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The Peop . arnal.
Local ant _ .A;jam.
-LOST- Silk umbrella-dark
red. Leave at this oflico and get
-Miss Elma Ashmore, of Len
derville, is the guest of the Misses
-Mr. and Mrs. McIver, of
Charles on, are guests.at the Am
bler Ho iso.
-Dr. Vass filled the Baptist
pulpit Sunday, preaching to ; good
-Great floods are reported from
the Missouri and Mississippi val
loys with accompanying damage
to crops.
-Miss Martha Cureton, who has
boon in Seneca for the past three
months, is home on a visit to her
parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Curo
-Judge Gary after adjournment
of court spent several days in.Pick
ens to enjoy the mountain breezes
and make an excursion to the
-There were never better crops
in Pickens county than we have
this year. Good seasons and time
ly and judicious work have done
this for our people.
-Don't forget to arrange to
conic out to Pickens Saturday
Aug. 2nd, and hear the candidates
for United States Senate and for
the Lower HIuse of Congress.
-All persons interested in the
Bothlehem grave yard are requos
ted to meet at the church on Fri,
day, the first day of August next,
prepared to clean off the grounds.
Bring tools.
-James Harris, after long and
tedious work has succeedol in
reaching water in B. F. Parsons'
well and is now engaged dressing
rock for the new jail. Mr. Harris
is an expert in his line.
-We are informed that several
cases of small-pox have appeared
near Stewart in this county. Two
daughters of C. B. Finley have
passed through the crisis and now
two of his sons have it. Several
other cases are suspected .
-Major Iicah Jenkins has ta
ken charge of the Collector's of
fice at Columbia. It is probable
that the division deputies, C. E.
Harper, J. H. Fordham and Geo.
W. Murray will be retained for
the time at least.
-The State campaign grows in
interest. The Senatorial candi,.
dates are also making things more
interesting. A higher order of
speech-makmng is developing as
these candidates start on the last
half of tgeir rounds.
--Those interested should net
forget the special county campaign
meeting arrangedent the instance
of the people of Cateechee. The
candidates will turn out in full
force on Saturday 26th inst., and
the voters will be there also.
-Old soldiers and their friends
are requested to read the notice
herein in reference to the plan of
perfecting the Confederate rolls.
Clerk of Court ]Boggs has the
books and will deliver them wvhen
the township authorities call or
send for them.
-Mrs. Amanda Billingsly, wid
ow of the.late William Billingaly
died at her home nerr Dalton
post office on the 14th inst of
heart trouble, aged about 53 years.
Slhe leaves surviving one daughter,
Mrs. Joseph Perry and three sons,
She was for many years a consis
tent member of Keowee Bapti st
c3hurch and was buried the (lay fol..
lowing at church.
--Smith & Bristow, of Grcm
ville, are up-to-date clothiers.
They keep a fuel line of the best
goods carried on the market and
offer them at prices within the
reach of all. They have no shod
dy goods and they have one price
for all customers. They have on
hand now a full line. Call and see
them when you need something in
the clothing line. See their ad
--The government is collecting
with the view of dlesse mination,
information concerning the cotton
crop. The Census bureau is at
work arranging to gather statistics
through the medium of the cotton
ginners throughout the south. A
man will be appointed in each
county to supervise the work and
each ginner will be requested to
make reports at stated times. This
xnay operate to shut oft speculation
somewhat, or it may make specula
more active.
.--.Tolbert and Jim Tillman have
each denied the whole statement
of facts reference the Jim Tillmru
letter matter at Piokens. A post
ofHoe inspaitor has been in Pick
*nu to inYestigate Jim Tiliman's
charges which he had telegraphed
to Washington. . fost Master, Mor
ris has laid the whofle matter be.
fore the department.. Talbert
olaims to have, affidavits that he
Was-slok and ini his room at the
time he Ia alledg~ed to have called
tot and received the letter in dis.
yiate. Tillma~n says he is sat'taned
Taltbert didn' t the letter, Well,
h ip Tille esa 1g *uoh a
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in
Easley July 29th and 30th.
-Nice, ripe, juicy watermelons
are on the market, all home iaised.
--Miss Mario Folger is attending
the State Summer School at Rock
-Miss Vivian Folger, of Easley,
is spending a few days with Miss
Lucia Folger.
--W. L. LaBoon is spending a
part of this week at his home in
Anderson county.
-Candidates are cautioned not
to forgot to file their pledges and
pay their assessnents.
--"Bubba" McDaniel is staying
at the drug store during the a. -
sence of Mr. Brandon Taylor.
-Mrs. H. I. Horton, of Clinton
S. C., spent Tuesday visiting her
brother, Mr. J. E. Boggs and fam.
-Florida had her first state
primary election last Tuesday and
it is said the plan worked satisfac
-Miss Mamie Schwing, after a
pleasant stay at the Ambler house
returned to her home in Greenville
this week.
-J. Douglas Jenkins, Esq., spent
Sunday with Prof. Chas. M. Fur,
man and family at Clemson Cul
-A crowd or young people en
joyed a straw ride a few night.s
sinco . They were chaperoned by
Mrs. Gilreath.
-Como and see my fine line of
.iewelry. The finest line ever
brought to Pickens. Sold for cash
or barter. Mrs. Cureton.
-Bi andon Taylor, Earle Jen
ningp, Guy McFall and Jake (Gilles.
pie loft Tuesday morning for a'trip
across the Keowee and into the
-There will be a picnic at
Burch 's Ford, Friday, August 1st.
Prominent speakers are expected
to address the people that (lay.
Let everybody come.
-A. B. Williams, once oditor
of the Greenville News, came down
from Virginia this week and tried
his hand in the editorial columns
of that paper once more. It soun
ded familiar.
-The news comes that Senator
McLaurin has refused the Judge
ship of the Court of Claims ten
dered him by President Roosevelt.
This is an $8000.00 job and the ap
pointment is for life.
-Hon. S. W. T. Lanham a na
tive of Spartanburg county, S. C.,
who moved to Texas just after the
war, after serving several years as
congressman has been elected Gov
ernor of Texas,
-Try to bring your famnilios
out on the 2nd day of August and
let them hear the candidates for
office in the federal congress. Ar
rangements will be made to make
things as comfortable for them as
-Nice line of crockery and
glassware. Glassware in sets at
wvholesale prices. Fresh lemons
and fruits in season. Pickles, the
best of all kinds. Canned goods
and crackers of all kinds. Can
dies, etc., at Mrs. Cureton.
-Summer. Institutes for farmers
are being held in several counties
of the state. These institutes are
held in counties which invite the
corps of instructors which are sent
out by Clemson College. The State
Institute will be held at Clemson
August 11 to 16. and a large num
ber of farmers are expected to take
-The newvspapers over the state
are saying that Dr. Hartzog's go
ing to the Arkansas State College
is an excellent solution of the
vexed question of Clernson's p)resi
dency. He loaves Clemson with a
complete vindication of his course
so far as the college authorities
(Trustees) are concerned and, in
his new field, may be ablo to steer
clear of the rocks that ruined him
at Clemson.
Thomias HI. Boggs.
Thomas H. Bloggs died at h's
home in Fernandina, Florida, on
Tuesday, July, 15th, aged 44 years.,
The remains were laid to rest ati
Old Liberty cemetery Thursday
In early life Mr. Boggs was mar
ried to Miss Kate Ariail, who,with
two children survives him, Mr.
Boggs wvas a brother of H-on. Ju..
lius E. Boggs of this place and
leaves many friends and acquaint
ances who extend to the bereaved
ones their sympathy.
The Enrollment of Veterans.
Clerk of Court A. John Boggs'
has received from the state enroll
ment committee of Confederate
Veterans,a county enrollment book
and one book for each township.
He would be pleased if the town
ship enrollment committees would
cnaRat his oftice and obtain these
books, so that the enrollment may
begin at once In every township and
Th is plan to perfect the rolls of
the veteraus is a good one, and it
is neoessary that the work be done
thorougly, Let each township
and neighborhood enroll their own
veterans, and it is hoped that the
nighbors, kindred and friende of
44.liiqgob 4ead Veteranma will
4Me,l #nt in I *dine tan ane..
An Explanation.
I dosire to correct somne ropoi
in circulation in reference to wih
I understood Supervisor Stephei
to say in reference to working tI
roads in Hurricane 'Iowinslip,
understood him to say that Coi
missioner Stewart would ,not g
the chain gang on his side of ti
county. But sinco I have had
conversation witlh Mr. Stephei
and he Baidl he meant that t]
chain gang would not go into HIu'
ricauo township until they 1inishe
the work in the town of Libert
I havo no doubt but that this
I), E. (Iarrett.
July, 16. 1902.
Mr, Editor:-~.
As there have been various r<
ports circulated in reference t
what Supervisor Stephens said i
our presence at Liberty abou
working the public roads with th
chain gang and especially in -Iui
ricane townahip.
Wo understood him to say
I want to work the leading road
with the convicts first and thou i
We have any time, put it in on th
other roads. I want to use th
commutation tax, and the hand
who have not paid on these othe
roads, and I want to pay Libort
what the county owes them an(
work the road from Liberty t
Pickens before Comnmissioner Stew
art takes the convicts to Ilurrican
Signed: W. 0. Willard,
J. M. Hunt,
T. H1. Parsons,
Thomas Gillespie
W. 0. O'Dell.
July, 19th, 1902.
Ho for the mountains 1 S. L
Stewart and family, Misses Corri
imd Flora and M. 11. Boggs fror
here and(1 Miss Florence ''ompletoi
)f Abbeville, are a part of the Lib
erty delegation.
Good rains have fallen the pas
two weeks and crops greatly im
proved and heir.g rapidly laid by.
We had hot., parching wind
Sunday morning which wilte<
crops badly, followed by good rain
and higher winds in the afternoon
Winds tangled crops badly.
There were many visitors in towi
the past week. Several of th
state candidates gave us a passinl
call. Some of them took specia
pains to wiii votes from everybod,
while it was noticeable with other
they pressed their claims more vig
erously among those who happenet
to have on a clean shirt, etc.
The remains of T. H. Boggs wer<
brought here from Florida and lai<
Lo rest in the Liberty cemetery th
17th inet, funeral Eeryices hein
>onducted by Rev. T. H. Medd, o
Watermelons are plentiful bul
oot es large yet as last season.
The Liberty Cotton Mills hehi
:heir annual stock-holders meetinj
Lhe 15th. Satisfactory results re.
The Oil Mill will be lighted by
lectricity next season ; a dynam<
>utfit has been put in for that pur
The question is what's wron
.vith our schoolimachinery, it won
.vork this summer--valuable tim
July, 22, 1902. 0.
liazel Nuts.
Crops are looking well and w
are having plenty of rain. Far
mners are about done laying by an<
averybody seems to be in fin
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Field
R. Chapman on the 12th Inst,
Mrs. Gillespie of N. C. is spend
au while with her son Plato Gilles
pie of this county.
Mrs. Harriett Bowie accompa
niied by her son Calhoun and wif
are 6n a visit to relatives ani
friends in Piedmont this week.
Hazel Nut.
Wec have had plenty of rain thi
wveok and some of the heavies
winds .1 ever saw. On the 15t
there wvas a severe storm whic
blow dlown Jots of timber an
broke down corn wvith some hai
but no damage of consequence.
Our crops are very good, hot
corn and cotton but the crows hay
eaten all our watermelons and vw
don't know what We will have f<
the candidates, only tell them the
will be sure to be elected either t
ofBice or to stay at home,
July, 18, 1902. 0 . B,
Old SoldIers Relief Association.
There is a movement on foot t
estabhsh a relief association fo
needy veterans8 of the civil Wari
South Carolina. Preliminary ster
have been taken to effect an orgax
Ization. Mess. J, B. INewbery, e
Pickens, D. F. Bradley, at Easlea
and L. R. Durham at Picket
compose a committee for Picket
county. Any information give
them as to the needy veterans wi
be forwarded to the state commi
tee And all people interestedi
the movement are requested I
take notice hiereof,
Foley's 3Kidney Gore purfes the blot
by sranng ot ipli s ad toes
to By the solicitation of my many)1 friend
I hereby annotunco myself ta c ididat
for the oflico of Supervisor of Picken
1 county, subject to tho action of tho'del.
e ocratic voters at the approaching .pri.
I mary election.
. (1. M. LYNCH.
3t The many friends of L. ). Stephons
mo hereby announce him for reelection tc
a the olice of County Sulprvisor Subject
to the .)omocratio Primary Election.
10 heeyMany F'riendu.
_ I heroby announeo myself a candidate
d for the oflice of Supe"visor for Pickeus
county, subject to the action ( f the Dom.
V. erratic primary.
la S. A, McALISTE;I,
The friends A. J. Welborn hereby an
nounc him a a itcandidat for County
Commissioner, subject to the action of
the democratic voters of Pickens couny
in the .pproaching primary.
The friends of J). R. Evans hereby
o announce him a candidate for County
Commissioner Pickvns county, subject
to the action of the Domocratic party at
t tho approaching primary,
The friends of A, B. Talley hereby an
nounco him i candidate for the office
County Commissioner subject, to tho ac
tion of the Democratic party at the ap
1 proachiig primary.
Tho friends of W. M. Gantt hereby
announce hil a caundidato for iho oflice
of County Commtisiouer. 1iokens coun.
e ty subject to action of tho )olocratic
r voters att the alproatching primary.
f At tho request of friends, I hereby an
I notncol myself a candidato for re-election
y to the oflico of County Commissioner
. subject to the action of )emuocratic vo
ters at the approaching primary.
lor:rr Sii:w.urh'r.
Thanking the people of Easley town.
ship for thoir support in 1900, .1 horhy
announce my candidacy for re-olection
to the Oilico of Magistrate, sulject to the
action of the democratic voters at the ap
proaching primary elect ion.
Respect fully,
FOR CO'I"I'ON WEI(;llht.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for Cotton Weigher, -Pickens township,
subject to tho action of the Demoeratic
- voters.
Walker Youngblood..
- Public Debate at Oolcenoy.
There will be a public debate at
3 Oolenoy church on Saturday, July,
l 26th. Qurery: Resolved that par
3 ents are justified iu shielding their
children from the ordinary toils
and temptations of life. Affirma
1 tivo-Maynard. Negative-Shady
e Grove.
r The debate will begin promptly
I at 2:30 p. in. Let all attend.
Lem Freeman, Ohm
- Notice to Old Soldiers.
The surviving soldiers and sailors
in the Confederate war at'o hereby
called to meet on the first Saturday
in August, next, at 10 o'clock a. mn.,
at the following named places in the
several towvnships of this county to.
Easley Township, at EasIlev.
Liberty T1ownfshi, at Liborly.
Central Township, at Central.
Hurricane Township, at Six Mile.
Eastatee Township, at Aiken's Store.
Pumnpkinto,yn Township, at Pump.
.Dacusville Township, at Looper's
Pickens Township, at Pickens.
When assembled at each of the
several places above named they shall
elect a chairman and a secretary, and
Sshall then proceed to elect by ballot
one of their number who is not a
a holder of nor an applicant for a pen.
sion as a representative of the veter
ans of such township.
The representatives so elected shall
meet at Piokens court house on the
a first Monday in September, ioxt;, for
- the purpose of electing a County Pen
I sion Board. J. B. Nowbery',
O hm. Co. Pension Board.
9 J. A. Kelly relates an experience simn
A ilar to that which hais happened in al
most every neighborhood in the United
.States and has been tol andl re-told by
thonsands of others. Ho says: "Last
summer I had an attack of dysentery
and p)erchased a bottle of Chamberlain's
C olic, Cholera and D)iarrhoea Remedy,
a which I used according to dliroctions and
with entirely satisfactory result. The
trouble was controlled much quicker
tani former attacks wheni I used oilier
renmidies." Mr, Kelly is a well known
citizen of Henderson, N. C, For sale
by 0. W. Earle Druggist.
s "I am using a box of Chamberlain's
t Stomach & Liver Tablets and find them
the best thing for my stomachi I ever
used, says T. W. Robinson, Justice of
a the Peace, Loomis, Mich. Tlhese Tab
d lots not only correct disorders of the
I, stomach but regulate the liver and bow
els. They are easy to take and pleasant
in effect. Price 25 cents per box. For'
h sale by G. W. Earl Druggist,
Cateechece Demoecratic Club.
r This club extends a general invi
y tation to the county "andidates to
o meet with themn a . place to be
prepared in that town at one
o'clock on July 26th, (Saturday.)
Sound kidneys are safe guards of life.
Make the kidneys health with Foley's
0 Kidney cure. Bolt & Webb Plokens &
r Ohapman & llahan Liberty.
A. 3. wAIm4AW,
- - DENTIST -:
tWill be in Pickene until further notice,
, Office up stairs in the Carey. bullding
8 over Brock's Grocery Store.
a5 NotIetoTraspassers.
Mill persons are hereby warned
not to hnrt, fish, hunt fruit, dam,
Sage timber or trespass in any wa3
on any of our lands, including th<
SRhoda A, Mauldin plaoe, Any
violation of this notioe will be
~ro .Wed to th. full extent of the
1s QDA A. M4A.Dfht.
All County ollicos, each, - - W.O.
MagistratteS, - "
All other ollices, - 5.0.
''ho ihove prices aro invariably IN
I hereby anouuco myself a cnldidat<
for Coinrres from thist, (1ho Third South
Carolina Distrtiet, subject to tho actiona
of the dietocrat ic voters at the approach
ing primary election.
I hereby anlnolnee myself a (andidate
for Congress to represent the Thi, 5,
(J., I)istriet, aubject to the o-tion of Ih
lolnueratic voters in th lpprta(hlliIg
primary- i. J\11.. ltrib)liug.
I hereby 11111llto'e myself a eanididate
for Congress frou tlis, tho thllirI I)is
triet, subject to the action of the dtelm)
cratic voters at tho ipproachinig prlmtnary
Geo). I0. 1'1iI NlI:.
I hereby anlonnec myself at condi li(thte
for Congress to reprc:eut, this, lhe 'third
)istrict, ::u1bject to the acti< of Ihe
Democratie votors it the aIproauching
priuary electin.
1E. \i. .RtU C KI-I Jr.
We are authorized to annimo - W. N.
Graydon, of Abbeville, 11 i t h e:uutit.te
for ('ongress from the 'hird ('on:ress.
iotnal District :.tub jec tt to the actiti of
the De)ocratic prilmary.
We are authlorized to annoutnco Wyatt
Aiken, of .\bhevillo, as a canIiclate' for
Congress from the TIird Uongrest ional
)ist.rict, siub ject to the octit i of the
Demuocratic voters at the approtching
primary elcetion.
I hereby m:ultolunco mvaelf a cnliid;ilie
for Congress from the third South Uar
ohinit District, subjcet to the action of
the democratie voters at tlue al)proacling
primary election.
1. 11. \ (Call .
FORI Til1: S1-:N.1'T'1:.
''ho frieonds of Laban tMaul inl it-rel,y
announce hiun as Ia caidaul,litste for thw iiul
ate, subjeitt to the 1ati,tl of th I ),'mo
cratie voters of I"ieken:s county st the >
p)roaching, primnary.
Tie friends of Charles .. liotiason
hereby aunuonnct' hin 1m it a( olilate- for
the Senate, suhj'ct to the actiou of the
democratie voters of 1'ikens coutnly at.
the approaching primry.
The friends of C. II. Caralpenter 1'ere
by annolnce hin as it candidatte for the
Senato froml Pickens county, :uj.lI't to
the action of the )enmoerati; voters at,
the approaching primary election.
I hereby announc may catncdidacy for
re-clcetion to the 1louse of Representa
tives from Pickens connty, :mbject to
the Democratic primary.
The friends of J. Ashmoro Hinton
hereby announce him as a candidate for
the House of Represeontativo from Pick
ens county, subject to the action of the
lenocratie voters at the approaching
primary election.
The friends of Frod Willita hereby
announce him as a candidato for the
House of Rep resenitativesci from Pnickens
county, subject to tihe actionm of the
Democratic voters abt tho approach lag
primary electioni.
The friends of WV. G. Mfauldin hereby
announce him ai cantdidaito for the Houso
of Re'presontatlives for Puckonis county,
subject to the action of the D)emocratic
party at the approaching primary.
The friends of Mathewv Hendricks
hereby announce him as a candidate for
the House of ]Itoprosontativos of Pickons
county, subject to tho action of the do
mocratic.voters at the approching prim
ary election.
Tne friends of WV. Nelson Bolding
hereby announce him a candidate for the
House of Rep)resentativocs, Pickens coun
ty, subject to the aoction:of the Deimocrats
ic voters at the approaching primary.
The friends of N. A. Christ ophor ro
spect,f lly announce him as a candidate
for the office of Counmty Auditobr for
Pickens county, subject to the action of
the democratic votors at the approach ing
primary election.
The friends of E. Foster Keith here
by announiiico huim as ia candidtato for the
oflee of Auditor subjet tob the action of
the d(emocratic p)arty at the comning pri
mary electionu.
1 hereby announco myself a candidate
for the ohile of County 'Treasurer, sub
ject to the acdion of the democratic vot
oe of Pickens coenty at the approaching
primatry election.
B. Fletcher Lesley.
By the solicitation of my many friends,
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for re-election to the office of Treinsuror
of Pickens county, subject to tihe action
of the democratic.voters at the approach
ing primary election.
S. D). Chapiaain,
The frienids of Henry WV. Farr hereby
aniounico him a cantldida,to for the oflico of
Treasurer, subject to the action of the
democratic votora of Piokens county a t
tihe ayproaching primary.
The friends of James M. Lawsrouco
respectfually an nounce0 him as Candidate
for Treonsurer for Piokona county, sub
ject to the action of the democratic vo,
tern at the coming primary.
I hereby announce myself a condlidate
for the office of Treasurer for P'ickens
county, subject to tile action of the de
mocratic primary. (G. RI. Hendricks.
For Probate Judge.
I hereby.announce myself a caindidate
for re-election to the office of Probate
Judge of Pickens oouuty, subjet to the
action of the democratic voters at the ap
proaching primary olection,
J. BI. 19ewbery.
BJy the deslhe of numerous fzznds, ]
submIt my name as a candidate for tho
office of Probate Judge of Pickens ounm
ty subject to the action of the D)emocr-atic
party. J. L, 0. THO0MP-ON.
At the request of friends, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for reelco.
tien to thme office of County Suporlnton
dent of Eduotion subjoot to thle notion
of the Democratio party at the Ud r
One Minuate Oough Oum'q
FmP 99e8wg P9eWs a Mo
if' pl'i(t.$ 11;t :(tiy'hin-.
Well sirtced, hltt we"( .1i11 h
W e hiv"c a ni("e liin( 1f 1
that juist t-t is this l t w :
whenl i n1(d of any% l,i
(;(Uds. lhinr privel, :n.r("
114thing but te Ihke,1 (. t
Th'lle fruit r lit i
I,ii vulur tfriit IL. t1 cl,c t .,
We are offeringli
pervale"S, din11 lis , et(. , ;at
Uppou ityl\ for it 41on1't (<
F hoes8 for every')body, o
notthing; Iu the b>est '",o
Ilardw:avc tall kindl"
>,.,dlc t, br"idlles, hntt'!;ic ::1
It* y,n are thinkIinat
~nt pii((: bh i b,1( Iu'ing.
sh in "I( niill 'tpli41h, sn(eh
1"it1 d,-ll I" I, (Ia (tin n
F O L G E R & u i l a i1ih .;c
. ' Soo the cu oe w.e 1ar' , (1cr
HEA Thl B31{CI
New Spri
Ar ri vin
the largest and by far the pre't
have lifted the yoke ofl high pr
MVIiss HutighesC1 has jut re t uni
where she p)urchased Iahirg a:
choicest novelties. T1his~ depas
larger towvus. WVe cordialy in
county to call andl inspect this
rect styles at vcry low prices.
In each deplartmenlt you wvil
you to call and see us1
Heath- Bruce
It is wo: rth all it co:sts to have
seeds, we hav. ini
Garden and F
Iloes, Rakes, Shoves, Spu
Hooks, Mattocks, lows and
Tturners made, W'heel B3arr(
Machines, and Furniture of al
A Nice, New,
New Goods Coming in
Anything * an
About a H<
$$ We invite all to come
No trouble to sh<
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nig (oods.
ne~t j* ;e h~~,~dVe~ S Own. We -
Sd t h'.y are in reach of
I'k L ;aY Northern M\'arkets,
al consIq 11ete line of the season's
trnent i~s e:qual to any in the
viI.e al the! Ladjies in Pickens
departnent. You will find cor
1 fInd big values. It wvill pay
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a ~ ~u.. .denI:. Besidles the
stc the ne1~c(':sairy
'arinrg Tools!
tdest, Forks, l3ush Hooks, Briar
Plow Stocks, Best Steel Beam
nys Iron King Stoves, Sewing
1 kmnds, Pretty Styles.
Clean Stock of
ndGoinut Every Day,
d * Everything.
yme or Farm,n
andI look throuIgh our roomgs
>W lbro ug h ourstc

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