
(xpwetedl to come pre'tr..d to totak
caro of theltselve;s. ''h( park i
not situailted nearli any) ono0's houlse
soyo 3' ee i,th abisal15 ute nCce3sit.
of com11ing Prieparedct with haithi ca11
of' the meat inrg fr'omi all thl'1se illteri
ested iln thle spr'ead of "'Scr'ipturn'
Li. MI. ,1ohlinSOn.
I 0C. 1B. Smith.
Li. U. (isyton.
comm))ii t teea.
" '1I'S wa irle01)d with kidneiy comlii
i for' ahonut I w(, years'1," wr'ites A. I1. D)ay
of Fo'i'y's Kine 1Cr etYleetted ai pe
8iaulma all tain 113 in Lberty,
Mr's. Minerva3 Smxithi, of Danuville, i|l
wr'itei. ''1 hiad bronch10Iiit is for tweoni
- tllrl."' Un-It & Webt'>) Pickensi Chlapma
I(youlr own seRIlection3) to every stIb
- scqtriber. On1y 50 centIs a year.
f1or a i p ifi colored Plies lat est
d,ai, Econo,ulcl an31t A soluutely
Pecrfct-.1?ittlug Papor Pattorneo.
80 Oqs Allowed and Perfor onI~s sfiow
In Bastiag and 8ew Ing,
E j McC0ALL CO,. -
113~ -i 11 West 31st St., New YORit
are the most fatal of all dis.
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent physicians as the best for
KCidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c. and S$J.00
Notice to Tresspassers.
All persons are hereby warned
not to hin t, fish, hunt frtuit, dam,
age thuber or treospass in any way
on any of outr lands, including the
Rhoda A, Matuldin place, Any
violation of this notice will be
proseotited to the full oxtent of the
We want you to come and exa
slates &e, bef ore you buy as it will
have taken great pains in selecting
say that our prie s on tho above go
than tho average.
Wo offer the largest slate for 5.
1Ox14 inchos, Pencil '1'ahlots from I
writing paper for lc. School crayc
Don't fail to see us when you
pins of all d(isriptions.
We are constantly adding to <
call and see what values we have fo
There is nothing more pleasinr;
u re. We have a few mledaiions ma
(lepicking Lome liio, animnal life w
jects. Tho most remiarkable moda
We hnvjust received a now
pleased so many customers. The ]
One Price 4
P I C K E N S,
Do you like col'ee? WeIll if 3
of the 1ost roasted e1(o'eo at 8lb, fc
green o'ffee on the market.
I you 'V'I imi(ulgo in smokin
ly ets. And it you want a clloap(
P'rhap s youe (1alu away from h:
Co>urse yot don't want to drive hor
need iol do it, fI you can got anyt
Th( best flour on the market fo
fellow undersell uts on flour,
Plenty ot knives for the boys,
We hve soml1e lar1tins in Shoe
IhIlest pric paid for all Cot
''Ih, (;oumiu i-iers of Oconee anc
1'Pwei in.tim ti w Il let to the lowes
r11ipr". Ible i,i1ltc'r, the building of a nev
P ridge at IBurh a Ford o n keowe
'r i v r on the 110 lay July 19012, lt 11
o,;lock a. in. The CUmmisionors rese'v
the right to rej. et any and all bids. I
aiy bids is nu'e1)teI, the bid ler will b
- roiuired Io giv b'ond for twice tl
amount of sail bid to be uppioved b,
the cimm -s1on1 ei s.
I. J). Stephens
A. :J. \Volhoru
a li.bL Stowvart
June 10. h. 19)02, Comn.
When'~ you are ilerinig froma rhoeui
ti'nm, the kidneys must15. he' tended tor
-one ho t.hait they wvill elimuiinate the uri
1acidl fraim the blood. Foley's Kidne
(Cire is the most effectivo remedy ft
this~ puirpose. B. T1. 110'pkinsu of P~oh
WVis., says. ''A Ft; r unsuccessfully doe
torinug three years of rheumatism wit
the bi st doctors, I tried Foley's Kidue
Cnro and it eured me. I cannot spea
too highly of this great medicine~." fBo
& WVobb P.ckens a Chapman & Clhda
t~ Libert,y.
r- Notic is heore.by gi ven to all whom:
ha.s filed her per i-ion in I im oflico proi
mug for ho.ui(mt iad o xomp)tion in th
estito of W. WX. Kelhorn deceased.
Theii Petition wvill be heard in my el
fien on Saturday the 26 day of July
. This 21 Juno 1092.
.e A. J. B3oggs (Seal)
n Clerk of Court,
Tlako Foley's Kidney (lnre. It ha
en red whl en overything has disapointed
Bolt & WVebb) Pickens Chuapnma & Cal
lahan Liberty.
A. R1. Bass, of Morgantownu, Ind., han
to get up Ien or twelve tunes in th'
night and had severe backache and paim
in the kidnieys, WVas cured by Foley'
('ure. Bolt & Webb and Chapman a
'Calhlhn Ilaiherty.
of So. Glen Falls, N. Y., des
f cribes a condition wvhich thous
ands of men
and women
fi n( d identical
with theirs.
Read wvhat he
says, and notc
t hi e similarity
o f your own
cc e. Write to
him, enclosing
stamped ad
dressed envel
L.. D. Palmer. ope for reply,
and get a per
sonal corroboration of wh at is
hero given. He says regarding
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure:
"I suffered agonliing pain in the left
breast an d between my abouldera froii
heart trouble. .'Ay eart would pall
fhutter, the apbats untI
cR0 abl~ ger lI11 el Nltht after
night I aked the Boo , foto i down
would have meant sdedath. My
ConditIon ed th las when
bega ,atgD.Ms Iiat Cure
tokc L). Mies NVl9with the
foatCue andu et s aast
reiinca. I
ftold by ill DaIatII
mimei our line of tablets, paper,
certainly be to your interest. We
this line and believe we can safely
>ds are 20- to 30 per cent cheaper
we have ever seen for the money
c, to 4c each 12 sheets splendod
ns Sc Box or 2 for 15c.
want ally pins, noodos combs, hair
ur 10c counter and ask that you
r a dime.
to the eye than a Lbeautiful pict
do from actual photograph Scenes
.ter sec6nos, and other beautiful sub
lion over offered for 10e.
shipmont of Holly flour that has
)rico is still $4.2-6 a barrel.
Dash Store.
- :- S. C.
oil d10, come and let us sell you some
r $1.00. The bost S aid J10l
call and got the Empro Cigar-on.
r cigar call for !War Eagle or Old
omto and forgct your dinnor. 0
wa Without your dinner. And you
ing in the canned goods linia.
r the money. We wont let the othei
tnd prices to suit them.
s and Dry Goods.
utry Produco.
iCLi/ L7TLO L.
Plans and speciiealions for a countj
jail at l'ickens m. C. can be seen at oflice
of the County Supervisor, after the 16th
day of Juno 1902, also at offico of II. .1)
Breeding architect, Ureorovillo '. U
Bids will be received in part or in whok
and will ho opened at. 12 o'clock, noot
July 15th 1902.
L. ). Stcphdens.
A. J. Volhorn.
ltobt. Stewart.
c f you need one dlon't wai
till they are all gone.
Hoos8, Plows, Sweeps and all
i kinds of frugtos
Fruit Jars, Sngar, Spice
t for the fruit season.
Sowv Cabbage seed from theO 2~
to 30 of May for late cabbago,
goodf fresh Virginia Seed flOw 01
Pickens, S. O
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
--A LL
andi . M~arkers
Now ini Stock at
I20 per cent
loss than usual price. We hlave
01me exceptiona5l values.
Greenville, 8. 0 .
Cut this out and take it to Dr. 0. w.
Earle's Drag Store and got a box of
Chamberlain's Stomaoh and Liver Tab.
lets. Thie best phymlo. They also cor
rect disorders of thle stomnob. Prloe 25
cents at 0. W. Earle Druggist.
The prop.tetors of Foloy e .ti.oney and
Tar do not advertise tis as a sure oure
for consump~tion." They do not claim
it will cure thsdread complaint inuad
yanoed oase, but do positlvely assert
that it *1 care in the enarlier sae
aud never fails to give O41QI
ad relief a tleWorst Gae, oya
vooys Ta is without o%ta
g ~ te t ~ b 9 t ~ l u .e~ ~ 1 R e
Is now in store. The store
crisp, new goods. Each season I
est and prettiest goods possible,
have survassed all forner seasoml
much talk al)out goods, but my stu
claim 1 make. I have undoubtedl
of white goods ever shown in
goods in every new stye and colo
My prices are as low as goo<
determined to my store interestin
and notions this season. Iwclvc
proven to many l,e.ple of Pickel
they can rely unpon it. "Give m
f goo4; and prices are not satlish
A. K.
Beginning Monday morning June :;1
Mens, Boys and Ch
..25 Per Cent Discount of{
All straw hats at 3:; per c"nt'I i
*20.00 tiuits noGw - l.0.u1 '-,P"(n
now $12.:1-' . 0 suite uo iA 1.25
suits now . ,0. $8.00 suits nuw 'W
suits n1('w : ..
50 cent pants now : :i comtts. 1
now '".. ,$: pants now $1.5w . ;:; l
$:a. $5 pan; t :15. (; pan to s n.
All Goods Sold For CASH.
Mlain S'treeLt. G r
Buy'ing and Selli
Go~ods than
Stores in I
Clohig, CLOTE
WVe are exclusive agents for
Clothing-ecognizedb as the best
America. \VTe carry all grades.
$15-oo; Boys' three p.iece Suits
piece Suits 50 cents to $6.00. WV
10 to 25 per cent. On any suit yoi
\NVe carry more Shoes, and s
other merchants in Greenville.
sell from $1.25 up. More of<
Pickens county today than from
to sell every man, woman and chI
shoes this y'ear. We have
Ering the M\adam and ChilJi
to Greenvxille. Make our stor' y
of room for the children to p)lay
anywhere e'lse ini the city, and S.
every article she buys.
Of Greenvil
-1IM a o sojdrwe ee , '1,,UJ
'w.eoP (le ?q oe .ao,j 'S2njp
c en ,m,O pue ?gnues ioi, noma
*"'UUO ***U *p"' 9" "d '*diaj no
~' amao alegt ?q Lip
is brimming- full of bright,
d0 my best to get the new
but this season, I feel that I
. I (1o not believe in too
ck will bear me out in every
y one of the Prettiest lines
Greenville. Colored wash
.1 goods can be sold. I am
g to all buyers of dry goods
years dealing with me has
s, that whatever I tell them
a a showing," is all I ask, and
etory, don't buy.
3, HATS!
th we ol'er 'ur entire sto-k of
ilds Clothing at
F the R'.Iialr rice..
ulnt. . ha .i''1 Ironi last
1u6 ns0 M 50 suits
0 2-5 sui1n5. $0.00
"iE SAEl PRi3 R1ION...
'tg1ts ;i1.n. 5; e t . $1 pantR
:li's - w . ants now
c"Rilemb the Date.
nIg Mere Dry
any thr'ee
he Citye
Strause & Bro's [High Art
madle, best fitin Clothing ini
Men's Suits from $3.oo tod
.50 to $1 o.co; Children's two
a guarantee to save you from
buy from us.
All more ~hoes than all the
Wec gii; ': every shoe we
ur '-' eing worn in
a"r ',ut we wan t
ild ity their
(n wvith you
()ulr homie while,
in, andl the l\M n
to look at in ou; sto.
\VE 15 to 25 per cerI
e, S. C.
o luopuedop'11utmoteAe
vnw&md pOA&o .AWM
esiJq atOIQ* es zo

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