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The People's Journal.
'1'. J. MAULDIN .............Editor.
W. L. MATrENY..........Bus, Mgr. 1
Subscription $1.00 Per Aunum, a
Advertising te ts Reasonable.
p Eutered at the Post Office at Pickens as i
liOcond-class intter.
1'1CK ENN, S. C.,: b
Thursday, October, 2, 1902.
Every young boy and girl who
can take advantage of the oppor- c
tunmties at hand ought to be en- h
rolled at the schools, That is the e
spirit and purpose of the education. -
al system of this country, and this t
should not be overlooked.
" . w
Every time a man invests in a i
home enterprise, he is contributing i
that much towards the general up
lifting and betterment of his con
munity, besides laying the founda
tion for a continuous dividend that
will reach and bless him in lator
days, and with him help others by
way of providing employment for
those who need and want it. This
is the broad, public-spirited way
mn which to look at local improve
Not the least of the hy-products
of the cotton crop aru the seed.
They command a good price and go I
a long way in defraying the ox- I
ponsos of 131,king that crop. Their
liorttnco an an article of corn
iterco induces farmners to place
them on the m11arkot, and thus the
land is (leprivod of their help in i
the way of fertilizer, yet the intol- ,
ligont farmtor knows how to meet i
those objections and generally does v
it when good prices prevail. o
In the primary lhold on the 23,
of Soptoniber to decido who shall H
bo tho next. County Suiierinteu.
dent of Education only 1107 votes
were cast, and of these M r. Hal
lums received 371 and Mr. Boggs
r36. The closeness of the voto
shows that the candidates were
practically equal boforo the poople,
while the small vote polled shows
tlht the aphopls wer willing to
trust the affairiis of Ii thati mpol)rtanit
ofhico to( either of the worthy and
comp1Jotent gor tlemn ini the3 race.
'With oithIer of theso young men'
the school a l'airs would be in safe
hands, and we predicot for Mr. .1! a]-t
lum a useful career ats Superinton
dlont of Edn(uationi.
TIho poopl)eI of P ickon s county t 1
at large, the candidates and( tiho t<
nIewspafpors-,dl are indebted to
the young ladies (of the difforont
telephone exchanges for their pa
tieut and considlerato and elicient s;
handling of the election roturns on g
nights and (days following the three i
recent primarie. in this county. p
The demand for election news was
met to the limit of their ability to
give it, and the people approsiate
the promptness and fulness with
which it was given, If all the t
people could know the severity of
the trials to which those young
]adies havo been subjected, they
would be doubly approciativ'o oft
the special ef1orts they made to
give the news as it came.
The success attending the first r
six months operation of tho Easley
Creamery Company is an indica.. f
tion of what other enterprises of f
small capital under vigorous, jus t
dicious management may be coun. t
ted on to achieve.
Tihlis enterprise started out as the t
pioneer in its line ' and all who e
have had dealings with it either in c
supplying milk or using the out, u
put seem to be pleased and eur- I
prised at the results. It will make a
money for the owners because it d
meets a demand and gets the neo. f
esary patronage, and while the
people arc patronizing it, the
whole country gets benefits in the
impetus it gives in encouraging ~
attention to the development of a
better class of cattle.
Something of what we have been f~
titvin8 to say about Plokens as a la
market may be readily nudorstood o
after a little study and observation. p
For cotton, the top prices are al' t1
ways paid, and for nearly every' o
other commodity rmarketed in
liokens county, Picken. head. the a
snark~et both in price. paid and ina
#be amouint bo'ught. This is a f.oo i
taul cotton to a factory in order to
et factory prices. The Pickons
iulroad has made this possible
nd yet somo few peoplo are dis
osod to argue that they got no
onolits from this enterprise. All
ro bonofitted, and not the least
niong them are the people who
Yo in the country round about
u( are dopendent on the market
uilt up at their door for the newly
equirod oase and advantage with
,hich their goods may e sold
very thoughtful and inltelligent
itizen realizes the benofits that
avo come to him by reason of tho
stablishnent of this little line of
tilroad and all are anxious to see
t prosper and grow to greater use
ulness. Then don't got impationt,
mit remember that the railroad's
noans so much advantago to you
Il savings ad1(1 co1V(liOInCos.
We all should be and are mov
ng for greater and bettor things
til the time. A feeling of solf
atisfaction is tiht greatest ellnmy
,o progress and tinoritoriouts acColi
)lishlments. Where tihe olononts
f advancement are available it is
miicidal and critmlinal to sit idly
)y and fail to utilizo the onorgy
vhich is the otnly thing lacking to
nalc results ma:ttorialize whore
h1oy ought to be I O;lvidonc0 $1n1d
nlado ready for proper onjoymiont.
As a community we are not r(
fuire(d to search for upp ortttuily.
,verytling ieoded to m11a1ko its
,row atid prompor is at han<fi(l. We
10(1 to awako to Clih opporitulities
)ressitlg from every quartor, atn( in
utolligent direction shape the al
antagos that are ours towairds
1n(1 of dofinite utility.
Without discountin)g the workc
Iroady (10110 in any direction, We
Cod and must ltavo better
:hool advantages, better public
aprovemnents and hot tor home con
onioncos. All these thiigs are
ilming because wo are rea(ly for
lt1. Vhat our popil) have
on) inl the past fiftoon years is
mIlt 1a sluggestion of what they hopec
o do and will do it they proceod
loiLg the litnes whoretl they IIvo
I1 usutute retorm)s Under' th1insi
-a;t;o and1 guidllnce of enlighteniled
)teknoledgmen(Otg of Ith iwet k psla-1'
hie wholo coutntry will responid to
p)rop)erly dIirectedl force set to
ork to) dovolop) and1( 1makeL somlo
ing ouIt of thll Courtt Houso
* * *
'The deatth ot William F. BIlas
nggame remtoves from Picken1s a
miliar figuro and a man whose
hiori and life made a factor in
ickens county.
Young and active, alive to the
ainlgs that conicerne~d this con1uu
ity, devoted to his pr1ofess1iotand
uiccesfully p)rosecut.ing it up to
ho eve of mnjuries resulting ill his
entth wichi camoC in all the horri
Il details of tratgedy, hlis goinig is
net of thlo Ba(dest of le)ssons1.
Don:thi is always snd, btut when
ett1 conil9s inl tue hour of petice-.
uL enjoyment of the blessings uponl
lihich one's h ear t sets storo-comnes
brough territle accidlent I when
hin is ill the full frulitionl of tall
hat is worth living and1( striving
Lr in this world and sniatches him
romh the sweet p)rosOnce of laved
sud( loving on108 and1( robs him of
11o full enjoymetnt of the labors
rhich contribute in tho making of
he successful lman-it is uinspeak
bly sad. Yet thoso circumstan
os , these tragedies in lift) point
a to the resultant of oall life, and
telp the living to a proper conclu
ion of what life means and the
uties and responsibilities that
all upon us all.
r'ho Election Over..Now to Business,
Now that all the primary eleo
one are over and the results de
ared, it is in order to say in be
ali of the gentlemen oompouing
to County Exeoutive Committee,
uat they have done thoir full duty
arlessly and wl. They have
aid the burden and responsibility
i eeing that the elections were
roperly conducd, and have given
ieir time without complaint in
strying out the duties falling up,
a themi. If mistakes have been
hade, they were mistakes of head
udnot of lheart, for all worked to
rn an~d of annine thn1at th1.lp.io.
broad spirit of the intentions umn
o(1ie(1 in the constitutiol and
rulcs of the democratic party.
Thoso rules so far as wt know
wo substantially observed, and tho
arduous duties ofitho three elcctions
have Ibueon m11,t promptly a(1 intel
ligont t .
The nainugors of eloction liko
':so lEdesrv.) an,d ruccivI thl) thanks
of the (liutirt p'rople. h'lly gave
valuallo ltnl+ amld theO rOsutlt of ox
poriole' in the fulfil!itln t of their
llties as mtlalagers, and in lolalf
of the people ai,(l the etln(lidat('s
ve contgratulate t heIn on I i c Oxe'
l(ent aind lh' >rn'C'gt' iu:' lity thcir
If1 experienc anId 'ib's('rva tioll
hav1o taught that the pritary plnti
can lt) ili,re\o'd, it is not our pur
pose at this time to speak of.it, but
rather to ox pr(s our appireciation
of the patruitic spirit with which
all conttcetr>d in th0 electiOn d( .
tails ca:rrie.} ouit thli work, atirl
the uniform cotrteiy inanlifusted
by I he canlida(t!..
l,et a!I the peopl ' COine togett
er an(1 1e11) to inik', the adim011t1s
trati1on.s+ of the sUctossful cinidi
dat".s trully an!' broadly scas
1'he 1,at't 1;: <tn':, t'" t sectr if r" n t i
Ilt tr' irt ' e""rnmt A(I1El.
.lhe hatest cth-v'!'11pr1e11t 'f' thle ilI:ge
le:a It the u:I' of :te:ut to irevent
1'erintenittttln ::a I't" ts a ms sil ii l nd -
cuel' fin aipproxhnitely itell free sllage.
'I'iTe Oregon tt ttion bgaii exlnrlinetit:
Iug n1 this line List year and the cut
shiws the t:'m nstruetltin of one or t wo
sta.Ii silos used for t hleIiurP. Thsa
w'etre built of w'll se:atotaaInedt yellow ir,
(lr'tsHtsd, totnguIte 11ul !roov'I'aa 't lti nbt'r, woe
rind tIve-eighths intcht's thick, tbree attl
onae-Ilti inuches n ble and "4t 've 'et't
loiuq. When eontlh'(I the sials tu'ns
tretl pnt,lriartxliitat'ly th\e feet In ditti'
ter and twelve f'eet dleep. Tlhey were
co ist1ruted a lailn, aitvinag no dOra, -o
that the onlc wny of il111it; and etnpt.
ing wat by wty Of the top of the Silo.
They were titt etl edwith one ita one-ln:lr
ter Inch 1il'ia;; so that they could bo'
si at r t i'being tilled.
'he'leo IIor t' hich th10 low\ver rlaattlon
is here \hown was et;cd with', til'.s sl o
tluit sta":Ii ct' lt1 lilt-i ' l i:n tho
Will wit'ian twio trc' e of bi o h;tt")am
ftt n ls nda betweth
btottoi andat toa tat 1-'. Theli upjrighit pipe
1011inth is (enveread withaen
atFs sto nreent t'odder'a fritnall
ngntthe laipe. TIena to lifteen ole
th l-agts of ti nuicha ini dner
wee riilled in thea pipe naeart thle ottp
tat 1" na thlts forii the steat. TIhae el
hmva att G turn'Is directly downa aind
('o10es to withI iin aout twoa inchtes oaf
jte boittin taf te1 t'taio.a This ta ettlioe(
jilpo (1 Il anda servtesa nu ea 'sy outlet
for the steta whena forcling it to thei
silo nlear thet botto':a.
Thea silo wast illied w ith vety greeln,
incha lting. anud lanched' as t ight a5 puossi.
first lay muakinag t'onneeattuii through 1),
t hena dlisctnnlect itng tat I) itndt conneaetinhg
at I. 1're.ssuttre was parit of the tiute
ntt twenity ptollunds, andt, for thle ltter i
('s5 lnted' fr'oii aibout 7 t)'clock' 01ne
eveninig till 11:30 that next moini'iag.
A steriliz,ed c'ottoni llg was tied over
the end of the paipe at I, projecting froms
thu silo. TJhe. second 1)ipo p)rojectinig
fromt the silo was stopped wtithl an
troll plug screwed in at D, Just at the
end of the steaming process, nad while
the corn fodder was still v'ery hot, both
silos were covered with layers of heav'y
building paper andt then with several
inches of sterilized cotton,
When thle silos were opened in De
cemnbor, tile stIe(o etlago was sweet
and bright, andC hadit undtergXono very
little Change sinCe the green fodder was
put in.
Oham~borIaiu's oolic, oholera andI Diar
rhoea Reomeday has a world wide rep uta
tion for its cures, It never fails and is
p leasont anad safe to take. For sal by
A. 10, Bass, of Morgantown, Ind,, had
to~o ettup ten or twolve Limos in the
n tadhad sovere backacho and paini
in the kidneyw WVas oturedi by Fo,oy's
(lure, Bolt & Webb and Chapman &
Oallahnn Liberty,
Sound kidneys are safe guanrds of lifeo,
akelhe kan vhelh with Foley 's
ide dr, ot &Webb Pickens 4
Ohapman A Osliaban Liberty,
J. L. Bolt, M. ). E. B. We)
Bolt. Webb and i
We do n1('t 4 ish to brtldt(
descripltion ' our we"l-r-(quipp,
hatrgains, b.t. n,: wish, to say t1
Tihoruloy an! (oing I l;::suIess It
mnau block. \'' sa:; (:udeavo
and purest. dri:g?;,
Toilet Articles, Si
I Vn acIl -" iv ry .-unt! n-,nui
{ storo, WVo call your luttion
received also, a ltnli ass'rti en'
25t to $2.(10 eatt(h. All lr5so1
cempotiude. ')Thanking you1
liberal pttronvgc in the ituri ck
h-ot Surnr
Autumn has
I wish to c:i l attontion of thu
I have a comotop lino of
CA L WarOfully sol cted to suit the
prociates your tiado 1ore thai
forget to call and C tlh. ba;l
wish to buy for cash and get I
Best goods are th icheapest.
Satisfaction iluai kat l ' 1r och i "
Johnl li
4 4
T h e C o u n t i e .- n e o d h a s b (
Iardwaro stor hl: boon o
handle P.\.1 I.\N PA INTS
Easley Ha
....A GRAND 0
Beginning Monday morning Jul
Menis, Boys and
..25 Per Ceunt Discouin
All straw hats at 334 per con
$20.00 Suits now $15.00. $11
now $12.8-. $15.00 suits no $11.
suits now 87.50. $8.00 suits now
suits now $8.75.
;)0 cents pants now 38 cents,
nlow 75e. $2 plants now $1 .50.
$3, $5) pants no0w i$8.75. $6 pari
All Goods Sold For CASH.
Main Street,
Watch T
, M. D. J. N. Zlallums, Ph 0.
Drug Co.
Ialliuins, Proprietors.
ySou by hutving you read a minute
d dru;g stor', or the oiler of great
mt. v+ nre tio successors of Bolt &.
t th salto (d stand in the Free
r to always keep on hand the best
ationary, Cigars and
t Candies, etc.
iy found inl 1111 11) to-dtate drug
to our lino of Iinlgian lamps just
)f :$1)i t e:!eis, rangIn; in p1rico from
i)tions carefully amid acourately
ror past favors and soliciting your
, wo are
very truly,
as Drug Co.
ner is Gone
come again.
trading public to the fact that
wants of thl) people. No one ap
1 I do. When in Pick.?ns (iou, t
airs l1 have in stor") for rll who
lie benefit, of the low cash price.
ahitl tiatt is the kind I. keep.
iey rofunlded.
. Hiarri s.
on fulllilled. A first class
enod at Easley, IS. G. We
lIn the H ardlware line,
\ods w can't be~ bioat. We will
mm:. Ciiv.' us' a call. We :also
rdware Co.
:y, S. C.
and hats.
1c 30th we oifer our entiro stock of
Childs Clothing at
off the Regular Price..
t discount. No hat carried from last
1.00 suits now *13.50. $16 50 suits
25. $12.50 suits nlow 89.38. $10.00
ipO,00. $6.00 suits now $4.50. $5.00
75 cents pantLs 57 conts. $1. p)ants
3 pants nlow $2.26, $4 pants now
,s now $4.50.
Remember the Date
Greenville, S. C.
his Space.
Party hiding this Coup
and get the
Don't Fail
Our : 1.: 'iNAl DEPART iEK
,ea(t t i t tI ( .ats at vory LOW 1:'Rl(
Is abnoi:t t Iligh Tide Lutt ur
uIt- i :ired fo(r thum by our
.21 x winter It. k
. ' ;'i1:il 11 ilt't ." .';
-J A (mod~ 8!
/'' ( III ~ ~ h UE(ll'i" i I.i WV
n b-t of ot
to (omo
'ce us~
Let us Have 0
Parti(s owing on accounf: wil pl',a
Don't put u off longer.
"Short Cr'edat ae
Vo appreciate your frir mhip.
I Our A
Write~ for our
Catalgue and' I
e all hinil of
Respousjible Agent
in1 each town.
Please snention this paper when writing.
Chro. ..Inve
When the Ilver is torpid, andl I
the bile entors the blood as a vii
omes oonatipatison, bliousness,
a~nd alarta. The only tr'etment tl
the right touch ad start. Natur,
)? tannor is
The pit) touches.the..lver, an~dj
'28 doses for S ile OOSiL
los your esee Is exoeedini
-) WiDbe welbeforo you
Gample free. P'or
all desier.
No. 25,
il0 HAT.
oi will please call
to Visit
'', \Ve aro offering some
L.atmer$ now approciato
care and foresight in buy,
,.u't fail to see them.
toc k
ur Money.
'e pay promptly t.lis Fall
Long Friends."
wual Reduction
ard Sale
een2fville, S. C.
ails to do its work,
uolnt poison. .Tho
10k headaohe, feyer.
ist itves the B$yr juge
P' Work to the right
Ia tJOt o
blt,55 s

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