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The People's Journal. f
A Cure For It
Ennui... l
At twenty-four Laura Kirkton had O0
tired of adulation and social victories, o
of meaningless compliments and inanet
small talk, of blase men of the world .
and envious womon, of "flanneled
fools at the wicket and muddied oafs Li
at the goal." She had drunk of the b(
pleasures of society to the dregs. 11er ti
wealth and beauty had insured her a ti
high place in the " Four llundred,'' of
which her talent and wit adorned. I
AL first, of course, she enjoyed iL, el
but after the novelty wore off and she
saw all the hollowness and heartless- ir
ness, the hypocrisy and sham beneath ir
the hespangled surface she sickened 8t
and tired of it. And so she had come wv
down to this remote village on the soa- F;
shore, far from the fashionable resorts ci
to rest from the crowds of Vanity Fair, to
and to commune with nature and live u
among simple folk who rounded out it
their lives in hard toil and simple o
pleasures. Still she was restless. e
There was something unsatisfied in her c
nature-a longing for something, she f,
hardly knew what. p
She sat in the window of the little ~c
cottage listlessly reading at novel. The e
wind was blowing too strong to render v
the porch confortable. Presently she e
throw down the book impatiently and y
exclanie(l: t
" Why don't wo see men like this in
teal life? What's the use of reading 0
about them in books when they don't
exist? Authors are dreaan.s, and
they write their dreams. l1e Bim is a
(lead. The heroes are all between the
covers of the histories and romances. 1
I would like to see a real man, just
once-not a shallow, insincere, sellish
soneualist, but a man capable of great
sacriiic and of absolute honesty of
She glanced out at the groat waves
(lashing madly upon the shore and
noted that the gale had increased in
fury. I1or eyes sparkled.
" how 1 love the ocean when it is
aroused. It is so grand, so powerful.
If I were a man I. would watt to be
like the ocean and coiuer all things
that came in my way.''
A bell clanged furiously and people
came running past the cottage and on
to the little government life saving
station. She opened the door an(1
called to one of the runners:
What's the matter?"
Vessel goin' to pieces on the roof,"
carne back the panting answer.
She caught up her lint and capo and
joined the hurrying throng. hero at
Iast was something real and thrilling.
There, sure enough, were the outlhnes
of a steamer rocking violently on the
great white line that marked thie break
ers. Over the waters camo the hoarse
alarm of the whistle.
The life-saving crow, eight in numn
her, were dressed for (lhe coinig hat
ie with the sea mai stoodl about the
great, cluamsy boat, oars in hand. They
looked like grim giants, btL as Win
nifred looked at the angry sea, they
became as pigmics with a paper boat.
"Where's Capt. Will?'' asked once of
the crowd.
" Over to his father's," cried one,of
the crow. " He'll b)0 comin' runin'
ina a jiffy."
"' Ye can't live in that see a minute,'' i
remarked a weatherbeaten lishmrman,
slhnking his heal. "lIe ye agoini' to i~
try it?" t4
" What are we here for?" laconical- e
ly responided one of the crew. " I lure n
hie conmes.'' b
A tall, athletic figutre bounded
through the group, knocking people d
right and left in his haste, aund in an n
mastant was in his sea togs-.
" What do you make at?'' lie asked1
onte of the crew, who was gazing earni
estly through a glass'
"Small steamer an' she's goin' to y
pieces fast," was the reply. " Seems p
to be seven or eight peop1)1 aboarti
GfnO woman's naear as I can nanke out." a
The captain seized the glass and( took
a <iuick look. Winnifred surveyed ci
htiim curiously. lie was a perfect
specimen of phyiciali mandhood; tall, mn
sinewy, compactly built and alert. IIis Au
blue eye was steady and p)iercemg. T1he
poise of his head was conflidenit, and coim
nmandineg. 11is cheeks were bronz,ed
withi exposuro' and clear with per- foa
feet health, Hie dhroppedl the glass and ]h
gave a quick wyord1 of command. Tihe cit
men sprang to their places, lie
" Ye can't giL through that sea, Cap." ft,
remarked the weatherbeaten fisherman. Se
"We'll try," replied the captain el
cheerily, and11 m an instant the boat ra
shot into the angry waves. An instant Lii
latter it was thrown violenitly upon the ar.
shore. A few moments sufliced to th
placte it ini position again. It was si~
evident the cap)tain was going to try th
again. The crew look a trifle dubious- ho
ly at, the mnountaimnous waves. Every th
face among the onilookers was grave.' ev
Manly voices were raisedl in prot,est wi
agamnst this courting of certain (leath. 1l
"This is not a fair weather service, "
replied the captain, sturdily. " We br
dIraw our pay the year around to be tir
on hand at just uicih a time as this. I a
hav seen a beat get t.hrough a worse
An o1(1 man with white hair and fal- sa
tering limbs, who had followed the calp -e
tain to the shore as fast, as lie coul,bel
pushed through the crowd andi droppedlC
to his knees. lie
" Will, lad, don't go; don't go," lie lie
cried,-wringing his hands. " Mamimy's
so sick-and y0'r0 all we've got. Deo'
throw yourself away. ~Nobody kin live
in them waves. I have been on1 the fr<
coast for sixty years, an' I never saw Lw
such a sea." s
The captain gently raisedI the old ari
man to his feet.,,
" Why, dad, you'd disown me af 1 w]
didn't do my duty," ho said, " ye know wi
you would, It don't run in our blood, at
It's all right. We are a pretty husky to
Jot. I guess we kin get through." w
Hie seized the old man's hand and TI
wrung it.- This time ho waited pa- tvu
tiently for the 'proper -moment, and of
when the boat shot into tlie waves it in,
was not thrown back. inj
It was a thrilling sight to the watch- skh
re on the shore as the boat pitched
'otm wave to wave under the iron mus
es of the oarsmen and the skillful
iidance of the captain. At every
imp it seemed it must be swamped
broken to pieces by the power of
ose walls of water. Sometimes it
aped from crest to crest. Sometimes
seemell to pitch directly down into
o sea, and W'innifred closed her eyes E
id shut her hands until the nails <
crced the palms, believing it was all <
rer. But when she opened them I
Ich time it was to behold the boat t
ill battling, leaping and plunging. i
lie old man was on his knees praying. I
At last the steamor was reached and
os on board were taken into the
)it. The return journey was a repo
ion of the outward until half the dis
nec was accomplished. The hearts 1
the watchers beat high with hope.
innifred had never exprienced such
notions in all her life.
Suddenly a great wave arose directly
the path of the boat, which (lashed
to it as into a stonie wall. In ani in
ant it capsized, and those within
ore thrown into the roaring sea.
irt of the crew and a few of the res
ted succeeded in grasping the over
rned boat, and one by one crawled
>on its slippery bottom. The tall
sure of the captain was seen helping
hers out of the water. It was soon
ident that there were more than
)uld retain a hold in the pitching re
igo. Two or three slipped ofi in (is.
uir. Then the watchers saw the
iptain rise and wave his hand to the
lore and then plunge into the sea. It
as after the two lone survivors were
ventually washed ashore that the
ratchers learned that Capt. Will said
j the others:
" Well, boys, there ain't room for
,11. Good-bye."
When lie leaped into the water a
reat groan went up from the crowd
I lc's a powerful swimmer, but no
lody can live in that sea," remarked
,he weatherboaten fisherman, grimly.
But they all waited and watched
Suddenly the white-haired father ut
tered a cry and darted down the coast.
A dark, soft object had been thrown
tp by the waves and landed with a
lhud on the beach. Winnifred was
icarcely behind the father in reaching
it. It was the captain, limp and white
and motionless. The old man was
down beside him, chafing his hands
and calling to him. Involuntarily
Winnifred dropped onto the cold,
wet beach and (rew the man's head ill
her lap, while she tried to
infuse warmth into the icy temples.
The old ilsherman poured the contents
of a flash down his ihirout, and all
measures to revive him were soonl inl
progress. It was not now work to
these fisherman, and soon they w.re
rewarded by a perceptible mloveoent
of the chest.
Winntlifred insisted onl his being car
rled into her cotta;e, which was by far
the nearest, and he was snugly enscon
ced in her softeal hed. Through the
d.ays following she nillrsed hiln as
4idtuously. It had beeni a fearful strain
ind his recovery was sow . As th1.
lays p'assc<l she realiz.ed that sihe hada
ounlld the hiero of her dreams in this
cantly educated, splendid y'ounIg giant
vhio had so little fear for death anid mio
ligh a devotion to duty.
Nor hiad the charms of this beautiful
ndl cultured girl boeen lost on the mani,
hoin he came to depart lie thanked
or awkwardly for her care, and lnit
'told her ho wvisheod his convalesceniec
ad( boeen of longer duration.
She dropped her eyes and toh(l him
had beemn a pleasure anid a pirivilege
>nmitor to him. As she0 raisedl her
Feos theuir glances miet, and lie saw
>mnething that caused him to gasp for
reath and then to say eagerly:
" If you wvere of my class, and 1
ured to hope you coul live after the
todest mnnier of myl people I would<
sk you to let mie spend my13 life in re-t
alymlg you."'
They were staninig cloe together,
mid lie hold out h1is armls aippealingly.
lie dIroppecd into thorn as sheo whmis- I
"' Any3 mIanner of life wvill be heaven i
After hie had gone she smiledl mlis-.I
"At least he lasn't mnarryiang me for si
y mloney,"' she thought. " 110 dhon't ti
speOct it.''
lIo(v. (;1AMlm.:'AIN.-Ysteirday a
mer~ Governor of South Caroliai
Iniel H. Chamborlaiin, arrivedl in the
y and took qjuairters at the Columbin,
tel- Mr. Cihamlberlain was up to a
y years ago the receiver of the old
uth Carolina railroaud, no0w the ~
tarleston division of the Southerni
Iway, and under01 his maniagemientn
roadl prosplered greatly. When lie fa
~ived here yesterday it was thought S
it his visit would have particular
nmficanco. When ac0en at his hotel
3ex-Governior, who no0w makes his
mue at WVest jirooktleld, Mass., said
6t his visit had noe signiaicance wuhat..
3r. Ho recently lost his last 80on
o was but 17 years of age. Mr.
amberlam felt the blow keenly, ao
ich so that lie became comnpletely
ken down from nervousness and
mghl apparently well, his physician
/isedl him to take a long andc comn
to rest from labor of all kinds, and
ci that he needed a change to a
ier climate, winter having already
tun in Massachusetts. Mr. Chain
lain himself preferred to come to
lumbia, and lie stated last night that,
initende1d to spend the entire winter ~
0.-The State, Oct. lst. ci
l'WNTY Six KILLED -A dispatch
im Paris says that on Saturday last Of
onty-six personis were killed and a nc
>re of people injured as the result of "
accident to an express train from in
lIe to Paris. The train left the rails WI
iile crossing the switch at Arleux, Ici
lore It did net stop, and while goin he
great speed. The locomotive anE ae
cider were upset and the carriages "
iro piled up and smashied to pieces. oE
10 bodIes of 16 men, I wo. WOme an(
o girls, all French, were taken out slE
the wreck. About 50 peOrsonus were ""
lured and many of them mare suffer- in
from broken limbs aind fracturedl
ills and are not likely to ........ _.
ON l'1ZESIDIiNTt8 L41d.
'Ite Bone Portnd to be Slightly
Affected, I;ut Now Speedy Re
covery is P'ronIiHed.
Another operation was porformod
iuiday on the abscess on the loft leg
f President Roosevelt. In the former
operation a simple needle was used to
cliove the trouble but now the sur
cons with a knife made an incision
uto the small cavity, oxposing the
>one, which was found to be slightly
if ected. The president's case has
icon progressing satisfactorily but it
s believed by the physicians that the
urther operation will hasten his com
dlte recovery. While none of the
loctors is willing to be quoted, they
;tvo the most positive assurances that
here is not the least cause for alarm
and say that on the contrary there
s every indication of a speedy re
.overy, that the aioa of bono affected
s very slight and will not result in
my impairment of the president's
nmb and there is no evidence what
wver of any matter that would produce
blood poisoning. They confidently
3xpect that the president will be on
bis feet within a reasonable time and
with his robust constitution to assist
recovery soon will be himself again.
Sectary Cori olyou at 3.30 o'clock
issued the following statement:
"Dr. Newton M. Shaffer of New
York joined the prosident's physicians
in consultation this morning at 10
" The increase in local symptoms
and a rise in temperature rendered it
necessary to make an incision into the
small cavity, exposing the bone, which
was found to he slightly affected.
Thorough drainage is now established
and the physicians fol confident that
recovery will be uninterrupted.
" The operation was performed by
Surgeon tixey, assisted by 1)r. Lung,
and in consultatiion with S'irgeon
(onaral O'Reilly aad Drs. Shaffer,
Urio and Stitt.
G.I. i).: It. Uowrl..,vocl.
" Secretary to the l'resident.'
The physicians took a roaeate view
of the president's prospects for getting
out again. He has becomto somewhat
restive because of his close contine
mont and the physicians are consider
ing the advisability of periittilng him
to take a ride ini a few lays. The
physicitn safy the luestion now is
sinply one of healing of the wound
aiiil roiterate that this will ho hasten
ed by the operation performed.
At the White Ilouse it was stated
that the pricldent was doing very well.
)r. Shallor called am while ho declin
ed to discuss generally the president's
casi, authorized in the most positive
manner the statement that there need
not b the least cause for anxiety.
Alis)LU'l:I.,Y No )ANU Kit.
INDIANAOLi.IS, Sept. 28.--The In
dianapolis physicians and surgeons
who plarticipated in the operationt per
formed on the president at St. Vin.
cont's hospital last Tuesday, were
Mhown the dispatch from Washington
annIouncing that another op)erationi had
b,een necessary and all dleclaredl that,
this wais not uniexpected.
D r. .Johin 11. Oliver, wvho performed
the fiIrst operation, sald:
"1Thie new operation is onily what
we all feared would be0 necessary and(
is the reason we ad(visedi that he be
huirriedl back to Washington. The
wound is by no mean dangerous al
though it is of such a nature as to re
jniro that, he give up the use of his limbl
~or sonie time, There is absolutely no
langrer that the limbi will have to be
imputa tedl or from blood poisoning,
DI). 10ward ICyerott HIale says he
vill try this winter to persuade all the
vomnan's alliances in the Unitarian
hurches of Massachiusetts to dlevote
heir st,udies the coiming winter to the
ubject of the world's pleace.
Anderson is to have ano,ther big cot.
on mill. Mr. R1. 8. Hill is to be the
irosidenht and( the building of the mill
s assured. The mill will havo 25,000
jpindles and wvill cost in the neighbor.
00(d of half a million dollars.
M iss Isabel Hlagner, Mrs. Riooseyolt's
scretary, has fallen heir to $100,000
irough the (loath of an aun t. She may]
sign her position as social secretary
the president's wife.
'1w .huvouen e., open VONmoh
and aee what luck will cilng you,"
.1he miothier smiles at the childish
aum, and dloesn't realize that it is a~
atne she as a woman has perhaps
hayed for a great many years. .
Many a womian is weak and sick,
ervotts and discouraged. She suffers
omi headache, backache and ether ills.
lie wants to be well, but all she does is
to shut her eyes
and open her
mouth for medi
cine and trust to
luck for results."
\~ She "doctorsn"
nimonth after
'N month, often
year after year,
in this same
fashion, and re-1
celves no0 permha
nent benefit.
Women take y
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescri p
tion wIth their -
eye open to the
.et that it cures womanl ills. It cutres
regularity. It dries debilitating drains.
hals in atanatton and ulceration anid
Ires feumale weakness. Tihere Is nio
vrltetPr ecription.P'thos who use
the lter,,,c w d I nceInen a tribl ce tio
pei.ui ever be~ veIia a, wrtes"rB. 0
laddocte wi to di'frerent doto .ith.
four months. and instead of getting bettr
as growing weaker all the time. I decided to'
your 'Favorite PrescrIption,. 'Golden Med
I Piecvery.' and ' leasan,t Pelluta * a I had
ardof the ma ny cures reting trom their
.I bought See bottles anud fett so miuch btt
' fler takinlg them that I ke it on lijitli In
well as ever In mny Iile, and 0o fir. Pierce al
y praise is due. I cannlot say enlough ii n favor
his medicines. Before I began takingh your
dicines I only weighed one hundred and
enty onds. ~I now weigh one hundred and
ty uds. gaied orty pounds in six
,nths. I shall doctor n~ more with home
prfects heal, thanks to Dr Pierce."m
Dr. Pierce's P'leasant Pellets clear the
addy complexion,
JaH. F. CarNOnt WoI all Fi
P'izes at a York Contest.
lDiscussing the recently publish
story of Brit Bolin, the " giant (1e
slayer," an old citizen who has pass
seventy years, reverted in his convt
sation to the shooting matches whi
used to have a general vogue in tLi
vicinity over fifty years ago says, t)
Yorkvillo Enquiror. In those days th
used to shoot for beeves with the rill
party of crack shots would make i
! purse at so much a shot, and tl
p)rizus, five in number, would go to tl
3hooters who came nearest the mar
le target consisted of a charred boa
with a diamond of white paper in tl
center. On the paper was a crot
and the quality of the shooting w
estimated by the distance of the abc
from the center of the cross. TI
object of charring the board was to e
sure a larger " tear-out" by the bulh
thus throwing the out.or edge of t
hole nearer to the c-:oss mark. T
usual regulations were 50 yards " o
hand," and 100 yards with a rest. T
100 yards shot was usually taken lyi
down, with a rest over a log. Sot
shooters preferred the off-hand shot
50 yards; but a majority of them wt
mclined to 100-yards shot. The ii
two choices were the hind quarte
the second two the fore-quarters a
the fifth, the " hide, horns and tallov
" One of the best shots in the countr3
said the gentleman referred to, " V
Jas. I". Carson, who was a coachmal
by trade. I remember, when a b
of going to a shooting match at I
'Joiner Place,' about six miles cast
Yorkville, where the Chester road
tersects with the Yorkville and ltc
Hill road. There was a grog si:
there, and shooting matches wi
frequent. On this occasion, I
Carson was one of the participar
His rivals feared him and tried to
hi with liquor. They did get him
take several drinks, and the party tl
No Hair?
"My hair was falling out very
fast and I was greatly alarmed. I
then tried Ayer's Hair Vigor and
my hair stopped falling at once."
Mrs. G. A. McVay, Alexandria, 0.
The trouble is your hair
does not have life enough.
Act promptly. Save your
hair. Feed it with Ayer's
Hair Vigor. If the gray
hairs are beginning to
show, Ayer's Hair Vigor
will restore color every
tim e. $1.00 a bottle. All drugaists.
aIn your drsg ist et unot miiply yot
you a bo,ttle. ii. astre ansi gIve the nameo
of your nearent *express niflee. A ddreas,
J. C. A Y Eni CO., Lowenl, Magg,
Charles G. Leslie,
--Fish and Ovsters
18 & 20 MAngIE'i sT-, CII^nILEsTVON, s.
CL;ai gnmetH of ('ount.ry Produce a
respoetfully solicited, l'oultry, ITgs, &c.
F'ish packed in harrels and boxes f
3ountdry trade a specialty.
U. W. IPAuuua, P'ickens, 8.
Groonavillo, S. C.
IIlayneswlorthl,Par'ker & R binso,
A t torn1ers-atg-Law;,
[ickenu. C. Hi., - - South Ca(~rolir
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ontractor and Builder
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Attorney at Lawv,
3 West Cotirt St. REEsNv1LLR,. S. C
Pra tlee in all the courts, State and
I was with him began to remlotnstrate
'Never you mind,' he said 'all I wainl
ve is sombody to wipo out and load mu3
rifle, and I'll show you how to shoot.
Tho shopting comntuolced, and afte
eds e 16 or 20 shots it was found tha
>r r ason had won al ivu choices
t ie and his frionds drove the beef hodm
was o fot hsfeat of Mr. Carson'
h was renembered by the rifle shots o
11 tho county for many years aftorwar(
10 as altogether unparalleled in the boe
1y shooting of the (lay. Mr. Carson wul
of to the Mexican war a few yeart
?p after this, anl died on ship while re
1P turning. lie was buried in the Gulf o
10 Mexico. Other famous rifle shots o
. the (lay were Finch Branch and Wilson
ed Garner. Branch was especially noted
as an on-lanld 50-yard shot, and it. tct<
to be said of him that he could no
a shoot much until he was pretty wel
to under the influence of hquor; but hov
ts true that was, I (o not know."
t, RAIsINi FANCY NT'Ts-A 1new i
le dustry for this section of the countr3
10 is the raising of paper shell pecans
If- Japanese walnuts and I:ttglish walnuts
he .Dr. A. II. Williams, of Lake City, ha,
ig solved the problem very satisfactorily
uo Seven years ago he planted a Japanest
at walnut and now has a tree that is bear
re ing very well. It coilmencnld to boa
-st the sixth your, with very few nuts be
rs; ing on it. This year the tree bor
ad about a peck of very flue ons.
'' 11e also planted an lngiisl walnu
," that is just beginning to bear afte
as fifteen years. The tree had three o
er it this year, but is in a very thrift
)y, state. Judging from appearances th
he nut is as fine a specimen as any that i
of shipped here.
in- lie also has several trecs of thi
ck papers hell pecan that are yielding well
op The doctor says we can raise any
wre thing under the sun in this section .
Ir. Florence Times.
ts.-- ---Efj-. -_ _ y - - -
fll Carl Lauren'ina Sandia, a t heologi
to cal student, who was with the Bald
iit winl-Ziegler Arctic expedition, ha
-- sailed froni laiverpool for this country
Women as Well as Mer
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
couragos and lessens ambition; beauty, vigo
and cheerfulness soou
disappear when the kid
neys are out of orde
or diseased.
- " Kidney trouble ha
become so prevalen
that it is not uncommor
for a child to be borr
- afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
S te ates too often, if tho
urino scalds the flesh or if, when the chil
reaches an age when it should be able t
control the passage, It is yet afflicted wit
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause o
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the firs
step should be towards the treatment c
these irnportani organs. Tlhis unpleasan
trouble is due to a diseased condition of th
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit a
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mi's
erable with kidney and bladder trouble
and both need the same great remedy
The mild and the immediate effect o
Swamp-Root Is soon realized, It Is sol,
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar 1:
sizes. You may have a ,
sample bottle by mal
free, also pamphlct tell- niomo or 5,wanle
ing all about it, Including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters recelvo<
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilme:
& Co.. Binghamton. N. Y., be sure an<
1'mention this paper.
- Cancer Hospital,
C 12th and Bank Streets,
... We Cure...
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any offer ever made for spot cash.
Write for terms.
L. A. McCord, M'gr.
rens, S. C.
J. E. Iloons. Presid1ent.
T1IME TlA LE.F No. 2.
. S&'Supersedes Time TIable No. I. Ef
fective 12:01 A. M., Feb. 1st, 1901.
110ead Down- Ileaid Up.
No. 10. 'TA'TIONs. No. 9.
M. xed' Mixed.
10:40 a m...Lv. Pickens Ar...2:5 p m
10:45 a m...*Ferguson's....45 p mn
10:55 a in........arson's.......:80 p mi
11:00 anm....*Ariail's.....2:25 p in
11:05 a ml........Mldi's.......20 p im
11:15 a m....r Easloy Lv...15 p m
4:00 pm ..v. Plckens Ar. 40 p JI
4:05 p m........ *Forguison's.......8:0 p in
4:15 p m.....Pro'.. i...iS V . :15 p
4:20 p m......Aii.......rals,,...... 6:10 P m
4:25 P m......*Muldn's...: 05 p in
4:40 p m....A r Easley Lv.... (6:00 i in
*Flai1g 8tations.
All trains daily except Sunday.
No. 10 Connects with Southern Itallway
No. 38.
No. 9) Connects with Southmerh liallwva
No. 12
No. 12 Connects with Southern Ralilw
No. 11.
No. 11 Connects with 80tithorn Ralway
M.For any ini formation applyto
- Generail Manager.
sought, and which has bot
luas borne the ilgnatnro of
as beein madelo under his per
iupervision s1nc0 its Iiinnicy.
no one to deceivo you In tii.
and " Jumt-a.s-goodl" are butt
I and endinger the health of
rlcene agins1t EXpeOrimetnt.
tituto for UOstor Oi, Pare
Syrups. It is Pleasnt. It
rpl ine nor other Narcotio
tr'u1antco. it destroys Worni
ruretc I)Iarrhm, and Wind
1'kouble,4 cu ros Constipation
utes fhio Food, regulates the
healthy anid natturabl sleep,
o Mother'S Friend.
Signature of
ye Always Bought
ver 30 Years.
nAnAY O1 HC T, f (W ToInR o$TY.
it Cost!
Bu g ies,
baetons and Wagons
ate Sacrifice!
Ir w ordi for it, but come andii see for your
,N.asi triut liIigh (Grade Wangonsa, t he
the (hvenia-boro, Tlaylor and( Oi: Chttanooga,.
of all kind', an ialwe are going to sell 0ur
LI ty well over buIt we have a few bargiais
i'letik hire, own~ our own recpos4itory aind
y'e have for cash or good paper. PolIte
eenville come an d seo us. W3 are alvays
D & C O.,
li kInds of
none bu tt Iirst-class kmnan
)o work.
al cardl wit.h our' address will bring at mian
buIy in car Iots and can give heli lowest
'E & 00., Anderson, S, C.
ent Co., Charleston, S. C
best Grade Painte
Jno. W. Masury's
Mixed Paint and
hades" Cold Water
. Cold Water Paint is
~terial ofalKnd
better thn any other, don't buy
rdware Company,
The Kind You Hivo Always I
in use for over 30 years,
All Coniiterfott,4, IlittiontS
Experiments that trifle wit1
Infants and UOildreink-1xp
What is C
CastoriL iN a, harmllless 11ubI
goiie, Drops and Soothing
Contilns neither Opium, M1
ubstancM. Its agc IN Its giu
'an1d alllayM FeVO1'hlriheS. It
Colic. It relieves Teething
and Flatuloncy. It a)4sinili
. Stomiach andl( Iowolsi, givini
Bears the
The Kind You Ha
In Use For O
r c
Carria:es, Surreys,
At an Absoli
Ut iti il) rs is r'ednheed. I Dono ' , ta e
self anud h)e
H arness of allI kinds at cost.w
Jones, and1 varIjh( iou otheo-r makiIes of tHug
St ld eba~ker andi' Weber; ;., (cheaper gradei.
Now i thebestsee,-oni for sellingei elo
par t t, f trn p1 olit. v'ie
Thear seas.on for Mules and(1 llorsts is pr
*Vth JsI)teim er, we' paat no honose renot or
dlo ourI 01wn w:>rk. W.e wvill sell anyWthing
and1( kind treaitm,enit to altl. Whenui ini (I
gid~ to see the p)-)eo l htheri they wishti
W~e hanLfdle 1
knowna to the tradeo and1 emi1ploy
to hint t
.If y'ou neced ainything in our lione a ps
with ei ~gns a1nd prices to vour hlome, Wc
pices. S&-llON FE~NLING AND) C014
Y'ours for trade,
Southeastern Lime and Cen
Headquarters for HIg
and Oils. Agents for
Higbest-Clase Ready
RaIlroad Colors.
Also for "Standard S
4 ,*0 Paint, the Finest on th~
Is the Leading .*
Pint on the Marke
-Dealers in BuIlding Ma
[f our full .ine of HARDWARIE ie no~
tOn' salesmen are out.
Doleman-Wagener Ha

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