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T. J. MAULDIN ............. Editor.
W. L. MATHENY.......... Bus, Mgr.
Subsoription $1.00 Per Anuum.
Advertising R'itos Reasonable.
E:utorold at the Post Olico at Pickos as
Soecond-claiss matter.
Thursday, November, 13, 1902.
In the preparation of a few acres
for the wheat crop in 1903, the
farmer takes wise forethought and
begins the making of one of the
most profitable and timely crops
grown on the farm.
Every dollar saved and put
away, during theso ilush times,
moans a dollar with big inteiest
added next summer when things
are to be bought to keep the farm
business going and the household
On Monday, the first day of
December next., some valuable
tracts of land will be sold by the
Probate Judge, Sheriff and Clerk
under late orders of Court
Look over the advertisements
on di(lrent pags of the Journal
for doscription and got ready
to buy if you are on the lookout for
a home.
If' you want, to encourage friend.
ly relations and rotain the conIi
donce of the nmerchant and other
people who trusted you when you
noeodedc the holp enough to ask for
it, go to thom and either pay up
or arrange the indebtedness to
their satisfaction. This is busi
noss, and it is the manly way to
do. They will recognize this
thoughtfulness and give you full
credit for it.
* **
The late downward tondency
the price of cotton need not cause
any alarm to thoso holding a part
or even all they have made this
year. It is yet too early to try to
influence the market towards high
pricos in order to induco prepara.
tions for largo plantings in 190;
but this will como by or beforo the
first of next January, or cist,om
will be reversed. ''113 beat plan,
taken altogether, is to market tihe
Cotton as 0011 s gatherd, whn
fairly good prices prevail . This
eaves the expenise and1( naturaril loss
in keeping, besides giving the
producer thle benefit of the cash
earlier than by waiting.
S* *
By proclamations, the President
of the United States and the Gov
ernor of South Carolina have dles
ignatedl Thursday, November
twenty-soven th, as a day of thanks
giving and prayor. All people
aro reminded of the blessingis they
have enjoyed the year just p)ast,
and of present material prosperity,
as well as the inestimable benefits
of the best civil government ever
administered as the p)roduct of
genius and the asserted freedom
under the direction of forbearing
Providence. This is a year of
plenty. The labors of the huusband,
mxan have boon graciously rowvard,
0(d, and the business of the country
speaks the general prosperity of
the people.
TJruie thankfulness (does not im..
ply a spirit of self eatisfaction but
engenders desires to labor for n
broader fulfilment of the duties of
life iuner the boneticient epportu,.
nities that are assured to a free
and God loving people.
Lot the people so eider their
affairs that this day may be devo
ted to the con templlation of God's
mercies and favors in public or
private thanksgiving, thus devout
ly acknowledging dependence up
on the Author of all blessings,
earnestly trusting and asking for
the continuance of those favors
and generous returns for the labors
of another year. Let business for
that day be suspended, while the
people reflect, and reflecting, profit
to their own temporal and spiriual
fhe Attdito,r commences the pub.
licationi of his nlotice to all people,
liable to assesment for property or
poll tar, this week. Read it, and
read it carefully. It contains all
information necessary to govern
the tar payers in the proper re
turning of all manner of property
for taxation, and if 'the ret4uests
and direotions are followed faith
fully there need be no misetake
hereafter, It often happeen Ma.
pn. iniida owns mai nahaVm
which there is a special levy. Tl
very fact emphasizos the impt
tauco and perhaps the necessity I
such individual to attend perso
ally to the making of his ov
property roturns. It might sa
mistakos and dolbtlees dout
taxation, and certainly saves tl
Auditor much utlnocosaary lab
and prevents confusion in his oflic
Correct returns insure to the ta:
payor correct figures ' upon whi<
his toxos are based, and any 'i
takes require a long process of rc
tape procooduro, which srom1s necc
sary in order to imake the corre<
tion, besides a long delay in tl1
adjustment.The bost plan is to loo
after this mattor of making return
personally and its early a1 possibl
after tho books of the Auditor ar
The Auditor gives his ilppoint
ments ill ordor to met the peopl
near t hvir homtis and I pla(c n 0
busine'ss to save thom l ;th troubl<
of coining to the court houso fo
tlhit purpiso.
l,ist your propetrty an)d havo al
your intformiation1 ready , by Jauil
ary next, and (1o1't dlay till aitt'
his appoint mets have been me
and then resort to t ho niuiS lt,
selltllllg 11 ret lllrl1i, Iee'ilISO retllt'I
1.l1d1 inl til:at :ay callnot he r'co.
ized. Road the notle. car('full .v
* "* k
1'll1i I1ll'.l: ARi PRI)SI'liRINi.
lverywhere one goes., h hat
t' good Iiows (of the pros.p r OU
condition of thle C(unlt.ry- and1 th
happy c"ntonted telin.:4 . th
Pickens eouniy- is in th1 1, "
slia fin ncli ,tlia\lly, n, doubtl , that
she has known in twohty year'
This wtt n-an in speikini :f th
p.olple genlerally. All this is i
altogether due to ti good price
comm1antlded by the tamIl produet
and other thill;s Our peple h av
turned into cash. Th .:r-at,
part of it is di to the fact tha
thirugh long years o ,: ;;Iomn
manga:emln - t, savm.;1 a:l l in
times stintil.; the p}phe h v
come into that commann ding p
tion which is a'ssutred1 to a tl
poople who atr, out of dbt and
position to control, without r
straint, their own a1'irs a:d
(iret their business uon buCin
lines that inurto to their a.lvai
tage, Tl'hus- cllrlum tnstaiel'd, th
are* mlasters of thir 1wn resa i urce
and ireo to continue the~ Imlpr>v<
menlt wicih pr1omlis.- full an I sat
isfying returns Thley also h as
the added fore of p'urpos0 w hie
colmes th rough the encouragir
pousitionl in which they finid then
selves to-day, c.>nident also that
con ttinuati>ni of present efforts wi
b)ring even greater anld botter ri
A word that has long neede
speakmng by collego authoritir
has beeni spoken at last by tI
board of overseers of Trufts Collet
ion the studenit code of mo.rals."\
wish to re.comd our conviction,
say these Ove'rseers, '-that it is no
er- justiablo for college atoiti .
to ignoroe or condonio miiisdemeano
on tho part of the stude11ntIs wh~lli.
would lead to aiction in the poh11
courts if tho nlames of tho offendel
were nlot b)orne on the e ,ll ego rol
Edlucation is (of little valuo if
does) not develop a proef oundi r espe,
for law and ordler. Any muan wiy
is incapablo of intelligent sol f-ce,
tr'ol is am (dangorous elenimnt ini
demnocratlc state. Th'li arrest an
conviction of a few humph1)tor
youths, followed by th~ei r prom1p1
dismissal fr-om college, woult d pro.
ani object, lesson in cit izensh ip<
in)calculah)l ou lie to the enlt irIo stb
(dont body."-Exchange.
We comimond tho above to thi
faculty and students of both Clan
son College and the South Caroli
na College. The recent disgract
ful prioceduro of stud(enlts of botl
inistitutionls in Columbia durn
iFair Wook-the evil outcroppin
of a foot-ball gamio--evidences th
need of just snch suggestions as ar
embodied in the clipping whic
originally appeared in Leslie
WVeek ly.
Dr. Chas. Hi. Utter, a prominent ph
sician, of Panama, Colombia in a reoel
letter states: "Last March i! bad as
patient a young lady sixteen yeatrs
age, who had a very bad attack of dysi
tery. Everything I prescribed for hb
proved ineffectual and she was grownm
weorso every hour. Eer parent. we:
sure she would die. She had become
weak that she could not turn over
bed. What to do at this critical i
met.t was a study for me. but I thougl
of Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and Di
rhoea Remedy and as a last resort pr
scribed it. The most wonderful resn
was effected, Within eight hours al
was feeling much better; inside of thr
ofy hewa upon her feet and at tl
en foeweek was etutirely well.
F!or sale by Dr, G). W. Earle.
Tb best phiysic-Qbatberlainu's stoI
1 Did Not Close For v
10 Week.
Heart Trouble Baf,
or fled Doctors.
Dr. Miles'Heart Cure an
,l Nervine Cured Me.
T h'ere is nothing more neces:;aty to healtl
thai: Slee) and rest. If these are dcnlied you
if you rise in the mornin g more tired thanl
when you went to ,ed, thete is an affection of
. the nerves plainly present. If your heart i3
weak, or there is an inherited tendency ir:
C that direction, your weakened nerves wil'
k soon ,o affect your heart's action as to bring
on serious, chronic trouble. I)r. Miles' Ner.
vine is a neKve t.nie, whicb quiets the nerves
so that slee) may come, and it quickly re.
1) stores the weakened nerves to health ndli
stren th. )r. iles' IleaKt Cure is a great
blood andl heart tonic which regulates the ae
tion of the heart, enriches the blood and im."
proves the cirealation.
"Some time ago I was suffering severely
with heart toile. At times my heart woull
L seemingly stop heating and at others it would
beat 1.l dly and very fast. Three to four
hours sleep each tniglht in ten Ilontls was all
I could get. One week in last September I
never closed my eyes. 1 got I )r. \liles' Nerv inc
ead I eart Cute at a drug store in .awrence.
turg, after spenlin; joo.oo in me"di.
cinS and doct~rs in ,oulisville, Shelivville,
Frankfort. Cincinnati and I .awrencelmrg,
and i three days have derived no. benefit
- fom the use of your remedies than I got
from all the dactors and their medlicines. I
t' think ec"vey'ody o:ght to know of the mar
ve"I inver cont.unei in y"or reiiedies."-"
W\'. II IlIttU:trs, Fox Creek, Ky.
l All d?ughtsr ell and guarantee titst lot.
tie IKr. 1diles' leni alies. Send f,"r free bo ii k
c.n Nervous and I lent I liseases. Addiess
1)r. Mfile. Medical Co., Llkhal t, 1ind.
NOT'l'('l' !
All p14tsolns nir loieb w' tl:rttrd not t<
hunt, tish, trap or, in any other vn
tresspnisM Kin ily brut. Any1K vilatIion 1111
this notice Wil' he prsented to the ful
L'xh nlt of the '.tlw.
T.: . Rl NSON.
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
Rald L -1a rPk
20 per cent
?33 t.an :uAl p :'. W': h tv
a 'I n,1t i i' ''.. ......
West End Store
-Neeley & Prince,
h General Merchandise,
g Mess. J. M. NOeley antd W. H
F rintce have formed a patner shu
a andl b)ought the remaining stock o
LI J. D. Moore at the West Ent
-. Store. They wvill 'otin~huo to do I
general MeI rchanidiso bulsinlss atl
the stamo stand, anKd will lay in t
fresh. no1w1 tupphly oft goodls whiel
wil b offredl utt pr1ices r'easonabl(
d to compejIto with all dealors
Tewill carry a full line of Qen
er'al MOrchnise. See theCm,
h -
are the most fatal of all dis
or money refunded. Contains
Sremedies recognized by emi.
nent physicians as the best foi
iKidney and Bladder troubles
PRICE 60e. and $1.00.
C *(your ownl selection) to every sub
- -5scriber. Only 50 cents a year.
a .
8 tingper o~kPatene
e oe lioni
o1lS-115-1l7 West Slst St,, NEW YOUIC,
Foley's Kidney Cure
t makea kidneys and bladder right
D .T Ita 1 are Ppid
0 S E~w U rltsor
tjoga W La# ar giNi
Fall buying has coulme
on Pickens Soil, we promisod
the crowds of thrifty hlvers
Wro have for yolur inspe
Tl'l-se goods wero I(.tglfht in1 <
that would astonish tle nu
wo are going to give the trnd
count ry. So 1) oIn'band,'ancl
38 inch BIrilliantilno, assortcd 1)
50 inch all wool Scrgt; black or
100(0 Vards apronl gi;tghamlls the
1 (:sc Dark Percals tho 7 Acts k
Have you b ought your fa1
thal you canl lbi eso he .
$2.98. Extra hra".y K rsey
$10.00 to $17.5-10.
Ilig values in illllnery and I
We are showing a largo
Shoes others try to n.1uh ms
By far th> hlargst stock
Cook Stoves nitd ItIa"ers, G
Ptatints, Oils and VarniAhes.
and Swift's Fa:ou-{ Wheat C
his his own ideas of taste an<
suits you, When we bought
coe 1..:ud Uceil1cs P
'We Want Your
We wi-h to call attenltic
full and complete4 line of
..Groceries and(
Candies .
WvXe wishi we could teach
not sweect that looks that wa
always the high est-if you b
We keep at all times a full
Fresh Sausage, and Coffee. Fre
A nico line of Stationary, TJal
Colorod Cray ons &o.
mo to. All goods sold for cash o
Its Getti
Pn e urno
You Knc
Lots of new Fall Shoes--Som
ijuestion about~ you getting Comnpl
from us. You tako no risk--We
perfect satisfaction. TPhe largest
lect from.
the bits wilte btrows
byfAlonIo.that Natunr
a~rm the modem mild pc
tbe work, without chock
*ystem. B3ookle and
at coatplcto treatmn
Iec(i ill earnest, and the Big Stoic is on
th 1)loplo of Pickons county one of t
that ilock to our throe largo stores dai
etion tie largest stock of (enleral Mer
:otlneCtionl with our four largo stores it
utfactureos and we have priced them to
v Until Jan1
lng Pul)lic ono of the gra,tdost mnoeya
get your shauro.
atorns solls for 5Octs, our prico, 25c.
uavy bluo, sells for 85c our piico, 5Oe
>o kind fOr only -'" cents.
id our price 5cts.
Clothing !
it suit? if not you will find it here th,
Cono to us for your clothing. A nic
uits the $7.50 kind only $45:). All w
Our Millinery Depa
hie protLiest stylus that Wo have over sl
....en's, Women's, Mih
lin of of Men's, W\onen's, Missos and
but they can't do it.
ware and Far
of I:irdware iin the county. All kinds
uus, Meat. Chopp-1s, Cross Cut aind- Har
WVheatL s'wing tillno and ue have a I
uianlo. Our spacv is too surtll to begin
I lecessity. Etcl inlivilual wa nts so
we had the peculiarities and tastes of o
ta ble Er gi,c to sel Cheap,
in of the traidin g p)ublic to the
Now shown at Mrs. (Curetons.
everybody that everything is
y ai:d that the best candy is not
uy it from us.
line of Hams, Fish, Lard, Cottelene,
sh Cheese always on hand.
>lots, Load and Slato Poncils, Slates
r barter,
ng too Late fo.i Themn
niia and all those things
0 (of thorm are4 sure to ploase. No
etc satisfact ion if you b)uy your shoes
guairaiiteeovery shoe wo soil to give
stock ever shown in Greenville to se.
:iLE, 5. C.
'oa ithe righfohaeoli
tirl sould btxQ o4r 1)
:naybegin hev.workri a4S
wor cure that, completelyd4os
or Injury to any -g4xb thelb
aamples froe of altg 4e0Ior0
I, Twenty-sve Daaea, 86c.
y yoge
T.0 R E
joyilg the largest trado in its history.
he best trading centers in upper F'outlh C
ly bears us out in the statinent that we hi
chandiso that. has over been brought to
Noith and South Carolina in large quar
knock out all so-called competition, and
Jia ry, 1st, 19(
iaving ol>portunities that has over been la
2000 yards Outing'good dress styles, r
2500 yards Standard Prints solls for 5
3000 yards chocks good stiles at only
1000 Yards shooting the 5cts kind on]
tt fits well, looks woll, waros well and at
e clay worsti,d suit tho kind you havo nI
ool clay wo>sted the $10.00 kind only $6
rtment is Complete. 6
lown . It is timo you wore getting your
;ses and Boys Shoes....
Boys Shoes at interesting prices and who
mng tmplemE
of turn plows, Disc Harrows, Disc Plows
d Saws, Carpeuters tools, Pipiing, Belt
ull supply of wheat Fortilizers, annomal
to enumerato the seasonable goods in oa
lething espocially suited to his or her ow
ur customors in mind, tho stock shows th
~ You
A Good She
0 A Stylish E~
H' ~We have ji
g ) opened
a nlico now 5t
of these ar
a lot of oth
New Goo
o invite all
to come at
see us
Let us Have 012
Pri~t,pi w ingo acci ut wiljl p)lease
Do '0pt1s1f loner.
"Shiort Credit Makes I
Wo appreciate your friendship.
.W. T. 1Mo]
---TO BUY.
Reginning Monday morning June 30th
-Mens, Boys and Chikl
..25 Per CentiDiscount off ti
All straw haLs at 833 per cent discon
*20.00 SuIt8 no0w *15.00. $18~ 00 suit
o.w $12.88. $15.00 suits no $11. 25 $12
uits now $7 50. $8.00 Suits now $0,00.
'it8 now $8 75.
50 cents pan ts now 88 celus. 75 cent
aw 760o. $2 liant8 now $1.50. *8 pants
I, $5 pante noQw $8.75. 80 pants nowv $4
II Goods Sold For CASH.
When we planted our foet
arolina and judging from
.vo fulfilled our promiso.
this part of the state.
ities for spot cash at prices
:nown in this part of tho
It 4c per yard.
c, our prico, Bic.
y 4o.
15 to 25 por cent cheaper
ways paid $5.00 for only
00. French worstod from
fall hat
u it conios to values in
, Cultivators, Grain Drills
ing, Builders Hardware,
ed goods, acid phosphate,
,cl doplartinen t. Each one
n neads. Wo have what
e influence of our purpose.
'0 or
r Money.
pay p)rompltly this Fal.
.Onlg Friends."
nd hats.
we offer our entire stock of
ls Clothing at
ie Regular Price.,
nt. No hat carri.ed from last
B now *18350. $18 50 suita
.50O suiis now $D.88. $10.00
$6.00 suits now $4.50. *5.00
S panits 57 cents- $1 pants
rv$2.26, *4 pante now
Remember the Date .

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