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lie People's Journal.
Notice to Subscribers !
G"u4t January notices were sent to all
rties in arrears and duo The Journal
subscriptioun and otherwise. These
tioes included indebtedness of 1901
(d 1902.
Mr. W. L. Mathony is still with the
.urnal and in charge of these matters
d will be pleasod to have all who have
t compliOd with the request to aettle
lbodiod in the said notices to call on
a at 'I'ho Journal oico, in the Autho
brick building, at the rear of W. T.
WFall's store and araango such indobt
noss at once. A prompt compliance
Il greatly facilitato us in placing and
eping our businoss in proper shape,
Pub, The Journal.
Local and Personal.
--The air begins to fool frosty
ese mornings.
-J. 0, Garrett, of Cateecho,
is in town Monday.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in
tiely Oct. 14 and 15.
-Though a bad day Saturday.
my bales of cotton were narket
in Pickens.
-Prof. and Mrs. Jones Fuller
;urnod last week from an exton
d tour of the West.
-Miss Anita Ambler left Fri
.y to visit Washington, D. 0.,
chmond and Lynchburg.
--Miss Essio Kelly, daughter of
r. A. E. Kelly, entered the Gra
I School Monday morning.
-Mr. E. G. Mcl)aniol left last
3ek to accept a )osition with the
obland Distilling Co., Columbia.
-The Standard Bred Hereford
uil, Sir William Cloud, No.
.6297 can be found at J. 1). Hold
-A. Brandon Taylor, who is at.
:nding Furman University this
3is session, paid a visit home Sun
--Mrs. Larry C. Thoruley left
JIonclay to attend the marriage of
icr friend, Miss Leila White in
-Col. J. E. lagnod, and
Jaughter, Miss Queen, after spend
ing the summer here, returned to
Charleston Monday.
-Mrs. Ben A. Hagood and
children, after spending the sum
mor hero, returned to their home
in Charleston last Monday.
-Cotton continues to come in
at a lively rate. The depot is the
busiest place in town these days,
shipping the fleecy staple.
--County Superintendent of Ed
ucation-elect R. T. Hallum was in
town Monday prospecting for a
house, as it is his intention to
move his family here very soon.
-Married on Sunday evening
the 5th inst. at the 'home of the
bride's father, Mr. Moore, of near
Central, Mr. Silas A. Alexander to
*Miss Ella Moore. Both of Pickens
mounty. W. C. Seaborn officiated.
'-Farmer Friend, you might
hliock one of those small shoats in
the head one of these cool morn,
ings. If yon are afraid he would
spoil before you would consume
him, just bring him to town.
--Clemson boat the A & M Col
ioge team of N. 0. 11 to 5 in a game
of foot-ball Saturday in a down
pour of rain. The rain was a little
disagreeable for visitora, but the
ground was in nice condit,ion for
the "rooters."
-The brick wvork on the jail is
about finished. Pickens can soon
boast of one of the best, most
jails in the sfate. This may not
ho very encouraging for "Rastus
the chicken lifter," or the consn
mner of "Fuss X Dispensary."
-Houses for rent are in great
demand now. The supply is evi
dontly much less than the demand.
Here is a good opportunity it
seems to us, for some of our mon
eyed men who own rQal estate, to
make some paying investments
and at the same tim) add to the
population and businessvolume of
the town.
-According to announcement,
1Rev. Thos. H. Medd preached two
~very able sermons at the Presbyte
r-ian church on Sunday to large
congregations. The communion
service was administered after the
morning service. The music at
the services was inspiring anLd up-|
lifting. In a few well chosen
words, Mr. Medd bade his flock
here farewell at the morning ser
vice. The church realises the
task that is niow before it, in ob
tamning as acceptable pastor as Mr,
Medd has been..
-Mrs.- Hestet Ann Smith, rehtt
of the late 3J. Monroe Smith, died
at the home ot her son-in-law, Dr.
L. G. Olaytoni. at Untral on the 4
inst., and was buried in the ce
tery at Slabtown, Auderson county
at-8~ p,m the following day, the
unrlservices being Qonduoted
by the Rev. P. L. Grier of Dne
VWest, Mrs. Smith was in her sey.
enty-Sixth) year an)d had been a oon'
sisteint member of the Presbyterian
ohuroh for many year.. She
'leaves surviving her ions, J. P,
and L . J. Smith, of Liber ty, Dr.
'I. f. snith and W. 0. Smith, ot
EDasley, andI her daughter. Mrs. J.
7,Greed, of SlI1,to*n, Mrs. ,-,
.Waline, of Anderson and Mv.. X4
a, OIluton1 of cetral besideg three
Musicale Thursday Night.
There will he a musicale in tho
Court House Thursday night. The
music will be furnished by the lo.
cal string band assisted by the fa
mous "wielder of the bow," James
E. 1arsons, of ULiberty. Eveiry
body invited to come. You small
small boys can come, if you will ho
good and not whistle too loud.
Young man, got your bost girl and
come along. Botter get a box of
Nunnally's candy at the drug store
to "munch" between pieces. May
be with the inspiring strains of
music and the delicious sweetness,
you wilt succeed in getting your
"sweeetness" to say sonething
you've been trying to get her to
say lo these many years. No char
gos. t
Rev. Thos. H. Madd. V
With his sermons Sunday, Rev.
Thos. H Medd closed his ministry
with the Pickens Presbyterian
church. Mr. Medd has proved a
faithful servant whose aim has t
been to serve his peoplo after tho
manner of preacher who preaches
the gospel in its simplicity and
with the consciousnoss that lie is
doing his full duty. His work
with this people is ended is ended,
and he goes to his new field of la
bor with the prayors and best wish
es of the people of Pickens of all
denominations who will always feel
a deep interest in all things con1
corning him and his own.
Petit Jurors for Fall Term of Court, 1902.
Ed Farr Earle Kennemore C
E. M. DuPree J. C. Cooley, a
A. D. Mann, E. N. McJunkin, \
Y. D. Meadows, H. Y. Lawronco, S
T. J. H.laynes, Jesse R. Ross, t
J. M. King, Allen Durham, (
P. H. Boggs, J. S. H. Price, E
J, B. Mauldin, B. Al. Bolding, t,
W. A. Dobson, 0. L. Smith, ti
Rubin Fowler, Geo. B Williams, c
John M. Barr, Frank -.Lurphree, n
A. A. Jones, Lawrence Gilstrap t<
J.M.HIolcom'e, Robt. Grif1in,
B. A. Foster, Jas. L. Ambler.
Allen Stewart, John M. Brazealo,
Sam Ederns, Samuel Looper,
Silas Hinkle,Jr. Euphie Cochran,
S.T. McHugh, Anthony Baker,
Eminently Proper.
An interesting story is going
the rounds among Anderson law
yers and politicians. Thie story
comes here from Columbia, and is
to the effect that Chief Justice Mc
Iver, of the state Supreme court,
who has been in wretched health
for several months, has decided to
tender his resignation. The resig
nation, it is said, will be tendered
about the first of the year.
Naturally there has been more
or less speculation as to his sue
cessor. According to the story in
circulation, a movement is on foot
to ha've associate Jnstice Pope elec
ted to the position of Chief Justice,
and then it is said Chief Justice
Pope's place will go to an up-coun
try man, and Hon. J. P. Carey, of
Pickens, is spoken of as the most
available and at the same time the
most suitable man for the posit ion.
Mr, Carey has had a long and
successful law practice and is re
garded as one of the ablest lawyers
in the state. He has several
times presided over special terms
of the circuit court by the Govern
ors appointment and has given en
tire satisfaction, and he has a
large number ,of personal friends
throughout this section of the state
who wil.l be delighted to see him
elevated to the Buprenme bench.
The matter is being yery generally
discussed by the lawyers in An
derson, and Mr. Carey would prob
ably have the unanimous support
of the Anderson bar .--Anderson
Daily Mail.
A Sword With a Hiistory.
Tuesday of this week, Dr. J. D).
Cureton was made happy by the
return of what was to him a long
lost friend-an old sword that he
wore durmng the war. It has a
unique history, and if it could, It
would relate history more vividly
than we can hope to.portray.
This intcresting old relic has
played its active part in two wars
-the Mexican and the Civil. It
belonged to Col. Dunavaut who
carried it through the Mexican
wvar. It then came into possession
ot W. B. Orate of Winnsboro, who
then gave it to Dr. Cureton when
he became ieutenant. Shortly
after this Dr. C. was promoted
Cap tala of Co. G. Sixth S. C. In
During the terrible battle of
Second Manassess the scabbord
was cut in twain by a shell. Dr.
Cureton stopped to pick up the
piece of shattered scabbord and
fell a little behind his Co. The
uniocists were slowly retreat
lng and one shrewd Yankee con,
chuded to secrete himself in a ditch
and wait till the Confedrates
passed, and then kill the command- t
ing ciller of the regiment, who i,
Was Col. Steadman, Just as he a
raised his gun to tire Dr. Cureton
turned and almost severed his head
from-4he body with this same
The monbbord Was pierced. by a
minie ball in the battle of Seveu
Pines abd glanced by another, and
the owner still lives to tell thle
holyaftbt this Dr, Out'eton
wasn taken seriorusy ill with pneu
monia, and wasn floughed) at the
Some of Josephger in Maryland
n Ghar aeof J, Mihe rice1 one
Ot hs 4s1I gu at4 While itus
upon Dr. Cureton and seeing hit
critical condition, left Iimiiu unm o
lostod. Before their ap)proach
however, Mrs. IIiigor raisied one of
tho planks in the floor and dposi
Led under t;io house the interesting
relic of our story to provent the
Yankees from faulling into posses
non of it.
When they caie up they on
ored the room in which Dr. Cure
,on lay, and saw that it would bo
, good place for some of their
vounded numbor. Dr. was uncon
cious of what was going on about
tim, and when he awoke he found
or 5 wotuided yankees as room
nat Cs.
After the close of the war 1)r.
)uroton tried in vain to recover
he lost sword. lie was unable
vor to get into communication
'ith Mr. Hager. The reason is
lear now, for Mr. Ilager moved
o Little Rock, Ark. just after the
lose of the war, carrying the old
word with him as well as one
hat belonged to Dr. lirico,
When the Dallas Reunion was
ld, Mr. Hager concluded to at
enl. While there ha met Mr. E.
I. Mobley of h airfield and asked
im if ho knew Dr. lirice and Capt
ureton of Fairfield, as he had two
words belonging to these gontlc
ieni which ho would be glad to re
tore to them . When Mr. Mobloy
eturned he lot the discovery be
nown, and the nieces of Mr.
Erico who are at Winthrop College
egan to comminunicato with Mr.
lager, with the result that the
words wero returned to South
arolina and were conspicious at
D. A. I. Entertainment given at
Vinthrop not a great while ago.
oeing a brief account of the on,
uininent in one of the papers
hich contained a description of
r . Curetons's sword enabled him
communicate with the authori
es at Winthrop College and ro
over his long lost relic, which is
ow a treasure because of its his
oil of Honer of the Pickens Graded
School for September, 1902.
First Grade.
Feddio Mc)aniel, 99.
Fay McHugh, 99.
Eugeno Yongue, 98.
Janet Bolt, 97,
Furman Pace, 97,
Ralph Hester, 90.
Second Grade.
Inez Morris, 97.
Ellen Lewis, 96.
Meda ioggs, 95.
Walter Dickens, 95,
Alberta Yonguo 94.
Edna Earle, 90.
Third Grade,
Theron Hester, 94.
Clifford Lewis, 93.
George Prince, 93.
Paul H-ester, 90.
Mary Lewis, 90.
Fourth Grade,
Katie McDaniel, 94.
May McFall, 93.
Belle Yongue, 93.
Fifth Grade,
Patti Major, 97.
Hagood Bruce, 97.
Louise McDaniel, 9d.
Wyatt Jennings, 95.
Lorena Taylor , 95.
Henry McDaniel, 94,
Lois Hester, 93.
Julius Boggs, 93.
Grace Prmnce, 91.
Johuson Crenshaw, 00,
Otis Keith, 90.
Sixth Gradle.
Ora McFall, 95.
Maka Boggs, 93.
Gladys Mauldin, 93.
Eva Earle, 93.
Jesse Lewvis, 93.
Dick Freeman, 91.
Furman Morris, 90.
Jack Lewis, 90.
Seventh Grade.
Florido Ca~rey, 95.
Eilene Taylor, 93,
Kate Hester, 91.
Ola Richey, 91.
Jay Robinson, 90.
Lizzette Welborn, 90,
Eighth Grade.
Bertha Bridges, 66.
Gussie Clureton, 96 .
Vesta Ash more, 95.
James Carey, Jr., 98.
Eliza McDaniel, 93.
Mary McDaniel, 93.
Hattie Earle, 92.
Nellie Grandy, 91.
Edgar Morris, 91.
William Jones, 0.,
Lois Newton, 90.
Nin th Grade.
Corrinne Newton, 95.
Cecil Hester, 91.
Jennie Lewis, 94,
Bruce Bogge, 92,
Edwin Earle, 90,
Hlovey Earle, 00.
Items from Hazel.
Fodder pulling is over aInd cob
on and pea picking seems to be
ri orders Crops in this section
ro good, corn especially.
Mrs. A. T. Winchester spent
attL week with her father, Mr, J.
3. Thomas, of-near Pickens.
Mr. Pinkney 0. Thomas, of Lib.
rty, visited friehds in this sectLion
laturday and Sunday.
Protracted services will begin at
intioch B&p tist doiurdh the second
Sunday night in October at early
>andle light. The regultAr mor'n
ing seiie will be postponed un
til tlund1ay night -whoh pt'otrabted
wryloem Wil 1begiut, Tthe dhurch
ha uchsd I nW Masonl &
fQRornfm Pr9f. John L,
111yai:io, of ('on viile, which add
greatly to th mu 11111siC.
.Ilrs. ilV' Stalisell diod at ti
hom1e of her soil. It. C. Stattnsoll o
Piedmlout (.'tt(as Mills, on 'the 2'
tilt. She spidt ! th inimer will
hor dlaughlter, Mrs. Jan1e Winchtes'
tor and was 'tltil abl,;,ut two wook;
ago inl colimravl good henal th.
Sho was buried at Ilolly tiprinlg
by the side of her hus,lnd the da
folUwin)g her death.
HlatzOl Nut.
t ('ire For Cholera Iii'antm.
"LasKt May." says Mrs. Curtis Baker,
of Bookwalter, Oho,, "an iantitt child of
Our noighbor's was sulfering from ehol
era infantum. The iooutor had given up
all hopes of rcee-very. I took at bottle
of Clamberlain'8 colic, eholor.t and I)iar
rhota remlody to the house, telling thorn
1 felt. sure it would do good if used no
cording to directions. In two days tIme
the child Ia! futlly recovered, antl is
niow (nearly a year sinceo) a vigorous
Ihcalthy girl. I havo recoinmuended
this recelu frequently and have never
knowi it to fail in any instane.'' For
alo by Dr. uG. V. Earlo.
.l'ho aceoits of the 1'armers I'uiblial
iug Company b,oth advertising and sub
m'ription muiieitltiled ihro>ugh. the opor
ution of the I'opl"'s ,Jotunl, 11pto D1c.
.1 t , 00, have bOn bonght by the un
doirsignel, tntu the books uro now iii his
hands. All pors118 owing aniy such lo
count; will (onfrot at favor by ealling at
the ,Jiournal oJllei and settliug santo AT
ONCE. If not sett'led by I)ecember, 31
1902 tleso lo will 1) elosed on that
tIt o.
All portions iL-dCbteil to the Peoplo's
Journal, 'ither for snbscription, since
tho firt da1y of Jatn uar"y, 1911 are also
requestetd to mnna' layment, of such in
debtedness 011 or 1beforte tilt! :i1t of 1e
cetuber 1902. Joiur"al siotek takenu oi
NO FA 14SE CIA Ills.
The p rop.Sctors of I oley Ft t! oney naid
Tar lo not aldvert iso Ihis as at sturo cure
for consunptiou." They do nt claaim
it wilI cure this dreai comlpaint in ad
Van1ce1d Casesa, ut, do 1psltively assert
that it will cure in. the earlier stages
and never fails to give comfort
and relief in Ilie worst cases, Foloy's
llonoy and Tar is without doubt the
greatest throat and long romeudy. Re
fuse sibstitutes. Itolt mait Webb Pick
ens Chapuman and Catllbian Liberty.
A ('ard fromai Mr. 11. A. Morguin.
To our Clieuts:
As Mr. ]lassingnme has not rcoovered
from his injuries and is unablo to attend
to business, 1 lisk all persons havin g bus.
iness with the tirm of Morgan k. Blas
sngamo to writo to mao at Greeuvillo
concerning name.
Alt accounts will pleased be paid to
me as they becomo due. I havo not the
time to writo you or call ont you and will
thoretoro, request prompt payment so
that I will not have to employ a lawyer
at Pickons to collcct thom. Thanking
you for your patronago, I am1)
\ ory truly yours,
Groonvillo, 84. 0,
D)r. Chaus. 11. U'tter, a promtinunt ph.y
nician, of Panama, Coloinbia, in a recenit
letter statos8: '"Last M\archi I1 had as8 a
pationt ai young lady sixtcen years of
age, whlo had ai very bad attack of dysoeu
tory. Ev'erythuing I prescribod for heor
proved ineflectual and shce was growmig
worso evory hour. Hecr p)arents woro
suro sho would die. She had becomo 8o
wveak that she0 could not turn over in
bed. What to do at this oritical mo
ment was a study for mc, but I thought
of Chamberlain's Colio Oholora and Diat
rrboca Rlemedy and as8 a last resort pro
scribed it. TI'o most wonderful result
was elfectod. Within eight hourts shc
was feeling much botter; insido of thro
days shto was uon her fo.t and at tho
end of 01n0 week was entiroly well.
For sade by D)r, Gi. W. Earlo.
'Notice to Debtors and( CredItors
Persons having claims agaimst tho es
tato of WV. F. ]Blassingnano, decasod,
arc requtestedl to present thu same prop)
erly attested to the untdersigned for pay
mientt by thu 1st day of Dlecember 1902,
anid thoso indelbted to sidl estate must
mnako paiymiont to
0913. \VT.FEDExuor
By virtue of an oirder of J. B. Now
boiry, P'robato Judge, I will sollj a t
PicoInn to thle highest biddor for oanh
on the '20thi day of October 1902 theo per
sontal prtoperty belotgiing to the estate of
WV. F. ]Bissintgamo, doccased, consistittg
of law tam iaiscellanitoons litbrary, typ o.
writer and o0;hor oflicto fIxt.ures, 1 baggy
nii1l haraoss, tur nituire and amity other
09t2 \V. T. FIELD), E.
"I was trotuled with kidney complaint
for iabout two years," writes A. 11. Davis
of Mt. S'te:rlintg, 1i., "but two bottles
of Fo!ey's Kidntey Cuaro elfectedl a per
manout cure." Bolt & Wobb Pickons &
Olmapmait & CalIahant Liborty.
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
Monument s,
and M1arkers
Now in Stock tit
20 per cent
es8 than usual pico. We hav4
one dxcept tonal valuies.
a NO'l'IC:
AIl p1(rsn0118 aro) lireby warnedtt nlot
hiro, feod or shelter my grntud,ot,
Jtosamcond (uol) under penltty of tho I
lhe being undcr ogo and loft tno with<
u1nuso and I will hold any porr;')o liat
for his wagon now Ulnpai1d or nay
hereafter pa1i.
Sept. 18 t'l
All persons aro horohy warned not
hunt, fish, trap or, in any other
tresspams onl my) landts. Any violattioi
this notice will bo 1)roscouted to tlo.
oxtentt of the law.
Jnies If. Ambler.
S3ept. 18 H4
All persons are hereby warined not
hun11t, 11ish, ;ltap or, inl any other Ni
tresspsx oI my lands. Aiiy vie
tion of this notico will bo prosecuted
f1ullost extent of the law.
Jam'es E. IlaIgoodl, Sr
Sept 25, t4
Not let of Fin1al Set tloment.
I will apply to J. B. Nowbery, Probi
Judge for Pickens county for i final a
t lomenl of th, estate of Absolomu Rtop
do -eased, on the 23nd (lay of Oclobi
1902. and a8k to ho dismiss4ed 118 adtin
Sept. 25 t1
Notilet to Debtors and114 Creditors.
I'ersons halintg claim s; a:;ainst the
tate of D. A. (iraen, deceaied, 11r 1
tquestedi to )resett tho 8111110 proper
ttett'd1 to the utndurxigned for p aymtr
b,, 1st day of I)eeemher, 1902, and tho
itIdetbted to id estate, m11ist1 ak :mc) 1)a
mn111t to
Mrs. Ida C. (Green,
Al limiist rattrix.
('ontty of I'iektmus.
]3y dI. 13. Newhory Esqluiro Prolbar
Whereas, A.J, l;og~Y, C.(.'. mado sin
to muo to graut hin Lel lerti of Adinistr
tion of the Estaite of and 11ti 0its of J. '
Craig, deceased.
Thesltro a11 thorefore to ,itt :mnd athnoi
isl all ;nd singular th hindlrel 11n
creditos of th) m:id J. T. Critig tleemt
ed, that tht'y ho 1t1l 1i1)),a"r bef'ore lilt
in tito Court of 'ratnte, to h beld 1
Piekens Court 1l1ume, S. C, on tih 1
d^y of Oct. 19t12, afler pubtlit+ation here
of, at 11 o'c;loek il th ft)reuoon, to shl
('ausvo if any they lavo, wIy the said Acl
mlinistrationu lhoutld not bo pnu tcd.
G+iven undlor my hand and s c.l, thi
13 day of Sep. 1902, in the 127 ven
of our Independenee.
J. P. P. C.
Pickons County.
By J. B. Nowbory, Esquire, Probat
Vhereas, R. A. Bowont m11ado ou
to mo to grant himt letteri of adlinistrI
tiotn of tho estalto and eflcots of R?ee
Bowen, deceased.
These nan tllerofor to cito and( a
monish all1 and singular tho kindred au1
creditors of tho :snid Roe'jo iowe
dlecossed, that they bo antd appear b<
fore me, in the Court ofI Probaite, to h2
hold ait Piokens Court Hfouse, S. 0., o
the 25th dany of Sept. 1902, after publ
cation hereof, at, 11 o'clock in the for<
noon, to sho0w cause, if any thely haiv<
whyl3 the said administration should nt
ho granted.
Giiven under' my hand antd seal, fte
8th day of Sept. 1902, in tho 127 3ear1<
our indeopendone.
J. B. NEWIiEiY, J. P, 1P. C,
When you are' suffering from r'hon
tism, the kidneoys must b)e toended to
on1ce so thalt they wvill oliminato thu uri
aucid fromn the blood. Foloy's Kidic
~uiro is thu most effetivo remedy if
tii purpose. R. TI. Hopkins of Pohi
Wis., say3s. "A fter unlsuIccessfully tdo
toring threo years of rheumatism wit
the bt st doctors, I tried Foley's Kidn(
Cure and( it cuirod mo1. I cannot lspetY
too highly of this groat mecdicine." Rc
& Webb Pickens & Chapmaa & Cllahe
.. . PICKE3NS...
Graded School.
Colorod Diepartmonit.
Next s0ossion beginsf Scytemohor 29t
Pu'pils living Outside' of towni and( 11
legaIlly tranlIsferre'd will be( I ri nied I
month1 I. Rtememb1er: "'An inv ~est.m1t
in knowledge alwaysH paiys th0 host ii
forest.'' Solomon says', "'Itecrivo kniov
ledge rathIer thlan echoico gold." Obc
tile Bible, sacriflec som1ethlin
and give youir children a1 chancCt to r,
civo knowledgo. Put them11 iln scho
at thho ginning and( keJ) t.heml them
unt ii the ending. Educantet hem tinn
their minds may~ he fr'etd from theo pre
uidices of ignorance and( gIiven a justk
and( moro1' enlarged JonIceptioJn of mec
and things. EIlucaIto them1) to the en1
that fhey may03 be good and1( intoll igom
citizens which is 11( the teief aim of t1
puIblic schoo01 eystem.
1R. K(. MOON, Prin1.
Uino Minute Dough Ourt
For Coughs, Colds aind Croup.
'Charlest.on, S3. 0,
Flounded in 1785. Stror.g Fa,
ulty; well equipped chemical, phly!
ical, and biological laborattoie
Library of 14,000 volumes 8aind t1
fltt Museoum of Natural IHistorn
ini the South. Elective cours,
leatding to the degreos of 11, A..]
8,, LI I . A. B3oard" with fu
n8h4d room ii Oolleg0 Dormitori
can1 be obitaine~d for' 10 a mnontl
T1uition, $40. One schoIlarshlip gi
ing free tuition Is I1ssigned toPic]
eUs county, the hiolder' to bc aj
polilted by the Prob)ato JuIdge- It
the CountIy Su1per'initendan1tt. Toti
tlxpensos for Schola rothipj studcenit
$112 to $180. All canldidaltes f<
admission are permitted to on
pete for vacant Boyce Schola4rshi)
whioh pay $150 a year.
Enthranlce Examn'atiouis will 1
held at liiokens on Friday,.July 1
19)02, next sson begina Septer
hesr 29, For catalogues addtess.
Hateriann 'flinid,.ini
New al,
Largest Stock
Nothing Shoddy=Ev
ull I f yutt w:l!van sl t)ly~u i1eOl
for you wtont IiId' tu.1. \' s hdy ie o sgIltt
goods t i:tt 111o1ey co)ui Id i)Ul h av, L(" W ere ou t
heO.sitalte to a 3"y tl'-t o ur i nc () W )II01 10e 11b
Goods Ote, is onet of the I wln(eort cotlo )I
to Pickons. Thiels ur, l):in fttes, We are t
to look through our ock. ,e
ny - . .... .........
to Clothing! Clothi
We can't begin to tell you u!e Roo
Suits for menn, Stotls, .31ims, an<1l Itegularr
Youths Sutits 12s to 19.,; ranging in Irice fr
'Is to 16s from 50c to 5.00.
', We are SOLi A(iEN''S for the
...CE;LiEBR A"T'ED)...
Horse Shoe Brand
'A O F -
Mei's Fine Clothing,
Mrs. Jane- Hopkins
F'or Ch1;1drenl and Youtihs.
W\iti 1)oubul Seat and 1nue'o. 'Tlies'
(' utits I1re at wc)ner, wtorthI th1ree timeiv+
. I 1h molloy sklke for thlemn. Ii von Im1.1t'O
it ('lc 'l of )oyN1 (c) lit up )ri;g theut
I e have () :io!ds for evoryllotldy--"1
to 70, all c)l1o1rS, StIe'S, am.cd prio' s froi n "2.
No us5(1 i o t:,11 k 1Shoes to) ( o nfor yo1t t
The Od Bt'liableo A.1"i41E'AXEI r'e sold.
o 1will ne'ver haV any other.
Dress Goods i
Shin uglo Miil Spivsie, I1nirno.", Blridles, Si
ugl, (hI n--sinlo and doublo barrel,
t"ll li Iie 'iH right.
n Seo for Falour 3.75, $4.2 , $4.50 and sl
1)Trimngs to im dolat,
. Your irlti;o ,olicitos, Catisfuotio g
r , nnours truly,
Slunglo lijig Sup ul, Harness Bridles 00 sa)
RuI. ussnl nddul arl
wit h prices right.a
pouds o i ) Ollar, III ~~u
MerIchants( hav i e ai
11 SLnuaeiuting i
ppintig thBpop
comee Wnt Your Tfwed
begVsl to real 1ti l You
h Alii 1uWatc hinpe foprc
4 .... { '0oeries all(1 C
o We VI >.h we' could teach evi
not weetl lthat looks t hat wa1y a11
Salways tihe highest--if you buyi
WeFo~ ke p 1 a'P*t all times a full line
FehSausage, anud CoThe. Fresh C
A ice line of Stationary, Tablets
Colored Cray ons &o.
tuotto, All goods sold for cash or bE
MRS. K. L. (
' tDo you like coffee? Wl
~* of the best roasted offee at Biba for
green ooffee on the market.
' If yon ever indulge, in Smoking<
d .y 5cts. And if you want a cheaper
~.Perhaps yotu CathWe away from hoti
course you don't want to drive hom~o
need not do it for you cati got anythhi
Tihe best flou' on the mnarket for t
follow undersell us on flour.
Plenty of kniven for the boys, an<
S We.have some bargaine n lm 8osa a
Uighest prioe paid for all Ount)
B'ridges &' 2
Lowest Prices
erything the Best.
't Wato timo looking for them hero
(I Onornlouis stock of the very best
il;ht at the' right prices. Wo do not
ng, S!hoen, flats, (lonts Furnishing
( te ad1(i belit selocted stock ever brought
lot talking an you will se when you
.g.. Clothing..
ng we llave to olfor von in this line,
n i1 prim from 8.i0 to $18.00.
olll 2.0() to $7.00, and childret,a Euits
i , littlc', old and young, from 7 years
50 to $15.00,
know the way to the plaoo "where the
" Try one pair of the Battle Axe and
Dress Goods I
Is, Caiss imores, Flannels, Plaids, French
Ie way of Dress Goods with Silks. and
Gc. Don't fail to see our line of ready
3fers. Big stock of 3lankets, Jeans,
i all sizes and price, Shingle Mills and
ddles, Laprobos, Trunks, Umbrellas,
ieggings, etc. Anything-everything
L75 per barrel. Coffee 8, 10 and 12
Thorn ley,
urnishing Goods a Specialty,
most exhausted the English
words to tell of the big
d and in some instances dis
until aidvertise ments have
Therefore we can only say
values that we can find, do
s and you. Our store is full
n't offer some good valued,
appreciated patronage, We
Les truly,
the tr'ading public to the
wv shown at Mrs. (Juretons:
:rybody that everything is
:d that the best candy is not
t from us.
of Hams8, Fish, Lard, Cottene,
heese always onl hand.
Lead and 'Elate Penoils, Slates
410, 00ome and let us 01 sl.you'strne
*1.00, The best 8 anId 1lb
all and get the Enlpro ICigar..ona
e1ger call for Wer Eagle or Old
ie and forgot your dinner. Of
without your din1ner. And yon
>g in the canned goode line,
he lnoney, We wont let the Othei
i pricos to suit them,
nd Dry Goods.
7 Produce.

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