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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULDIN ............ Editor
W. L. MATHENY..........Bus, Mgr.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Retos Reasonable
Enbered at the Post Once at Pickens as
socond-clai matter.
Thursday, September, 4, 1902.
With cotton open in the fieldE
foddor ripe on the stalk and olec
tions galore, the farmer has littli
timo for play.
Pickons county counts aImor
hor voters a big element of t.h
most intelligent citizenship of til
stato, It takes only a glance a
the tabulated result of ti' sttt
election to demonstrate ths ftl ly.
* * *
The fight is on in earnest >otwe(el
John Gary Evans and A. C. Lat -
mer, This is raco on which boast
ful political calculators find it lifi
ficult to settle aIy positiVoopilllons
this far before the election. '1hings
are crystallizing, however, and by
next Saturday the rosult may be
known with coniparative certainty.
Y * M
I'vea1 prido alwayy plays a1 con
tlicioust part ill elections. This is
creditable to any colmlunlity when
the natn put forward for uIlice
measures up to the r'cquisitos of
oflice, and there never was a tino
more opportulne for the asertiou of
the priviloge of helping good nin
to places of usofulnoss and trust.
* M *
Pickons showed ill so well iii the
last election that politicians are
esoing the weight of our vote as a
factor inl state politics. Pickens
county practically cast the deci
ding vote in the late race for state
Superintendent of Education, and
she may decide other results in the
second primary. This approxt
mate full vote is gratifying for
many reasons, not the least among
which is the prestige and im1por
tance it adds to the county.
Some of the newspapors of the
state would have us believe that
the oloction of 0 B. Marttm to the
office of State iSuperintendent of
Education will prove a public ca
All the publi school sense is
not bottled up) in Mr. McMahanm,
and Mr, Martin is as young and ac
tivo and patriotic as Mr. McMahan
and perhaps quite as well informed
on alt matters appertaining to thei
oi\ce, No doubt the businese of
.t office will be carried on with
as good e ffect as under M r.
Iaihan, and wo do believe Mr
..lahani has worked reform ir
school matters of South Carolina.
* *t -
When the Southern Rail wa'
completes the scheme of double
tracking its line from1 Atlanta t<
Charlotte, this county will hav
added to her attractions the die
tinction of having within her limit
a part of' the truuk line of one C
the greatest systems of railwaysi
t,he world. Every improvemer
inaugurated by this railroad moat
some advantage to Pickens count:
and every element of growth in ti
county means positive benefitsi
the people. The legitimate a<
vancement of any enterprise meal
a corresponding advantage to tl
people touched by it, and when tl
progress is represented by rai
roads, the benefits to be deori v
ought to prove of lastingqualit y.
Wt. Jasper Talbert is essentially
politician-one of the smothost a
ticles in that line that over "'can
down the turnpike." Heyward is i
the midst of his fist p)olitical figl
with a lead that ought to flatter at
candidate for any oflico with suc
an array of worthy competitori
Some predict the result in Hey
ward', favor with assurance, othe
good guessers shake their heads i:
doubt, This much to our mint
briefly stated, is certain; Talber
is hopling and mcoving for suogeu
with deep sohem, well laid, Il
the event of his election and re
eleotion two years hoenoo as Gov
ernor, he will offer as the most for
inidable canididate p)ossible to im
itnagine in South Oarolina politic
againlst B,. B, Tillman for the Uni
ted States Senate four years henet
With the State organised, himmel
thien Govetnor, he would1 have Lih
lever:age on any other candidate
The second primary election fall
onf the ninth day Qt September
P'iakeis county polled~ )ibandioW
astg nn AtlnaSt Btht anA haM4 n
ship. The handsome vote polled
in the first election evidences that
Pickens county is growing and
moreover that her people are tak
ing a lively interest in the affairs
of local government. The success
ful candidates are grateful for the
confidence of their fellow citizens
S and the defeated canldidates havo
accepted the decree of the pOOPle
with grace undaunted artci are inl
lino for the work of u1)h0(ling aud
. maintaining tho prilciplos of the
primary syston as a Collmoll luty.
There is no sulking in camp. Good I
mon have been chosen1 aln(' whil a 1
soconld raCO is necossary in order
to (ot.ermlinlo upon som1le of tho 1
c;tarlidiates for so)1el of the oflices,
) tho gent lemein whi.ho, by the cir
cunistani 's "f the first election,
itare dIran liI inlto this second ra(co E
r0 iinikIi1g the supplom+lontal cain
p1;in on their mierits and on the
broad )ri ncipl)OS of t rlue politics.
All in all the canIaigl has been
Conducted VigoroUsly but courto
ously, so far as the candidates are
Conlcer'ne(l, yft" there has be11
enough of spir1it. injected into it, to
make it inost interostinlg. It is a
crodit to Pickons c(ounit.y PoI)lo
that after the boat of the )olitical
hattlo they have always had the
courage and the charity to hitry
their political ditleroncos and join
with one accord in lid ping the ad
ministrations to follmw to le I lh
successes they have always p)rovOll.
In tho second prilmary let very
voter makc it pairt of his duty to
comno to the polls anl exercise his
high privileges according to the
right concol)tions of his dtuty as a
Every vote counts one and reg
isters the free will and opinion of
the voter and gives the expression
of his sovereignty in all matters of
government. It is the part of wis
dom to come to the polls on olec
tion day and exercise this privi
lege and meet this duty. Pickens
county did not poll her full vote
on August twenty-sixth but on
September ninth the opportunity
will be given, In the real test of
the public mind, to show what the
majority of the voters want. Lot
every voter, duly qualified, come
to the polls on that day and do his
The office of Superintendent of
Education 1s open to the field.
Some excellent gentlemen have of
fered for the place, any one of
which would carry out the duities
of the offico thoroughly and with
fidelity. Thei late Mr. Bright has
left a record in the administration
of the affairs of that office that any
of them would do wvell to hope or
strive to emulate. The unexpirod
term will be filled by Mr, B. Frank<
-Freeman, nominally, while it is
a understood that the perquisites 02
e the ofice will fall to the Missee
.Bright wvho will continue to do the
s routine work of the office until the
i beginning of the next term. Ini
a the seleotion of a gontlemian to .fil
1t the next term of thisa i)lico, some
sof the hOst qualified in101 ini the
county having ollerod, the people
eof' Pick ens county need h ave no
fear but that their school iinterests
1-. will_be pr1otted.
SIni tihe r'a(' for Congress in this
district we have~' by process of chin.
(1nantio01, twVo mien who aLsk olection1
at the hantids of the p)eoplo on Sep
a tcmber ninth. Thoso~ two meni
r- have met the retiuireimonts of t he
ie campaign in an honorable way and1(
a hold( themsolves aloof fr om tihe in
It viting p)it-falls that naturally suig
y gest themselves during every spir
ii itedl and hard fought poli' icai bat
s. tle. The men atre gentlemen andl
. the issueO between them is the office.
ur Their friends throughout the dis,
a trict are alive to the opportunities
j, for work in the interest of their
't men and the intelligent thinking
a voterS are Weighing them by the
a measure of their needs and the de
,mands of a progressive period,
*. Which will the better represent
the district? Tnat is the prevail
. mg thought. In a matter' of suchb
a consequence, small differences have
. small weight in determining the
, choice. The upper portioii of this
If part of the state, now known as the
e third district, has not had a repro.
, sentativo in Congress since the~
days of John 0. Calhout. In the
time. when Congressmen were tho
g o re a t nree of luonVentionls,
, the voics of Piokou~s County
D Was given scant courtesy in th
? maktu~g p# tungreemoin. Bt& the
this sovereign priviloge and, thro'
the agency of the primary plan,
havO:sot the tsal of condemna-.
tionl on mlaChino politics and
clothed thomlsolves with their right
ful powor to nIIIe tho mon who
shall sorvO them in any capacity.
Wit.hotut dotracting from tilo
morits of any man, b u t w i th a, just.
regard for tle merils of ovory canl
di(late tmi with a loyal faitht in
the inlligtc!IiIt citizolshi) of our
.4ectio)n 'Ind at just rcegard for the
;ights andl(] interests of all the peo
)le as well as with the view of em
)Ilsizing the eminent propriety c f
Joullty prido, it .is not out of placo
,o proseit tnd irg. a county man
L.S theo man inl this raco( bost 4111ali
iod to represent us in Congress.
n1 choosilg a Con1gressmanl, per
IOnl popularity is not tll!
)nly thing to ho weighol; pet.
onal merit and the exporiellces of
llen are to be regard rd, anid when
,lose experiences alo marked by
lie constaant and Ii fe-long strug
les whlich hatve left thuir endur
ng results wNith the (levelopod man,
ahn succe-is has rewarded til
vorker and)([ ho finds hi self in tho
ll vigor of useful muiian 1hood, qlual
find through all this to (1 the
work thal, might fall upon him -in
Lho fulfillment of his high but hon
:rable aspirations, his offl:ring for
high o(lice is in kwping with, his
lil'e anid hiis uccessful camnlpa#;igln
wol id mo()an t a u1)lic approval of
ho1)nest and high endealvor Im overy 1
young mlan of spirit nd enorgy.
V. lloydt 1EVua to lit I'opIo.
I (esil c) to exprC ss m y t tnh s to
my I ollow Demiocrats ini Hoth l Caro.
lina for their exprossi-)i of conidenre
inl 1m0 ats a Ctnlllditto for lttaili'od
Cormni(sioner inl tLhe primary, leadolg a
mi1y opponent for the sCeond raco )y
nearly two thousand votes, and beg
to submit my claims to the voters,
asking for Iheir sufirgos in the sec
ond primary. All of my opponents
and myself discussed the question in
refercne to the Itailroad Commis.
sioner's office and the welfare of the t
people in every county, and separated
as friends.
M1ty opponent is from the same ter.
ritory as the two incumbents. When
Mr. Welborn retiros, the grot eas
totn, north-eastern and s)uih-eastern
sections of the State, comprising the
largesat part of the State, with the lar.
gost railroad mileage, will be absoluto.
ly unrepresented on the Board. Liv
ing in the cential part of the State,
and being a native of Marion, by
which county I was endorsed for the
position, I submit that I amn in a pc.
sition, if elected, to see that all see.
tions of our progressive State are
If I am honored with your suffra.
gee, you may rest assurod that I will
per1form the duties of the office o
Rilroad Com missiouer with. the fidel
ity that I hayo served my people in
the pa2st. V. I3oyd Evatns.
Terribe Etfort Ilelang Maide to sti r Up Face.
t.,tiasn, nult at wVon't siucel
A tom r-iblo eito0rt is being madlte th is
week to stir up) ( ol olitical tOLlds and(
re-open wounids that have healeCd.
Thi is not the w;ork of men wh'lo lov(o
their State hottor than their sollish
atIubitions. Faictionalism is dead and
the man who trics to brIng it to life
should be buried, politically. One of
the best results of Capt. Hlovward's
election will he that lhe will represent
the entire people. 110 is the canmdi
(lito o f no faction or set1 of men01. 1!o
is biniig (enlItisiasticlly su51pporated b y
men01 who( eighlt and(1 tn years ago op
posed1 each othier bit terly. Vor the
-lfist time1 inl manyl~ years5 we will have
ai gevernlor who)Cmi int be claimied by
this class8 I:. that clatss. lie n ill L;C
for aill.
Tiho allianlce grip is given ianmd thle
call to arms so11unded, bue~t lhe AlIi
ani cmeni, as3 thle return ro thufle
election show, are stanidinig by the
01n1y man in thle race for governor
whot hans illvays been a farmer, who1(
has~ niever beforet run for public oflice
anid wh]ose ablility anid ebrCliiteer aire
of the hilghles, 'lhe peolo will clt et
tho next governor despite the politi.
F'rant(Ie IiYoata lielug Mtado to (Ont the
seatlor to llel1p (lhe Wo'i,ek Iilen, IIt
lite iDecinaea to lRespiondq.
Since the prinmary last week frantic
appeals have been made to Senator
Tillman by panicky candidates. They
wish to be saved from defeat if it can
possibly be done. They are now will.
mug to make any pledges of loyalty
and Bsnpport to T ilman. Blut the
senator is just a little too astute, He
has Loon in polities too long to risk
his p)opularity by attempting at the
last moment to overcomo a tremend.
own hrrnd. 'Then, it 18 doubtful If the
senaitor really caros to go to the res.
OLuO. He tuay fear thiat his friends,
made too powerful, will attempt to
undermine his castleb
Then, again, so far ats the guberiia.
torial Coutotst is concerned, it is credi.
tably reported that the senator weehe
ago said how the wind was blowing
and picked Heyward as the winner.
The betting men are offering big
odds on the leader in- this 1aOo. A
lead of 18,000 votes has never been
overcomeO in the history of ~ogth
OorQlion pritu~ari3n atd it probably a
"I w
What this Boy's
Mother Says
has been said by the mothers of
many other boys and girls, re
gat ding the wonderful curative
and strengthening qualities of
Mie ervine
"Our little h,y, Ilarry, had svasns
for 3 years and we fented the dtsease
wotild affect his mind. Though we
dotored continually he grew wt-rse and
bina, ten sp. ns in one week. Our at
tetition wn thtucted to Dr. le s Nerv
ine anl we began its use. \\hen he
had taken tiw toutth bottle the spasns
disappeared and he hat; n(,t hatd one
for ive yeat. IlL h''' now is per
Dr. Miles' Remedgs are sold
by all druggists on gtarantee to
benefit or nioney rehtnded.
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
CItant rlsit'sa) eoli:e, .'cieroa tad 1)iar
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Ion for its eun'0.. I never fails and is
leais:tnt and s,tae to Iake. For sale by
)r. G. W. Earle.
Sound kidneys are safe guards of life.
lakcolttho ktidneyS hlt' th withtl Foley's
idney cure. Bolt &\ Webb I'iekttns &
'hapmatn & ('alliahan Liberty.
ire the most fatil of all dis.
S Guaranteed Remedy
>r money refunded. Contains
emedies recognized by emi
ient physicians as the best fos
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 60v. and $1.00.
if yot need one don't wvil
kinxds of farm:ng~' t''lh.
Niw Cabbig 'med from1 the ')
to 80 of May for la.to cabbaigo.
good fro:sht Virginla So'd nlow o1
Pickens, 8. 0
Graded School.
'The Trust eosq of the Cent Iral Gradet
Hoh take pleasur ie in annoin(Itg II
FWervices of Prot. HI. . Doiinick for tha
net' scholas8.ti(1 year. Prof. i.s ant A. B
iiand A. 31. gra;idiate of Newheorry Cot
lege. H e comies to uts highly recommon
itda tealcher or aility and oxpo
rienice, also( a lnec discipalinarian , atnd the
thle C ettrat (Graded Sebool tnuder his of
lcet mana:tl:gemhent , to those( paronts aisil
guardians whoi( desiro thorough instruct
ion for their (hii ren ini ANY branch of
sti sacttin gnazraniteedl wshen pupils dc
their whole (1hity. Roaird canl be1 ha~d it
Conral ilIvery reasonabIle. Tu ition f..ea
froml ('u1 to two dollars per month. Foi
otheir inlet mation s.ae or ad(dress4 anii
tuomber oif the hoard of trustees or Prof
If. II. D)ominiek.
J. HI. Glaines,
C. B. Smith.
Cenitrail, S. C. July, 41, 1902.
D)r. Chans. H1. UJtterl, at proinenlct phIy
rician, of Panamn, Colomubia, iln al r'o0on
o'.tor states: "Last8 Mawsh I hiad ais (
liatient It youngl laldy mbi&oon years o1
ige, who had a very bad at tack of dlysoni
cry, Everything l)presrit>od for her
>roved ineffTectual and she was growing
vorse every hour. Her parents were
muro ehe would die, She bhad bcome so
rvon!t that 8110 coul not turn over in
>ed,. What to do iat this crittoal me
neuat was a study for me, but .I thought
>f Ohambehrlaiu's Colic Cholera anid Dia.
rhoea lRemedcy and as a last resort pro
iotribedl it. Tato ulost wonderful result
r'as effectcd. Wiii cight hionra she
Vats fooling nutih butter; inside of thr-e
lys8ho ww6tiO her roet and at the
mid of Ohou wok was eutirely well,
F'or sale by Dr, (G. W, Elarle.
ren$Uinstamped C C. Nver aold in beli
Dewae o th delerwho ies to seU
'#9mehing ptst es good.e
RoIey's Kidiwy Cvi'.
vakqa kidnes and~ basedd ri1u
Shoir Vtndow Artisans Cnn Con.
)unad Uood Itcnauneration.
A Broadway shoe manufacturer was
asked what method of advertising ho
found most profitable.
"I'lacing my men near the window,"
he said, "so they can work in view of
the public. I don't know of anything
that catches the attention of the passer
by more quickly than the sight of a
demonstrator sitting close to the win
dow running a machine for dear life.
"Manufacturers of all kinds of goods
have adopted this plan. Watetmakers
put their most skilled workers on exhi
bition to show how the finest garmenta
are cut and sowed. Cigar manufactur
ers take the public Into their confidence
and let them see the process of rolling
as performed by the cleverest hands.
Men who deal in mechanical contriv
ances have found that it pays to have
at least one machine set up near a win
dow so the crowd outside may observe
the intricacy of its parts and the rapid
ity of its action. Jewelers have station
ed their most expert lapidaries within
view of the street that postsible custom
ers may see how precious stones are
cut an(d polished and set.
"It isn't everybody who can work in
public. It takes a person with good
strong nerves and concentration of
thought to do difiicult work in a show
window. I have men in my euploy
who are excellent workers, but they
get flustered when subjected to unusu
al surveillance and ruin everything
they put their hands to. I have tried
some of them as window operators, but
they can't get used to it.
"A nmu who ean run a machine at
full tilt or paint a picture or fry pan
cakes or iron a shirt in the full gaze of
the public eye and not lose his head is
an artist and worth several dollars
more a week to his employer than the
more modest individual. And ho gets it
too."--New York Sun.
Theo best physic-Obambierlain's Stom;
anh and Liver Tablets. Easy to take.
Pi-asantt in ellfect. For sale by Dr. U.
W. Earle.
Wanted a partner to aid superinten
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ens. [S a-cres. S4. 1 per acre for an
undivided I interest including the im
provoments, The place has somo good
dry bottom. 10 branches. 2 horse crop
open. Will pay 75 per cent clear profit
annually on the invesrmont. Trado will
be made now, money paid later. Can
have 6 pastures. Good dwelling and
large new barn. Best spring 30 yards
from house. Daily mail. (au have a
beautiful park and fountain in front
yard. Terms easy. For particulars op.
ply at this oillce.
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Natural Leaf and oti
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thing-ev"rythiing--We think we can suit
We appr.eciat your trade.
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New Spring
Arriving D
the largest and by far the prettiest 1
have lifted the yoke of high prices ai
Miss lHughes has just returned fr(
where she purchased a large and coi
choicest novelties. This departmnen
larger towns. \Ve cordialy invite a
county to call and inspect this depar
rect styles at very low prices.
In each department you will find
you to call and 8Ce usi
Yours truly
lligh grade Ye
Write for our ca
Catailogue andu I'<
lleI ( :% niothing, a
Responsible Agents
*lin eachltown.
the taTotof atrong men and4 de
takes the Joy of life away and ma
-open,to ay disease." Aeslat Nat
,trong purgstiv and drug., which
[email protected] you Ia a worse condlt itio hb
which botp th1e natural forces to test
food she bloo and pains tho rosei
b)ookl1et sand fr.-Shample at
sCoraploto tr etment for S O
Goods that are cheap
to I ho pattern . Call
25c the yd.
28c " "
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12 1-2 " "
1, 1Oc " "
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and Springs,
sts and Launges.
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nru. .r>,k through our stock of
is And Notions.
addflesw:c Bridles.
Lock in ten li.d eaddies.
er Branis.
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rgain. nlal +,n n for any
you inl quality arc] price.
ine we have shown, We
idl they are in reach of
>rn~ the Northern Markets,
nplete line of the season's
is equal to any in the
11 the Ladies in Pickeng
trnent. You will find cor
big values. It will pay
orrow Co
[S, SPRJI G WAGO,iS, &e.
Ill CO,
Ilcato women,
tire; do not take
not for & time, but
toro. Uea. seu
Ore perfeo6 heaJh,
I On the olioqkgg
Ul dalerg,

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