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The People's Journal.
Ilefore the Leave Taking.
The season at the national capital
was at its height; the whir of fashion
was in the air, and it seemed the so.
cial question would if possible absorb
the political one. K street was crowd
ed, for it was "Cabinet Day," and two
members of the President's olfcial
family resided there within a square of
each other.
"Somne people just think they are en
joying themselVes," Richard Stacy ox
claiimed, indicating with his cane the
stream of callers pouring into the Sec
retary's door.
"They are not after pleasure," iar
vey Johnston replied, smiling, "they
are following the band."
The two men had walked into the
street together and stood in front of
.J1ohnston's home watching the scene.
Oh, vanity of vanities,
IIow wayward the decrees of fate are;
How very weak the very wise,
flow very small the very groat are,
Stacy quoted-following his friend
into the house.
They left their top coats in the hall
and went directly to the library. The
low book cases lining the walls were
filled with handsome volumes, some of
them rare and dilicult to obtain, and
the center table was covered with mag
azines and journals, scientiflc and po
litical. A bronze head of Minerva
held the letters and loose papers on the
desk in place.
Stacy seated himself in an easy
chair and appropriated a footstool.
,"Thoughts are battling with each
other for a channel of utterance in
this room," he said, glancing up at the
busts of statesmen standing guard over
the books, "no wonder your editorials
are a surprise to your friendsl"
Harvey was aniused. "But my va
liant effusions are launched from the
ollice down town."
"Nonsense," the army oficer per
sisted, "1 (1o not care where they are
written they are inspired in this room,
I believe in this chair."
Johnston was looking for a box of
"I thought these could not be lost,"
he said, placing the IIavanas before
his gueIit.
It was growing dark, and the fire
had become the significant light in the
library. Clouds of smoke curled lazily
above their heads.
"I wish you would not leave Wash
ington tonight. 1 want you to go to
the Warrens' with me, they made quite
a point of your coming," Johnston
At Iirst Stacy way back in his chair
seemed too comfortable to reply, then
he leaned forward. "it is out of the
question, old man, I claim a social
furlough when away from home."
"Tell me, Dick ?" the editor watchedI
the rings of blue vapor as lhe spoke,
"'were you ever hiardl hit ?''
"If I uinderstand( you, no."
ihit the question aroused his inter
est. "H1aivey," lhe continued, "do
you remember a picture that hangs ini
my room to the right as you enter ?"
Johnston nodded, a look of genuine
amiusement, shiowinig in his eyes.
"It, was copiedi from a rough draw
ing I made mi war times.'' Stacy left
his seat., andI st.ood with his back to the
lire. "Today 1 thought I saw that
face again ; it, was some what older and
very miuch sadd(er. 1 was going to the
Navy D)epart,ment Lo see McNairy and
passedI her as I crossedl the avenue
from Lafayette Sqiuare,"
The servant came in to light the gas.
Many carriages rolled by outside, an
n1ounicinig the fact that the Secretary's
home for thie present, had lost its im
p,ortance as the gathering place o''
Iharry watched his friend with in
creasing interest. "I shall induce you
to remain over another (lay," he de
cided mentally, "upon the chanice of
meetmng this love of long ago, and take
you wit.h me t.o the Warrens' tonight."~
When Stacy was presented to Miss
Clarke, of Tennessee, that evening he
wa1s conscious of a suddlen exhilara
"Of Tennessee ?" he repeated.
The notes of low music fllied the
house, palms waved their graceful
fronds from niches and archways, and
brilliant women, aind what is better,
beautiful ones, moved from room to
"A good many years ago," Stacy
saidl, "I was much interested in a fara
ily named Gray; they lived twelve or
fifteen miles froii Memphis. The old
gentleman's four sons," he went on
reminiscently, "were in the Confed
erate army, but he dispensed a lordly
hiospitality, and later wheni an order
ws issued to destroy his tine ancestral
home we were able to prevent its exe
Isabel Clarke smiled brilliantly.
"TJLhe Grays are my dear friends "
she exclained, "and I have often
heard them tell of the time when Jean
]'rentiss dropped on her knees before
the handsome young officer, and
pleaded so eloquently wit,h him that he
revoked the order to burn her guar
dian's home." She glanced up Into
Col. Stacy's face. "I conclude you
are the manl"
Hie bowed his head in assent. "Tell
me," he said earnestly, "what has be
come of the Grays, of Miss Prentiss?"|
lie had not known before the young
girl's name.
"The old people are dead, the daugh
ter, Lucy Gray, is married, the family
is scattered and the homestead sold."
"And Miss Prentiss 7"
"Jean is here, in Washington, visit,.
ing the family of the Member of Con
gress from our district."
lie bent eagerly toward her. " Would
you object to giving me her address ?"
She gave it to him, and he left the
Warrens' that night thinking that at,
times It is well to follow the load of an
know no one by this name," Joan I from t
Prentiss said next morning, when of th,
Stacy's card was brought to her. tha n
Below in the library Stacy was hav- pl ha
ing a bad half hour. It was not a gottin
sound, brit an impression that made(u brougl
him turn his head; a lady stood In the podo
loorway for a moment, thou moved bonds
slowly across the space dividing thoin. Aat U
The eyes he well remembered were valid.
looking again into his own. cis 0
"My apology for coming, Miss P'ron- quent
tiss," he said, "is that I amll it ail notice
with a memory." hands
"And I, too, have not forgotten, Col. reasoi
Stacy," and she extended her hand action
cordially to him. the v
"I have found her," he exclaimed an Unitei
hour later, bursting into Harvey's the de
3anctum, "and she is all I thought or sa.d 1
ioped her to be l' the be
"I have been thinking of the old non-ri
,imos simce I saw you," Jean Prontiss the sa
laid to Stacy. those
She was very beautiful, her eyes would
parkled like sunlight on a jewel, and said b
ior laugh was as spontaneous and that I
norry as when she made the bright- count
iess of Gray farm. ords a
"I, too, have been retrospecting," of th
io replied, "and there is one scene the v
that will never leave my memory." then
I1e drew a yellow paper from his until
pocket and spread it before her, tainod
'This has been my talisman since 1 ships
lirst saw you." dale
Jean's color heightened as she bent Stt
aver it; she saw a kneeling figure, a lectio,
fair girlish face uplifted in supplica- alreae
lion, and great wondrous eyes that pendi
looked an appeal, that carried a com- and it
mand. Below she read: the pi
this y
" 'A face to lose youth for, since
To occupy age with the dream of, least i
To meet death with ' " aioul
"1 could not be so impressive now," their
she said, gazing sadly at her other self. cont
"This was the audacity of youth that the S
had confronted no failure." Th<
That night she wrote to Lucy Gray L,wn
Claire: alone
"I am coming home to be married ; inter
all the happiness of my life except this dollat
last has been shared with your people on be
and I want to associate them now in coh
this new era in my life." As a post- f,ctei
script she added: "Col. Stacy says that inous
Isabel Clarke must be one of the wed- debt,
ing guests." will
of es
To 'rH VoTEns or SouTr CAROLINA: ror I
The townships of Dunklin and Oak
Lawn in the county of Greenville; Cokes
bury, Ninety-Six and Cooper in the
county of Greenwood; Sullivan in th
county of Laurens, and Huiett and Pine
Grove in the county of Saluda, hereby
call to your attention the proposed
amendment to Article VII Section 11 of
constitution of 1895, which seeks to de
stroy the corporate exis'.cnce of the said
townships, and respectfully ask that
you vote in favor of the said pro
posed constitutional amendinent, for
the reason that it is the only hope to re
lieve the tax-payers of the said town
ships from the payment of an enormous
debt for bonds issued in aid of a railroad
which was never built, and for which
they have received absolutely no "con
sideration. The said bonds were ille
gally issue1 in the beginning, as the
citizens of said townships respectfully Ph
allege and will endeavor to show, and fact I
the said indhtedness hla been recarcd stay.
null and void by the enupreime court of a unn
South Carolina, whose do cision should the o
be accepted as final and conclusive by is at'
all loyal citizens of the State, the decis.. enzai.
ion of any other court to the contrary grip
notwithstanding. So then, the tax- and :
payers of these townships claim : case.
(I) That there is no moral considera- D)r
tion for the said indebtedness, inasmuch cures
as the conditions prescribed by the Act -andl
upon compliance of which alone the pirat:
bonds should be Issued, were never corn- for i
plied with and the peeople of these towni- have
ships have received absolutely no con.. It
sideration fror the said enormous deht, the p
the principal al..no of which amon'nts in aridt
the neighborhood of one hundred thous- tivita
sand dollars, and which has been diraw.. so ii
lug interest at seven per cent for some- cich
thing like sixteen ycears. "A
(2) That the said debt does not consti- ery,'
tute a legal indebtedness against the said 22
townships if we accept as final the do- As'a
cision of the supreme court of Southnoh
Carolina, which it ls our duty to do. ri{l,
That the decision of the Federal courts A
upon questions of this kind is not an
thority bin ding upon the State courts or
the citizens of a State has been fre- a
quontly decided.bo
In the case of Congaree Construction thei
company vs. Columbia township, report
ed in 40 8. C. 585. At page 539 the --
court uses this language : -
" Again, it is urged that, inasmuch as
the supreme court of the United States,
in the case of Folsom vs. Ninety-Six
township, 159 U. 5., 611, has been called
upon to pass upon the same questions as
were considered and decided by this
court in Floyd vs. Perrin, and has taken
a different view from that adopted by
this court as to the constitutionality of
the statutes there involved, (our own
court in that case having held the bonds -~
invalid) this court should now, with a
view to securing uniformity of judicial
decision, abandon its previous well
considered opinion and adopt the view rA:
taken by the supreme court of the Uni- an
ted States. While this court fully rec- i-'ino
ognizes the superior authority and bind- tt",,
lng force of all decisions of that, distm- nAll
guished tribunal in all cases involving sni:)
the construction of the constitutio nandi oa
laws of the United States, and is al- ~rc
ways ready to cheerfully follow and ac- Tia
quiesco in such decisions, yet we do not ;dic
recognize the superior authority of that ne
tribunal, or the binding force of its do- i'coIi
cisions, involving only the construction 31
or ialdity of our own State constitution ..
and laws. Upon such questions it is our --
sworn duty to pass, untrammeled by the,
dicta of any foreign tribunal, whether liii
State or Federal, no matter how high its
rank may b y, and to decide such ques
tions according to our best judgment."
The facts, are briefly these: In 1885
the Legislature passed an Act amending
an Acmt to incorporate the .Greenville
and Port Royal railroad company in
cortain important particulars, an d amo"ng are
thisincoporaingcertaintonhp ten
alog te lneof the said proposed ra ~ ile
way, and authorized these townships in
to subscribe to its capital stock upon the vicml
terms and conditions thorein expressed. reccil
These conditions were never complied themil
with, and the records in the office of the Main
county commisioners for the various
counties will so show. The said bonds
would, therefore, be invalid in tl.e hands __
of the or1iginal parties to whom they
were issued. Notwithstanding the fail
ore to comply with the conditions prece
dent required by the Act, bonds on be
half of these several townships were Is fra
sued in an amount varying from ten to
twenty thousand dollars to each town -
ship. A comipany was organized for the L.
pre tended purpose of constructing the
said road. This comnpany pretended to Whol
be gangn the rad, ..an hreb secured flO
he county commissioners the issue
said bonds. Shortly thereafter
impany failed and loft the grade
ucompleto condition, and the poo
ve no prospect whatever of er
4 the said road. An action was
it in the State courts for the pur
of testing the va'idity of these
and the State court decided the
icon stltuitiunai and the bonds in
(Bee Floyd vs. I'urrin, :30 8 U.,
.) Thereafter certain parties, who
d to be non-residents and subsc
purchasers for value and without
(the bonds being invalid in the
of the originmd holders, for the
Ls above splecilled) brought their
In the United States court to teat
lidity of the said bonds, and the
I States court refused to follow
cision of the State court in Floyd
rrin and decided in favor of the
loud holders. That Is to say, that
'nds were good in the hands of the
Isidents who might have purchased
no for value and without notice of
facts above recited, and which
go to impeach the validity of the
nds. (This too in face of the fact
he records in the ofilco of the
v conmmissioncrs for the various
.s, which records are public ree
nd notice to the world, disclose all
facts which would go tt impeach
alidity of the said bonds). Since
the matter has beon in litigation,
finally judgments have boen ob
against several of those town
upon coupons representing a part
of the accrued interest, and man
have been issued by the United
court authorizingt a levy and col
1 of a tax to meet the judgments
y obtained, and suits are still
ng against some of 'he townships;
masmuch as the first instalment of
incipal of the said bonds falls due
ear other suits will surely follow,
it appears that these bonds, or at
large portion of them (the exact
it we do not know), have found
way into the hands of non-resi
who can sue in the United States
and thus evade the decisions of
ate court.
debt against Dunklin and Oak
townships, in Greenville County,
amounts in principal and accrued
st to something like thirty thousand
a each. The principal of bonds
half of Uokesbury, Ninety-Six and
r townships amount to $4S,800.
ther townships are similarly af
l. You can imagine what an enor
tax will be required to pay this
and the number of homes that
have to be sold in order to
this unjust tax, it t;ome means
mape cannot be devised. It hangs
the property of the said town
as at black cloud, striking ter
,o the hearts of our citizenship,
ysicians are calling attention to the
.hat intluenza or grip has come to
In the larger cIties there has been
rked intcrease in dlisess axiTectintg
rgants of respi rationi, which increase
nbiluted to the prevalence of influ
P'ersons wh'lo are recoverin~g fromx
er influeniza are in a weak condijtion
)eculiairly liaible to pulmonxary dlis
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oisonous; accumulahtions which breed
feed disease. It gives incereaised ac
to the blood-inaking glands, and
icreases the supply of pure blood,
withi the red corp)uscles of health.
word for your 'Goilen Medical Disc
writes Mrs. E. A. liender. of Keetic,
cxon Co., Ohio. " We have been uisinig it
amnity ntiedicinie for more t han four year,s.
cough remed y and blood.- purifier there is
g better. and aaler having the grip D)r.
e's olden Medical Dilscov'ery is Just the
nmedicinec for a complete bracing up."
cept no substitute for "Golden Med
D)iscovery." There is nothing "just
>od " for diseases of the stomiach,
1, and lungs.
e sluggish liver is made active by
se of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
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ly pring pasturA crop iH rap.
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shutting out all rays of hope for the fu
tut . Unuless relief is had this debt will
practically dos troy the value of our
proporty, siuceo no one would care to
purhase property, or move into a tuwn
ship with such an enormous debt hang
ing over it. We are advised that the
supreme court of the United States it
solf has decided that in cases like this,
where the charters of the municipal cor
poratious are repealed, and their corpo
rate agents removed, there would be no
lon ger in existence anyone upon whom
the F"edural courts could lay tboir hands
in order to enforce the collection of the
tax provided for by the Act, and that
the said court is limited in its jurisdic
tion to enforcing the machinery provided
for by the Act a'tlhorizinlg the levy of
the tax ; that it ' annot itself levy the
tax, nor can It place the said tow.ships
in the hands of a receiver, and that in
such cases the creditors are without
remedy except to apply to the Legisla
turo for relief.
If this constitutional iuam ndmtent,
therefore, is voted, the townships having
no longer any legal existence would
have no corporato agent upoi whom the
Feudoral courts could lay their hands for
Bad Couqhs
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the purpose of compelling the levy of
the tax. and we would thereby be re
lieved from the payment of this unjust,
illegal and iniquitous tax which we are
called upon to pay, and for which there
is no consideration either legal or nioral.
Wo, therefore, ask our fellow citizens
to stand by the decision of the State
court. If a citizen of South Carolina
held any of these bonds he could not re.
cover. Under the decision of the Fed
cral courts a non-residnt purchaser for
valuable consideration and without no
tice can recover, thereby unjustly dis
crimninating against the citizens of our
own State if the said debt is a just one
and should be paid. We moat earnestly
ask our fellow-citizens to be sure to vote
the printed tickets, which will be fur
nished the managers at the next general
election, "Constitutional Amendment of
8ection i1 of Article VII of the Consti
tution, relating to Counties and County
Gove,nniunt, Yes ;" and also use their
influence at the polls to see that others
vote the same way. "Do untu others
as you would have others do unto you"
under similar circumstances is all that
we ask.
)unklin-C. D). Smih. L. T. It. Dan
il, .Jesse L. French.
Oak Lawn--1)r. V. 1). HIopkins, W. A.
M< Kelvey, Gco. W. Sullivan.
Sullivan--Wmn 1). Sullivan, 1. W.
Nichols, John W. Bocks.
Cokesbury--Wm. .1. Moore, T. J. E
lis, W. It. Moore.
Ninety-Six---M. 11. Coleman, J. P.
Phillips, G. II Taylor.
Cooper-J. II. Brooks, It. W. Town
Pine Grove and luiet --J. E. Brunson,
W. 1 Stevens.
Mrs. P1ilgoy: " I don't see how
you can manage to go to church three
times ont Sumay."
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tioitg no work of any kind on the Sab
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womrent to stay home and cook (linners
for their husbands on Sunday.''
M rs. 'ngey: " I suppose, then,
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irs. 'land: i ()h, dear, no. I al
ways Iike dinner at Mr. I hand's sister.'s
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ing all about it, includIng many of the
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mention this paper.
TDI13E TiA lIlh No. 2.
lYctive 12:01 A. M. , Feb. 1st, 19)01.
lRemo D)own. Ihead Up.
N o. It). ST ATION S. No. 9t.
M ixed. M ixed.
1t0:.10 a mi. Lv. Pikhens A r..2:55 p mi
10:45 a in...*egsonm's...2:4i p mi
10:55 a1 m.........*Paron's.....2:30 p mn
I 1 :ti0 a mi.........* rars......2:25 p m
II :05 a mi..........Malin's......2:20 p mi
Il1: a ai.n... A r Easley Lv..2:15 p mn
No. 12. S3TATIONS. No. 11.
Mixed. ' ' Mixed.
4:00l p in.... v. Pic:kens Ar..:10 p~in
'1:0)5 ' in......*ergson's..... :3) lp m
-I:15 P m.........ason's,... ..6:15 p im
-1:20 p' in.........Ariil's....ti: 10 p mn
-I :25 p in.......Muldin's...:05 p mi
-1:-it0 p m....Ar Easley' Lv...6:00) P mi
*la~rg Stations.
All trainis daily except Sund(ay.
No. 10 (Conniects wit,h Southern tailhvay
No. :33.
No. It Conne(cts with Southern HI iw
No. 12
No. 12 P'oi. eetn with Soullhern Railiwy
N o. II.
No. 11 Connects with Soot horn Raiway
EO .For any iniform ationi apiply to
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La. WV. P'aec<x, ickens, 8.CO
(1roenvilleh. S. 0.
It l13't'l1WOrli,PIar'ker & Rbilisoi,
Pickons C. 11., - - Sonth Caruilina
Practie' in aill Couartst. Attond to a
ulsineoss promnptly.
jF'Moniey to loan,
Contractor anid Builder
PI'lckens, N. C.
Attorney at L,aw,
Pr:eilice in all the couir,, State' aii
AMt.ornoy ait Law.
Pickens. S, 0,
Practico in tall t.heCourta.
Officn ovne Earles n,.Iugto,
I Fo r iIn
T eA egeta n>le Pr eparation li A s - w
similating lhceFood andfceguda
ting LtheStoitchsul IBowels ol' Bear
Promotes 1)igestion,Cheerful -
ness and Ilest.Contains nellher
O>iuml,Morphiinv nor Mineral. 'e
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Carriaes, Sureys, Bui
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At an A bsolute Sac
U[ il our 4)11 is re<lnee<41 l I '' on't. ' (ake o worEl I
H arness oif auI kimls' ai (co)5, we carry4 i1
N~ow is lte bet'. stee-on for sellig vehicles~ of allI ki
pat, p)r4fit, or II noprotk it. fre
The sea)on hor Mules aI lo S is prt ty well
yet, iiit i Hemember we' i:m: 1 no4) house ren. r c'lerik hi
clo our1 )~l own w'rk.. WI w1ill sell anyI hintg we haive
gI:I4 444I to n Ihe people wheIher liiiher wis Io .myv or
(orner (onIrt, River onIl .IIark -(In Sc relt's.
Wet LIuunIOi all kiitls
wit hi deignis arn1 IiC4 rice t oo home', Wet huy43 in
pies. Ed'i Il(.)N FCN UI N(i A NI) CO()l'ING 8P
Your41s for trINle',
four full .ine of HIARDWARIC is not bot,tt
t, Our salesmen are out.
oleman-Wagener Hardy
3FI K N' U STR~EIT, - . -.
$20.00 TO $40.00
Beoing Made nnling "500 Tannu in
book of legal 0n<1 lhsinessn fornu. A
Compendium of plain aind ornamontal
Calculator aind Farmer's Rockoner.
tA complote tet or interesis, Grain, r
meontn of CIS'rg'I.NS, Timber, Lumibc
onn volume. Over 472 paigos, 250 .1
It is a completo busino,n eolucator';
an<l1( girki ean areul na well ns men an
week. Agent. the onnyeo al 4
Bleling prico $1I.50. LIbral <tiisormntaU
infatction gu1aratood (or mfonvy runt
Circula.ro troo. .J. ?3
fauts and Children.
Kind You Have
vays Bought
s the
iture o
" In
- Use
For Over
hirty Years
mfs and Wagons
0r it, but co:Io aii see for your-.
rt l th -k ('utlnl Tyot
..ic i:lGr:ale Wagons, the
PhorIn, Tay (lul ChtJanooga,L
hlis., anI< w" are going to ell our
over buit wo have'u at few hargatins'
*e, own i our own ise initory awl11
forl (cash 0or gotI(l lpaper. Pollio~
-ome11 an111 see uis. WV. are4 al way3s
E lt , .
C o.,
I flr.'tt-class kiman
hith our1 atl<lress will btringo a man
rt lots anie l a giv VI.he.1( lowvest
ECI A I;Tii iNS.
CO., Andersoni, S. C.
r than any other, don't buy
rare Company,
TuRin<wn." -76 .i a completo ?Uanti4
tomle(tOe aln Ad1vir-a complote
Peonmnnthlp; a compJlOtO .IAgalIfhing
,nmsr andi 00ttin Tabe:; maure1
r, JAI Lo ll and en of GraLn, pto., Ira
brought. home to every purchooe.
: 500 agent. wantnol at onoo. 1t0yg - *
rI w'i>mon.
rI~ itoc dlay. Anottc'p 20 ii ol3
to urenitn., sendl4 250 for outfit; s&t,.
LIOIA s (0,L 'Ah.ThTA.AA 041A

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