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The People's Journal.
PUllISul CDi W1'MIa.
T. J. MA.1),tN, - - - Edit(or.
W. Lis'1 : M.'IINY, -- iis. Mgr. .
ICutorect at t.he Post olice at Picke s ais
secon(I-class mnattor.
'T'UI S I) A Y , JULY 2-, 1902.
As the people "lay by" their
crops, they IOlIizo that better pros
pects for anl abindanit laryest weri
nevel' Smn in Pickens county.
TJhis is indeuod helpful after three
i~~~ u-lcce'Sivel years o'f short crops.
Central people are getting to- t
g-tlher and moving to ree over som0
of their lo ses through revt',ses
and Subsequent inactivity. The
late movoumeni. in that town for a
cotton mill is meetin g with encour
agement. The preliminary work
in securinfg this eiterpriso is in the
hands of COllpOtelt h)usS imen)i
who are dlt^Frm1ined to plalce and t
keep Central in the line of mar-ch
to progress blazod out. by her sister
towns. We have no doubt that, in
a hnw months, Central will have
taken on her old time activity and
will hgin to grow and again he
the plae of relativo importance
she once twa in Pickens colnt.y.
-- very Iinie a sI'ainger coies to
Pickens and feels the reviving ef
fects ,f the pure air, gaod wa er
and pleasant; nights and enjoy s
the ccol Imounllit aini 1reez(s, without,
haviig to vonltl(1nd with IlOS(uita'es
ho takes occasion to express ii in
self on the poctlliar advantages we
are enjoyintg all the timle. 'The
fact that he is hero is a suggestion
which, if followed up in a business
way, would ho the means of imoney
making not open to overy town inl
,''outh Caroina. A good, cain
miodious, up-to-dato ho(lA is (need
od and it couldie iwmado to pay,
and such i instittion would be
IaI iiiiE scdu illl leans of adver
.'sing our town and the counlty.
If we had tlh+ accommodations the
people.1 W:udi. Comet.
Til STA'[3 CAMPAl(iN.
U' mutingi tI of thle Statel Canidi
in Pickenms on .July, 16GthI on
their regulir rounlds was one a] to
gether harmonious, and though
none of the~m delivered any great
speeches or said a great dealI calcu
lated to enlIigh ten the people, each
showed himnself a'i good speaker and
caught thei a ttention of the ple~)
wh o were vecry ord(er'ly and qi et.
thiroughout. .1t is imupossible to
forecaist with aniy degree of' accur'a
cy, 'vhiat will he the result. It is
a fact, noted generally, howev'er,
that there is pIlnty of goodt mate
rial in the race this year from
wvhicoh to select acanldidate foi eh
state oflico. Pickens is noted for
the good order that has always
been observed at these campaign
meetings, and the evenness with
which the first meeting at this~
place was held and concluded
helps to confirm the belief that, at
the meeting when candlidates for
the Senate and Lower HIouse of
Congress will address our peoj,le
on the second day of August, thio
Same good order will help to make
that meeting a success also, and
therefore it is urged that ladios
come prepared to spend the (day and
hear the aspirants for high office
in the national legislature. The
management ini chargo of such
.matters will see to it that seat.s are
reserved for the ladies and we be
lieve we can promise themi a most
orderly meeting. So make up your
4minds to come and hear and see
Sthe men for whom your hiusbands
and brothers and friendls are asked
to vote.
These campaigns appear to haye
little to do In determning the choice
of the people further than bringing
them in touch for a short while
with the voters and enabling them
to look into the candidates' faces
when we regard them only as to
their surface effects, but there is
an element of education in -"them
which is doing good and which
adds to the good effects and reas
ons for the primary system and
Which gives the people opportuni.
ty to judg'e from personal contact
as to the qualifications of any can
SSo let us.have a good g athering
6f Athe people on Saturday, August
*eceond, when we will have with
ablenen who aspire to reproe.
"'%tus in the national Senate and
when the qeiosof
weo~iern will be discussed
The Stato Campaign meet
wvas called to order Ju lv i6th at.
,'cloclr. A good crowd perht
'aching a thonsand pooplo he
tII the candidates patien1
.brough. Tho best of order p
'ailed throughout the day, a
hus Pickens county peoplo ad(l
o their reputation for good or(
11(1 attentivelss on si.h oc
ions. Following is ia report, of t
A. latrgo citnelr of Picke,n.s cot
3'S yemomaN assm1111 1led at the C' t
sieat. to he'sar the ")l,litical issut
f the day dis:ussed. The erm0'
as Variouslv ('stimnated at (hitO to ti(
MIeeti2 callCd to (rlar b v Cu
hairmian T. J. Mlauldin, who, requi
ed Rev. O. 1. Alnev to invoke t
ivine blessing.
('andichtte LU. X. ('un1ter for Al t
vy ((e1,(ral was lir:t speaker atl:l
L'ee pu1', his ,(pplonenlt Mr. Ntew(n (
n the (1ifCnsie. :d r. St.V("n,
(creed to, have golth n1 th1e better
hie tilt.
Then foilowcd1 J. lios. Austi11,
re nh yill e, for Se(reta1ry of Sta
t' iiiade 11 lear out In IlV Speel
lisoutitely devoid of at personal
'1'htn followed i\r. Gantt, it g(
pl -kr, who took occlsiol to III ak
arsoial ia Iitaeh on Mr. \Wilsi
Vhen Mr. W\ilson';s turn camo, hle
itod Ar. Gant.t to go and tintl i
ciat coun1ty he hwas from and muak
ccord for himself. Mr. Wilson
civ(1 lib,eVal applauso.
'TIhon cime 'Mr. O. B. M.artin
tato IlH erint(Id ( nt of IE' dli(ation,1 I
oly" (':adlida*1te fo,r Stat, a:'i;eo fr
_'iCI:el1; couniltV. Mr. larinIII Vas1
1is native hea;th nail ww;. at hti"; h)
Jc was 11 ie-lal," faii tI l ) p
1(n2 a~ who was; absenit. ili jaa
ri2u1 en1i t. l:a;ugl.lt tlhe criaw.i (li
' I w'th tr t mdil o((1i; at .!a
',ul y (_I1:lrlulln ) L;ut(i11 s{
a Mrtt 111. Me."labIa w.i a Ai nh ,
l. It . . e (lei no wor a o m1: h im) I
w,o11l:1 in1.'ctn hice the ne(xt ;p(.:-,k r,
W. 11.: Iharl( f(ir' Compul(trolior
t,nut. M r. ihatlpe i"i ti a .xc l1lit t
tell er and ('. "loa wilht trena."'ndou5
it :;. T11hn fo,llowed Mec:srs 1;ro0
niI Jon( :: w\itl their utsulal ,p erae
Next. e Ame lh sirs. Frost, Patrick
lV( \, Ih.twen which the hot
eaaln(t1 about e<( h'pially diVidedal.
l>'td nuta it happy Iit in lis im0
(ion to the olii "'(ets" to tt.end
reunion at Gareenivillo ini Augois
they couhl lhav all the.- good w
the' waltead to think- amt anyti
''io Chairman read a letter i
rl1. Raatuse, regrettinlg lir; in1ab1ili;
be present on account of a spra
N.'xt followe'. ile caravan fIr I
(Ca nnnLIiSier.* Mr. .J i a8es N an
of 1 Tia, Yo rk coun ty, cam io I
Mlr. Cansxler is unlqiu'st iinably3
elown of the entire aggrecgationi,
is ruinig his~ level best-not
votes, bunt simply for popularllity.
Then i llowed Air. Cau Lginnan ,
his v'i1.orouls speech. Next sipea
W. B'o:.da Evjlane. Mr. ELvanii
ceever sp eake r, ad maiikes aud ex
tionIally line ( 2apaXearac.
Mr 1. A. C. Jep'[1)m faollowed in a
libearate presta(titiaon oft his c2IlimI
.N (xt eniniO M1r. Hf. J. l'inr ji ,1
Mr. .Johni G i. Mohley, whoa proa
the( presenlt inihcmbentt pretty li,
and1( strongiily phad his oiwn cause5
Next c'lfo the presenC1t incumbil
.J. (.. WVilbosrn, wh'lo dev'oted a lhis
to his de'fenlco. ThelIri was a a
1ey tht crealed a ripple of ilnteres
Theia Chairman read ai letter
La,tly came Mr. J. G. WXoling,
which camo ani intermission of
hour fori dinnuer.
Thei crowd re-afssemibled prtonl
a1fter dinnler'; CJhairmanit int rod
Col. .Jas, H. Tilhiuan who maide
usal a speech, refe rrinig to swoerd
dent andL jogged his opp1onenits ii
side, much to the amiu.somionjt of
D)r. Timmierman next followed
st rongly presented his claims~ and
prioudl (of his reccord anid thannkead
su IpportersF for t heir past fauvorai,
ging their suiff rage in Itis race La
t ho climai~x of an1 activo and1( hono10
Mlr. Ansel then followed, lie
greeted with marked demllonsit.rati,
most miark~ed of any dulrinug the
H1is reference to (2duicaltion wals
t.iculaly well recived. aSaid
this was (one of the paramount h:
of tile day. Next to good con
schtoos isl goodl roads. Mr.
madoI al capJitall specechi andi hlad S
dlid insipirationi in) tho enithiluis
the crowd. From~ the mfomenUlt la
gan till the close of his fiml
"Brother Crafford" tale, the coi
sion of lisa speech-the crowd su
toward the stand and gave the ci<
M~r. Hfeywar'd followed and mai
good impression with his clean,
cal speechk. Ho pleasantly .tw;
Mr'. Ansel for addressing Plckeni
as "fellow citizens of Ooonee."
tribute to the old soldier was to
ingly beautiful. Mr. Heyward
olved fair applause.
Then followed the eloquenut
war-horse-4.Col. Jasper W. Tall:
The Oslonel blow the Farmer's
ance horni long and loud. Mr.
bert sustained his reputation
capital story tollbr. His educatic
theory was received with no den
stration-was listened to attenti,
throughout and closed with some
Chairman then read telegram I
Mr. McMahan stating that offl
duties kept him away from the a
Mr. oBlesse was first to speak
Lieuteniant-Governor, and was
coived 'viUh some applause, f'ol
ed by ?4r, (*th' Who made a etralI
[email protected] s(( #0, Mr, af
geposial P PneaIne
. 1mado a sp)ondid im1prsijosn.
og .d. Jio. T. 8loan ma lo i lth :itna
10 p"jech(el of the (ay, mia'in;gIt a god imu
pJhression. 't'ho Colomil is ia vigozri
ip(1 l)eakcer", and I is ao oriacla:011 omti
tor for thu olli;o to which ho :SpirC.
re- W 1' ).
ecl Late in the (iy at senlsatlont waS
sprung involving Moss. 'Talbort
1 and J. II. TillmanIl which ill biI e
plaiin(1 by t!ho foll.ow i g:
A lot, ter a(dlr:set(I to J,lnes li.
'illhntl andt gottcn out. by W. J.. 'al
bnert created at little s!ir aIt Pickens
(1yevstc llay. It somii.; that Mr. Tal
bert oalled; a t the post llicc Ie ( (vn
! in;; btefore and asked( for "muail for"
the cmpaign party," and Assistaut.
iI" *t mst.r', Aliss NatiO Maublio,
h:td.1 him s:ome mal that she imec;"
-as for himbers of the c:Uni)tign
pa;rty", Ittnolg Ownm, solnl) Inlil i,r
11 3r. 11c-ward ~others :1tild the maIiil in
"T" hox, which, c ,nt;int.da lot or for
.hm;. I1.. Tillun. Mr. 'Tailbert re
tiurned theo uiail of IIeyw,ar(I ma one(
o)r two others, 1111 retaitntd r l. Ti 1
te. oiit's lette"r. When Tilbnan r.mnc in
- in the tnorning ad calle1 for hlis
c ail, the pos,tmaiister sated1 that, there
was1 no,thin,;, bst tha:t at mwimber of
')(1 tho catmjpaign party got at letter for
him tht afternoon before. Mr. Till
'1n111 wantead to know the l)am11o of
party that got. the mail. Tho assis
it iant postinaster" wa'i not, sure' 11)out
)ut his 1)nmt', but gave a description of
S-m lderl getlalnllL that exactly fit.
t' a 1 Mr i. Talber:tt. Thle Potimaster,
t w ) ishing to lv a r(raslable
he hItt ats to whlto t1h;, party wtia", wel.
unit hnomlglit .tr. Tlbe,rt in aw)1 I Ih.
. tsistilnt P.'); n:thre i:lem iitl1t him
1t; tho ntI:n that ;>t. 'tie k-ttt.or. i\ :.
Tallb(ert statedl tha:t he( was; Very sotrry,
ut dd not 11 get t1h lei-1, amd th'
it was i tln lntuSual to hivo ietItSe
last on the em'.11pai n rouii )Is, th.at h.
b-"tl lt st at gr111:m ,n 1 !at " (:vcll
i(,;t re i.ter i 'l;;:14s.
.un igi th. day .\tr'. i n mI ,U
hn-I I11 " r f-,;i- \i:.-;. t.,, u d -
l ' l ri:1, amli iti ; ,l("4. t LI:,\ t 'lw at I(
r ;- agli;lg to at aboul it. Mtr. Mor
i;ididl not. g;ive him1 :maltifaty
't!' (h1n Mir. T1'ilhmil sttarie.- to tih
l rain, ho st)i)l ped at. the p11ts,,ica ma,
u1 "a1kedt PI)t,:umster \I )lrri.; t.' givo htinl
ani atfli.lavit t ll a, Mr. Talb.'t got bi
Co l 1t. Mrtt . 11 i:rris startedl to Itaklic
ol thu allidlavit, butl, llj,nI a sCCt+ll
thou .)ght aml Ihoe1vdric) of sevral at
t>rtlopo, decidled1 not to give it, a, i
-e waus at m'ttter for the iFsderal depart
m0nt. Ir. Tillmn Iiihn blamno ill
hlt furiated ancl stated that he ,volil
r lli telegraph to \ \asliingin imi ),cli=t<
I t yI 11111 ask for the remo avatl (,I' Ih
iO)stmaster. This t.hraea. is lllic:;11e1 f,
as tie matr.1('P will have it go thronti;;
SO)th lt(ads than Mr. Tillban's an4
. isbyodhspoic futrth
14 h)bel)oino a w1 i!Ies in ih easeClUt. M i
IeT. 'iiilhuan 'ill use0 it for 401 campig
adthunderlC and0 wo 1aro listening to 11441
of Talber''h"ightning" (tist) strikin1
frhui the face.
ii) Cut this ont andl take it to r. 0. \T
kor, Ei,rlo's Dru~ig Store 34ud1 gt a4 box<
is a Chamberlin's Stomnehl 141nd Liver Tal
eepj. lets. .'Ili h)o 4 bet py'sio. They43 also e
v ih h . Campmeeting Notice{.
The 1 tirid anual11. CamU)pnieet il
Ided of' the S3outh Carolina Coniferenic
'ely, of the WVesley-an Methodist conne<(
t ioni (or' (chuirch) of America wVi
ent, bo held( (1). V.) at Glenldalo Par-l
ight Parties (com1ill' onl the Southonl
lob-. can1 stopl C eie at Con verso
t. Spar tanburg, andl go out to il
roml patrk (on theO electric car line. T1l
m1CC- pIroachers of the Conferenic- all
uterV those ospeciailly invited will bo ot
one( tortained fre-e of charge. A. fin
class resturant will be on Ii
ptly groundi(s in a charge of the electri
nteed railway compjaniy. '"All'' arec e5
1) pctod to bring lan1ket s, sheet
mI-th pi llows and such airtmics als th<
hemay need to slooep thiemselvye
The1pailionl wyill seat 1.i teen4 hui1
idred-0( peole ar,d( is beaunti ful
Slighted bly electrlicity. A larp
hHtont wvill als'o be on the grounli
)0'whe vlsit.in)g lad ie, fo unish i
their own ho<Iding cant alh ep. le:
'ablo tIoman and1( lad ies watier co s't 114
dlressinig romls 'on,ven,ient. TI
was. waiter s4upplyV is) aibunldat andlu I.e.
daiy. and1( the publ1 tic enerial ly are~ inii i
pa'-1o to atitendl. Our mlott' is "11-l
that I'e)ss Unito the4 Lord ,, The1 51peri
sues featul of1' ~ ! t i lam will he~ Il
mon01 conv11 ion 1 o0 u -rs a111 n d4( t he oiat
nusel sanct1iIicatio:n 4 f be! eve:'s. A! (3.
Illli- cop)Jt tliloo 14' (:'4 t. y 11i os 11t)d t t :4
ni of 10oadinlg .a rls iln t lie serv icea)- a
be 11e(xpected ,in ("om1e pre trud to ta.
nous1 carP0oOf t hems-I 10.. The II partk
1(c1u- not siItuated nearfl an y 0114's boul
rged1 so you se0 tho albso.luite necessit
>sest of comning p)Qreare with both1 cas)
and bedding. Thei 01111 cm ittee ir
:1o .a vite fervent pra'lyI'r for theo sutcce
logi- of the meeting from all those intel
ited ested in the spread of "Scriptu-i
nitos HIolliness over those lands."
Is L. M. Johns)on,.
e.C. B. Smith.
re' L. G. Clay ton.
old ~commllittees.
oIIwastroublled wIth kidney com Ilail
Tal- for ou iw years," w,ritos A. II. Dav
5 a or Mt. Sterling, Iii., "but two bottlb
nal of Foley's Kidney Oure effected a pe
lo. manent cnre." Bolt & Webb Pickens
vely Chapman & Callahan Liberty.
ro The prop.totors of F~oley a kioney an
Ta. do il not advertise this as a eure om
Ma o osmto. hydo not olali
eet i wil uro this dread comnplaint in a
vanced cases, but do positively asse:
for thait it will oura in the earlier at-IM<
re. tnud never fnils to give comn 1o
og. an relief in a&h worst onnes, ole
h Hlotn andi a without dt t
.'atst6 hoat an lonermmly .
Notice i.; hvrehy givon to :uII whomt i
-Yil "'t"I&C i n III ..t M1's. . F. 1Kolborn1
1111s filed i r IIs i'io11 ill thss 011io proz
lg for hoiiestead aoxe1p1iou inl the
estilto of W. WV. Kolborn deiconse(l.
''Io Petition will ho ival(I in my of.
tif nit atuIdaiy tho 26 day of 'uly,
'ihis 21 June 1092.
-Boggn (S(al)
't'alo L'l(,. Kii .(' (Curl. It has
("er I whena(' Pvrthn II i: a: I:(i.impointo(d.
A. R . n>t;a , l . .lorgan1 towni, fnd., had
t9 get 11P e orI tJ welve tilne. in the
iight ail htt see"'re baek:elh IIl pain
in the ki \y V aa cured'( by F'oley's
Ctre. n,)1l1 & Webb and Chapman &
Ualhth lin Liberty.
When yon are suffering from rhmta
tim, the kidneys must b tendted to at
01101 No that they will eliminate th1 uric
aciti fr>m the blood. Foloy's Kidney
Cure is the most elYeotivo romedy for
this purl-pose. I. T. Hiopkins of Polar
Vis., siys. "A ft:r nuti.necossfully doe
torihig threo years (f rhenmattism with
the best doctors, I tried Foloy's Kidney
Cutre and it enrod tuo. I cannot ipeak
too highly of this great medicino." Bolt
& \Vebb Pickena & Ohapmluau & Cllahan
Suminer conplant is usually provalont
among childrou this season. A woll do
voloped caso in the writor's family was
cared last woek by the timely uso of
(1hamborlain's Colio Cholera Romdy
on(' of thO host patent mnckieines maIna
fauor r :1"- whielh is always kopt oi
hand n n i ' thi nome of . o soribe. This
I is I i : S - i as Pa i n' i 1mi' of 1,h
fle So. G l" not aIdvrhze with but
. t>b. ner"-who ut1iV no t b)
i ," ': of it lihysiuian. No
1 . hI h. ' in ornno
t'1me. Ior i) y G. \'r . l;;rlc".
of So. Glen Fa!is, N. Y., des.
cribes a condlitiom wh ichi thous
with theirs.
t ;:. Read what lie
sy, and note
tihle sim,ilhrity
of your own
JP , ,.: case . Write to
7:e Wnr hiI, enclosing
dressed envel
L. D. Pcahner. ope for reply,
andl get a per
ti sonal corroboration of what is
r' here given. He says regarding
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure:
"I sufferedl agon i.!ing pain in the left
breast and betweenl miy shoulk rs from
heart troub)ile. My heat3rt would pa pi
3 tait', flatter, theni akip heat. t.til I
coul no' longer lie ini b-'d. Nh:hit after
ightt I walked the floorl, for te Kedownl
woubtl have" meant suddenl death. My
conid itiin r,.,.mjed abneso,t hiopeless whea
-I began taikig DJr. Aiile., IfLart Cure,
g but it hel e d me from the first. I atter
0 I took Dr. AMiles' Nervine with the
I teart Cure and the effect was aston
ishing. 1 carnecstly imiplore siilar suf
vi ferers to give these remedies a trial."
Sold by all1 Druggists
ont guarantee.
Dr. Miles Medical Ci., Eikhsrt. Ind.
,Is now in store. The stc
Y crisp, nlew goods. Each seaso
este and prettiest goods p)ossib
hv surpassedl all former seas
. much talk ab)out goods, but my
is c'laim I make. I have undoub~t
g of white good s ever shown
~oOds in every new stye and ec
SMy Pr'ices arec as lowv as gl
r~ dect3'nHned to my store interes
iand notins~ this season. Tw(
-)Iroven to ma;ny jpopl of Pic
hyenrely unfpOni it. "'Give
goohe (ds anld prIices are not sat
A. K
b -.
te-~satew at tbe 'S#Jb
ttya tono .tha Natue
Rdru6 the nmoe ildpoi
Ibo wQrk, without, ohookhc
*yi1WD. Oookie and a
n -
Spartathurg, S. 0.
II. N. SN YDE lt, M. A., President,
Full College Courses. Favor
able surroundings. The boat in
Necessary expouses from $160 to
$175 for the year. For catalogue
or other information apply to
Woffoi'd College...
...Fitting School.
T. Spartanburg, S. C.
Elegant now building. Careful
attention to individual stud(nt.
Board and tuition for year, $1[0.
All in formation given by
A. MI. D)uPRlE,o
lhead Master.
re -
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good fresh Virginia S)Gd now on
Pickens, S. 0
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Next 30 Days
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l10s8 thani usual price. We have
01me exceptOinal values0.
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re is brimming full of bright,
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le, but this season, I feel that I
ons. I do not believe in too
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:edly ome of the p)rettiest lines
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oodl good1s can bt sold. I am
ting to all buyers of dry goods
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kens, that whatever I tell them
me a showving," is all I ask, and
sfactory, don't huvI\.
'EaUi -ti4asiTbat4
tffiItbe elbiha m .ti
the our,.
0r cure that competep doas
r injury, to any -pArke0 the
Imples free of anyi deet*
Tw.nty-Brvo Daose, 850. -
Wo want you to cole and exami
lates &c, )ef oro you buy as it will cor
avo taken great pains in selecting th
ay that our pries on the above goods
han the averango.
Wo offer the largest slate for 5c we
0x14 inches, Pencil 'T'ablets from Jc,
vriting paper for I(e. School _rayons
Don't fail to see us whon you war
>ins of all dosriptionIs.
Wo are constantly adding to our
sall and see what; values we havo for a
'l'here is nothing more pleasing to
ire. We have a few mtedaiions made
l[ipicking home life, animal life water
ects. The most remarkable nedalion
We have just received a new shil
.leased 8o many customers. The pric(
One Price C
Do you like coffr-e? Well if you
)f the best roasted coffee at 8!h, for '
;reen coffee on the market.
If you over indculgo in smoking ct
ly !ets. And if' you wan t a celaeper ci
Perhaps you ca mo away from home
Course you don't want to drive home w
need( not do it for you can get aiiytliing;
The best flour on the markot for th,
fellow tundersell us on flour.
Plenty of knives for the boys, and
We have some bargains in Shoes an
Highest price paid for all Cotuatry
. 7'1cges f]f L
==-TO BU
B"'giiinin; Monday morning June :30
Mens, Boys aid Ch
.,25 Per~ Cent Discount off
All str'aw h'ats at 334 per cent dis<
$20.00 Suits now $15.00. $18 00
no.w $12..38. $15.00 suits no $11. 25.
smis now '3 50. $8.00 suits now $6,0(
suits no0w $3.75.
50 cents p)ants now 38 cents, 75c
now 75c. $2 p)ants now ' .50. $3 pa
$3, $5 pants now ;83.75. 4~0 panltS no
All Goods Sold For CASH.
Main Street, Gre<
Buying and Selli
Goods than
Stores in tl
WVe are exclusive agents for
Clothing, recognizedc as the best r
Amenrica. We carry all grades.
OI5.0o; Boys' three piece Sis2
?iece Suits 50 cents to S6.oo. W
[0 to 25 per cent, on any suit you
We carry more Shoes, and se
>ther merchants in Greenville. y~
1el1 from $1.25 'up. More of o
'ickens county today than from a
o sell every muan, woman and chil
hoes this year. We have
Bring the Madam and Childre
o Greenville. Make our store yc
froom for the children to play ii
nywhere else in the city, and SA
very article she buys,
le our line of tablets, paper,
tainly be to your interest. We
is line and believe we can safely
are 20 to 30 por cent cheaper
have ever seen for the monW
to 4c each 12 sheets splended
Sc Box or 2 for 15c.
it any )ilns, needlos combs, hair
l0c counter and ask that you
the eye than a beautiful pict.
fron actual photograph scenes
scones, and other beautiful sub
ever offered for 10c.
)m'nt of Holly flour that has
) is still $4.26 a barrc1.
ash Store.
S. C.
lo, come and let us sell you some
1.00. The bst 8 and 10lb
11 and got the Enpro Cigar-on
gar call for IWar Eagle or Old
and forgot your dinner. Of
'tlhout your dinner. And you
in the ctnned goods lino.
L money. We wont lot the other
prices to suit them.
d Dry Goods.
Produc .
3, HATS!
th we offer our entire sto3k of 4
ilds Clothing at
the Regular Price..
Sount. No hat carried from last
ui te now $13.50. $16 50 suits
$12.50 suits now $9.38. $10.00
). $6.00 suits now $4.50. $5.00
euts pants 57 cents. $1 pantr
nts now $2.26, $4 pants now
w $4.50.
Remember the Date.
nville, S. C.
ng Miore Dry
any three
hie City.'
Strause & Bro's IHigh Art
nade, best fitting Clothing in
Men's Suits from $3.00 to
50 to gro.oo; Children's two
guarantee to save you from
buy from us.
11 more Shoes than all the
Je guarantee every shoe we
ur shoes are 4>eing worn in
ny other store, but we want
[i in Pickens county their
n with you. when you come
ur home while herar Plenty
, and the Madans can find
a look at in our store than
VE $g o 25 per cent. ge

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