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The People's Journal
Notice to Subscribers !
L1'irt Janary notices wern sent to al
partios in arrears and duo '1'le Jourun
on KtubSCriptiont and othorwiso. Them
iotices inclided indehto-iness of 1901
and :1902.
Mr. W. L. Mithony is still with th
Journal and in charge of these nnttert
and will bo ploasol to havo all who 1avt
not complied with the reqeiost to sottl
embodied in the said notics to call oi
him at Th'le Journatl oile, in the Anthio
ny brick building, at the rear of W. T
McFaIl's store and aranuge such irulobt
ednoss at oe. A prompt eompliaiec
will greatly facilitate us in placing al
keeping our business ill proper shape,
RespectfiIl Iy,
Pub, The Journal.
Local and Personal.
-For Salo-One good yoke of
oxen. Apply to J. II. Ambler
Ambler, S. C.
--T. O. Jamoson, of the lEasloy
section was here on business Mon
-Court convenss hero October
the 20th, next Monday, Judge R.
0. Watts presiding.
-Dexpit, continuod rains, cot.
ton continues to roll into Pickens
corn mnding the highost markot
-II. B. Hendricks attended the
Congressional Rtepublican Con von
tion held in Anderson last Satur.
--J. Alonzo Brown, of Catuechee,
was in town Monday. He will
1eave in) the course of the nex
month for Atlanta to engage it
--Commissioners of electior
(stato) are requosted meet at. th<
Court IIouso Saturdity Oct. 18 at
11 a. i,
--The more it. rains the hardoe
the people work, and they are Iia
king a showing in spito of t1
weat her.
-Capt. Frank '. Mauldin S.I
S. A., camne in fro Fort A da:1ms
Newport, Rhode Isi dl, lst Fri
day, and will be witl relatives al
Pickens a low weeks.
-Dr. A, B. Wardlaw will re
turn to Greenvillo the first of nex1
wet.k to resum e his practico threc
IHo will come to Pickens twice i
muont an ~id will announce ihe dalet
of his visits in the Journal.
-An overcoat, loft at the ofic
of thle i1cath-isruce-M~orrow Co.
on election day Sept. 9th1, was ta
kon from t hat office by mnistako
Th'le return of the overcoat will b(
appreciatedl by B. F. Parsons.
--Owing to the failure of ti<
musicians to arrive, the en tertain,
mont schinduled for last Thurisday
night in the Court H-ouso did noI
materialize. A good crowd ha(
gathered and all were disappoin ted,
-W. T. McF1all and daughters
Ora and Ivy, left Monday miorn in~
for Atlhsta where the latter wil
receive the benefits of treatment
in the National Surgical Institute.
They were accompanied by Misi
Vesta Ash more.
-We appreciate the response o
all who have called and settled~
their indobtedness, andl believ<
they understand the spirit and in
ten tion of the statments issued frn
this ofBece calling for settlement ol
indebtedness duo for subscripti
and advortising.
--Your attention is called to the
advertisement of Mess, Neohey an<
Prince. They have Jocated at th,
J. D. Moore old stand on WVes
Ond where they will do a genera
merchandise business and sell goodi
to compete with the general trade
They are buying now goods an<
the purchaser will get the benefiti
of an up-to-da te business in trad
ing with them.
-Everybody in Piokens counti
is looking forward for Letter times
Thley are con,fidenitly expecting t<
find themselves in better shape a
the end of 1902 than they weore a
the beginning, and the nmajority o
them will not be disappointed be
cause they have worked and savec
judiciously, through a very tryini
year, to be rewarded with gooi
crops at fairly good prices. Al
this is encouraging and the peopli
are tuking advantage of the gooi
prospects of good times at han
and to come.
-When you come to court nex
week, drop down to see the Journa
people at the office in the brici
building in the rear of W. TI. Mc
Fall's store, and anything yo
may be able to do towards straigh t
ening up tho accumulated sul:
scription accounts of several year
pa8t will be appreciated, and yo
\ will have the thanks of the mai
'<sement of this paper, It is n<
"iness to allow debts hIowev(
~to drag along without attet
4[The multitude of thtes
ceounts makes a good itei
laced together and the
p yof putting this paperi
Ba. of subscribers, We d
nOt say this by way of appoalingt
any body in a begging wayl we as
only for what is duo. This Is bui
iness, and business methods wi:
ineet the approval of businessB po<
Weo, we are stue, because we moa
no rofieption on any7 Iua-'
--There will l a imissionary
rally at olrter's (haio' l noxt Sinl
day the 19th ii:st, oxorcises com,h
ilencing at I10 o'clock. Mlissionh
ary lecture at I I o'clock by Rev.
J. P. Al tawy. In the alternoon
1 theru will I t reoitationy by the
young peohl> of the community.
Thu pul lic is invit(d to como pre
- ptred to stay all (lay.
-Ih( third congressional repib
lican c onvntioun was held in An
doasun ont Saturday Iltlh Inst. J.
N. Scott waUs 110niminato<i for con
;ress. TIhei congressional uxecu
tive committeo was appoint.ed con
sisting of J. W. 'Tolbert, chairman,
J. I. Cochran, of Anderson, A. C.
Merrick, Oconee, Il. B. IIendricks.
of 1'ickuns and a member each from
Groen wood and Newbgrry countios
whose na1es wo havo not learned.
IR.. It Tollb'rt wLS endorsod for the
position of collector of the port of
Charuleston. The admiinistration
of Roosevelt was endorsed and
Senator IHanna was pledgod sup
port for national coitmtteoman.
We are sending out statoments
Covering the indebtedness of sub
scribers and patrons of tho.Poople's
Journal from January 1 st, 19.1 1 up
to Decumbor, 31st, 1902, two years,
as well as the indebtedness due
tho paper uhp to Jannary 1st 1901.
The object of theso statements,
plainly spoken, is to collect. No
reflection is intended against any
subscriber or patro11. It is a plain
business matter and one that looks
towards placing the books and af
fairs of the Farmr's I'uhlislh ing
Collpany and thu lossee in busi
ness iihape. The operation of a
nowspa(per entails Constalt ox
pene on the operator; he must
muot his obligations or thc laper
could not be printed. It has been
onr policy to withhold from 1pres
ing su.5elibers until a soason when
moey1(l) is availabi0 with which tl:ey
can (easiIly moet, their mdlohtedn( s;.
'he stat. unts are take'n fr(omll the
hook,;, antl if 1 any1 mistakes occrur,
and it is lil.-ly tlmit soi n will (,e
ilur inl ti 1,0 II i Uig of a ic i (d
I' arc-unt wet u ;l be only to gl(l
to mnke the Corn etin. In this
cont1 i )in V ' wallt It ex'reS our
thanks to tll sib.crihas anld to aill
wlo hav:"u contribut, d ill the sup
port. 0 o our busit1 ss an(d to Fayi'
that we lo<Ve worked fur the good
of Picko:ns couty and I or lpple
a1S we uders(t it.
L.iberty Item!s.
Th'le roados! WV hat about thorm?
hle y are hemlg hadly cut now~ ill
places with what lit.tle sho~wers we
have had. What wvill they be
a moire when v:: itr comes? We
haovc the mfatetiail on every side to
mako the road-bed solid. Why
not begin to apply it? Din't for.
get that if eveiry land owner shouldl
bo r'esponisible for the roads thro'
his prtemises thle work wouldc be
gin at onuce. We would flid rock
in the worst mud holes and ruts
first and1( some kept in good shape
duintg the year, as in other states
where they have such a law, There
is enough labor expended on the
r'unds under the pro'senlt system to
make fair roads, but in most in...
stances it is not skillfully done,
and the first thunder shower leaves
the roads as bad as before it was
worked. We n,eed the roads
wvorked under the direction of a
practical skillful overseer who has
mado road work a study anid a bus
iness-A way with recklese, harum
scarum work
Cotton Is being gathered with a
rush and theo click of the mower
can be heard in the hay field on
Ceery side0.
The King brothers are moving
their jplowv handle clips with a rush.
'fThe farmeis remember the hard
ground in a hot time with loose
p)low bandies and are taking hold
of it.
Rev. Greer' occupied the pulpit
Sat the Presby terian church I Satur
day night and Sunday and loft an
,appointment for the fourth Sunday
at 11 a. mn.
IJ. T. Watkins of Nashville,
Trenn., brought the remains of one
of his daughters to bury at Slab
town last week.
Enoch Watkins, of Georgia,
visited relativos hero last week.
SThe Association at the Baptist
chiuich (colored) }cere last week
was the occasion of an immirense
,crowd of the colored people gather.
m tg hecre Sunday. Fair order pro
v'ailed. Somne Iwore drunk. One
-1pistol shot was heard but no one
Skillod. Tile tratins wore crowded.
.iThe IRoverly Cranito Works has
.shut down a few dlown a few days
S 10 repairt some) of the machinery,
Li No Sunday mails here now. Let
other towns follow sumt and1 there
'will be n'o confusion through ac
r eumnulation of mails and |scattered
Sby the R. R. mail service, as under
0 present arrangremnt it accumulates
al on thomn from all quarters,
Y It rains every Friday and some
E times Saturday and Monday of late
a and consequently most of tho hay
0 cr01) gets wet. Cotton is being
o picke and sold. . 0,
c,14, 1902,
. * Attention Old Soldiers,
ta The will be a meeting of all old
e soldiers at Central, 8. 0, on 8atur
aythto W8h day of Qotoben, 202O
at 10nil~oaki h n nn h
weather permitting, if not t
meeting will )o On Monday, i
20'1h at 10 o'clock in the forenoot
The object of this meeting is I
get a complete list of all the 01
soldiers who went to tho lato wt
from this township.
Wo dusire and expect the aid
all old soldiers, also all the friend
of the old soldiers to give us a
the information that they ma
have or can obtain in regard t
their fathers, brothers or husband
who were killed or died in the lat
All come togothor on the da;
mientiono(l above vwith all the in
formation you have in your pos
'ession, whether soldiers or friend
of soldiers, and make a conplet
und perfect list of the names o
the noblest set of men that hav
ivor lived or died and hand i
down to iuture gonerations.
Yours of the Lost Cause,
Chin. Township Con
A Cure For Cholera Infan tum.
"Last May." says Mrs. Curtis Bake
of Bookwalter, Ohio, "an infant child <
our neighbor's was suffering from che
era infantum. Tho doctor had given u
all hopes of recovery. I took a bottJ
of Chamberlain's colic, cholera and Dir
rhoen remedy to the house, telling thei
1 felt sure it would do good if used a
cording to directions. Ir1 two days thr
the child had fully rocoveJL., and
now (nearly a year since) ia vigoro
healthy girl. I have recommmendt
this remedo frepiiently and have nevi
known it to fail in any instance." F<
ale by Dr. (. W. Earle.
Petit Jurors for Fall Term of Court, 190
Ed Farr Earle Konnemor
E. M. .uProo J. C. Cooley,
A. D. Mani, E. N. MicJunkin,
Y. D. Aleadows, II. Y. Lawrence,
T. -J. Ilavno, Jesse R. Ross,
J M, King, Allen Durham,
P. H. lioggs, J. S. I[. Price,
J. U. Mauldin, B. M. Bolding,
W. A. Dobson, C. L. Smith,
Rluin Fowler, Gee. B. Williami
,John M. Barr, Frank Murphree
A. A. Jones, Lawrenco Gilstra
.. \1 11lolcm(e ,RItob)t. G-riflin,
It. A. Fcstur, Jas. L. Ambler,
A\I lvnil nr John M l. Birazealh
Sain Rler.s, Samuel Looper,
Silas llinkle,Jr. Euphie Cochran,
S. M. Mcugh, Anthony Baker,
When .on are suffering from rheum
tism, the kidneys must be tended to
one so I hat they will eliminate the ur
avid from the blood. Foley's Kidn<
Cure is the most effective remedy f
this purpose. R. T. Hopkins of Poli
Wis., says. "Aftcr unsuccessfully do
Lurins t,bree years of rheumatism wil
the best doctors, I tried Foley's Kidne
Cure and it curcd me. I cannot spes
too highly o,f this great medicine." Ba
& W ebb P'ickens & Chapman & Cllahn
Liber ty.
1'ickens County.
In Common Plens Court.
J. R. Keith,
Willis Glenn, Sr.
In p)ursuanice of an order of forecl
sure in the above staited ease by Hoi
Ernest Garyr, dated July, 15th, 190
and on fie in the Clerk's office. I wi
sell to the highest bidder on
during the legal hours for sale, at Piol
ons court house, S. C., the followir
tract of laud to wit:
All that piece, parcel or lot of land
the county and State aforesaid adjoinir
lands of A. 0. Sutherland, J.3 P. Jon
and others, e:mtaining about fourtet
acres more or less and being the san
land conveyed this day to n
(Willis Glenn, Sr.) by the said J. I
Terms cash. Purchaaer to pay fu
papers and for recording same.
A. J. BOGUS, [L. S.)
Clerk of Court.
18th day of October, 1902.
West End Store
Neeley & Prince,
General Merchandise
Mess. J. M. Neeley and W. I
Prmnce have formed a partnershi
and bought the remaining stock
J. D. Moore at the West Er
Store. They will continue to do
general Merchandise business
the same stand, and will lay in
fresh, new tupply of goods Whim
will be offered at prices reasonab
and to compote with all dealem
They wilhl carry a full line of Gma
cral Merchandise. See them.
A Card from Mr. B. A. Morgan.
To our Clients:
As Mr. Blassingame has not recovey
from his injuries and is unable to atbe
to business, 1 ask all persons havIng bi
iness with the firm of Morgan & Bh~
singame to write to me at Green'vi
concerning same,
All accounts will pleased be paid
mue as they become due, I have not I
time to write you or call on you and i
therefore, request prompt payment
that I wilIl not have to employ a laws
at Piekons to .collect them. Thanki
you for yourpatronage, I am
Yery truly yours
Greenvlle, &, C
Chrimberlain's colio, oholera andl DI
rhoca Itemeday has a world wide ropu
tion for its cures. It never fails ant
p leasont and safe to take. For' sate
D)r, G, W. Earle,
the most healing glei ew
Sonind kidney. at sfe gulards li
koegtn k1ida It at id
4new on
t J. L. Bolt, M. D. E. 1. W
d Bo14, Webb and
We do not wish to burdc
f d cription of our vell.oquip;
8 harg -ains, but wo wish to say
] Th.ori 'ey and doing business
1nu biL. ik. We shall ondoam
V and purei . drugs,
To,i.te Articles, c
in fact most over. 'tDing usuw
storo, We call yot.'r .Moutoi
received also a full a. 'sortmont
250o to $2.00 each. A, 'l preso
compounded. Thankin4 ' YOU
liberal patronage in tho f, itur
ri Yotr
The Counties neod has 1
P Hardware storo has boon o
For low prices and line
bo pleased to serve the put
Easley Ha
A. K. I
P Has new goods stacket
More VaIuVs, Mor
money's wo
Note the following pric
take advantage. I spent tii
York for bargains, and I nc
1? Something everybody needi
r cents. Better fleeced and much
Ir fore at that prica. Drills at 5e,
3 15, 25 and 40 cents. Beautiful 2
h See mny dress goods.
It Quality the BEST
It is too hot to talk blanketi
- when you want them I can supp
ever bought such goods. My rej
shoes is too well known to Pickes
in g themn. Howlery and underw
able I have eves offered. Comec
I have.said.
A. K.
7.Weset End.
g County of Picke
n,Office of County Trea
The Rate of State, County,
One Dollar Poll Tax ani
In accordance with an Act to
ma3xocig January.1, 1902, notico i
P Trcasurcr of Piokens couutty willc
of fiscal year trom Wednesday, Oct
d 31st, 1L%ates per' cont, of taxaition
a ~Levy. tor State Tax, ...
it " Ordinary Cout
" '' Constitutional
ih * * Past Indebtied
s. Total levy for State and
Levy for' interesty on Pickens I
sb*ip, 8j mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens:
2j mills,
Levy for interest on Pickens
Sd pecial levy for. Sc o
Ls. *. 14 64
le * a 44 1
or ft i s
A poll tax of Ono Dollar pet
age' of 21 and 60 years, except sti
A commutation 'road tux of
titmo as other taxes from all mal)
yuar, except such as are exemptLE
At' 8slt of Dec. 1902, eight days
a~ reqinred under a contracot'.
by Taxes are payable only in go
National Bank notes and Ooitpot
3 dupIng t1#e Wear 1902.
, Padtdesiring informiaUti
siste the legatqoa of thwlt ptpe
fe tgns. pqfa ti .by shek wint
ebb, M. D. J. N. Hallum, Ph u.
Drug Co.
Hallum ,Proprietors.
n you by having you read a minute
pod drug store, or the offer of great
that we are the suoeossors of Bolt &
at the same old stand in the Free
or to always keep on hand the beet
tationary, Cigars and
's Candies, etc.
1ly found in an up to-date drug
to our line of Belgian lamps just
of Speotaolos, ranging i n price from
riptions carefully and acurately
for past favors and soliciting your
e, we aro
very truly,
is Drug Co.
)oon fult.illed. A first class
penod at Easley, S. 0. We
In the Hardwaro lino,
goods wo can't be boat. We will
ie. Give us a call. We also
-Best on earth .
rdware Co.
ey, S. C.
A R K ,
6 ARK9
I everywhere in his store. Is
e Satisfaction, MORE
rth than ever.
es and come to his store and
ne and money searching New
w have them to offer you.
;-Canton Flannels, at 5, 8, 10 and 121
heavier goods than I over had be
standard goods, Red Flannels, 10,
3lannellet, the 10r quality for 8 ats.
-Prices the LOWEST.
s and ladies capes and cloaks, but
Ly your wants for the least tuoney you
,utation for good shoes and cheap
as people to toke up space in advertis
ear stock the largest and most reason
and see me and make me prove what
uurer Pickens County, S. C.
Pickens, S. C., Oct 15th 1 902.
ER 31st, 1<y.)2.
School and Special Tax, Including
d One Dollar Commutation
sad Tax.
raise suppllos for the fiscal year com,
s hereby given t.hat the office ol County
pen lor the collection of taxes for said
ober 15th, until Wednesday, December
ar" as follows:
....... .. ,, ..... .. Mills.
school taz,..,,,,,.....8 "*
)ounty tae,.,..4 mills,
t. R. bo ads, Pickens. Ouur& House Town,
[I. U. 1 ands, for Rlurrigat,e TowbIp,
ta U. I antds fror us'tlut T%wnsipi, 31
D~istr (0 No. 9, 2 hndlS,
" " 10, 81 :
" 18, 4
" 16, 2
" " 19, 2 "
t v' 28, 2
* "t -81, 4 .
" '" 8
ONIta n 'ail inale ciltizonsq betweeO th1
oh as SAMe eeIn by law, will e chiheuted
Onie Diillat Will be. volected et the 5anm
Ld ohiizete between the ages o1 21 atM! 5
4 ba law tess erld tax is paid by thi
!0rir tpon the p'46bc highways ~Yl 412
4 lied silver cob Unme~d Statews curre
it 1 t ite ROads Wbf,oh Woom aa
b .a $st t'8 u to1 Itlt te366 Will plt'*
?!,a icuay8 fore 6 wLya al
i~ 4.a h Oha P an-wttat
NeW fall
Largest Stock-L
Nothing Shoddy=Evei
If you want ch1ea) shoddy gno',c' tl.'t '
for you wont find them. We have b,gIht, ;1,
goods that money could buy, they were bough
besitato to say that our line of wmtor clothi.
Goods oto, is one of the largest, imoyt comp,,l,t
to Piokens. Those are plain facts, we 11 1c,l
look through our stock.
Clothing . Clothin
We can't begin to toll you the good thi
Suitb for men, Stouts, Slims, and Regulnr, r:
Youths Suits 12s to 19s ranging in prico from
4s to 16s from 50o to $5.00.
We are SOLE AGENTS for the
Horse Shoe Brand
Men's Fine Clothing,
Mrs. Jane Hopkins
ior Children and Youths.
With ]'onblO Seat and kio". Th ,v;,
snita are a Tondor, worth three im1en
the money am kc+d for them. I f you have
a crowd of be) '5 tD fit up bring threi
We hnvo Over 'at8 for overyl)ody-hi^,
to 70, all colors, stylb..: ar. prices from $2.50
No use to t:alk Sho, to you .for you all ki
The Old Reliable RA I 'FA AX$ .10( sold."
you will never haye any c'thrc.
Dress Goods I
All the latet st Is anl c'Oir, Vorstrds, I
Fla:nelu, for a iSS,' in ftt t--v tIhing in the v
T1'rimi1ings to mutch, Outings fi vlm rno to iSe.
made skirts, Vaists, Jankots, ('ap er snd .l eefer
Korsoys, Cotton and Woolen F"lailei:, till c' Iol
Hardware of overy deseription. Sttoves al
Shingle Mill Supplies, larne.as, .ri.le, Sadll
Rugs, (uns-single tmid double har M0, Leg
with prices right.
See our Flour $3.75, 1.25, 1.50 and wJ.7?.
pounds to the dollar.
Your patronage solicited, satisf;ctionl gnar
Yo1rt truly,
Folger & I
Clothing Shoes, Hats and Gout'i Furn
No Money So Easily
Saved in BI
Hero is a good place to savo. Now~
call your especial attenitiom this week it
and we wvant every lady in the coniut ry
goods. We have somo of' the nieest how
75 cents ant
We 'ver saw . We have a splend(id
Table Cutlery from 44
We have somne extra knives on the
here before this reaches the readers annu
a few to fill in. Weo will sell the.so kntiv
Examine our line of towels whetboe
We Have No Lead
but offer at all tim
We want all the-.
Chickens, Eggs, Bceswax.
Dried Fruits asi
we canf get always keeping mm touch wit
to give the top of the muarket at all tum
Craig Br
g&Watch this space for pricos~
Your Moneys wor
Kerosene oil et 15 cents per gallon
20 cents per gallon. Come and exanmil
for a dollar. A few gall giggers for pas
12 lbs green coffee, $1.00
10lbsaparohed coffee, 1 00
10e package of Arm & H
A nice new line of tulon's suits iat ti
a one horse town' I try to malto the pr
who want to buy goods and not thos
goud a line of shoes as is generally oarr
that never fails to move them.
Mr. F. A. Lewis is now chief salesi
glad to see his old friends. Satisfactior
John F.
Do you like coffee? Well if you
of the best roasted t3offee at 81bs for Q
greon coffee on the market,
If you over indulge in Smoking em
a o5ots, And if you want a cheaper e
e Perhaps you came away from homi
~0#Se you don't want to drive home
godntdo It for you can get anytih
e Thebestflour on the market for tl
Milow undersell us on flour,
Plsnty of knives for the boys, anv
-We t rarces
rything theBst
;ltt( tlllr k)>. inl" -> i h/:' hl' e t(r"
nol ri s c> o)f the v ry -',t
t at lh.' righ tt , p rs . WV. r', ,", t
>--8 , fla:ts, (b.I;t~1nt F m i:ii -:r
talkinfit y';)u \i:I 1tw' -
iging~ ii pi'o fr.in *2.AI-,
82.( Pt tc) = .01,r and ch -ii
litth(', ol and vottii;, fr o une
to .91.5.00,
Ow. theo way to the llce "wh:ti
Tr1Y On(' I'air-of tluh .tl.)ti .1 " :t.a'.d
%lt:simrcr, Finni w!r, P'laii(. P, rer' h
nyv of J)rvsn Goodi wit h SilksH mnd
Don't fail to Fee mur.line o.f really
H. Big itook of J lhinketsi, Je(tti",
r izes and price, Shtingle 1 l and
, .iiprOb el, T um111:c, imb relas,
gingH, etc. A . thli'g---v"rything .
per barrel. C0ul1'o 8, 10 and 13
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'1.00 Pan0ts for 50c
500 shirts for '35o
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