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The People's Journal.
T. J. MAULDIN .............Editor.
W. L. MATIENY..........Bus, Mgr.
Subscription $1.00 Por Annum.
Advortising Rntes Reasonable.
RiCnterod at the Post Ofice at Pickens as
second-class matter.
Thursday, November, (1, 1902.
Soll your cotton at home, and
trade with home merchants. This
is good business.
The col strike is over and fuel
prices are coming down within the
range of an ordinary man's pocket.
* *a
Ootton keeps rolling into Pickens
because Pickens, even without a
cotton mill, pays prices that bring
it here. Our buyers are live mi
-they pay the top of the market.
Let every farmer and every bus
iness man lay the foundation
broad and dep for a truly success
ful year in 1903. Now is the time
to commence if we have not al
ready begun, and every day that
breaks with cheerful sunshine or
comes with rain should find us bus
ily making ready to take advan
tage of the good things to be of
fered to us in 1903.
Personally, it is none of our bus
iness, but speaking from the stand
point of one deeply interested in
the good of every citizen
citizen and in the public growth
and general prosperity, we want'to
say that we are delighted to hear
merchants speaking of good collec
tions and good business, to know
that old debts are being marked off
their books with the significant
word "settled", and that there is a
feeling of independence and liappi
ness, the result of plenty, promi
nent among the majority of our
people. Economy and hard work
did this. We want to see it re
peated next year.
Pickons county is sooi to have a
new jail complete and ready for
use. It appears to be a model
structure. planned and built af ter
a design which represents the re
sult of .long study and expor.ence
of experts who have made
this braneni of architecture a
specialty. Mr. Grandy, the con
tractor, is rushing the woric and
when it is finished It will be anot h1
er advertisement of his ability toi
execute and his thorough equip
ment for all classes of building.
This is a humane step on the part
of Pickens county, and the Super
visor and Commissioners may
congratulate themselves in that
they have at last sueceeded ini do
ing a thing which only the lack of
available funds prevented. thenm
from doing before. This jail ii
artistic in arrangement and safi
for its purposes.
We bever tire of singing thi
merited praises of Pickens county
There is not to be found. a bettei
field for the investor who seeks t<
place his money in manufacturing
enterprises, or for the man of hum
ble means who wants to build
home and enjoy the peace and thi
pardonable lordly mastery of hii
own vine and fig tree.
In manufacturing, this county'i
achievements so far make but ai
index to immense possibilities
Pickens county acknowledges n<
superior and hardly brooks ar
There is energy that it is beini
asserted in Pickens county, but
there is an infinitely greater
amount of it going to waste, while
opportunities are drifting by ci
going neglected through sheer in,
difference of the people. What
the people ought to do-what
many of them are trying to do i.
to get out of debt and on the cash
basil, no matter what the publio
debt may be, and set to work to
develop their own belongings when
unity, through a combination of
interests, will naturally bring into
existenoe larger enterprises and
broader public development,
The School law of South Caroli
na was.framed for the purpose of
poviding the best possible school
system in the face of bampering
londitlons, and further to provide1
tb eby school districts and sohool
to 50 th vequIfew,#t#
~'~k pt~* to 4
courage a liberal patronage of the
public schools. If the people d
not take advantage of the system,
its plan is practically a failure,
and its good effects will be lost
in every community.
The provisions for special dis
trict taxation by which it is made
possible for bettor schools to be
operated with longer torms is a fea
ture of the law that appeals to the
broad-minded, and every omrn1
nity has it within its range of
possibilities to operate a school
for nine months in every
year, simply by voting and levying
a special tax, which will carry the
schocls longer and after bettor
methods, and prove cheaper, in
the long run, than the ordinary
subscription school, and bring in
initely better results.
The Trades Display, planued
and carried to success by the busi
ness people of Greenville and all
public spirited citizens interested
in the growth and proper advor
tisenent of their city, is a sugges
tionl to the business men of towns
and cities not so largo as Green
ville. .What a place-a place with
possibilities of urowth-needs is
thorough but true and legitimate
advertisement, and in this kintl of
a movenent, Pickens might inter
eat lorself, assured that all her
supporting country would take an
interest that would insure the pres
out success of the enterpriso with
effective and visible results in the
near futuro. The accomplish muents
we have wrought are mainly the
results of the very advantages to
which our people, after long delays
have finally set their thoughts and
hands to develop, and those re
sults are but suggestions of the
things that can ho done through
united eflort, and the exorcise of
confidence and patience and faith.
Every public enterprise not only
helps the individuals having uon
ey invested for the purpose of
making money; but it h0ps to
bring the people of a coninunty
into closer relations and to realize
their inter-dependence and the
good of organization. It atimu
ates to the planning of other en
terprises and engenders a spirit of
fowardness that augments the la
tent desires in every community to
see that the cormnuity Prospers,
and if there is not sufficient capi
tal at home to do the things the
people want, they will not be long,
under united effort, in impressmp
the fact of the fitness and readinesi
of their community for the devel
opment that would be welcomec
and aided by every citizen in it. Th
one thing needed for Pickens an<
Pickens county is broader and comn
prehensive advertisement, tha
people seeking homes may knos
whore to find them in this most fa
vored community, and capite
seeking inneatment may kno1
something of the handsome return
experience has sh,own are to b
realized from money intelligenti:
invested in Pickens county.
Dr. Chias. HI. Utter, a p)romfinent phy~
sician, of Panama, Colombia, in a reoin'
letter states; "Last March I had as
patient a young lady sixteen years c
age, wvho hadt a very bad attack of dyse
tory. Everything I presceribed for he
proved ineffectual and she was growim.
worso every hour. Her parenta wer
sure she would die. 8lho had become s
wveak that sbe could not turn over i
bed. Whtat to do ut this critical mc
ment was a study for me, but I thougli
of Chamberlain's Cello Cholera and Dir
rhoca Remedy and as a Iast resort pr<
scribed it. TIhe most wonderful resul
-was effeoted. Within eight hours sh
was feeling muchb better; inside of thre
.days she was upon her feet and ut th
cnd of one week was entirely well.
For sale by Dr, GI. W. Earle.
A Cure For Cholera Inifantumn.
of"Last May." says Mrs. Curtis Ilaker
of ookwalter, Ohio, "an infant child
our neighbor's was suffering from ahol
era infantumi. The doctor bad given iu
all hopes of recovery. I took a botti
of Chamberlain's coilio, cholera and Din
rhoes remedy to the house, telling them
I felt sure it would do good if used a<
cording to directions. In two days tim
the ohild had fully recovered, and I
now (nearly a year since) a vigorou,
healthy girl. I have recoormmode
this reme fteauntly and have neve
known it to faAin any instance." Pe
ale by Dr. 0. W. Earl.
Chamnberlain's colic, cholera and Dla
rhos14emeday has a world wide repu tI
tin foi' its cures. It never falls andl I
ploeasu and safe to lake, For sale I;
Dr. G.W Earleb
The prop,tetors of Foley. a oney an
Tar do not?advertise this as a Sure out
for consumption." They do not olsitm
it will cure this dread complaint in ad
vanced cases, but do positively asse,
that it will cure in the earler stage
and never fails to give comf or
and reHet in the worst oases, Poley'i
Roney and Tae' Is without doubtth
greatest throat and long remedy. lIe
fuse substitutes. Bolt and Webb Plok
eans Chapmn and Oallahan Liberty,
The boat Obak .in'ts UWon
and Oi ts. to k
Did Not Close For a
Heart Trouble Baf'
fled Doctorrs.
Dr. Miles'Heart Cure and
Nervine Cured Me.
There is nothing more necessary to health
than sleep and rest. If these are denied.you,
if you rise in the morning more tired than
when you went to bed, there is an affection of
the nerves plainly present. If your heart is
weak, or there is an inherited tendency i:
that direction, your weakened nerves will
soon so affect ydur heart's action as to bring,
on serious, chronic trouble. Dr. Miles' Ner.
vine is a nerve tonic, which quietsthe nerves.
so that sleep may come, and it quickly re.
stores the weakened nerves to health and
strength. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is a great
blood and heart tonic which regulates the ac.
tion of the heart, enriches the blood and im.
proves the circulation.
"Some time ago I was suffering severely
with heart trouble. At times my heart would
seemingly stop beating and at others it would
beat loudly. and very fast. Three to four
hours sleep each night in ten months was all
I coultd get. One week in last -September I
never closedl my eyes. I got Dr. Miles' Nervine
and Ileart Cure at a drug store in Lawrence.
burg, after spending $300.00 in medi
cines and doctors in Louisville, Shelbvville,
Frankfort, Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg,
and in three days have derived more benefit
from the use of your remedies than I got
from all the doctors and their medicines. I
think everybody ought to know of the mar.
velous power contained in your remedies."
W. I[. Iluoiir:s, Fox Creek, Ky.
All druggists sell and guarantee first bot
tIe Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
on Nervous and I eart I )iseases. Address
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
All persons are h'bly warned not to
hunt, fish, trpil) or, in nny other .ny
lrwHspass on my lands. Any violation of
this notice will be prlrosecuted to the full
extent of the law.
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
---AL .
and Markers
Now in Stock at
20 per cent
ess than usual price. We have
ome exeptional values.
West End Store,
Neeley & Prince,
General Merchandise.
Mess. 3. M. Neeloy and W. H,
l Prince have formed a pit'tnership
, and bought the remaining stock of
SJ. D. Moore at the West End
Store. They will continue to do a
general Merchandise busine at
t the same stand, and will lay in a
r fresh, new tupply of goods which
.Will be offered at prices reasonable
Sand to compete with all dealers.
They will carry a full line of Gun
~' eral Merchandise. See them,
-are the most fatal of all di.
o~UL moneyuaranteed Remedy
or mneyrefunded. Contains
remeiesrecognized by emi
nen phsicansas the best for
-Kidkney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c. and $1.00.
3yur owa seection)to ev e r.
Poes yMney1JV4 Care 6,,
aska kid e an late i
Fall buying has conimmiee
on Iickens soil, we promised til
tlo crowds of Ii hri lv luyers fi
We have for youtr ins)eCtiq
These goods woro Ihought in con
that would astonish the ianufa
we are going to give ithe trading
(:uttry. So bo ont iinld ani g<
138 inch B3rillianttine, atssortod pat(t
50 mch [Ill wool Sergo bllack or in;
1001) yards apron gingliluas the 50
1 Case Dark 'e)rCals th i.i 'sts k ji.
Have you bought your fall
than gOu cal buy elsetwhi're.
$2.98. Extra heavy Kersey suit
$10.00 to $17.().
Big values in m11illitloiy and the
We are showing a largo lin
Shoes othors try to matrlh us bi
By far the Iargost stock. of
Cook Stoves and Heaters, Gun:
Paints, Oils and Varnishes.
and Swift's:Famous Wheat Gul
has his own ideas of taste and u
suits.you. When we bought w,
Second hnd( 1'cerlci. Prt
We Want Yourw
'Wo wis~h to call attenmtioi
full and complete line of
...Goceries an\d
Candies ..:
We wish we could teachi c
not sweet ait looks that way
alwvays t.he highest--if youbu
-We ktep at all times a full Ii
Freph Sausage, and Coffee. Fresh
A nilcoline of Stationary, Tabhi
Colored Crayons &c.
moto. All goods sold for cash or
MRS. K. L.
Cet Out of 0,
Its Gettln
Pnte umion I
You KnQvi
Lote.,of new Fall Shoes-Some
questioni about you getting compllet
from us,: You take no risk-WeV& g
perfect satisifaction. T1he largest st<
bet from1,
the bile wil'.be thanw
the-eteo.at the saietuo
by atneta aue
- . * $ thib IfodOth Eallua powi
-. b #bik, without, ehocke
Otse'. Bookile anid si
-? Ol' 0let. teament,
.ANr* 0R5
s Al
ii in earnest, and the Big Store is onjoying t
> pe0pl1) of Pickc'ns COtUt1f.y one of the best
t ilock to our three large stores daily bears
) the largest stock of ('enera1 Merchandisi
nection with our four larg stores in Noith
cturcis and wo have priced thaui to knock
Until Janua
public oni of the grandest money saving
t your share.
ius sals for 50cts, our price, 25c. 2000
vy bilul,, sells for S5c our piic;. 50c 250U
kind for only :t. cents. .3000
;i our price "cts. 'o0C
Clothing !
uit? If not. you will find it here that fits v
oio to ts for your clothing. A nice clay
s the $7.5 0 kind only $1 50. All wool cla
Our Millinery Departm
prottiest styles that we have over shown.
....Men's, Women's, Misses
of of Men's, Woimen's, Misses and Boys E
it they can't do it.
mare and Farm!
Hardware in the county. All kinds of tur
, Meat Choppers, Cross Cut andi I-aud Saw
wheat sowing timo and we have a full sul
no. Our :pace is too siall to begin to On0
ecessit.y. Each ind ividual wants soimetliln
s had the peculiarities and tastes of our cusl
ible Engine to sell cheap,
of I he trading public to the
~ow shown at Mis. Curetons.
- Crackers.
verybody that everything is
ar'd that the best candy is not1
/it from us.
er-i.es ?
no of Hams, Fish, tard, Cottelane,
Cheese always on hand.
ts, Lead and Slate Pencils, Slates
g too Late fo.: Them
a and all those things
if thomn aro suro to please. N o
e satisfacthon if you buy your shoes
uarantoo every shoe wo sell to give
>ck ever shown in Greenvillo to se
1E, s. C.
SNESS season
if to'the right ehanot 110W $1
me'abouald be.vgor~. suits i
%y' bge'oadsuitsa n
the. eure, ,,,IY
hG0 PELLETS 0oW 7n
or cure that compitely -does$3
r lury to ah.~ny.gl tho , All G0o
ktoplem itse of suy deste,
innutyfive Dlasu, toe
w ay s
0 R E
lie largost trado in its history.
trading centers in upper pouth 4
us out in th stattwout that we I
that has over been brought to
and South Carolina in large qua
)>t all so-called competition, an
ry, 1st, 19
)pportunities that has over been
yards Outing good dress styles,
yards Staudard Prints sells for
yai'ds checks good stiles at ottl
I Yards sheeting the 5cts kind 01
'ell, looks woll, wares well and a
worstod suit the kind you havo i
y worsted the j10.O0 kind only 4
ent is Complete.
It is timo you wore getting yol
and Boys Thoe)es,.
hocs at interesting prieos and wI
ing Imnplem
a l)lOwS, l)isc Uarrws , 1)isc P'lo,
s, Carpenters tool:s, Pipit.,, Be
)ply of wheat l rtilizcers, a'1 1n1nm
mtlerato the seasonable goods in
eslp"!cially suited to his or her r
olers in mtinid, the stock shows
I Sit
0 A Good 8
A Stylish
WVe havi
anico now
of these
a lot of r
New G<
to comec
see us
Let us Have 0
nrti(s owing on acc(ouunt will ple
put us off Iongr.
"Sh~ort Credit Makes
WVe ap)preciato your friendship.
Ziothing g
uning Monday morning .June 30
Mens, Boys and Cii
..25 Per Cent Discoumt off
Li straw hats at 83 per cent diso
0.00 SuIts now 815.00. $18 00 si
2.38. $15i.00 suite no $1i. 256
W$7.50. $8.00 suite now $6,00
nw $3.75.
cents p)ants nlow 38 ctsl, 76 ei
o. $2 panfts ow $1.50. *3 pan
p)ants no0W $3.75. $0 pants no01
~ds Sold For CASH.
When we planted our foot
Aarolina and judging from
avo fulfilled our promise.
this part of the state
nties for spot cash at pricet
Li from
known in this part of the
at 4c per yard.
5c, our prico, 3e.
y 4cts.
ily lc.
L 15 to 25 per cent cheaper
iiways paid $5.00 for only
6.00. French v orsted from
r fall hat
en it cones to values in
vs, Cultivators, Grain Drills
itintg, Builders Hardware,
,tled goods, acid phosphate,
Iach department. Each one
wi neads. We have what
he influence of our purpose.
hoo or
ur Money.
~iso pay prompltly this Fiall
Long Friends."
md hats,
th we offer our entire stock of
Ids Clothing at
the Regular Price..
ounit. No hat carried fro: R
Si ts nlow $18.50. $16
12.i0 suitsrnow*g$9.g*g
$6.00 euite now$4
omts pan'ts 57 oente. $1 *~
ts no $2.20, $4 p ae
$4 50.

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