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The People's Journal.
T. J. 1MAULDIN .............Editor.
W. L. MATIENY..........Bus, Mgr-.
Subeoription $1.() Per Anuum.
Advertising Ratos Reasonable.
E:ntered at tho Post Oflice at Pickens as
secoud-class matter.
Tirsday, October, 16, 19 O.
I)on't get diseouraged over the
conitinued rains. The sun will
como out and givo plent,Y of time
for gathering the crops and pre
paring the lands for tho small
grain cropm.
The city of G reenvillo propo os
to show the PCOI)le that she is alive
to her opportunities. A "Irado
)isplay" projeted on creditable
proportions will be an attract ion
in that business city this fttll.
If you havo a child that ought
to be in school and is not there,
think about th thdty you owo that
child and make arrangements to
givo it tho ad vantag.'s it ought to
have. Before many year.i the op
pOrtunites Will h going. See
about this.
I'h is is tto circus seasin. No
matter how often one has ii to
i eircus th,eru is still a kind of
longing tf go again and so-. the
wondoriul things t l.ey do and ki4p
to show. The childr.n enljuy theso
things too, and to see them made
happy is worth all it costs to take
them there.
Don't fail to prepare for a good
wheat crop for 1903. This is about
the least expansive crop made in
this country, and comes to maturi
ty at a time when help is most
needed. It is also helpful to lands
leaving them in botter condition
for tcultivation and really more
Now i; the time fo straighten up
old debts. Don't defer this matter
till all this crop's money is spent,
but strive to meet every obligatioti
as it falls due or at least before thc
wherewithal to meet those debts ii
spent and gone. Don't spend til
01(1 sCorCs are settled, and you wil
feel mn better shape to ask for th
credit you might need later ot
The greatest obstacle in the wa;
of most of our people is the rocli
loss extravagancoe they indulgei
seasons when money is not avai
able-they buy On credit and n
cossarily pay~ higher pricos than
they had the cash, and not seein
the money actually leave themn, e
the time of buying, are not in
pressed with the act of huyin
and. forgetting the transactioni
contentment of having the good
at the present, never realize ti
setting time how far they has
Some exchange has roiarkel
that, no matter how high coal goem
people in this part of the countr
will have "'wood to burn''. Bt
the coal stirke affects us even i
South Carolina. The groat bus
ness problemn of transportation
hampered and every business in
terest suffers as a consequence
and the popIle finally pay the
the p)rice and icost of the foolis]
braggadocio and reckless oxtremi
ty of the heads of labor organiza
Organized labor is good who
held withmn proper limits, but n
organisation which yields to th
selfihness of a few leaders has eve
brought the full goo,l of which
was capable. So long as the head
of the striking, organized labor ca:
induce their followers to resist th
reasonable offers of capital the
will thinkc themselves suooessfu
-regardless of cost to the people a
large, but the people will soon~ tir
of this senseless business and pop
tilar sympathy will be withdrawE
from the sbpport of a labor wa
that has its inspiration in the fool
hardineWaof a few leader.
Eduentioxl sha1pes the nil nd and
prepares the child fotr a1lthe world3
hold, for the full grown individ
tial either in the way of stern ee<
klous'duties or in the Way of prop.
be enjoyment of the thing. presen.
t,ed for the happiness of men and
lnon Doh't try to evade the rem
atib1hty Pf prepatlng your
Qdpu 0I 49 esautls gb ight.
all the education th, y will take or
can be nduced or eiiouraged to
take. It is wrong to regard child
ron ns the means and agencies of
merely worldly aggrandizemont
They are wards, worthy of every
care and thought, and not slaves
to be mado to do the bidding of
grasping parentb for tho sole Pur
poro of promoting their sollishl
timely intoresti.
The children of to-day Olijoy ad
yantages over the children of a
cfuartor of century ago, gif paronts
onIy seo to it that the opportuli
ties are not wasted or overlooked. ti
'1'lToso merchants who came to c1
the reseuo during the long heat of
slnmuor work may not always
have done for their own best in
terests in making advances, but
they had faith in thoir customers y
and took risks in order to accom- G
lnlmdto many of then. They are
mien whose bluinie4. is insoparahly a
linked With the business of the e
buyer an1l whoso success depids
upon the honest, manly dealings
of those buyers and consumers. y
It is the last they can expect that i
their del)t,ors now como to their 1i
ronee and help them to meet their I
obhliga( ions with the manufacturors
trom w'hom they bought goods
andt(e sipplies for the country.
Many of them doubtless used their
credit in order to carry on their
business, and should the poople
who owe them fail to pay, their
tm'thods of business must Cr a,e and
the people will lose their friendly
and timely assistance. And, att r
all,, it is business to pay up and
not to defer and cause annoyance,
expenso and perhaps a straining
of the confidence. Moot the issue
squarely, do the best you can and
the merchant will help you all he
** *
The ease with which the 1902
crops have b,eu made ishould not
make planters lose sight of the op
portunities they now havo to lay
the foundation for 1903. T'his has
boon an oxceptionlIly favorable
year. The seasons weore such that,
f rom plan ting to ''la yin g-by," there
was little time lost and the cropis
wore worked in due season and no
great loss foil to any man. If
reasonably good weather prevails
from this timo till the middle of
'November, the crops will be lhar.
vested and the salable parts there
of p)lace'd On the market. For
many reasoins, our ple~l should
be thankful. It any one0 thing has
beenoz pre'ssed( oin the observor's at -
ton tioni it is that the pe)ple in ev,
ery business have gone about their
affairs this year with one idea sal
giont-to got thuough' this year,
Sdoing good work, and doing it as
econom ically as possible. Trhis
e-helps uot only now when the ob
Sligationsa incurred in making the
crops are to be met but ini the way
of ani example and a teaThing to
tho effect that our people have
1 heen1 living too extravagantly and
I, that they can live with as much
y comfort and a great deal more
t satisfaction through practicing the
Li ways of economy than by giving
-over to an abandoned eX travaganice
a completely.
-Jardshi ps somiethnous try people,
,but every hardship ha~s its wise
lesson. T1ho good1 that has been
1 enivolveod from several years of
- crop failures is apparent to-day,
and thoughtful farmers are con..
eluding that a great deal of
1 the failures to grow good
crops and therefore to meet
e their debts contracted in the ma.
r king, in the past, ls to be really
t accunted for by the failure of the
u farmers to use those business moth.
2 ode in their farming which govern
' in all the world of business. But
we are cooming to realise the true
I status of things, anid risinIg to the
t exigencies of the case. Our people
a In Piokens county are beginning
to feel something of what they ame
capable and quietly moving for the
l' acoomplishment of the things poe.
sible unto them. Let themi con
tinue to econolnise and -to Work
with the intelligduce they know
they possess and their prosperity
and happiness are assured.
*' Was troubled with kIdney complaint
for about two yenys," writes A.HB. Davis
of M. S ling Ionnbutwo bottles
of Fleye KineyGuree nted a per.
manent eure. Bolt & Webb Pickens &
Chapnmin Osallan Liberty.
A. 1s. Baue, of Morgatntown, Znd., had
to get ti teni or twelve ttnes ini the
lie hd so r buacsheand ni
At 70 of Heart Dis
ease Contracted
During Civil War
Veteran Grateful.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
Effected Cure.
Ileart disease is curable, but in people of
dvanced age it (loes .not readily lend itself
or<linary treatment. Tt.cre is, however,
ope for all sufferers in 1)r. Miles' Ileart
uire, which we know from watching hum
reds of cases and from the letters of grateful
ufferers, will cure where all else has failed.
t is not only a wonderfu: ;ure for weak and
iseased hearts but it is a blood tonic, a reg
lator of the heart's action an<l the most
fective treatment ever formulated for im
roving the circulation of the blood.
"I)uring the Civil war I contracted heart
sense, and in 18)6, while living in the grand
d town of Lexington, Va., 1 grew so much
orse, I left there with ray wife to visit my
ster-in-law, irs. T. A. Kirby, at Roanoke,
a. While I said nothing to anyone I never
tpecte<l to live to return to the dear old
wn. On reachinr , Mrs. Kirby"s she insisted
should try 1)r. lr.es' Ieart Cure. I pro
tred a few bottles of it, al-o the Nervine
i<l Tunic. After usig one or two bottles, I
,uld see no improvement, and I despaired
i ever being brtter, but my faithful wife in
sted on keeping it up, which I (lid. In
rovement soon began in earnest and I took
all fifteen or sixteen bottles. I was re
ored to perfect health and while I am 70
ars old, I an comparatively n boy. You
r, are a benefactor and I cheerfully recom
ren<l I)r. Miles' leart Cure to suffering
umanity."-J. L. S.AuGHtm, Salem, Va.
All druggists sell and guarantee first bottle
)r. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
n Nervous and Hleart I)iseases. Addres
)r. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Id.
R (your own selection) to every sub.
- scrberOhnly 50 cnts a year.
m beautiful lored plater latst
faslo "s drg m,rn ing esonorr:es fangqy '
work ; hoe e d h.a nte; tno , etn. Su
ad aent w*yan tea n or te .
Stylish Reliable, Simple, Tp-to.
a, E. ilcal and Absolutely
Perfect- . al Paper Patterns.
At 8enmas Allowed and Perforations show
Batting and 8ewing Lines.
Only to anid is centa eaob-none hiaher.
"we for thrp. 5 old a nearly every city
an town, orby malt frora
113-115-l17 West 31st-St., NEW YORK.
All peorsons aro hereby warned niot t<
hunt, fi 4h, tranp 0)', ini any other wa~
treiono'hs o my lands. Any viola
tio o ths otice w~ill be0 prtoetetd tc
ftllost extent of' the law.
JatNeIs E. Hgood, Sr.
Sept 25, t4
Notice of' Final Sett(lment,
I will an)ply to J1. B3. Newbory, Probat
Jtudgo for Pickenis coumnt~y for a Ii.al set
tlament of the estato of Absolem Roper,
de toased, on the 23rd day of October,
1902, and ask to be di-smissedl as admiuls
Sep. 5 -iAd mi uist ratot'.
Persons htaving claims against thie o.
trate of R. A. (Green, d1e(eaised, re ro,
quesQttod to prese'nt the name p)roperly3
attosted to (to undersignod for payment
by 1st daty of December, 1902, and thost
indebted to said estate, must imake pay
mout to
Mrs, Ida 0. Green,
Administ ratrix,
By virtue of ani order of "J Bl. New'
bery, Prob)ato Jutdge, I will e'.ln
Pic'kenis to the ihgheost iddor for cash
on t he 20thi day of Oa'tober 1902 the per
st)iail)tprery belongintg It to ietate t)
of lritaw an isc"lhanons library, type.
writer't and ot har oilico lixtuires, 1 btuggj
ian-1libarne ss, fur niture anid many otheas
09(2 \.T IELD x
Noticee to Debtors and Credlitor's
Persons havinig claims against thto es
te of WV. F. ]lanssingamoe, decase
are requested to present the sament prop1
erly attested to the unmdersignedl for pny
mont by the 1st day of Doeeomber 1902
and thoso indobted to said estate mus
make piymont to
093XV. T1. F"IELD, Executor,
The prop.ietors of I oley a tionoy ant
Tar do not advertise this as8 a sure cur<
for consumption." They do nott clain:
it will cure this drt'ad complaint in ad
vanced eases, but do positively assort
thiat it will oture in the earlier straget
and never fails to give com.fort
and relief in the worst oases, Foley'f
Hony and Tar is without doubb the
grastet throat and long remedy, lie,
tame substitutes. Bolt aind Webb Pick.
ens Chapman and Callahan Liberty..
Dr. Cbasn. H,. Utter, a prominent phy
ulefan, of Panama, Colombia, in a recent
lette'r states: "Laast March I had as a
patienlt a young liady sixteen years of
age, who had a very bad attack of dysen
ory, Ev ery thing I1urescribed for hor
proved inofrootual and she waa growing
worse ovefy hour. Eer parent, .Wete
sure she would die. She had become so
weak thatus ould not turn over itt
bed. Whiat to do ait this .orlti~ .mo
meuit wA. stnc, for me1, but I tought
of Chamb faine Colic Cholera and IYa
rrhoea II&nedly and as a last resort p*o
soribed it; 'Tb most wonderful resnlb
was effeoted, .Within eight hours she
was feeling.muoh bet ter; inside .of three
days she wa,s upon her feet and at the
ofnd of one wee was entirely wveil,
ror sale by Dr5 O. W, Eatto,
All prsons ahereb,y areI not to
resspasa on la.nds, Any vila7
1)nthis P wil ha pro.sti -to the full
iet. o the law. ' .,
l'U buiying has conue
on P'ick".Is-Soil, we promliHcbd
thu crowelS of thrifty buyers
\"u have for your inspe
''lhse goods were bought in
that vould astorisl the mat
wo are going to give the tra
country. So bo on hand an
88 inch Brilliantine, assorted
50 M01h till wool Sorgo black o
1000 yards apron ginghans thi
1 ( tse Dark P'ercals the 7.ct:s
have yoa bought your
than you can buy elsewhor<
$2.98. Ext ra heavy Korse:
$10.00 to $17.50.
Big values in millinery am
We are showing a larg
ShEos otb'eis try to match
. 33i far th.t largest stoc
Cook Stovt s and HLewters,
Paittt, Oils and Varnisho
and Swift's Famous Wheal
h. his own ideas of taste
suits you, Vfhtn we houg
Second hand Peerless Po t.tt
It costs
all kiu<
in each town
Please utlin this paper whet
We Want Youi
:WQ' wish to caf attentl
full and complete line of
We Wishl we could tea<
ligt sweet tlt Idols that v
always the highst-if you
SWe keep at all times a fu
Fresh Sausage, and Coffee. iF
A ni~o line of StationarV1 T
Colored Crayons &o,
notto A1tgoods abld for nash
ng is Alb
iiced in carnost, and the Big Store is enjoying the
the people of Pickens county ono of the best tra
that, flock to our three largo stores daily boars us
etion the largost stock of General Merchandiso tI
connection with our four large etoros in Noi th an
ufactureis and wo have priced thorn to knock out
v Until Januar
Jing public one of the grandest money saving op1)
d get your share.
paterus is31s for 50cts, our price, 25. 200() y:
r navy blue, sells for 85e our piico, 50c 2500 y:
3 oc kind for only 3.1 cents. 3000 y,
kind our prieo 5cts. 4000 y
Clothing! C
fall suit ? If not you will find it here that fits well
Como to us for your clothing, A nice clay wc
/ suits the $7.50 kind only $4 50. All wool clay '
A Our Millinery Departmei
I the prottiest styles that wo have over shown . I
....Men's, Women's, Misses a
o line of of Men's, Women's, Missos and Boys Shc
us but they can't do it.
dware and Farmik
k of Hard%ware in the county. All kinds of turn l
Guns, Meat Choppers, Cross Cut and Hand Saws,
3. Whe.t sowing tnio and we have a full suppl
Guano. Our space is too small to begin to onaun
mnd necessity. Each in-lividual wants eomething e
ht we had the peculiarities and tastes of our custon
Ic Engine to sell cheap,
Orade Vehicles (
c o ur Co IU1lte
nothing, showing
ble Agents wanted -1
Annual Reduction
)xford Sale
Begi nn
ion of the trading publio to the Al
id Confectionaries.,...20
Now shown at Mr's. (luretons. sit"."ow
...:. Crackers.
h. everybody that. ever'ything is now ?5o.
niy arnd that the best candy is not $3 $5 pt
buy it from us., All Qoodi
Il line of Hams, Fish, taard1 Cottele,no,
rtish Cheese always on hand,
ablets, Load and Slate l'encilei 8latee
or' barter,
vays brisk
hirrgeust trado in its history. When we plautod our feet
dIiug oeters in uppCr Pouth Carolina and judgi g fromt
out in the statment that we have fultilled our proIise.
tat has over boon brought to this part of the atate
11 South Carolina in large quanties for spot cash at prices
all so-called competition, and from
y, 1st, 1903,
)ortunities that has over been known in this part of tiho
Lrds ( uting good dress styles, at 4o per yard.
trdi Stan1dard Prints sells for 5c, our prico, 31c.
irda checks good stiles at only dets.
ards sheeting the 5cts kind only Ic.
looks woll, waros well and at 15 to 25 per cent cheaper
rstod suit the kind you havo always paid $5.00 for only
o,"stel the ';;10.00 kind only $6.00. French .worstud rm
t is Complete. 4 4
t is tiot you woro g-ttiug your fall hat
nid Boys Shoes....
es at interesting Iricos and when it coues to valIes in
1u Implements.
1lows, Disc Uarrows, Disc Plows, Cultivators, Grain Drills
.arpenters tools, Pipiing, Blt'tirg, Builders 1Iardwar0,
y of wheat FortilizerR, annomated goods, acid wohatre.
rate the seasonable gools in oa;;h departmeit. Each one.
sp )cinlly .snitodl to his 0or her owii nead(ls. Wo htavo what.
ers im mind, the stock shows the influence of our purpose.
A ty lish H at?
Woo he us
a nico new stock
of these and
a lot of other
New Goods
e invite all
See us.
Let us Have Our Money.
s o;vinm on accoun,t will please pay p)rompltly this F'all
"Short Credit Ma~kes Long Friends."
e apJpreciate your frionidsh1 ip.
W. T. McF ALL.
lothing ancd hats.
ing Monday:morning June 30th we offer our entire stock of
kens, Boys and Childs Clothing at
..25 Per Cent Discount off the Regular Price.,
traw hats at 83j per cent dicut No hat carried from last
L3 Suits now $16.00. $18 00 suits nlow *13 50. $1060 suit
8. $15.00 suite no $11. 25. $12.50 suita now $D.88. $10.00
*7.S. $8.00 Buits now $0.00. $6.00 suits noW *4.80. $5.00
ute pants now 38 cents. 75 cenits pants 57 oent. $1 pats
$2 pants now $1.50. *8 pants now $2.26, $4pat no
~nte now $8.75. *6 pants now $4.50..pat no
Sold For CASit. . Remember the Date
MDn Street~ GreMyli 08

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