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The People's Journal.
Local and Personal.
-T. J. Mauldin has been con
fined to his room with grip this
-Dr. A. B. Wardlaw'will be in
Pickens Monday and Tuesday
Nov. 3rd and 4th.
-The Public School will open
at Roanoke on Monday Nov. 10th,
with Miss Eva Neal as teacher.
-Sheriff McDaniel, and daugh
ter, Miss Pauline, loft T'uesday to
attend the Stato Fair at Columbia.
All persons having left deeds,
notes accounts, books or other pa
per8 and evidences of indebtedness
in the hands of W. F. Biassing
ame for any purpose are requested
to send or call at my residence and
get same. Respectfully,
The stockholdors of the Farmers
Publishing Company are hereby
called to meet in annual meeting
at Pickens Court House on the
fourth Saturday in November
next, the same being the 22nd day
of November :102.
Don't Fail to Vote.
The Republicans have nomina
ted their man for Congress mainly
with tho hope of giving the deno
cratic nominee some trouble by
contesting his seat perhaps, It is
the duty of every democrat to vote
on Nov. 4 for the democratic nom
inee. Let every democrat do his
duty, even if it costs a little time.
Conic to the polls next Tuesday
and vote in support of the demo
cratic nominations asyou swore to
do when you votod in the primary.
This will block the way of the
Republican plans.
Turn Out and Vote.
Capt. T. J. Mlautdin, chairmnan of
the county democratic execttive con.
iittee, has received the following
letter from Gen. Wilie .l.;ues, chair
inn of the state executive commit
Ieadquarters of the State Democrat.
iC Executive Coinmittee.
Columbia, S. U., Oct. 26, 19(12.
Capt. T. J. Mauldin, Chairnman,
'ickens, S. C.
Dear Sir: I have been informed
tlat a white man by tIhe name of
Scott has been nominated by the re
publicans against Hion. Wyatt Aikien,
who is the Democratic nominee for
congress fr.om your' district. It is
very~ imiportant that every Demiocrait
ie voter should ho brought out on
eletion day November 4th, and I
write to ask you that you will do ov
erything in your power to get our
people to vote. This is thie only dan
ger we have. Got your county paper
to stir the pole up and urge up)on
them the great necessity of their ye
ting; otherwise our D)emocramt c can
didate may be in some danger of be
ing defeated.. I amn particularly anx
ious that a large Democratic vote
shall be cast, so that if there should
be a contrast before the House of
* Representatives, wh ichi we prosu me
will be Republican, that our candi
date may have such a large majority
that there can be no question as to
his eleotion. So that I trust you will
do everything in your power to get
our people to turn out and vote.
-- Yours very truly,
WVihie Jones,
ChOairman State Deni. E1'x. Comn.
Notice of Election.
For Representative in Congress Third
, County of Pickens,
Notie'e is hereby given that the Gen
eral Election for Reopresentative in Con
gross will lbe holdi at the voting precincts
fixed by law in the county of Pickens on
Tuesday, November, 4, 1902, said day
being Tueaday following the first Mon
day as prescribed by law.
The qualinocations for suffrage are as
Residence in the State for two years,
in the county one year, in the p olling
precinct in whichi the elector offers to
vote four months, and the payment eix
months before any election of any, poll
tax thL.n due and payable: Provided,
that ministers in charge of an organized
church and teachers of public schools
shalL be entitled to vote after six months'
residence in the State, otherwiso quali
9j Registration.
Payment of all taxes, including poll
tax, assessed and collectible during the
previous year. The production of a ccer
tificate or of the receipt of the officer
authorized to collect such taxes shall be
conclusive proof of the payment thereof.
I Before the hour fixed for opening the
polls Managers and Clerk must take and
subscribes the Constitutional oaith. The
Chairman of the Board of Managers cn
. administer the oath to the other mana
gets and to the clerk; a Notary Public
anust administer the oath to the chair
wnan, The managers elect their chair
man and clerk.
Polls at each voting place must be
opened at 7 o'clook u. im. and closed at
I 6o'lal. m,., except in the city of
ICharlso ,whre1 they shall be opened
at 7 a, mn, and closed at 6 p, in.
SThe Managers have the power to fill a
vacancy, and If none.of the managers at
ptend the- eitlens can appoint from
-aawongthe qualified voters the Manuager3
Iwho after being sworn, can conduct the
- ,~At the olene of the eleOtion, the nmana
~gsand olerk must proceed publicly to
I1nthe ballot boxee and oount the bal
(o therein, and.oontinue without ad
$0tupmeont titl the amne is completed,
and miake a statement of the reut' fot
oounaissionor of Election the poll liit,
tho boxes containing the ballot. an<i
written statoments of tho result of tho 1
The following a
have boon appointed to hold the oloction
at the various precincts in the said (
Eanloy-M. P. Itogers, E. B. Lathow,
C. T. Miartin.
Contral-Wm. Olivor, Ed. Stephens,
B. 1). Garvin.
Liberty-S. W. O'Dell, Frank Crane,
Jas. E. Parsons.
Pickens-Judgo M. Welborn, J. M.
Neoloy, B. C. Robinson.
lester's Store-I. H. Philpot, S. C.
Prior, Ira Hogsod,
Pumpkintovu-W. E. Jones, Forest
Koith, Alonzo L. Edons,
Eastatoe-A. T. Winchester, E. C. 'l
Bowie, R. W, Thomas.
Cross Plains-G. E. R. Williams, 1
George Lathem, Grady Jonos.
Catcoehoo-R. R. Child, J. P. Smith,
S. W. Howard.
Peter's Creek-Goo. W. Griflin, W, 0
N. Hughes, J. Silas Williams. ft
Mile Croek-J. S. Bowen, J. L. Mur- ~
phroo, F. C. Parsons.
Prators-C, 0. Lewis, R. M. Boldin -
S, M. Ferguson.
Six Mile-Allen Stewart, J. M. Porry
John Hlollis.
Calhoun-Thos L. Grant, WV. A. J
Boggs, W. N. Cochran. a
Holly Springs-Jas. M. Gillespie, i
Early Moseley, B. C. Ligon.
Gap Hill--Chris Abercrombie, B. 1
Mauldin, Edward Craig. C<
Loopers Gin-Emory Jonos, T. \V. a
Hill, Joseph L. Looper. (1t
Crosswoll--T. C. Spencer, Adolphus cl
Williaus, W. ). Garrison. 0
The managers at each precint namedl s.l
above are requested to delegate one of 1l
their number to secure boxes and blanks
for the election. They can he securedl p
on and after Monday. October 27th, at n1
the oflice of tho Peoples Journal, Pick- t1
ens, S. C. tit
S. H1.. Brown, Chairman, S1
It. L. Clayton, of
S. M. Perry.
Conmissioners of Federal Election for s
Pickens county.
October 14th, 1902. ti
For State anti Count y l)Illeers, and upon
Proposed Amloudment. to the .Stato
ST.I O- SoU1il t O'\ 1,)l1N.\, i Ji
I'11t-51% or PI'lia;*S.
IN' ' ,hely i" mt th- general Sa;
,e4e4"0ion for italte mielt ('onunty ollieer.,
will he held1 at thle voting pre"Inc'ts lItnSi"ribett
byv h11w in Sidia 'nty1, un TIuecatn.S, Novenuber
, li. sail 'hiy being ''ueslay follow ;lg the (
tirst \.\ thty ii Novi-inler. its l'rex-rihld by law
.\t lte saidl eit-I-tit,l ti a 5eparnt(e box "ill be 1e
lroidtit '. it whi"b y alitiet l-ettors will "oul t.
llI ihe di ptititi rt'jt:tion of an1 ni: erIi- J
int- t l Ilt - lat 1 t'4lit- l tl , i ti it s t iIotlleti 1 t1
thlt'e loll o liy, l el st rl, it Itt"-tllit tlio.
.\ lil t lie solutirn I'tol',tigi t i .\l rporl Sei- Ut
tio:1 II. of .\rti e t \ ll. of 11 t'aiuitittiti t f S
i ,ii:,, Iilt-liting to ut i tnt i Ion ty ;n- ao\
5:- In lY. Ii<r it rc',oi\ve: by the General As
ieintliy of t he Si ititt' o South u 'arrolin : Tht
tle hollo win alt it"tl1tii lt to c tion I , .\rti le 1.1,
\'II. I.t'thct-thUtIi In. he ,!greedl to: utlif to
the erltl thereot the lb,iwus words: that this Sti
set-tion rhltl ni ot ntl,y to tht llb-.o \ ing town- C!
rhil,s in thet f<slow\inI tuntic,: Daunkiin andtl
tuklh it i the i ' i iity <' -lev i l: t hl e towi- th
shilt o es b lki,ury. il cit\ty s aid t t oper iit
inthe ou it y ot' lr u : luiett wud s ie
Grov i il h l ir otlu t. of lutiit l . ni t the t'ort - li
plor te exi to t- id to %lishills be, utui the Co
,nli.e is hereby, lestrnyt'"I tn'i i1Il o1t er, untlter
itd totnships are Nolished and all corporate )
aetpreoved,e2tbdt f eray A, B i
11 x2. Cuoh u sto f a opig ti
a.en.!her shl be bnitte a theint ge-sI
brallti n oxe ato th lios asjlo folt ollow Thoe
log twitr thfo-lwiti1 worplint itdor tm, hetei
wittoetheiOn. "Onti ttoat ohinendinentStiof
Sectiorn 4.evenib of .rte eeno'te ont- re
htuthon,iiietirg utao t Cofnthe e sotin C ort pern- J
t dt fores Tuhos oppoC-s ed ts-eid amndmte i '
ohll fort ahc theyo ith stheflloigod
plaefyored hrxfor owitten the "olsu E
thena endmentttt ofth heo Elren of thce im
Ytolrl of thaerostittin, rehinge tho Couti to
tnd ot Govaersndnto tNo."k aNtay1
A'bi doesth adi2irthe ott Ferury th. Ch.,r- olt
mall.t n bxe atmnthi electionfir hren fow
Cn-oenrl. te t nerr..St t
llseat eac Members o plae Huse op ee ~t
Ce ntate 5.cty oihleston wherc heyal dr
bethe niers htmeso the perso tor personasic b
antd fnone of se Mttaers tenectey cndtie
can apotfrowicmte aroge qlle vote rs
Beethe ar hor fefr e inonca,. thp o:
MraeadClerk s must oetpullytokeanE thuballotbe
boes Coitutona ittth bTtet harao therenut con
ntoutlrdii oManagers can adiniterf the resth to
fo the othe angerid t the Clek; t Ntar .
Publin utamnse thre htstee tt the Chair
moarnTh elnaers elt thei Chausiormsn o
bitots tal tten votiinaet ofsthe openedlt of,
xcinthe tion.eson wer thie
The fManatgsttgers tepoetIon vacnc o0
and i npone to theecnagors at the vazn
Otis appotsInt ro aidonteqay: evtr
CheMnagers, wo, aftorbion, C.C rcand co. as
due thClaytion.
Atbte aloro the eleio, Cthutcinrs and01
Clerkemustl.L proerL Duhad pulcyiooen theblog
boxest andtor-eHunt,tebalt Abhern And Loper
atiues wihesteajrnmn.nitesm i
andA.p.lethrland k ttmn ftersl
chreaer anI Erndsig hesam.
Cr0ithin-te day threeate, the1" Chalirmn t
and the lnd rsom n eintdb h
anad muilt delier to theCmmsioes.f
Electeion thekol'in lisst, th bxe c untnd h
teetion. Snglto
oule reek-ls i h Cus,ad I counton ad t
anJ. er. Tyo.
Sentll-DL. Ros Evatn, C. P. FrIckso and W. I
V. Keateoe
Libterty-JWlt. Boggespi, C. . THutchins and
MV. T. Sitwh.0
PCkeon-JU.r L. Paner, .iR.Durha aon enl
M.d GrinC. btilig
Hollyr' Strig--Leigh Huntl, bne A. Lyooper
amnd WJ. .esoter. fh
Gampinto-. CrigD. . Finth, Ejan den J.0,
and A. C. Suheind .StOhnd onL )
Looster and ErhnesltiLtwi
CrossPlain-EmpIs.tu,JB Freeman an Jilams
are reLutse O(aeaeom ftheir Hunbe
tosatieh,. box cianister,k Jnor he Welcion.
Tn h i canbe cre o ndftrPEon
ter'sta hek--Pink Robins~o H. Hunt' and
John. 's. Sll,ngletonn
J. iH.ord.IA-S
Six ileD. . EvnW. PTO. 8ko1ndN
fr Ikenemoe.nt
Prater'shJ. E. Gillespie W.F.Tomknn
W.r. hwlin. Ute,a~ofe h. o
icahn,ofnamrra, Colyne, Timn Fannell t
tndry,M Pvertr. 1prsrbd o e
proved--T Ie.fca ran C. . wiland J.ro.ing
Loop er our, Juliarn.swor
sureoshel--A wu. diy, Joe ad Fre e n Jso
Tek thatagesa cul prnt named ovei ti
ared rWgn td to doleate this otir nmer0
troscur Reed and bans o he relertipo.
Thcnbe secured ot a onderfuondes,l00.
vaobeoh teloo oth eple' hournshe,
Comissoners o Staerand outy Eletio gi
for Pickenslcounty
(Continued from pago t.w u. )
ig to the reimbursement of the
mount of the shortag., to tlh' id.
iinistrators of the decoas;ed, j. '.
oungblood, Iwho promi>tly 1et, th ii
oficioncy, )enelintg a full inv.stin,.
ReIpect fully suil)tIj,.1
C. E. Ilamlilt(jn, ('1 '0.
C. H1. C:arpenter,
J. 1). 1 [older.
Sp)eci:al (.oI. Gra)d Jlury
Oct. 20, 19'I2.
Pickens ('o,unts.
Aflidavit of G. It. Ilendricks an d
. J. Mauldin,
Personally ap)p a(red before l (G.
. Hendricks and T. .J. iMtauldin, who
Itch being duly sworn says:
'hat hie has examined the records
f the County Coi)niissioners ollice
,r .Pickens County, S. C., with tho
'trpose of ascertaining whlther any
>ucber has over been issued to J. T.
oungblood for interest on lifteen
.5) Air Line ltailroal. Bonds for the
>ar runnin g fron .1 lJanuary 1899 to
tuary' 1900, and does not find that
iy such voucher has ever been is
Further, he ha ts examined the ac
unts of J. '1. Yountgblood from the
mnual settle:ou,t. Inado on the 20th
ty of October 1898 up to and in
ttding the annual settlement muado
I the 2Gti day of September 1899,
far ats said atcciun)ts appertain to
e general county funds, have com
red votehers w:ith entries therein
d find that inl the s(4ttlment dated
e 2G(h ay of September 1899,
ere is a failure to give credit to the
id Youngblood for the full amount
his actual disbursetnts during
id year by $273.22.
Sworn to and sul)cribled beforo mo
is 24th day of January A. 1). 1902.
(1. 1. IIendricks,
T. J. Mauldin.
A. J. Boggs, C. C. P. j sE.L]
1.x1I1I'T "I"
Per-onally aIppeared before me E.
Looper, vho, being duly sw. orn,
rs on oath:
That from the 1st day of January
97 ipl to and including the 31st
y of Dcember 1900, he w1as Su
rvisor for the county of Pickens,
t th Carolina.
b hut all 1:onds thcn outstanding
ainist P ticken)s counnty and known
Air Line lia ilr.oad Bunids became
e on the 1st day of January 1897,
d during the carly days of .Janua
1897 the lnst coupons on said out
anding binds were clippes and pro
ated Ior payment and paid, and at
3 same time arrangements w%ere
ade with the holders of such utn
'd, outstanding bonds whereby the
uds then unpaid wero to be carried
the bolders on condition that the
.erest oni the samo at 7 per cent
ould be regularly paid.
Thlat among thoe outstanding
uds1 on. the 1st of January . 1897
re 15 bonds held by Henry G.
til eacth of the deonominattoon of
00O.00 rep)resenlting ai total indebt.
1101s of $7,500 00. These bonds
re finally paid by J. T. Young
>od, the Treasurer of Pickens
a1nty, and on the 11th clay of Jan.
r~y 1900, an order was issued on
treasurer for the samne,
The interest on these bonds was
ly paid to my certain knowledge
J. T. Youngblood, Treasurer.
I have made a careful and pains
hing examination of the books in
i office and fail to find where said
T. Youngblood, as treasurer, or
lerwiso, has over had issued to him
sheck for one year's interest of
25.00 or any other amount to coy
said interest on the 15 Hall
It was the custom during n14y
'm of offlee for the holders of the
tstanding bonids to send state
mnts of the amounts due them as
terest to some repres entative or to
,ber the Easley or the Pickons
mnk. These motters wore present
to Mr. Youngblood and paid off'
him wsho afterwards presented
claim for the same at a meeting
the County (Comm issioners who
oreupon issued to said Youogblood
eir chock for the amount so paid
his voucher therefor.
Upon thorough investigation, I fail
find where any voucher has over
en issued to Mr. Youngblood for
e interest on the $7,500 of bonds
lai by H. G. Hall for the year im
odiately preceding their final pay.
rnt towit: The year extending from
nuary 1st, 1899,to the date of their
yment in January, 1900.
ft appears that those bonds werQ
id on the 11th of January, 1900,
erefore the interest due on thoem
>uld be for one year and eleven days
a total of $551.00, or thereabout,
di to my certain knowledge was
tid by Treasurer Youngblood, he
1,ving given satisfactory evidence to
e of the same at an invostigation of
e railroad indebtedness matters of
e county and at various conversa.
>swith him relative thereto.
Deponent further says that he is
tisfled from tihe examination of the
cords that no voucher has been is,
ici to Mr. Youngblood for any
nount to cover this interest, but i
rtain that said interest was duly
Sworn to and subscribed before me
mis 28d day,.of January, 1002.
E. i?, Looper.
A. J. B3oggs, 0. 0. P?., (SmA.)
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sm, the kidneys must be tended to a
uce so that they will eliminate the tiria
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als purpose. B. T. Hopkins of ?ola
V'Is., says, "After unsucessfully dc
>ring three years of rheumatism wit1
lie best doctors, I tried Foey' 07Rdlcne
lnre a1 it enred two, I~ oannot s,peal
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County of Pickens
Office of County Treasu:
The Rate of State, County, Sc
One Dollar Poll Tax and
V In accordance with an Act to ri
mnencing January 1, 1902, notice is l
Treasurier- of Pickens county will Ope
fiscal year (rom Wednesday, Octoli
81st. Rates per cent. of taxation ori
Levy for State Tax,..
" "Ordinary Count3
" " Constitutional sc
'' '' Past Indebtedne:
" " County Roads..
Total levy for State and Co
Levy for in torest on Pickons R.
Bhip, 8b mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens R.
2} mills.
Levy for interest on Pickens B.
Special levy (or Schaool]
64 44 4, St
44 -r4 I6 44
?4sof2 an 46 Ibr, xt 440
A commutation road tax of 0
tino as other taxes from all male
years, except such as are exempted
+81st of Dec. 1002, eight daye wc
t required under a contractor.
ana are payable only in gold
rDaoa ank notes and Cotipona
e' during the year 1902.
Parties desiring information by
Sstate the location of their property
thoe paying taxes by check mndet Ii
, M. D. J. N. Hallam, Ph 0.
Drug Co.
lallum, Proprietors.
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your wants for the least money you
sation for good shoes and cheap
people to toke up space in advertis
stock the largest and most reason
see me and make me prove what
rer Pickens County, S. C.
ckens, S. C., Oct 1 5th 19got
31st, 1902.
hool and Special Tax, Including
One Dollar Commutation
ice supplie8 for the fiscal your corn.
ereby given that the office of County
n for the collection of taxes for said
or 15th, until Wednesday, December
a as 1ollows:
................ 6 Mills,
t ax, **...... .......4 .4
hoo00 tax,..........8 "
..,...............14 "
..........,.......1 "
unty tae,....4 mills.
R. bonds, Pickeins Court House Town'
U. bonds, or' IHurricane Township
R. bonds for E~astatoo Township, 8,
Districb No. 0, 2 mills,
" "10, II 4
" "11, 8~ ''
" "18, 4 44
" "16, 2
" "19,. 2 "4
" "28, 2 "
S "81, 4
4. 4449, 2 "
6 5, 8 "6
blita on all mnae citIzens between the
as are exempt by law, will be collected,
he Dollar wilt 1)e collected at the same
citigtts between the ages of 18 and 0
by Jaw, Unless said taX is paiId by the
rk upon the pubbhi ighways will be
and siver coir, Uted States currency,
of State Bonds which become payable
mall in regard to their taxes will please
andi include postago for a reply, and
clude the obergte lor' CUloletbg,
T~reasurer of Pl1Okents aUnta.
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All the latest styles and colors, Wersteds, (ass
Flannels for waists, in fact everythsi1:g inl Ilie way c
Trimmings to match, Outings from ;u to 16e. I)
made skirts, W'aiuts, Jackets. Capes and Ileefers.
Korsoys, Cotton and Woolen Flanels, all co+lers.
Hardware of every description. Stoves all siz
Shingle Mill Supplies, Harness, Iridlet, Ssuldles,
Rugs, (uns-single and double barrel, Leggis1
with prices right.
Soo our Flour $3.75, $4.25, 4.50 and $I.75 peI
pounds to tho dollar.
Your patronago solicited, satisf:ction guarantc
Yours truly,
Folger & Th
Clothing Shoes, Haits and Gents Funish;
No Money So Easily E
Saved in BU'T
Here is o good place to save, Now a
call your especial attention this week to ou
and we want every lady in the co:untry3 to
goods. WNo have nomeo of the nicent bowlIs
75 cents and i
We ever sawv. We have a splendid lir
Table Cutlery from 44c I
Weo have some extra knives on the ronu
here before this reaches the readers anu i me
a few to fill in. We will sell theseo kicvesi
Examine our line of towels whether yc
We Have No Leader
but offer at all times
We want all the-..
Chickens, Eggs, Beeswax, '1
Dried Fruits and
we can get always keeping in touch with c
to give the top of the market at all times,
Craig Bro
?#''Watch this space for prices.
Your Moneys worti
Kerosene oil et 15 cents por gallon Is
20 cents per gallon, Come and examine
for a dollar. A few gall giggers for p)ast ti
12 lbs green coffee, $1.00
10 lbs parched coffee, 1 00
100 package of Arm & Hamnt
A bice new line of men's suits at the It
a one horse town. I try to makre the price
who want to buy goods and not thos wht
good a line of shoes as is generally carried
that never fails to move them.
Mr, F. A. Lewis is now chief salesman
glad to see his old friends. Satisfaction guy
John F. F
Do you like coffee? Well if you de, o
of the best roasted coffee at Bibs for $1.00.
green ooffee on the market.
If you ever indulge in smoking call an
ly t. And if you want a cheaper cigarc
Perhaps you came away from home atn
course you don't want to drive home withol
need not do jt for you oan get anything in I
The best flour~ on the market for the moc
fellow undersell us on flour,
Plenty of knives for the boys, and pricl
We have some bargains in Shoa anud D
Nighest price paid for all 00#8 cy Pn(
BNne d H
vest Prices
thing the Best,
tin10 lookinlg for them. hero
111Itu Htock of the very beat
the r>,ht. rices. We do not
o('H, flat", (usutH Furnimhing
. boit He(etel st'uck ever brought
(U n you will see when you
I Clothing I
wo have to (,1f'ir 'oul ini thiH ine,
ng in l)riee from *-1.r,0 "18.00.
)0 to $7.00, and chihliren tsuitj
. old and young, from 7 years
ho way to f he placo "whro tho
ono pair of thel Bnttlo Axe nod
,ess Goods I
boer('1'(, Phu'1e1l, Plaid, French
if ! re:a (io ld, wtih 11 ilktl andl
n't fail to ree ''or Iine of rondy
liig r.to.'k of Illank,"ty, Jeansm,
('y 1l,l prie, Shtio(n l l illrt and
Lproeo, ''un111k:(, 1UmhrelIlas,
H, ee. A.113-lhiing-everything
- arrel. (')o' 8, 10 and 12
n(g o a Spcially.
arneud as That
good time to begin. We
r oxcellenit lino of crockory
call anId examfinlO those
Lind pJ( itcers for
to of
o $1.25 a set.
lwhich will probably be
ilt every house keeper needs
u any quantity.
>u wvant to buy or not.
s or Baits
the beat values that we can.
allow, Dry Hides,
thor markets s'o wo are able
as good or tho samo oil at
:ny graniulated! sugar 191bs
1.00 pants for 50O0
50c sh irts for 35o
FUor soda, 5h.
nyes t prices~ over loff'erd ir.
af my goods suit the people
a want to sell goods. Aa
ni a small town at prioos
at my store and is always
rau teed or money refund'
amne and let tue sell'you'some
The boe 8 and 101b.
d got the EmproWCigart-ora
all for W~er Eaogle or Old
1 forgot your dinnor. OR
it your dinner. And yoW
he canned goods lino.
ney, We wont let-the othey
as to suit themn,
y Goods.
mmort4, 1

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