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The People's Journal.
T. J. MAULDIN .............Editor.
W. L. MATHENY..........Bus, Mgr.
Subscription $1.00 Per Aunum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Enered at the Post Office at Pickens as
4ocolnd-claa matter.
''hursday, September, 4, 1902.
With cotton open in the fields,
fodder ripe on the stalk and elec
tions galore, the farmor has little
timo for play.
p . .
Pickons county counts amor.9
lor voters a big element of th(
most intelligent citizenship of the
state. It takes only a glance at
the tabulated result of the stat('
election to demonstrate this fully.
The fight is on in earnost botWe(' m
John Gary Evans and A. C. Lati
mer, 'I'his is raco on whieh boast
ful political calculators linmd it dif
ficult to settlo any positive opiniolS
thiS far before the oloction. Things
are crystallizing, howeve, and by
noxt Saturday the result may be
known with comparative certainty.
local pride always plays a con
spicious part in elections. This is
creditablo to any conmunlity when
the man put forwrd for llice
measures u) to the requisitos of
oflice, and there never was a timoj
more opportune for tho assertion of
the priviltge of hel1ping good nu1
to places of usefu1lnoss and trust.
Pickons showed up so w-ll in the
last election that politicians are
seeing the weight of our vote as a
factor in state politiCs. Pickens
County practically cast the deci
ding vote in the late race for state
Superintendent of Education, and
she may decide other results in the
second primary. This approxt
mate full vote is gratifying for
many reasoin, not the least among
which is the prestige and linpor
tance it adds to the county.
Some of the newspalpers of the
state would have us lOlieve that
the oloction of 0 B. Martin to the
office of State ;iSuporintendent of
Education will prove a public ca
A.ll the publbc school so~nse is
njot bottled up in Mr. MoMahan,
and Mr. Martin is as young and ac
twve and patriotic as Mr. McMahan
and perhaps quite as well informed
on alj matters appertainhing to the
omice, No doubt the business of
.t office will be carried on with
as good efTect as under Mr .
lahan, and we do beliue Mr.
M..ahan has worked retorm in
school matters of South Carolina.
When the Southern Railway
completes the scheme of double
tracking its line from Atlanta te
Charlotte, this county will have
added to her attractions the die,
tinction of having within her limiti
a p)art of' the truuk line of one 01
the greatest systems of railways ii
the world. Every improvemen
in augurated by this railroad moan
some advantage to Pickens county
and every element of growvth in thi
county means positive benefits t
the people. The legitimate ad
vancement of any enterprise mn:
a corresponding advantage to th~
people touched by it, and wh'len th
progress is represented by rail
roadIs, the benefits to ho dorive
ought to prove of lasting quality.
W. Jasper Talbert is essentially
politician-one of the smothiest at
ticles in that line that eor ''cam
down the turnpike." Hey ward is i
the midst of his list p)olitical figh~
with a lead that ought to flatter an
candidate for any oflico with suc]
an array of worthy comipeti tors
Some predict the result in Hey
ward's favor with assurance, othe:
good guessers shake their heads ir
doubt. This much to our mind
briefly stated, is certain;i Talberi
is hoping and mooving for suoccui
with deep schemes, well laid. I:
th. event of him election and e.
election two years hence, as Gov,
ernor, he will offer as the most for.
taidable candidate possible to im,
Itnagine in South Oarolina politioi
against 13. B. Tillman for the Uni,
ted States S3enate four years hence
With the State organised, himnsel
then Goveinor, he would have thi
leverage on any other candidate
The second primary election talli
## the ninth day of September,
Picketus county polled a handeotut
ypt0 on A###St PA 4 k# 3 IA
ha Mai f the duti*C #i isn
ship. The handsome vote polled I
in the first election evidences that i
Piokens county is growing and I
moreover that her people are tak- i
ing a lively interest in the affaire <
of local government. The succoss- I
ful candidates are grateful for the
confidence of their follow citizens
and the defeated candidatos have r
accepted the decree of the poople r
with grace undaunted an(f aro inl,
line for tho work of uphlol(hImg and tl
maintaining tho printcil)18 of the So
primary system as a Collnilo (Ity. ri
Thero is no sulkin g inl camp. Good p
mnn have bteenl ('hosel anl(d while a p
socond race is I(ecossaly in order C
to (lotermino fPoil7(0 of the t
candidates for s,;ome0 of the oflices, a
thogontlemnle who, by the cir- (
ctlnostan(0'8 of the first olection, It
are drta iiinto this second race so
are making the supplomontal call- 01
piigi on their nworits and on the sc
broad pri nciplos of triue politics. mI
All in all the canpaign has been ti
conduct(ed VigorouKly but. courto, t
oiusly, s) fa' ts the caudidatOs atro gi
ConcerlIned, yt there has been it
enough of spirit, ilijectel into it to w
make it inost interesting. It is a w
crodit to Pirkonls county people ft
that after the heat of the political d
battlo they havo always had the W
courage and the charity to bury ti
their )olitical differeoncos and join o
with on)e accord in helping the ad- h
inin ist at ions to follow to be io li
successes they havc) always provl)n.
JII the second primnary let every h
voter make it part of his ditty to y
comllo to the polil iad exercise his
high privilegos according to the
right conceptiOns of his duty as a n
citizen. li
Every vote counts one and reg
isters the free will and opinion of ti
the voter and gives the expression a
of his sovereignty in all matters of 0
government, It is the part of wis- i
dom to come to the polls on elec- s
tion day and exercise this privi- 1:
lege and meet this duty. Pickens n
county did not poll her full vote
on August twenty-sixth but on p
September ninth the opportunity t
will be given, in the real test of s
the public mind, to show what the 1
majority of the voters want. Let
every voter, duly qualified, come i
to the polls on that day and do his
The oflioo of Superintendent of
Education is open to the field.
Some excellent gentlemen have of
fered for the place, any one of
which would carry out the duties
of the offico thoroughly and with
fidelity. Trhe late Mr. Bright has
left a record in the administration
of the affairs of that offico that any
of them would do well to hope or
strive to emulate. ThIe unexpired
term will be filled by Mr. B. Frank
Freeman, nominally, while it is
understood that the perquisites of
the office will fall to the Missee
Bright who will continue to do the
routine work of the office until the
beginning of the next term. In
the soleotion of a genitlem.an to .fill
the next term of this ollico, some
of the best (tialified men)I inl the
county having ollerodl, the people
of P 1ken counlty nieed havo 110
fear but that their school initerests
wvill_bo prIotec(ted.
In the race f'or C'ongress in t his
district we have by pr'ocess of dim.
(1 ition, two meno who ask electtin
at the hands of' the p)eople on1 Sop
a temiber ninth. Thos~o two men0
..have met the req uiremont00 s of t he
o campaigni in an honorable way and1(
a held themselves aloof from the in
tviting pit-falls that naturally sug~
y gest thlem)slves during every spir
a itedl and hard fought politicai bat
.tIe. T1ho men are gentlemen and
. the Issue between themn is the oflice.
r Their friends throughout the dia.
Strict are alive to the opportunities
for work in the interest of their
men and the intelbigent thinking
voters are weighmng them by the
measure of their needs and the de
mnDdS of a progressive period.
, Which will tihe better represent
the distriot? Tnat is the prevail
iumg thought. In3 a mlatter of &1uch
o onseq~uence, sm~all differences have
,emall weight in determiunn the
,oholce. The upper portioni of this
f part of the state, now known as the
third district, ha~s not had a repro
Aentative in COngress since theC
days of John0. Caihouit. In the
timesi whe,n Congressnl weire the
o r e atos of luonvention~s,
the~ voice of PiOkense County I
Was given soant courtesy ii the
*inaking (of 0Onaressmane. nauth
his sovoreign privilogo etu, thro'
ho agency of the primary plan,
luvo"sot the seal of condemna.
,ion on machitio politics and
lothed tlhomsolves with their right
ul power to naIll tho mon who
liall sorvo tlem' in any capacity. ,
Without dotract"ing from te
norits of ally tan. but with a juat.
[gaird for the merits of ovory can
idate anld with ai loyal iaitht in
ie into! Iignllt citizouship of our
.ion and a just rogard for the
ghs and illtorests of all tho peo
e as well as with the view of em
11sizing the emllilont, propriety of
>unlty prido, it .is not out of plaico
1rosenI and rg.) a county man
the manl ill this race best 1itali
d(1 to 1)rresent us ill Congress.
1 choosing at Congressnan, per
11a1 pol)tIarity is not tho
ly thing to be weighod ; pc'r
nao merit and the experiences of
en are to )o regardrd, and when
ose experien es are marked I)y
io constant an<l life-long strug,
es which have left thoir en(dur
g resil t.s wit lithe develop d man,
hei success ltas rowa'rded the
orker andl ho finds hllllself in tho
Ail vigor of useful Manilhoodl, qual
iod through all this to dO the
or that, might fall u) hill) in
to flilllhnenlt of his high but han.
Lalle aspirations, Iis oeioing for
igl olic1 is in keoping With his
Ie anId his iucces sfuil camtlpaign)t
oilld moan a Public approval of
onest. and high endeavor in every
Dting maln of spiri t al(n onorgy.
W. lloyd EvasI to th 1'oooplo. {
I desire to express tmy thanks to -
y fellow DenocrIts ill outhl Caro
na for their exprrssi->0 of confidienre
1 1llo as a caiili(ato for ltailroad
utmmnissioner01 ill the primary, let ido g =
y3' o1pOnent for tho second race by g
early two thousand votes, and beg e
submit my claimls to the voters,
sking for their au{l"ragos in the sec
0d primary. All of my opponents
nd myself discusscd the question in
Aference to the Railrond Commis
oner's office and the welfare of the C
cople in every county, and separated r
a friends.
My opponent iH from the same ter
itory ats the two incumbents. Whon
Ir. Welborn retires, the groat eas
ornl, north-eastern and south-eastetn
actions of the State, comprising the
argest part of the State, with the lar.
ost railroad mileage, will be absoluto
y unrepresented on the Boarl. Liv
og in the centir al part of the State,
lnd being a native of Marion, by
vhich county I was endorsed for the
>osition, I submit that I am ini a pc.
ition, if elected, to see that all so.
nsof our progressive State are
>roperly represented.
If I am honored with your suffrta.
gos, you may rest assured that I will
perform~ tile duties of the offlce of
Railroad Comuissiouer wi1th the fidel
ity that I have served 1my3 people in
lho pahst. W. B3oyd Faivans.8
Terible ETort licing Mudiio to Stir lip Faco
t,ianalism, liut It Won't 'Auecooed.
A tolt riblo eflort is being rnade this
wve1k to) stir up) old political tends and
re-olpen wounds that have healed.
Th'lis is not the work of men who love
their State hotter than their solfish
atubitions. Fac Jonalism is dead and
the man who trics to bring it to life
should ho buried, politically. One of
the best results of Capt. Hoevwartd's
eleution will be that 11( will reprosent
tile enitire0 people. H14 istl .hilcad i
(tto oif no0 faction 01r set of men. I !o
is binIIg (ent biatsticlly suV lpport ed by
men01 whot (ighlt. anld teni years ag~o op
posed eachi ot her hit torly. F'or the
first timue iln runniy years wVe will have
ai governorl whlo cailnot be claimled by
tis class o: thait class, lle will be
for ll.
Th1e( allianlce grip is giveni a nd the
call to armlis s-oundted, bI theI I All i
anIcemenUi, as thle retu rns from I thle
elect ion shiow, aire stanldinig by tile
onhly man11 iln thle ratco for governior
wh'1o has ahv ays beenU a farmer, whoe
and whose abhilityV and chairacter are
of the highest, Th'lO piople will ch et
the next governor despite the p)oliti-.
Fran Itole t:foita hinag Mado to oot thie
Seanator to) H1elp thei Weo,k Mi31en, liut
lit hcellines to liesp)ondt.
Since the pimiary last week frantic,
appeals have been made to Senator:
Tillman by panicky candidates. They I
wish to be saved from defeat if it can
possibly bo done. They are now will.
in to miake any pledges of loyalty
anlsport to Tillman, Buot the,
senator is just a little too astute, He,
h~as teon in politics too long to risk l
his popularity by attemnpting~ at the
last moment to overcomne a tremiend.
oniu luead, Then, it is doubtful If the
senaltor really cares to go to the res.
su)O. Hie tuay fear~ that his friends,
nade too powerful, will attempt to
wndermino his castle1
Then, again, so far as the guberna.
toria1 cottst Is cloncorned, It Is credi.
ably reported that the sonator weeks
igo said how the wind was blowing
ad picked H~eyward as the winner.
The betting men are offering big
Ldds on the leader in. this 'atie, A
Bad of 18,000 votes ha. noter been
YeromeS in the history of SQ4th
larQItuIa pritarles 'Iud it probebly4
What this Boy's
Mother Says
has been said by the mothers of
many other boys and girls, re
1':tding the wonderful curative
and strengthening qualities of
MUd Nervine
"aur lttle hoy, IHarry, liad spasins
for 3 years and we feared the disease
woul t affect his mind. Though we
doc:tored continually herew w'trse and
hn,l ten spasms in one week. Our at
teition wast ilhocted to I)r. Mile s Nerv
ine and we beg;atn its use. When he
had taken the tourih hottle the spasmts
diaajpcarerd and he h:n net had one
for lve yeats. 11i h";ua now is per.
ect." Mrcs. 11. TIN DA1I...
D. Miles' Remedjs are sold
by all druggists on guarantee to
benefit or money refunded.
Dr. Miles Medioal Co., Elkhart, Ind.
Chmibe rntit's (0ie, (Icilera ant )iar
oen lticmeday has a world wicld) rieuta
on for its curer. It ncver fails antd is
ctcas:nt aittul s.f to t) Iake. .For salo by
r. G. W. Earle.
tonind kidneys are saf, guards of life.
akolt,ho kidneys hec'altht wit Ih Foley's
idney cure. Eolt A Webb Piekeus &
hipmttan & (ialtahanll Liberty,
re the most fathl of all dis
UL I~.I Guaranteed Remedy
r money refunded. Contains
emedies recognized by emi
Lent physicians as the best for
Qidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c. and $1.00.
.If you neoed one don't wait
till thli.y ara" all .
[iIoi.s, Plows, Sweeps :ad n.l
kinds9 of f.;rn1.1ng tili.
for t.he friit SCaso'n.
How Ca blagi e sed frocin theo 2'
to 30 of May for Iato cabbago.
good frush V irginla Sood nlOw on
Pickens, 8. 0
Graded School.
Thei Trustiees of theo (CentIrid Graded
h take pleasureI inc annuincing to
Ilo. 11ubl1ic thI at they havi e senred thce
servicess of P roff. Hi. Ii. DomiiekiiI for. the
neicolsi.ic(I .veacr. Prof. is an A. JI.
"cnd A. M. gradatoc. of Newherry Coi
lge. lI e (omest' to us highly reco'mmn
led aso tche ,ccr of uchility anid expo.
iencee, ab'oc ac Iinoc discipilincacin, and theo
I rnstces tacke i>leasure mn recocnnendinig
he' Cenitric acl aed S%cool under his ef
licciet mana:c~gemcenct, to I ihose parocnts andc
naccrdiancs whlo desire thocroug~h incst.ruct
bmc for thceir chiiren inc ANY b)ranch oif
tudycl. 1 ecardincg pup)il sc soiccited and(
al isicet ionc gcnarancteed wheni pupIils do
their whiole hicty. Bloard can he had inc
!Cecttal very recasocnable. Tu'iitionc f..es
fromtc (cuo to two dlaIcrs4 per mconth. For
tfhor infIma~tion sae or addtressc any
cuemcbe)r of thce boacrd of trusatees or Prof.
Rf. B. Di)ik.
L, G. Olayton, Ohcm.
J. H. Gaines,
0. R. Smith.
Centranl, 8. 0. July, 41, 1902,
Dr. Chaw. HI. Utter, a promlinent phty
ciciau, of Painamac, Colombhia, inc a rcentc
ter states: "Last Mansh I had ats a
'atienct a young icady alimeon years of
ge, who hnd a very bad at taok of dyson
cry. Everytiing Iprescribt fo)r her
>rovOd iniefreottual antd she was growing
vorse evory hour. Her parenita wore
ure she would die. Shte had become so
vonk that sbo coul ncot turn over in
>edl, What to do cit this oritical mio
nemit was a study for mue, but .X thought
f Ohcamberli's Colio Cholera anld Dia
rhioca Remecd,y and as a last resort pro
crr bed it. 'laco mAost wondtorfuli resulb
ria tfeoted, WVithinc cighit hours she
vaeS feeling nmch bctter; 1iie of tht'ee
lays sihe was tiao har feet and ait the
nid ot o1co woV was outirely well,
Fotr sale by Dr, G. W, Earle.
~ All
000#0St 0C Uvor sold in bOl(
"R9nlething J#imt s good.e
naka Inskap and* Iqdr E'a
h ina Wtudow Artisans Can Cons.
mannd Clood lteuuneratlon.
A Bro:(dway shoe manufacturer was
nasked v,hat method of advertising hec
fould most profitable.
"Placing my men near the window,"
ho said, "so they can work in view of
the public. I don't know of anything
that catches the attention of the passer
by more quickly than the sight of a
demonstrator sitting close to the win
dow running a machine for dear life.
"Manufacturers of all kinds of goods
bave adopted this plan. Walstinakers
put their most skilled workers on exhi
bition to show how the finest garmenta
are cut and sewed. Cigar inanufactur
ers take the public into their confidence
[ad let them see the process of rolling
as performed by the cleverest hands.
Men who deal in mechanical contriv
rinces have found that it pays to have
at least one machine set up near a win
hlow so the crowd outside may observe
the intricacy of its parts and the rapid
ity of its action. Jewelers have station
ed their most expert lapidaries within
view of the street that possible custom
era may see how precious stones are
cut and polished and set.
"It isn't everybody who can work in
public. It takes a person with good
strong nerves and concentration of
thought to do dilfieult work in a show
window. I have men in my emuploy
who are excellent workers, but they
get flustered when subjected to unusu
al surveillance and ruin everythut
they put their hands to. I have tried
sone of them as window operators, hui
they can't get used to it.
"A nmn who can run a machine al
full tilt or paint a picture or fry pan
cakes or iron a shirt in the full gaze of
the public eye and not lose his head ,i
an artist and worth several dollari
more a week to his employer than thi
more modest individual. And he gets I
too."-New York Sun.
Tle best physic-Cbabnherlain's Ston
ach and Liver Tablets. E:sy to take
Pl-asant in effect. For salo by )r. C
W. Earle.
Wanted a partner to aid superintei
ding a stock farm to raiso c attle, hoc
etc., for market. 8 miles west of Piel
ens. 480 '-res. $4. 16p. por acre for a
undivided I interest including the it
provements, The place has somo go(
diry bottom. 10 brancheo. 2 horse erc
opon. \Vill pay 75 per cent clear proi
annually on the invesrmont. Trade wi
be made now, money prid later. Cr
have 6 pastures. Good dwelling at
large new barn. Best spring 30 yart
from house. Daily mail. Can have
beautiful park and fountain in froi
yard. Terms e1sy. For particulaers a:
ply at this otlico.
Are you prejudiced? Are yc
open to conviction? any peop]
think it impossible to flue a Fire
class General Store in a town
this siize
D)on't you believe It I
Because you can be convinct
there is a First-class General Sto:
here by caliling on
L. Ross E~aton
Where you will find a flne at
varied Stock of Dry Goods, Dre
Groods and Groceries.
L. Ross EatOn,
Central, S. C.
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
and Liarkers
Nowv ini Stock at
20 per cent
omne exceptional values.
Greenville, S. C.
Spartanburg, 8. C,
HI. N. SNYDER, M. A., President
FlIl College Oourses, Favor
able surround ings, The boat in,
Necessary expeuiea from $160 t<
0176 for the year. For oatalogu4
or other information apply to
Wofford College,,,
...Fitting School
Spartanburg, S. 0.
EleantL new building. Carefu
at4entio tohO individual student
Board and tuition for ent, $110
A M informatio iyon
Money Saving
Wo have a lot*of roniants inl Dress
Sono of them are as high as I I yards
and examine themu.
10-4 Sheeting, unbleauh d,
10-4 Sheeting, bleached,
Canon Cloth,
Launesdale Cambric,
Nice Window Curtain Scri:
Wo want you to soo our oxcellont Jinc
ineudous low pices.
W.) havo a big stock of Flour for
$4.00, $4.40 and $4
A Car Load of Salt ju t received.
"International Stoc
(1'rass blades $1.13 and . 1.33.
Bring Us your Chickens and Eggs.
Do You Keep F
Look through our 1u1rniture ioi>i
that line. Auuother lot of nice
Mattresses, Iron Beds,
Woven Wire Ct
13uroaus, Sideboard.-, I) ssVr5, Safes, 'Tal
Cutlery, Crockory Tin and Glass, Wilnd(Ow Sihn
ts! Ahlost an\ thing ueedfiul ai:u it a o,me (r i
U Shoes and Hat., Dry Go
ill pAnd F's' o:r Iin)
I Buggy and Wagon Harness 4
d )o you use Tobacco? See our now I
Natural Leaf and of
A f: 5,wing Machines to go at a B
- thing-evnrything--We think we can sui
We appn.c ate your trade.
W. T. Mcl
d New Spring
Arriving D
the largest and by far the prettiest
1, have lifted the yoke of high p)rices a
Miss Hughes has just returned fr
where she purchased a large and co
choicest novelties. This departmer
,larger towns. We cordialy invite
county to call and inspect this depa:
rect styles at very low prices.
In each department you will flnc
you to call and see us
Yours truly
Write for our e
-. Catailogute and Pri
SIt costs inothing,
all k ind of
Responsible Agents
in each town.
Please Mention this paper when writing.
the terro# ot atroing morn and d
tea the joy of lif,eaway and4 v
- pen,4 toany disease.' AislsistNe
strong pur.s and drugs, wbIoti
Ie oyu a o tr ont.o thant
whioh help the natural forces to Ni
6ood the blood and pains thea foe
booklet and fre,'sample at
sComploto treament for S
Goods thatt are Cheap
to I h pattern . Call
25c the yd.
28c " "
12 1-2 " "
12 1-2 " "
n, 10c " "
of towol- and got our tro.
E s. =:=
.75 per barrel,
All Splendid Goods.
Wo soll the celo5ratod
k Food."
San( select what you need in
and Springs,
ts and Lounges.
Inl' W shf,dt Stoves, Table
les :Iu I ('taiI .;
triu. L,(k Iii tough our stock of
od: Aid Notions.
addlec tind" Bridles.
teck in ten lrt.td caddies
her Branifs.
Both good cheap.
arm ain. l,1 (i n1 for any
you in quality aldl price.
line we have shown. We
nd they are in reach of
ilL LIN ER {Y!
orn the Northern Markets,
mnplete line of the season's
it is equal to any in the
atll the Ladies in Pickeng
-tmnent. You will find cor
big values. It will pay
lorrow Co
ce List, ~
GfS SPAIlG #ALO.\S, &c.
elicato womn,
iakea the Pyttom
turol do not take
act for a timo, but
Itfe perfeo6 healh,
* on~ the ohoeks.
all dealer.,
daiye, 2ho

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