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The People's Journal
Local and Personal.
-Miss Eva lloicom11be is at trl
home of Ar. II. A. Rickey.
-Miss LizzA Richardson, of
Liborty, is at Maj. Amblor.
-.Miss AI:nlie - Schlwing, of
(reenville is at the Ambler house.
-5liss Sue Lancaster, of Gaines
ville, Fla. is at, the Ambler touse
for the summor.
-Mliss Little, of Clinton, was
visiting at the hoime of Mr. Richey
last week.
-B. A. Morgan, Esq., of Green
ville, was one of the visitinsr law
yors (ulring court.
-Mr. W. C. McKenzie, of Pied
m1ont, was in town - last week on
-Mit"ses Grace and Eliza Mc
)aniiel aro visiting rlativos in
Greenvillo this week.
-A good nuimher of people Ont
joyecd a pleasant dly at the pientic
at Iurc;h's Ford Saturday.
-S. A. lcAlistl"r of Central
towuhip is annonnced as a candli
date for Supervisor.
--About everybody is saIt isfied
with the abundant and refresling
rains that have como at the most
needed ti ies.
-Prof. J. I", Lesley will sing at
Rubatimah church on tho third Suin
day in July. Everybody invited
to come,
-Mrs. K. L. Cureton has boon
elected to teach the T.wn Creek
sclo, 1. Ior school opened Mon
dap with about "lo p,up,ils.
-Mrs. Napi>r ant lit tie chilld of
Colnbia and her sister, Miss
Grillin, of A thanta, are at the A mi
bier IHouse 1*>r a few weeks.
-Ai thur Christ,ph1er and IIlamp
ton Craitg, oi of Pieken:,' prJgres
sive young mhIants vihit -cd rola.
tives and frins inl Thomasville
last week.
-A gun club 1(1 anl organiza
tion of young miiei who havo in
stalled a colipleti swimling vool
rrangemnti are now iu.stituLions
--The poleli around Pickensi
have been en jioy ing finl) showers hu t
in some secti,ns of tlhe couity the
showers have been purely local, and
more rain is needed.
-Judge Gary ees no time in
pushing business through. Ho sei
zes upon the essential points of le
gal propositions andl renders his
decisions rea--bly, being thoroughly
conversant with the law.
--The hopeful spirit dominant
among the farmers and evidenced
by their gonoral expressions as
they talked on the streets this
wook indicates that the country is
in ai very3 promnisingr conidition.
-A p)rotracted meetinig began
at Praters Creek chutrchi Wednes
day niight of this weck in p)lacO of
next Saturday as announced. El
der M, P. Matheny, lof Charlotte,
witl assist the piastor, W. C. Sea
-The Pickens county~ singing
convention] will conlveno with the
Six Mile church on the Second
Sunday and Saturday before it
being the 9th and 10th of August.
Alt churches, Sunday Schools and
singing choirs are allowed three
dlegates each. E. M. Bolding,
Chmn. Comn.
-One thing noticeable about
court is the many now faces seen
on the juries. The older men are
passing away, and the younmg mon
are b)einlg cal led to take iup the re
sponsiblo duties of citizonsh ip, and
Sright w~ell aro they maintaining the
reputation of therr fathers in the
discharge of high duties.
-Married( oni Sunda(ly a fternoon
at half past four o'clock the I1th
of Jully 1902, at the home of thew
brido's father, Mr. WVairen A bhott,
Mr. Arthur II. Arnold to Miss Gcr
trude E. Abbott, both ot Central,
Pickens county, S. C., Rtoy. WV. C.
Seaborni officiating. We join their
friends in wishing thoem happy
and prosperous lives.
-.W. N. B1olding~ connnonced s
systematic effort at mole catching
on Monday morning of Court weel
last March and, up to the priosont
time, has succeeded in catching 4i
of the p)ests, T1hese little animal:
d-> a vast amount of damages t<
growinIg crops and to terraces am
a con tinued1 effort to catch them it
usually rewarded and the savinj
more than compensates for thi
time lost,
-The contract for the erectior
of -an iron bridge on reck piers wa,
let at D3urch'a Ford over Keowe<
River by the Supervisors and Comn
missioners of Pickens~ and Ooone,
counties at the bridge site on th
10th inst. for $3,792.00, one-half ti
be aid by each county. The Vir
ginma Bridge and Iron Co., o
Ro anoke, Va, gets the contraot
It is to be completed by March, 1
1003. The Oormlssioners consid
ered the proposition as to the con
struotion of a wooden bridge at th
same time but deelded in favor o
th~e iron str'uoe uro, It appearing 1;
be the better unvestment and wi1
#akes a mDore subtantial bridg
hle bWidge is bt$it Ai nornplena
--)r, W. F'. Austin will be
Easley July 22 and 23.
-Rev. B. Holder preached a yo
- instiuctivo sermlon to a large at
attentiye congregation at Mt. Ca
m1iel hnst Sunday. They have
flourishing Sutnday School the
under tlo supervision of Mr. M
son Looper.
-Mrs. John W. Thomas's llitt
daughter, Irono, has quito at curio
ity in the way of a ring. It wi
made of gold (lug from the mil
of old uncle Jimmie Burdine at
has it good deal of interesting hit
tory attached to it. It hr
been lost for seventeon y'ears wl
little Ireno found it, but, was in
aliuctud by rust. It wats made
years ago.
Onl'T'ursday, M1ay, 10thi, 190:
Mr. Ieigh-1iint of the I.)acsvil
eClion near Tlhona-V illo, was ma
tiedc to Miss Mclla IiEndricks tl
third daughter of \ r. and Mrs
). -. Iloidricks at the homo i
the olliciating minifster, Rev. D. \i
Il iot.t near Easloy, S. C.
1I r. IItuiit is i prsperousi and r<:
spected young Pickens county ua
and Mrs. Hunt11, is a young woma
of refimuenlent, and a favoritt i
hot coimuiiit.y. Their friend
wViih them ia happy '11ind lros)erou
journey through life.
Tle sumncr1' tern of court wi
called at 10 o'clock \loIuday morn
iim., .Judge ECrnest G ary, p)residiniIIIII ls! coo tngah
lai th' abseneo!1( of SItngraphio
Wyatt, Aikei, Mr. A. M. I)oa
d ischtrgel the diuties of that ofli
c. Tin rand a ' Petit Jur,r
was promptly in1 tiiwir pla1;c*:S Mi
.. L. Cox 'hio was a iimbor o
the Grand Jury hits di,cd slimncc the
last. term of court.
''rue bi Is we!re I reti 1ured i gainlius
charley ,Johnson, chaiged wviI I
Il,uso liroaking and Larceny ; Si
mn und E'llen \'uleninle, \'ioha
ioni ct I)ispon itry L aw: Fletchie
i nil Ellen Cast I eberry, Burglar
i I,:irceniy; Pink McKinny an
1. II. 'I'olly. AssaiIt an Balttery
Cla rioy .iolison, 'iolat ion ca
Dispensary Law; Zh Elgingc
ilcr:r Ed 'ounrig. Larceny ; '
ter \Vhite and Jh 1111 Harrison, aid
igtt; prisoners to 'scaipo .hail; Johi
1Harrison, highway R1. 'bbery an
it, the fllowiig eases the Grain
Jutry retuirined "No Bill":"' Pa
)ic kson, Violation of I)ib:pensar;
Law; A. 1). Patterson, Burglary
an,d Larceny: Paul Williams, As
sault and Battery, carrying con
cealecl weapons, Guilty and recoin
mendation to nercy.
In the case against Castleberry
the jury rendered a verdict of guilt;
with recommendIation to mercy.
In the0 case against Henry, John
E'arlo anud Bee Hlunter charge
with Burglary and Larceny a v'er
dlict was rendered Guilty of peti
Peter White ana John HIarriso
aiding prisoners to escape Jail
The evidence ini this case was corn
plotedi late Monday eveninig, ther
being no attorneys for the defensE
the Solicitor made no argumeti
and on Tuesday morning th
Judge charged tihe Jury aus to th
law. A verdict was roturneld
In case of Zeb Edgings charge
with murder, at plea of guil ty C
manslaughter was accepted an'
prisoner sentenced to three yearu
In the case against Johin Harr:
son charged with H-ighiway robber
resulted in a verdict of Not Guilty
In the case against SInon an
Ellen Valentine, Violation of th~
Dispensary Law, the case as t
Ellen was nol prossed andl Simo
entered a plea of guiilty and wv
sentenced to pay a fine of $100.0
or threo months. The sotenice
was suspendedl till Aug. 1st.
Lomn B. Martin and Della Ram
sey charged with aduLltery. N,
pro'ssed as to D)ella Ramnsiy ;Ma
tini t ruod in his absence and com
victodl, sealed sontence left.
* * *
To the Honorable Ernest Gai
p1residing Judge of the Eighth J1
dhicial Circuit:
WVe the Grand Jury beg leave
make this ouir presentme~nt for ti
suimmer termIt of cour't, 1902.
.1st. We have passed on all 11
1)i1ls handed us by the SolicitGr.
2nd. We have by a special coi
mittee of our body examined i
Count y Oflicers, except the boo
of the Trial Justicos and herein i
clude their report to us.
3rd. We have by a special cot
mittoo of our body examined ti
poo~r Farm and find it well kef
We find that thirteen paupersP a
no0w provided for by the farm.
4th. We find that the pes
road law is inaduequate to propel
work the roads of the count
IWhile some portions of the coun
I roads are in a fair condition otlh
3 portiona are in a miserable shal:
-We recommend that some law
3 passed whereby all the reads
O. put in a substantial shape and p
> manent condition. .We also r<
-commend that the road leadi
f from the Iron Bridge at Old Pic
-ens to Central be worked for
Sfind it in a miserable condition
- th. Finally we wish to rett
-to the Court and Solicitor<
a' thanks for courtistes shown
f All of which is respootfully at
A Family Re-union.
Thore will b) a ro-union of tl
ry Williams (anily and a public pi
id inc at Peters Cicek church on Aug
r- lst, 1902 (Friday) to which o'very
a body is invited to comeo with we.
re filled baskets.
- T. T. HU"E1..
le Turkey Knob News.
8. I believe nothing strange ha
l8 taken place in our section. We
e have had copious showers for th(
d last three days and last night a
heavy rainfall.
d A little son of M. II. (Dock)
n and Lizzie Lewis died on Thursday
At liorning the 10th inst. and was
0 buried at 4 o'clock Thursday evo
ning at Mountain Grove church.
'1'ho farmers are finishing up
their work in the crops and seem
well pleased with their prospects
for good Crops.
Well the stand of of samdidates is
prot13 good and still coming. It is
f pleasant to know that wo have so
man.y good patriotic citizons that
are willing to seive us the best
they can in Various ofiices and I
am sorry I cannot vote for all of
n them.
One of our old farmers has a lit
a tic patch of corn he calls his 'brag
s patch'' lie has perhaps three-fifths
of an acre of low damp land in, the
patch aiid he expects to get at
loast thirty bushels of corn from
it it no (1isastor hiappcens to it. Will
report when gathered, D. V.
Whoreas, It has boon our pleas
ire to be associatced( as students
with Professors I. B. Dominick
and J. K . Owen, instructors in the
Pickeis County Summer School,
and our intimate relations with
L them as teachers show them to be
xcellent instructors and true
Christian gentlemnen. Thereforo
-hb it
r Resolved, 1. That we tender
our thanks to our esteemed instruct
1 ors who, by their faithful work
and scholarly attainnents liave
f made the time spent here so pleas
ant and profitable to us,
- 2. That we endeavor to adopt
- their method of teaching as set
forth by their work in the Sum-.
I mer School.
3. That as the school has been so
:1 satisfactory to all and such as suc
t cess we hope they may be with us
again at our next Summer School.
4. That a copy of these be han
ded them and a copy sent to the
- county paper.
M r. W. J. Berry,
Miss Virginia Ligon,
Miss Conyers Allen,
Mrs. K. L. Cureton,
Mr. Leo D. Gillespie,
- SeilCongressional Campaign,
t At a meeting of the various
county chairmen held at Anderson
i on the 7th inst, the following pro.
-gramn for the special [congressional
- campilaignl was arranged:
N inety-Six, July 21.
" Phoenix, July, 22,
t J3radley, July, 23.
McCormick, July, 24.
Lowndesville, July, 25.
New berry, July, 29.
Prosperity, July, 30.
Long Shore, July, 31.
~'Pickons, Aug. 2,
Walhalla, Aug. 4.
Anderson, Aug. 5.
Ab'>eville, Aug. 8.
' Greenwood, Aug. 9.
Iva, Aug. 11.
S Pendleton, Aug. 12.
e Mount Airy, Aug. 13.
Easley, Aug. 14.
Meet, Aug. 16.
Cateechee, Aug. 16, in the eve
Seneen, Aug. 19.
Fair Play, Aug. 20.
> Ruhiamahi.
We\V have a Ilourishing Sunday
at this p)lace. Mr. B. D). Garvin
Superintendent, Mr. John A. Gary
assistant Superintendent and Mr.
Robt. Owens, Secy and Treas,
' Everybody inlterested in the
grave yard and church yard will
o please meet there the 22nd inal
withgsuitale tools for cleaning oil
e The health of our community It
very good with the exception o:
~. Mrs. Berry Owens who is in failing
e health.
ks Crops are good considering the
a- little local showers we have had
crops have been worked well.
LI- Mr. Joe Gaines and family hai
11e just returniod from Piedmont wher<
t. they have been visiting relative
reC and friends.
W. 0. G,
y- All candidatos are notified tha
tV their assessments must bo paid o1
er. or by the day before the openini
e. of the County Campaign. Th
be County Cainpalgn is as follows:
be Easley, August, 15.
ar Li ber ty, Aug. 16.
~-Central, Aug. 18.
"g Eastaton, at Antioch, Aug. 20,
k' Pumpkintown, Aug. 21.
we Dacuevills, Aug. 22.
rn Hurricane, Mile Creek, Aug, 10
rn ickens, Aug. 29.
LC hm. Co, &,. Con
+it DENTIST "e
okenrw w0or
o 13y the solicitation of my many frient
I hereby aunnounco myself t cntlidatl
for the oflico of Supervisor of Picket
countty, subject to tho action of tho'den
ocratie voters at the approaching pri
1mary ulectiou. 0 .Lsn
(G. M%. Lyxe. i
'The many friends of L. D. Stophen1
horeby annlountco him for reelection t
tilo ofiico of County Supervisor Subjec
to the .Domucratic Primary Election.
Many F'rionds.
1 hereby nnUUoutnco myself a Cndidati
for the o1lict' of Sttporvisor for Picken;
Couity, subjoet to the action ( f the )om
ocratic prinary.
S. A. M1cAL1STER .
'J.'h(e friends A. J. Welborn hereby an
nounec; him as a candliidlato for Cootty
Commrisaioner, subject to the action o
the democratic voters of I'ickeis couny
im th .tpproaching primary.
The friends of 1). R. Evans hereby
announce him a candidate for County
('ommnissioner Pickens county, subject
to the action of the Democratic party at
the ap)proaehiug primary,
T1'hle friends of A. B. Talley hereby an
nounce him i candidate for the ofilce
County Commissioner subject to the no.
tion of the I)onocratic party at the up
proachling primary.
'Tho friends of W. M. Gantt, hereby
antnloitcc him a eandidato for tho oile
of Comity Comiisioner. Liekeus c"otul.
y subjOect to action. of the )emuocratie
voters at the approaching primary.
At the re<luest of friends, I horeby an
nounce t myself a candidato for re.eku'fion
to the oft.. of County Countitssion.r
subject to the action of Democrat ic vo.
tern at the approaching primary.
Rtommrt' S-r.w.t rr.
Sheriff News.
Aflter several weeks of very hot
and dry weathor we have had some
Cool and refreshing showers of rain
and the farm I)lants are looking
Most everybody has fiuished
their work in this pIart and are now
ready to enjoy the watermelons
fried chickou and big meetings.
Children's Day will be observed
at Fairview (hturch noxt Saturday
July 19th. A very intoresting pro
gran is being arrant;,g,d and a good
tiitt is expected by all. A pro
tractod meeting will begin at that
place on Snnday following. Thl
Rev . 11 r. Lowdermilk will be as-is.
ted by his brother and let us hope
that imich good may be accom"
Mr. Monroe Johnson, who h8
been in Birmingham, Ala. for the
past year, is visiting at his fathec'.
Mr. James Johnson .
"Ye Scribe" attended the asso
Clatiii which iet ai. In1on1 Iast
Sunday and never before have we
seen as large a crowd as assombled
there for the purpose of enjoying
good singing and dinner for the
people of Enoni always have both.
Mrs. Web.orn and Mrs. Mullin
ix visited the latter's in ther Mrs.
Griflin, of Brusny Creek last week.
Constable Miller of Easley was
down on this side summoning wit
neosses to attend Court this wveek
and spent the night in this cOlmu
nity. Comie again Mr. Sloan.
Chatter Box.
Foley's Kidney Cure purfics the bleed
by straining out impurities and tones up
the whole system. Cures kidney and
bladder tronbles. Bolt & WVebb Pickens
and Chapman & Callahan Liberty.
J. A. Kelly relates an experience sim
ilar to that which has happened in at
most every neig~hborhood in the United
States and has been told anid re-told by
thousands of others. -Ho says: "Last
summer I had an attack of dy sentory
and perchatsod a bottle of Ohamiberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
wvhich I used acoording to directions andi
with entirely satisfactory result. The
trouble was controlled much quicker
tani former attacks wvhen I used other
romnidies." Mr, Kelly is a well known
citizen of Hlenderson, N. C, For sale
by G. W. Earle Druggist.
Charleston, S. 0,
Founded in 1785. Stron.g Fac
ulty; well equipped chemical, phys
ical, and biological laboratories;
Library of 14,000 volume(s and thc
fintst Museum of Natural History
in the South. Elective coursei
leading to the degrees of B, A,. B
S,, a ml . A. Board with fur.
n shred room in College Dormnitory
can bo obtained for *1.0 a month,
Tuition, $10. One scholarship giv
ing free tuition is assigned toPick
ens county, the holder to be lip
pointed by the Probate .Judge an
the County Superintendant. Tota
eXpenses for Scholarship students
$112 to $130. All candidates fo
admission are permitted to corn
pete for vacant Boyce Scholarship
which pay $150 a year'.
Entrance Examinations willl b
hold at Pickens on Friday, July 11
1902, next session begins Septem
bor 29. For catalogue, address.
Harrison Randolph.
S "I aim using a box of Chamberlain
5 Stomach & Liver Tablets and find thei
the best thing for my stomnh I evt
used, says T. W. Rtobinson, Justice
the Peace, Loomns, Mich. Tlhere Tal
lets not only correct disorders of 11
-stomach but regulate the'liver and boi
els. They are easy to take and pleasal
in effect, Price 25 cents per box, lP
sale by 0. WV. Earle Druggist,
. ateechce Democratic Cluib,
Thi, club extends a general ins
tation to the oounty candidates
b' m~eet with theta at a place toi
prepared in that town at 01
ao'clock on July 26t, (8aturday,
Sound iIdqeys arc safe gurds of lI
B e h iu A w ttil ifl
All Couity omices, ouch, - $5.00.
,llatt;istrllte , - "t 2.5o.
A l o tter offices. t'' 5.tiW.
>i T1he ab)oVo prives a re invariably 1N
FOlR (ON(lt i-:Ss.
S 1 horleby annotuIno lysclf a candlidatc
i for Congross from this, the Ti iltl Sonth
Carolina District, stbtject to the action
of the democratie vaters ait tlo al)proileh
iug primary election.
R. V. SiliT1I.
I hcr"cby an nunee ulyself at eantidilate
for c'ongress to reprnesentl the Thid, S.
C., I)istriet, sithject. to the: atiol of thl
letocratic Voters in the iap)ratchilg
primary. W1'a. J. Stribling.
I hereby anno1Unclle muyself at candidate
for Congress from) this, the third IDis
trit, subject to tlie act ion o ,f the demo
eratic voters at tit) al 1pprto;ohing prim airy
(ie(). E. PRItiN(' I-.
I hereby annonnee myvself at conlilatte
for Congress to reptresent t hi, t he ''hiri
District, subject to the action of the
l)enocratic voters at the apl)lroachin ,g
priuiry olectton.
E. 31. .RUlCK -:ll Jr.
We are authlorizedl to annuonncc) \\. N.
(Iraydonl, (if Ab tevil!e, ns a e:alidlate
for Cong ress fromt ut the Third Cong;;res-;"
ioial bt ri); t t subjct to the actio of
the Denocratic pritary.
We atre authorizretl mino 1\'v)1tt1
Aiken, 01f .\bbeuville, as at eatunlidtate ' for
fotl}oingre'ss routa t e Third Cogressionl
D)istriel, subajet'.t to the aetinu of the
li )ntot'r"atic votors at the aohioagiut
r rot"ilvaty election.
I hereby announc myself ia candiira
for Congress from the third South Uer
oliat istriet, subject to the netion of o
the tlmoc ratie vot.ors at the approaching
primary election.
T. li. McCatll t.
FOit TI'l E tEi:-.i:
'Tle friends of Labl)an Mauldin hereb)
annlouneo hlim, as at cautliidate for thefienl
ate, subject to the action of th i Iemo
cratic voters of Fick.ons county at the ap
Iroachi n g primary.
The friendls of Charles E. ]ohiusol
helry atltonnto l. him as it a :untlidatte foi
the Sentic', tHubject to the action i tf th<
lemocratie volers of Pickens county al
tho apprIoachling prinmry.
''lhe friends of C. 1. ('arpe ter here
by lanounee him .as at candidate for tht
henato from Picekens cotoy, subject t<
the action of the inu aer;tia: vo)ter)us al
the apiproaching primary ch-etion.
h FORt f E 1 OSr.
I hlerebl a)lltaamaace my} ' caudidtey fot
rlocItet i o he ouSe of tt l t pesumite
tives from P'ickcens canny, tubjct to
the Democratic priurl.
Ivy" M. I,At".u.
The friends of J. Ashmore i Iinton
hereby anlnounce him candidat crti1)ao for
the house of Represotattive from Pick
ens county, subject to the action of the
denocratie. voters at the atppIo roaching
piary election.
Tho11 friends of \V. d Wiim heohyi
ieyannounce hu lla a canditato for the
House of Representatives, frm ikens Oll
cty, sub.ect to th e acetionof t heooa
iDemooraticvtat the appoaIigproary.n
The friends of N, A. Maukrin ohere
annotuce himlaUcandidatle fora the Houset
for Reroeties ofot Auditorcounty
icosnt,subject to theatoofbo Demctic o
pte doati app rachtng ppra. i
Thei friends of Ma1~otew etI H enrek
hery annl1ounlc him a8 a canl1diatIo thr
ocoy sudjittoHijt) t Ile ac tiollh do
tilc)atlu oersca at tlpprochig prim
arly eectio.
hereby n lIo lCO iis hi cni dtire
foute ofhe ofpresenttvs PItsickers coun)
ty,suet to t actin'of the DemlOitic~oti*
ioers Pioke aproenyatchipriary. g
Thy tif)riest of of A. Chris fphordro
Ipectfully annlounIoo hms a canididate
for -eetio the o fce of Couny eAu itorcfo
ofPicn county, ujCOt to th action o
ofthe democratic voters at te approacing
lprimary election.
Thle friends of hEr V Fostr eeor
banouc him as andto for the lc
oiieo AuditrbOt to the c~tio of(h
tdemocratic patrty of Pien cointy pi
I eetuly announc1e0 msl ai canldidate
for therllicie.ofutCounty Treasurort, sub
Sjet to tile action of till democratio vt
~ Iherby 1lllOiB.0 Fyetcher Lesdloy.
for tle slictat of my manyll friens
I breby announCo myself a candidate
for reelection to the oice of Trasroa
~ teof kens nfty, subject to tacin
~ ltlof the democratic voters at thpoah
rrcing primary election.
. . Chapman.
-. The esli of nuryW. fri ebs
. anunct myhima a andid for 1ic1
Tryasrer subotto the action of thoca
tyJ ayproaching primary
j The reqns of ame . Lawrn
repclyannounce hilfs candidatec
tioec to tie acilo of te democrty
O deI bofb anono mysl aoth codt
counyfujet . the D"-14pato o the de1~
FI hey anonce msel a cnia
SJdg o Pckos outy subec to t
--'ill'l-iE .\1E I.
If prices haive anlythin_: t 1
of Spring aln:l lnl ner I1
well sift(le , blut we still !i
We hutve I nice line i
tliat just stilts this lit v.e-.11
when in need of :auiy lhi,
(1oods:. Ouhr prlices' :re :111.
n)tlinig bui t11 he( t ! Itl:o
The' fruit "roll is 'li rt III
1111( ' . 1 hii i is i' \"1\ \111 "Ih1.
Iill y"i r'l ful it il s i ln - : Ir.
W e arI Ifferi I bli; !'"
perales, iinitics, (t.. I Ih.
(o orltu li fo r it I! 11 r o . u;
Fihles fmr c\ I"\"1rt Iv. .I -oni
nothing., but thec b)e- i; I ts'o
et I i 1 -1 st.
li1ra lrt " II' all l: {:i"..
suralllt"s, brlti ,. hn; ,"; .u- ,,";
If" you a(rt liink:il-,y -
shring:l" lniil .s1upplics, ,11 b
l.ir; Hs, O" \ -I
lit i(1 (d, t U(i:i .1 C i , -
s: ome l ia rri to g
th'S the voffnd - ar te r'Yt
0,1. R. AAW
tlargetws anXb'ate r(n .t\t
havlte toclhc iyokef thi il j.
rcoicest veryies. pis.p:i
Ini each dlepartmen)t you will il
you to call andi see usi
And Card
It s wrthallit costLs to have
seeds, we have inIt
C arden and F.
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spadi
0Hooks, Mattocks, Plows and P1
STturners made, Wheel Barrow~
Machines, and Furniture of all1
A Nice, New, (.
New Goods Coming in a
~Anything & anc
oAbout a Hoji
SMW o nit llt cm
Notrulet so
ith it. Our stock
b ' h:s hween pretty
-t b;,-r;ins to offer.
I!,bh '! Ser:.e coats
n t O 5 to eeu
". ( not'; ;"urnishinl
-lh' and we han<dle
:r.b t that is all the
.- w h%\ fat there is.
-b 1'~ c the prices
.1 i'otIt:nth'e , Iawns4,
c,rI. Do,n't, niss this
.) We hanldle
hll waya'tile
t of aII
* Itole s1o
we't ha Lve shown. Wie
rithey' -re in reach of
m the Northern Markets,
';w>l. helie of the season's
-nt is equal to any in the
al the Ladies in Pickens
artment. You will find cor-.
nd big values. It will. pay
isorrow Co
= Seeds
good garden. Besides the
;ek t.he necessary
e.ming Tools!I
s, Forks, Bush Hooks, Briar
uw Stocks, Best Steel Beam
s, Iron King Stoves, Sewing
Cinds, Pretty Styles.
~lean Stock of
d Going orut Every Day.
I * Everything.
1e or Farm..s
und look thrt'ugh our rooms1.
I,broUigh our 8toCk.

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