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The People's Journal. l
'TC Lass o' Jericho. It
Bu (;e(n. Chtarles Hiuu. i
t'There's many a slip 'twixt the cup
and the lip," said the division superin
tendent, reflectively.
"Yes,'' said Mr. Harvey, the veteran
conductor of the road. "It was only u
a sill) that spoild t,be biggest combine t
I ever ran foul of." And the story is
worth the telling:
The night the fast express stopped
at I anccwood long enough to let off a
pair of passengers and take on a brace
of tIramps, the former stowing then
selves in a hotel 'bus and the latter on
the front platform of the postal ear.
They were already thirty minutes be
hind time and to make matters worse
a red light swung on the draw. The
two tramps slid off the front steps aud
down the emlbain kment and both en
gineer and conductor, foregathering at
the cab, blew oif a little on their owl Si
account.. It was then ten minutes past
I i and they were past due at Jericho,
tell miles beyond. t
"t Who were those two snoozers, any
how ?" growled the engineer.
'' 1lanchmen-with a note from the
o'!ice," snapped Mr. Ilarvey. ''ILe
her go for all she's worth quick we're ? i
over, 11ank. Ilullo ; what's up the
Three dark forms erouchng there as
embankment, popped betwoeen him aid
the din lights of the bridge. At the s
sane instant, with leveled revolvers,
two athletic fello1ws leaped into the
cah from the left hnd side. Somt
thing soft and smotherinug was twisted t
quickly over the conduct:r's mouth
:ind strong arms Iung him facefore- r
iii,st mi the rock ballasti ng. 'lhe t
tht're came a sharp hiss from the cylin- '
der cock:+, a rumble and clank of 1I
wheels, and wielin, though gagged and
bound, lIarvey imanaged to wriggle t'
over and look about himli, the train was 1
split in two, the baggage and passenger I
cars standing fast, while the rearmost ht
of the express ears was just vanisling
across the Santee. The White (Owl '
was the prey of train rohberl--Ilar- i
vey's money ani a beautiful pireselta- d
tion1 watch were gone--and so wee i
the gang.
W hen released from his honds by ex. v
cited train hands, Mr. 11arvey saw an- ,i
otlier sight that filled him with wrath. h
Thetl daw was swingiig tclt-e lgiln.
Between himi and the runaway ens tI
and engine yawiled the lack deptths .
of the sluggish river. Anythiung mlorel y
colilete and scierntific i. a "hold-up"
hail never been heard of on the road, l
and "the road" was Iiarvey's world. el
On the run a brakeiai was started w
back to I.ancewood to wire the news. Ilh
'i inally, ten inimtes hiter, ther e came slt
a half-scart d hail from the northward Ot
hank, aEd the voice of (;i'aniey, an ex- al
press imcssenig,ci was heard aekinig if I
aniybody was left alive on the bridge, Ci
and, bEfore the bridge was swung t..,
his story was told-Bi g Thank was shot Ii
anid hammered seiiseless ; J1im Ilardy, e
the ti remiani, had shown tight, amid teV
kniockedl one robber end wise before w
being felled and stunned by the whack ii'
of a revolver. Theli safes were looted 3
andl the robbers hod ridden away into
the night westwvard b, 'nd(. b
T1hie ordur to stop the ~ain at, L anco- til
wood was a cl-ver imiitatiLtu or the au-o
pierintendlent's style and 'signature. pi
TIhie two hiearded ranchimex. had goneo at
to the hotel, hut tossing the bus dIriver
half a dollar, had slipped an \ without Ih
enterinig, or beig seen by t he night y
clerk, and when the brakeman got back hi
from the see of the hold-up, well
nigh spent with runming, he found a a
frantic opierator cut ofT from comimu- g
niceationi with his~ kind. They roused h
the town, repliced the wires, and got o
things working again by 2 o'clock, but LI
b~ this time it wvas known that the hI
gaug had d'cn leEd on1 their tiracks and ia
madEe for th Missouri with a flat boat,. n
The escapie mtight. have been success- hi
fiil, but for a lass. "T'1here's many a
slip 'twixt the cap) and the lip,'' as the ii
dIivisi(in suplerintendlent had said, and LI
hiis lassie, but a slip of a girl, was the ii
plrettiest t hing alonmg the whole line, so il
swore a do(zeni of her admnirers, andl she 'l~
was keepiing cash at lie dlininig room fl
at J erichto nily until Jim HnIardy should I
lbe promiot ed to his engine, when lie hi
piroposed to monnopuoliz.e heri entirely.
TJwoI very priesentablle travelers, total c
stranigers to the neigliborhood, dropped d
off the Omaha special one clear Octo- a
her afternioon, and wheni sett.ling for I
their dinner ha.d eyed Miss I'iFnr r
rather ardlently for so short, ani ac- A
quiamltance, hail tendered sonme rathier t
Inukome lattery amnd a niew live-dlollar g
bill. W ithout a word she handed the dI
change and turned to the next, comner. t.
The principial speakor wasu nettled. Li
The girl's indifference piqued him to 1y
further effort. Waiting until the last c
passenger was leaving the dlesk, lhe I
rised his hat with nuch sho~w of dlef- a
erence andl dark curls, and said, "Par
don me, but how dloesi One get over to c
Fort McGrary ?" C
."There is t,he ferryman," she said, S
with a nod toward the door.
"Your name i8 D)ennis," laughed the IN
comp31anion, showing an expensive set bi
of teeth, masny of thomn heavily cap)ped ti
with gold. "Come out of this." But c
still mxore nettledl, lie of the (lark curls y
raisedl his hat a second time andI bowedl t1
with killing gre.o
"Col. Farnhamin and I are old o
friends," said he, "and I half hoped b
to meet him or some of the ofilcers fi
here. Are none ovrt-dy?o
"Th oficewill know," answered *J
Miss IEenner, utterly unappeased. n
"Right over there," she adldedl, with- ii
out a glance at her visitors, ducking
her bonny head toward the endl of the a
dlining room, just as t,wo young gallants c
in cavalry undress uniform came lung. a
lng in and made straight for thj .desk. t
Instantly the laughing companion 8
gave a sharp pull at the: sleeve of sto h
woul-be "masher." The latter t
toinedl quickly, his hat striking the '
bAck of a chairs and two or three news- c
paP" nilog ied ed, Wen - t
>remost, stooped, picked up tho slips
ad laid them on the open book before
ie girl. "IBlew off your desk as we
low in, Miss Nellio. )Inner all
ver ?"
"All over, Mr. Dillon, but the head
alter will serve you if you'll take
ats." was the smiling answer. Then,
oking to her right, sho was annoyed
see that the two strangers had halted
l the doorway and were intently re
arding them. '(Do these men look
ke friends of your colonel's ?" she
Mr. Dillon whirled on his spurred
eel and glared in the direction indi
ated, for something in her tune and
uanner told of vexation. 'Thereupon
he two vanished he; of the teeth hur
iedly, he of the ('urls with a leisurely
Counting tlie cash after suiIIer she
:alu1e aga' upon the one live-dollar
nil. It was new and crisp and issued
y the lirst National l;ink of' Sacra
nento, California. '1'he lerrylman cane
o her with the mate to it and asked
or change.
tI know where you got this," said
he. "t What timte did you take those
wio st rangers over ?'
ttl)idn't take any over. li1 ll oman
aid me sonie Ioney ho owed ie
lid he had to chan:e it for sie lel
)>ys whose horses Ie'I shoI."
'T'hat mlade two branil new lives
'itlhin an afternoon, :andt Mr. Sands,
e clerk at tIhe ti!ar erilliter, litl :in
ther. lie had soil the l1t:ir a tdollar's
'orth of eigars.
It was twilight when she reaiched her
attage hon: on the itignts overlook- }
ig the Misstoui. It was aft.er 7
'clock when, su;tpr over, she could
etake herself to a littIc hower in the
blrubbery thiait .Jii hald built for her,
spot she aivt't a tan visited til nOst
very nigti of ht'r life. sie was jist
hoult rlsim; to Sell Ty hack indoors
'hell she hearh ilen's voices.
A pathway I)tiillcl with the river
ti alom)l the Illilf jlst inder the hedge
r rose :ui!d e!t Tni. I tishtes, Iut it was
It1( in usetl e.Neept as a slorteut, frioln
i I trry liliilig to the southwitrl
di-ts of the town. Villiige boys pat.
rt-tI along Ihere barefoot, tL seldom
yone else. AltI now these words,
ough in low, cautious tone, fell oul
r ear:
"tI t(ll you thelti'11 he plenty of time.
1c ain't due at Santee until 10.-10, and
's a four mile cure iit. They'll drift
>wn to where we want them in two
liii's easy."
I eal.)n that fort," growled another
>ie., that somehow had a familiar
ng. 4'it's a nasty thing to have to
nid so close to those fellows."
"Close: Why, it's six miles below
lat to Skiiner's Bar. Move onl, tnul.
hose htrses'I he nei"hing first thing
i know." And that was all.
l'or weeks it had been her custom
Ice .1 im's promotion to Big Ilank's
gle to listen for 3.1's powerful
'istle, rousitng the echoes f"ar" down
e valley, before she dr1iop11ped ofi to
'01p. This night some strange diread
ssessed1 her as she went to her r"oom,
Lhough her mother had laughed at
r fears and her deseription of the
itversation , Iisistinig that it wais only3
idi ers snoiggling whis key. liut Nei
.could In>t folget the wordls. Slit
t at, her w%ililiw, watch I ithandt, lis.
ling for the first distanit echl ohf the
hiistle, but though the night was still,
>breez~'e astir and it, was full timie, no
und came to lull her anxiety.
Lighting a lamp, she picked up a
ok thtat she heid been read ing dluring
e mornmng att her ulcsk, and as she
tenedl it two or three niewspap,er c'lip
nigs caught her eye. idly she ghancedt
the first:
"'It is three mionths since the daring
>ld-up oh the S. I'. express5 att lHose
lIe, and the inlgleauters arie stil a t.
ruge. No dout.n~ e t) that Floydt
tiy~met', 'Curly l"loyd,' is t.he mean w~ho
tot, Messenger Thiornton, butt tIhe dis
uso of hiis con11feea sim t (SXI i .
ave beeiin Oi coplete. Th'iornton il was
uly able to say bofore his death t.hat,
eo confederate was lithe, slender aiuml
ad t.eeth heavily plugged or cappedl
'ith gold. 10ngineer Morris is on1 the
end1(. Not a dollar of the lost money
as8 beenl recovered."
''Curly ltober'ts"' and a confederate
ho was lithe, slender and-those
eoth I Nelho Fen ner was on her feet
an instanit., her eyes dilating. Ilvery
ting seemed to Ilash upion her at once.
he t,wo strangera! Those crisp, new
ye-dollar bills of the First, National
ank of Sacramnentol TIhose men
eo! And the White Owl overdue!
Ini a moment shte was bty he:' moth
r's bedside, teluing t hat amaz,ed and1(
isturbed lady thiit she was going ini
uantly to the (division superintendent.
te lived nearly a mile away, and she
mn nearly two-thirds of the dlistanice.
Ir. G~ral'ger was up and saying things
tat relcctedl on1 lig llank when the
irl, wild-eyed, came l)anting to his
oor. Iln five mliinutes he was over at
20 telegraph oflice to ind his opera
>r tanxious andI net vous. Somnethinlg
trong down the roadl, said he; lines
ut, to say the least. And then Nellie
'enner almost screamedh in her fright,
ud( excitement:
"Then call up the fort, Mr. lileyer
ill up the fort,h Tell thenm to send
ivalry-quick-to Skinner's Bar.
0end Lieut. Dillon-lhe knows that's
here they'll be foundl'' And even
'Idle ordering out an engine to take
im to the Santee, Mr. Gratnger die
rted his message to the p)ost. It
iught Col. F?arnham in consultation
it,h the ollicer of the day, whose son
-ies on the river side had reported an
iplosion, perhaps a boler bursted, far
ver toward the railway at Santee
ridge, and before the colonel had
dlrly digested the first one, the ..tr.cop
e's were springing Into their boots and
arry Dillon into sadldle, for another
iessage came on tel) of the first,, say
ig Craig's ferry boat was gone.
Which was how It happened 'that
'len that unwieldy, but serviceable
'aft was finally and cautiously moored
a the 'mud bank at Skinner's.Blar, full
go miles below the mough of ,the
antee oh the .west shore, and sit miltas
eloy Fort .McCrary on the east, aiud'
is heavy mafes, with prodigions labor,
rere lifted out and. dumped int,a;.a
ther'waiting wagon, and one by ' obo
ae horses were led ashore and mount.
d, abil thei ungr'atefully the leader
iZQo the. 14 so adloat. apdl let her
rjSt4owieamn as beyrgode away
Sedeass,a ~ltoid voice was
hoard to say, "This way, gentlemen,
if you please," and the half dozen
outlaws found thomsolves in a veritable
cul de sac of carbines, flanked and
hemmed b,y as many as thirty armed
horsemen, who, despite the fact that
their own mounts were winded and
rocking, for they had come six miles
on'the .un, insisted on escorting them
up to Fort McCrary.
"You're no sheriff! Where's your
warrant for arresting Us ?'' demanded
the curly headed leader.
"IIere," said Liout. Dillon, as he
benignantly Indicated the grinning
-ordon of trooLers, and, without fur
.her parley, the march was resumed.
Jim Hardy got. his promotion within
ie week, his bride within the month,
m(d with her one thousand dollars of
he reward offered by the Pacific Ex
ress Company for the apprehension
>f one Floyd l.aymer and his partner
>f the teeth. "The Road" idded the
.iile deeds to their pretty home, and
,he division superintendent a bronze
lock and his blessing. "There's many
i slip 'twixt the cup and the lip," said
le, as the outlaws went shackled to
"Only one that I heard of," said Big
flank, obtusely. "You muean that
lewspaper slip, I suppose."
W. S. Simpson, a British inventor,
lals [pioduced a rapid firing gun which
'an be operated with only 15 per cent.
)' the recoil incident to ordinary ar
illery practice. It is said to have
reater range and greater velocity than
mly other gun of its caliber.
As inevitable as the changing seasons of
the year is the change which conies to
every woaitn. Ati just as one antici
pates tho changes of other seasons it is
wise to anticipate
this chango of sea
a son and prepare for
It. In this way the
discomnforts a n d
disasters sulfferel
by many wollen at
the period of
change can be
x avoided or over
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription,
a medicine for
every season of
wotlan's life, will
entirely meet the
needs of wotnen at
this period of
change. It cures
the physical ills
a n d relieves t h e
mental anxiety and
depression usually
nssoeiatetd with this critical period. It
tran<utilizes the nerves, encourages the
appeitle nadi iniduice: refreshing s eep.
J. S. Carlisle, lIstl., of Mattchetter, Coffee Co.,
Tein., wtites: "I have be"en using your ti-iii
cines for the last sixteen or eit;hteen years irn
rity Poor - house. I n1n 'suprt.intencdera of le
Coflree" County 'o.,r-house and syintn cotihin'"d.
Yonr ' linotnite Preseriltion.' (' eldet Midi al
Ih<">cry' and ' i'le"asant Pellets ' are the best
naiheines t;or the iiseaase for which they are
r onittine.lene, that I ever uied. ' Thv saved
1::v wil''e; life- at the ti:e of ' ch:ange of'life.' I
1v w -1n rcintunling your nt'icitm to
I,.1Iy li:tltd womurn and have a''' ~u.itranteed
'. if did not cnre I wottld pay 1back the
tuet y a pent ftie it. I have todld o lr,t:i- i
th.t i! he pIe c:une lback an-1. atId I stor
S-ve , th e e aj, r n a'ne r ai m a ha r~ ar it i.e,, me.
I have tnot o nca been', call-d upi~aat to ri fund.i
hi w,- never fianud :utyt Iin to en h - I hi avo't .te
I met iptioni ' foer dtjia,as of w,,n. i."
I )r. Pierce's Ci'ouninon Sense Medical
Aldviser is se'nt frae on receipt of stampiis
toe P'y e'xpweseof tailing <nl/y. Send
2 Ionle-'entt Otamhips for the paper covered
bootk, or 3I1 stmips fort thei cloth bhoiud
Addtres4s Dr. R. V. ierce, BluiTdo, N. Y.
Special Price
tone moth only, sr5.00, $ti0 00, and $70O.
II D)el lvertd at a.r your dopot. $5.00 to
acc8tn:nany order. This is ahead of
anty oll'or ever made for spot cash.
Write for terms.
L. A. McCord, M'gr.
r'eis, S C.
Charles G. Leslie,
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Fishh packed in bearrols' and beoxos for
c2otlt try trade a specialty.
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Fish and Oysters
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e der al.
Dark Hair
" I have use; Ayer's Hair Vigor
for a great many years, and al
though I am past eighty years of
age, yet I have not a gray hair in
my head."
Geo. Ycllott, Towson, Aid.
We mean all that rich,
dark color your hair used
to have. If it's gray now,
no matter; for Ayer's
Hair Vigor always re
stores cofor to gray hair.
Sometimes it makes the
hair grow very heavy and
long; and it stops falling
of the hair, too.
$1.00 ., bottle. All dnggiste.
If your driggtit c:wnot isupply you,
send us ono dolar an<l we will expres
you a bottlo. lt t<uro ati give thr anamo
of your noar "st ox pr o til liu"h+e. A+lulrires,
J. C. A Y liLt (0., Luw ell, MIami.
Some months ago Congr8smal
Bowersock, of Kansas, sent to his con
stitulents s011e seeds of the I'encellerit
millet, a Russian plant. V. T. Mc
Clure of Bonner Springs experimnllte<
with the seed, and from it lie raised a
crop with stalks fifteen feet long, am
heads, solethinlg like timothy, cigh
and nine inches in length. It is niu
known whether the plant will muakt
good feed for cattle in winter, but i
grows as much as eight tons I o the acre
-~ 0- - - -
'1he cheapest postal service in tht
world is that of .Japan, where for t w(
sen-about seven-tenths of a penny --
letters are conveyed all over the em1
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eatalogue Free, writ,, for it.
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Sick Hchcle,
Consti pation,
J)yspepsin, etc.,
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the market, for only 1(0 cents; %5 pil
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.4. o~ v3 -' o * .
T e
- *00
I,. W. P'AnIui K Pickons, S.
Groonivillo, S. C.
IHIaynesworth,P.atrkeor& R binsor0
Al l orneyMa-Law,
Pickonsi C. H., .. . Sonth Carolin
Practice in all CJonrt.s. Attend to a
niainesis promlptly
IB-Monov to l'on.
Attornoy at Law..
Pickens. S.. 0,
Practice in all theCourtm.
Offie ovnr Earle.s nrimm.o
.Marriago is a game tt which bo
sides usually lose.
Morality is conditional; nobody ev
steals an umbrella in fair weather.
Charity even on tho ins alne
plan (ioesn't appeal to tle avera
An honorable man will always r
turn any kiss that he takt s against
woman's will.
Nobody ever loves the way he oug
to; he loves the way lie has to or is a
lowed to.
The higher ip a girl's stockings I
the lower dowU any man is to noti
As a dynamic force o! gI (Il n
ilg power, stout wonlcln peI fot n, va
works inl the public Service.
As bug as at wollaln cii keep out
It mnll's reach she can keep him thlin
ing she IM worth reachiig for.
WVoman';s hol izon is bounded by tl
Vhein you guess wrong it is era:
rrusponsibility; when you guess rig
is sound judgnent.
When a mlan goes around with
br(cadl smile on his face it is a sIgn 11
wife is away on a visit.
Old widowers should he thinking
ttking their peace with the Lord
stead of with a second wife.
A man who has gut out of his ilt
love alfair feels like the man who t
fallen uver a preipice without Ira
ilO' any% bones.
Conservative and imllpartial est imlat
obtained by the New Yorll Wor
from thlirly-seven States o' tile ( ;ii
inth eate that, while the Iielublica
will probably be able to clonitrul l
next IIouse ot Representati ves, it w
tie by a greatly re 1need9 andl slendl
ulli j~rtty.
'Thi Em rle s Of Germatty has
slecial bsdy guard consisting
Iwelnty-lour isilkw dlleirs, fim tl
tallest Ieni of the lofty uie ri!a gum
"C lhlil(llin7;.. g
ire you of the best muatelials if you
uiler's Material of all kinmds rain
te and Oement Co.,
toi, S. C.
ev- inl11 tiState.
n M\asury's splendat lieatly-Mixed
itts before buying. 'roiit atten- C
gF3[JyR & MI(. GO.
1ia, S. (;.
Thousanda Have Kidney Trou
Iand Don't Know it.
HIow To rind Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with ~
water and let It stand twenty-four hour
Ssediment or
unhealthy co
tion of the
ncys; if it sta
your linen it
evidence ofl
ney trouble;
frequent desir
-pass it or pai1
the back is
convincing proof that the kidneys and b
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There Is .omfort In the knowledge
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swai
Root, the I;reat kidney remedy fulfills ev~
wIsh In curing rheumatism, pain In
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every
of the urInary passage. It corrects inabi
to hold water and scalding pain in pass
it, or bad effects following use of llgu
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleas
necessity of being compelled to go of
" during the day, and to get up many tir
during the night. The mild and the exl
Iordinary effect of Swahmp-Root Is s<
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derful cures of the most distressing cas
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Ii wonderful discovery
Is and a book that tells
ir lmore about it, both scnt. i ',
d absolutely free by mall, -" -
s address Dr. Kilmer & nomo of swamnp.no
. Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mi
tioni 'ading this generous offer in this pap
.J. E. 13000ox. Prmesident.
&'F#"Snpersedeis Time Tlale No. 1.
fective 12:nl1 A. l.,. I' ch. 1st,, 190O1,
Itend i)own. IliiI
No. 101. STAT1IONM. No.
Mixed. Alix.a
10:401 a in...v. P'ickens Ar..:55 Ip
10:45 a im......*ergnoni'x....2:45 p
I10:55 a mi.*1.....*arson's......2:30 P
II 10 a mi.........* iaiPs........:25 yl
11:05 a im........*alin's......2:20 P
1: 15 a im....Ar Eashey Lv...2:15 p
N<>.e1. ST1 A'TIONS. No. II.
4:00 pm ...L. P'icns Ar.... 6:40
'4:05 P mi...... Fgusomn's......:3) p
4:15 pn m.....*asns....0:15 p
4:20) p m....... .rii'........:10 p
4 ':25 p m~.........Mauli's... :05 pI
':40 p m.....A r Easley lv....)t:0 p
*Flaig Stations.
All tinis daily except Sumnda:y.
No. 10) Connects withI Southern I(ihyw
No. 33.
No. P Conncts. withI Southern Itaihyr
N o. 12
No. 12 ('on nects wit h Sout horn Rails
N o. 11.
No. 11 (Conunects withl Southbern. ltalwai
No. 31.
m.ilmir any~ in fornmat ion app'li' to'
Genet ral Managecr.
DR. J. P. CARL.Isi!
Groouville, 8.,0.
Oflio over Add isons D)rug Store
The Kind You Have Always Bougl
o in use for over 30 years, Ias 1
30 and has he
4e v- So111al Supel
k ' Allow no 01
at All (oiulnterleits, Imitations and 4
.IExperite1lts t-hat trifle wit1h an(l
1Intauts and Clildren-iExperienc
What is CA!
Castoria Is a harmless substitut
gorie, 1)rops an411(1 Soothin g Syrtt
csnttliis neit.ller Opiin1, Morphi
suilstaiiee. Its age is its gularati
11ut allays Feverishness. It cur
; f colic. It, relieves TIeet,hinig T1ronl
i - 111(1 Ph:t.ile,ncy. I t assimn ilates
4Ion11icIt aui Bowels, giving he:
i Te O11i1(1rent's PncaTeM
(/ Bears the Sigi
The Kild You Have
In Use For Over
Seliling ai
E ver1-y 1).
$ winig Iin "44n1e propose1d chaniIge. in
Cableaes Srry, Bu
our At an Absolute
an IH a rnes oSSf all kindi at cs. W5ar
ndl- '1(one"- :41n! v'arj4iou ot her un:k.. of ling~gie s,
<id- II4lebaker(i and4 \\'Iber; as. (]heaper4 .graue th Iii
ins No i.. I he4 bei.t se4e4on forsll*- ing vehIiIles ofr
Is art, plrolit, orI no pr oit.
too .veh. I~lIIlember, we' paa1: 11o l1hue rent or 4ler
to (1( "'11' 44wnl Wtiik- \II' wil -ll anv(ihing wve h:
ilso gLad 1(o *P4 I he in-oph ,' i h liber tl hey wi-h 1.4 4n4
the A I l-~ '-l W ilI
or, We le41 al k M
4on -1
his ~
kniowni to) the14 Itrad :1411 emplJloy nion
to lintishi the wv
If,i rlneedi anyt.hing ill O.lr line' a p)aqal ef]
j1 4'8. WV iltON F'ENI NG A NI) (COPI'!NG1
V'oIir' for Itrad(e,
mif u full .ino of HARDWARE is not bI
mI It, Our salesmen aro out.
Coleman-Wagener Hard
318 K [NG STRFE T,.
$20,00 TO $40.c
Teng Madn onlling ''500 ?i4ao
lbook of legal and businosa formns.
Ciompendium, of Plain an~d ornam
Ca'lculato: aInd. Farmer's Rlook'one
(A compleo~ AOt of interests, Opa
monta of CIWfrE1uWS. Timber, -L
. cnn voluim.. Over 472 pn'ueA. 2
Uf ha a completo-usinessj 0(duca
osnd girla can o11 va -Wofl as.n1i
-One ag.onts la the ountry gold
WCI'. .ngOfnt ahave ,inv-o C
. fellin praico ?i.50. LibbraI5po
fcton guarateed ('or -iwa*
it, and whlicha has ben.
borne tie signatnro of -
en mnado uinder heis per
vision sinco its int'aney.
to to deceivo you in this.
'Just-ns-good'" are but
clndaiger tie healtit of
o ngainst E;xperimenit.
o for Castor 011, Pare
1M. It is Ileasant. it
no 11or otlier Narcotie
:(C. It destroys Wornis
s I>iarrlio,a and hViul
bles, cerS Constipationl
Llie Food, regulates the
11il1y and natural sleep.
!t!er's Friend.
iature of
AlwayS Bought
30 Years.
atons and Wagons
ml for it, but comoiE amli se'e for your..
-ince i.
ry thi Ib:1iook, <!.iirt.langul, T(yson~ d.
1wenboro Tar:01h:tang.
II kinal-., :til wec ire goling tolA 4uJ 4 .j
Wvell ov'er but1. we) have a1 few hargain'
k hire, owno our own repository' anJd
vi for enshi or goonl imper. Polito
gitCiNi.lilof C
liui firs t-(lass kmian
rdW ii wit,h ouiarbied wvil bring a man
ii ear 5 o is i m e~ gi Ave tihe Jowest.
si't.Cci A hl,T Is.
& 00., An ni~ti S. C.
utoer .than any otLher, don't buy
ware Company, ~
11In DTinnssa'" - da a completo hMn
A comploto .Mra1 .Adviser-,. comptoe
ial Ponma'nahlP. Wa com.l'^*-.Lihn
f,Lumber) anti (dotn 'rab1oar mnaue.
ib er Loa ta Wrg of Ori. eto,
tor, turoughft - (ot^o oVwry puiiO3
tI 0t LI6ft.~~nto a oeo~igti

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