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lile C eok....... ... 4 . 7
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S:*:it. . . 15 0 9 1 3
S"l 41Ile7 4
U. andTt Aotel...... .9 9 181 116 75 1
The People's .lournal.
Local and Personal.
--Dr. W. F. Austin will be ir,
Pickens Sept. 2nd and 3rd.
-Mrs. Androws, of Spartanburg,
s at the Ambler House.
"-Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Morgan,
if Greenville, are visiting relatives
I town.
-Mrs. W. H. Hodges and ehild- t
'eu, of Gaffney, spent some days at
4r. I. A. Bowen's. t
--MiRs Lillian Turner, of Green.
ville, is visiting at the home of her <
grandmother, Mrs. M. J. Harris.
-Dr. Dacus, of Williamston, has (
ocated at Liberty for the practice c
if medicine. I
-Miss Em. Grogan,of Washing. d
on, D. C., visited friends and rel
.tives in Pickens the first o: the
-Rev. T. H. Medd prei.' hed two e
ory instructive sermons at the t
'edbyterian church Sunday morn- e
ng night.
-Rev. B. Holder will preach at 1
he Bapti4t church in Pickens on
he 5th Sunday in this month at 4 d
1. m. C
-Miss Janie Ligon, of Green. -
'ills, is visiting at the home of d
ir. W. T. O'Dell at Roanoke this c
-Mrs. Aaron Boggs, of Calhoun,
a visiting at the home of her son. 0
n-law, Mr. A. J. Boggs, also other t
-elatives in and about Pickens. t
-We are glad to report that
dTre. W. T. Jesns who was bitten
few weeks back by a. poisonous
niake .has completely recovered.
-Mrs.. Henry Grady and daugh
ar, Miss Louise, formerly of .Pick.
ns now of Washington, D. C., are
tsting friends and relatives in
'ickens county.f
-While the condition of W. F'.
l1assin game is still un favorable,
is many friends will be glad to s
:now that he was somewhat 1m- t
iroved at latest report.
--Miss Alice Finney, who has
>een taking a course In an Atlanta i
{oupital with the view of becomimg E
trained nurse, is at home on a
-0. W. Mauldun who has just a
omple ted his second year's work o
a the United States Naval Acade
iy, Annapolis, Md., i. home for a
lonthi's vacation. Cleon is now a ri
4idshipman. i
--Dr. R. A. Lancaster, of Gaines. ii
ille, Fla., visited at the home of
is mother-in-law, Mrs. M. A. a
Iollingsworth last Saturday and c
inday. Mrs. Lancaster and
hildren are spending the summer
t,Mrs. Hollingsworth's. V
-Mr. Andrew Crane, of Ca- e
techee. father of our townsman, F
'ol. Crane, had the misfortune on
fonday the 18th, inst to get se.
Orely injlured by his horse run
ing away with him, throwing hbim
it of his buggy. At last reports
S was getting along nmeely.
-The little daughter of Mr.
en Banks, who lives labout three
les south of Packens on the old
iberty road, died Sunday at 4 p.
.with acute peritonitis, after a
w days illness. Aged 5 years.
he was buried at Secona at 2 p. (
-School boys and school girls,
is time to get your books and I
art to school .You should put- f
*se in your hearts to prepare
aurselves for lives of further use. a
mness, Parents, see that your 1
i aldren are in sohool the opening
ay. If yod knaew Zwhat an ad.
antage it is to the child, you
'ould see that he is there. It
laces him on an equal footing
"ith hi. olassmates,and the ground
rork for the session Is begun to
ether. Piokens Graded School
'pens Monday morning September
--Mrs. Amauda Alexander, Wid.
t:w of James Alexander died last
T!hutmday morning at her home
esar Martin Sohool house. She
'%s 01 years of age and leaves four
*aughters and two so.ns, all grown.
Aits. Alexandet was an excellent
'oman and a vatied member of
S4hady Grove Baptist church and
was buried in the oemetery at this
Mouroh, Rev.. B. F. Murpby and
NC.., Wiushestr presobinog the
emental svo i rge ongc.
##e .I SRm.g)
nocratic Primary for
For Houre of r
State lenate. Rep!e.einativo. Ju
: 9
a: v3 M! 3
)t 1027 14 Y 4' 1
6 S' 18 ?" ''0 7 l /.) ~, 6 16 i.
101~ 1 89 7: 21 "~ U' 74 10 1
4 1 8 4 : 29 1' : t9
0 46 7 C C 0 9 1' le
I tak ? e thi meho of thanking 7
the hay ad li3beal su pr I thy
0 1 !." ' 47j8 6~
.! r 'V 1" . 1' 0 . I' 0 .:
S n 3 8 pe in 18
10 0j IS 0 10 2 1 0 1:0
s19 ait ra. t3 '9 6f t ' w1' I( f)
79 3 ~i. '0 10 13 1:: s 2(ie i p.
he pat .evra years. 7 !d
.97 s pl ecl y, 8
U.) :O1IS' W LG 1. JE NK' I wd
1" 0'I 10 "0 f 9 21 ": IS I 4'
Ii 41 C 1 7 ! 9 1:' 61 9 Wo
.19 01I~ iC' 71 7"' 139 G9:1 ' I1' COC 6 b)i
To the Voters of Pickens Township.
I take this method of thanking
he voters of Pickeng township for i
ho hea y and liberal support they s
ave me onlAuguit 26th and for the d
onfldene they have reposed in me o
Is Magistrate of the township for di
he past several years. d
Reapectfuly, ,E
The County Executive Conmmit- w
ee in regular meetiug held Aug. B,
6th, 1902, :'fter tabulating thbe re. o1
urns for ickens outy, havin of
ouo~d that 0. H. Carpenter and tli
.aban Mauldi.) Hndi, candifor di
onate, J. A. Hintou and Ivy M. at
dauldin, candidato? for the0 House, B1
1. M. Lynch and L. D. Step;iens
andidates for Supervisor, H. W. re
'arr and G. 1L. Hendricks, candi- at
atPs Treasurer, Flobt. Stewart and vi
L. B. Tally Jr. candidates for
%ounty Commissioners have re- tei
sived the highest number of votes Fi
ast for the offices for which they ioi
ffered respectively and neither of tic
hem having received a maj'.rity Cc
f the votes cast, a second primary alh
till be held on September 9th, wE
902. le
W. W. F. Bright the only can. E1
idate for County Superintendent tlh
f Education for Pickens county co
aving died, a second election will W
e held to fill that ofice on same fal
ate. Candidates offering for this n
fice are required to file their lai
ledges by noon Sept. 2nd, 1902. fai
An assesment of $1.50 is made in
n each candidate to defray elec- t1E
ion expenses which assesment must no
e paid on or by noon, Sept. 2nd. m<
902. This applies to candidates
2 the spoond race for all the ofies sr
'luding that for Supt, of%Educa- in
on . CI
County Chairman. srn
Mica. e
As I have not seen uanything wi
rom this section in some time, I m
ill give you a few dots. at
Mr. M. A. Looper has been very at
ok, but is improving fast under
ec skillful treatment of Dr. Milton mi
onder, wJ
A protracted meeting closed at hi
[t. Tabor Baptist church, Wed- a
enday Aug. 6th, with twelve ad. t
Litons to the churoh. This Is
bout the first series of meetings so
ev. Lem Freoeman has ever held eli
nd we are glad to tell of his sue. ti
Miss Maggie Chapman has just t
sturned home after a pleasant vis- ,
to Saludli, N. 0. A trip to the
aountains certainly is delightful de
Miss Fannie Looper is home le
gain after a pleasant visit to an
reenville. teo
They are having a glorious re- in:
ival at Gress Roads this week. we
The Mica School is progressing ab
icely under the supervision of Mr. to
Ibert Fendley. il
Mr. Reece Nimmons has gone to of
rorth Carolina to spend some time. Pi
Miss Martha.Fe4dley is visiting
1as Nora Looper this week. m
Wild Rose. go
Aug. 28. us
Pleasant Orove News;."
The gelneral health of this com.- a
iunity is very good. hc
Mr. J. B. Duncan of Belton, 8. at
,, is building a nice dwelling on wi
is farm. Hi
Miss Bessie Martin, of Char- Ei
tte, N. C. has been visiting the
smily of S. T. McHugh. of
Miss Lillie B3arker of Greenville
isited her uncles B. B. and D. L,
~arker last *eek' th
Miss Olivia McHugh Is teaching mi
he Saluda Hill school. iit
Mrs. B. B. Queen and children th
~f Gainesville, Ga. are visiting her an
ather, W. A. Fortner. wi
The Public Debate at (h)leuoy Pt
rent off'nicely. The young men
vent well armed, and after a hot
Ilsouusion, the decision was ren.
lered in favor of the Pleasant
3'rove Debating Society. I
Our roads are beIig patched up *
orp thte fitat time in thirteen l,
Miss Lila Duncain, a charming of
roung Ihdy froma Belton, 5. 0., is ha
risiting hterste,M .A.T
ortner. Vmse9Ms .T
A. B. Bass, of Mo?gStat0, 1.nd bad
baA. ab m8 a
Pickens County Ai
bat" su- For For
dge. Ed. Co. bupe ieor. Treaurer.
1-4 0 ~
w 0 ' * 1, I c
T. D of a Po 0e Of fca
On Moda mo0 n he 25th
2' .. L. " 0 1 / ! AI 'U
3t the peplif 0th is Twr
ddened.b th i of t
2" 0 3 1) ' 1
3at of one of i motpomnn
o W. F
11.. .^ I. 6 06 1 0' 1 413
r a v i ngle e n l o f o r a u t l I
Mr. r w born 9 0 ut
>unjty,Ten. Dec. 127 17 0 to
The Death of a Prominent Official.
On Monday morning the 25th
st the people of this county were
iddened by the itrtellignce of the
Bath of one of it most prominent
licial and r3spoted citizens, the
on. William W. F Bright. He
ed at 4 o'clock that morning at
r having beea low for about six
Mr. Bright was born in Blount
ngty, Thin. Dc. 19, 1840. He
s Jhe son of David and Jane Key
reight and is a close relative of
to of the mmosi, reputable families
the State of Tennessee, being
e cousin of Judge D. M. Key and
stautly related to F. S. Key,
tthor of "The Star Spangled
He was reared in Blount county,
3iving his education at Ewing
d Jefferson college near Knox
On August 13th, 1861 he volun.
red as private in Company "E"
fth Tennessee Regiment, battal
iof Cavalry. Upon re-orgaviza
,u in 1862 his company became
iMpany "K", 2nd Tennessee Cav
y an(! served to the end of the
xr. In the early part of the war
served i the department of
st Tennessee, but after the bat
i of Chicamauga to the end his
mmand belonged to Gen. Joe
Sheelr's Cavalry and from the
1 of 1863 to the close of the war,
der the leadership of that gal
it Cavalryman he served as a
tbful and distinguished soldier
some of the hardest fought bat
s, always apeformin with alert
as his duty sometimes under
At trying circumstances.
He fgnred in the battle of Mill
Kentc, esoa Murrendoron
ar lt, ei.nMa woded86
d parolled the same day.
Since the war Mr. Bright has
ide his home in Piokens ;county,
iere out of the sixty two years of
. earthly existence he has served
ciareer of usefulness in neace in
e capacity of farmer and teacher.
From 1890 to '94 he served as
lbool commissioner of Piokens
auty and toi the fall of '98 wtas
oted Superintendent sot Educa
n of this counity, again eleoted
this position in 1900. and was a
ididate for the same In 1902
thout anltopponlent.
A. singular coincident inl the
ath of this great man who has
mit a number of years of unpara
led activity as a faithful soldier
d a good citizen and in the ma
ial uplifting of the educational
berests of this country, is that he
,s buried upon the sarne day
out the same time that he was
be elected for the third time to
i the high and responsible office
Superintendent of Education of
cikens county.
While his death is greatly Ia
mnted by all who knew him, his
od deeds are still lhving among
and there Is an abiding consola
>n in the truth that his was a well
ant Jife and that he has fought
good fight.
He was buried with Masonme
nors at Cross Roads cemetery
4 p. m. Aug. 26, 1002, leaving a
dow and 5 daughters-Misses
annah, Lizzie, Janie, Maggie and
He has been 20 years a member
the Cross Roads church.
1a 4 ofT?hanku.
[ desire to express my sincere
inks to the friends who stood by
and to those who gave me such a
eral tote on the 26th and I hope
air confidence will not be misplaced
di that they with many new friends
11 again rally to my support on the
la of September.~f~
Henry W. ifa: r.
Benry Ii, Shattnok, of Shelleburg,
wa. was oured of a stomach trouble
th which he had been .gioted for yena
four ho3.es of Ohao briain's Stomaoh
d 1iveor 'A!abl0ts. Xhad previousaly
ed man othet remedies and a number
phs s Witho#t rttet. for sale
Dr. G. W. Marte.
The beat phy6ie--0-a.niberlai's Ntom-i
6a andl Luver Tablets. Zasy to take,
essnt ii effect. For Sale by Dr. G.
. EarIe, ___
toleyi KCidney OUre purO5s the blood
P sirSoing ot impriie dtones#
* whole
For y"o,.
.udito-. County Cosesloneri.
T o p. o F e a
f cn . Ty d notlai
i wil cur thi dra copan in ad
vace ea,bt do' positivel -( y asr
thtifilcr i:h erieItae
v i to ,I t
to 'I 271' 20 2 t
10 10 "' 0. 0 22
a re I It w as 3o 4y
gtS9 2hr 3a long rme. -23
Tse substoites ofole ad We Pik.
Tarth 10 nothaingO tmio td than
f oum pIomn." e . -L t0
Rt wl m n d cm t iere a.
ahed mes, but w ld- aone. a1.o
tLotve ll womaen th alieor care
cadn ever abile.-- Dvorefor
aHi ele inatuh v wor ne gueost olet'
AIowoman'Ts strenthiot dobttet
when ro nd lngemar tine
fuse sur bola d We wik, 'ti4
a ouan woman', hru.l tll-Mro.
OI and er, woman di t seret
whenhot properte.-Dldte Ln.
Lomen woman ntloat s6 ourar
to tha wto kno w in t e o -ut S low.
hidw heafine wman.-lnot thausont.
Au loms, srH tin m ost potet
hnproed min uit leoa daing
Digueor bosmtond ge Tiey wi notclim
toag, O woman, ore the eioer tage.s
anH e r fools ho h iv by fsort
ailnd wa tn the wort oan a seo 's
Wion aned To t ke.t t e
Ts the msti ut tult aodet ikh.
norda pi w an allen Lis aber ut.
Eart lok hall woting myoe-ndrhane
lapu woman cuseare.achdoi
ifmme tom the curar t o f a 'e s
woemoit wl e almlowedsoene we
Lvlyl woman hatausdor.ae
|a woman appears.-Gay.
When you are suffering from rheuma
tism, the kidneys must be tended to at
once so that they will eliminate the uric
heid irom the blood. Foley's Kidney
Cure is the moat effective remedy for
this purpose. B. T, Hopkins of Polar
Wi., says. "After unsuccestully dooe
torig three years of rheuantism with
the best doctors, I tried Fuley's Kidney
Cure and it oured me. I calokot speak
too highly of this great medicine." Bolt
& Webb Piokens & ( thapmaq & Cllaha
Take Foley's Eidney Onre. It has
cured when everything has diuponte?
Bolt & Webb Pokens Chaphmon & (a
lshan Libo ey,
toeed Sohey's 6uitteioe.
The most beeentri aete et an eteef
tile man was Lord getlowe 's eool at
fangement te sleid- bac aauls et
guleteh. He had a ma I.4ept raw
eteeted it the drawing 1e,m ot his
hobee iii the ftue de Lust bng at
Paris. The machine was' . boh, SM'.
Said with gold and silvqr, e tame
work carted with artisti shill, the
knife, sharp as a raser, was of polished
and ornamented steeL. Peparing for
death, his lordship had his hair ut
close, and, elothed in a rope of white
silk, he kneeled upon the platform
under the knife before a mirror and
pressed the spring whief sbquld release
the knife. Jut the spisg failed to
work, and the would be suicide decided
to give the guillotine to a museum ta
stead of making a seeend attempt to
end hi. life. It is maid that he made
an annual pilgrimage to see the guile
tine until the end of hi. life,
Lauaht.e sa've the shin,
Humor has been credited with the
saving of many things, but perhaps
never before has a .hip been.saved by
its judicious applistioe. .In a great
storm many years agO a ship's srow
wore all at prayers, whea a key hurst
into a It et violent laughter. Being ro
proved for his Ill timned meirth and asked
the reason for it, be said, UWhy, I was
laughing to think what a hissing the
boatswain's rod nos wui make when 1t
some. in eentaot with tbe water.' This
ludicrous remark ee$ the 0,w laugh
Siag, inspired them with new spirits,
and by a great exertion they brought
..ost...,..t,r- .o,
Graded Schoole
Will begin is next regular
session,. , , , ,..
MONDAY, SEPTt 1,31902.
Pull oorps of experienoed
tenobere, Thor!ough and con
seiiintiouis work done, "Enow.
ludge is Power," se that Yo#3
boy stid girl get it while he.
snay. For fullparticulars call
on or address:
We N. DENDY, Sept.
-i-. DENTIST miss
US *.1fl* 'it? AWW'LMl
I hereby announce myself a candidat
for Congress from this, the Third South
Carolina District, subject to the action
of the democratic voters at the approach
ing primary election.
We are authorized to announce Wyatt
Aiken, of Abbovillo, as a candidate for
Congress from the Third Congressional
District, subject to th.e action of the
Democratic voters at the approaching
pr'tury election.
The friends of Laban Mauldin hereby
annonne him as a candidate for the Sen
ate, subject to the notion of the Demo.
oratio voters of l'ickeus county at ths ap.
proaching primary.
The friends of C. 11. Carpenter hero
by announco him as a candidate for the
Senato from Pickens county, subjoot to
the notion of the Democratic voters at
the approaching primary election.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
re-eleotion to the House of Roprosenta
tives from Pickens county, subject to
the Democratic primary.
The friends of J. Ashmoro Hinton
boreby announce him as a candidato for
the House of Representativo from Pick
cue county, subject to the notion of the
democratin voters at the approaching
primary election.
By the solicitation of my many friends
I hereby announce myself a candidato
for the office of Supervisor of Piokens
eounty, subject to the action of tho'dem
ooratio voters at the approaching pri.
mary election.
0. M. LYNOI.
The many friends of L. D. Stephens
hereby announce him for reelection to
be office of County Supervisor Subject
o the Democratic Primary Election.
The friends of A. B. Talley hereby an.
nounoo him a candidate for the office
)ounty Commissioner subject to the no
ion of the Democratic party at the ap
?roaching primary.
At the request of friends, I hereby an
iouncoe myself a candidate for re-election
o the ofilce of County Commissioner
subject to the notion of Democratic vo
oer at the approaching primary.
The friends of Henry W. Farr hereby
mnounce him a candidate for the office of
rreasurer, subject to the action of the
democratic voters of Pickens county at
the ayproaehing primary.
I hereby announce myself a condidate
for the office of Treasurer for Pickens
eounty, subject to the action of the do.
nooratio primary. 0. R. Hendricks.
Superintendent of Education.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
or the office of County Superintendent
f Education, Pickensocounty, subject to
~he aulon ot the Democratic pritnary.
I hereby announce myselfja candidate
ror Super'ntendent of E uction, of
Pickens county, subject to the action of
the Democrati.o party at the approaching
Walter J. Bocggs,
I hereby announca myself a candidate
for Superintendent of;Education, Pick.
Bfls county, subjct to the actiou of the
Democratic party at the approaching
Charleston, 8. 0.
Founded in 1785, Strong Fac.
ulty; well equipped chemical, phys%
ical, and biologicail laboratories;
Library of 14,000 volumnes and the
finest Museum of Nattural History
in the South. Eleotive courses
leading to the degrees of B, A,. B.
8,, a:a.. . A. Board with fur.
n shed room in College Dormitory
can be obtained for *10 a month.
Tuition, *40. One scholarship giv
ing free tuition is assigned toPick
ons county, the holder to be ap.
pointed by the Probate Judge and
the County Superintendant. Total
expenses for Soholarship students,
*112 to $180. All candidates for
odmission are permitted to comn
pete for vacant Boyce Scholarships
which pay $150 a year.
Entrance .Examinations will be
held at Pickens on Friday, July 11,
L902, next session begins Septem
ber 29. For catalogue, address.
Harrison Randolph
M4 nl
woexs GAaAxnTUUI,
unear s,[email protected] Oa#i Dese
.'Some Interesti
for JuIy:and
If plices have anything to do wit
of Spring and Summer Clothing
well sifted, but we still have sonte 1
We have a nice line of blue and h1
that just suits this hot weather. I)
when in need of any Clothing or C
(#oods. Our prices a>t always righ
nothing l)ut the best clothing.
The fruit crop is short this year, 1
more reason why you should savi
Buy your fruit jars and sugar, now 1
We are offering a big lot of co
percales, dimities, etc., at first cost.
opportunity for it don't come every
Shoes for everybody, old and youi
nothing but the best shoes for they
Iardware of all kinds, stoves, ti
saddles, bridles, buggies and wagons.
If you are thinking of bnving a t
our prices before buying. We hand
shingle m i11 supplies, such as shingle
kinds, emery wheels, belting, etc.
licitecd, Satisfaction guaranteed.
Folger & Th
OWSoo tho coffoo wo are offering 10 11
---TO BUY...
Clothing an<
Beginning Monday morning June 30th we
Mens, Boys and Childs
..25 Per Cent Discount off tlie
All straw hats at 83j per cent discount.
*20.00 Suits now *15.00. $18.00 suits e
aow $12.38. $15.00 suite no $11. 25. $12.5(
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muiti now $3.75.
50 cents pants nlow 88 cents. 75 cents;
now 75c. $2 pants now $1.50. *3 pants n<(
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All Goods Sold For CASH.
Main Street, Greenvill
To make room for Fall and Winter G<
Clean Sweep of all Su
There still remains in my stook some ap:
oent off all goods, somegoods at HALF~ PR
No Catch Adverti
But I menn jus,t what I say. 1 don't say wi
are only interosted in what they cost you. (
A. K. P
West End. Gg
Do you like coffee? Well if you d o
of the best roasted coffee at 81ba for *1.o
green coffee on the market.
If you ever indulge in smoking call an<
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oourse you don't want to drive home withou
need not do it for you can get anyth in i
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Plenty of knives for the bo 8,and1~e
We have some bvains in os an
ighest price pa for alCountry Pro
ng Prices
h it. Our stock
has been p)retty
ar ains to offer.
ack Serge coats
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1. aund we handle
iut that is all the
what there Is,
iefore the priceh
ltonades, lawns,
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mg. Wve handle
are always ',the
iware, .harness,
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Ic all kinds of
ties, saws of all
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orn bey.
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ille, S. C.
ci fHats.
offer our entire stock of
Clothing at
Regular Price.,
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Remember the Data
e, S. C.
3 Sale
d,we p)ropose to make a
mmner Goods.
lendid( values. F'ul1 23 per
iat goods are worth, yoni
Aome and se me,
me nud lo us sell yoa some
The boe 8 and 1lb
gtthe ECmpro Cigar-on,
lfor' War Eagle or 01d
forgot your dinner. O1
C your dinner. And yott
to ownned goods line.
67. we WOnt let the otbet

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