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The People's Journal.
---..A i?otlier Love
to r..."
A tall man in light rain coat. and a
neutral-tinted girl climbed the steps of
a red sione mansion. The house look
ed to be untenanted. The halls echoed
with unfurnished nudity as the two en
tered. They walked familiarly into an
oblong room, which was as barren as
the hall, with the exception that it
contained a small imitation mahogany
table and two uncertain chairs.
The girl laughed half hysterically as
she removed her hat and sat lown,
resting both elbows on the table.
" Our den of thieves seems remark
ably fit this evemnig, (ear. It chimes
in with my mood. Perhaps it's be
cause this is the last time."
The man stared moodily at the white
wall. " So you mean what you say;
you are going to quit?"
The girl went rather white and nod
led her head. "( It's the only thing we
can d0; you must ece that. I can't
live this way, with turbulent quarrels
and tempestuous reconciliations. I
can't (to it. It's better to end it--bet
ter for both of us. You couldn't make
things right, and somehow 1 seem to
have developed a conscience of late."
The man tapped a call bell on the
table and a diminutive Chinaman am
bled through the open door. The man
and the woman ordered chop sooy and
" See here, Ialhe, I can't stand
this." The man's face was smooth
and boyish, but it was lined with
emotion as he spoke.
" I can't live without you. Think of
all we have been to each other for two
years. Why did I leave all the set I
knew and take the flat with our little
red parlor, if it wasn't to see more of
you? Do you remember our Sunday
luncheons when you would come out
early and make those wonderful dishes
on our little gas stove? You couldn't
reach up to fasten the tubes on the gas
jet, and I always had to lift you--"
" Yes," she interrupted, eagerly,
"and how clumsy you were and how
you used to crumple my clean shirt
waist. And do you remember when
old Eben, the janitor, would come in
with the beer, he would stop and talk
when we were (lying f r him to go?
How many pirates did he say he had
killed with one shot-forty?"
They both laughed.
" Yes, and that night you thought
you were going to be fired from the
paper and wanted a 'scoop'; how we
had burglars in the building and went
out and treated the policeman on the
beat so he would swear to it? have
you got the olicial belt buckle that he
gave you? Al, but those were good
old days I Iallie, how can you forget
All enthusiasm (ied from her face as
-- his words brought her back to the
present. She sat uip very st,raight.
"At first," she aaid slowly, "1 just
loved you and never t.hought of any
thing else. I went on and on, and
gradually I couldn't see my future.
Always before I thought 1 would be
something of a writer. But after you
came I always seemed to see you in
stead of success. Perhaps if I had be
longed to some one, you would not
have filled every crevice as you did;
but I didn't, you know. There wasn't
a soul who cared, unless it was the
people to whom I paid my board. And
then after a while---God, can't you
see? You went on telling me that,you
loved me and couldn't live without me,
but st,ill you did not say a word ab)out
-about making things right. And all
the time I knew that no one could
love you as I loved you. And yet
that awful dread began to come over me
of the ultimate woman-the woman
you must meet, some day."
" Hallie, child, he broke out impet
uously, " it isn't my fault. I swear it
isn't. You don't understand."
" Oh, yes," she sighed wearily, " 1
do understand and that, is what gives
me the strength to break with you."
The lit,tle, one-sided Chimaman
brought in the chop sc.oy and lighted a
single gas jet, which splutteredl from
the wind blowing through a broken
pane in the window. The int,erruption
in some ociult way seemed to place
them out of sympathy. The girl's
voice took on a serious tone. The
man grew impatient.
"1 have an engagement at 8 o'clock,"
she saidi suddenly. " We must be
going. Besides we gain nothing by
talking tings over."
They walked to the car. " This is
the first time yeou have ever left me
this way," he said1, as they stood on
the corner awaiting the approaching
tram. " Who is the man?"
" One of my ci aft, the new dIramatic
editor from New York."
" Oh, I see, arnd he is the cause of
your new departure?"
" Perhaps."
" I wish you prosperit,y, Miss Doyle.
This is your car, I believe. Shall I
ride down town with you?" He was
always most punctihious when about to
-lose his temper.
" No, Carl, It is better to part, now.
Good-bye, good-bye, Carl ." She
reached out her hand half pleadingly;
her resolution was wavering. If he
had spoken her name t,hen she would
have tuirnedl back; biut man like, he
remembered only her reference to the
other man,
Ernest Rheicard, this new dramatic
editor, was an Iron gray man well In
his forties. Ils hair was sprinkled as
if to match his eyes, which were steady
and uncommunicative, like two little
pools of water. lie .was very sure of
himnself. He had met Hallie Doyle but
twice when he determined that she was
the woman he had long pictured, the
woman for html lie told her this that
night between the first and second acts
of" L'%iglon."
" I want you to be my wife, my com
rade," he said in his low, even voice.
" I had never expected to marry unless
I found a woman whom I thmought
could be'both to me and until I met
you that seemed doubtful. I believe I
appreciate you. You have been cast
lug your pearls before swine; havc
been associated with those unworthy o
you. I shall make it my one study
next to my profession, to brmng ou
what is great in you. I know that ye
care for me and I only want your as
She turned the leaves of her progran
and her mouth twitched convulsively
So he knew she cared for him. Such
is man.
" You understand 'there was son
one else--" she began.
" I care nothing for what has been
Whatever process has made you whal
you are must have been a good one
I always know what I want, and i
want you. Will you be my wife
? Yes," she said, looking hin
straight in the eyes. In her heart th(
name of Carl rang insistently.
This man beside her, mentally ac
complished, good to look upon, an<
with the dignity of high thought, wai
asking her to be his wife; and yet wit!
the perverseness of fate, she knew tha
all the joy of living had gone with he
farewell to the other man. She con
pared the two as she sat there in thn
theatre. Carl Saunders, the idler, un
disciplined and spoiled. Extravagan
of time and goods, and carried awa;
by his ever ready sympathy, h(
swung through life easily, heedless o
deeper problems of living. Whe
diilculties confronted him he wa
frankly and helplessly puzzled. It wa
this boyish incompetency which ap
pealed to the maternal instinct of we
men. iallie Doyle realized his limita
tions and loved him for them, at th
same time grieving over them.
The curtain had swung back on th
battlefield scene. A soft haze hun
over the stage.
" Yes, it is s noke, I was right," he
companion was saying. " By jove
that is peculiarl"
There was an uneasy stir throug
the house. Mademoiselle Secard paum
ed and looked about her uncertainly.
" What is the matter," asked Ilallie
alarmed. " Is there a lire?"
As she spoke the curtain was sudde:
ly rung (own, and an immaculate ma
in evening dress was addressing th
audience assuringly. There was
slight conilagration back of the stag<
The speaker was scarcely heard. W<
men screamied and some faintet
There was a rush for the exits. Tb
smoke began pouring from the heav
drop curtain. Hallie and Rheicard wei
standing on their chairs.
" It is nothing serious," lie said
raising his voice to be heard above ib
dinl. " Don't be alarmed. We wi
wait until these cattle regain thei
Ilallie was coughing with the smok(
but she was unperturbed by it.
" 1alhe, I must go behind th
scenes. An interview with 4ecard F
such a time would be invaluable. Yc
will not be afraid? Just stand quietl
where you are." All this he was con
polled to shout, for the confusion ha
For a moment the girl looked afte
her escort bewildered. She coul
scarcely realize that he meant to lao
her alone at, such a time. TIhe aloe
niess of the man's mentality appalk
her. 'I hen some one from behind hq
jostled against her chair, anmd she it
forward, catching the back of the act
in front.. She crouched there betwee
t,he chairs to keep from being trample
on, and lay very quietly while ti
place became black with smoke.
Presently the noise subsided som
what. Her head felt. dizzy. SL
straighte ned up with didficulty an
peered through the smoke.
The place was quite deserted. Pre
ently she saw two imen talking excite<
ly midway up t,he aisle. Hallie slag
gered toward them. Simultaneousi
they saw her, and both ut,tered in
niame and sprang towardl her. One <
them was Carl. She saw him only an
reachett out her ,hand to him, callin
his name as she had done that dlay
the car. For a moment they clung
each other like children; and igronin
t,he ot,ber man, the danger of their si
unation-everyt,hing, their lips me
which sealed the sudden reconciliat,ioi
TVhe fireman was calling to them rough
ly. The other man had disappoare<
As they stepped into a carriage sona
dist,ance from the line of engines sul
rounding tihe theatre, Hallie broke th
silence for the first time.
" Hie was Rheicard; you were tall
with Ernest Rheicard."
".I found him searching for you as
was doing," said Carl. " In heaven
The general standard of mneasuremien
for we o a n h oo d is ngrown-up-ness.
When a girl is emiancipated from schmoo
and arrives at the dignmity of trailinj
skirts and elaborate hair dressing Bilei
hooked upon as
a young woman.
But nature ^
knows nothing
of suchi stanid
ards. When the
womianly func
tioni is establIish
ed womanhood
is attained ac-\
cording to her
standamrds, and -d
there is need of
wonianly care
and caution. It
Is girlish Ignor
ance or neglect
at th is critical
timle which often
resulits ill lonIg
years of after
Mothlers who
perceive thme evi
dences of func
tional dierange
nient in young girls should promptl
have themi begin the use of Dr. Plerce'i
Favorite Prescription. It establishes reg
ularity, tranquilizes the nerves and tone
up the whole system.
"My troubles startedl during ny girlhood,
writes Miss Plora I. Giree r, of o Howe streel
Akron, 0.. "but did not prove serious until 3893
From that time I did not see a well day.
suffered at every monthly period with terribi
headache, irritation of ti:e spine and pains ii
my heels. I had soreness through my ips anc
ovaries all the time and constant bckache
One doctor wouald tell me one thing ailed me
another would say something altogether differ
enti, but they only relieved me. I~ then wrot<
you and foilowed your advice. I took five bottle
of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, four o
'Golden Mcdicai Discovery' and five vials o
Pellets.' Have not had a single sptom o
my old trouble so far. Can sleepgo worn
hard, and eat solid and substantil fodwith
Out distress."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse thi
bowels and stulate the sluggish live.
Hair Splits
" I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor
for thirty years. It is elegant for
a hair dressing and for keeping the
hair from splitting at the ends."
J. A. Gruenenfelder, Grantfork, Ill.
Hair-splittin splits
friendships. If the air
splitting is done on your
own head it loses friends
for you, for every hair of
your head is a friend.
Ayer's Hair Vigor in
advance will prevent the
splitting. If the splitting
has begun, it will stop it.
$1.00 a boille. All druggists.
If your druggist cannot supply you,
soud us one (loll ar and we will express
you a bottle. le sure and gi tho ane
of your nearest express ofico. Address,
J. C. AY ERt C0., LAoll, Mass.
J name how came him to leave you?"
" .ow came you to know I was in
the theatre?"
" I had been watching you from the
back of our box all the evening. Ilallie,
. you were going to marry that man. I
- saw it in his face and in yours. Tell
l ue, were you-could you be guilty of
3 She did not answer. Carl put his
head out of the window and gave
some directions to the driver.
r "Where are we going?" she asked
helplessly. He drew her toward him
tenderly. " To a priest, HIallie. I al
i ways meant it so, only I didn't quite
know it. You see I was so satisfied
just to have you with me in the old
days that I did not think it possible
that I could lose you. Are you satis
. ied to go, dear?"
Ile reached out and turned her face
to the light, dropping his hands limply
a as he did so, with an exclamation half
of awe, half adoration; for in that
moment the woman came to a full re
alization of the greatness of her love;
her face had caught something of the
y supernal, and the man fell back
abished at it.
, The Largest Brick Hotel ini The
U S~oth.
r We beg to announce that the
" White St. ',ithia Hotel" at White
Stone Spiin; -. C., is now open for
e the recepti( , guests. The entire
Lt. house is bn orick, covering more
u t,nan one a(;e o ground, surrounded
y by many acres of beautiful shade trees
of many varieties. Nature alone has
done everything for the beauty of the
place, and together with the efforts of
r an experienced'rlandscape gardener,
d has made it still more beautiful than
e any one could imagine. The hotel is
located on the highest suriounding
(Ihill, overlooking deep valleys on eit,her
~r side, andl so buil, that every room is
cool andl desirable.
The hlotel has 225 feet frontage with
Slength, which is well light.ed by elec
.e tricity. The rotunda is ~70x70 feet
exeno to th"tirdifloor ilumr.ted
withImore than 150 electric lights, t,he
three balconies of t,he rotunda afford
d ing a desirable promenade.
The dining room is 40x75 feet on
the first floor just to the rear of the
main olce, containing 20 large win
dows, equippedl with 12 electric fans and
150 electric lights. The ladies' parlor
Vs also on the first floor and just to the
bL The.Wow V s Greatest.
g Cure for Aaf'arla X
* . tak Johnmu a'' ChIl an e
- To?n~iL Adnt,of I aiarial poison.
(3 Malarial poisoning. eThe antidote
(*et a 5oti toaty. i rs
Kidney Troutble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
Lcures made by Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver
Sit Is the great medi
cal triumph of the nine
tleenth century; dis
ciDovered after years of
scientific research by
--. - ent kidney and blad
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, urIc acid trou
bles and Bri ght's Dsase, which is the worst
form of kide tobe.
ommededfor verthig bu ifyouhave kid
ney, liver or bladder trouble It will be found
Just thae noteady urned It, hav e ate
mortie, aougth hwalpeR oon o to r
chseif ou hae kidne obsuessfoublin
rietng amenti rang i eertous
n md ywihalraeso this paper
sample bottle setfree bypmai,alsto aj;jok
whnwitn cento andinga ohi generous
d a zes aesold by all good druggist.,
Greenville, S. C.
OfcaovrAddannsona Drg to,
right of the office.
Each bed room floor has a large
bath room with hot or cold water. The <
ball room which in the largest in the I
State, being 40x120 foot, is located on I
the fourth floor, containing 30 large I
windows, 300 electric lights arranged 1
in clusters. In the roar of the ball i
room will be found a cafe, where light
refreshments will be served every I
evening at a small cost. A well
selected orchestra of 8 pieces has been I
engaged for the season, which will
render selected music during the worn
ing, afternoon and evoning.
A Club House Is located just a few
yards from the Hotel for the comfort
and pleasure of the gentlemen visitors,
and the management has put forth
every effort for the comfort and pleas- i
ure of the ladies and children.
Every room is connected with the i
main offico by the return system of call I
bell, and quiet and ellicient service is
always guaranteed. Every room is
furnished with new furniture, the
famous " Rex" mattress being used on
every bed.
The culinary department is con
veniently arranged in every respect,
and under the supervision of a good
Steward and Chef, of many years ex
A well equipped livery is run in con
nection with the Hotel where teams,
single or double, or saddle horses may
be had at reasonable prices.
The climate is cool and desirable,
the elevation that we have gives us
the advantage of the slightest breeze. I
The Hotel is located just a few yards
from the famous White Stone Lithia
Springs, which has a wide known re
putation for it natural healing qualities.
A quick hack line will convey the
guest from Rich Hill, on the Southern
Ry., which is only a 10 minutes ride I
to the Hotel.
For rates or other information ad- 1
J. T. IHAItIs, .11. A. W rqsr, I
Proprietor, Manager. 1
The World's Greate:
For all forms of fever take JOHNAON
It is 100 times better than quinine and
nine cannot do in 10 days. It's eplendih
feeble cures made by quinine.
Chartered 1856. Courses for degrec
Stands for thorough College work und
moderate cost. Next session begins Sep
Presbyterian G o11
00LU M E
Thorough Training in all IDepartmei
Student. Address,
EuphemCItia Mic
At Carolina's Favorite Summner
+ Hotel, WHITE STO!
JVrue For* Ter'ms....
Greenville Fei
A High-Grade Col
Conservatory of Mi
Schools of 4-t and
For catalogue addrei
Coleman-Wagener H
363 King. Street, - ..
OIimiIcEnsi :-George A. Wagener:
President ; i. G. Ball, Secretary and 'llre
A Presbyterian School, whose pattern is
Music, Art,. and Elecution Schools nl
Degree Courses taught by Specialists.
Beautiful Auditorium-large Pipe Org
etc. Pure water-fine sewerage.
Next Session Begi.
For beautifully Illustrated Catalogue
S. R. P
Women and hens have some traits in
ommon, and from a close observ
ion of the feathered fowl an aphoris
ic lore has sprung up which the un
und man uses with an open hand
vhen talking to his women folks. Row
)ften a short-tempered spouse tells his
vife that she looks like a wet hen;
,bat she cackles like a hen; that she
jumps about like a hon without her
)rood. These are but a few of the
barges flung at the head of the long
uffering wife. Whistling girls and
,rowing hens have been classed to
ether, and whore is the irreverent
nan who does pot call a gathering of
vomen a "lien party?"
Perhaps because they have some
itrango sympathetic bonds, or maybe
or some occult reason, too deep for
nan to fathom, women are and always
lave been extremely successful in the
)oultry business. In many households
n the suburbs of most large American
ities the woman of the house supplies
fcr own table with the fruits of her
)oultry yard. In not a few cases a good
rofit is made by selling the surplus
)roduct to neighbors.
It is one of the healthiest fads or oc
:upations that a woman can take up.
[he work entailed is very light; it is
:lean and it is full of delightful va
-iety that should charm the true fem-.
nine heart. Moreover, it is a very in.
xpensive fad to start. A few dollars
pent on erecting a coop and a wire
ence in which to keel) the fowls is all
he equipment needed. Then, with
few liens and a rooster and a setting
)f eggs, the poultry yard is ready to
start work.-Philadelphia inqiirer.
Yes, I'm sorry I married you, so
.here I
Ie--Oh, you were glad to get any
)ody, I guess. You were no young
)ird when I married you.
She No. But considering what I
ot, you must admit I was an early
t Fever Medicine.
'A OIIL and FEV ER 10NI.
does in a single day what slow qui
I ctres are in striking contrast to the
is. Strong faculty ; good equipment.
er positive Christian influences, and at
t. 24, 1902. For catalogue address
CROMER, President.
ge For Women,
31A. S. C.
its. Careful Attention to Individual
Clintock, Presidenit.
Resort,. White Stone Lithia
nale College.
High Grade.
Thorough Courses.
Excellent Equipment.
Best Clhmate.
WVrite for catalogue and terms.
E. C. JAMRIS, Litt.D., Pres.,
Greenville, S. C.
ege for Women.
ident, Spartanburg, S. 0
ardware Company,
- Charleston, S. (3,
1 FOR....
)Ws, OLiVynn CunrtrIen PL~ows.
President ; George Y. Coleman, Vice
asurer. Correspondence Solicited.
LE, S. 0..?
the Christian Home.
ot, surpassed by any college in the
mn Gas, Steam Hleat, Bath Rooms,
mrolled from Six St,ates.
a superIor advantages offered.
a September 23rd.
RESTON. Presidnt.
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in use for over 0 e(as, ia
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Int'ants and Children-Experiei
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gorice, Drops anid Soothing Syi
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sib stince. Its ago is its guarai
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Colic. It relieves Teething Tr<
and F'lutiilency. It assimlate
Stotnach11 an(1 Iowels, giving I1
Theo Chidren's Panaccar-T.he I
Bears the Sij
The Kind You Han
In Use For Ove
Selling al
Owinig I (' fom1e proposed'4 (1hanges
Carriages, Surreys, Bi
At an Absolutt
TI 11 i oR s oInk,is redneed. Don '. tak- Lu
self anud bet col
Hlarness of all kindls at. coxt, we c
Jrones, an ld vaerious oi.her miake's of linggie.,
Xtiidhbaker an ial W~ebeir; ain eheaRper gradie tihe
Now is t.he hie-. seesoni for selling vehtielos of
parl, pro'(fit. or not priolit.
'ITe seas~on fort Mules and H orses is prett
yet. Remiembier, we paaL no house rent or ei
(d0 olr ownI w:wk. We 'till sell anyt.llg weo
anud kind tr:(eaten to aill. When ini (reei
ghad to see I ie people whietheri they wi'sh to u
Cornier C ouirt, River and .Jackson Streets.
Weo Indle all
kniown to0 the trade ajnd employ a
to finishi thi
If yon ineed any3t,hiing in o. ar line a posta(4
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ilices. M|i llON FE~Nil lN(i A ND) (00P1
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Sumter Military Academy.
cr an-Ien!sIo. S U M T E3 R ,
D)epartmen ts: iltorary, Scientifll ,ei
Conservatory of Music: Pianoforte, Voc
graduate of the Royal JohnservatLory, t.em:
8tenog raphiy, Tlypewritin g, Book keeping
Courses. Accessible and Healthful hocat
cent Buildings. 1Expenses Moderate Fel
session opens Sept. 17 th. Write for sixty-i
Southeastern Lime and Cem<
Head quarte for Hight
* and O lis. Agents for .
Highest-Clase Ra3ady-M
RLailroad Colors.
E i Also f<r "Standard Shb
0 u o ( on Paint, the Fi11nest on the
Is the Leading
Pint on the Market.
;ht, and whleh ias been
borne the lignatntro of
4eCn iatle under his per
erviMion niee itL inthncy.
nto to deceive you in tis."
"ust..ax..Kood'' are but
ul renda1:ng( er the health of
c "ainst ISK peritenut.
ute for Castor Oil, Pare.
'"ps. It is Pleasant. It
hltin nor Other Narcotle
ntec. It destroyt Wornis
tres I)iarrlhoa and Viunc
)mtbles, cuireM Coustipation
4 the Food, regulates the
tcal thy ani natural sleep.
lother's Friond.
,nature of
Always Bought
r 30 Years.
In our bnusiness, we wvill sell
retons and Wagons
wod for It, but come and see for your
irry lim Ilaoo(k, CoIrtland, Tyson &
&c., aus strict lI gh G rade Waugone, the
3(hveu-n boro, TPaylor and Chattanooga.
all kinds, and we are going to sell our
y well over but wo have a few bargainsa
ark hire, own our own repository and
h.ave for cash or good paper. Polite
uville comnd seI( usO . Wa are always
nly or* not.
klnds5 of
l)one butrtclaRs kmnan
I card wit,h our address wvill brinug a mani
Imy13 in) car lots antj enn give the lowest
& CO., Anderson, 8. C.
Sumter Female Seminary.
M., L..D., President.
rdinug to degrees B. L.. 1. 8., A. B
al Culture. Viol i. Dir ector Is a
ig, Germany. Comm uereial Sehool:
.Art, Elocut.ion and Mhilita,,
ion. Superior Faculty. Magni -
ruolarship in each Conty. Next
page lilustrated Catalogue.
ant Co., Charleston, S. C
386 Grade Paints
no. W. Masury's
ixod Paint and
ades" Cold Water
W arkot.
Cold Water Paint ie
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