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The People's Journal.
' U lUI.,il11i) WICi Ki,'.
T. J. MAI'1.1ilN , -. - Editor.
W. LRsii, MA"TiINY, - tut1. Mgr.
Raterei at t,ho Post Olie at Piekouis as
kecOntl-ttlass matter.
SbI s I IcrOipt ioii $1.00 1 year.
T'i 118 1) A Y , AUG. 14, 1902.
Hon. D. S. Henderson
(S. S. Lamllb, Editor, in Aikon
Journlal and Review.)
W ith the )eoplo of South Caro
linta the p1endin)g contoest for thO
beat in the United States ,"entto,
to Ib )n:((lo vacant 1b,y tho r,tiro
niilt of the juntior sonator frouim
this 4tato, is perhaps tho most Vi
tal matter of the m11olent. The
Senatorial p)riz is one of the high
est honors for which our political
gladiators Colntetd(; from its or
gaizaitionl thet uppo house1101 of' Con
gress las at t ractel tie ambition of
orators and juriats p)ost'-szsed1 (i f a(
genous for public affairs.
With the passing of .\eLaur"1in,
and the fittal ovlerthroW of the
"Coinniercial D)emocray,'- htt
anol!tlle' Ilalnlt for. ; ('t,ll al Itl 11
South t' olina,- t h' tl11" l os l'
ve,y lul,' ft' a sinatr ., '"'
litly reprst't,1) thi- Stato in wh t
I,, after all, the m''t 1im r)1itant
legi.lative s -sei ly in ti 1 ri.I
Th;s nt-eel is tll 11>r: la.arint at
this tim:e h1ean', of the sub.verriuIn
+f thtl estalli.-h'd )rin1cip '-',f the
Fedel(ral conlstitulti(,n, and im;1-ri
atlistlic te'ndeniiltS, C'ver I' I e. 'as;ng
ofua cOntraliz,'d g; -ruI.-tn)t, of the
"lv, IIr the fe'l. Ihy thle f v.
THE ('O tL I lt(I.1 L D,t:\1' . .
Tn a sp)e,ch1 delhvert'd ttt 1*' )1 1
last summer State S''.1tnr He"len
de4rsOn, Of Aiklen, was Itml"l!. t h(
first of the politi('al lt:l'rN to
potlt out the inipl)nlin <hilgers
of the Comimercial Ie r.a.y,
anl ins1((id i n ," i t ot th--" i,,i t (t
Iclaiurill arl the rT 1' l in'aW i a I
IniIs1ratiol, to di-41pt alnt (1 -
norgaIzILt thel 1)emocwralti par11ty 1'
South CarOlina. Th" iu;t o tih.
cOunlty and( State cnetosfl
l1iu tr'at(S h-)w %'.I"I titi i vi,'t'
was hete, and h'11w t br i:h!
Alo dea'<thll 1,1i(w t' thi: 1ib t v m
sirlac_y w1a5 d,l vlller 1l. Il da at . 3
proved 1inii a 11! a d ir, I r . .
,Sou:ator t s Juinuutt ht. .:* l t ,j: j rily
withdl,aarn from th," pttlit i'al ar.:":;,a
A htate) Coi nnio lil 1 'n ti: " tart' t )
which he forlerly pr.;"1..d1 d 1ll. .
Hince ''s .S. iJ i s tr,ni, of
y 'ia 41f th.i mtlt
At1 urator of Ohare
ii(flupI't.a,lhut proi
.-o~h studenoit of humanliti atlais,
1ie po8sssse ini anli nusual deogiree
th'o (jnali ies that upon~A thle world'sI
stage go to make upi a man of
And in~ aldditionu to his well ar0
mfoured intelleet ''Dan"' Hlender
son is a good friend and a
good citizen, to boot. Boe
yinud theO natural limits of his own
'tate he is known as one of the ac
knowledged leaders in public af
lairs, and at the bar, of S3outh Car.
olina. As one of our con tempo
raries has put it, he is indeed, "a
christian gentle~man, an accomi
pltihed scholar, an ablo jurist, andi
an eloquent speaker--one alto
tether worthy of a seat in the Ui
ted States Senat."
Dan S. Henderson was born al
Walter borough, ini the county o:
Colleton, South Carolina, in 18-I9
Both his father and mother amt
mother were natives of tis State
The father, Daniel Honderson, wa
descended from a Scotch,.Irish ori
gin, of which typo are f ound som
of the most emimently successfu
mon of this and other times. Th~
elder Henderson, in his (day was :
lawyer of note,and served with dii
tinction in the Legislature of hi
State. lHe (lied in) 1864.
Dan Henderson, the son, at a
early age began his educationi
the Charleston College with
scholarship won in a comnpetitiv'
examination. In 1870 lhe loft th
quiet college walls wvith thle fire
honors of his class. With the clos
of college days the young studeni
devoted himself to the maysterie
of the law. Like many lawyer
who have attained eminence lien
derson gathered hia first know
ledge of the practical machinery o
furisprudence as a1 student in the
aw offlos, For a year and a hal
after leaving Charleston College
he stadied law in the offlce of Mese
Simons and Seigling, then amonj
the leading practitionera in the his.
toric city of Oharleston,
At the exp iration of this period
Bendeson eganthe struggle o1
His s aschol eacher in Chester
B. C, His manly bearing,selt-rell,
Sne s and ?horough methods of
Wed4 s~on won for him many
friends. He had about him that
mued ?ra favorte with
5lias wko same ini contacOt with~
Ro yauWg iss4ker, In spare moe
rn ama s s
Eln h Amnia dM m
Iin 1872, "Dan"' lcldrono, as ho I
was familiarly known, gavo undis- i
put)ed promise of a successful llu I
turo. Hle had tho faculty of win
Iinlg CasU. (ou 'ts ainii j 1i1i 1(! I
were impressed with th keon logi <
and brilliant Sj)Oeehs of ti, yOuIg I
hlwyor. 1 t wvas spokeI of on all
sideH as on 1)redestino(d tO ply an i
in111iortllnt part, u(pon1 (i ista 1! ( I"
public affairs. Prom tho s(art. his
reputalt.ion1 as nll oratrn<i d1(I :41'( - a
cdto of it unUual :lbility gath-r'( t) a
his offie c:lientH of all chIilS('e. Th'le 1
poor seoking his aiti, wIre never I
turIlOd fi'ii I 1lnlersoI'S (1( r iir' II
ho0'e(<. TJhe' numncer' of hli, e':(: s c
I11Cincreas 1. Ilo l ;agtl to ho k la I r
abllout, tio tIabit as it iig l oll Of (
1 i' . i i ll I
i lll: 'r1i'i. l' 1 ( il.llu " s i - (I' .
In thu tturm)'il ind Arifo of t he 1
carpel b.iggolr po(ri( d of th1o lo'((,r
,,tru(tion I)hin 11(tndIerstonl (ilmrg(ed
I'lomn thu sphcr( of Is local reput- d1
ti ion, nill cIoa ne into p)r,Irmintene("., S
t03 at i:1 rl' i lli Ilo st.iriggle for 1 hi itr I ,i
:up rlniw y. fll is aid aiud c.ill bI I
we('rh' s:i;,Ughti b ly'. j o 1.d1 1n 1
himself. The 11ambur; ri(t O - II
-ur d. 1 b11 Irillian( defne of thl ("
li Iuu(lre'ir In('iI air'reste() f,I h -i - 1
Wit illst|iit i ai ( l l ti l U rec r'liI till 1,
4is l of)( Of I, ill a ('5t. Ii lll .rS sf fl eIle
?'( l tl ii 'a r( ll:( ihir. A 4il i( n f"--' (I
:ail ai s ruitLde l;ekit.o.lu(Ig d :1ll:r. lI
l1'hw n1 tiOl) wr.ill Stri -i ~> (ly ('1 - g(
"y('l1 lv' )i 4a14 AI(l(e 114e1iev t iril )
tOli"> a11'1 I) ri :t .\ tt l'i (' (ji'ul- sl1
:rl..i (Mn..n \ . ('. lo+it b-r at1
In A. . 1'. I r , w or t e (oIf thl, hl
1';:t a' ; . 1v,~ iI1~'~ I. av it Ii' ' t ir 111
mai- )i1c44ri y th wh<le 53. Th. t
i:int1 : h ii t;.'1 I'1' i". Ii "I d ( 1
f 'II":it': 1.i"jti .!. ( jI it l:' :c. i(
St:tt(' C'l,; rt att ('i.:trl- t''n , -l -. .
1"r-(1 n <I. f'nd'tFl th f ( hib t! -
na11 fab'ilit v n i .uc I . \ ;c t'
(t 1ol rll 1 f:.'it or, t1 ii l
II ~ ~ ~ ~ o iiid("iIIVO 'S "1Iiji'i40A gl1,
pWrd ver cli i j1Th1t0 l oito lliidi l
' Allillat i,'n W it i w I h I 114l.
It(t ii i "8 (th;11IIIItl Iifi (1 1 1 t lt-"
erm-t.,liic the 1101minat i0 :i the
ll:e:-. -ii . 114 W iF t il' I
l( eli . I 1 1' t 'l o be tdliI Ilt. o
if tin- rIon: t ha n full- l .e.-. n
a1' ' th ,lll1t.4 l w .l'r p 'ul: f-,r O;e }
hi part ofth aV was y r e1'I bI tl
toh .h So ait!', lhte I . the ti
'' 1l'-.l. of .l,it of the U nited t
ist J . ) 1d (e \\'1ite p,resided at a
D1"-' ri ngt;. Il pip[rilliI in the whito a
i; ' f the struggl dbtsCi the II
;(r1"'t i a!11I' al)lld 1iegr'O do 1aiiLa- li
i 1.. - II the( (,ne side, and1 the rul1( it
St, - ative hIore, on the otier, s
p 4asge wO ff e l la'wd rith in- '
: uelincrn by the whole itSouthi.
arhis legal services i this ase r
oftIlue at.Il char'ged no fee. Pa
titis d and the lovo Of his stale
were for the young lawyer a Sutfli- I
hi"nt revard. To this day 'Dan" i
alendsn wtas it proidinagol 14
wth crhain ofresentd toadC him by i
the ptope o is oun in) )recoI'i tIa -
n'Oit on iis srices i)n thessi Klon
or eadthei tomit14rgution for1,h
braiglroden foreofigete he wast f
f'iored.i lowe, n 18i0, D. hit
tOl'n1ersincrhon fasultetioginedi
as leadein pulicaairs uline
h Iit of the1 tapdt, tha electod
to State Senato. ofthe Gaeer Ah
sme ofth South Caroli- h
first delaionr toe thel aionl Aeko
Dring hisearst ollwim hi s onetl
of he fotedmoxsl btorsi the rcie
ao, land waDcii euring the im e a
onaly ohe wfardae for that.
TDuewlling the n coifeiouth
Caroina.n woihat fte drop
dsof helhat, po haneed is.s
wtho sconde,tand laslte formaoi
than wth auekthorom the famou
gihi tothe endb oil f thS enouth
bCarointa, itende CLity soidpat
ppsed this saote provng o
I95the efon oRroaed COunS
vain faschampionded and advoa
Ted bay lo. eS. ledernedhi nt
makes heforigi tofha the roeIal
actorting to pathean5 reguat.o
cled aon law,-n tothe oetitubo
man's gonvrnentt X was pupte
with suh pdity that in lh ui
lter(",(IN 1" 1lo vho"lt 81l .t''. I
his nwioIrl I dI h(ty II(-nll(II(.r
0( ; IrtIl rank Is at 1.,gislatIIr an
tatill11i11. A,4 eilitil IIitl fi
'nlnit.i e on \lunllicipal Corp ori
ions :nd(I I'oliCo rognlaliols I
i(1( . 4111 Ir:lnillai ti.14' H( 'r iolls
he S e ('onlstitlill1 I'thIt,il1g I
1l liIiti' r ( 11iitli 1l), id(11 hatv llg i
it'v ihe elimuin.ttion of barroom
I (I thl' Ill:lln1"rIIPllt. Of tb(- (itli'
t Ie t1 1. io a sillniel ( a proil
eii part, IiI thie :1'gnn1i"i1n. of 1)1111
(' all:r, Sp'Cialll' inl thlt d blb
j .II n llrag) :tnd e(lIllati'il. TI'l
()IVel til 1i (ioI11j)o8ed1 of til
'i'rtsltlive ollli ic IlIIIDII (tit,
'i rOina. T1'ho Sen:Ltour Ir1ti A
Oni County wa ills ily on of i1
lielt amd Ilot lUIgLaI debatli
i tlo whlole :1o41nllyf.
Ai I 'I.\T' 'I; NA i'r(It i 111i; i' YI; t .
In: 1111Ill a ain in 190 I lor
rsn a W',Is returneI to the Stait
a:1tO'wi!h overwhLOlmling n1.1 i"jor
'a. DIuring thoUse H(Seson hi
A e'V' with distinction il h
111 b01anch of the ( legislaluro
-" I1,it been'i InsHtrumenl' tal inl -'
ring i hO enattlc l . m t f l gis'lat iol
Iastin11g; 1lot ' Th( refor,I
a i-41n ( f th (l "t1 ity th e rnn''llnlti
:aw\ :Li' egqualization oft the tax;
tho C( ton ill ills and f1 ,rtilize
toris -:all tihis has 1 1f( to larg(e'
thlet ir':ult (,f the utiring <h:i
1C a111nI 11lie" w,rks of the on
(,r f"r"m Aik('n. The latter ne
1'-rluit in, to the O toil 111i
! te:-il:z"r plant14s,--.,t whieb nt(
'a- th" autl h.r all s It po-i
-- t:tx b"'oiS th S tt tlll)
.1:nI1.( '1 of tax,bl IIrop1erty
w''1 a st', n(L; advocnte t.1 th
p i ' .s (''h,:t tiill.
.\t II- nsol si.o of th tGner1
(uie!y" laut('r l1lnderISonl VIr
>ucees p 1118i. t114)e tht piia: (?
e .\'.t: itust l.,.w, ( 1 l ll
-. iI .ll nts at this sos.on
i hi e:nie pubII' cnreer hI hv
en thp e.f ilun)i(tl ,lof p l,,P tar edl(]
tion, realizing in what, ilao dI
-cqe th': futuro wel'fare Of the Stat
e1tedllient upo''n the plops
oiint1nC of Ol c-,leges anl
l t oi ol is leade:rship i
iS oauth iC. a1ttted h)v his heos
on .sichairmin of the Commi
h onl Education in the State Smu
ttei, lnd as a t rustee of inthro
nd thle Souith Carolina Ct'lleglis.
At the recent, county r'lnventi<
eld1 in Aike Mr. Ilunde"rso)n a
tnC(ed his intention to rosign I
tate senator, in order to t"nter fr
t'uddtl th Contost for l'nitl
tate,S, Seilite in the Coiming pi
Dan I ItldersOII is one of t
nt st p1ractical of thinkei is-tl
nost kond hearted of imis n-i.t
mrinivl olln te bet 111trl wye
(lolith 1 'ai0('oiad.111lllk tar
fTh suysatmati00 bunthstmet
lP'of)0his to lice aetes envy ofx
elow oo mimer of the roa.r
1110thinlethunig he tw:
arsntt oition of dioolaIIi 1iincti<
Success1( thas or not rlte ad, daf
-reart in is carplel erhst tr :a
limdown ~)(Il81g Wis pro3'wniinenV
aie sef-ao man loThboe cla
of ikpubli.c~ Apriva 12 )1
staip him as abt tman of udub
intvegiy mad)' lotyrn puros.
has aboat im Otheu elements ofu
The imesareti.o of torrphoio
of awing, fo poitatl wt hu
Lers,s of te od fatd ba
sou ito ofMa prin ie.l
South Croina oodmssj~ he 1
))iteriyof character, o high pJ
II r,t:1 I Ihnrot;;hI I mli;;Ili 'IO 111. A:ik('i
n milor(' h:n Ihan, th lu :11r( f ru,atl
'V"w'tlj tiy 11. 1,. ;tlytonl.
1t Vh'll, how%t ever, I 1141 IlIar took ic
t- I in 1 ,) ( },t" 1 p n, l,t t liy should iive
4 o11)1iii til o1., so I oihI tatko iappI1 eatl
if % withiIi le ditN>;, btt. tlle' did not
) 1 li 1 ( he: . (f IlI-ir act11 ( I i i n:itil about
11 (Jn,. iii.,i iii ha' -iss'eId, and so there.
N 1asiK 1414Ihi ;; ht'. t.t1' f llr .' : i t t 1)1 1. 4
. jI't '1t . i", 4 i" tt:(.l:t t y.
j Siew - it 1 t \ IIb ,rI I tlciIrl to
,.. leavet' IIie 1ina11 r t,1 tpeing theu roaId
.H to ;ipi- 1 : ..mn11ituss in trs. '[1(Tes
t ;p)( lill ('orntinlC8 I e"i r i refuset to 1luit
0 1a(i tlhrougII yt fdarlo, andli1 tlhen
I t "iw(tt";ir1 wenlt I,it-k <nI his wor< l aifI
woldlt n<l,t aIi (I de isiion of Sp1 i ial
Co nl itt ioIn'r9. No i u'hey phe18111 it
(IVer Ine-, andt oteveral 111-n saw . itewt
lrl t t"tl I: 'v as !iyinrg (ll' Lit rotad,
that lie utb11. put tiet lowe'r ('tind of
the hl4t1'I fi m oniuc"1il the esC t4 tn bud adtl
theI Iu i r nt Id betw e\eCtn I Ihe b ids t.
t1 I mllake it pp r ht the I.,lt' is 1)1t
Iats .1reatt, t.,(l i thr it ehl I it is On
the old rout4te.
( 1'"e The >r,l wr.tt me thatt i 1 tw,)ll41l
.hiive SO.If me g bfore ao M)it01r att
- li "n t ie la as to atm1 o:un. t ( i d:un
,tha t1 n'y" tlt' al: t t)nl it I as
.. 1e1si V lma S, Ihatd W. It.
t Wyaitt, iniith, J. R. Fali, and(
.1. W . 13r tckl , whii J tua,t1(O (':tth I that I
p(1w1u l :i' dauna-' d not lt-, , thanl 150.
The loard1 its a ide thir owt"n 1romi
. i ;til theseu ":iths au'l atllowts lilt
.only S27.t' lain::!,. ! may sa that
the abOve' namedt fo,ur enttletn(n are
kn1w 1to ')' bteas toutimen as we have
inl the (:ounty.
L, et .e fuirthl itqu ( ot( at letter
which "1,tewaitrt wr.o,te ile in epoly to
at lett I wtr'te i i 1, forbi:ling ties.
141ss ol It Iti,e" as I did . not think he
hadl the ltw andrt h to ::o onl with
the roadI in an1yC si t of way they
Ah xai n1tr, . ('., Mtar. 2-1, 1902.
J. ).. . il(-u, l'(
(1ar Si. Y'our4 of 1:1t)h to hand,
I woutldl be ,ladt to know if you can
iterre ( t. dr1t41 . i', i so, I would uc
glad (o , ould interpret, one for me.
I ire:t(a ied atdirl ai'lhat I1 was go
in411 ont with It ty u liial duties an(
e aulct f1eress a1 ztio all side( r. Th<i t
d V iit r burs1 1d t Ill- ) open, and in thal
,tider1 (Iiin:r was al smnall snake. Th<(
cz!1)40 t4 ed1 to% hit' ine anId moed(1 all
ar(,und ny fet, and I stomped hlin,
in th-- ethl, and then osoething lik(
Sa wr(or enno out of the snake an<
the crowd ilhalt so1dloc around coveret
4. 1p11 that. worm ad(1 they smnothiere(
- hi:n tnd there was at joyfol tit o oV:
IS the scenery'. lls1)pctl'ully,
-e l{tilbt. Stewart.
'1 T.[her'e are nany" other things
't- co111l Ias to Itho (.Al, (ldiorble p.1
c(Ile le , but Ihatvi uoi lime nd(1 sIc
Will the p)ep1t 114' Pichensty ' 1u
O ;Iuch in.''n tlin iliiee thait en; hte ordl'
1 14 1 8ro III 1 iuv it a ev; few avt)itcs illa
be 0 os! ,s41Yiuir very trly,
in ,i1 . D. Aiken.80
in14 C entral (1 . 411e , Ju44ly4 201'1, 10 j2. iiI
mof Mti OkwliLr, 1(i.,,1 "ao inf chid
'i all h 1ope1 ))i4:ee,v ry. ' I 4)'tl1 o f a 1bot
S' It- 41t4'( 4111ha 1mberh i'*y (1'i ), ch4l4r., ano ii
180~4 rhy remedy toAhIgbose, tellin teiii
'u 4od11t8in 0i,m n w ay i
ill ch14id inal tuWl2i eoe, and11) )14 14
now (nearlyIid a .IhliIarl sine-loV (5) vigoro
d1 htig ir0, l. j iegIon. rof W.
14L(44 lohisemdo 11101 nentl and hav)Iey ofev,I
0)- knoonbjo 1f1ii inl :uo intn"144t11 i X
A1 ull gat- Stlieriff' Sarlesr.
c ilfo.ll irtud o 01tax14 Fifcton (pl)ace
Ifslli' or sldy i etm o,10, iidoIii 14(8o nIol
(141ega Ehodur' Io sVIale the following d111Oi;o
.I'11( lcr ib d 1.niels of 8 padropeit:-f 4vi
18 1r. 4'~ All 1(m certai piece,if p ae or tra
of04 ladIs in 11(to prowsip tata
tiry eve (137) arieo(, too 1~ ortles
ou mjoiinglan of,. . Gr oaley, h
iLe upon as he propemryofL.A.u Sltom
.~1 and1( soLIto atify tx)~s xcto agine
sIafntii poety.t "o aobyD.
All041 th4a8 p4'Oie.4 pacelora trouba
an in1 WLiertyu 1wnshi tainingO for n
h)mds of .lames ( rlin JobI Smith114~ , Mtfi4W
st utt Iothersfil)W, lo ilon as(4 teproporQt1
r f i. I Altl that piceV a rool or tract1t 3.o&fln
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mcr, of . rkansas City, Kan. "They
cuted my wife of chronic headache
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")r. l.e"' 1'aine Pills chive away
pain as if by magic. 1 amn never with
cut a supply. and think evervone
should keep them handy'. One ut, two
pills taken on approach of headache
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able surroundings. The best in
l uences.
Necessary expenses from $160 ti
$175 lor lie year. lFor catalogu<
or' other in formation apply to
Wofford College...
'~; ...Fitting School
rI Sparitanh~uirg, S. C.
' E leganit nav humiling. Carefu
e alttenitioni to indi vidual student
s Board and tuition for year', $110O
is All information given by
c A. M..DuPR.E,
>r Head Master.
crad.les~ -
If' you need one don't wai
o till thoy aro all gono.
tIloes, Plows, Sweeps and all
kinds of' [arminug tools.
U Fruit .Jars, Sugar, Spicei
for the frutit season.
ciSow Cabbage seed from the 2~
~to .d) of May for lato cabbage,
goo fresh Virginia Seed now or
I- Pickens, S. 0
(1LAiRK BRI)S. & CO.,
We Will Sell For the
Next 30ODays
and LMarkers
Now in Stock at.
20 percent
1088s thati uisual price, We have
omne exceptional values,
See the Splendid
Shtoes, fIOSIen1'
I IanikerchIIis.
I'Iirl Price 1111i41
Chickens. Demand f
.l'lenty of wool rolls oil hand.
One Price
1)o yon liko coifee? \VelI if
of the host roasted coffee at 8lbs f
green co- ee on t he market.
If you over indulgo in smllokil
ly icts. And if you want a cheal
POrhaps you c>ane away from
course you donl't want to drivel he
need not do it, for you can got any
The best flour on the market f
fellow undersell us on flour.
Plenty of knives for the boys,
i'e have sonoi bargains in Sho
Highest price paid for all Co
....A GRAND 0
B -giiniug Monday morning Ju
Mens, Boys and
..25 IPer Cent Discouni
All st enw h'ats at :33i per con
En~ (00 Suits now $15.00. $1
now $I2.8. $15.00 suite no $11.
Suita now K' O. $8.00 suits now
suits ntow $3..
50 cen1t3 pants now 38 comIIs.
now 75c. $2 pat no0w $1.50.
$3, $5 p)ants now $3. 75. $6 pan
All Gioods Sold For CASH.
Main Street,
To make room for Fall and(
Clean Sweep of a
Thloro still remains in my stot
cent o I l goods8, someW goods at.
No Catch /
But I mean just what I say. 1. di
are only interosted in what they c<
and Dad
ati cor1e1n to reeult, 'I
Ioop the .syerem Ia
anid god blood, good digeet
the rotee In y'our cheeks.
Tonic Pellute gently aesti
booklet at des
blu tes..
v-Ti t IN
. S Ipenders, and
for lggs and Large
or Small Chickens very
- BROS.,
Cash Store,
, -:-S. C.
you d0, come and let us sell you som
or $1.00. The best t and .101>
ig call and get the Empro Cigar-on..
or cigar call for Wer Eagle or Old
bome and forgot your dinner. 01:
1110 without your dinner. And you
thing in the canned good1s lino.
:>r the money. We wont let the other
and prices to suit them.
-s and )rv Goods.
untry Produco.
Ik77IL.7% LO L(Z.
I BUV===
le 30th we offer our entir4 .,,k of
Childs Clothing a.
t off the Regular Price,.
t: discount. No hat caried 1re mn last
K.00 suits~ now $13.50. $16 50) su1its
25. $12.50 suits now $9.:;8. $10.00
$6.00. $6.00 suite now $4.50. $5.00J
75 cents pants 57 cents. $1 pants
v3 pants no0w $2.26, $4 panta now.
ts now $4.50.
Remember the Date.
Greenville, S. C.
Winter Goods, we propose to make at
ill Summer Goods.
k somye splend(1id values. FuilI 25 per
>nl't say whalit goods are worth, you.
>st you. Come and see me.
hen where's yo0ur buauty9)
good order by taking
on and~ good heulib. will keep
Ramons L.iver PilS isan
a nature. Fres sampls and
lirs, or wrliS to
MPG. C0.
ork Sne

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