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The People's Journ
T. J. MAULDIN .............Edit
W.L. MA'1'HENY..........Bus. I
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rittes R('I1asonab
p 1C1ntorod at tho 1'ot Ofice at Pickene
socond.class mwatter.
Thursday, September, 25, 1902.
The way cotton and shingles an
lumber have boon rolling in
Pickens during tho past week
enough to mako one think th
Pickons is right in the load as
market. And she is.
''ho annotncemllenlt has bet
made that J. E. Norm1ent Who t
fairly and bly reported thi sta
campaign proceodings in the lai
campaign for th Columbia Stat
and t,he Charleston News and Cou
rier, will be private secretary t
Gov. Iloyward. This will doubi
less prove a good soloction and on
satisfactory to the ueople at large
Central has accomplished whii
she saw was possible and at th
same time necossary for the presoi
yation of her rank as a first rat
town. .11 er people got togethi
and Ikepf, agitating the qluestio
and working and subscribing ti
now they are assured that a tw
hundred thousand dollar cotto
mill will bo an asset, contributip
to their wealth and importance, b
the spring of .1003.
W'ithoit encroaching upon 11i
solemnity of the event., it may L
remarked that Pickens is not un
known to the outside world whe
we consider the facts and circutr
staness connectod with the sa
death of a poor railroad tramp i
our town. 'T'his unfortunate |mia
had evidently traveled over thi
great country, but death claimo
him in an unwonted hour, fa
away from fl1ends at Picken
where according to his wandorir
fancy he had come to lodge for
night, doubtless because ho hr
heard something of Piekens in 11
travels. But with all this, it
Pickens Eiqual to Her Opportunities.
Alnost every railroad stati'
in SouthI Carol ina is claiminug
be the bust cotton market in
section, but the facts remain a1
the records will show thazt Pi2kt
always pays the top of the imiarl
for cotton and all farm produ
and the merchants of Pickens
always alive to the trade while,
the peculiar conditions that 01
ate to their advantage, they
enabled to meet competition
prices of goods they sell to ti
customers, There is no qust
about it, P'ickone can't be beat
a place for trade, either in bu)
or selling, and it is the wise
proper thing to do to look well
to this before going to the expc
of hauling the raw products a I
dIistance to market when the I.
maiket is right at homo.
The Old Stoec Church sand Cemetery
The 0O(d Stone Church and Cc
etery Association will hold its I
nmual meetmng this year on Sat
day, October fourth at the chiur
This association deserves to be
sisted and encouragedl in the cc
mendable work it has undortal
and thus far st well accomplisi
whichi, in tihe main11, is the preser
tion of the historic old bury:
ground at the Old Stone Chmi
and the gathering, perpet.uat
and transmission, for the bon
of futuro generations, of facts
history touching upon the poo
who lie buried there and who:
iirod conspiciously ln theo format
days and the later trying times
the history ;of this seotion a
country, It is an undertak1
that lok into the future and
fraught with good Purposes a
noble andi reverent insRpirat
and needs to reoeive the coopt
of all people concerned in the c
teot W''ng of South Carolina I
Plckens county haa just o
trience~d to grow. The eletn
growth have given little fiore t
aln indication of the developn~
that Is possible. .It rem~ains
our people to do their duty and
realisations so long hoped for,
cohfldently hoped for as pobgu
And probable, will materialise,
019 3PS town-W hope$p
geographically in the advantage
, and logically in position to becomo
NO. the distributing point for a pros
porous section of country. All the
gr. north, east and wet anid a consid
orable portion of the country to the
south of Pickons naturally con
tributes to Pickens in the way of
as trade. Pickens mnerchants have a
- splendid opportunity to aid in tho
permanent growth of the town andl I
to give immediate and positivo iml,
petus to that growth already be
id gun. Tho merchants art, doit.g
to somlethjil!; but they need the C(o)- c
is eration of evory individu.lu:1 interes
at ted in the truo pro8perity of h
a section. Let us all get together
and do solmothting for towl a(nd
country- of
11* r
e Let everybody tnterested ccm111 to- to
,u gether in concerted effort to build "
e up Pickens. Every stroke in that. r;
direction means so much for local C
o p)rosperity which embraces the wel
fare of town alnl country alike. tc
0 There never was a butter oplportu t
I nity to do something for th., 1.e
ternent of our interest=, but
takes united work
0things for the generali !.Er
elchants an11id t>w )V op1 en' do t
all. The people of thi cout'
the t'artllrs \V-h li u r~' Il t t . ::..
town 'i growth th omT! the. t i
and their investmmt& are ti
tive factor in the ir,_ad dciv
ment that 1'ickeii town i.: t -.
country are regardi: mwith exte:
tations. A little more a!surau . .
and a little more readines to cm
P bark in solid business enterpris
are the elements nee.ied to be s- i
sorted to insure for Pickenls the
real prosperity hoped for by all the ,
.peole. tl
Il In this issue appears a notice in
s reference to the disposition of all t
d outstanding accounts due the IPeo
r plo's Journal, accumulated through
s, the operation of the plant up to
g the 1st day of January 1901. It is
a necessary for the propor ' conduct of
d the business that these accounts be
is settled or so arranged as to be ta
is ken off the books, and all persons I
so indebted will confer a favor by
attending to such of these accounts <
as concern them . It shall be the I
purp'1oso of ithe present man iago- r.
mnent arnd assignee of.j these alc
tscounts4 to su0 that all aro prIoperly
treated, and a roasonab lo adj ust.,
irmenit oft those outstainLIg claimis is
se exece by the timol stated inI t,hi
niotic. 'l'h is is the Only3 businhess
tre lan hatseems p)ossible under the
by ciumstantces andt debtors will
real-acltt, h adjustimnt by
t.ice, and at, the samen t ime attentd
ng to t heir dlues accumulated smoico
that firs t dIay of .1 anuary, 191 n
asup to the present time.
in- If YOU want to gather some ideas
use as to what .lickens is dloing in a
Aug business way, look at thu enter.
iest p)rises anud take note of the busi
ness mon that1 maukeu ber comp11lo
mlenit of workers.
'One of the best 0(quipped brick
m-yards inl South Carolina, showing
. an out put that act tully surprisos,
ur- iseinig operated on full time right
ch. at the town. Roller Mills and up
as- to-dafecotton gins encircle the
-town. A Bending factory' whichi
tum ns anid shapes hardwoods and
10(1 timibe rs plentifully supplied by
a-this section is another enterprise.
Saw mills located in the center of
hof the lumber dlistricts north and
w aest of town make Pickens the
~fmarket point for immense quanti
of ties of lumber and shingles, and
ple numerous other enterprises inclu,
i-ding the Pickens Railroad which
eis a faotor in the development of a
valuable scope of country her tofore
udat a disadvantage by reason of re
moteness from railroad conveni
ei noes-all contribute to the sure
anud steady growthb of this commu-.
1uity, and all these enterprises are
the direct results of the Stead(y,
~-persistent efforts of the Pickena
is peopie backed up by the reoog
niseod op)portunities for material
developments which thuts far have
only commenced to materialize.
We want more of this broad pub
~mi- lio spirit manifested in affairs at
i of homle onu which to base and plan
han for greater things to be accom
zont plished from this time. By main
forl attength 1 as it Were, Pickenus has
the grown and maintained her suprem.
yet soy as a community, a town and a
ble mnarkot. Cooperative eflort hences
forth, on tue vantage ground ale.
be ready Won. in the light of t+e -I
y bring tho r,ia.I' to \ will this
p)lace by n:tiure is eintitled.
(ham berinil's colic, cholera intl I )i:l r
hoo:t Jouletlny has1 1 u-old( idO repulta
10:1 for its eurea. it nVver lm is and .
ilontsaw. andl S:fe to bahe. Fo'r ile b y
l)r. (1. . J:rle.
Itn Ai 1N rna 11:1 11(t' OIE 1: 1r"a-lti.;:ult ,n
1'rne14,(Ive n 1)1?ry 1 13u1none r It('.. I,,nf.
'1'hel Ir%i lln; g n I Vt l'r n br i vat i: It
11 tie dry Sut1111n1r r(;.tiv11 (I: t he: lI '1ei'
I( t i 1-' i istIIr' r 'I t t In - I I tIS
' s g - - I ( ( u 1r 1 "i l'.1';I. 'l" t? i si ', - t'(:'I -
i\'t tt it. I 111: 11.4t"l t: I ui ' 'I4 t:I
II 1 i1,' r t :i,inetIl \ i lli lt I t. : tI Ilit:t'II
til he r t:it1 'I wit h It I \%. .Vi n hti .
Pri t ,I.3 i I t raiit 'iI i. lit IiI'hrItt' 1i.
31144 i i 11 A : : 'I I r I- i 41 i.uses- ;.}'
I t I- ;'c:.Il 't I 1-" i , h'it r: i Ii . ..
II Na o I it' r;1; .. ::. ! , i t ', 'I , ;4-: 1I
)(1I?e : .' ill in " : I'a I '"s -I1 !:n'" 1':tI"lll' I'II:tt
-g ll,n, I"' '. (': I !d I il .,il"ra Ii' 1.". - "'!.
f1IT ''il .," I.r tl 111:Itt,' ! . rrim it" :
Tet(i\ by incrtn:d -1 th, I-" w
-r wh'ItIch I :IiIIIipI., iI t""I,niits nl,t
ily\ a rull(l!g t'114hi, r'::tli'n inl thlk I
'etiveness'-' of l s.;:u:tl1 !l:lau :t '
Itn lll, bt It al11 h-5r.In the s.net
I " oft llrr'. nt1ill ii d thet altnltl itt (I'
Its'r r"s''t11r,I:. 1'' ut , h.1 It w\::s n:I
l'.!.v : t.Id (l "I 1 'i . '1y l :1 : t ' i t .1'.n
L: rt . in- \" I it fi d,
1rI tt t1n. : i!yh I( of h av"y sl
d " 1h- ar c:tic!"I". 1 ighI t . ls n1d1(
II 1.1"\t t \4 :1'13!11 tlll'.
ireen l 11n.n1rin:. inl 4 ine 1tu of the
I IIsn is done 1 : , l\ wII g i w' iitei'
ro'thIs In hll' sprin! . In tl,(- l 11 -ali
et where (1 n11 I r I 1,wthV"1 ( :ilfIIIn:I
? a soil covecr is adv \'or:lt("l as I :li b
itute or1" 'tulti\t 31on. 4nl t ng t he (r1p
'itho ut reln:c\int.: it. but alllow\ing it to
isintegrate in1 I,i:!e, is biid by songue
P'Ow\erh to tic 1t11d ti4-'i IroItte(tionl to
le silll Sutrface und1 t5one add0ith11n to
s supply of phant 't'ttl.- E. T. .Wick
ery SaflMfnet11ry.' l' m Nii11% tornigi..
A V1''rulI ho upe Addretl tr It.
For storing tlruit o13 the fari nOthl
1g (nn e(ual i3 goild e . c (NIe of thek
!ading orul rdlists Iii 1outliwest('rn
wn" Ituilt 3a cazve sevenil yearh"ti igs) 111411
Ins found It an e.ellontt ptlac:! .i
'tlh i to Sto t'e aletlc:.. The1a! Cnve 1was.14
tg into 1a north h111 aItte and the 11rt
aw.1 Iis 10dt4 fet whh-.? hy a30 fet ';d,ep
ndwl odtoealnso pls
Thei phinkc are cov'.eed with it fund
siodded overV to turni tihe inii. Two\
twve' 131ch tIle's lat tihe toll ride'Il '
wl'ith1 nV wie trlapj. A 3'.r)itthouse84 13; by.1
I )oublie doors' openli 443 thet north! i, 3s1
un11IondinIg. There.1't 1s nu1 4or3h1rd and 13(
timberI 1on the 3outh si31o tt ho'it south;
wh'lehi are'4. kept oliY tiht ground 3.. -A A13ner
10enn AgiIcutist.
O)own on th (-n44n' nial the gul
tile higher( u ithelllu 4t'reoles are'33 d4oing
welli. Still 3furtheri nori3thI 844le of3 lt'
Th (edsould hei sn aitNIn.Spene
rabnd O tbe n othe lant wll re-0t 111
5a1)d nt Novinb(lgiercndt lillenIhor..-.
bSouwther Clivator, GeiOgin.it.e'
li Cbo dlUIor ii lnunlu, eit'
an nort d Fuetrn con lu ate
schlinestigation, ht hecon ro
propgt of Knsas, tas ahi whole, have4.
fprobnot beelow,eren mrt ta
Jipr ent troughaa rectluntavora
tbl, wnthlr conditlio a tg therei
has boonhdasonge.intthe north contal
sant wabae.r onis
alToCaru aned oWnillowguat are
tamnplated bSti oftheblrmabons, aund
Crflenoakls if noodauh wn yvarety
btsselsrautarge nnrexcheln veg
talo, thardl onprciae basct should
be inlowed oh g tro grwnthwsm
Solat cartbaget, lae ro~
Caultflower see Mown ino Auust Iad
trantspatedn oetemer makets4 ing t-l
To tlIai extr' a lg e achk bud
unt 'tos1e, temial branchesb sould'
be allwedntogrow,
At"Cls C01
f .w fa ' -- :tt.1tion of the tradit
I Ia Ve at ('111mph1-te ilo of
ar', ;u Ivy wicted te- s if fihe w 'lltis,
<o. Ili I ,lhe ,a in' I
ny' i ' i - in d gt.t" th hIn
.t - ", :!rl I ti. t'nafres(t o n t h
Illel 111olt1 1'uljl'i~ hi l
The has *.*:tI~ ~ ill i,.e 4t
h0) f10. 1 1F-1.Iv l hM -
luin t A \ A II o($2(1 NorT'iS--orb:e
RSEasley .
Sto.'tio of t!i
Ir Jhu. 11. 1 ' i!' :1' 011"'1le(I2: tt~- .
1iu ot ;.~t, i ;:bt iii; ,:". lCit(tul,l
l l
Mr1 () if
-, - -ttliv o. tl
'rIh nage, ad mn ooFrelh 2 he
MRS.t 444121 .'~ hd2 t(K. L. CLV
. \'E : D i ?' e ( li-; l O
D. ChaI. t 11 2 r t s pomint I phy0
ei(a,otil'Panamo , Coouia i rea n t2
42ry. Evrt hi i)1 g I pre1 2 2srined for heri
roved Iiueteolua an IVI' 2 .1 4hewa go ha
2r.o ( ver h)1 V"KI.:ur 412l ll. et-Iwr
ur4h oh i.-Se a 0ecomo s
>ed Wa.Tom o hsci,lo mo
YQt wann a nyford o hdtirgr thugt
'thChawnheriin's Cofli Chloa and e>a e
ie.: ed. Tnet mods t orfl t esul
va fng uh better;tido of ho
bwyrldhe was upo uherr-t oudanh
NeltouTime tod ar libe
YIou cannotn afomt dirgad Ar
ingo the prescripti1~on of the te
wrd's grunteAt auhoridltyo
Ifyor .A heattpalitats, lter, want
osr ou re shr of bth, haveu Ks
emotheGYrin spelo thin ing left
side,gs shoulder or Cam, you~t ave ...
heat tr?oubl' ev~' an are lable' to
dropdea any menttly ,9
no) byP w eaep gq
P,Ms MA i o) Wa~tkinN. ,mk
1'*ent' 9 . . h p lt t Io
his Gone
ne4 again. S
l ublic to tho fuct that ii ElI
I tho people, No ,)) llh. i me Ip.
Whnin 'ickens don't wh c
ha in 0Om-) for allt who r .cy i
it of theo low1 cash plrice. ( '
i t h (1w kind 1 keep. )
undedICl. ttltd m
$10 1ka
We w,il
M il I r,
I t11'I.; I, to
nti O -- T
Itilled. A firMt c;1l'ss c % j
We hal
and e.Xa-11
10-4 Sh
In tho Ilardcwaro lne, 10-4 Sh
can't he hat. We will Canon i
ivo, is a call. We 'also Launes
Nice W!
n I arthl .
iare Co.
C WVo want
SnUCdous low
wJ have
IC tradinlg public to the
Sioll'dies.... A Car
shiown atr. Ciuretonts.
(las-; Il
RONg gg, ring us
b. dy that everu1yI hing is
tht xth blesl.t caurly 's ot
I n h,I L tr.1 , ('olteleno.,
ad an d Slate Pe cils, Slates
001) TR~ IATM ENT- is ou
Ie Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
d4 Markers _
in Stock at
20 per cent
han usual price. We have D
elxceptionlal vaIlus.
(roenvillo, S.(C.
the most fatal of all diSh-s
. Shoes a
aney refunded. Contains ~YU"
fle8 reCOgnized etim'l yu
physicians as the est for'
cy and Bladder troubles.
PRUdB SO. aed SS.00. A few 8et
.U.. _R.E. A 3.~LE we appreciate
nost healing aive In the world.
a kidneyawand badder gh&~
eptember, 26th and 27th, 11
ve (he pattte!rll ha,1s whicb m-p11(e m li
l thettyles. They are beautiful c
ur niuttiami 1Vear, a I sty (Onibiilation
ar'tl ( 1i lii arrangeme t1 olf "f'-cCts
t),I'aYll (I 's r( '1In(d Iy tri the
t CoIiiplet. line th;i t have (ver
ordially init ia' ld(iC., to call and
t Given Away Next Fri
I ;iv~ ~ iC: c,&'h c :1 ,i. ' U4:i,i;, ir .) I (tO on
iueS an do !I illin:- y ! )- ' a t- ts, a ,,ll
I ;Ave you a' 1'? fah0 l 1O V1
-t salosnliu i(1 for Il;l 000000 who you Iiudlo
y igReal
1C Iot'otf ell) n 1 1n I )ress Uoo(s tha t-ar
theIi arc s:; hI b a I vardl to the pattei
Ilinv themll.
ceHng unbu hed,25<
eeting,be d, 28c
1ioth, 12 1'
dale Cambrics 12 1
indow CurtaJ.n;Sf.-nmn 100
you to sl)u our exctllen1t lino of towols and(
=:RO0C E RI ES . =
a big stock of I'I:>ur for
$4.00, h..40 and $4.75 per ba1
All Sp1lei
L oad (,f' Si l ibt j iu rceived. \' sol I ti
"GinternatGxion a Sgcek Food."
d s .$1. 1 : au l od . - ,
Our Ammal1 Redi
ouKe House
ii- ugh our1 1iii F uniure 1loomis an d select whai
An' thetr I)t o.1fnice
resses, Iron Bos and Spring
Woven Wire Cots an~d Lou
bing needful about, a home or* farm. Look thirong
nd Hats, Dry Goods And N
.And see our lino of
:J Wagjon Harness Saddles anc
o T1obacco? Suo, our ne'w alock mn ten p)ont
Natural Leaf and odher Brands.
ring Machines to go at a iHarflain. Dall on
ting-Weo thinik we3 can suit you in qiality
your tradIo.
~. .X MNtFAL:
. . Ohje '4
ogrorr..n ita nR * 40 **
y those
of col
i ns Pect
l)OVO ill
>ont. T1his
Lt. Don't
put rch aso.
V Co.,
e cheap
n1. Call
the yd.
-2 " s
t;it our tro.
lid Goods.
t y'on Inced in)
Stoves, TIable
h1 our stLock of
ot ions.
d caddies.
good cheap,
it for any
and price.

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