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The People's Journal.
rcU IanD vlrni 'WHI)Ni:11AY MOHNINO.
T. J. MAULDIN .............Editor.
W. L. MATIHENY...... ... Bius, Mgr.
Snbscriptioni $1.00 Per Annum1.
Advertising 1(e aieisuolnable.
, 3tted at the re-,t Otlco at Pickons as
eorondt-cl1l$ matter.
Thnrtda Setm'iber, 11, 19)02.
When the clouds break away,
Don't neglect to save the hay.
If you did not havo your say in
the lato olectionc it Was your own
fanit or perhaps the fault of tho
Tho campaig;n just clolsedl was
o'+o narkod by unprocedonte(l ef
forts to onlighten the 1)001)10 oil
the good qualitios of the candi(,tea.
After the smoke and noiBo of
httle are gono. it is e.sy to con
fnde that it is tortunato for the
people that eleCtion: do not comuo
every yoar. Even so may it be
said of the candidates.
at ft ft
If your children are not in school
and you expect to pend tlion to
Wohool, In it wisf to defer the "mat
ter too long? By entering at the
beginnig of the session and losing
no time the work of the student
will be carried on the more easily.
Pickens county 1)0118 the third
vote, in inmbers, among the coun
ties composing the third congros
sional district, Anderson and
Ooeueo being abead of PienlS.
Pickens, lowover, is just a litt i.
behind OcoRee in point of niumibi-s
and is rapidly ooning to the front.
It would nut he a sur[)ritio to lesrn,
fonr yeari honce, that Pickenls
fRids hors'lf Col sidieraly ill the
lead of Oconee in voting strength.
No free gover1inont has1 over
found any ad,linatu means of uni
versal education except in free.
public schools, op91n to all, su)
ported by the taxes of all its citi
rens, whore every child regardless
of condition in life or circumstan
ces of fortune, .imiay receive that
opportunity for traminig into social
s,*rvice~ as which theo constituiitions
of this and other great statos and
the age dema:nd.
Theli thianke of all the people are
due to the managers whoe kindly
served during the late elections.
Their service has been given with
out pay and without the hope or
expectation of reward, yet (hey
did thnir duty conscienitiously and1(
intelligently, and more than theb
duty In consider ately for w ardinug
the returns for tho in formation o
the people in advance of the regu
lar count.
Atlanta merchants urge their r
trons to patronize them and n(
spend their money outside of th
city for goods that can be sup)plio
at their very doors, The sawuo u~
.peal holds good and ought to b
and is urged onl the part of Picken
merchants and( home enterprisoi
and you may receive some1 roturni
therefor, after awhile. Anyway 1
helps to build up your own p)eop)
and their growth moans help t
Cotton start's off this season at,
fairly good price), and if subsequor
pricos ato determined by the rei
facts as to the cotton crop the eo
ton grower need have no fear bi
that lhe wLll realize a respectab]
return for every pound lie plact
on the market. But it seems the
oveiy possible effort is being mad
to draw the prices down. Fals
reports as to the probable yield ar
being offered and every other con
colvable method adopted to de
press prices. Tho beat and safes
plan, as experience has taught thie
farmers, is to market the cotton ni
soon 88 possible. This plan makei
sure of the present fairly go'c
price and relieves the producer o;
all ik, insu1rance, loss in weight
anid the possibility of lower prices
People are learnIng fromn expo
rience that the all ootton crop Ii
wrong in principle and practic,
Rnd are bringing themselves re
lief from the variableness of th
biotton market and the possibilit
of high prices on food..stufl's b
Vaieing their supplies at home an
dottnting on the cotton crop as
stirplus. . All over Pickens count'
uplands are being brought up to
higher state of cultivation and I
muchocondition that corn can b
- roduced ou them with somfe de
Rtee of oruty Ievery year, ail
0e mts prepared land is forth
production of corn the batter t
cottoin will rowon the same lan
The idoa of intensive farming
gainiig deeper root overy year a
in it is to be found thu salvatic
of the southorn farmor to a gre
* **
Cleminon Col loge is suppliod wi
a 110W plesin(let in the person
P. 11. Mell, a uan of strong P1
sonality and riputted executil
ability and loarning. The rosignm
tion of Hartzog, alter his vindiC1
tion by the Board of'Tnrustoes, ro
movos all cause for dlissonsion ill
o1)0ns tho way fur a sucrossfi
year at Clemson . Every bo
ought to roturn to his dutie
with tho full dotermination to for
got all past diflerence3 botween the
stulents and faculty and exert hi
iniluonco on tho new boys3 to tl
ond that ptoper deferenco and 1e
spect may he promoted in th
ranks for the authority that mus
bo maintined in order to innurc
the successful p)r,secution of tL1
works of both instructors 11nd Stu
denits in anu institution liko ('l.'m
sn. We prediet and hopo,: fu
Clemson i successful year.
Iu the main, the voters took int
consideration, in the late electiom
tho merits of the mon. Factiona
ism played small part in deter
mining the voto and for this tL
country has reason to be thankful
If linos wore drawn in any in
stance, thtl effort did no,t moot wit
the approval of anything like
Ial"ju,rit.y of tho peoplo. 'lhe ih
ple have had opportunity to moe
and hoar and stu 1dy the candidate
and they have intelligently ren
dered their de.5sio ns and now al
such foeling as nay have been :et
gonderecl by the political fight wi
doubtloss o buriod and th) frien
of each canildidato will contribul
their alsistanco towards ma1kin
the administrations of the succes
f u m in ii truly successfu
It is to th) everlastii
credit of our people that they a
sufficiently alivo t-> the good it
tarests of their 'country to figi
out political issues on moritorio
lines and accept the ballot box
tho arbiter of all dilfferences. 4
"T'he d:my wvill coimO whein t
greta miajrity ot thle tax-pay<
will pa by chony11 teachars as t
intelligen t farmer no0w passes
inlf.rior stock and seed ; as
would pass by a thousand joltwa
one~ or' stage coaches~ to tako a p:i
sengor train, In the meantime.
is the duty of the educators of clo
insoight anid devotion to couragooi
ly insist onl a higher stanldard
do wvhat they can to place tho
[Consing of te schers ini the m<
competent hands."
So says an exchlango. This
true but that day will not co,
-until the taxpayers are Cwilling
pay salaries that will comma
e good teachers. As long as scho
are turned over to thoso who a
'teach for Lthe lowest amount, I
3 opportunities of tihe children u
a continue to be wasted. Tihe .ic
sing of teachers should ho piat
"'iin the most competent hand
Sbut the empllloyment of teach
a should be placed inl hlands equali
SCOm potent .
Iieard,eau Ilromne GIrun,.
a The~ northw'est is rapily becoin
t source of supply13 for the seed of het
i his bromeo grass (lBromnus inlormliH),
though much is still iinported.'
seed is harvested when fuliy ripe,
t though care is taken to cut befiore
e seed1 begins1 to shatter. IlIrvestini
done wth a sl inder, Het to
8 high, and thus take in na little of
,t leve as possible. WVhen well dr
the Heed Is thlrashed1 In a wheat sc
Crator, usig an ont sieve and( shuitt
e off most of the wind.
TheIi amount of seed seured an ai
varies much, 80omo growers report
' 150 to 000 p)ounId, wile others g
10 to 800 pounds as the range.
t cording to tests at the Minnesota
perimoneut statdon it costs about 10
12 cents a bushel to thrash thle seem
Good Winter Celery.
Giant Solid Is a large growing
riety of winter celery with broad, Sc
steme. It is called -one of the beet
kceeping purposes, has a good flas
blanches clean and white, and Is
desirable 'variety for winter use.
Evans' Triumph grows to a miedl'
height; the stemsa are broad at i
base and it blanches well. It han
sDlendid flavor, is a good keeper, a
3 is suitable for late winter Use.
Ps'oatt1 in Southern Beed 2nuta
Noetrprise, in the opinion of 1
Y Btutta, of Louisiana, ofter a larget prt
y, nDon investment than a well condudi
Suaed termi in the so,uth. Aiready gro
ders of okIa, Watermelons, thantaleu
a Onions, etu., arIe found, because it 1
7, been denionetatud that southern gifoi
ae d.of these things do best inI t
Shred It nncl "lit Iit.ecf-'lhe 1)'y
sor C"henl' encttle nu14 I'aNeNOI.
tt ShreI<led ct-ornt fodder Is the mnost ecO
1no:niclen11materitl thatt ennl he used Int
tthe 11tm:nafnlurt, (f bevef. The dletttanid
foIn rw" it the present titne seetts Il
11!).st unliunttdc, so tha11. we caln s8we
ll Is gr'tcat w1a-4tc'd crop01 11ud fec"d It
intio heef without any fear of over
letclin;g the nrrket. The ce11118 ro
r'- 1otIs showy that the populhtluon of outr
ectie::, the inarket for beef, Increlase(d
uct.8 per-I- cei" t foIII 181H) to 11)00, b ut the
- ntnlher of c"nttle killed for heef In
.. erenste only 2 per cent. '1'he export de
nointl for dressed l beef gained enough
in the ten years to tako the entire in
crease In our" production, So that we had
}tho yatnle Supply In 100 aH In 189x), atl
thoutgl the heef eating pollution had
grown 841.8 per cent. Itecelpts for this
3 year to date have shown a considera
tile falling Off! a corll ipred with 11)01,
Ho thatt w"e 11avt to(ay about tihe an1110
supply as inl .181)0 to feed 40 per cent
Sinore people, counting tho gain in city
3 populationi to date.
In 1010, only eight years otT, we shall
have 85 per cent niore people in1 our
3 eities thal In 1800 if the growth of the
t last ten years continues. Twelve years
have pitSed Since 1890, and we huave
3 uade no progress toward supplying
[ this gain of 85 per cent inl the deuInand
. whh"h :hould be met within eight
yettrs inl 1911). Wo caitnot tileet it with
' th liethods of farimilg that hate been
r followted heretofore. The good farin
1111d of the west have all been settled,
atnd the ranges hatve b een runnling
down In the scale of beef prodluction
o becnuse of the destruction of grasses
3by overpasturing. We have reached a
per"inaitnent level of high prices of beef
--so high. in fact, at the pre .sent tino
that perhaps at mililiol people or lore
who would like to eat bwef are col
peulled to go without it or to content
themselves with a 1111)1)10 Instead of a
- full plate.
ht A good corn crop this fall will re
lieve the situatitlont somtew'halt fron tile
"0tandp3oint of the( consuiner, but the,_
(ay of c-heal cattle has passed forever.
t With high prices and a practically u)
llituted tlidenld good busiless policy
Hdetnandy that the farner should bend
- every effort to 1incrense his output of
beef. There I little danger of over
doing it. The only way in which at
really considerable increase cnn now
I] 1)0 m1ade ill the supply of cattle is by
saving the ellormous corn fodder crop
of the west and shredding it.-Farn,
" Field and. Fireside,
Well 'lanned For 'eeding and EaNn
g Il uuled to Any Piuce.
e The sketch of a portable feeder used
for cattle on grass was sent to the
Ohio Partner by a correspondent. The
It feeder Is 12 feet long, 5 feet wido and
.1s a feet high. The bottom or floor (C)
conRists of two inclined planes, carry
H Ing the corn, etc., down to the openings
(A It) and Into the ttoughs outside.
Theo sides are made to slide up and
to down a few inches, so that the feed
, ann be shlut off If dlesired, or tile spaices
(A B) ennm be adjuseted to deliver the
1st grain ill small or liberal quanltitles. A
board roof keeps the grain' dry. Sled
-runners under tis feeder enable it tc
isbe haulled around to any point desired,
ne Ini thle Illustration the end is left opeoi
to to shiow the constructioni. It mu~.st bc
boarded up tight. A part of the rool
uor all of one side can be hinged so ai
)ls to throw back for putting in the grain.
The Head of a Good Feeder,
he The head in beef cattle shlows I
ill "good feeder." Observation and expoe
lurienjce show a goodi feedinlg he(ad to b)4
broad anld well illed b'teteen tihe eyes
~ed with ai good, roomy3 lirinm botx, taller
la g licely, and( shortit froim tilt eyes t<
Dr's the muzzleAt, 'which shiould he wide amil
eleanl (?ut, with largte, well opjen~ notstrils
.Y A large moulth usallyil is tile first ind(l.
cationi of good tilgestive ('aaity, anIi
&~t iarg(', open'l no(strIis go wlih gtood lung
power and atvl smhtron consillon (esT
at hoe ea lagefl, iIlncult, wit h nolt pci
f'lIts y l ronte Jtwo The ors, de
p(,lree, areiofied ium sIie andit nttl
alg rno nt'iel carId. lTce eyes aret
thelarge ull full, ear ands p~vlaid,4
beefttytile s reduceito the shortewtrd.
iv'e SeasNonbile Itelms.
to tier," says' lIlard's D)arynmn.
. "Not more1' thanil one palrt 50oy heans to
two parts of corn iln tile silo," 1s theO
general rule for tis conmbination,.
v'a- The use of ekimmlilk hatstenied the
lid gainis ini hog feeding at the Tennesseo
ror station.
or, By corn etover is meant corn foddor
a loss the ears; that is, the stalk. with
tassels, leaves and husks, the ears only
im having been removed,
he A ease of bloat in cattle, supposed to
at be paused by eating sundlower Woods,
iid is reported from Colorado,.
Soil for spinach for wihter and en'ly
spring use can hardly be made too
$5 i E? E Uol ps offered. Al
7austed at work I _n ear 1 00
8 GA.A , L GE)acon, Ga.
.---E 4 --..-.
What this Boy's
Mother Says
has been said by the inothers of
naiy other boys and girls, re
garding the wonderful curative
and strengthening qualitics of
- Nervine
"Our little l,oy, Iiarty, ha spasims
for 3 yems and we feared the diseas'.
would affect his mtind. Though we
doctored continually he grew worse and
had ten apaenias in <-ae week. Our at
tentiona Was directed to I)r. Miles' Nerv
iue and we 'egan its use. Whcn he
had taken the Iourth bottle the spa-sins
disappeared and he has not hud one
far hve yans. lii; health now i: per
fcct." Mlms. 11. Al. TINDAI. ..
Dr. Miles' Remedies are t.old
by all druggists on guarantee to
benefit or money refunded.
Dr. Miles Modical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
OIh mberlan's olic, cbolera and Diat
rloea lomeday has at world wvide ri.uta
Lion for its cure'. It never fails and i
l)le's"U-it and r Ife to lake. For a,tlo b:
Dr. U. WV. ECarlo.
Sounl d kidneys are safe guards of lift
llakenthte kidneys health wtlh Foley
Kidney eni*e. Holt R \Vcbb 1'ickous
Ch apmnan & Callathan Liberty.
are the most fatal of all dis
FU LEY u Guaranteed Remed
or money refunded. Contain
remedies recogniz".d by em
nent physicians as the best fo
Kidney and Bladder troubles
PRICE 50c. and $1.00.
Itf you ne one don't wa
til t h.y ire -il goni.
Hous, 1.'lows, SweVeps :uid all1
kin ds <>C l frmnlg to ,ls.j
Fruit Jars, Sugai, Spic<
for the fruitL season.
Sowv Cabbage seed from the
to :30 of May for late cabba~ge,
good fresh Virginia See 1 now c
Pickens, S. 0
Graded School.
TheIa Trtistees of t.he Conal G 1d(radi
Schni tI ke plealsure in annionl)uig
theo pulwic that they have'. secured tI
services of Prof. Ir, P. D)omijnik for ti
Inext xcholhastie yeargProf. is an' A~.]
and A. M1. graduate of Newberry C<
lege. Het comies to us highly recomme
dedL as5 a teaichier of nbtihty and( exIp
nae also a line d isciplinmarian , and ti
rus-tei.s take p)iensure m01 reconmmendit:
n'e Uenatral GIraded Schocol uder his e
eint mnanaigemnen t, to t hose y arents all
gnaradians wvho 0desire thaorcugh insiruc
n for the(ir elhihdren in ANY branch<
study. itoarding pu)ilS I olicited atn
5ftialacion guaransuteed whena puimls (1
a heir w~hiole dufy. R~oard can bo0 hadi
Central very reaisoable. Tuition i
froml 01n0 to two dlhlarsf per mionth. F<
other~ information seo or address an
memb er of the hoard of trustees or Pro
[I. ii. Domianick.,
L, (G. Clay ton, Chm.
C. Bi. Smith.
.i)r. Chaw. H. U ter, a pr1ominenmt ph
sician, of Panama, Colombia, in a recei
hetter states: "L1 amit March I had asm
patient a young lad(y sixtcon years<
.age, who hnd a very bad ni taek of dyst
tory. Everythiing .f pr1esoribed for h(
' proved ineffeotuil anud she was growan
worEoeovery hour. Her parents weol
sun e cs would die. Shea had bomore a
weak.that she coul naot turn over I
bed.,~ What to do it this critical im
mnit wvas ai study for me), but I though
of Chamberlalu's (Colio Cholera and i
.rr!hoea Roemedy and as a last resort pr
scribed it, (h most wonderful resu
was effected. Within sight hours el
was feeliti% much be:ter;-inside of thra
(lays she wvanpon)0 her feet and at ti
en o? one week was entirely well,
For sale by .Ur, G. W. Elarlo.
Gonnine stamped C C Ca Never sold in baml
- Bware of the dealer who trios to sell
'eomthig just as good.9"
p'akea khInuan aWh our r/.qAs
Show WVirulow ArtiUnne Cnn CoM
aunnd (iood lItcmuneratlon.
A I3rondway shoe manufacturer was
asked what mtheth od of advertising he
found tnost prolIltable.
"I'lacing my men ietr tho window,"
he said, "so they can work in view of
the public. I don't know of anything
that catches the attention of the passer
by more quickly than the sight of a
demonstrator sitting close to the win
dow rttuning a machine for dear life.
"Manufacturers of all kinds of goods
have adopted this plan. Waistmaker"s
put their most skilled workers on exhi- 1
bition to show how the finest garments
'are cut and sewed. Cigar mnanufactur
ers take the public into their conildence
and let them see the process of rolling
as performed by the cleverest hands.
Men who deal in nechanical contriv
inces have found that it pays to havo
at least one m achine set up near a win
dow so the crowd outside may observe a
the intrieacy of its parts and the rapid
ity of its action. Jewelers have station
ed their most expert latpidaries within v
view of the street that possible custom
ers may see how precious stones are
cut and polished and set.
"It isn't everybody who can work in
public. It takes a person with good
strong nerves and concentration of
thought to do diflicult work in. a show C
Window. I have 111e11 ill my employ
i whoi are excellent workers, but they
get flustered whell subjected to unttsu
al surveillance and ruin everything
they put their hands to. I have tried
some of them as window operators, but
they can't get used to it.
"A man who can run a machine at
full tilt or paint a picture or fry pan
cakes or iron a shirt In the full gaze of
the public eye nd not lose his head is t
an artist and worth several dollars
more a week to his employer than the
more modest individual. And he gets it
too."-New York Sun.
The host physic-Chamlberlai's Stom
ach a:nd Liver Tablets. Easy to t'ke.
Pleasant in effect. For sale by Dr. J.
W. Earle.
Wanted a partn(er to aid superiiteu
ing a stock farm to raiso cattlo, hogs
etc., for market. 8 miles west of Pick.
ens. -1,810 acrts. 4.16 per acreo for ani
undivided I int- rest including the im
pr"ovemLent', Thin pinre has some good
dry bottom. 10 branches. 2 horse crop
opon. Will pay 75 per cent clear proit
stnnually on the invesrment. Trado will
o made now, money paid later. Can
have 6 pastures. Good dwelling and
S large now barn. Best spring 30 yards
from house. Daily mail. Can have a
- beautiful park and fountain in front
r yard. Terms easy. For particulars ap.
ply at this office.
Are you prejudiced? Are you
open to conivictioni? anly people
think it impossible to fine a First
class General Store in a town of
this size
Don't you believe it!i
Becaus? you can bie convinced
there is a First-class General Store
here by callling on
L. Ross Eaton,
Where you will find a fine and
varied Stock of Dry Goods, Dress
n Groods and Groceries.
L Ross Eat0n,
Central,_S. 0.
IlUWe Will Sell For the
!Next 30 Days
andI LMarkers
n Now in Stock at
,i 20 per cent
'less than usual price. We have
omne exceptional values.
a Greenville, S. C.
II . Spartanburg, 8. 0.
H. NSNYDEB, Mi. A., President,
t Full College Courses. Favor.
' able surroundings. The best in.
e Necessary expenses from $160 to
a *175 for the year. For catalogue
0 or other information apply to
Wofford College.,,
,.Fitting School,
Spar'taniburg, Sb C,
Elegatnt new building. Careful
atteniion to individual student.
Board and tuition for year, $110.
All informationi glyen by
4.M #A
4New (
Our Buyer h=3 just returnei
ets where he has bought one of
Dry Goods, Clothin
Millinery G
In the history of business.
t away down prices, some of tl
lanufacturers and we are going
alues. \Vatch this space.
The famous "ROCK HILl
eived. Oet our prices and turn
1ie old reliable "Studel
as the reputation of the best
ave just received a solid car
age in Ireight as well as pricc
erest to see us. V'ery trul
Money Savir
We have a lot'of remnants in )
Some of them are as high as 1.1
and examine thom.
10-4 Sheeting, unbleach
10-4 Sheeting, bleached
Canon Cloth,
Launesdale Cambric,
Nice Window Curtain S
We want you to see our excelleni
aiendous low prices
:: G R OC E
W. have a big stock of Flour fo:
$4.00, $4.40 an<
A Car Loamd of Salt jubt receiva
"international i
Grass blad(es $1.13 and $1.33.
Bring us your Chick ens and Egg
Do You Keep
Lookithrough our Furniture IE
that line. Another lot of nice
MVattresses, iron Be
Woven Wirn
Bureans, Sidebor.rdp, Dress(<rs Safes,
Cutlery, Crockery Tin, and Olaiss, Window
Almost an.3thing needfu;l ab.mt a homew
Shoes and flats, Dry
Ard 800 ou
Buggy and Wagon Harned
D)o you use Tobaceo? See our n
Natural Leaf and
A few Srowing Mach ines to go at
hling-everyt hin'g-We think we can
iVe apprieiate your trade.
W. T. M<
.the tror.of Strong men
takes tho Joy of life away
*Pe..to any diaae. A..l
staong pwurtiw and drug.,
l% ou 70hin a worse condiuion,
wbieb beIg9 the natural forw
food the blood and paint th
D~ooklet and tre sa,
ACoinploto tratsent
1 fromn the Northern Mar
the largest stocks of
g, Hats, Shoes,
>ods, etc.
These Goods were bought
icm at less than cost to the
to give some matchless
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is and you are sure to buy.
>akei". This wagon justly
wagon on the market. We
load. This gives us advan
Will make it to your in
ig Realities.
)ress Goods that are cheap
'ards to the pattern. Call
ed, 25c the yd..
12 1-2" "
12 1-2 "s
crim, 1Oc " "
line of towels and got our tre"
I $4.75 per barrel,
All Splendid Goode.
3d. We sell the celebrated
stock Food."
~oomis and select what you need in
ds, and Springs,
* Cots and Lounges
Tablis, Washstands, St.ovu, 1ble
Shades and curtains.:
or farm. Look through onr stock of
Goods And Notions.
r line of
is Saddles and Bridles.
ow stoc)k in ten pound caddies.
other Brands.
Both good ciep
a Danrgain. OallI on us forI any
atait you in quality ar.d price.
and des women,
and aakes lhe eysm
i6 Nature1 do not dh
Whieb ae kr a time. bat
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