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The People's Journal
Local and Personal.
-Mr. L. G. Clayton is visiting
friends in Oconoo this week.
-)r. V. F. Austin will be inl
Easley Sept. 9th and 10th.
-Mr. Guy McFall paid a visit
to Russolls last week to soo his
friend, Al r. W. F. Blassingam1o.
-Mr. S. Ml. Robertson, of Clein
Soti Collego visited friends in this
county this week.
-liss Fannie Sitton of near
Easley, visitod tlhe home of W. 11,
Ashnro last woek.
-Tho Board of Rogistration will
meet oil Saturday Oct. 4th in?tead
of Monday the 6th the regular
meeting day.
-William Jonas, of Mica, on
tored Piekens GIraded School Mon
day. IIe is boarding at ltev. l.
E. Grandy's.
-The first balo of new cotton
was sold last Tuesday by Aiit.hony
Ilakor for 9c. It weighod 561 and
was bought by Mr. J. Mel). Bruco.
-Melvin Simmons o; the Halo
vicinity matriculated in the Pick
ens (iraded School Monday morn
mg. Ho is staying at M. ,p. Iles
-Voters, remember the polls
opon next Tuesday at 8 a. n. anl
closo at 4 p. in. Railroad tine.
Be suro and coimio out and voto for
the interest of your country.
- 1rof'essor J. S. Newman And
)r. Georgo E. Nesoi and Prof.
Iptoin, of Clemson College, were
in town on businoss last Vedies
day and Thursday.
-All over the county the cotton
crop is rapidly opning; and soon
the fields will swann with bits,
pickers, while the merry buzz of
the gin will be heard on all sides.
-If your crops are ripening and
claiming your attention don't neg
lect to come out September the
ninth and vote. A fow votes might
change the result.
-The Pickens Graded School
opened last Monday with a large
number of students in attendance.
A full corps of teachers was on
hand to start the year's work in
-A nice crowd was seen on the
streets of Pickens last Monday,
ealesday. The sales were small.
The candidates were circulatiog
and were busy making friends for
the coming ek? tion.
--Clomson College will open its
next session on Wednesday, the 10
of September with Dr. P. II. Mcll
as president. A large attendanoo
is oxpectedl, andI those who intenid
eniterling should be on band
--Those candidates whbo ind
themselves in the second raci aue
beginning to feel as though
they had been chasing a rainbow,
nio doubt. But they are standing
to their right and making a clean,
honorable fight.
--Jay, the 5 year old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Judge M. Welborn who
live about 4 miles north of Pick
ens, died about 4 a. im. Sunday and
was buried at 11 a. mn. Monday at
Becona. The family have the sym
pathy of this community in their
sad bereavement,
.-The second primary will be
held on Tuesday Septemiber 9th.
Thle samo managers are requested
to serve in the second el ection, that
served in the sfirst and they will
confer a favor by calling for the
tickets not later than Monday
mor.iing before the elec tion.
--The thanks of tihe exocuitive
coimmttee are duo and are hereb~y
assured to the man agers who seivedh
so faithfuliy and piroperly ini the
first el6ction. Without thoir ii-.
telligent cooperation the work of
the election would not have been
carried out so smoothly.
-1or the b)aneilt of the general
public, the manage s of the ele3tion
inl tile second primary are requtes
ted to forward a correct statement
of the votes polled at their reGspec,
tive boxes to Pickens if p)ossible
immediately after the votos are
counted. This will be a favor that
will be appreciated by the public.
-We were late comning out last
week and may be somnewhat latei
than usual this week but the delay
was necessary in order to present
a full report of the election, such
as5 was calculated to give the gener
al result though there may bo a
little variance betwoonithe figures
given and those of the official
count but not enough to chango
the result.
--Mr. A. B. Talley was highly1
recomimended by his friends in hms
annonoement for . the office of
County Oommiiesioner. -This roo.
ommiendation has ben well backed
uip in the first primary na results
will show, he. received at hia home
box, Pleasant Grove, and old box,
Pulmpkintown, all the votes cast
at both boxea except five, and also
at Peter's Creek.,
--To, Cohon (colored) who has
been ide 10.ed with the wrecking
of the passeniger train on the South
era Railway on the 24th inst and
for whom a reward has beern of6
ered was captured near -Oaesar's
Heoad about 8 o'ook Sunday af.
Ptrnon by Mr, Tomi Hlaiy ImaIC
6 st9p91o XDolding an-d Rlowlandl,
as MFo Ma ledh nWlal
-Monbors of the Democratic
Executivo Conmitteo of each club)l
are re<quested to be present at their
rOsplcet.ivo precincts, with the rslos
of the party, pre)iared to give any <
in formation the lilanagers may do
siro respecting tho conduet of tho e
eloction. ''ho duties of (xe::ut"ivo a
comlilitteenon are exacting, but in t
serving they are helping the party ii
to )romuote local government . v
-Th voters of Pickens county r
should support tho hlonurablo
Frank B. Gary, of Abbeville, for
ILieuteumttt ",(lovornor. Ho is a
sirong vong yo nman from the up)
cotuntry and is in1 every way tittod U
to preside oveor tho Senato of t by
Stile of' South Carolina. For four
years he has prosided with much
dign ity and a bilit y over i lHIouse ti
of Representativos. Ie is inl ,%vcry h
d(Eorying anld v," hope to s~A t
Picket S cOutnti'y vote for" himt in the "
se'cond( primay)'.-- - - -
Pickens (iraded School. cr
P'iecke (Iradl,d "cho,ol op onr d tt
Monudaty lorniy: with ia large at
tondanice--91 pupils. This is about t
20 per cont larger than at any pr, "
viou't opeinerg, '1'lT olttlook is
prom)i$iug for the larcest atten-te
dane in the histury of t,he school, i
and is inl better wo rkit; order, a
'he enrollntent Iby r,mles is as Si
fol lows:
First (radl', 14 . Second grado ,"
i1, Third grade, 9, Fourth grade, i
Fifth grade, 15, Sixth grad, le,
Seventh grade, 7. Eigth grade, I ,
Ninth, 8, t(
Alexander..O'Neal. t.
MLr. Claude H. Alexander, of o,
['ictone, and Mrs. Laura IItgoodI
O'Neal, of Ilirmigham, Ala. wer I
married in Atlanta, Sep,tembean rt
fir.t, the lev. AlonIzo llonk of th
Mthodtlist churcb ltiiibitinig. at his
reshlcie, in tlie lrs,nco al ia for
Card of Thanks.
i desire to, thank tlh- voters ofj
pplre('iItioi t, tem for til- hand
some vote i r:c( ived at the rect't n
prillary eiectiaon, Aug. '2th.
hlaving thus beei hi-r.d I sia -
eindeavor to d ischa rg. till, duies
''f the olice to which I have beentt 1.
elected witLi dignity, ever remllem
ielitg that al mIen are ua9111 be
tor( God, and that tlis countr y
uwea them e,ual ,justice.
Most Respectfully,
NOTICE ! ill
The County Democratic Execu- in
tive Committee is hereby called to tri
meet at the Court House on Wed. cal
vesday, September 10th at " au
S. im. for the purpose of tabulating ci'
tho vote of the second primary and be
fleel'iniig the result. A full aitton. 1)<
llanmco of thei comumittoe i8 desired, pl<
Chiarmamu, of~
T.ho tirst ne0w le~ of cotton
was giu;iod andl sold hero to-day,
I odder pulling is mn order now
with tthe fariners. Cotton is open
ing rapidly and picking has begunm.
T'wo days rain last week p)ractical- ,
Ly mnsures tihe late corn as8 it is
uow earing . .Fruitcropi is about all
matured excep)t afow late apj les,
M~ore3 tui ati v egetaibie canned
this year than over before. Thcro' at
arle cannlling ouiTts to be0 foun (d on fa
many farms now.
Public school wvas opened u'p for
hero to-day with Prof. D)uBoso, of of'
Virgli.n principal arnd Miss An. w
nie Fergutson, of Piekrens, ai~ thI
The s'cond(1 crop) of cantdidates ari
areO among urs p)reseni ng their an
claim1;. a
The big pOhiticaLl liari struick this to)
neck of the wVoods tihe other day in
and( started the l it,tle po1.dl'e liar wv
with some now and( fresh ones5 for "'
the second race. Onme was that t
one0 of the U. S. Senators wasH too ti
low down to carry his home bo)x wi
and( never had done it heretofore. te
T1his lie flow around town in a few oIv
miiutes. . m
D)r. Dacus, of ilelton, has cast a
his lot among us fur the practice a
of mnodicmno.
journors withim her borders too
numerion'is to menQitioni.
Sep. st01C
J wishi to hecrtby exrssm tak
an appreci~ oato to myi~ friend(s and
thel voters of P'ichenz c oun ty for thle
liberal vote t b'- gaVo e ( onl thi 21.h
uit.., ani.d I hop1) they will remembter
I ami) 1in.sposed and under tho (4
treatmeu't of a physicni who oays I
canoifit leave myi roomi1 for sevoral day
anid it will bo imnpozrible for me to
see) iim, though I hiopo thmey will co- n.
tinrio ini the go'od work of rolling up'
votes for i4.~e You rs truly,
Uardi of Thanka,
I taiko this method of thauking the 2,
popjle of Picokene county for the nioe fa
vote I receiveel at the recont primary, 01
I aure you as a whole, I appreciato
this as much as any man you could sq
have supported. This placoe me mn a
position for' the nsdt two years to give i
iuy OliI's tline to the people, so .t
thingj 1 QIan d~o in theS AUito' e .s
for' You1 will b~O dlona with pIt5u
Vyatt Aiken for C;ongress.
Ci tizen'ilhipl carries with it gratv.
tsponsib)ilities, of 'which thl) right
>f sullrago is doubtless the most.
luportalt. It is the pain duty ot'
Very' llitin to voto iiteltligtitly,
'd to o(1 tlits e niiu:t kiow t be
Jont askiig ollice -looh1!g whitolt heI
a to (b1)oo. ',)I i!v Msoveri 11111
hio tr') SitekllL tilb ilor Ot' ro1 -
"selitlIg the polo)IO 'it this CoIi
r'essi tIal District, th1're is One
'hom1 his f'r't'ndc1 deem it at pr"ivi
e to s1pport. 'T'hoje who know
vatt Ailken betSt bl'iye that 11o
thecr canldiat(: for thlis ollico pos
sua in a hi 1ih1-r le'gree or in a
e1 tri pt'o i,rt')Oil the eh-lilont4s ofI
t:h11o.11 which go to nuItke a true
-prewn t ie f .1)u th peop )IileJile
'100 (ylCiv 'ftw l(o t. leheart as well ag liitell-e t, itI(d
> is 111.1 1,Of the I rt I 1 .; who has
ut R uth :etiintett andc sense (, icl-a
;lS ( st'1l tlit :tin~ lltOi h ')(itt in
'cte :lint wr.U' 1' v uis 'vl.
'y eorvy ifr the r fightsfr whit
1e delnt)C1rttl parity 41u17lds, Wy0
Lt A iken has .Ia.ys beenut a.tclosu
udent f 1( tho itit.a l 1rincil s
h Iis i athetr - Ilh' 1.r'iieiples oif ,
.uine dil ln(.o) y. ! i is disc18u .
i)nS oft thet '11:'stion1 ii. the dauy m1
cute a i:itlt lnatiura.y wo!l hal,
1cedt and tr.t:nedl to v-ilw\ poh1ticatl
Lt tiorin , iio the right stand pi it
bie writer haitt never known\'l at lnan 1 g t1iU.1ttl 1,-i'"111u s
igger 1) '.' r or n lh,, i !., 1 . l ,e t
11k. it ) i' t 11 111 .t i1-l a! ' al'u
1(111me yOturs i go through his ron
ih ttion tl iillltence, (An riu t"r
ilite a1 111of t li t-.:wn ls S"int
nit inliru11airy and hl i' .' prr
is tan .ert tlvt ' kt . '.wh n tl
Sk. fn t.he ftmlli i\1 ~f a w'- 1
111it1 Of CU.': I . l 1 th'-r . \\-IO
bi.(ht boy Ii ut. i ,> I l te att1nd
11(h<> 1 b us2" i g fat1 r wa':t un1-$ t
,o to p).v th1' tu h imselfOllw- n 't .
lilt he had .1 aliii.h motiv(e in ayl\
; (,f thlose' (' I. 11., i in w h.,!1
OWS t v he 1 Cb nt1I1ti:C's woah)ll 1t
- ugt.tSt. Within t': 1 th st lew
notes the r.ittr h1,as hadi i i
i.i m 1e(i thi a hatlt an. The
Stf twh o t"ill,te, for whon
Lmt be 1m-tc t wihu,t t 0)h\en
Igo of whm)1, Wit t Alken has
oenirod ti itions. A 1 cl! his lif"e
help t '. of hll t 1F !)ll men t l
f,1rtu lat's alu. he, "A friend in 0
otl 15is tlreld( 1 I n.'d 'd is- a fai t
r quotation. The subject ue this t
ctc ha oi e' hiself , o be i
'en a friend time and again. The
in who i true to his friend?
List be true to humself, and being
to to hime1f, it follows that is
ainut h)t: untrue to iay mau, or to
ytotclo te at. iu
aat e:odpre t he p.uoari-er po
3;and<hiri bis short. m4 ilitary
e prvtAode.N mkan ha~s I
Utow theBX.l friendsipil of Wyatt a
hike bt to s(tam F.i t "puroe gol."
: (the )a poo m 11O today it is b 4
us, he hats e5tver bee a liea
pporter o2S (f ild'hrit orks,- t
de has generousyiih1~ aweredevery f<
lunhiins.tii Ia anditon t besi
tuotms oIhclaiedothaya farmer
oknwkn best rbprsentthe he famn
Iipler '.''r this be tr undt ind a
(1' uaIti lfcahon f w hbh lied (1
Coke y haeat wfl( a i~ li prata
Of. thet reA ikanisianv oftin
(1 sea i (.'onrsmua te otors~ '
his') dist10e wh ~ii tbooe the II
im who has L Oli11421i etal tcoo to
tI or ly he "sta; ho prob-a ''
aso te govf:' o th at81- le may1 Jn
ise, nth sedtn ies of purpose'
0 8wa11 tos oflt tIlde'nll 10 garo -. ~
toe ast.vic h ac ble i
ahis contten a nd' ito 1the. bst
Ceresshofrth democr.,ac. Tho 1o02
o Ik w A kn AeT beMivo. e
ii serve wellO his) 1. J.ontituents and ?
fjDeocric'i pty V4a:~i u*ir. Is
C,rroanothe man Niof( theseve
io has ehdolad inolt in t- o
r proportOtion? It is the dutyof (Aet
emr y ize tove foplruu thatbest.
Can. Wytt Aie istd out as
ta hom tOll of Jllt migh seot
25d hi iaisL 4t (or th considrd
'ey 00 whc wnstre.e
o.jice. is gll odh dnlo o nhisl
1101-itend ofIeIl)r the-alle coln
n,and bo'thisinalkw b utivryeoial d::
Ite wayII to ugethe: fu tr, i. ,e.
-~ the uu~ past [hore b ar
-aiionh abv ith isl bth just.
Ben Tillman and Shoppard and Ha.n
kcll, havo signed this addreas to tho
farinors of South Carolina:
"Slate of South Carolina, County of
"Wo, the undersigned, farmers of
Colleton county, horoby endorso Capt.
D. C. Heyward for governor in the
next primary, and earnestly urge tho
farmiers throughout the State to voto
for him. Capt. Heyward has boon a
practical farmer all his life, and is
therefore thoroughly acquaintod with
our condition and nods. Fron our
intimate knowled,e of him as a man,
of his hig I charaeter and his eminent
!bility, wo feel that we can conscion.
liously t'omu ientd him to you as one
'orthy of your suffrage, and earnest
yI request you to gi rc him yout' en.
h!usintstie support."'
Ifore follows names (if h1un1dredRof
armc!'s--every one in Colleton who
irt1 an opportunity to sign.)
A ('nre For Cholera In'anuitu.
''1ast May." says Mrs. Curtis Baker,
>f Iookwalter, Ohio, "an infant child of
r neighbor's was sff'ering from chol
ri iufautun. The doctor had given up
Il hopes of recovery. I took a bottle
f Chamnberlaiu's colic, cholera and )iar
!hoU.r remotly to the house, telling them
fell sure it would do good if used nc
ordint:r to directionfs. In two days time
bh child had fully recovered, and is
ow ,imealy a year sinco) a vigorous
Illthy girl. I have reconmmmended
hi'; r:n:wd,o frectnently and have never
inyi it to fail in any instance." For
l' by )r. G. W. Earle.
Petches In Alabamna.
As it sloirt list including se0 of the
-st tnarket sorts of peaches for Ala
Ir. the following has been suggested, I
in the order of ripening: Sneed, I
!'r!+:r:-h, Carmen, Manile l.pss, Moun. I
' nion, Chinese Cling. Elberta,
t-::oii. Mintthew's Beauty. For a Ion
l1st 1or horne use and local market
fj. the above list and add to It Alex
rr,I, :, M Kinno y. TcI's Early, Early
nI for., Oroy, Pallas. Tabor, Impo
T'Ihe lust four varieties are suita
+~o:ix for the southern half of the
+ n ;,td roast region..
.'ine 'rreen For the rei t
'r a hwg lot there is nothin Fge the s
niitlho"r' tree, according to a writer in t
n .X'l+sihnure. Plant your lot full of
he. b'st trees you can find, choosing
lemi bth for form and fruit. Have
lot of the ever hearing among them,
nd when feed Is scarce you have the a
ery best for your hogs and poultry. '1
hey will hear bushels to the tree and c
till be growing In value every year as t
Imber. The timber is equal to catalpa
n value and grows as rapidly. It is f
ine for posts and shows beautiful c
;rainIng in lumber.
"I was troubled with kiduoy complaint
r about Iwo years," writes A. H. Davis t
Mt. Sterling, lIn., "but two bottles
Fo'ey's Kidney Cure effect.ed a per.
sneut cure." Bolt & Webb Pickens &
hapmlan & Oallahnu Liberty,
If sonr candidate 18 oleeted or I s
>unid in the second race, the op.I
ortunity is again given for workI
td voting.
The pirop.ietors of Foley s honey and
ar do niot advertise this as a sure cure
>r' consu1mptI-mns" TIhiey do not dlaimu
wvill cure tnis drtetad compjlaint in adl.
mood cases, bult do positively assert
itt it will cure in the earlier stages
3d never fails to give comfort
ad relief in the worst eases. F"oley's
roney' nnd Tar is without doubt the
reatost throat and long rem]edy, lRe.
'se substituttes. Bolt and Webb Pick
.w Chapman nad Callahan Liberty.
County of P'ickons,
iPy J. B. Newbory Esquire Probate
WhIoroas, l\targairet J, Bhright made snit
> mae to granit her Lotters of Administra
on of the Estate of and eflects of W.W.
'.Bright, deceased.
These aro0 therefore to cite and adamon
h nIl and singnlar the kindred and
coditors of the said W.F. Bright deceas
1, that they be and appear b)efore me,
i the Court of Probate, to be hold at
ickens Court House, S. C, on the 18
:y of opt. 1902, after publicat ion here-.
f, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to shewv
iluso if any they have, why the said Ad.
linistraitioni should not be granted.
(livon under my hand1( and seal, this.
0 day of Aug. 1902, in the 127 year
f our Indopendence.
J. P. P. C.
When'l ~ tvon aro't sfferling fr'om rheoum-a
Hi, the kidneys imust bo tended to at
.ee so I ita they will elil linalto h nri
e:(d Ir > the blood. P'oley's KCidnoy
ori' i thle miost efTectivo remedy for
is tpurp'ie. 1R. T. Hopkins of Poular
Vi';., :xys. "'Aft,r~ unsucocssfully doe
onll' th.roE y'ear*s of rhoiiumatiam with
b.': b' mt doctors, I tried Folsy's Kidney
~lire andi' it tured mie. I annot spea k
00) highly of this great medicine." Bolt
fIl WIb P.ekens & (Chapmnan & Chlabanl
Roley's 1-loney and Tar
'or chIldren,safe,aure. No opiate.
~A. . WAnDLA w
-:- DE NTIST -:
Vill be in Piokens until further notice,
)fllce up stairdt in tihe Carey building
ver Brock's Grocery Store,
Notice to Tresspassers.
All persOns are hereby warned
20t to hunt, f8h, hunt fruit, dfEkm
igo timbehr or trespass ill any [email protected]
fn any of our lands, intcluding the
Rhoda A, M4auZdin plae, Aily
vIolation~ of' this notice will be
procouted to the full etet of the
1, $ iLht
1 hen-h'ly anl''"' ,t)n1ywirl 1 ,'uIl'itlato!
for (ong;;rt'SH f'"Il thi ,'the li ttir Souith
Calrolinla I)istrict, sub11)jecl, to e t ttio
of the deonnt'enttie voters :1t the- approach-l)'t'c'lio)
itig lui~mary 4eicel in.
It. 1". .0Il'fT!1.
Weu initllritz'tt to ann1oitneo Watt
Aiken, of Alhville, at a rnlitite for
UongiIress froin the Third (ongrea;sionll
)itraict, tnhije' to tie actin of' tih
I)enuocnatic vOhters at thle :!pproac:uhinig
primary tl'ectjioi
'L'he fr"ie)dI of lah 4:i \lai bin hb
annloonce bimn IV :a u,lniblat' for 1 I)the ue -
it, 1i1hj'I't ioi the t i1 "f t ino I )('lno.
oratic votnr:ti >f iekes c 'ti,y at fihe up-i
pr"oachil pri:,.
TIhte frit1(l 'lt C. 11. ('."rnet't rI her''1
by atnloilie hu16 a a ln+tal". . i u .
iein:t( frmt l I s nti (v, iii t It
the '1111.1 of (I. I)Clm t a l iei v it.w.s it
lhe a)lpr :chinrt' r ) i.- - --IL ti':?n.
1-')it1 T 1-: I fl l1. ' .s
1 hlereby)\ ltninnltt 11ny (':11dWit.y f,r
r0E-eleCllon to the Ill OuIISe of it''p)lt'cntl
livs' ,I from P'ickes1$ uttyl N, ui'jec't to
bIe I)euoc'ratic primt i,
ivy M. .3.as
Ihe frieltls of J. Ashm r .1"t 4 l l it l~n
Ihoroby lutiotneo him ats a c:tll'l"ilto fort'
lhe lousu of ltlpre$ol Iat ive frt1tu I'ic-.l;
m114 County, .4uhje'l to tie e::cilon' of 1Ir
lorloeitint v\oturs ait tho :lipp)roaching
)ritnuy election.
FORt sUi-:Ri's(lit.
Iiy tho solicitation of In' niulv frienids
hereby ainnouc m 1 .1 h l a ctitliltt'
or the ollicu of Stptt rvis(r I ' I'ielwis
o11n1ty, Hiibject to t he :t iot of t Ie den -
)Cn')tir vott'rs aItlu'I nl- t'ppr ,-hi1' )prt.
niary election.
('..\I. L s .(u.
'.l'e maniy friendis rl L. 1>. ;lc )Itens
Itnreb)y lnlnuuc himu Iu Iect loor re ilt to
bO ollice of Count-y Su1'rvisor tiubjnet
o the .Ieino ratei I 'rinity '.'.h I i
'\ l\ In t io tll 4.
''QU ('01' T'I'1 . t'o:,; \ l:: !:I t) l j" .
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The friendsll of lit'ur,y W. F" ;- hereb'y
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I hereby nnontte mys..l' ', a it ht"
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Bi ducation,1)0u vol ani, ul..jecl tIo)1
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?icke couth, Vje t it' c.a:o
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Walteotoiuiifr J.( Boys,111t1
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DOiuoetiC by uratoJ go acin
Cha(ont ~rleston S. . Tot t
tXity (l wfll equi ryed i bemital,enhs,
cal,2t $130 Ailgcl abordatoricor
ibr ay $15,00 voluar adth.
Susolt Museums on Natria, lisy .
)02 thet Su t Eileitiv ejcoursesu
lead ing tow theidegrees tof u, Ab. B.
B, ascibe. A.l ! Board' a h ur
l'iin 10.i On scholarship i
>oite by th Poato Judig and0
,h Couny Supeintnan.Toa
Bxpenses fo Schjaboarship studentso
C51 o$3.ALL niae o
IdM t cia-t on~ Frda,Juy 1
Some Interesi
for July an
1l"i W .l I'lt, '(
Itf prices havi' ltlythillg ito do
(f S11rii g lrl:! Slu) -' ('!thi1
well sifte<d, but we"( "till hauvt. t
h'e i. uh ve at ni("t line( of, i)!lt :111
tlhl just sits 1his hut. w :h';h .
whenc i n ' edt :IU%, ('I,t l 1:. i
n t 11ing; h 't i t h,i' i .
Iihe t i III l ju:i iI i tl .i 1.!<
<.i I \ 'll li-.
re 1t:1a . , (ii(1 :.!. 5, ('t(., ill tib ! l'
F oll ge r on't oni( ('.
IltII I, b h h ' . Il ' l
("hl;1! l I St.h":
tllnhirel if all k nss
sa(thl!les, hIIi<lbl', I"I.;l is :111: 4 .
(1u1 pri:es bel41o. bll%'1D . W'. h'.
-hinlell InII ill upplie , N'lh t1 -h1'l
h(in(ls, t e 'rrer w hi&t1 h.eI' ii -l :
cital. ati-5 1i, l,
Folger & _T.
jr U thU ('OI'f("I w,( :t (" r;:ro ! 1i)
NVens, Boys and4 Ch
..25~ Per CentI Discot o(g
All traiw 1Oi5 'at 88i pr
)WV $1".28. Sl 5.On suitS ?h' $1 -.2."
..M.SAND) BoY4 P '* 4
L $5 pa nts ni~ ow~ 8375, 36 V''.
IIlGoods Sold For CASh.
S urn nn
' IlL pke room for' Fal il and WM
Thue ' Ftill n-miUjns inI Iny stock &on',
aI t of i f a 0ll od, som e goods a t H A I .1i
No Catch A.dver
Do you like coffee? Well if you do,
f' theC best r'Oasted coffee 'At 81bo for. $1j
ren coffeec un tho market,
If' you over indulgo in tsmfokig all '1I
ou 0ts'. Aid If you want ai clhJipur e'igi
Pwrhapa you QamXO ILWAy from~ homo
ourso you don't waznt to drive home wa-i
led niot do it for you can got anything; '
'l he at flour (a the malrket for the
1%4nhty of kniven fori, the bO,y3 t1jand )
ilheat iriie pald for AUl Coun~t ry, ii
.NNdo & M
(,In Prices
d August.
Li\/ELY & i
Ow.h -.-lu ock
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16 I
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tome lmd, at uell you soin1I
cull fW): \\~* . JClghe or (Obj
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