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The People' nal
THURtS1)AY, AUG. 7, 1902.
Local and Personal.
-W. F. Austin, Dentist, will 1b
in Easloy, Aug. 12th and 13th.
-Jimmio IIughes and Miss Am
Hughes, of Richland, S. 0., are vie
iting Maj. J. J. Lewis and family.
--l'onaiderable hail fell in thi
vicinity of Pickens and in othe
iAirts of the.county last Monda
afturnoonl, and some damage is re
--''ho second quarterly confer
once for Pickens circuit (Metho
dist) will be held at Twelve Milt
Friday, August 8th. A full atten
dance of the Stewards is desired
and all are invited.
-By virtue of an act of the leg
islature, an election for Cottou
Weigher, lickens townehip, will be
hold on the third Saturday in Aug
the same being the 16th inst. Sot
notice of Town Council respectinl
S LtIIOi.,
-Maarriod August. 3rd, 1902 a
the1 home of the ofliciating N. P.
M. F. Hester, Mr. Elford Clark t<
M iss Lizzio Simmons, daughter of
Mr. Frank Simmons, one of Pick
ens' county bost farmers. Aftei
the ceremony the bride and groon
wunt to the home of the groon
where a delicious dinner was served
They have the best wishes of their
many friends.
-Tony Williams, colored, of up
per Anderson county, died sudden,
ly in Liberty Monday morning last
at the home of W. H. Chastain
colored. Coroner Parsons was
called in and hold an inquest, the
verdict of the jury being that the
deceased came to his death by nat.
ural causes. This is the first in.
quest held by Coroner Parsons this
-l'ate Monday evening, IMrs.
W. 'T. Jeunes while in the yard
gathering up stove wood from a
pile of rubbish of an old building
olverturnd some of the upper
boards that had become wet with
rain in order to get at the dry wood
and was Itwico bitten by a snake
(rattle-snake pilate.) Dr. Weblb
was called in speesliiy and applied
the proper roledies. Mrs. Jeanes
is stil* quito sick but is thought to
1e out of danger, and is resting
well, but still under the treatment
of Drs. B 1t & Webb.
Monday's Storm.
A severe hail storm visited this
section Monday afternoon its
.trackc running from north--west to
south-east, apparently, passing
through Pickens. Great dAmage
'was (lone to crops on the farms of
WL. R. Durhami, M. WV. Newton and
sthcre in the vicinity of Bethlehem
church and further towards
the south-east. Grown bolls wore
beaten from the cotton stalks and
fodder literally beaten to pieces.
T1he damage cannot estimated.
The Local Graded School.
In this issue app)ears the regular
advertisement of the Pickens Gra
(led school which will be conducted
the coming session by Prof. WV. E.
Dendy, a ssisted by an able corps
sof tea chers. The good work at
this institution supported by abun
.dant testimony is enough to com
mnend it to the thoughtful consider
-ation of all parents who have child.
r'en at school age and are looking
about for the school advantages
necessary to equip those children
for' life's duties or to prepare them
properly for a higher college course
by giving them the necessary ele.
. mentary instruction. Trhe satis
faction of having a school so near
home that meets the requirements
o)f our peop1)e isencouraging and as
the countr'y is in a prosperous con
dition and the people are more im
* pressed than ever with the true
~value of education, it should
niot take them long to decide to
take advantage of the opportunity
- presented.
* A Serious Accident.
Friends of Win. F. Blasuingame
* ~ were shocked to hear last WVednes,
(lay, of the Serious misfortune that
met him while enjoying a summe1
vacation at Russell's Hotel several
miles above WValhalla. Mr. -'Bias.
aingame carried with him his bug'
gy and spirited horse and on Tues
day the 29th of July was out driv,
ing with a young lady acquaint,
ance when in crossing a stream or
ia high bridge approached by higi
abutmen ts, the horse became fright
ened and backed off the bridge
In the fall Mr. Blassingame~ re.
.ceived pinful injuries and ha.
eince been under the watchful 0ar4
of capable physicians who say thal
nlthough he may be disabled fol
some time, they have stron)g hope
of his ultimate recovery. Thb
young lady was not seriously in
aurd and, strange to say, neithei
the horse nor buggy was very muol
.damaged by~ the fall. Letters re
-neaved herQ eay that Mr. Biassing
-ame is resting well, being unde:
. the care of that competent nursne
Mr. 3, J. Wakohn, of Liberty, anw
good 'dootoro.
A.l ean'didates who have no
Rlied their pledges and p aid thel
'sum0smenits are requested to talc
lQticeo if th requtVenti a#d c0ow
y Wit theli aonne
Camupaign Meeting.
The neeting was called to outclr
at 10:13 by Coun ty Ch1airilu:ni T.
J. Mauldin, and the excrIsce,
were opened with prayer by iev.
S. A. McDaniel of the L'apti t
Church. The ChaiL rman tho an -
e nounced that there had been 50110
disagreement between the (' ,
, gressional and Senatorial candi
dates as to which set shall speak
first and took a hand primary to
learn the sentileitof thetaudiene-o.
The crowd docidod in favor of the
r Senatorial bevy and for oncu all
six of these gentlemen were e
ted-and thei by exactly thu san,
vote. It will be noticed that the
speaking order has boen sonewhat
- changed.
of Anderson, was the first sel)akW r.
He is back in his old Congressi,,z1t
district and jump.3d on Col. Jolol.,
stone with both feet. Col. Jolt1.
stone said he was defeated on the
sub-treasury issue.. but Mr. Lat
mer denies this andosaid the f tl
mers didn't claim11 to utnlerstuml;I
t ie fi n a n c e qtuesilon, Ihtt;
asked for the Eub-treasury or su
thing better.
Mr. Latimer the-n repeated .!
his explanations of his ship-subi-.
dy speech and the Pennsylvan i,.
Railroad matter. He again oiw,
his business talk and went over lii
record in detail and seeiod to ha-.
made a good impression, but smt
down in utmost. silence .
is her" to discuss questions relating
to tho public good and not to tig.
grandizement of self or fitnily.
The man who follows t he 'bl,i
ness policy" in Congross genluOLI ly
takes all he wants for himselI, anl
if anything is left gives it to the
"poor people.'' The 1 publican, a
when they loot the treasury, do it
under the guise of business. lII
is not going to ad mit, that his COIn
petitors have more sesr: tha n hII
has and plead with thie farmer; t
Como( to his rcueia. 1),e1
fight his own bat tle.
Mr. Evans then weNi,t (,r
fight against Republihan
years ago and del(lilCe.l1 t!ht i'..
business" as the bigg . i nd.L
in the U nited States. M r. 1.boti N "
boasts that he~ inlcreatsyl youri ta~
$100,000 to send you mour01 Se <I.
you want only seed, send some L-t
nigger there who will vote w h
the Republicans, and he will " t
more seed than any white lD . ,
crat you can send. This thing .
standing in with the R0publi
is the way McLaurin started en the
road to Republicanism. Whl1en a
man gets rich in Conge s. e,, -
back and boasts of it, an expbiam'
tinn is ini order. Gjoy. Evans mafl'
his usual discussion of tho tdur.b
measure and was wvell recei yd.
was the next speaker an ar1 tea
few introductory remiarks, t urn d
his attention to the sp eoch tf .Alt'.
Latimer. '-The honorah!e gentle
man from Belton seems trying to
ride in oflice 0on my back . Won:d
it not be more manly t,o try to go
in on his owvn merit?"
Col. Johnstone re-assorted that
he was defeated on the sub-treas
ury issue and that Mr. Latimuer
has admitted that this was a miis
taken policy.
Hen then discussed the priotee
live tariff. He will not allow any:
personal feelinig to enter into this
campaign. lie is the happiest;
man you ever saw, because he bears
no malice in his heart. Ho be
lieve. in an economically ad minis.
tered government whore every mnr
will have an equal opp)ortunlit.y.
Col. Johnstone is a genuine ornatdr
and makes a splendid appearance.
was introduced as the man who
has been styed Ithe "Demosthenes
of Auken county.'' lHe came as a
stranger in Israel, but when lie
looked out up>n the manly, intel
ligent faces before him, ho felt sure
that justice would be accorded even
to a stranger, and justice is all he
He then reviewed his work in
Constitutional Convention ar,d the
Legislature. He does notl ob'ject
to the sending of seeds, but a repre
sentative in tihe National Congress
should not forget to speak the sen ii.
ments of his people on :allI national
questions . The Republican part y
is the mother of trusts, tarilf and1(
imperialism. We need united ac
tion in tile Demnocratic~party.
says M:r. Latimner seems to think
that the five lawyers are~ all run
ning against hlim. "T'Ihis is a1 uw.
take. Mr. Lastimer, aftr .sory h n
ten years in Congress comnes backu
and tries to take tihe job I have
had my eye on ever since tho day I
pWas born.'' (A voice :) "Tibat'
the truth." gt Iafwi4
Mr. Hem phillgoinafwie
at the Republican policy of tax a
ption and interspersed sevoral jokes
to Catch the attention of the cronx.I
The patient andience were treat
ed to a fifteen minutea'discours on
.The Democratio party numer4
emore than half the white people of
this country jind they abould *cou..
trol iit,. While in Coilg ress he
worked egast the force bill and
made:a speech against it in the
wihhi care.orow joefoloe
Salmost Instantly by the mnother-in.
la1w, both of which to>k well .with
the orowdl.
# hp? thou h h wa ini t
(I ' C(t;t ( l4~ V\'I' ttJ44 t.; iii: t.'i~ll
)C(y o reer t3 hiovera
petitoui as br t' -rr !1 ( .1hIt,
Ilm p 4fil .ll i
a tm in t t . 11 , \
a ! " r 1 ' . 4 :l "l'.t ."". ) 1 ' )I : l( 'I
t t l : II ' ' t ( " lt l l l i i II'l' Ii i
( 1)'U I!1''I.( ,
th inor I ) 4 ~ 4I
! 44 :l it11
t,lINlU - rlr '.
j1 1.t f '; 1, ,1 ". ~ 4 II ii i
l ,J il' fi " Ir l i f
I/ ? I li !; 1 ;Jl
Si11 44 " I" !l; t
,'', It . i "i 1 ," . :l 4~ Iw
4-.4 4 4 1 r 1 I i t: , '. :l ' n . 1 t' 4 :-' i'r
4, 'i1 I l !.It" "'{t , 14 1 tlf;r.4
4.144, :t l'i t'1 .ii 1 11; , ; t~I I t, . ) li :lti
) 1 (l t. "?t i 11,4 o l. ' 4 i N"I:r' 1!(!
II( iII a to t
b1 a r , 1 - e444 tl t!H r '\ ' .t u y i
v:!:" .'1 ( I\tIcI1
i" " " ' ' .1 ".t Ii 'tit i ll : ' i ' l
T I lf'1 r!! i1 i r"1t.ll, W v.)I
t V. :41' , .. la"lyI l!.:ij 1;:.+4;1 11.11
.\t r
} d h>' ! t. : th Ilit. :1i
;l' 1'lc :l
4 444 1( 44 ! i: . " :, ' l 4 1 . "a 1l Ii C_t: lll
:i li i. . ;l : :{ i 11i 1' \t ttt i ' to Iij -
it o)l- :SI IIl i, l)tit, ai n CIL
t it s I'C r :l+:c". i'::?{.1i~ 4 il(:111 t ct4v
'4 wi: 'J44 o4. 3Ei. IIr i.i.l(Il
-? h~1'~ 414.4. 4 1( \Ja. J'
;iitl 4~4iIQ.l i \* 'pio l i
G ru44( -.-W)1111(4 14.4 )41 si.
lay.e b,e . y l avi~ro rp41 m public,'[h
>~uugt. . m i.the. nii whh- c: 41
)1t4 14m iOu (f i "i nst1(1 (li iret s i
dt tinin( I 41 h.m Mr. Ick
'41044li k411 11 n.( 1( andl8 ell.tia
lme (X pc 1:1IJ o fo hi m Ittr.oi
4.(ni ) t.: d l(4 ( i ns cinn!v li to his
44:.d e . , !)4 :in*4 t 44 , 444 in c s
i I ut:e' tii .V t, 1he3 showed
hat hiIe wa t''4he l gi4 a [1 au1didate.)'
W44144 . '. 4r.:v,44 4101, f ih .b .ille,4
(X.4aiI1he w44n t. 4.1oI ,i
1h Ur11iIledIy1-14i w'ia d a i v phen
ha. he, w. 14.11w.
he 1(i t phyi popI,mhrlj' ~tm
TV. v. u 4 .
.card( agaio 'in t';ic. (Iruaor I. 11(.
.eflolir.. 'V!bc PIailit fhpiwl & Q
t4 *Ille. 4M . Me'ala4d e a
Iv the solicitation of my iany frie:
I et rel, :ittnoulO m1y1'elf i tiditi
bo- th < fliee of Supervisor of IPickt
-. uei I hjet. to the action of the'del
oe ro:t <<" vothrs at tIto ppro.tachit:g' pl
nIy aa, leti.
:I' t'rienuds of L .Seh
bt r1ebyhl :ann,I htim1 for reelection
I tO ie'e of ('oufty S,Mulervisor Subjt
t!aI !Demtcratic; Primlary I;loction.
Alany Friend.
IL't'b.V annotn'acce nyself it candida
stt n lla-t ()fiee of Supervisor otr Pioke:
."tiat ;tN, sub jec"t to the action ( the Dou
t.r.,t'c primry.
Ilt IO'TY ('O11ll&jIoNE;I.
I ', 1 tiettsi A. J. Volborm hereby a
ni 1t , hun1 as. ia c"andidatte for Coit
('ontn er, stbject, to the action
li- Italirati( voters of Pick ns coun
a ih Ial,proacting primary.
''.( th rit"tds ol' I). H1. Evans borel)
tantltne hit in a ndidate for Coun
('ommissioner Pickns county, subje<
1t Ihe action of the 1)enocratic pttt-y I
lit- e1pproau'hing, primaury,
'Te Ii iends of A, -. Talley herohyau
nom Ia it a cndidato for the otlic
nly (:,intttissioner iutbject, to tho a<
i (cn of tihe I nitioct'attic party ait the ai
rteachting primary.
Th':. t'rien<s of' WV. M. Gantt ho'reb)
uan'oane hiin a eandidato for tho oillie
If' mtt v ('Cotiisioner. Iickons cotlu
ty ' stl,je:.t to action of the ])otocrati
vobi:s af thit approaching primary.
.%t the request. of friends, I horehy an
nonne"" isvelf' a caudidato for ro-electioi
io ti h ollih-e oif County Commnissione
,I 1sj eto tohe action of )omocratic ve
ter-; at the approaching primary.
Iomtnri Si':w Alitr.
I herolty annonuco myself a candiuat(
FtIor hi;gist.ratteI, Piekens towtnship, stb
jett to I he ant ion of the demloeratie votert
at the approaching primary.
'i'ihanking the people ofl Easloy town
ship for their su;iport in 11)0, 1 horehy
:tnotneo iny candidacy for re-elcctiot
!: the ullhe CV lMagistrate, sutjeet to the
et.w. n1f the dentoratiae votor tt the tp
!,o:rebint laria rytt1 elet,S'ion.
1 aespec-tfttlly,
1. l. TAME,ON.
n i !v :byattmtce m.yself t Candidat<
( It :i W'ai;her, Piekens t ownship
- .' t the actiiou of the Democratic
Walker Y'ounblood,
by", antnot;;. 1y.')lf at candidat<
(',t it:n as Oottu; Weighor fo:
nstownsh ip.
J. D. IL01D El.
!-.\ 1. a -.t <: c 1 H( ItI)1:1:N 'r'O .\rr -N
A gi i,at ovil in all the southeri
.a:lces is the failure of the;childrei
ta at tnd cihooil. A earoful stud
of statistics shw that in towi
anid country alika tha
noit morte't thian on.e - third of titi
chiildr ien of schoot age are in dlaill
aittend(an!Co for the fow shor'
monlt hs5 of the~ aver'age school term
isnlally fromn fifty to sixty-Iivy
per~ cent are' enrllod, but irregu
lar is tir a'httenldafce', epeciall'
itilt otryt' and villiagUes, tha
the aiverage daily attendance is 1no
inoero th ei half the enroll ment,
What is needed just nlow is de
cent schoolhouses and teacher
that can teach. Very few childrei
object to going to a good schoo
presided0( over b)y a go>d teaoher.
IIonry L, Shattuck, of Shiellsburg,
Iw,was cured of a stomach troubh
with which ho had been afflioted for yeari
by four boxes of Charmberhs in's Stomael
and Liver Tablets. He had previously
tried many other remedies and a numnbo
of phiysicians without relief. For sah
by Dr. G. WV. Earle.
. .. PICKENS . ..
Graded School.
WVihl begin itsL next regular
MONDAY,8SEPT. 1,1902.
Full oorps of experienced
Oitc'hr. Thorough and eon
scienltions work done). "Know
lodIge in Power," 1400 thalt your
boy)3 andI girl get it while they
tmay. For full particulars call
ont or add1rss:
W. E. D)ENDY, Supt.
Soundl kidneys are safo guards of life,
Maike theo kidneys health wvitht F'oley'h
Kidnley cure. Bolt & WVebb Pickenus &t
Chanpman & Cabhzani Liberty.
- - DENTIST -:
WVi be in Pu cns until further not.ioo.
Olth-e up stains .iu thte Carey building
oveur btrock's Grocery Store.
Nottice-to Tr'essp)assers.
All p)ersonIs are hereby wvarund
noet to htunt, fish, hunt fruit, dam
ago timbor or trespass in auy way
(on anly of our lands, inclading the
Rhoda A. Mauldin placs. An3
violationl of this notice- wdll be
prosected to the full extent of the
J17 (4.
A Cuire For Cholera Inlfantuml.
"Last May." says Mrs. Curtis Blaker
of Jlookwalter, Ohio, "an infanat child 0
our? neighbor's was sufifering from Chol
era infautumi. T.he doctor had given ni
till htopes of recovery. I took a bottl
of (Jhamberlaln'a colio, cholera and Di.
rhtoen remedy to the honuse, telling then
I Met aure it would do good it used ac
ntorditu, to dli'eottonb. 'In two days tini
thet child had fully rooovered, and I
)now (neartly tt iar since) a vigorotu
beo.dthy g~irl, hive recoimmmen4e
tis rtamndo frnnativ and( bnen .o
All Couity oflies, ech, - .5.0).
.111gistra11tes, - "t 2.50I.
us All other offices, " - 5.((.
to TIeI1 above p rictes aru inlvarial,y IN
FORI ('ON 1:I 1":ss.
to I hereby ann1tolunc, mysulf at cam11tida:tr
18 for Congros4 from this, tilt elI Third Mt,n11h
u- Catrolinn District, subjt'(.t to the ulion
of the domocratic vuters at t le alppioneh
iug )rimaury election.
R . I''. s.3Tij''.
1 hercby 10111e inyself a einulildale
for t'olgrt - to rep restent Ite Third S
) C., )istrict, subject to the ttinit of t
d (emocraltio votel4 inl the appl,r-a("-hin.
lrinrary. W i. J. Stribling.
I hereby annoulnce mtlfst.1 a r;tlltlit I(te
for Congress from this, the t hird I )is
ttrit, subject to the act ion of th1e tlemio
tt cratio voters at the a1lproaching primaru"y
(eo. -. I'lINCI:.
- 1 hereby aiinonieo Inysell a sti itiit
e for CongreS4 to 'ep rest'tit this, Ihe' Third
I)istriet, subject to the 1elion of thet
I)emtocrti. voters at the a1prchtlting
priitary election.
1J..11. I{ t'ClI lt Jlr.
1 We 1'ore anthorized to annonn(et W. N.
(Graydon, of AbbeVilI., as it e:ulntidlate
u for Congress from the Third Cii nrT'ss
ional D)i,strict su!'ject to the actlin of
the .)emlocratit; primary. .
1 We are authorizcdl to announlce Wyatt
Aikon, of Ahhovillo, ts It u1cnIitlty for
Congross from the Third Congress ional
District, subject. to the action of the
I)uomocratie voters at the alr)to"acIing
primary election.
I lerohy announce myself ci antidilite
for Congrss from tho third South Car
ohna District, subject. to tho ction of
the (louooraintit. voters at the a))roaching
primary election.
1. 1H. 11(e(aliia.
'The friend(ls of Laban \lbnlhlil herelbv
anlnonnee him as a canlitate for heti Sn
ai, sulbje't to ht nectionl of ith I ienol
crahtio voters of I'iekons coiInty at hI up
pro:tclhing pimaic1ry.
The friends of Charles I%. Robinson
hertl y annoulnet him Its at e olitllt for
the 5ena1te, subtject to the action of the
tlde171orite tters of I'ickens county at
the approaching primatry.
The friends of C. II. Cartiienter hert
by Inuonnle him Its a canitithtue tor tihc
entot f1roitn P'ickenls tcolunty, sujl;t'e tt
the action of the .1)oi1t4mritic vot.'rs at
the approatilchting primartty th-et itn.
I hereby Innollnce my c:tnmdidavcy f(,r
re-olection to tho 1loulse of I{epirextn(a
tivem from Pickeus e.iiity, ;iihjv-t. to
the0 Demuocrat ie prima1:Iry.
IvY M. 11At,ix.
The friends of J. Asliuore iinton
herehy Illoune him as I can(didatte for
the House of l{epresentative from P'ielk
ens county, subject to the action ofl t he
dhOmlocratid voters at tie app)roatchinig
primaury electioni.
The friends of Frt'd W1V iliamsi~. hierebdy
House of Representatives from P'ickeni s
t county, sub.iect, to the atctiocn of the
,]DemworatiC v'oters3 it the atpproatchinrg
pirimlary election.
T.ho friends of W,. ( . MIauhin i hierebye
-ilUtiit announc hi cantdidaute for thle H on.x
of Rtepresieinttives for Picekenis county,
suRlbjec!Lt to the action of I hie D)cmnoc rat'ie
party nt tho apprioachiniig primairy.
L The friends of Mathiew Hien'idricks
herebly annotunce him ias ai cantdidatie for
-the Hlouso of Ropresentativ'es of Pickens
county, suibject to tho action of the de-.
s mxocratic voterts att thie iapprochinig prim
ary election.
Tn. friends of W., Nelsojn IUoldiig
herebiy announce him a candidte for the
House of Reipr'esentatives, Pickeins coun1
ty, subjoct to the~ action|of the Deomocrati
ic voters ut the approaching primary'.
lTe friends of N, A. Christ ophbor ro
spectfully announce him as a caindidate
for the offiloi of County Aiuditor for
Pickens county, subject to the actioni of
the democratie votors at the approaching
primary election.
Th'ie frienids of E. Foster Ktith herlio.
by annuounice him as ia candidanto for Ithe
offica of Auditor subject tto the action of
thO demlfocratic party iat th toinlg pri
mary ohection.
FOR TIethEANiUlt, j
I hereby announce myself a candicdate
for the office of County Treasurer, sub
ject to the achion of the democratic vot
ers of Pickons enty at the atpproaiching
primary election.
31. Fletcher Lesley.
By the solicitation of my mnainy fiends,
I hereby itnnotunco myself it caidduate
for re-election to the office of Trieacsureor
of Pickens county, subject to the action
of the demiocratic voters at tho approach
ing primary eloctioni.
S. I . Chanpmani.
The friends of Hlenry WV. Fa'urr hereby
anounco him a candid.te for I le ollice of
T iroasurer, subject to the action of the
democratic voters of Pickens county it
the cyproaching primary.
The friends of James M. Lawrence
respectfully announce him as catndidato
for Troeurer for Pickens counity, su1b-.
acet to the action of the democrtitic Vo
torn at the coming primary.
I hereby annoulnco mycolf ia condidatte
for thie office of Treasurer for Piekens
county, subject to then action of the do0
mcoratic primairy. 0. R. Henmdricks.
For Probate Judge.
I hereby,announce mnyself a candidate
for re-election to the ofilco of Probato
Judge of Pickens county, subject to the
actiou of the democratic voters at thle ap
proaching primary oleotion.
J. B3. Ne~wbery.
B~y the desho of numerous friends, I.
submit my name as a candidlato for the
office of Probate Judge of Piekeus coun
'ty subjeot to the aotion of the Democatic
party, J. L, 0. THOMPSO0N,
At the request of friends, I hereby
e announce niyelf a candidato for reelee.
tidn to the ofilo of County Superinton,
-dont of Ediuction subject to thme notiou
of the Democratic party at thec Priwary
s Election,
- Wuw . , P rst
I .II!':-'I". \ML 1 i IN
-+<, MAKE H
I! l i a.4 ,I\ ( .I \ tl i , 1 ' \ j'
't ia I1ll! nI!: i Slu..ine ('li,h:'
\\ l I,h1 111 \V (. S i'! | t . .
i jI 14 i tL l ', I i h:"t we hIt
hS . t :T ru i .'1 . . tl 44 \4.444. Ih
t, "' i111"' 'pi I II (". ) (' i iI '
I !, 14111 . 1144 t"l 44 l h - "': I',
Il i l I i t l 1' .'I $ . ' lll, it.! 11
li . III Ii I: 1 :(I,iI .4 ;1''4 11,"\\.
1 114i f ,t, !'
S ~ I i . ,"f (1 ' \ +J , I I.l 4 1: 1' (
v L (* o c4 :1,4' 1 1)'(1411!!;;'
1 ii.! 'x 41j s'KIR4~
e on
New'S ing
Arriving Dla
the largest 8hmd by iar the 41 preieSt I!
have lifted the~ y(l:Re (ihi prics a
al. I )JC
wvhere she purchasl ded a lari' and 4:om1
choicest novel \CJties. Tis' .;d )dartm'ent)
count) y to call andl( inspect this depar) ti
reet slyles at very low prices.
Ini eadch depalrtmen'It you wvill WInd
you to cal and see usa
Y'ours truly
And Oarden
It is \.4V:ort .. it (4o2: 13 :a-VI g
Garden an~d Farr
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spdes', 1F
Hooks, Mattocks, PIlows and Plowv !
Tturners~ made, \Wheeil Barrowvs, Tr
Mac.hines, and Fu rniture of all kinds
A Nice, New, Clean
New Oods Coming in artti Go
Anything * and *
About a Home or
@ We~ inlvite' all to com1e~ and lot
No trouble to show thro
bl it. t .t stock
' a I't;t II ._
ai ~a a w . h atl
! la : I ,- i a 1 :h
tt t l:tc ;tll ;I
l t at tii 'e i,,
ht lat thet a p lrtt
,iut".n, hawns"t',
I li iis si a this
a:i . iaw " a l
r, tilt ' ' .1
a is and W\agons.
ib. ,tt the IdoJllatr.
vili'.S. (.
(I they are.. i*n reach of
ni the Nor')thernI Markets,
jplate line1 of the season's
is et1Iual to any in the
the I .adies in Pickens
nent. You will find cor
big values. It will pay
arrow Co
r)d gaden. BesidIes the
nling Toolsf
Lfrks, I3ushi Hooks, Briar
;tocks;, Best Steel Beam
:> King Stoves, Sewing
Pretty Styles.
Stock of
ng out Every Day.
Eve ryth ing,
k throeugh our rooma~
houir ptock

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