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The People's Journal.
T. J. MAULDIN - .........5d=
W. L. MAT11ENY..........Bus, Mgr.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising R ates Reasonable.
Entered at the Poet Office at Pickens 1ia
Aecond-class matter.
Thursday, October, 9, 1902.
Some of the Republican hosts
are no doubt wishing that Roose
velt had "gotten it in the neck"
instead of the leg.
? w w
Evan P. Howell has been elected
mayor of Atlanta. And now his
friends are predicting that he will
be a How(el) hug success as may
The numorcus applications that
are made for houses to rent these
days in Pickons is hut an indica
tion of the wave of prosperity that
is unmistakably upon us.
1)ospite the hindrances from
rainy weather, farmer have by closr
attention and work at th right
times, managed to. save the hay
an^lcu idirIy well up with the
..-'' fast opening cotton. By wheat
Sowing time the prosont year's
crops will have been harvested.
"The public school is the placc
to which wo should turn chief at
tontion in our eflort to promotO a
more beautiful public lifo in Amer
ica. The school house and thi
school grounds should 1) boaiti
ful, and t,he child should be sur.
rounded by beauty in the school
room from first to last. Trained
in the habit of seeing beauty and
knowing it, he will comllo inlstine.
tively to hate ugliness in the house
and in the street, as ho goes out,
Advertiaing pays. This may b(
doubted a little, but it is a faci
neverthles,s that judiciouls advor
tisi)g brings returns almost imnmo"
diiatoly and keops the a Ivortiser ii
the public mind. Thie pubhc is "
fickle quantity, and no busines6
Juan need hopo for his full share of
the public patronage who does not
keep himself in touch with the
people, and let them know all
along that his business is managod
in such a way as to meet the de
mands of public necessity and pop.
uilar fancy.
* *
There could not be a bettor time
to plan and move for a summer
hotel in Pickons than right now.
This kind of onterprise, organized
with suflicient capital to buihld and
equip it and advertise, would do as
nmuch for Pickens and the country
about aB anything pOssihio of sug.
geation within moderate bounds.
And when we think of it, the
soheme would not require such an
enormous outlay to make it the
success it should be. All present
advantages would contribute to
this plan.
Elvan P'. Howell, of the Atlanta
Constitution has beenu elected may
or of Atlanta, over two other can
didatos for the office, Moss Johnson
and Woodward. Mr. Howell's
majority over the two shows some
thing of newspaper influence in
Georgia, for it was a warm fight
from start to finish. There is not,
so much difference in elections,
whether in Georgia or South Car
olina, but in Georgia they general
ly manage to stump the field with
out having the speakers always to
gether. Each has his appointed
time to speak and thus the business
of camplaigning is not so oembarras
sing to the candidates.
Governor Aycook of North Oar
olina is reported to have said re.
eently: "The people have a rilght
to the privilege of education and
it is the duty of the state to guard
and maintain that right. The
otrongtha of overy community is
dependent on the average of the
Iuteligence of that commnunity,
and this intelligeuce Is dependent
upjon the education of the entire
mnass and not..of the fews " No
tr'uer or .better or more timely
Words have soer been~ spoken byi
G*overnor or private clitsn and, the
people are reoognising this and
striving bravely for the aooonm.
,Plishment of the things towards
W1hi,h education is the greatest
T1he St#te Fair will be held this
fear. October R8th to1Slt at (jo.
tamle a. utsual, TMs will be
the thirty-fourth annual fair am
promises to be one unusally inter
osting andr successful this year
It is hero that the products an<
accomnplishments of every count;
in the state, industrially, are ox
hibited and therefore a mass o
surprising information is concen
trated for the purposos of genora
education and stimulating a spir
it of emulation on the part, of al
who may chance to see the resu1lts
and study the reasons for the cvi
doncos of progress displayed. 11
is a kind of education to boys an(
girls (and that a good kind) tc
show them the things which speal
for their section and stato, and al
parents sho1(1 try if possible, t(
let their children havo 8om1e of th(
opportunitios to study at clos<
range their own stato's resources
as well as to profit themselvos ,3
the opportunities presented.
The suggestion, conhitined ini all
article appoaring in this iHu(
cl i ppod from tho Anderson I )i l3
Mail of Octoberfourth,in referenec
the vacancy on the South Caroli.
na Supromo llench cause(d by th<
resignation of Chiof Justico Mel vol
in which Mr. J. P. Carey of tl
Pickons bar is strongly prosente<
as tho most suitable lawyer Iha
could be called on to fill the va
cancy as Associato Justice inl t.h(
event of t he promotion of one of the
prsont Associate .Iusticos, is on(
that merits tho hearty approval o
all the people of Pickons count
who know Mr. Carcy as an ablh
lawyer-ono of the best in uppo1
South Carolina, or in the whobl
Mr. Carey would carry to th(
Bonch th roqulisito Learnint
gained from a long and succossfu
practice, anl would ably meet th
dlutios of that high positiol), anc
add to the liench of South Caroli
na his talents and profound know
ledge of the law to the oxtent (
doing honor to the profession, anm
helping to koup the pre!tigo of th
South Carolina judiciary to it
reputed ihigh standard. Ther
cOul( ho no mistake in thus pro
muting this able lawyer to on) o
the highest andi( most rosponisibhi
places ini tilt state.
T1he failure of Presidont Rooso,
volt to bring about an agreoment
betweon the operators and the
nine strikers is a great disappoint
iienit to tho iiationt. Whii Cle)ossi
bly iliany had1( little faith ini the
abilit y of the P'resident to aidj ust
the di fferences, yet the mere fact
that the P'residenut inivitod both1
sie to a joint conference in
Washington, anid both the mine
owners and strikers so readily
agreed to meet with the President,
things at leaist looked hopeful
Fortunately, in Pickens and Pick
ens county the failure to end thle
strike is of little consequene.
Providence is lavish in the supply
of fuel in this part of the world.
Bunt in the large cities of the ios th,
the manufacturing inlternsts will
be seriously crippled and the suif.
foring among the poor this~ winter
wvill be appalling. There is al
ways more or less suffering, even
when the sup)ply of coal is abun
dant and a crisis stands before the
nation which it has hiot yet in its
history had to face.
TIhe conference which so many
hiad expected so much from, has
ended in dismoI failuro-ini fact
worse thani failure, as both sides
are only more determined than
ever to coatinuo the strike to the
bitter end. Many are ol the opin
ion that the President was too
lenient in his dealing with the sit
uationl. A.We doubt that from
the fact that It w as
special request of the President
that the contending parties come
to Washington for a special oon
ference with the President.as peace.
malker and it would have been un.
usual to change a peace conference
inlto war. We belleve however,that
the President am the head of this
nation is going to have to take the
matter up again very moon, much
as he seems to dread is, and deal
in a much more "strenuous" way
with the operators than in the
peace conference. The striker.
left that conference in a much bot
ter light in the eyes of the nation
than did the operators: They
agreed to leave the matter solely
in the hand, of a committee ap'
pointed by the 1resident, fanim
showed their bblief i the justice
of their gause. Thbe operators re,
fused any anah a..m *ina
showed a hauty disposition to e
tinuo thu striko to the bitter o1
How bitter that end will b0
[ shall see.
Ou 'I'huat W'cttt hillit at asiall C4e
nne)tl Wo13 rkt"td Wel3.
''r'it diry ei g the tarder of t.
s'iSuIn, it IIc,tne and l' 'arin wri ter itl
Jer1lhts n l t111s1'iret.'y tlryv ustitt hti
by hintst"lf at hunull rt!at:
T he c1in ey iJ- ec n ht' t'illt of' r:t.iel
auit(ullay. It iln i1 andot sand an, o
v V"enienlt :nd van. I,its t llot n toi u.tI all tl
sit ktt tht' Fun" it'n.tth ttntl i1lIte'r
weltl insitle titnl (ut. t ert' tlie t"ndls i
the o is I;yti to ell n t' I e 1 whe1rt , ti
th'l I a (it er :1ttt' ) e nte t put 4)n1 tl
out btle, it will last tnily yt.ars, W
t coV'tr u:tN0wh"-n not Inl use. It 14houl
ht+ twO I't'et 14 1utIt' nit lvast, anul, ats
heti:;ht, the huight'r the better; but ti
fiut gIV"t at good draft, If the ehthnit
14 t;nt uth onl it" itsltlt.
The (1i('nsions of the houSe can
aurranged to suilt the ittnount (of we
tto be dlone. This cut I4hotws only til
trays (marked A), but there (-ani
anty odd numtber-- vtdd, a:u theu tcurrt
of hot ailr will pass all right. The14
.r u. x ~ 't
rection of the curront is slowi by t
arrows. The large dotlt under tlw I
box show the ends of the grate let
iatde of any old scrap Iron that uN
reach across Into the earth on 'a
tilde. Th13' tire not absolutely essentl
A single one Just below anid Inside
the tire door will do, or even a stiel
green wood, renewed oecaesionally, u
aniswwer to 11011 up the (1d8 of t
The ire d11oo' imay lie a lrge Shlet
tin or slah of an old stove, whihll tn
he lifted away to put in fuel. 'Th' I
box is lillide by digging it tr'elh It
a the earth elghteen or twenty Inel
wide, alu ttt the sam1e1w inl depth, ind
l'itigth iroJior'tioim. tite to the I lngtlh
the building, say hal' way; then it
tnade satl1ower, but brod'r, back
thel stovepiple, wich should( he ait le'
f'our feet long--six wouIld1li h ett
Over tis trench areC iJhwe'd thIn, il
stonJes, 01(1 stove slabsi, boilhi 1phite
,1anythin)g of the kindl, all creecks bet:
TIhis 1s repr'eseJtedl In the cut by tI
line under the words "air Inlet," ju
over which Is another line r'epireser
lng the top of a Ilue made of sheets<
tin, old stoveQ slabs or thun, brot
1tonIes, he(ld up on each side by brie'l
set edg~ewise 0or stones, ailI well lutt
withi ch:iy. This flue shouild be abol
fo)ur lichets dee and1( no wide(r the
the' fire box, widenling withi the fit
leading to theL sitovepiplO.
If I e'ver huIld another, I shall inal
the wh'ole front end ai door. The1i tra;
can thenu be put in and taken out mo1
eas13il an readily, No door is shov
In this cut. It is over the lire do<
The ilue between the house and cit
ney should be at least three timnes,
roomy as the inlet tno.
The top tray or set of trays Is push<
against the back wall, the next agahl
the front wall, so alternating till
are in, the bottom one0 back, and
trays'i reaichlug friomi one0 s1ide to t
othier to 'omleyillk'(1'11 the space.
Ar'ounld the end(1 and1( betw~een 31
spacesN' of (eight inehi's. Thle s4~tovpi
heating the aiIr arlounid It and1( also4 a<
inlg some)4thling like ai jet plung, caus
a sti'on;g draft, bringin; the air in ov'
the fire, where it Iis heated andic passU
rapily3 back aund forthi ever the tray
where It quIckly carries off the wa'1t
that the heat blrings out of the fru
It will dry it out in sIx hours easIly.
Okrna, or (umb.o.
Okra 0or guimbo 1is uiversally13 grov
in the southern states and1( untIl vel
r'ecently' was general11y propalgate
from home)1 raised( seed. lleIng ei
phaticailly a 'ouIthern'3 ilanlit, of cour
the home grown seed1 are the hei
IIoweveri, new vaiel(tkis are occaislo
ally Introduced, and these mlust I
purchased of our seedsmnen. TIhe Tai
Growing varIiety is the old stanidb
but the newer varIetIes, D4ensit
Dwvarf Green, Dwarf WVhite, F"ren<
Market, Perkins' Mammoth Pod ar
White Velvet, have been introduct
and thoroughly tested. While In yle)
none is equal to the Tall Growin
yet the Velvet Dwarf White and Den.
ty are earlier and perhaps more del
cat. in quality, A succession woul
include some of the earlier varietti
with the Tall Growing, planted late
to furnish a full supply throughout i
summer and up to trout,
The Bugneu Deet Benson,
The seaisou for eugar beets has ber
t'ather too wet for best l'osults iin ti
middle statea, but Di'oskents are fine I
the central west, Whuile in the miountal
and 'Eoast states the harvesting of
Superb crop is now under way ati
Paciflo coast factories are running to
blatt, Beverai new factories wtill j
completed in time to work up the 10(
orop of beet. in 'ne United State
While in Ontario four sugar mills wi
ho i Dperato.-wOrange 3udd Farme
Choziiberlain's dolid, obolera and l
thUea Item1eday hiasj aworld wide rep 11
lion fot its oures I b ever fails itud
aleVAlntadssfe to iake, For dato
Sottud kidney. are safe guards of
tiakteka n i t
n - J. L. Bolt, M. 1). 1.. B. Weob
Bolt, Webb and I
WV do no0t wi.4h to burdon:
desacrip)lion of our welII-e<luipploi
IargiIins, Iut. wo wiI to say th
''Torttloy and dloing; businlesi at
man block. We Ssll oudoavor
andt1 )ilrest d1rug t,
Toilet Articles, Sta
In fact muovt evtiythiin;g s11ul1
tore, We C ill your attontion t
C' received also a ht f4l1( rtmtolt o
"- 25) to $2.00 each. All proscril
it Celmpi)oundcd. T'hankcing you to.
lihral p)atrouagc in the ftlutcre,
Yours v
ri The11 Counties need hlas b)
11ardcwaru storo has boon ol,
lit handleE v
For low prices and line gc
ho1 pleased to serve tho p)ubl)
Easley Hai
rc ..A GRAND 0
of Clothing
lw Beginning Monday morning Jur
o Mens, Boys and
r l1 ..25 Per Cent Discoun1
hAll straw hat.s at 34 per cenl
inE season.
of -20.00 Suits now $15.00. $18
IS now $12.38. $15.00 suit e no $11,.
Mr 5 ens, Bt oys a8cnds
$2no 70.0 $2upats now $1.0. $1
$3. 5 pants now 3.75 c6epnt
st All Gloods Sold For CASHI.
'5 Main Street, (
Has new gocds stacke'd
More Values, More
er moneys SWOr
s,Note the following price
r take advantage. I spent tim:
' York for bargains, andi I now
Sonmolhing everybody needs
*a cents. Botter fleeced and much hi
y~ foro at that price. Drills at 5c, at
d 15, 25 and 40 cents. Bonutiful Fl
"- See my dress goods.
t. Quality the BEST
>e It is too hot to talk blankets
11 when you want them I can supply
V. over bought such goods. My repi.
V- 8hOes 1s too well known to Pickene
Sing them. 'Hosiery and underwee
dable I have ever offered. Come ai
SI have said.
A. K.
West nd. 01
Your Moneys w
X(erosene oil ot 15 cents per gi
a 20 cents per gallon. Come and e3
d for a dollar. A few gall giggers fo
11 12 lbs g'reen coffee, $1.0
5 10 lbs parched coffee, 1 04
l, 10 package of Arm
11A bice new line of inon's et1its
-. a one horse town. I yto ifalte tl
who Want to buy goo . and not ti
'good aline of shoes as iS geerally
is that n ever fails to 11ov lim.
by Mit. ?. A. Lewis is ntiw chief d
ti to see him Old friende. Batisi
John av
b, M. -i. J. N. i'lums, Ph (1.
Drug Co.
iallums, Proprietors.
"oil by having you read i minuto
I drug store, or tho offor of great
it we aire tih sute'ccssor8 of 3olt &
tho samo old ttand in the F"roe
to always keep on hand tho best
tionary, Cigars and
Candies, etc.
found in aln up to-dato drug
O our lino of Belgian 1.uupm just
r Spectacles, ranging int prico front
tions c trefully and accurately
r past favors and Soliciting your
wt aro
my truly,
is Drug Co.
)on fullfilled. A first cl-Ass
Onn(d at Easley, S. C. We
In tht Iardwaro line,
)ods wo can't be boat. \Wo will
tc. G ivo us a call. We ,,also
-Best on earth .
rdware Co.
y, S.C.
and hats.
eo 30th we offer our entire stock of
Childs Clothing at
off the Regular Price..
discount. No hat carried from last
.00 suits now $13.50. $16 50 suits
5. $12.50 suits now $9.38. $10.00
it.0. $6.00 suits now $4.50. $5.00
75 coet pants 57 cenuts. $1 pan ts
3 pants now $2.26, $4 pants now
s now $4.50.
Rememiber the Date
reenville, S. C.
everywhere in his store, Is
Satisfaction, MORE3
th than ever.
s and comle to his store and
3 and money se.arching New
have them to offer you.
-Canton Flannels, at 5, 8, 10 and 121
eavier goods than I over had be.
andard goods, Rod Flannels, 10,
annellots, the 10c quality for 84 ets.
Prices the LOWEST.
and ladies capes and cleaks, bt
your wants for the least money you
tation for good shoos and cheap
people to toke up space in advertie
r stock the largest and most reas< n
dsbe me and make me prove what
dion is as goodi or the same oil at
taniine my granulated auA ar 19lba
r past time.
* 1.00 pants for 60o
) 50o shirts for t
& H*atme'soda, bo..
at the [email protected] priods ever ioffered ti
1, prida of niy goods suit the people
10a$ who wanit to sell gdods. Ab
oarried in & enmall towh at pt'Mues
aleeinail at hly store and is alwa e
iotion guaraliteed or money refund&
Party holding th
Don't I
b'eautifni1 Hats at very
Is ailmost at HIi:;h TIid
what was s.curedl for th,'
ti'~ 01 - - m aijI Wll di
J ~ (lct ()tt 1cn,
4) V
Let us H
ari. ing - accoun
Don' put us oi' longer.
"Shor? Credit
\V appreciate your fri
WVV. T.i
Sin eachi tow
Pjense mention this paper wh
When the liver I
the bile entora the
* ~ [email protected] constipation,
' and malaria, 'The on
the nght touchb am
RI The pt# touchbes
t8o oetot
WiU be a
EHE $10 HAT.
is Coupon will please call
get thetHat.
Fail to Visit
'R'MIN I'. W0 arte oflring some
I buyving
o11(u 0111tst,es ioW :pprocinto
11 ) 0111 Crare and forusight iln uy
t('Hi (, 1'iat: , fail to 100 them.
T V N 0!
' (ds,)(t S'hoe or
A S ylish I a(( I
W1e h111,1us just,
to ned I
MV;! tnew stl(:Ckf
of th1,ese; an<1
a lo) ul of Ither
New Goods i
and 1
invite all
to Come and
ave Our Money.
1 will please pay promptly this Fall.
Makes Long Friends."
0ndish ip.
MioFA L L.
Annual Reduction
iR WENVIrLim, S. C.
(hade Vehicles
te (1r our conmplete
tie attid Price List.
L: zothirig, r,howiig
INNATI, 01110. 7
iible Agents wanted '
en writing.
s torpid, and4 falla to do its work,
blood aa a Yirulent p0oOme, Then
btousness, sick headaohe, ft, ,
ly treatimont that ives the liter just
I st.arte Nature's worS lb ths lipti
-rONiC P~LET.f
yt days @61l oos#e, sad use
sisI peeedtgil bad, pou
.ll before you Siab h.m.
pio free, For sAlo M
all doalets,

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