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The People's Journal
Mrtha Ioatowsky.
A girl descended the steps of a groa
gray church. In her hand she held i
violin case; a roll of music lay foldet
within her arm. She pausedl upon tht
lower step to reulasp the fastening o:
her long black cloak. The hood whicl
was attached fell from her head ant
disclosed a fair face with beautifu
dark blue eyes. The falling hood (is"
arranged her hair, which hung in curl
ing red-ol waves about her face.
She stretched forth I white hand and
gathered ip tho music and violin case.
As she reached the street she ab
ruptly met the gaze of a stranger; for
an1 instant they looked into each other's
eyes. She saw i man wit h at frank,
pleasant face, and dark, pointed beard.
'lie must he an artist,'' she thought,
6 but he looked as if he were success
ful.'' In the lhiemIa whichi she in
halbited she 11a1d niever seen the sue
cessful artist.
" That girl would make a line mtodel
for a young saint ; most inuusn.tl face."
he thought.. '" ei mle see, St l'ecili;,
would it he? She carried lnisit. She
looked patrician ; but she looked poor,
ant the two when they come together
are always pathetic. l'oor littLe girl.
so uncomlinonly pretty! I wonder it
she has a good mot her and a comfort
able supper awaiting her? I'!I waerr
she hasn't the latter!"
When he reached his cinh the ,it,i
facti arose above hiis tobacco Smel.
"6 She has ia face one does not oftnIi
see; a face not easily forcott'en: It i t!
reappear, and a fellow c;itecs hlinse i
building castles anid drealmin: dr'amins.
Tomorrow is Eister and they wi! trie
brate at St. dohn's church. I law her
coining down the ste' t's ring :1 vio
lin; she will be likely to ';ty; thert
will be no harm in hlearinl lie, ;ind
the old folks will be p';tat'tl it, have
the go to eliniell Wi iiI ti'tt."
lle lay laek in hiis cino ta:e chair
with half Closed eyes: the head
immediately ar'se wt row, dle
blue eves, red-gl b) wrhatlcd in
billowy totbamo sm n 1scended
in clouds ladin :. : ms iandi i.
lumninated by the tnt I hthts.
When .Martha.l i home slte
climbed three .ligh : kety stairs.
Elanked by uns:h m. mouIdering
broken plaster. aied, thin-face,
children, and Uinttdv, h ::ow -ved
women peered from crowded doorw.ivs.
More than one hopefu. nreh; a iued
her cloak and dematr.dd a
This penalty she was reqt;u" ,
for having bestowed a s ,: -iu
upon a sick chi:d e :
Martha opened t:e .to.1
near the sky. Th: . o :
with scant, pove - .,
and so clean :.::- '' :m v.L
more plainly aa;-ur;l-:. _ ua v
dow looked cc- a'.mi le :t:mIi. :1
could see -. i n i'ii :( :
church and ;nd c'mieu. :-.;
ing io a rl1 iat; vmus :r :-:ai:.
the wind,: 'v ii r..wrd 7 :' ni
pure petal.s ..1 smar:n :! .n:a mii
pared tea. M.se:aai V :i.A
around( her mothe:-s --se i i:n.
her. " Ihear ri::c:. H ': M ;s.e
mraises me; he sayvs .: ;.' va.:.
am to play tomorrow a-.m; n
service, and IIerr Mcei: M.:.f:
for me."
Hecr mother kim:d --he ta.:- c.ee
and made the gi-rl' dria 'a ar. eat
thini bread, which lav her.
"i I have seen my '1 th
mother. "' It nia ;-- r.fortun
aite that we cam.: to) t -
T1he gir! -tet her' tea *w an,
turned with inquirinbe to hea
mlother, whmo had a:N .~a e th
floor, with growing e:':.tn- mnt.
" I heard today that. he is a promi
neat merchant here. I have Iol yot
before, Marth,, how I ams-red m'
Unele Gerald by marrying Marunr I,,n
atowsky, the poor l'oish mnu.ic miast(er
I once wrote to ask my unele prn
he hadl married the beautiful Mrs. Ma!l
colm aind mate forgot me im hi- ii:t
happiness. I never receivedl an ir
awer. Afterward I heard that ii ha~
moved away, taking his wife and
sonl, leavmng no0 me)ssage for mie.
loved him (dearly ; he has bee n hLlo
father and mother to mec. My p)ridl
was hurt, and ini all of my wandering
I have made no effort to findl him.'
'The poor woman's gazt'e st,ray ed. upwar<
above the Easter lily into the cold
grey clouds of early spring. " lI,
mlighlt forgive me now," she whispei ed
"Marlin is dead."
Martha kissed away the tears thas
fell from her mother's ey es. "~ Mothei
be happy. I will earn enough for u
both. IIerr Moser says that atte
tomorrow people will ask mec to tene)
their daughters music. Y'ou shoul
have seen the way he looked at me, an
said, 'lravo, little girl!' "
,Martha Ponatowsky sighed and saul
10 Its1 well that IIerr Mo;ser is mnarrie
and grey-headed.
laughed her daugh tera. aIt is ugey
alN ta heis good and charitabhi
)o, mother, dear, fate will not wrea
further vengeance uplon us. yowi
happy with my father, the pooru we
master, but you fear poverty for m<
and hope that riches will Ilid us son
day and bear me away."
She placed the musie openl upon1 t1
table, gently took the violin irom t1
box. " Dear father, he could (10 litt
for me, but Herr Moser says hie ga'
me his talent, and' he bequeathed ni
his Cremona; together, we will awakt
people, mother.' She drew the be
slowly across the strings, tender:
screwed the key of the violin, the
broke softly into the pure-toDed East<
music. Softly It ascended until.
seemed to pierce the mouldering cel
Ing, scending through the misty gloom
of the city twdlight; ever upward nt;
It rang triumphantly beside the fal:
evening star which shone upon at
'Easter lily.
The next morning the bells rang oui
fromt It. John's church in sweet, glad
melody, "lie Has IRisen." Tt'e Jarge
church was filed with worshipers, who
orame attired in rich com es,nm in
memorativo of the Joyous tilnes. A
" grey light fell through the loft staiuet
windows upon the head of the rector
who read the words, " For if we hav<
been planted together in the likeness
of Ilia death, we shall be able also in
the likeness of His resurrection." The
choir sang a glad, triumphant chorus;
then a girl arose and her slender finl
gers drew a bow softly across the
strings of a violin. A young ian
L turned his kindly hazel eyes toward
t the organ loft, and beheld the slentier
I ligure clad in black; her ruddy golden
hair curled about her brow; upon her
f breast, was pinned a white lily.
Softly the violin mourned Christ's
sufferings in the gardenl, the betrayal,
the doom, the death, the universal sor
row; thon came the pure expectant,
note of hope.
People turned wit,h breathless inter
est toward the organ loft and saw it
gentle, youthful face bonding slightly
upward. A clear sunbeam breaking
from beneath the grey clouds and
rising city mists quivered through the
stained mulhloned windows, full upon
the girl's golden head, tinged the
petals of the lily upon her bosomn, then
bhu-tr into at Hood of sunshine from
chaneel to organ loft. The clear, vic
torious music arose, " Ile llas lIisen."
The congregat ion arose in all the
pervading love and renewed happiness,
whiih seeued to descend fromt heaven
to earth. The music rang in sweet
h:irloy, then died inl Ia triumphant
note of joy and love.
laltrtha tiescended a dim stairway,
wich led from the organ left. She
ca:rried her violin; tie bhick hood
draw n close coultt nt conceal the rich
hair wthichi shone beneath. 'l'hree peo.
plt stood at the hottom of tle stair
a ki'illy-facett, grey-haired old gen
tienan, who was iluly stauped with
the mark of plosperity; a lady, erect,
richly dressel, with ha dra'wn a Ia
Pompnkaloilr, s'oodt proutdly at his side.
1 evondt was the n:ti with the dark,
ha'ei eyes atdll pointed heard. Tears
stood withiii the old genltlemalln a's eyes;
-enumtlte feeling shone llpol his kind,
high-brcl face: his balids were ex.
", u1atha "' he critl -- M hitia -er,
N tartha l'onatowskv," saidt the
girl, in her modest , n unt'al tones.
". Of courlse,' he criedl. ..~t her
ill't not ,itartlthl hernself-, take tilt to
your mother.'' IIis hands closed ti,ht
ly upon martha's " 'l'ake me to our
mother," he repeated.
Martha kissed him andt "aid. ''You
ire my uncle."
The lady with the homphadoutir howed
aver the hand that the .irl hldt out to
her. WVhenl the you man il:i came
forward shte sad 'Ti smy sonl,
IIerbert Mt.c'. :a.
iman':o ts his a: . fr ha
nicea nec anhobd
Id " rhr og:em;Iko
you. ca whe you are~ hapy: lt
marrage.I ws jelous Th .1
- upon temntlinor iray-I e
behin throug aiA.-nrowaetuei
th alt ies thr now:."c pod
pleaosLre. Te nen haid h.eadth an
- forgive yotur." gv e;IKl
.c aeo Martha anhrothe camer tthe
. auifuhue. I waaos. he afars
;aa drato the girl; made lovelybwitie
.cin pi trndrih a.ject.row artur ier
-mther' and-i ule's res howda
.inn lpac wich had beenpasent dior
1pear. TMarthetood, eforeth, th
fvriin ypou.t" ertuh Mlom
eyeawrh fasnd ronthe cequoste
bauthue, itr head leen; fhir
dret the waill madeu ovlym th
pIburein s nrc oles unofe and ther
ther' and wals ae outowted anr
,Iner te whiha thee dagent fcor
Searse. Itau so withore helthei
rys were ofateneb upen the diexsiti
fnaed, lk a ite h a nel I
thenethe all i u fpui h
bldggis felen' ,rls taf,adtl
w,nih nervousesgs,r h ane ifrl
rrtabiit ast n owt tehadh;i
r sleepo lsnes -heitl lgslni
thiF es ampouns 'c
are ngisectelin
crit er tesbil r
rriity pysicl
.collase. rlielz ..l
k 1)r. Pierce's
e Golden Medical W
e Discovery cunr es
diseases of the
Sstomach antd other
organs of dlsies
tion and nuttrition,.
e~ It puiiies, the blood( ando cures nervous
eC neas, irritability and sleeplessness by
le Curin.g the diseaseat iti which th~ey
to "For three years I autrered untold agony,'
Wit', M rs. i. R.* W'hite ofthtanstead, Stansten'd
C. Icheioc. "1 would itave spells of trenmbling
W 1Q thei, sick at lily stoinach, pain in right side
th i tue ;tihen it would work up Into mny
iy sto)lnach anfd--such, distress it, is ita >OSSible to
Ildescribe. I wrote to the World's Dispensary
Medical association, stating mny case to thent,
*and they very protuptly answered and told nie
twhat to do. I took eight bottles of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical DIscovery, andu five vial. of
.Dr. ] ierce' l'Pleasant Pellets. Thati ka to Dr.
Pielrmee and his tredicine I sin a welhl woWna
to-day. D)r. PI'erce's niedicinmes also cured nil
mlothuer c-f liver coliplaint flomn which she hat
bee a.erer fo.ffeen years. We ih
recenated these mnedicines to all sueing
, The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, a book containing roo8 pages,
is givenl away. Send 2x ene-cent sta la
for expense of mailing on/y, for the book
in paper covers, or 31 stam1nps for the
volume bound in cloth. Address Dr.
B. V. Plam. Bulnoat. I'.
could recall the name, " The Dawn o
l Love."
When1 no one was listening he said
" I ai glad 1 found you, Martha."
Fiarianer Osg1t, to Appreciate
tihe Iniportalee of Cattl<
Riml i ig.
The Columbia correspontlent of thi
News and Courier makes the followinl
observations on a matter of interest t(
all farmers in South Carolina :
There has been a great <teal in th(
newspapers recently about the " Bee
Trust " and how it has raised the pric(
of beef o the market. The light ha
had its good and its bad results so fai
as this State . is concerned. It 1lim
raised the price, to the consumer, of tih
meat he has had to buy, but, on ti
other hanl, it has emnphasiz<ed the op
portunities for stock raising in this sec
tion. It has opened up a market foi
South Carolina cattle and, while tht
price of hotno-raised beef has had tc
go up with the price of Western meat
it has put money into the pockets 01
those who had forethought and weni
into the market and bought beef foi
Northern and Western markets.
In previous lights that the '' heel
Ti tist " has had the Southern markets
have been ignored. No one thought
there was beef enough here to supply
an1y domand 0r to amotant,11 to anyt31hm g,
lyWhen the recent raise was enforced
the retailers in the North and East
tigired on how they could get meat to
supply the demand and not have to
buy it all from the iembers of the or.
ganiz.ation, which had raised their
prices. ''hey sett agents through the
South and it was not long before they
found a great man1y tuore cattle than
they suspected in South Carolina, that
were waitlng to go to the slaughter
pen. ''hose who had bought the cattle
andl put them up in pens found a suid.
deti demand, and where they had been
sellin,_, to local dealers for three or three
and a half cents gross, they found it
just 'As easy to sell for a cent more on
evcdy pound, and then those who knew
the conditions went to work to gather
ing up cattle and getting them near'
som1e cottol seed Oil plant or othel
place where qIluick fattening food was
easily to be had, and better prices were
to be htatl as a result of the tattoned
Condiitionls of the animals,
I i st ated ol aut horny that not less
than t0ti head of cattle were shipped
from \Winnshoro within the last few
months and fulls' as many head went
from Columbia. T1he samle conditionu
existed in other parts of the State.
Most of the cattle were shipped t(
l;ichnond ail fr,u there distributet
to the various miatkets. after havin,
been grnded and caisiled. Tid hose whi
hid the good sense to raise cattle fo
muarket made more mllonley this Vea
out of that '.iue than thev' have eve
-efore madle. regardless of the higl
t:ee of _rain.
'te7 a whie the farmers will real
Swhat an easy matter it is for ther
T h e .W:Y as ,n a
oue orMaai IA
font , Aain 4') lra po
'Tlue.Wo1 a e GrWre(ant estr
Mtalartal poij:. z. *'.be ant1ioe
for Ii a JOHJNS..'S TONIC.
iet a bo ttle ln4ay.
Cet 0ts sIf it jue.
Me<lical College
of Virginia
....EntabHihed 18|38....
D)epartments of Medicine D)entIAtr
and l'harmacy. I"or partIculars an
catalogue: add ress, Ch rist.opher rTi
iclns, M. D)., Dean, Itichmond, Va.
(ireenaville, 8. C.
II tyhle!4WOr tII, PItrL k r & Rh bilsoti
AU i orneyM.-at-Law,
Pickenai (C. H., - - Southi Cn rolini
P'raition in all Coutrtsi. Attendii to a
W""PMonuov 14o bloa.
.) 1E. lIo(tns. P'resident.
TI ME T 'A lLEl No. 2.
A-YSup Iersedles ime TIable No. 1. El
fective 12:111 A. M. , l"eb. 1st, 11301.
ieead IDowni. Itend~u Up
No. 1(. 'T A'ITIONS. No. '..
M1 ixed.l Mixed.
10:4(33a11m... .T1.. Pickents A r.2:5 p n
103:45 a mi...rgsoni's...2:45 p ni
10t:55' a m......*Prson's.....2:30 p n
i 1:1ii a m.........Ariil's........2:25 P n
11I:05 a3m......*alin's.....2:20 p n
1:1in a tm....Ar Eashey L,v..:15 p) n
No. 12. 8TATlIONS No. 11.
Mixed. Mixed.
4:00 p i....v. Picekens Ar.. :40 pn
4:05 p mn......ergsoni's........ :3 1
41:15 P mi.......*rsoni's....... 6-15 P n
4 :20) P mi.........*riil's....... :1(3 p n
4:25 p m.....*aiin's...:05 p n1
4:40 p m....Ar Easley Lv... :03 pmn
All trains daily except Suniday.
No. 1t0 Connects with Southlerni Railway
No. 33.
No. 93 Coninects w~ith Southerui lailwayv
No. 12.
No. 12 Conneccts with Southern Rail way
No. 11.
No. 11 Connectq with Southern Railway
No. 34.
*tffFor any information apply to
(Genernl Mnnnagnr.
" I was given up to die with
quick consumption. I then began
to use Ayer's Cherry l'ectoral. I
improved at once, and am now in
perfect health."--Chas. E. Hart
man, Gibbstown, N. Y.
It's too risky, playing
with your cough.
The first thing you
know it will be down
deep in your lungs and
the play will be over. Be
gin early with Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral and stop
the cough.
Three sites : 25c., SOc., $I. All druggists.
Consult your doctor. If ho anye takt, It,
tht+t dto its he aiuyN. If he,'thills you not
to ke It. i t in dnt tatt it. Ito knows.
Luavo It with him. We ar 1 illtg.
J. C. AV IM Co)., 1.owoltt, bhlame.
Ti i: .1w1" :i. s il .tNXI :nI;.---A law
yer tells how a nu1111 bo) ynto got the
bettor of himi iin eross-elixamitltion.
I'art of the questlol li tl ani Ith replies
thereto are as follows :
"t Have you any) ovccupatio n ."
" No."
"' J)on't you ilo any work al. all Y"
"t ,nst loaf atrouln<l home 7
'' That.'s about a11."
" hiat. (LOCs yt ir fatlitr tlo "'
"t Nothin' much."
" Doesn't he do atythin, to support
the family ?"
''lle does othui jbitis onbt'c ill it
While when ho enn et thlem."
"As A Itatter of fact isn't your fat
ther at pretty wot th lesis ftllowv, neat ly
always fighting, ati a 1lt Ia:',
" I don't know. ,ir ; you at bet ter
ask him. lie's sittin' over there on
the jury."'
The World's Greate
For all forms of fever take JO)HNSOr
It is lth+ tim.+^s better than quinine and
Iioe ennnt t do in It days. It's slIendi
feeble eures made by qtlinine.
I I.t E Y 1t' A >AIt'ill'';li TO SE
A lresbyterian Schno , whose pattern i
\il'ic. Art. anil :lOCution Schools
lk-.atiful Au'litoriumn~.j-Ig Pipbe ()
Next Session Begi
F'ir beatifu :1y mtrlzated Catalo:t
S. R.
Colemnan-Wagener F
*l'CCEKSSuf Tn C
363 King Street, - -
OFi'rictt. :-George'* A. Wage3n.r,
P'rebdent ;L G. Bdll, Secretary and Ti
SSouthern Short
A Tc A N'
ators ansd all cias
for catal og'ue.
A High-G~rade CJol
Conservatory of M
Schools of Art and
For cataltogute addire
ROB'T. P. PELL, Pres
Greenville Fei
At Carolina's Favorite Summer
Write Fo Terma. ...
Appeal to the Ludiesa.
Oh, women,
In your hours of case
Uncertain, coy,
And hard to please,
Why do you
101d your dresses so,
When on the streets
You're pleased, to go?
Say, ladies, Are you quite aware
The way you hold them
Makes folks stare
And wonder,
Not a little, a little bit,
If they were made
8o tight a fit ?
Or are you
To their snugness blind
Because you can not
See behind,
To learn why people
Grin and pause ?
Or do you
)o it " just because ?"
If you are
Thin it's not so bad,
When you are sonewhat
Thickly clad
Hut if you
Have a ligure--why,
Words fail to tell
What meets the eye.
Dear woman,
Whatsoo'r4it be
That makes the Visions
Which we see,
Correct it,
Please, this very day,
And hold your skirts
Some other way.
The new battle ship Maine comes
very near being a twenty-knot ship.
On her trial trip last, week all records
for speed with vessols of her class were
broken. For half an hour she de
'eloped no less than ls9 95 knots. This
was almost exactly twenty-three land
miles. This is the fastest time ever
mttadc by a battle ship of the claes of
the Maine. A few years ago twenty
three miles an hour was considered
'" top " speed for a cruiser.
Over 70 tons of (lowers were ex
ported from the Seilly isles last season.
st Fever Medicine.
VS 0IlIJL1 and 1'KWJV 'R ONIC.
does in a single day what slow qui.
Ad cures are in striking contrast to the
-L-E, S. C.?
3 the Christian Home.
not surpassed by any college in ti
gan Gas, Steam Heoat, B.ithi Rooms
enrolled fromu Six States.
.he superior adlvantac'es oJfered.
ris Septembier 23rd.
Le, a ldress
PRESTON, President.
[ardware Company,
- Charleston, S. ('
r.ows, Om.m v:it CIIIIMD J',0ws,
President:; George Y. Coleman, Vici
-easurer. Correspondence Solicited
hand And
ess University,
r A, GA.
Rihorthand, Typej)
hy. Penmanshtip,
:raduiatea in posi
>y Go"vcrnors,Sena
Res of meni. Send
D)epart.ment A. LWNODVtrj,
ident, Spartanburg, S. C
<nale College.
Hlighi Grade.
Tihorough Courses.
Excellent Efiuipment.
Beat Clhmate.
Write for catalogue and terms.
GreenvIlle, $. 0.
Resort, White Stone L.ithia
AVcgctable PreparationforAs
sinilating theiFood andicg tda
ting Ihe Stomachs and Bowe s of
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Nineral.
Al yr7 af /rf /k-S IlAEI.PfftlIA'R
/f1l%4rns SyIt --
I&,a vfad +
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
Iion, Sour Slonach, )iarrhoca
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSnitu Sigiutture or
elling a
HCarn~ es falkiiSarreys.
- Hns:u arne o ther miiaks of COH m
*I(ii tle ora l' WehIer; n, :i-henper Igri
N.ow~ i- the beqat see-a3n for seling veic4
par31, pfit r no pro)fit.1
Th 'sa:oin fort M1iles and llor.ces~ isII
:aC k~id4' 3rento -ut t ~aa' l l.4)toii W he 'in I I
aaah aa l i''3e e ia: t th e p(p l w h e i . i-r ! t w i
' rer 03 ' t , Rive I a4 I1 l4 .Jat'-loont SI re4(
W% A Il'-l W. WV "1,111[.:
known~'r to Ithe I t:i )3( an I empjlc
.. If ou(4 ne1ed I anting in oulr lin ta po 1(
w'ithi 4din anrd pr3icEsH t) 'OI r1 lhmp, V
in 14PH. 4Yi lioN F'l4CNI'1 N(i A NE I( ()
Yours'i for f.radeC,
Sottheas tern
Lime and Cement Comipan:
'a0 ICast Blay, Chaileston, S. C.
1I :Llquarters for imei, &femont, Pl1ast
Pan,Oils and Varnishes.
D)ealers in Hair, Teira CoUta Pi;
Itoofing, Sheathing P'apers, and all cilasl
of hluilding Material.
Sumter Military Academy.
I)epar'tmenta: Literary, scientifle I
Conservatory of Musio: Pianoforte, V,
grdutof the RoSral Conservatory, 1e*
Stenography, Typewrltin, ooeep
Courses. Accessible and Healthful ikoc
cent Buildings. EOxpenses Moderate.I
Bession opens Sept. 17th. Write for Sixt
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
- In
For Over
Thirty Years
,t Cost!
~haetons and Wagons
lute Sacrifice!
(bil ~V(b I f<n' it, buit Qon1IO and see for' your.
V'e carry3 I he Dlibe ek. Couirtland. T11Iyson &
re &c., ais seie ii Illih (irade Waigona8, the
the I vensb)moo TayJl'or anld Chiat tanioo)ga.
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