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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULD1N ............Editol
W. L. MATUENY..........Bus, Mgr
Subscription 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising RAtea Reasonable
9 Kntered at the Post O[Hco at Pickens a
second-clams matter.
T hurlsday, Septemnber, 18, 190:;.
The movement in behalf of r
bottor organization of Confederatc
Veterans is a commendable onc
that. ought to be helpod and on
" ? ?
A glance at election roturns will
show that upper South Carolina
will share coiislllcuoulSY in the di
vision of state ollicos tho next two
Let the peOplo com to togother
and throw no obstacles in tho way
of any officer elected at, the late
elections but try to make their ad -
ministrations truly successful.
Notwithstanding the unfavor
able weather, t he ivoplo have plen
tiful crops of hay, anld whtilo the
sun shines they are using every
hour judiciously trying to save it.
The conclusion of the whole
matter, canedidate-c inclu1(1(1, is
that if we had the camplign and
elections to go over, just for the
purpose of changing the result, %Ne
wouldn't do it.
" a ?
One of the facts emphasized byv
the late elections is that Pickens
county did play a most conspiciolls
part in closely contested state elec
tions, and there was more closeness
in the late stato elections than the
record has over shiow before.
" " "
When one comes to think of it,
the issues in the late eloetions fig
ured in a way that left the final
ducisions, in most instances, to the
influonces of local bearing, Occa
sionally the people vote on broad
linom, sometimes local questions
outweigh state issues.
" R w
While the cotton crop will not
materialize as it p)romised one
month ago, there will ba enough
gathered1 and sold at a fair price
to work a wonderful change ini (th(
candition and feelings of the far
mners and merchants of Pickeni
Now that the election is over, al
except that to be held on the 23rd
inst for County Supt. of Educa
tion, let us do our duty in thia
race and settle down to business il
gatheoring and marketing thenabur
dant crops that bless us this yea1
pay our debts and get ready to em
joy Christmas in an orderly way,
The people of Centrai are moe
.ing right ahead in a concerted e
fort to build a cotton mill at the
town, and the p)rospects are tha
they will scure the prizo and bc
gin construction at an early (1ay
Bafo business men startod th
movement and the town and couC
try are alike working-for its sne
T1he only thing remaining to 1.
done to,mako Pickens fool thie
she is capable of growing is
build within her borders a cotte
mill of good proportions. Th
(d0.1, the elements of growth wi
manifest themselves, and all tL
country surrounding will respon
to the touch of this industriu
awakening right in our mids!
And it is coming.
With a good school right at ou
doors, organized on the grade<
principle and under the direc
supervision of able teachers ani
trustees who are working for thi
best results, it might seem out 0
place t. urge co-operation en thl
part of parents, since they are ap
preciative of the benefits of educa
tion and the opportunities at hand
but this matter of education is the
vital question and one that ought
to receive rnore oonsideration *VeI
than it does,
Zf we are to judge by preuen
prospectsi the town of Pioken, wil
do a big business this fall in buy
ing Cotton and selling goods. Pioli
ens merchants are 1prepared for
big trade with bargains .that aj
peal to everybody1 and their good
are placed at your doors cheapE
than you can buy themn in Green
Ville of elsewhere, and their good
#te equal to any on the markGl
We have no hult-way met~ohant
Pet they keep no ahoddy gootlq
The one thing needful, if wo
may be allowed to suggest it, is
that a more adequate road law be
enactel iu South Carolina. A
kind of Conventlion of tho county
dolegations to tho logislature Im
advance of the regular session
might work to advan tage in lri ng
ing t1he different countios of the
stato together on tonmo sottledl;pl)an
for general bottermtont along this
line. At any rate, the country nuo(ds
relief and the counity Sufper'visors
and Corn in issioners can't keep thu
roads in shapo without the neces
sary meanls at their comn1IandU111.
* * *
If tho olservor wants to get
some idea of the real in1portane
of Pickens, let hill consider the vt;1
u1me of business done by I'iekon'
u--rChal,ts and ho0 l will find Somen
things that will actually astollisl
him. Pickons is now tie distribIu
ting point and the market for i
large and growing and prs1)ero1"
soction of country, and every year
adds to the products of this see ion
at a surprising rate ,"all ot whicl
are marketed at. 'ickens since *rail
road facilities havi 111de it pcossi
bWle for Pickons mn(erclhtalts to c~tm
pete withl other railroad markets,
and in many instanices pay ho,tter
prics for the )roducts tmarkekd
on her streets.
So in solling and buying, it is
w(ell for houm peop le to rtOmmeOtilj(r
the advantages Pickens mcrchan ts
havo in low run ts and taxes 1and(l
generai colveninllces, a(1 in tl
foot of nearness to your own doors,
for thoso5 very mat ters enlter into
the calculations of lerchants whenl
they fix the prices on goods.
The great majority of people art.
lisposed to meet their obligations,
and the only reason that many of
them fail inl t.his is be ctuse they
orr in their calculations and col
tract for more than they c uld pay
should hnsiness proslpects matermil
ize as they expected. But unexpec ,
ed failures overtake thom, crops
fall short of apparently reasonable
oxpects tions and they art left short
with nothing to charge the short
the short comings against more
than a p)ersisten)t t.rallvaganlve
through the working season whichI
they fully recognlize and1( freely ad
mit at th'o 01nd of the year. But
be this as it may, there is never
a time too late to mend, and nowy
that the country seemsl blessedl
wvith one of the bost Crops grownm
in the past eight years, the pr'os
petls are that by the time these
crops are gathore. .aany old1 debts
will have hoon settled and the out
Slook for another yeur will be really
.promlisinig. Thero is one nlotico
,able tact, however, and it is one
e. on whlich all may conigratulate
thomsalves; th is yer~ has witnessed
the practice of more genuine oeonl
omy than has been tho p)ract ic. of
o ur people for several years and
'the result is that, aside from aIccu
mutated deObts of paist years, tiis
this year's indelbtednless will nct
prove such a groat additional bur
So the wiso thing to (10 is to
-profit by the pirosont advantages
and strive to pay13 up just as far as
e possib)le and the forboaring andl
t pat iont merchants will be disposed
a to be as lenient as possible, and
n with thoir 1903 accounts settled
a or paId in full, will be in positien
ito oiler, and to accede to re.quests
o to help tho deserving debtors tnro'
another year.
Let us all do the boat we can and
a way willI bo found through all
our present. stress,
Twelve Mile Rliver Ansocation.
The Twelve Milo3 River Baptist As
Isociation wvill meet with thle Cross
Roads church, eight miles east of
Pickens, Thmieday before tihe second
Sunday in October and continue uin
til Sunday. The inItroductory sor
fmon to be preached by Rev. B. E.
Grandy, alternate Rev. B. Holder.
Missionary sermon ont Sunday by
Rev, w. a. Seaborn, alternate R1ev.
L. M. Lida.
'1 he following conimittsees are to
draoke of Religion-Matthew Hen
Education--B. E. Grandv.
Horne Missions--. M. Lynch.
State Missions-W. 0. Seaborn.
F oreign Missions-J. M. Stewart.
IAged Ministers-S..H. B3rown.
-Orphanage--T. T. Hughes.
.Temperance ..J. E. Gillespie.
aLet the chuirches send full delega
'tions and large contributions and let
* -this be the best mieeting of many.
r Vieitors who exp,eet to come by
rail should communicate with 5. A.
5obi.sEn1obinson, Olerk.
A. It. Baa of Morgantown, id., had
euptell of twely. tines. ini the
Sa had seere backaohe and pain
a alnaw Wa ouedby Fey's
EI"nsil.y G.rown IFo)r Late Autnlann,
Eanrly wf,Inlter antd Si,rig.
'"iherire at"e Itny p'opleit t\'ing rtit
allt4 accollnrtlocItion who lever. thinki
of Ir,(ttuclug their f:t\'tr1Iite vvgetai bit
at at season ''f the year w"hen it k
tnost 'alula ie, in'Il;g une(1r1 the in11P1re1i
Ion t1hat specl:i Ii1'ans" are nces.sr.
This Int y be true of inkuiwillter, but
for Itate atumiln ai c,arly w\inter anlt(
ignin 14 the spring there are mnany"
,'\'ve those haIv11g only i .;u:il1 gliss
lItunt' 114441 who kee1) It cn'iort;Illy
WI\iari Ior' Its usutal oceilp:ants w---\ho can
1:1\ve ru'e or less of it sp4ptly of line
1:\vnre(I frialt. h'11Is (an i grtonii
vithotit taking u1p) an) y extrla rooln ex
,'('1t what Is necessary to ItantI the
ots or boxes on, because the Iplants
Lt ]11 ,LA:t:1:1) \\\N UNDER l i.klil),
-ant het I:Itr 'lne on wCi' 4ltulr t .m roof,t
t'IL't sot :)bout (tei1' t11 lillt'('n inchel(s
'III tth:1:gla s"(u'.ts a w itr i
T'o this 111:y bte acide1cl that the,'t'
11lard11 it fav"oritt' tonm to for gr'ow-"
nt; ult1h-r glass, at111 thet cut shows at
lin110Io clnister' thuis 1 rtiuelt. l. '.l'ho
'uilt i: stnuth, tirin, (1 g11t t(xtut',
Itl :a beautiful, bright r-d colur. .l'hl
Jttii t ie1 t1:lra t ' for1 f11rctinl: (ti t1 ttts
s al1t1utit il4'reti I'or daly ; t a(, t; hy
light, and1 single stcti training is pop
ar-. According to stine growers vach
11ow\er' t1nuSt h)e 11iollluted by hand to
Insuire frulit Ii w\int(r.
One of the llt st Aluab!le winlt
Forn e"t' ro"41tv of e 4,- Ia uth ).
ITatry ' eell: st'rv'es 4-111:11ily wvt-I .ell is
coe e' (roll, f'or pastiur-a-'e, hy. 'ras at
soil renovator. Like ahu< st all th4
for14e 11latllts, It giv's thl e best re.
stilts w\hent r;t1 on ich, woluew\hat
tu4 st4 o11I s. It \11, howVI,r("t', 1n11 ke an
al41404t7i seneluit1 sn in carac11r. 41 b
4o eglay iitdSiolil o 4those4 that41 are large"
(laoluoe off1 sand~4 ~4I4it, ill u nte
course gi've ci4ve satisf;:4toy reults44I
tied 141:order4 to giv t44Ihe 1esth 'e
44o11d start1 . Thriog rits 44ower ofW: ab
so4.14h 4)1ig t ll,he liitrog444 e h1
('X.e11n14 ow ha1eri in4 the114 roo:t 1tuber14
1cles tlwill great1ly 04 nr1ich4 the oibl 0e
growth41' oif t :41 1s ai ti. 44oliseque114
w hih thvc i s .44 sown 14 than:41 'by leu1140
4(ig the414 1nrichtuen of4.44 the, soll ntrel
tt hec.1 4 pbn.)'1 't le te (t*i I
The11ii ied 4 sh odihe own its Auogtis
44i'44 n4c)un ofi 441C': 4 the aknesst of th44
tIn an upight posit1on unless.'1 they ar410
plante ithg')w4 Aotno cere crop, Wuh
broadcst with 11.'14: t vetch1 s4 at0 tbc144
Where'i te seedI 1i Sowni 1as41 ely 11
r~ lettunended above01 the 4401tit4 wil
'Iot grazing( befor11( he 4.oldest weiatlu
eo f i nt er4444' sets .''4 I If, hwev i l
0f4a'll rain4 are lat and411 the414.1 er iit
of4 thec ve4th see dbiyed therebyl0 or h
the ve4ith 114 lyh4t5aed lib)eobe tor 410
t1st ofi Novenhth, oithei Oinessw the i
barlley wheote csteble bcro. wii
te'r wheathre orhoas metheirwh on
be1 ned ftis whrie gsowjig hiI
hi'ad depttwith threor~e,tc only1 utpt
the otune of noie. i butlso poe.
tin044t44ttl 4MV the innirtus 1I be i
titud 1 n which the~~' 14(Ilrglo i growis
404r0til '/i t of 0,'4 the will als Win 'i 4 .
the rapiity iof grow44th ofi th )4 lant'4 ver
lit te growth 4 h., durin' the4144 cobIe.
tib r inder4 winit.'~4 11ndition the'" se,
Bhcfrth ose144' ) who~14: 1hav1 not441"4 con4
1*ne about1 a4 brace41 oflill or4' Io npo
1Any101 one hitg4' 444 440, hammer ant4'1
tInlaugr can make theh4 dev4i(ce444 withouS'.
Noe enterpise, inthe op44inuIion4 of Dr~
atdy (fLou'4isian f'er44 a)4t1 lge profi1
epio 144einn thenilt to beld onue
sh fat tin te oth,e Atread grow
y onekrain wames, cantealope
dieion.e, sare foun, becase irea
seenfi den nate haSouthern gIAarwt
oednterthse, ting tdeopbeiion ofhD
sedtr ~tesouth ledygo
Snowball, Erfurt and E~arly Parie
&V'o eatly ##d4 desirable varieties of
GalilPOea A IIuccession ofe innstald
Hot Suinmer is Go
and Autwu has c
I ".1h t(4 Cal! c at ( it i'i ol thi tra
I lilvl' it "IIi41111 It k Iilti'' t)f
Fve a' copL tj ui ofI
('-anr uly h Iet" (<l to suit the waIII
1'( ('; S \"oulr (n u . thani . 1
ftre"' to ;alI a i . the il nIa il i
us!hto Ibuy for I.l aid get th i
l;e) l goI(, i]- Oh chItet and 11 1141
.tSal(eI<-11 guar11M te(i (r mnoney
Jolm RI'
'Ityou neetl oie (l >11't wait
til Ih.1y are a"l;mye.
Io'"-, %N.v(wI, -wep an1)( alIl
kitltd of f:trlttug tools.
I"'ritit. Jar'-, S+ugar, itc('s
Itr th fruit Season.
'ow Cabim't(r stee<i I')I>m the 22
(') : t) KIday t"I bI;tt' cabbage.i
gIo( fr'-h Viinii. Seo inov o
A. 1. MO1RIS,
Pickons, S. 0
-..CENT RAL...
gsraded School.
1 'll te : Ithe Ceit r,d l nide
Sch 4- I k0' 'ls11ue1' III alnn ;lnlliig t,
h1e ;1' )lit th;at IiII'v Ihav, t'n ture(l tlht
,r" fee i( of I'lrof. 11. 1 t. I)oulin (k for Ithe
'hI o y "i' ru. I'r:If. i.; an A. 13.
, ttt A. M. g' 'tlalte of Nkm wrry (Jul.
I i' comes to us higtl' rcoCilultenl
hId as a t..eer f :i bihlty aid expe.
I ,, .t at: Ii tt iep inaria: ' , 111d t :
n c11 t41 i(asurt" ii rueoimuendinE
I'' C. nind (Garded Slisi under his of
t neueIen, t los' J'atrentH ai(
lr(lian:: wo"o de1sire tho routhl ins.trucl
n for I lir chi'dr'en in AN \ lranch (I
t .!y". :)lt'diiIg pIItp .i so icie.l aue
I i ( ;:"i gl:rat e l whe uIIl p nils do
I. ' ( In'! . I li-::d(1 can iiei had in ne
'ai v t y ll reas1t ab! :):. '.l'ailtioni f es p
to0 Il (' to tw\O (IOI!arS per muith. For NV
Ml,th Ir i l'lrmatiOn1 4ee or1 addrle'.s any1
I:-"7 h -r ()f the( boardl of trustet1-(or Prof.
II. . I 1"Iiminiek.
L. Gf. (,layJton, Ch.'1t
.I..11. ((aine:,
(i. IL . ithll.
Cenrl, 8. ', July, -1, 191i2,
.\ YOUN3 l.\ I)Y', 1,L I1 i .AVEI).
'4i4ian1, ' 1 Paaia4I:1I, C!mob41Liaj, in a reecut 0
itt r stat.>: ' Las. \:.archi I huad asi a i
4atien' t a. .4,4n' l.,tly sixteeou year's of
age', wh' hi .d a very bad aftaIck oft dyson i
tery. l.eyth Iiig .1 pre.scrithd for her .
proved 'tline1(ttual an I shet was growing
wor.1'e Cveryl ho'u r. Ife par1)4ents were
01um shet wouldt die. SheO had1 becomo11 so t]
h ed. Whatit to do , 't th 4is critical mo
m felt wasX a studyI' for me, bult I thought1
of Chambinerlaiu'sx Colic Cholora andi. Dia
crhoen4' Remiedy and as. a 1last re'sort pre
'cibed6( it. Tu'io most1 wvouderf,.l result
wvas effecoted. Wit.hin eight hours she
wvas foeling much better; inhsideO of three V
tuays sho wasi upon her feet and at the C
.mdit of QUO week was en1 itily well.
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S ewreofth dele wh r To sell
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makes kidneys and bladder right.
I(yottr owrtolctiott) t every sub.I
Aem: benudlful olored jiates Is ltst
Sa ers warnte n ra for term ~''
I' [tyiisii, KeiIablo, Sip e, Up-to. lo
ereEcndomical ant Ahao1lutel~
o CtFitting Paper 1atterno. 0
[email protected]
or ed 15 CnS eaOh.tone hge.
twn,er y,mall from ' e
1l3-tl9-1l7 West 31st 8t., NEW YORK.
are the mnost fatal of all di.. N
ni EV10 IDNEY CURE la aor
UEX.I O Garanteed Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
,remedies recognized by ei- .i
nent physicians as the best fot
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
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e i se atworki at
ome again.
lug public to tho fadt that
ts of tho people, No on ap
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>enee1it, of tlie low cash price.
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Buggy and Wagon~ Hrnesf
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