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The People's Journal
T. J. MAUL,DIN ..........Editor.
W. 1j. MAT ENY..........Bus., Mgr.
Subcriptiou $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable.
Ftored at th Post Olico at Pickona a
end.en " lass4 mattor.
Tiurslay, October, 30, 1902.
The Special Report of the Grand Jury.
We giye this week a completo
report of the Grand Jury made at
the last term of court as a final
present ent. 'T'his report includes
the report of the special connit
tee of that body appointed at the
Mar1-chl term to (xanio in to the
staitus of affairs and report on the
condition of the various county of
tices. This sypecial presentment of
the Grand Jory deals with the
matter of the Troasuror's office, os
pecially in Fo far as the adminis
tration of thi last two yoars of the
late Treasur,, r Y oungblood's term
are concerneed . It is exhaustive
itid presents the view of the Grand
Jury as a boc,dy on the unfortunate
state of tmings developed in that
office at th' annual uxamlination
made by the Conptroller (eneral
in 1901, antd en mliet ely exonerates
the late Mr. Yonngblood of any
int'?ntional shorteeomings in that
office. The Orand Jury gives a
full presentment and makes ur
gent recommnendiat ions towards a
ectifica tion it the errors reported
as discovered.
It iA ind.ul gratifying to all the
people of Pickens county that this
1ody, cllargcd with the duty of
bringing to light the true status of
this atfair, as far as possible thro'
their efurts, has seen proper to
thoroughly sift the inatter and
plainly and iiiut(jiivoc'aiy present
the findings es it doomed those
findings warrented. And this
fearless presentation which clears
up the record of a deadi man whose
memory is revered by all does
crodit to the Grand Jury in that
while they sought to protect the
interests of the county, they also
vindicated the name of a former
valued ofticer wit nout bringing in
to the qunestioni the oflisial ats of
any indilvidIual or public servant.
Final Presentment of Grand Jury Fall
Term, 1902.
To Hion. R. C. Watts, Presiding
Judge now in the Eighth J udicial
We, the Granid Jury beg leave
to mako this our final presentment
at this term of th9 Court.
1. We have passed0( on all the
bills handed us by the Solicitor
and rendered such returns thereon
as we thougbt the evidence re
II. It has been reported to us
that the road leading from May
field's bridge to Carson's mill has
considerable rock in it left there in
working the road. The road is
narrow, and we recommend that
the Conlmnissionere take steps to
widen the road and clear it of rock.
I11. TIhe roadl loading from
shady Grove to Martin's bridge
has been reported to us as being
in bad condition and we recoin
mend that the same bo looked af
ter as spee'dily as p)ossiblO.
IV. We fnd that in many pla
cos in the county where wire fences
run along the road, the lawv is not
observed in having boards or
planks or railing at the top of such
fonces as protection, and we re
Commend that the County Comn
mnissioners look int.o this matter at
their earliest convenience.
- . We observe that there Is a
growing disposition on the part of
the railroads to violate the Sunday
laws by operating their freight
trains ont Sunday. We 4ask your
Hionor that this sectLion of this re
port be referred to the proper offi.
cr to take such steps as may be
necessary to enforce the Sunday
laws in respect to the running of
freight trains on the Sabbath.
VI . We also call the attenition
othe County Commissioners to
the road leading from Crow Creek
interseoting the Eiastatoe road at
Clayton Martinas, or near there,
and respectfully ask that this road
be looked after.
VIL. We recommend that, in
view of the soaroity of labor avail.
able for road service and the lack
of innds uuder the present road
syatem, our delegation in the next
Lgislature take steps to secure the
Passage of an adequate law for the
purpose of placing and keeping
the roads In proper Condition fox
travel. We suggest as a probable
solution of this vexing Iroad ques
tion a general law requiring at
many as six.days labor by all per.
sonshabl for road utiy or a com.
mnutation tax of three dollars and x
three (8) taill property tax in aic
therooi, and in conneggion, we do,
*ire to Qommnend servd 01i04
~0 0
VIll. A Committoo of our body h
havo visited the poor farm and w~o (
bog to report that we find the farm t
In good condition, the paupers well
cared for, good crops maturtld for c
gathering and being gathured, and si
the general app>earanco of1the prom- 5
ises indicates that the farm is self t
ustaining. 11
IX. We beg to suggest to tho I
members of tlhe Board ol R'gistra- ut
tion of this county a careful and f,
strict observanco of all laws bear- d
ing on tho questiont of registration. 0
Wo mako this suggestion, not be- o
causo of any complaint as to spe- ti
cific lailuro of this Board to do its a
duty, but rather to emlipliasizo the
impll)ortanco of a strict adhereuco to o:
the i equirenuuts of this law. b
X. We Itavo hoard various com- y
plaints of a growing tendency to- h
wards gambling, observud espucial- P
ly around tile various public works u
of this couity. In tho iutorust of N.
the good morals of our county we h
beg to call the attention of all pub- )n
lic and peaice olliceis to this Ila-. C
grent violation of the law which tj
generally loads to other and still
more sorious violations. ft
We bog to oxtend our thanks to to
your Honor, to the Solicitor and to b,
all the officers of the court for the of
kindly a-ssistantico givun and the il
many courtesies show ii us, and ask 11
to ho discharged from 1'urther at- hi
tondance at this term of the cul t. afl
.lispectfully submitted, m
Ftoreman. b
S E'I-AL. . P i :" :EA'.,ii.:xr li.
To H1is Ilonor, Judge B C.
Watts, Presiding dud(:ge-LI
WVo beg loavo to make the fAl low- r
ing a specilal pretentmnt of this tit
body : at
Early in the year .1902, at the ti
first session of this G_rand Jury, WI
and during the Spring term of the d
aourt, a special Committee consis Si
ting of Mess. C. 11. Car1ponter, C. ati
E0. lamilton and J. D. .ldlor, M
members of of this Grand Jury, liv
was appointed to examino the ofli- (5
res of this couiity. ani
This conmittee its made a thor- tw
ough and painstaking examination of
of the oflice of the Treasurer and at
have reported the result of their "
investigations to this body which to
report is hereto attached and made
a part of this presentmenit as Ex
hibit "A". ct
in this investigationi they called 1
to their assistence such aid as they
deemed bost calculated to throw0
light on the matter of the alleged ti
shortage in the offico of the said ;
Treasurer which is said to have oc
cured during the term of oflice of c1
tho late J. T'1. Youngblood, and they ,
are satisfied of the thoroughness of t*i
the work donte and tihe corroctness a
of tihe conclusion at which they z<
have arrived concerning the stat.us
of affairs in that office, as embod- h
ied in their special report to this N
body hereto attached as Exhibit ri
We thiereforo recommend that p
the County Supervisor of Puckons b
county, by his proper w%arranlt on
the Treasurer, reimbjurse thes ad(- g
ministrators of the said J. T. o
Youngblood's estate for all the
mfOies' paid by thomn to covor this
alleged shortage and which have
satisfactorily appeared to our
committee andl to us as mistakes
or that our Senator and Represen- 0,
tatives in the next Legislature se-- e:
cure the passage of such an act as a
may bo doomed ne.aessary to ro- 0
imburse his widow and son to-wit:
Mrs. Eliza J. Youngblood and
Walker WV. Youngblood, as admnin- ti
istrators of his estlato, such monies n
as thley may have advanced to cov- hi
or the alleged shlortage in that of
lice to the extent of the carrec
tions, thirough discoverod mistakes
rep)orted in the special report of
our COmmliittOo.aB1 Exhibi)t "A,'' r
It is gratifying to u's thus to be ti
able, in the light of all the circum - P
stances, and in the furtherance ~
and supp)ort of justice antd the pres
ervationl of thme good name of a val,
ned officer and citizen of this counx
ty, to recommend thlis act of jus
tice to tIle immedliato considerationl e
of the court or of our delegation inl F
thle next Legislature.a
Trhe amount of thie alleged r
shlortage is Eight Hund rod fwenity
nine dollars Sovonty Two cents,
(*829.72), which is explained by
tihe report of our special comin nL
tee. Respectfully submitted,
To B. J. Johnston, Foreman, and
Gentlemen of the Graind Jury.
The undersigned, constituting a
special cornmittee of the Grand,
Jury, appointed at the first meet
ing of that body to examine into e
the affairs of tlie offices of thisa
county, have taken upon ourselves
the work of making a thorough
and complete examination of the ~
office of the County Treasurer ior
the purpose of arriving at a deter
mination, if possible, of the truei
status of the affairs of that office, e
espeoially in so far as ,the acts' of '
the late J. T. Youngblood arnd the
alleged shortage of $829.72 are
concerned, which discrepancy c
cured during his term of office.
A previous report of this commit
tee covers the result of our inves
tigations of the other offices.
We bog to reporb as follows I
On the 15th day of October, A. D.
1901, Hon. J. P. Derha'wt Comp
troller General, made ani exiamina- i
tion of the Treasurers books,. This
was after the dtes% of Mr. Young"
blona; Mia n A nna
in(, betweon the Conptrolle
letnoral and tho Treasurer sine
Ito 20th day of Octobur 1898.
Our inyestigation revoals a diE
r(pa4ncy or inistake in the annua
utmnary dated the 26th day o
optemtber, A. D. 1899, intendinl
> cover the receipts and disburse
entct of that oflice for the yen
B98-1899, wherein there is a fail
re to givo the ' Treasurer credi
r the sum of $273.22 of actun
isburselents shown by receipt
filo. ''his wo have proven t<
or sattsfactiont by a full oxammlna
on of tho disbursements creditei
nd the receipts of record .
We would note also that noithe
1 this dat.3 nor any time has thor
ee a formal settlement of thia
ears business with Mr. Young
lood and the statement of record
utrporting to bo a s&ttlemont, i
0t entered in tho handwrltin g o
[r. Youngblood neither is it siguc
y him, it not being a final settle
tent for that year between th
onptrollor General and the Coun
Further investigating, we hav,
und from ai xtnintati.nl of the it.
rest account of cortain bonds bel
on0 Henry 0 Hall and carric<
oUr by him after they fell duo unti
ey were finally paidon January 11t
k00, that thero appears no credil
von Treasurer Youngblood, in the
orosaid settlement or in any settle
ent, for the payment of this inter
t, thoughl we are satisfied that tHil
terest has been paid, since th
mnds have been paid and1 cantcolled
id are on file in the Treasurer's of
c, antid further the aflidavit of E
rank Looper who was Supervisor o:
is county at the time herein refer
d to, explanttory of this transac
)m, is hereto attuched, Exhibit "B,
d refereneu is mtade to it, which af
avit presents corre2tly, so far as
are ablo to ascertain from othot
la in the cilices of 1reasurer and
pervisor, tl proper addittona:
muuit that should be credited tc
r. Youngblood, as Treasurer, of
o hundred and fifty-one dollars,
51.00) which with the two hundred
d seventy three dollars and twenty.
o cents' (273.22,) in the settlement
1899, and abated road tax receintt
itunting to three dollars, (3.00,'
uich have not been credited, tlill
the eum of eight hundred an
.euty seven dollars and twenty-tw<
uts, (827.22,) which should now b(
edited as disbursements tade b
rettsurer Youngblood.
We present this as the result o
ir careful and thorough examina
on, confident of its correctness, an<
o are gratified that this full investi
ition not only clears the record o
to lato Mr. Youngblood, but impli
dtes no other individual or publi
wrvant, and gives the p)ublic a satie
dcory and conclusive explanation c
matter that every thoughtful citi
m1 deemed p)ossiblo of explanatiei
In this further invcstigation, wv
ave called to our assistance T. J
lauldin, Esq., who has given matc
al help in locating these discrepat
es, and we recommend that he b
aid for ten (10) days services in thi
Wto further recommend that ti
rand jury, by recommiendation, a
therwise, take immediate stejIs 100l
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A Cureo For Cholera Infani:tumi.
"Last May." says Mrs. Curtis Bako
fBookwalter, Ohio, '"an in)faint child
nur noighbor's was su,ffering from cho
'a infantumi. Tiho doctor hlad given 1
I hopes of reoovery. I took a bott
Chamberlain's colic, cholera and Dii
moon remedy to the house, Lelling thei
felt sure it would do good if used a
ardinmg to directions. In twvo days thn
10 chil d had fully recovered, and
ow (nearly a year since) a vigorco
eal thy girl. I have reoomm mendo
uis remedo fregnently andi have nov<
nowna it to fail in any instance." F<
to by Dr. 0. WV. Earle.
Chamberlaiu's colic, cbolera and Dia
moa Remueday has a world wvide repuut
on for its cures. It never fails uand
leas:'nt and safo to take. For sale I
)r. 0. WV. Earlo.
Notice to Debtors antd CredItors
Persons having olaims agaimst the c
sto of W. F. Blasningame, decease
re requested to p)renet the same pro
rly attested to the undersigned for pa
iont by the 1st day of Deconmber 190
nud thoso iudobted to said etta mu
itako pauymenit to
W. T. FIE~LD, Execuntor.
Pickens County.
In Common Pleas Court.
J. R. Keith,
Willis Glenn, Sr.
In pursuance of an order of foreol
tire in the above ated ease by H
Crnest Gary, dated July, 18th, 190
*nd on file in the Clerk's offiee. I 'w
all to the highest bidder on
luring the legal hours for sale, at Pie
us oourt house, 8. 0., the followhi
ract of land to wit:
All that pieoe,parcel or lot of land
he oounty and State afoyesai'd adjoinii
ands of A. (3. Sutherland, . P. Jon
ud pthe 8, ,oontaining ab)oi;t fourteo
ores m~o e or 'les anid being 'the sati
and conveyed - this day to ra
Willis .Ohenn, Br,) by the said 3. 1
Tierms ciash. Purohaser to pay f1
lapers and for recording sames
A. 3. BOGGS, [L. 8.)
Ohoi-1 of Court.
18th day of Ocitober, 1902.
All jnortOS are hereby warned not
tunt1 nshti'ap or, In' any other Wi
1es8pass Oti 1 and4s' Any violation
hi oie Ilbo rooa#tPt t0 thu ft
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bottomJ.l.aNeele &n .H
illter crek win onth noth y aJnd Wough the Semaiin tock h f
andDr3. renha, o te estan N.Moet the Dayst n
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