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The People's Journal.
PUn111 il DI W1EEKf,Y.
T. J. M.wI)r., Editor.
SW. Ll:sI,m MArEA1Nr, - 1us. Mgr.
Entered at the Post Offeo at Pickens as.
seconiclass matter.
snubscril01o1, $1.00 11 Year.
i'I UR S 1) A Y, JULY 31, 1902.
Cateochee received the canldi
dates hospitably last Saturday, and
the people enjoyed the (ay.
It seemts that it is about tilo to
begin to bo doing some of the
much needed work promised tho
pubic roads.
The Stato Summer School at
Rock 1ill is over and teachers from
all over South Carolina will take a
well-earned rest.
Advertising costs a littie but
nothing evor came to a com ilyt i(%
or individual without some cost..
Iuldicioius advertising is money
\rell spoi1t.
The people of Easley roytllly en
tortained the visiting I)reC',h('rs
and delegates to the Methodist Dis
trict Conferenco held in that city
last week
A 'icke-is contract,or. I. E.
Grandy, I'MS th' contr'act. Ior build
ing the new jail . This keeps Pick
ens 11101ey at, home110 where it canl
circulate to the advantago of Pick
enls county I)eoll.
Provident farmers can, to somlo
extent, , rtify themselves against
the ravages of tlh meat trust by
utilizing mitore of their lands 1or
pastu rage and gi\vilrg their timil1o to
the high iml)rovement of that por
tion they Plant.
* V-*
If all tho good promised by any
candidate, in the event of his elec-.
tionl, should comle we ight vote
at random and go home to come
forth to the polls two years henco
to find this country a perleet b)usi
10s5 clysiutm-l But,we ''can't al.
Ways sometimos tell."
Nino-tenths of the cand idates for
the one vacant placo on ti Rail
road Commission will feel, after
election, that the state has 1111(1e
an nwful blunder; the remaining
enith wvill feel secure in tho
oct of froo rides, trans-conti
.1 trips aind a geneoral goodl
*.. with salary attached, for six
long, easy years.
Every w eok 0or so) Homo. good
progressive man seeir ing opportuni
ty for inlvestmen Ltiand looking for
a desirable place to make his hom1o1
mnakoB inmjuiry of pickens 1)001)1 as
to the nature of Pl.ickens county
- lands and the character of her poo.
y .-The best anud all that can be
sald to such prospectivo settlers is
to Come and Beeo-moot the p)eop)1
and judge, from a personlal inspec
tion of the country and its advan
tages, as to the desirable elements
from the stand-point ot a home
seeker. We are glad to welcome
good people who Comoc to make eit.
Izens of thlemselves-we need such
and we believe the p)rospcCts will
present themselvos to the thougeht
ful investigator in auch a way as to
work a conviction that this coun
try, Pickens county, gives as11 t,
tering iniduLcemenlts anId pr1om1ise of
as great returns for the ex peniditumre
of reulsonatilo capital and( en ergy
as anly county in the southerm
The camiptiign for Congress ib
warm'initg uip and1 gives moero ilter,
est tha'nl anly race. Voters ar<(
rallying to itheir county mien h:
every county iln the district hlaving
a mian in tile fiold, while those
counities which havo put forward
no candidate make the real battle
grounld of .the camp)aign, Local
pride plays a good part inI every
campaign and this coupled with fit,
ness and qualifications for office
arouses people to, positive, active
rickens county will stand by her
candidate to the end, and justly so
ginlce he measures up to the re,
quirements demanded,
Greenlville city is sparing neithier
1inoy nor pains in the prepara
tionsa under Way for the entertain.
iinent of Confederate Veterans and
6:isitors at the stato re-tinion there
to be held in August. Railroad
faewill be reducedi so as to offer
',aol inducements to residents in
~~ he lower section of the state and4
ea0v440 goz$ldently expeoto hey~
in the 'hospitable work of enter- I
tainment. To all who go a royal
welcome isassured.
Fc'urmtanI tni"ersity and Greon
ville city, along with the Baln,tists
of all South Carolina, lose a st irng
:nii( active forco inl the rosignation
of l)r. A. P. AMontaguo as Prosi
dent of Furman lJliyersity to ac
('ept the Prosidency of l loward
('olloge at Itirmii gliaml, Alabama.
I )r.Miontague has fait h fully.and de
votedly worked for the u11buildintg
of Furman Iniversity and his gen.
iuis of dit'iOCt1011 ha) 1m(ad1 it ole of
the foromost institutions of loarn
ing in tho sonthorn states. South
Carolina regrets to give him tip but
the best wishei of all denoml inat
Iions go with him to his new fi. Id
of 1ltir.
More About the Text Book Matter.
It is amusing if not pat.hetic to
sre Al r. McMahan craw lishinig out
of his responsibility inl connlection
with the wholesale chango of text
books for tihe State schools. No
hody, not even Alartin who is AIr.
Mc;\la lian 's oponllout has held AIr.
McAllatan wholly responsible , but
merely for his vote Ol tho matter.
M r. McMahat's latest oecuso is
that h. Io has been so busy corrocting
s,lanlerou-s re1)orts conc,)rning him
self that. ho has not bOOn ablo eVOIn
to attenld all the imeet.ing. of lie
State Bont d., and thus attempts to
Sii rk ti) Ie.polsibility of' his inl.
dividual yote inl that august body.
This is a modest confeseion1 from a
stato official.
Air. Alartin, Pickei county's on
y cadid ate is making a clean race
against ir. MecMahian anid tho
knowing ones say he will be elected.
It, ought t0 be easy. Pickons
county will staind to hoi worthy
We bolieve there is a futuro for
I'ickons ()linty brightor ovet than
any prophesy that has boen )ic
tireld to ol)portuttnity seeking peo,
Ido without. In )ro)rr atdvertiso
ment lies the teal ttineasuro of what.
w maly oxpuct to achieve in the 1
near future. ''hore are p eoplo
with moiiey whlo aire seekingin
vestmen111t and(1 Ith lre ar unevi
oped lands anld hiddon01 rosources of
w~eailth that nood( only tihe touch of
energizing capital to make thmem
respond and ibrinig a consequent I
upbuildinig of' the wvhole country.
F"or farinig pulrploses there is no
land that, will excel ours, 110 cli
mate so equabie and favorable to
the grow ing of lnearly evoryth ing
grOwnii nl thle temra iite zoneC.
Thel best of thiis cond(1it ion ofthliings
is that the people)1 outside are be
ginnlling to find1( out thes th inugs in
sinto of our1 eJasy-goin)g way8, and
oro thrusn8~g the means of dev~A
opmlent uipon us..
Col. John 0. Sloani, of Richiland County. t
Col. John1 T1. Sloan, of Colum- p~
h ia , w hose candidacy for the posi.. r
t ion of I ,ieuntenant Governor hlas I
been duly aninounced1, wVas born at
p'endleton 8. 0., in 18-10, and1( ron r
.xivedl hiis eduention at the Acade- '1
my at that place. Whioni only 17 (d
years old lie left school to join tihe I
(Con,federato army. As a private t
ini t om11pany A, 7th SouthI Carolina v
(.tvalry,h' served first on our coaBt t
but chliefly ini Virgmnia whero ho t
took part ini tho hatltIes of' Cold
lharbor, 81econd( Ridd(lo's Shlop, v
Malverni 11l, Russells M\ill and 1
Samilaria chiurchi, and il mnany on - ai
gag*mnts aroundl( Richmond- - e
suirrenidering with Lee'a army at I
Appomatox. As courier of Gen. f
l\L W. Gary, lie bore the last or- e
der carriod ina the army of North- a
erni Virgin-n order to a captain e
of artillery to open1 fire oni the eno- I<
IISG186 Col. Sloan ontered the c
University of' South Carolina, and r
afterwards took with crodit soveral s
dlilomals ini the academic depit- c
miont. Gradunating with d istinc- ii
tion from tho law school in 1868, s
1h0 prep)ared at once f>r the active c
practice of his chosen profession, e
Temporarily forced to eng~age in J
some business promising immmedi.
ate returns, he accepted a p osition
on the staff of the Chiarleston Oou
rior, in that connection he re.
ported the proceedings of the logie
lature, and was expelled from the
halls of that body for his aggressive
and and effective exposures of the
frauds and infamies of the radical
crew then dominating South Car -
Entering upon active practce
of hlis profossions Col. . loan 8soo1
attained a prohiInent position at
tile bar. He was elected solittor '9
of the Central National Bank in
1682 and continued in that re)a. |
tion until 1001, when the bank was t
bought by the Loan attd g1Exohange a
Bank, Hie was oneo of the Oorntral a
dif'uotorq for $21 yeai!a, le ov60~ed
As oity pttor'ney of Uol1mbIa ifpi
on term, As nynablant Qr At..
ley of different building and loatI
Issociations ho has done much for
ho iunbuilding of that city. lie
Vas prominent in the organizati,in
If tho Columbia IClectric Street
Ltailway, Light and Powor Coin
)any-an onterprise that has Conl"
.ributed greatly to Columbia's ad
raIncenent, to tho ConVenienceos of
ier citizet s, and to the taxable
)Ioporty of the state. In: the gen
ralo moVement which 11has, inl Col
Imibia alone, added millions to the
axable prouerty of South COiloli
Iat, Col. Sloan has constantly
icartily joined.
In 1874., Col. Sloant was elected,
uis an avowed and recognized )omn
>crat, to a sont in the Houso of
iepresentatives. in that body,
oining; with men like Wmll. II.
Wallace, Jos. W. Barnwoll, \Vt .
f.. T1'ronholmn and others, ho did his
nll part to stay the progress of the
orruption and waste that 'were.
ortly throatening the state with
inn. lie was more than once,
aIled to act as Speaker, and - in
hat capacity by his clear rulings
)n the side of right, he helped to
lefont sclems each of which in
"olvod somto robbery of the peo,
)le's tm->noy.
In 1890 Col. Sloan was elected
jo the Stato Senato from Rich land
,onmty. In that body ho served
uight yoars-tlon of his own de
iiro, retiring. IIe was regarded as
)>io (if the most indnstrious, intel
ligent members of the upper
branch of the General Assombly.
[o took part in all the moro iu
portant debat.es and always coin
imanded closo attention. iIe served
>u time committees on Julicatry, on t
nilitary on enrolled acts. on rules
!tnd oi railroadsI and in tornal imi
provemntiltH mind was chiairnian of
the last menitionPcad.
Col. Sloan served in the co sti
tutional coItv'mntio of J895, an11(d
was reco gnizcd as one of the most
usifti ul une"rs of that body--it.
self comparing handsomely with
nny atssombhlage in tuo history of
Sonth Ca.rolina.
Col. Sloan is a man of large in
formtiitlon, d'Jrived from actual cx
periencv of a busy Iilife, and s11.t
plemetedc b y roadinug amd travel
tho latter including at t:our of Eng
land. Ireland gand Scotlani and
i xtending to Gormtaty and niany
ther portions of tlie ccontinbit.
HIe is o raly spoalker, good inl do
bate and quick at repartee. IIis
otig eXperienco in the Sunate fa
miliarizecd him not or.ly with time
'tiles of that body but with parlia
unentary uiage in general.
Col. Sloan is a South Carolinian,
)roucd of Sonth Carolina, and in
ho high ollice to which he aspires
mv would aim to preservo and per
rtuat ill that over lover of' his
tato honors and r'everes in his
Out this out and tatke it to Dr. CG. WV.
Ear'le's Drug Store and get a box of
Jhiamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
ets. Th le besit physic. They alIso cor
eet, dirordors of' the sitomachi. Prioa 25
louts at U. WV. Earle Druggist.
Campmiieeting Notice.
TVhe third an nual Campmlueotinig
>f' the South C2arolin a CJonifrenico
>f the Wosleyan Methodist con nec
ion (or church) of America will
>O hol (D). V.) at G lendalo Pairk,
ix miles frolm Spar'tanbur'g, S. C.
>aruties coming on the Southern,
~an stop eit her at Cotiverse or
spartanbur'g, and( go out to the
>ark on the electric car line. The
>roachiers of the Conference and
130*0 oasecially invited will be on
3rtiuid fro, ee m. 4f.
lass resturant will GLIon 4 .
r'ounds in a charge of the electr'ic
ailwaiy company. "'All" arec ex
ected to bIring blankets, sheets,
'illows and such ar'ticles as they c~
)iny neod to sleop themselves.
'lie pavilion will seat fleoni hun-t
r'ed people an,d is benatiful ly
ighted by electricity. A large IU
ont will also bo on the gtrounds el
rhoro visiting ladies, furnishmtg
heir own bedding can sleep. GIen.
loman and ladies wateir closet and tlI
ressing r'ooms convenient. The
rator' supp'ly is abunifdanit and1( near' (
'y. M inisters of all dlenointations11 a
nd (lhe public generally ar'e invit-p
dl to attend. Our mottf is "H1o li
ess Unto thue Lord ,, Tholi special
eature of t ho camp will beh the
otnvorsion of Sntnersx amnd t he enitiro
anctification oft hldiover's. Allt(ex
opt those s5peciilv iited to take
)adinig par'ts in the sericesOQ) nrlo
xpected to come pr'eparetd to take
are of themselves. TPhe park. is
tot situated near tiny one's houso,
o you see the absolute riecessity
f coming prepared with both 01a91
nid bedding. The committee in
'ito fervent prayer for the succes
f the meeting from all those inter.
sted in the spread of "Scripture
lollinless over these lands."
Lj. M. Johnson.
C. B. Smith..
L. G. Oleyton,
eotni tteos.
"I was troubled with kiduey compleilt
or about t wc years," writes A. H. Davis
if Mt. Sterling, In., "but two bottles
>f F'otey's liOdney Cure effected a per.
nauiant cure." Bolt & Webb Ptckens k
Jbapmnan & Oallahan Liberty,
The pirop.tetors of Foley a tioney and
~ar do hot adverris this na a stire curie
or consitmptioi." Thby the not uhaimr ,
will icure this dread complaint in.
anoed oases, but do positively A~I
att it will dure in the earlidr A
ud never ils to giye
nid relief 1}1 (It wol-at oase aoS
["ney n ~Iur in ithIo$~~
l'ontest thrt td ho
Notiuo is' ltreby given to ill whon
inny doi.ti tlt t 'Nirs. S. F. Kelh1or
h1H fu'tliier p?ti'.ion,in-thmK ollico proz
ig f1'' d i a(htd 'oa(lOnptiou ill tLd
3ntato f W.W. .Kolhrn deceased.
he .'otition will bo heard in any of
tco 0rot Sttuljay .lo 20 day of July
1.902. ""; ,. t .. . .
';'hiis .Jtlro 1092..
- % 0 .A.,J. llogm (Sea
.' - 114IIm).
''ko Fotoy'H -Kliduoy ,(ure, It ha
^tired whout.everything lia disa;poiutedl
iit & Webb Pickn,ou .Claipmnun & (Jul
lathan L;ity..
A. R. UaH; of. Morgnutovnt, Tidl., ha(
to et .np teu or twelve tian:es in tin
nit ahd HeVere 6ackuohe tuad pai1
in t,bo ltduoya, 'Was cured by Foloy't
(.'n re. .1h1,l & Cbb Adt Chapman A
uallahaa I iberly.
When- yott.aro sufl'orin' frou rhotutna
tism, the kidnteys anjast ho.' tended to .at
:aeee so that they will eliminate tho ri<
teicl from. th- hloodh Foloy'H Kidne,
Duro is th .most ell'eotivo r'onedy fo
him putr"poso. IR.. T. Hopkins of Pola
Wisi,:sHy.; \ft. r unstecessfully doe
Loring three yoars..of rlhouwtatitmn with
the bo4t dotr's, '. tried Poley's Kidne:
DLuri and i.citred um. I cannot speal
tou.hightly of this gregit tedicine.'.' Bol
h Webb I'.okeus.& Chapanta & Cllahta
Staunm'co, tonplalnt is usually provales
tmong chihirn thi"t a!tson. A well dt
oelope(l<(no in the writor's family wit
mued tat \ve(k by tho timely uso o
lhaminl'Ittiat'H Colib Cholera tom(dy
met of t.hn 1)r~Ht p)atont tokicins ana
ae'ory 'ataid which is always kept o0
atn(d tand-nt tto-nom1e of yo scriho. ''hi
a unt iitendod as a fren puff of th
omptty, who do not advortizre with b
Sltiuolilt little null'ors who muty not b
vitlim easy acex of a plhysician. N.
amily sho.utld. he.witiaout at bottlo 01
hi4 nod1icuo in tho ha0n1so in Hutnmor
ine. For sale by G. W. Earle.
of So. Glen Falls, N. Y., des
cribes a condition *which thous
ands of men
99 and wo,mcn
find identical
with theirs.
Read what he
says, hnd note
t h e similarity
of your own
case. Write to
him, enclosing
stamped ad
-dressed envel
L. D. Palmor. . ope for reply,
and get a per
sonal corroboration of what is
here.given.. He says regarding
"Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure:
"I suffered agon~izing pain in the left
brea4t and betwseen imy shoulders fromt
hteart trouhle. My he~art wsould palpi.
-tt flutter, then skia beat'., unti I
coud no longer lie in bed. Night after
night I w.alked the floor, for to iedown
would htave meant suddlcen death. My
conaditioin seemedi ahnost hopeless when
I bepma-tasking Dr. Aliles' heart Cure,
but at hel ed me from thue first. Later
I- took Dr. Miles' Nervine with the
Ieasrt Cure iind the effect was aston
ishitig, I earnestly implore signilar suf
ferers to' g'ive these remedies a trial."
Sold by- all Druggists
on, guaranteo,
Dr. Miles Medioal Co., Elkhart, nd.
no0w in store. The sto
*sp, ewW goods. Each seasor
;t and 'prettiest goods possibi
iv'hbgrpassed all former seasc
utc talk . about goods, but my
aif~ make. I have undoubte
~vhite goods ever shown i
>o(ds in every* new stye and col
iyprices ai-e as'low as go
4e.rn3fned- to my. store interesti
id notions this scason. Tweh
rovew~to many people of Pick<
ey Nii irely unpon it. "Give
goodl. and priees are not satis
~e eodtdius'hoek or
. SOWN ?
Spartanburg, S. C.
II. N.SNYDER, M. A., President,
Full College Co.ursos. , Favor
able surroulndings. 'lo best in -
1 luences.
Necessary expenses from $160 to
f175 for the year. For catalogue
or other information apply to
Wofford College...
...Fitting School.
Spartanburg, S. C.
Elegant now buildinv. Careful
tteiition to individual student.
3oard and tuition for year, $11.0.
'All information giveti by
A. M. DuPRE,
IIeadc M1aster.
Or aclc1..e -
If you need one don't wait
till they are all gone.
[oos, Plows, Sweeps and all
cinds of farming tools.
Fruit Jars, Sugar, Spices
for the fruit season.
Sow Cabbage seed from the 22
o 30 of May for lato cabbage.
good fresh Virginia Seed now on
Pickene, S. 0
We Will Sell For the
'Next 30 Days ~
and M~arkers
Now in Stock at
20 per cent
less than usual price. We have
ome exceptional values.
Greenville, S. 0.
the mest healing salve in the world.
re is brimming full of bright,
I do my best to get the new
e, but this season, I feel that I
mns. I do not believe in too
stock will bear me out in every
dly -one of the prettiest lines
a Greenville. Colored wash
r)d goods can be sold. I am
ng to all buyers of dry goods
re years dealing with me has
ans, that whatever I tell them
ne a showing," is all I ask, and
factory, don't buy.
Park, N
Injur t nItheg.
..-e't Ose,M .
..CIOOI,. Si
We ~~.1 want you to Coieadea
~~0 YU ~ .m and exami
slates &c, belIore youbuy as it will cc
have taken great pains in selecting ti
say that our prives on the above goodi
than the average.
We offer the largest slate for 5c n
10x14 inchos, Pencil Tablets fron Ic,
writirg paper for'le. School cravons
Don't fail to see us when you wa
pins of all desriptions.
We are constantly addilg to our
call and see what values wo havo for a
There is nothing 1orY, ploasing to
tire. We have a few medaiiol,s mado
dopicking home life, :,nimal life watci
jects. The most romarkaljc modal io
We have .just recoived a now shi
pleased so many customers. The pric
One Prie C
P I C K E N S,
Do you like coffee? We'. if you <
of the best roasted cofloo at .aJs for $
green coffee on the market.
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course you don't want tP drive home w
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We have some lrgains in Shoes an
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now $1.2.28. $15.00 suite no $11. 25.
suits now $7 50. $8.00 suite nowv $0
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aish Store.
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ur home while here. Plenty
b, and the Madam can find
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